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A Memorable Ride

 — Young bike rider meets a hot older woman. by dre_jones09/25/074.44

A Merry Christmas

 — Visit to an old teacher proves fascinating. by Rellik0402/24/064.48

A Message from Mr Smith and Mr Wess

 — P.I. gets the message. by Cromagnonman03/09/124.58HOT

A Mexican Holiday Ch. 01

 — Dan goes off on a holiday by himself and meets Ginger. by graydave06/12/114.51HOT

A Mexican Holiday Ch. 02

 — Dan and Ginger go sailing and meet Tom and Carol. by graydave06/24/114.64HOT

A Midnight Tryst with Farmer's Son

 — Stranded mature lady receives unexpected pleasure. by bbw4youngercocks106/09/124.20

A MILF in a Minivan

 — A coworker’s wife, sexy but not getting what she needs. by Irish Moss08/12/094.40

A MILF's Marvlous, Meaty Legs Ch. 01

 — Sexy mom's muscles drive young man mad. by milfleglover09/06/154.01

A MILF's Marvlous, Meaty Legs Ch. 02

 — Young man smitten with her legs falls happy victim to them. by milfleglover09/09/154.21


 —  A short tale about a milf. by eroticlitty10/08/124.22

A Mom In Need Ch. 01

 — He finds out his buddy's mother needs a loan. by thehumpman08/05/074.33

A Mom In Need Ch. 02

 — Mother sinks further into depravity. by thehumpman08/10/074.24

A Mom In Need Ch. 03

 — Scott sees his mom in a new light. by thehumpman08/15/074.28

A Mom In Need Ch. 05

 — Connie spends the day with Jason, the night with Scott. by thehumpman08/29/074.48

A Mom In Need Ch. 06

 — The Aunt gets it; Connie is a slut for her husband. by thehumpman10/06/074.47

A Moment in Time

 — Widower thinks of an old friend. by DG Hear03/25/144.53HOT

A Moment of Bliss

 — Fortyish female basketball scout meets a new recruit. by Ksee197101/28/013.89Editor's Pick

A Morning Wake Up

 — Waking him up by sucking his cock. by flikker05/13/114.05

A Most Unlikely Fantasy

 — A guy in his 30s finds himself with a woman in her 70s. by Humpdee8401/01/154.49

A Mother Loses Control

 — Boyfriend first seduces the daughter, then her mother. by walterio02/05/094.59HOT

A Mother Loses Control Ch. 02

 — Daughter's boyfriend moves in with her and her mother. by walterio02/07/094.62HOT

A Mother Loses Control Ch. 03

 — Mother and Daughter have new experiences. by walterio02/20/094.66HOT

A Mother Loses Control Ch. 04

 — Mother and daughter both slip further into debauchery. by walterio02/27/094.63HOT

A Mother Loses Control Ch. 05

 — Audrey and Sherry get close with the builders. by walterio03/05/094.65HOT

A Mother Loses Control Ch. 06

 — Susan sows more seeds and an unusual Christmas party. by walterio03/07/094.70HOT

A Mother's Tale

 — Mother and her son's best friend. by DeeLishus01/17/123.86

A Mother's Tale: The Day After

 — Curtis continues to explore his friend's mom. by DeeLishus07/22/124.13

A Much Needed Break...

 — Break time has never been such fun. by XxXjunkyXxX05/05/084.23

A Much Needed Fuck

 — A leg man's delight. by guy397305/20/124.23

A Musician's Magic Hands

 — Guitarist's young hands are just what GILF needed. by milfleglover11/06/134.24

A National Landmark

 — America's Greatest Treasure in Brass. by hickoryfarmer07/18/094.42

A Neighbor Re-born

 — A divorcee coming out of her shell. by Sunshine198006/11/094.06

A New Beginning

 — Sandra finds herself a horny young stud. by Karnal12/24/014.12

A New Beginning

 — Single woman is seduced by young college handyman. by soulmates81110/11/034.39

A New Beginning

 — An unexpected visitor wants to start something. by OVERLAND10/24/054.57HOT

A New Beginning Ch. 1

 — Mature teacher finds love and more. by andy_r_1445610/10/024.56HOT

A New Beginning Ch. 2

 — Mature woman finds happiness. by andy_r_1445610/11/024.57HOT

A New Experience

 — Mature woman teaches how to be a little more kinky. by sithdino07/09/143.92

A New Kind of Bridge Game

 — Older women use young man to release years of lust. by vulvalvotary10/01/024.67HOT

A New Life For Charlotte

 — Charlotte gets into the swing of things. by Jonesfalls07/21/023.96

A New Light

 — Tim sees Maria differently. by stylewriter09/25/124.29

A New Light Ch. 02

 — They almost get caught. by stylewriter10/03/124.32

A New Pussy in My Home Ch. 01

 — 18-year-old Janie comes to live with him. by LaPatitMort08/01/074.45

A New Pussy in My Home Ch. 02

 — Janie shows her rough side. by LaPatitMort08/07/074.56HOT

A New Pussy in My Home Ch. 03

 — The parents have to babysit each other. by LaPatitMort08/08/074.67HOT

A New Workout

 — Jeff joins a gym and meets an older woman. by superman4303/27/124.26

A Nice Apology

 — Young intern gets a nice reward from his bitchy mature boss. by roblondon204/19/134.26

A Nice Apology Ch. 02

 — Young intern continues to exploit his bitchy boss. by roblondon206/01/134.24

A Nice Apology Ch. 03

 — Young intern has more fun the morning after. by roblondon206/18/134.42

A Nice Apology Ch. 04

 — Young intern's adventure take a new turn. by roblondon206/24/134.35

A Nice Apology Ch. 05

 — Young intern finally gets to fuck his boss in the ass. by roblondon207/04/134.43

A Night In Nina

 — He's known her for a year, and now he gets to have her. by bbw4youngercocks102/22/094.23

A Night in Paris

 — A chance encounter turns sexual. by sexygirl7606/27/084.24

A Night in the Cove

 — A day of sailing and snorkeling turns serious. by MSTarot06/17/144.38

A Night in the Tropics

 — Lovers get away together for the first time. by kozostories12/23/134.38

A Night Off

 — A widower has a night to himself has a pleasent surprise. by bioerotica01/06/094.46

A Night On

 — A lonely police dispatcher needs company. by teasinme03/28/103.88

A Night On the Town

 — She goes looking for some fun. by curiousandlookin09/19/054.31

A Night to Remember

 — Holiday party fantasy becomes real life. by Jluv12/18/083.76

A Night To Remember

 — A Night with my girlfriend's mom. by Bad_BF6907/03/124.25

A Night With A Cougar

 — Young guy gets lucky with an older lady. by grunit8912/12/124.27

A Night With a Stranger

 — A hot little fantasy. by celtic_lass04/22/033.91

A Night With Kelly

 — 18-year-old girl seduces older woman. by Killswitch12/03/024.44

A Night With Kelly Ch. 02

 — Kelly enjoys the lovely Laura again. by Killswitch12/09/024.42

A Night with My Aunt

 — Aunt and nephew have a midnight encounter. by vampiric_demigod03/01/124.04

A Night With You

 — A fantasy I have about you. by sweetrapturedlight11/28/073.32

A Night... I'll Never Forget

 — She needed release and he gave it to her. by darkearth_angel09/05/073.70

A Not So Innocent Backrub

 — What happened between him and I... by prettygirl3505/15/123.79

A Old Guy And The New Ride

 — Frustrated at home, biker guy sees what he's missing. by HarleyJack02/02/144.32

A Participant Answers

 — Write About Me, I Write Back. by oldladymartha07/23/144.05

A Pastor's Paramour

 — A private counselling session is merely a ruse for passion. by Olddirtyman03/17/154.41

A Peony for Your Thoughts

 — Can an older man find love again? by Knobgoblin09/24/144.70HOT

A Perfect Fit

 — Shopgirl helps older customer with more than purchase. by nofungirl10/24/014.14

A Photo Shoot with Her Mom

 — An affair with his ex-girlfriend's mom. by the_hot_stuff04/05/073.64

A Piece of Paradise

 — She loves the weather in Maui; it's raining men. by fantasy12304/09/074.74HOT

A Piece of Tail

 — Chef starts things off but we both enjoy the meal. by Rorik11/24/073.97

A Place Somewhere

 — An unbelievable trip to ecstasy. by still_goin12/16/054.22

A Pleasant Surprise

 — A special occasion with my friend's mom. by sexxxy_jack01/22/083.80

A Plump Fiction

 — Things do more than go bump in the night. by ACigarNTat2z05/24/014.29

A Plump Guidance Counselor

 — Graduating senior thanks counselor. by thongcladtommi10/24/083.97

A Pool Boy Ch. 03

 — Pool Boy takes command. by thongcladtommi05/10/094.29

A Porn Star is Born

 — Young dude recruits older sister-in-law for his porno video. by rufun200103/27/064.18

A Precious Jewel in Need

 — Young woman finds solace in older man's arms. by JamesLacy09/04/024.36

A Previously Unknown Talent

 — Love is rekindled by two young beauties. by radk10/04/114.69HOT

A Private Party

 — Mature mother hooks up with stud next door. by thehumpman11/16/044.45

A Professor's Dream

 — Dr. Bob goes back to college & learns a few things. by Hcstuds01/08/024.45

A Promise is a Promise

 — Martin's conservative wife is trained by two young women. by JackFlash195911/24/064.72HOT

A Punishment to Remember

 — A hot steamy rough punishment by my math teacher... by sharmisen2203/25/143.03

A Quick Screw in the Loo

 — Married lovers get a little bit daring at a barbecue. by Irish Moss11/03/104.28

A Quiet Night in With James

 — Lonely houswife seduces young family friend by Wattyjoy05/06/024.35

A Quiet Night in with James Ch. 2

 — Lonely, bored housewife continues her romp with a teenager. by Wattyjoy09/30/024.46

A Race Against Time

 — A thirty five year old runner finds an older running mate. by Jimmela07/17/144.07

A Rainy Day in Rosaton

 — An older man, a younger woman. by emisweetie07/16/044.23

A Rat's Chance Ch. 5

 — Greg & Allie go for a midnight swim and more. by Miltone01/09/024.37

A Real Fuckin' Nice Town Ch. 01

 — Guy seduces an older woman. by DiaperedSiouxsie08/15/014.25

A Really Stressful Day

 — Sitter improves older man's day. by USMC0304/19/083.97

A Really Stupid Bet

 — She accepts a "challenge" from a near stranger. by staciliv10/26/073.97

A Red Nightie For You

 — You had a hard day at work. by TheSweetnessLove4U11/17/034.00

A Red-headed Woman

 — Young man finds there's lots of life in an older neighbour. by LoneCoyote01/27/154.64HOT

A Reluctant Lover

 — Older divorced man is attracted to a younger woman. by tantricjim09/29/154.39

A Replacement Partner

 — One woman is unobtainable, the other is available. by EgmontGrigor201112/02/114.42

A Retiree's Story

 — Retired cop falls for co-worker. by bmunchausen11/12/094.50HOT

A Reunion with Cynthia

 — Old friends reunite, and connect. by FLrider03/14/154.57HOT

A Ride Home

 — Sonny has his friend's mom after giving her a ride home. by ladyhawk10002/13/084.39

A River Path to Love

 — Walk along river path leads to love. by Starlight12/14/024.60HOT

A Role in the Hay

 — Fucked by a cowboy while stuck in the rain. by dreamchaser6601/27/114.02

A Roll of the Dice

 — Two couples get carried away at a nudist camp. by Silenus63609/24/144.51HOT

A Room with a View

 — The extraordinary sex life of two ordinary people. by pandsal01/10/064.56HOT

A Room with a View

 — A younger man discovers the treasures of an older woman. by solitarysentential03/22/094.50HOT

A Rose by Any Other Name

 — Young graduate has eyes opened by horny landlady. by PurpleCrusader10/17/144.34

A Saintly Preacher's Daughter

 — What was is one more time. by hickoryfarmer11/05/094.08

A Sale of Two Titties

 — She's broke, but she has a pair of assets to capitalize on. by RejectReality05/22/134.54HOT

A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure

 — A fantasy comes true when a horny cheerleader stops by. by mrsterygor10/07/144.20

A School Girl Crush

 — Nympho teenager disguised as a teacher seduces older man. by Debbie06/16/014.42

A Seafood Dinner

 — Young man is captivated by an older woman. by steamer513912/25/044.32

A Second Chance

 — In a chance encounter, two ex-lovers rekindle a romance. by erialzangmo112/10/073.80

A Second Chance at Love

 — An older man befriends a younger woman. by komrad115602/13/144.41

A Second Chance at Love Ch. 02

 — An older man befriends a younger woman. by komrad115602/18/144.47

A Second Chance at Love Ch. 03

 — An older man befriends a younger woman by komrad115602/19/144.47

A Second Chance at Love Ch. 04

 — An older man befriends a younger woman. by komrad115602/26/144.35

A Second Chance at Love Ch. 05

 — An older man befriends a younger woman by komrad115603/03/144.39

A Second First Honeymoon

 — Older man finds happiness and family unexpectedly. by clinton0909/30/10

A Second Meeting With Mrs. Bisby

 — Fling between young man and older divorcee continues. by eastsidegent08/21/124.45

A Secret Rendezvous...

 — A bored housewife wishes to be a slut for a night. by the_assassin02/29/122.92

A Seducer at Sixty

 — A sixty-year-old man seduces his friend's daughter-in-law. by touchmate09/20/114.52HOT

A Seniors Club Ch. 01

 — Horny older folks form a sex club for seniors only. by JamesLacy11/15/054.66HOT

A Seniors Club Ch. 02

 — Another couple joins the seniors sex club. by JamesLacy12/08/054.61HOT

A Seniors Club Ch. 03

 — Seniors visit Mistress Calista for an S&M meeting. by JamesLacy01/02/064.43

A Seniors Club Ch. 04

 — Expanding the Seniors Sex Club to another site. by JamesLacy08/17/104.52HOT

A Seniors Club Ch. 05

 — Gary and Nancy stay another day with Nancy and Bill. by JamesLacy09/05/104.34

A Sense of Triumph

 — Love is ageless. by phsssst04/12/044.68HOT

A Sensual Backrub

 — Hannah meets an older man, and gets more than just a backrub. by SparklyDiva01/03/074.35

A Short Story

 — Lusty busty neighbor woman finds loving sex. by Troglodite4506/27/024.16

A Short Train Ride

 — An unexpected invitation. by Nettles706903/15/104.10

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