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Are Hairy Women Lovers "Normal"?

 — Essays on the psychology of men who love hairy women. by hotwriter111/10/084.04

Are Pirates Better than Ninjas?

 — Author settles the debate. by ChaseQ12/30/054.15

Are the Red Lights Dimming in Amsterdam?

 — Amsterdam's plans for the Red Light District. by MungoParkIII10/24/073.93

Are You a . . .

 — . . . "cat" or "dog" person? by sdbnnc10/13/104.65HOT

Art or Porn?

 — When does presentation of sexuality cross the line? by jthserra06/29/044.44

Artificial Women

 — Glamor Girls aren't any more glamorous than Plain Janes. by Cal Y. Pygia11/03/09

Artistic Effects

 — Seducing readers, as visual artists seduce viewers. by Cal Y. Pygia10/19/113.00

Artistic Production

 — An aesthetics essay: Poe vs. Collingwood. by LadyCassolette08/11/073.80

Attention: Women Who Smoke

 — An attempt to explain the male smoking fetish. by GeorgeGordon02/25/06

Autoeroticism: A Review of Crash

 — A review of J.G. Ballard's underground classic. by jthserra02/29/044.50HOT

Avoid This Porn!

 — Reviews of four bad adult films. by Flashlight7.507/19/023.42

Barbie and Ken, Sitting in a Tree

 — A one off about gender classifications. by Alexis66102/21/062.14

Bash Away

 — Here is a story for all of you Anonymous Bashers. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER07/22/073.86

Basic Strategy

 — Essay on Fighting by Joseki Ko06/24/043.17

BDSM for Everyone

 — Why everyone should be interested in BDSM. by IvanMazlow02/27/154.55HOT

BDSM Open Communication a Must

 — Build BDSM relationship on a foundation of communication. by Master_n_Mentor02/03/074.14

BDSM Rituals

 — A description of a rite of passage into servitude. by SlaveNano04/19/094.42

BDSM: The Nature of Consent

 — SSC vs RACK. by xelliebabex03/29/134.57HOT

Be a Good Whore

 — I describe what it takes to make me happy in a relationship. by panopticind11/19/113.52

Be Afraid, They Live Among Us

 — Who are they? What are they? Why are they here? by PositiveThinker12/27/093.40

Beauty and Taste

 — An aesthetics essay: Kant vs. Hume. by LadyCassolette08/11/074.00

Beauty of the Feminine

 — One man's view of the beauty of the feminine. by Glabrous12/17/044.37

Behind the Scenes With Barnaby

 — A DVD-style companion to my writing. by Barnaby12/09/035.00

Behind the Scenes With Barnaby 02

 — Another look at the stories behind his erotic stories. by Barnaby07/19/063.75

Being a Novice & Secretive Writer

 — My thoughts of being a secretive and novice writer for Lit. by CornishBabe01/15/084.44

Being America's Youth

 — What it's like being a young person in America today. by Goldeniangel01/24/084.59HOT

Being Bad: Bi-guy Erotica

 — A frank discussion about porn that includes bisexual men. by BuckyDuckman05/05/144.49

Believe It Or Not!

 — Female author explains why she loves gay porn. by jessy1901/16/044.40

Better Than Chocolate

 — A review on the film by Anne Wheeler. by Chicklet08/20/024.31

Bettie Page, Pin-Up Queen

 — Bio of the fabulously kinky Bettie Page by DeniseNoe08/18/084.61HOTEditor's Pick

Biblical Timelines & Neanderthals

 — Poof! History and Science explode bible as pure myth? by wistfall101/21/134.14

Big Butts Like it Big 2

 — It's amazing how much trouble girls get into. by Sean Renaud04/11/093.25

Bikini Season

 — Thoughts on bikinis & young women who wear them. by WFEATHER02/10/064.17

Biography of a Transexual

 — Brief blurb with a bit of insight and a bit of sex. by Nishta08/02/074.83HOT

Birds & Bees

 — Teach your children about sex. by Svenskaflicka08/07/034.46

Birds, Psychos, Anxiety and Snuff

 — Thoughts on images that become part of our psyche. by MungoParkIII10/31/073.20

Birthmother's Day

 — Honoring females who give babies up for adoption. by DeniseNoe04/17/094.44

Bizarre Bras Ch. 02

 — They're weird and funny, but they have a purpose, too. by Cal Y. Pygia05/15/134.40

Black Ass Master 5

 — A DVD review. by Sean Renaud01/14/14

Black Porn Sucks

 — It's time for Black adult films to move into the 21st century. by AfroerotiK08/28/094.40


 — Say what? by impressive05/21/054.78HOTContest Winner

Blind to the Races

 — Racial stereotypes in the Interracial Love category. by Transverse05/26/094.61HOT

Blind to the Races Ch. 02

 — The roots of the Black Lover/White Wifeslut theme. by Transverse10/17/104.65HOT

Blue Reincarnation

 — More interpretation of erotic artwork by Jaisini. by Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb10/10/002.81

Bobbyluv: A National Treasure

 — His shemale art will melt your heart! by Cal Y. Pygia03/12/123.71

Body Art – Branding

 — Information on this extreme temperature play. by Joseki Ko05/21/044.06

Body Art: Piercing

 — A description of piercing history and risks. by Joseki Ko07/06/044.53HOT

Body Art: Tattoos

 — History and advice on tattoos. by Joseki Ko07/06/044.62HOT

Body Piercings And Tattoos

 — A personal view about body piercing and tattoos on women. by History Nut08/28/083.31

Bondage, An Anthology of Passionate

 — Review of anthology of bondage articles & stories. by jthserra05/08/044.62

Born To

 — I just fuck, and fuck, and fuck, and fuck. by PenningFreer09/26/094.24

Born To Ch. 06

 — Sexual surprise - a shocking family secret surfaces by PenningFreer11/24/094.70HOT

Borrow / Share / Steal / Imagine

 — Authors: do you borrow, steal, or use imagination? by SexSweetheart09/06/062.88

Braless Is Better

 — Unleash those puppies to help with upper back pain. by CQtRose11/12/144.54HOT

Brandi Belle, Porn Star

 — A review of a new age porn star. by Bakeboss05/20/103.54

Break-Up Songs

 — What do they say about me? by Hooligan2106/21/104.40

Breaking Dawn

 — Review of the novel by Stephenie Meyer. by PrincessErin12/27/083.32


 — Man's fascination with women's breasts. by OneWhoKnows11/07/064.33

Brokeback Mountain: Should I?

 — Should phobias and protests affect your feelings about film? by Captain Midnight02/08/06

Bukkake and Gokkun

 — Tasty treats that are hard to beat. by Cal Y. Pygia10/25/103.46

Can a Woman Be a Man On-Screen?

 — Female-to-male cross-dressing in film. by DeniseNoe04/03/094.18

Can You Make Love Anally?

 — A question of love and sex. by dirtyjoe6907/31/063.83

Capital Punishment in Texas

 — The effects of capital punishment in Texas. by Toxico01/09/043.53

Capitalism, Free Enterprise & Greed

 — Money, it's all about money and the middle class. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER03/25/103.71

Caretakers of What?

 — Case in point... by Everettcb09/01/131.00

Carnal Cravings: Porn For Couples

 — Review of a "couple's" adult film "Carnal Cravings" by AudreyHepburn02/09/093.82

Cast of Characters

 — A rundown of the characters in my stories. by Dj_Maximus09/08/023.20

Catalogue of Desire Pt. 01

 — What do Literotica's "Stories By Categories" say about us? by Cal Y. Pygia12/10/093.82

Catalogue of Desire Pt. 02

 — What does sex suggest about human nature? by Cal Y. Pygia12/11/094.30

Catalogue of Desire Pt. 03

 — Sex--what does is suggest about human nature? by Cal Y. Pygia12/12/093.50

Categories: Holding Writers Back

 — Discussing categories and their possible improvement. by Jake_Knight03/16/144.82HOT

Celebrate Freedom!

 — A discussion of book banning. by sophia jane05/18/054.68HOTContest Winner

Celebrities: Insert Name

 — If you could be with any celebrity, who would you choose? by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/30/073.72Editor's Pick

Censoring Hate On The Internet

 — Censorship on the internet? Well... maybe. by Goldeniangel03/20/063.64

Censoring Sex in Songs

 — Sexual innuendo in songs has changed. by Selena_Kitt01/18/084.45

Childhood Poverty

 — Causes and effects of childhood poverty. by CornishBabe07/21/072.73


 — How the author made some of her choices. by Goldeniangel06/03/054.31

Christian Nudity

 — God's Word on nakedness. by Cal Y. Pygia11/05/094.40

Christian Right vs the Bible?

 — Christian conservatives' reasons to ban Bible. by DeniseNoe08/30/084.12

Christmas Fifties

 — Fifteen 50-word essays on the Christmas theme. by oggbashan11/26/064.67HOT

Christmas Madness

 — A Rant on Christmas. by dirtyjoe6912/18/063.78

Christopher Leach

 — A contemporary British transvestite artist. by Cal Y. Pygia12/30/063.00

Christopher Leach Pt. 02

 — An appreciation. by Cal Y. Pygia03/01/115.00

Cinemax's "Hotel" Series

 — Reviews of late night Cinemax softcore films. by AudreyHepburn09/06/074.43

Circumcise Me 2

 — Some long forgotten aspects of circumcision. by CuckoldGuy04/28/112.73

Circumcise Me!

 — Is this a necessary medical procedure? by Selena_Kitt01/23/084.29


 — Something that most people love, cliches. by anonymiousiam09/13/094.50

Climate Change

 — (or is it time to get laser hair removal?) by PrincessErin12/27/093.31

Close Your Eyes

 — Fat, old, short, & ugly vs. thin, young, tall, & beautiful. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER06/23/073.80

Clothing and the Nude

 — Part 2 of "The Shemale As a Figure In Art". by Cal Y. Pygia09/09/063.20


 — An essay on fighting. by Joseki Ko06/24/044.20

Cold Moon

 — Review of erotic haiku book by Gabriel Rosenstock. by jthserra04/13/044.17

Collected Poems of Georges Bataille

 — Book review of erotic & often profane poems. by jthserra04/17/044.84HOT

Commentary On The Cuckold Husband

 — On the husband of the sexually free wife. by Diane Marie06/16/023.96


 — Comments on both my work and Literotica. by TonyDowse09/18/064.50HOT

Completely Coherent Essay

 — These things cross my mind. This is why I don't write them. by Storiest08/11/133.86

Compulsion in Psycho

 — How Hitchcock borrowed from "Compulsion". by DeniseNoe08/30/083.00

Comstock Films: Xana and Dax

 — Review of "Xana and Dax; When Opposites Attract" DVD. by herecomestherain06/02/054.60HOT

Confessions of a Quibbler

 — A copy editor's view of the job. by estragon10/15/114.26

Confessions of an Erotic Writer

 — A little naughty secret she has to share. by PrincessErin10/21/084.48

Contemporary Fiction and Scones

 — Musings on the state of literature--with pastries! by AMoveableBeast10/12/145.00


 — What does it mean? by sdbnnc07/13/094.90HOT

Conventional Military vs Terrorism

 — Can the military stop terrorism? by dirtyjoe6909/02/063.43

Corvino's Defense of Homosexuality

 — A philosopher explains why it's okay to be gay. by Cal Y. Pygia07/26/064.43

Couch to 5K Beginners Thoughts

 — Reflections on the Couch to 5K program. by JagFarlane01/27/154.50HOT

Covering Up the Naked Truth

 — A feminist rant about "cunt". by ClaudetteLauzon10/17/094.24

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