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 — A young scientist enhances his sex life. by EZPeter10/29/014.21

Desperate Confusion

 — Paul and Michelle discover the truth about each other. by SEVERUSMAX08/28/054.16

Desperately Seeking Susan-Any Susan

 — Man looks for his ideal Valentine, Susan, to give his heart by SuperHeroRalph01/24/114.22


 — Urban romance of the second kind. by past_perfect11/13/064.50HOTEditor's Pick

Diary Ch. 02

 — Urban romance progressing to the third kind. by past_perfect11/18/064.55HOT

Dick and Jane All Grown Up

 — Parody of Children's book. by hotpup08/29/123.88

Dick Dynasty: An X Rated Soapie

 — Doings & screwings of the Devious Dicks. by Green_Gem09/09/034.37

Dick or Treat

 — Trick or treating can be fun for adults, too. by QueenofHalloween10/05/074.14

Dick Sucked by a Tranny Hooker

 — I got my dick sucked by a transvestite hooker. by newamba09/16/10

Digby Goode: License to Fuck Ch. 01

 — Digby is on the case and has a license to fuck. by QSQuinn05/05/174.54HOT

Dillinger & Holmes

 — The story of what happened to their dicks. by hedoman01/07/043.20

Dinner At The Sorority House

 — A young woman goes through sorority rush. by aquaglide102/04/044.12

Dirk Hammer – Private Dick

 — The Case of the Old Flame. by jomar12/06/074.22

Dirk Saber P.I.: The Cuckold Cutie

 — Sometimes Dicks are dogs. by wilderness08/10/104.33


 — Sometimes sweaty skank is a powerful aphrodesiac! by starsearch4409/09/163.47

Dirty Derek and the Nymph Next Door

 — All Derek wants to do is get his paws on a young girl's body. by Randy_Scribbler03/17/174.30

Dirty Talk

 — That was great, honey! by sexygodess0607/22/064.12


 —  A woman discovers a new life. by 11/20/023.75


 — She's stuck in a ditch with boyfriend's dad. by RebeccaMorton03/30/064.40

Ditzy Debra

 — Her husband helps navigate her back to reality. by Writewinger10/18/174.27

Ditzy Donna

 — A first time sex story as read by the son. by Kirk48200203/31/054.72HOT

Do Not Ejaculate For 24 Hours!

 — The forbidden is so darned tempting. by Selena_Kitt12/14/084.56HOT

Do you sleep with your hairdresser?

 — The hairdresser comes to call, then everyone comes. by Sven the Elder08/03/024.36

Do-It-Yourself Story Kit

 — Easy as 1-2-3 story in a box. by leapyearguy06/28/064.47


 — More than one way to be DOA. by GetToIt12/14/143.43

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me A "Clue"

 — A humorous, satiric, parody about BDSM and sex. by Apple_of_Eden10/15/144.40

Does Size Matter?

 — Naive girls do penis research for sex intstitute. by sarahhh09/05/034.24Editor's Pick

Doin' The White Dick Down

 — White man tries to do a dick down. by Joseki Ko02/22/043.97

Doing the "Okie Pookie" Ch. 01

 — One of those "if you live in Oklahoma" elaborations. by Alexis66112/17/063.10

Doll Ball Preparations

 — Doll loses it on Christmas. by nilequeen2612/02/043.17


 — Moments with Dolly, from a very warped mind. by kristydoll11/01/023.21

Domingo's Adventures Pt. 01

 — Part 1. by DaBigBoy01/21/152.50

Don't Be Stupid

 — A Southern Satanist womanizer gets dumped. by SEVERUSMAX04/11/173.32

Don't Drink the Water in the UK!

 — Infected water creates unusual behavior. by TongueInCheek04/18/064.04

Don't Mess with Santa!

 — Bob has a freakin' wild Xmas! by Bowzer12/04/073.33

Don't Open 'Til Xmas

 — Santa rewards a naughty girl. by N.Owl05/21/024.12

Don't Piss Off Lou

 — Sven's wife cheats; Lou helps him out. by SoCalOvid07/05/074.51HOTEditor's Pick

Don't Piss Off Lou: She!

 — An old friend pisses off Lou - again! by SoCalOvid07/19/074.34Editor's Pick

Don’t Put It In If You Can’t Get It Out

 — The title is self explanatory. by LuciferPeters06/20/124.06

Dora Does Dinner

 — Bland wife discovers the spicy life - with husband's help. by smysecret10/16/073.78Editor's Pick

Doris Does Thule

 — Xmas cums many times. by Couerdelion12/09/022.93

Double Take

 — Two sets of twins meet & enjoy being unique. by *Snatch04/15/064.30

Double The Pleasure

 — Big-boobed Hilda fucks and sucks the well-hung Jones twins. by MeetTheHumpers10/13/124.36

Double-Shot Espresso

 — College co-ed Evie visits a local cafe and has a hand full. by GQquietguy09/22/164.44

Dr WooHoo and the Sonic Pussy Probe

 — Lunch in Sci Fi shop becomes Dr Who inspired bondage. by Gonzobacardi10/13/114.00

Dr, My Implants Are Haunted! Ch. 01

 — Emily reveals the details of her problem. by SirSinn11/28/144.54HOT

Dr, My Implants Are Haunted! Ch. 02

 — Emily finishes her tale. by SirSinn01/01/154.44

Dr. Bob and his Dildo

 — Veterinarian finds love with help of a little pussy. by ABSTRUSE02/14/054.70HOT

Dr. Dick

 — Well-known soap opera star begins a whole new career. by Many Feathers08/02/094.48

Dr. Ejectall & Ms. Wyde

 — The internal struggle with man's feminine side. by GratefulFred04/14/053.25

Dr. StrangeLove

 — Female doctor boosts 'small' man's self confidence. by cactiphile03/17/014.40Editor's Pick

Dr. Who?

 — When a trip to the gyn becomes an affair to remember. by FelicityJohns10/30/144.22

Dr. Yekkl and Mr. Hyde

 — Sub Joe gets mean after overdose of Venti Lattes. by NoJo08/08/024.68HOT

Dragon Lady

 — Bitchy older female boss avails herself to subordinate. by Hornyman69WithU09/21/054.06

Dream Job

 — Everyman's fantasy. by Exakta6606/04/094.35

Dream Police: Sphincter Division

 — The officers solve a case. by velvetpie06/22/044.41

Dream Sequence

 — Just a dream... by HungryGuy10/22/033.00

Dreams with a Black Horse

 — Womanizer meets his match in an art gallery. by Willailla05/23/114.48

Dress Club

 — Forget strip clubs, dress clubs are the lastest fad. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/03/083.49

Drinking With The Devil

 — A conversation with Old Scratch in a bar. by Bandit112/01/044.35


 — The genius of the automobile is motion. by cantdog08/11/064.75

Dry Humper Says

 — Vanilla. by tammyken01/14/093.56

Ducky the Demon Hunter!

 — Woman with unusual sexual appetites preys on demons. by stubborn_dreamer05/13/124.58HOT

Dude Looks Like a Lady

 — I lost a bet and have to pay up. by trainman2k08/18/093.42

Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties

 — Dudley has a new foe. Shirley Whiplash? by sourdough99904/26/103.81


 — Musical mayhem. by Curlywurly6808/23/173.00

Dumpster Divin'

 — A loading dock, a dumpster, and a vaginal ring. How romantic by sbhammer04/28/154.19

Dutiful Daughter

 — Mom always knows best. by RaycerEdge11/22/083.78

Dysfunctional Mother Goose

 — Updating Mother Goose to the Viagra/Levitra era. by Canadagander03/17/04

E Rachel's Win Is Her Loss

 — By rejecting his advances, she did him a big favor. by SweetPrettyAss11/19/144.26

E-Mails From The Rim

 — Plotting among the sexes results in reign of confusion. by BennyBlank08/25/024.33

E-Mails From The Rim Continues

 — Sexual plotting finally falls apart & together. by BennyBlank08/29/024.17

E-Mails From The Rim Round Three

 — Sexual plotting gets hotter. by BennyBlank08/31/022.67

E-Mails from the Rim: Finale

 — All of the machinations come to a climax. by BennyBlank09/07/024.50

E-Mails From the Rim: Oh, Brother!

 — Family Ties and Bad Guys. by BennyBlank09/02/023.00

Earth Date

 — Earth celebrates her day. by dr_mabeuse04/05/044.63HOT

Earthy Fifties

 — Fifty-word stories with an Earth Day theme. by oggbashan04/05/064.62HOT

Eat Me, Whispered the Corn Flakes

 — Should I not use this story as my Princeton entrance essay? by Soul Janitor06/15/024.59HOT

Eddie Silver Ch. 01

 — A crazy old man thinks he's sexy and attractive. by PrincessErin12/27/083.60

Eddie Silver Ch. 02

 — A crazy old man thinks he's sexy and attractive. by PrincessErin12/28/084.43

Eddie Silver Ch. 03

 — A crazy old man thinks he's sexy and attractive. by PrincessErin12/29/083.12

Editing the Fancy Foop

 — For a really profound screw-up you need a team effort. by HansTrimble12/11/144.82HOT

Eight Hundred Thread Count?

 — The things a man must do to satisfy. by Algonquin Twit03/17/103.40

Eight Minute Essential

 — Speed Dating couple make best use of time - talking sex. by Uncle South Loop04/06/064.41

Electronic Sex

 — A first timer in the Cyber world. by Jenny _S04/27/034.40

Eleoner Farp

 — Odd-itioning to be a stripper. by chanet09/06/114.00

Elevator Arousal

 — A young girl goes in for an interview, but gets more, by Clairescent12/24/143.54

Elmer & Ethel: Evolution of Man

 — Humorous look at what could have been. by Spare_Change02/20/054.33

Elspeth is Different

 — But there's different and there's different. by SamScribble06/03/114.50HOT

Emily Dickenson is a Big Dyke

 — The secret theme behind the reclusive poet's works. by dykeprincess07/17/023.23

Emma's Revenge

 — Involvement at work can be hazardous to your job. by Emmah07/08/014.17

Emmanuel's Seed

 — A sadiistic comedy. by Karen Kraft06/17/05

Employees of the Rising Sun

 — Bushido in the 21st Century. by oneiria11/04/164.10

Emptied Purse

 — Wife left her purse open? No, don't go there, just don't. by Spencerfiction11/17/144.18

Empty Sex Ch. 01

 — Amelia has a very odd time in class. by LovelyDoves06/11/174.27

Empty Sex Ch. 02

 — As Amelia dries off in the bathroom, she gets interrupted. by LovelyDoves07/05/173.88

Empty Sex Ch. 03

 — Amelia tries to have a relaxing evening in her dorm. by LovelyDoves07/10/174.00

Encounter at the Railway Station

 — The damned machine made me do it! by Limeyracer05/02/184.31

Equality Liberty Fraternity

 — A hopeful frat pledge steals his own mother's panties. by Nine_Innings02/17/104.07

Erotic Fables

 — Tribal stories explain sex to the Introits. by theowlandtherose05/03/034.60HOT

Erotic Tales from the Crypt

 — A compilation of stories & situations that I've gone through. by blackstallion2103/12/114.20

Erotica Blunders: Take 1

 — How did his pants get on backwards? by Rrrosyn11/09/014.13


 — Humour; effects of a love potion. by Happy Satyr12/09/044.20

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