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Hillary Hagg's After School Job

 — Hillary gets into trouble at the mall by Stabmeisters12/03/032.83

His Big Tent Pole

 — A woman is completely unprepared for her camping trip. by MsQuote09/14/124.40

Hit and Run

 — She runs into horny gynecologist. by Deborah10/09/004.32Contest WinnerEditor's Pick

Hitched, With Kids Ch. 1

 — Buck gets lesson on seduction. by Sera Shine06/09/024.23


 — Sometimes it's best to just drive on by. by magmaman09/09/093.93

Ho Ho Halloween

 — Hospitality Hostess - the world's best job. by barbarian queen 210/21/074.04

Ho Jolly Ho!

 — Clever, clever Santa. by magmaman11/16/064.40

Ho White and the 7 Dicks

 — The Grimm Brothers and Disney were wrong. by the brothers cum11/09/034.61HOT


 — He tells about the fattest woman he ever fucked. by Sean Renaud08/11/052.97

Holliday Charity

 — Charity worker finds the meaning of Christmas. by dreampilot7912/06/044.34

Home Is Where the Hand Is

 — A man confronts obstacles on his way to orgasm. by ArgyB08/29/073.79

Homeland Insecurity

 — Three men encounter visitors from another time and place. by epiphany6507/21/083.81

Honest, It's Not What It Looks Like

 — A true story of when an abduction fantasy goes wrong... by RaoulDuke197102/14/154.26

Hooligans Harbor Episode 01

 — Sexual satire based loosely on 60s TV show. by Newkinkstories04/23/174.21

Hopes for Change

 — Sometimes History's lessons are hard to take. by madengineer307/16/094.13

Horny Halloween

 — What a way to go! by laabaa10/13/023.23

Horticultural Sex

 — Things happen when Wilma's garden gets hoed. by Jenny_Jackson09/10/064.33

Horton Hires a Ho

 — Gather round girls and boys, it's storytime by E.NonnyMuse01/31/034.57HOT

Hose Handling

 — Initiation into the Fire Department. by ZZ_Todd10/09/064.12

Hot Cross Nuns

 — The man she wants isn't hanging from a cross. by maxdname05/29/073.91

Hot Sex (Oh Yeah)

 — She still wears her schoolgirl uniform. by plaidskirt12/06/043.61

Hot Times in the Barber Shop

 — Teasing torment from the barber's neice. by fabfables09/08/094.38

Hot World

 — Some things DO change. by magmaman10/07/084.25

Hotel Substitutions

 — Everything is fake, so irked man furnishes one real thing. by Hornyman69WithU05/24/073.88

House of Feathers Ch. 13: Video Killed the Radio Star

 — If you can't run and you can't hide, then enjoy yourself. by TarnishedPenny03/03/184.70HOT

Houseguest Nightmare

 — Her sister Clair came to visit. by IraBumblefield10/13/154.47

Household God

 — We are given an African Joss by oggbashan03/01/174.64HOT

How a Sorority Changed the World

 — A sorority exposes their breasts for Earth Day. by Bakeboss03/28/094.25

How Aliens Learned To Fear Earth

 — Probing little gray men mistakenly abduct a working Mistress. by MWDK07/06/174.24Editor's Pick

How Do You Know?

 — Was his wife cheating? by DG Hear10/05/054.34

How Humans Do, It

 — A fish-eye view of human mating habits. by Rumple Foreskin03/26/064.41

How I Became a Nudist Ch. 01

 — A young girl figures out how much she loves being naked. by thenudistguy12/23/154.12

How I Got My Chest Waxed

 — An innocent man's leap into unknown territory. by SoCalOvid05/06/084.62HOTEditor's Pick

How I Met My Husband - By Her

 — Telling my two best friends about an amazing night. by nerdy_thirties_cpl09/08/174.64HOT

How Many Times Is Normal?

 — Practically non-stop like rabbits or perhaps annually. by Egmont Grigor03/13/054.22

How Marcus Met His Wife Pt. 01

 — Humorous tale of meeting a future wife via a personal ad. by married_but_curious09/09/084.23

How Not to be a Publican, Tea

 — Commentary Skit-1. by Everettcb01/21/111.89

How NOT to Seduce and Older Man

 — When plans attack. by MasterGunzen06/19/134.08

How The Inch Stole XXXmas

 — The Fucks Down in Fucksville. by SanchoHardbottle01/08/184.52HOT

How The Troll Grinched Litmas

 — A Troll learns the true meaning of Litmas. by Gaucho11/26/034.47Contest Winner

How to Be a Damsel-In-Distress

 — Reviving a maligned art form. by Gunnlaug06/18/144.40

How to Be a Good Lover

 — Sage advice. Sage, sage. by Soul Janitor09/25/034.08

How to be a Whore in Seven Easy Steps

 — Easy guide to entering the exciting world of whoring. by vic_elor07/13/064.08

How To Do a Good Knight's Work

 — Save dragons and kill maidens! by ANiceGuy01/21/013.36

How to Hit on a Bartender

 — Being caught skinny-dipping leads to a relationship. by TessMackenzie01/17/154.34

How to Kill the Internal Editor

 — First-class advice for authors. by PrinceThelo10/21/084.48Editor's Pick

How to Peel an Apple

 — An apple a day... by sr71plt04/30/073.89

How to Score Your Sex!

 — As always, way, way, WAY too much information. by Soul Janitor08/11/024.51HOT

How to Tame a Cougar

 — Cougars are amazing because the have zero expectation. by therockstarlife04/16/113.91

How to Totally Waste a Day

 — Wasting the day away. by dirtyjoe6910/22/063.50

How to Write a Good Dirty Storey

 — A parody for those who wish to improve there writing. by DurtGurl08/01/034.12

How TV Ruined My Sex Life

 — His sex life derails one hot summer afternoon. by Vinny Smith07/02/053.88

How We Fly to America

 — A speech of Chico Marx reminds me of a dirty story. by roygbef05/14/173.67

How's My Lap Dancing? Ch. 01

 — Kevin needs cougar bucks in his thong for College. by NewMef07/13/163.82

Humiliated in the End

 — Soccer mom plays sexy game that bites her in the end. by Nikita_writer10/09/054.25

Humiliating Life of a Lotto Winner

 — Problems with sexy new wife. by SpencerPow05/17/083.96

Humiliating Life of a Lotto Winner Ch. 02

 — Sexy wife accidentally penetrated. by SpencerPow05/29/083.53

Humiliating Life of a Lotto Winner Ch. 03

 — His wife demonstrates sex techniques. by SpencerPow06/13/084.19

Humiliating Life of a Lotto Winner Ch. 04

 — Husband submits to sex test - anal penetration. by SpencerPow12/24/093.60

Humiliating Life of a Lotto Winner Ch. 05

 — Bedroom party sex with stranger leads to cock training. by SpencerPow05/13/113.71

Humper-Sex-X Sleep System Ch. 01

 — Mattress delivers more than just a good night’s sleep. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/11/073.70

Humper-Sex-X Sleep System Ch. 02

 — Mattress delivers more than just a good night’s sleep. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/16/073.07

Humper-Sex-X Sleep System Ch. 03

 — Mattress delivers more than just a good night’s sleep. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/17/074.00

Humpty Dumpty's Fall

 — True story of Humpty's fall off the wall. by *Snatch01/24/044.41

Hunting Dead Man's Hill

 — Yep. The pheasents are thicker than fleas on hounds back. by Jenny_Jackson12/10/064.45

Hurricane Preparedness

 — A whole new kind of disaster relief. by akfiregirl10/13/044.03

I am Joe's Penis

 — An organ explains itself. by oneiria06/16/104.42Editor's Pick

I am Not a Shark, But an Orca!

 — A humorous honor to DGHear's stories. by oatzab09/17/173.68

I Am Robert Earl Hughes

 — Man home from carnival circuit reunites with devoted wife. by DariusWilde12/16/104.00

I Am the Strawberry

 — A somewhat non-fiction humor narrative about being fat. by subwryter02/13/133.73

I Before E Except After C

 — Just getting this stuff published is an ordeal in itself. by Soul Janitor09/25/033.64

I Can Explain

 — Can husband explain what she's caught him doing? by rpsuch07/01/044.45

I Can Explain Too

 — Wife helps husband with his writing research by patricia5108/08/044.22

I Can See Where You're Cumming From

 — A better way of experiencing a facial. by sbhammer04/18/154.28

I Can't Believe It's Not Incest!

 — Over-endowed guy gets the wrong girl. by DiaperedSiouxsie07/03/012.12

I Guess I'm Bi

 — College sweetheart introduces freshman to bisexuality. by iluvitall12/21/064.02

I Had Cybersex With My Neighbor

 — The hazards of online masturbation. by Jack Lacey12/14/053.56

I Hadn't Expected That!

 — Miscalculation or miscalculation. by Denham_Forrest04/20/104.47

I Heard It from a Friend

 — Letters exchanged between husband and wife. by B_Bailey04/24/183.69

I Know She's Fat, But...

 — College sex on Spring Break. by bigtimedee01/28/053.78

I Know Where You Jacked off Last Summer

 — A movie parody...sort of. by DiaperedSiouxsie07/22/013.24

I Love Dick

 — Coed is mistaken for a hooker. by sarahhh10/15/09

I Love How My Man Looks

 — Woman compares her man to hot celebrities. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/25/073.91

I Love How My Woman Looks

 — Husband wishes his wife looked like a hot celebrity. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER02/19/07HOT

I Love the Smell of Gunpowder in the Morning

 — Sadsack losers: twice bitten, thrice shy? by fanfare09/30/133.46

I Married John Cerutti

 — Shouldn't a smart girl look after herself, too? by angiquesophie03/16/074.12

I Married My Sister

 — Guy switches bodies with his brother-in-law. by NoJo01/26/054.60HOT

I Saw My Wife Fucking on the Net

 — Tell him his dick's gotta do double duty for a while. by LynnGKS03/02/143.40

I Thought I was Up For It Pt. 01

 — A young woman aims to seduce a longtime friend and coworker. by TheLittleEgg01/11/184.62HOT

I Waited Twenty Years Ch. 05

 — The user-friendliest asshole of any white woman I ever seen. by LynnGKS10/19/114.41

I Wanna Both His Balls

 — Mob Boss Joe Slow wants both of Manny the ex-Tranny's balls. by enfantterrible05/26/063.93

I'm a Beast Ch. 01

 — Oh, yeah, baby. You always were a real animal by ForeverFaithful10/14/084.19

I'm a Virgin

 — Virgin has made a promise to her mother by Ashson12/11/124.46

I'm Getting Nothing for Christmas

 — Flash satire story & song about a slut wife caught cheating by Stultus12/24/094.26

I'm in Love with a Stripper

 — The 18 year old me would be proud! by OzzyDaBum01/11/124.08

I'm Not Getting Clean At All

 — She has a crush on a co-worker. by Missconduct03/03/063.50

I'm Returning Your Call, Dickhead

 — The Emperor of Embarrassment speaks. by Wanton Vixxxen02/08/044.35

Ice Cold

 — When saving a life intersects sexual attraction. by CatBrown01/16/124.33


 — Apolitical stunt for April Fools Day. by xelliebabex03/13/174.48


 — The launch party for a new sex toy. by brainfade08/23/094.32

If Great Authors Wrote Porn #08

 — O Henry, Ransom of the Red Princess. by SexyGeek06/25/144.23

If Great Authors Wrote Porn #09

 — L. Frank Baum, After the Wizard Left Oz. by SexyGeek09/25/144.14

If I Only Had A Brain

 — Mona tries to think...about why she can't think. by JukeboxEMCSA02/05/114.31

If Only I Knew

 — Distracting conversation leads to interesting intercourse. by SweetOblivion06/17/083.89

If Only the Dog Could Talk

 — Walking the dog can be very sexy. by Starlight12/23/023.06

If You Give a Writer a Laptop...

 — What happens when a man decides to write stories for Lit. by Selena_Kitt07/11/064.55HOT

Ignorance is Not Bliss

 — Funny look at romance from the man's point of view. by luv2flirtamswf3401/08/064.14

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