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Impotent Bri-Guy

 — The Bri-Guy calls on Angel for some heavenly help. by Goldeniangel06/14/054.55HOT

In a Perfect World

 — The ramblings of a perpetually horny aging male. by Dinsmore02/16/074.47

In a Perfect World Ch. 02

 —  A guide for the Unmarried Woman. by Dinsmore02/24/074.60HOT

In Brad's Mind

 — Brad and Diane get together. by Canadagander07/16/03HOT

In Diane's Mind

 — An erotic story without nudity or touching. by Canadagander03/28/03HOT

In Search of a Story

 — A writer cannot control his characters, and one gets naked. by electricblue6606/29/154.70HOT

In Service to the Divine Ch. 02

 — Breakfast and a work out. by MasterOfSin07/13/164.29

In The Begining

 — God Created Man - but here's the rest of the story. by leapyearguy08/30/074.17

In the Beginning...

 — Genesis á la Flavius, horniness all around. by RivkaKibernetes10/23/013.71

In The Hallway

 — A surreal fantasy. by IrmaCerrutti12/11/123.67

In Your Dreams

 — Sex in a dream is the best kind. Also they're 19, whatever. by SilentAssDeadly03/26/144.56HOT

Inappropriate Behaviour

 — Can spanking cure nymphomania? by Aussiescribbler03/09/034.33


 — She can't decide if she wants to marry, and needs help! by ladyroxanne2108/06/123.95

Injustice League

 — Flash me, baby. by GratefulFred04/18/053.64


 — Just why did the priest get arrested? by MungoParkIII12/27/073.57

Insane Family Ch. 1

 — Insanity and incest mix well. by Queen_of_Dairy09/12/013.61

Insertion Fantasy

 — Demon Pi Part Four. by ZackOShea09/19/114.68HOT

Instant Feedback

 — Satire on porn stories & the voting system. by Red_Writer07/03/024.34

Interview with a Stud

 — Non-erotic funny story about how to get paid for sex. by 2bonehead09/08/094.60HOT

Into the Hobbit Hole: Froyo Sings

 — Froyo is debauched. by Selinde78302/20/033.25

Invasion of the Alien Flesh Rockets

 — Martians are UP to no good in this 'War of the Worlds' spoof. by Emperor_Nero10/13/084.36

Inventor of the Jackhammer

 — A Magical Moment In Sexual History. by thewordengine01/17/103.22


 — Just one of his superpowers. by Pervis Brown10/18/063.36

Iphis and Ianthe

 — An erotic version of a story by Ovid. by roygbef07/27/164.06

Is Any Woman Worth Loving?

 — Mixed bars put a blight on a drinking man's pleasure. by Egmont Grigor03/08/054.03

Is It Fate?

 — Coed blows boyfriend for first time; they meet again. by Shelby Davids01/29/064.23

Is Your Partner Having Fun?

 — How to tell when your partner isn't having a good time. by fantasygirl3009/01/063.93

Isabeau the Fair

 — The godmother gets it right. by Gunnlaug06/08/144.47

Island of the Misfit Sex-toys

 — Rudolph returns to save another island full of lonely toys. by Nathan_Brazil11/23/154.38

It Didn't Happen

 — None of this happened. It's fiction. Isn't it? by oggbashan12/28/144.64HOT

It Ended With an Owie

 — New outfit has me reeling. by dirtyjoe6912/14/063.70

It Goes Without Saying

 — Ginger would come back, she always does. by Mysti Fox02/23/084.11

It Happened in Vegas...

 — Ace and his sweetheart turn up in Vegas. by Spencerfiction01/21/153.48

It Made Me Smile

 — 9 out of 10 authors think 9 out of 10 authors are idiots. by MsTrina10/04/154.46

It was Supposed to be a Joke

 — I should have been clearer. by flashgordon56200612/01/173.44

It Was Supposed to be Just Us Girls

 — Nikita's pussy receives laser hair removal. by Nikita_writer10/18/053.89

It's a Fucked Up Life

 — Humorous relief for those contemplating taking a bullet. by GratefulFred11/18/074.24

It's a Start

 — The joy and pain of anal, getting hubby to do it. by bb_peaks03/08/094.36

It's All the Bird's Fault

 — Parrot leads to the bizarre. by angelx60203/20/073.58

It's My Cock, Doc

 — He visits the most prominent cock doctor in the state. by Decayed Angel10/20/063.74

It's Only Me

 — A porn flick's point of view by jade butterfly07/29/044.29

It's The TAX Man!

 — He hated his job. by magmaman07/22/104.62HOT

Jack Bauer Adjusts to Change

 — CTU is not what it used to be. by Dinsmore01/23/064.53HOT

Jack Cheats

 — A boyfriend cheats with someone. Hmm, who could it be? by maadmaax08/04/074.36

Jack Did Jill

 — The truth behind Jack's fall down the hill. by *Snatch10/31/014.33

Jack the Lad

 — Isn't life fucking great. by Cleardaynow08/26/134.10

Jail Bait

 — Sister saves convict brother's ass. by Deborah01/29/014.05

Jake and Jed Meet the Thespians

 — A tale of the old west through squinted eyes. by leapyearguy03/04/074.51HOT

Jam and Jerusalem

 — An amusing paorody with a spanking theme. by MarkCane10/25/103.96

Jamie and the Three Bears

 — She asked for a story, I got creative. by ofloveandlust08/26/154.52HOT

Jane's Coming of Age

 — From school girl to porn star. by Rosko Busby 200512/11/044.58HOT

Janet and John

 — John does his good turn for the day. by trevorm09/02/092.80

Janine Goes Shopping

 — A loving wives tale. by DonnerBBQ09/26/102.58

Janitor Charlie's Angel

 — Big-boobed teacher Hilda Humper fucks the school janitor. by MeetTheHumpers11/08/124.34

Jealous Husband

 — Jealous husband plans revenge on his sexy wife. by Nicole9905/13/054.24

Jed's BBQ

 — A couple of good ol' boys run into Succubi. by ufpe08/31/054.00

Jennifer Calls on Me

 — Sometimes we don't get what we want. by Boxlicker10104/08/043.97

Jerome's Special Salad Dressing

 — The slightest taste of black seed can turn any wife. by quadcox04/19/183.09NEW

Jerry, the Maiden Voyage

 — My first interaction with Jerry. How will this go? by AtFirstSight01/31/174.77HOT

Jerry: Iceberg, Right Ahead

 — My first date with Jerry was great, but now what? by AtFirstSight03/04/174.29

Jessica's Quads

 — Wife must save her husband by being gangbanged. by quadcox01/17/153.10

Jesus & Mary Chain

 — Gangbang at the Last Supper. by NaughtyMike02/12/034.22

Jimmy the Geek

 — She loved him, y'know... by IraBumblefield10/21/154.50HOT

Job Interview

 — She really needed the work. by LucOuarm06/08/034.27

Joe's Garage

 — Stranded dominatrix mixes business with pleasure. by Cole Black11/08/054.00

Joey Becomes a Man

 — He has his first sexual encounter. by domonique8202/18/012.77

Jogging with Henry

 — He meets a horny lady. by CFBwriter01/12/044.36

Johnny Lettuce

 — A Guy, two girls, a murder or two. by HunterShambles03/25/154.67HOT

Joseki's Journey's The Raid

 — Comic relief on a raid. by Joseki Ko09/23/053.25

Joseph's Plumbing Service

 — Clearing the drains. by Suite21men07/25/103.88

Just a Little "Sweet" Revenge

 — Fun, sweet little story of revenge. by APRILBLOSSUMS11/22/173.80

Just a Nutty Story

 — Using people with their consent. by B_Bailey03/18/183.54

Just Another Day at the Office

 — More 'Sex in the Workplace' with you. by akfiregirl06/27/044.04

Just Another Kinky Wet Dream, or...

 — She ran out of my wet dreams & into my shower. by KinkyLOVE10/14/012.77

Just Bag My Head and Fuck Me

 — A more courteous way to say 'yes'. by sbhammer05/26/154.39

Just Ducky

 — Oh, the life of a duck. I'm screwed - so the speak. by Jenny_Jackson04/08/084.32

Just Pussy

 — Pure pussy from start to finish. by Spencerfiction01/22/154.24

Just So Elephant

 — A fable for Earth Day. by oggbashan04/09/104.29

Just The Other Night

 — Giving a whole new meaning to 'getting lucky'. by HomerPindar11/13/014.07

Just Too Much For Me

 — She tries to give Big George a try, but he was just too big. by LusciousLee10/06/153.59

Karate and Christmas Gifts

 — A humorous interview with a nymphomaniac librarian. by Sublimation41312/02/103.71

Katy's Reluctant New Look Ch. 05

 — Katy finds herself in a compromisiing situation. by PhilCanyon02/11/104.48

Kaycee Gets What She Wants

 — A neglected harem girl gets the chance to flip the script. by LingerieRobot06/22/104.25

Kelly & Claire Ch. 03 Pt. 02

 — Dan joins them for some 'fun'. by super_chicken03/11/042.73

Kelly's Project

 — A witch comes calling. by Alex De Kok10/16/034.37

Kellye Cripple

 — Fetish proves to be more than Paul ever hoped. by smut_princess01/21/034.21

Kidding Hitler

 — The adventures of Hitler and his whore. by findline08/17/10

Kill That Cat

 — Feline mishap leads to amorous couple (no cats killed!) by StephenThorn09/17/044.12

King of the Castle

 — Halloween Party in a real castle? What could go wrong? by oggbashan10/03/164.49

Kinky Uses for a Turkey Drumstick

 — Very kinky ways to enjoy a turkey drumstick. by ImaFantasy12/27/084.13

Kissing Cousins

 — Demon Pi, Part Seven. by ZackOShea10/30/114.72HOT

Klaatu Barata Nikto Ch. 02

 — Dad was a Martian. by sourdough99910/21/094.34

Klaatu Barata Nikto Ch. 03

 — Dad was a Martian. by sourdough99910/30/094.48

Klaatu Barata Nikto Ch. 04

 — Dad was a Martian. by sourdough99911/10/094.50HOT

Klaatu Barata Nikto Ch. 05

 — Dad was a Martian. by sourdough99911/19/094.44

Knickers, Rubbers, Arses And Fannys Ch. 02

 — A humourous story using UK/American translation. by shandal11/17/114.38

Knocked-Up Karen

 — A beautiful nun falls pregnant with twins. by IrishDude388106/25/114.24

Kowalski Gets Her Man

 — Where does undercover cop on nude beach pin her badge? by Alex De Kok07/05/034.54HOT

Kristie Goes on a Diet

 — Kristie loses ten pounds on a Liquid Protein Diet. by tripleflip11/03/024.28

Kyle Bentworth, Lingerie Inspector

 — A dream job, right? by DonnieMagazino04/03/184.22

Lab Results

 — Whose children are they then? by zweifelhaft11/25/104.34

Lackluster Politics

 — Tiny Arizona town elects a dog mayor with lust in his heart. by jazm4903/22/03Editor's Pick

Lady Magnets

 — Envy of men who attract women easily. by tantricjim03/17/113.61

Lana Likes Me!

 — Where can you find love anyway? by Giln04/11/082.00

Lanceolina and Guinevar

 — A naughty gender bending Arthurian tale. by dantemendoza09/03/123.75

Lancie Pants

 — A tough Dom has to make a tough choice. by KillerMuffin09/24/024.62HOT

Last Chance

 — Clarence the cross-eyed cupid has an important mission. by LesLumens01/22/074.60HOT

Last Man On Earth

 — It aint all that it's cracked up to be. by Lucifer_Carroll05/21/044.06

Late Date

 — Short, sardonic story of mid-life dating. by Krenna Smart01/25/054.33

Late Night Shopping

 — Difficulties with buying her first sex toy. by Brandii08/26/064.19

Laughing Naked

 — There's a man on the lawn of a park naked. by sweetleaf107/03/143.65

Lauren's Lollipop

 — Good Mormon girl learns joys of being bad. by RisiaSkye01/03/034.32

Leaking Dyke

 — A heartbroken butch gets surprised. by DeniseNoe06/25/083.45

Learning by Doing It

 — Who needs an instruction book anyway? by SamScribble09/28/174.45

Learning the World Ch. 01

 — Naive farm girl must volunteer for the summer. by Sapphirestrand08/15/104.35

Learning the World Ch. 02

 — Gabby likes the "group" she found, but will they like her? by Sapphirestrand08/30/104.75HOT

Learning the World Ch. 03

 — Naive farm girl is initiated by the local cult leader. by Sapphirestrand10/17/104.42

Leaving on a Jet Plane

 — Because sometimes a kiss at TSA is not enough. by dv81too11/18/074.10


 — I'm trying to do two jobs at once, from a wheelchair. by oggbashan03/03/154.55HOT

Led by His Cock

 — Charlie dismisses one friend for the other. by RedHairedandFriendly12/02/114.38

Legal Brief

 — Working girl sues John who stiffed her. by Tongueman27602/26/024.28

Legally Binding

 — There are ways to make an attorney perform. by Alessia Brio03/09/124.09

Leon, the Witch & the Broom Cupboard

 — Sexy escapade in the Land of Pornia. by angelfeathers10/23/034.57HOT


 — I never knew she was lepidopterist until... by MungoParkIII12/24/074.05

Lerechous Syndrome

 — A sore throat leads to a revealing check up by CaptainQuixote11/20/113.90

Lesbian Empress

 — You know you're a Lesbian Empress when.... by LesbianMuses03/24/153.62

Lesbian Heaven: The Side Show

 — How a Straight Male ended up in Lesbian Heaven. by slitlicker6912/08/073.63

Lesbian in Love

 — A comedic true story of unrequited love. Listing Style. by LesbianMuses03/21/153.92

Lesbian Test Ch. 01

 — Freddie accuses his best friend Kathy of being lesbian. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER11/28/083.63

Lesbian Test Ch. 02

 — Freddie annoys Kathy for her to take the lesbian test. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER11/29/083.72

Lesbian Test Ch. 03

 — Kathy agrees to take the free, foolproof lesbian test. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER11/30/083.84

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