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Me & My Penis

 — One girl's musings about her man's member. by femihussy03/22/024.55HOT

Me?! Shop for Bras and Panties!

 — My girlfriend suggested I get her some sexy underthings. by justformeandyou01/10/103.98

Meaning of Man Talk

 — What men say isn't always what they mean. by Robski01/31/024.03

Medicine USA

 — A new plague sweeps the States. by normist09/05/103.31

Meet Amanda Ch. 01

 — Busty Amanda goes shopping for lingerie. by brian35801/08/084.30

Meet Mom

 — The perfect girl meets my perfect Mom. by Harry Twist03/01/054.29

Memoirs of a Crazy Bitch

 — The intricacies of the popular male defense. by misterechik02/11/074.31

Memoirs of a Sex Slave Ch. 01

 — The kidnap - even librarians have dreams! by Sapphos Sister07/27/064.19

Memoirs of a Sex Slave Ch. 02

 — Penitence meets Purgatory - in the dungeon. by Sapphos Sister08/11/064.00


 — An old man remembers times past. by Ozimandickus01/31/054.58HOT

Men are Bastards

 — A humorous look at the way some men are. by B_Bailey02/25/173.67

Men are from Mars?

 — The mating habits of modern man. by misterechik12/08/064.51HOT

Metzger Wickerslammed

 — A small Pennsylvania law firm gets hot and heavy. by honesttom02/25/104.45

Mickey Finn

 — Putting someone to sleep enhances your chances. by Ashson02/27/134.02


 — He assesses the state of his sexual life. by jjsharshaw08/06/024.53HOT

Midnight Rendezvous

 — Two very, very bad people. by ManusNigrumPoet03/06/033.00

Mile High Club - Almost

 — Couldda shouldda wouldda. by steffymi07/02/113.50

Mind in the Gutter

 — A man finds his true love. by MSTarot06/06/124.21


 — A fragmented tale of dating a doper. by BradWriting09/05/033.00

Minecraft: Real Life Edition Ch. 01

 — Lost in Minecraft, surrounded by mobs, and horny as hell! by Chickenchowmein02/17/164.00

Minecraft: Real Life Edition Ch. 02

 — Is electro-jizz alone is enough to survive a second night? by Chickenchowmein02/19/163.78


 — Platonic Dialogue on the dangers & ethics of adultery. by apple314110/16/023.67

Miracle on RR34 Ch. 01

 — Ginny gets a wonderful Christmas surprise. by BiscuitHammer12/04/154.65HOT

Miracle on RR34 Ch. 02

 — Virginia and Santa face extreme danger together. by BiscuitHammer02/02/164.71HOT

Miracle on RR34 Ch. 03

 — Ginny learns that being naughty can be a very good thing... by BiscuitHammer02/23/164.75HOT

Miscumception: The Cockcumber Story

 — Perverted story of a mature housewife. by persopal11/21/063.62

Miss November

 — A nerdy, lusty bachelor's favorite centerfold comes to life. by ilovebarbiestits07/08/084.19

Mistaken Identity Ch. 1

 — It's funny what people become when they dress up. by Rocket06/03/01

Mistaken Identity Ch. 2

 — The costume party continues. by Rocket08/19/01

Mistaken Identity Ch. 3

 — The party goers awake to a new day. by Rocket08/22/01

Mister Know-it-All Ch. 01

 — Bad attitude rantings. by maxdname12/03/073.67

Mister Micropenis

 — Now every woman in the world would know how small he was. by 2InchJake02/18/073.67

Mistletoe Kringle

 — Santa's slutty daughter makes the naughty list. by Acktion12/05/124.45

Mistress Esmeralda

 — A man meets a Dominatrix in a very cold place. by Humpdee8402/17/173.92Editor's Pick

Mistress of The Jade Ambrosia

 — A drink that captures an empire. by jemkym10/26/033.38

Mistress of the Scarlet Fang

 — A "lost manuscript" by the pulp author Anatole Baskin. by kozmonaut_x06/21/03


 — Well, I thought I knew what she said, anyway. by magmaman11/21/084.28

Misunderstood Mistress of Milkiness

 — Lorraine's reign of breastmilk rain. by enterthetiger09/16/164.04

Mme Sylvie's Special Event

 — She gives her self for charity. by Thomas Drablézien02/10/094.25


 — Your Master invites you to eat. by bbkradwell09/20/054.56HOT


 — Lizzy has a special condition; the army wants to use it. by andy_charles01/31/094.17


 — Horror movies get a sexy makeover. by electric110/01/114.33

Modern Love: Romance Ch. 01

 — A fake cop wearing a fake mustache romances a woman. by sethadams06/03/121.00

Mom's Submarine Anal Birthday Surprise

 — A parody. by DurtGurl05/08/032.66

Moments On A Morning After

 — He wakes up next to beautiful stranger. by Barnaby02/11/044.20

Mondays Will Never Be The Same

 — Breaking in a fellow work on the job. by zenblue09/14/164.41

Monster Prick

 — That's what you get, babe... by demure10103/18/123.83Editor's Pick

Monsters Are Due On Erotica Street

 — From the archives of "The Pornography Zone". by GratefulFred04/20/053.69

Monsters of Las Vegas Ch. 01

 — Boy eats girl: a dark comedy. by psychocatblah06/15/044.17


 — More rants from an old man as he faces life. by SW_MO_Hermit10/02/144.39

More Fucked Up Fairy Tales

 — Thr Brothers Grimm and Mother Goose get fucked up again! by TheBigandBaldGuy09/22/104.50HOT

More Sex, Please!

 — Viking raider is challenged by Mother Superior by DoctorSintax02/15/104.28

More Well Endowed Girls

 — Product of a dirty mind. by uksnowy07/20/174.00

Morning, Wood You Blow Me?

 — A morning blowjob in a lover's paradise. by KateSingletary10/15/164.20

Morons: Queer Marriage

 — The Total Moron's Guide to SAME-SEX MARRIAGE. by Hypoxia11/07/134.21

Mr Know-it-all Buying A Used Car

 — More Mr Know-it-all. by maxdname03/12/084.33

Mr. Anonymous

 — The image in my mind as I read your words. by Jackiegirl01/11/064.41

Mr. Lucky

 — And you think you've got problems! by leapyearguy06/03/064.56HOTContest Winner

Mr. Meccano Man

 — Horny mechanic and classy lady get comeuppance by bravepuss06/15/134.50HOT

Mr. Mutton is NOT Elvis Presley

 — Has Elvis been re-incarnated in New Zealand? Where? by Egmont Grigor11/28/054.21

Mr. Sexsational

 — He's not your ordinary SuperHero. by Goldeniangel04/19/074.46

Mr. Wiggles Goes Undercover

 — Spy story from a penis's point of view. by wsgy41109/29/013.96

Mr. Wiggles in France

 — Another adventure for Master's penis. by wsgy41110/02/013.22

Mr. Wiggles' First Halloween Party

 — A Halloween Party through the eye of a penis. by wsgy41110/30/013.50

Ms. Marca Ch. 45

 — Mr. & Mrs. Wise...she'll get that bitch. by Ms. Marca04/14/024.15

Ms. March

 — Things aren't always what they seem to be. by Cinner11/20/124.41

Muscular Men near the Sea Pt. 01

 — A story of love, romance, and very bad sex. by enjoyabledave10/12/174.14

Muse Fight

 — My muses fight over my literary soul. by JillianRussel01/18/143.75

Musicians and Sex

 — Fake research on musicians and sex. by Timkitten10/18/054.10

My Affair With Dawn

 — We get in a mess in the woods, then get watched. by luigi9909/13/093.87

My Amorous Adventures with Saucy Wenches

 — A tale of The Duke of Love. by Sardu02/05/053.00

My BIG Dick

 — It ain't what it's cracked up to be. by magmaman08/27/054.47

My Big Fat Pornographic Wedding

 — It's a low budget hit. by GratefulFred07/25/043.48

My Big Fat Redneck Funeral

 — So long, Uncle Junior by qhml111/05/124.25

My Birthday Romance

 — A midlife woman's wrotic adventures. by Lilithanna07/28/084.08

My Boner Stops Time Ch. 04

 — This is a sequel to "My Boner Turns me Invisible". by JeffreyFreemont06/15/124.35

My Boner Stops Time Ch. 05

 — This is a sequel to "My Boner Turns me Invisible". by JeffreyFreemont06/19/124.26

My Cock Stands Tall

 — … at the crack of dawn. by SamScribble10/28/174.22

My Day

 — A tongue in cheek look at the tropes of erotica and romance. by MirandaJoyce03/27/144.57HOT

My Downfall

 — Woman has complete control. by axelhil06/13/143.58

My First Gay Experience

 — Johnno gets drunk and finds himself in bed with Desmond. by abroadsword07/23/123.58

My First Time

 — A young, hung man's training. by Boakester03/13/024.18

My First Time, & Welcome To It

 — How virginity is lost in the real world. by D-Cutter07/21/044.55HOT

My Friend Hisacun

 — A lecher's letter to a friend telling of an erotic adventure. by History Nut12/06/084.20

My Interview with Mr. Troll

 — Coming to you direct from the Troll Hangout. by duddle14609/02/06HOT

My Job As A Pleasure Provider

 — Sex from a different point of view. by ~hellbaby~11/28/044.61HOT

My Last Will and Testicle

 — I, being of sound mind... Ha! Why start now? by Conversations09/20/174.65HOT

My Lipgloss is Poppin'

 — Kinks can be found in the most innocent of places... by Smol_Stack10/22/164.12

My Little Head Takes Over

 — What happens when you think with your little head. by Bakeboss08/19/104.32

My Mouth Ain't Just for Talkin'

 — To become an expert, follow the directions. by HansTrimble09/09/134.48

My Name is Dick

 — What a cock might say if it could talk. by Tattletale07/28/044.43

My Naughty Muse

 — A writer finds his muse can take him into his stories. by Storm6208/25/114.44

My New Best Friend

 — How my new friend made my day. by JackLuis10/30/084.30

My New Dentist

 — An erotic trip to the dentist. by lil181202/03/024.04

My New Neighbor

 — Bobby's summer before college just got bustier. by Henry_C_Roberts02/13/174.26

My New Neighbor Ch. 02

 — Bobby and his Neighbor get closer. by Henry_C_Roberts05/05/174.56HOT

My Passion for Mustang GTs Ch. 02

 — Peppered with humor, Susan writes about her passion for cars. by SusanJillParker04/29/13HOT

My Penthouse Letter

 — or, how I learned to write erotica by reading Forum. by Taltos166705/09/053.91

My Pussy Controls You Ch. 04

 — Sequel to "My Boner Stops Time". by JeffreyFreemont01/02/134.41

My Rocky Relationship with Girls

 — Nerd travels that bumpy road to happiness with girls. by darvon8603/10/174.48

My Romantic Night of Cyber Sex

 — Is it that hard to find a good online lover? by PrincessErin10/28/084.16

My Secret Life: Writing Erotica

 — A cautionary tale of scandal, sex & erotic stories. by SoCalOvid07/02/084.73HOTEditor's Pick

My Sex Story What I Wrote

 — An exercise in poor writing. by daddy195001/14/154.13

My Stress Buddy

 — A true friend is always there for your needs. by KeleGin11/08/104.21

My Unlucky Escapades Ch. 01

 — An unlucky couple just can't get what they want. by Starry_Eyed_Lemur08/04/044.82HOT

My Wildest Dream

 — A humorous look at my celebrity crush on Claire Danes. by Bigdenverman11/06/074.73HOT


 — Bachelor competes with necrophiliac girlfriend's dead lovers. by GaryAlanByron08/23/074.23

Mystery Man Ch. 02

 — Michael in the worker's paradise. by Sexuality4me02/24/053.84

Mystery Woman

 — A chance encounter can be decieving. by 12to812/19/064.19

Myth Merging in Boschertown

 — Martha reveals, "Big George Washington" is the link. by Baba801/03/083.00

Nadgers TV

 — Deadpan CFNM breakfast TV pastiche. by Symon O Una10/28/042.00

Naked Nimue

 — Nimue is learning Merlin's Secrets. by oggbashan06/20/124.13

Nancy and the snake

 — Humorous. by Frogsporn01/10/133.33

National Fuck A Fat Man Day!

 — Let's put all our weight behind this one! by KilgoreTrout196705/19/153.57

Nature's Hard Reset?

 — Jilted husband resets life. Would Mother Nature do the same? by Spencerfiction01/21/173.60

Needs Ch. 02

 — My Life as a Manwhore. by catalinaleon07/25/064.11

Neon Boulevard

 — How easy it is to get into trouble in a foreign land. by goodyearman09/08/174.11

Never Date A Girl Named Bubba

 — Big tits and big hair just weren't enough. by unclej12/06/024.22

New Airport Regulations

 — Kelly experiences the new security checks at the airport. by Lionheart7206/23/134.32

News Flash about Big Cocks

 — Apparently it's all about self-esteem. by Middleagepoet11/20/093.55

Nice Guys, Confused Girls

 — and Emotional Dildos. by American_Knowbody01/25/094.37

Nickname For Richard

 — A Dick is a dick, right? by velvetpie01/21/054.00

Night Pleasure

 — A different point of view by TxRad01/23/084.36

Night Vision

 — Too much TV can be hazardous to your health. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/10/074.27

No Batteries Required

 — Things in this Sex Shop are kept in the dark. by Priapus II06/10/033.84

No More Mr. Nice Guy

 — A ghostly Christmas Eve visitation. by Silverstag11/12/054.36

No Phones, No TV, and No Internet

 — Finally free, my life without the phones, TV, and Internet. by SuperHeroRalph04/11/113.59

No Way!

 — Tennis pro strikes out. by PrinceThelo01/13/092.83

Nobody Does It Better

 — A woman tries to convince her friends she's a hypnotist. by JukeboxEMCSA12/29/114.19

Noo and Gilbert do a Questionnaire

 — Noo only mildly kinky? She is appalled. by Tyrnavos09/06/153.88

Norm the Demon

 — The succubus side. by Nigel Debonnaire07/21/12

Norm the Demon Ch. 02

 — The Incubus Side. by Nigel Debonnaire07/22/12

Not An Inch For The Queen

 — A lonely guy and his shrinking penis. by Hobbes Goblynn09/22/013.11

NOT Korean Historical Drama XXX

 — The making of Episode One of a 90 Part Epic --first days. by eneo01/18/113.09

Not Lucy Westenra's Kind Of Problem

 — Vampire gets her first taste of the real night life. by Fru12/26/064.42

Not Sex!

 — A man and woman define the word "sex". by DoktorXenolite09/27/174.36

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