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Snot Brite and the Seven Pervs Ch. 05

 — The next episode of the rewritten fairy tale. by bb121207/12/084.65HOT

Snot Brite and the Seven Pervs Ch. 06

 — The final chapter of the fun and sexy rewritten fairy tale. by bb121207/15/084.63HOT

Snow Monkey Serenade

 — Two old friends find love during snowball fight. by Tazja05/05/023.83

Snow White

 — How the Prince really woke her up. by Max2702/06/024.34

Snow White & the Seven Biker Dudes

 — A new twist on an old story. by songman6002/04/084.11

Snow White & The Seven Dwarves

 — A remake of the original Grimm tale. by Firesprite05/14/023.86

Snow White and the Seven Cocks

 — Modern and erotic version of Snow White fairy tale. by persopal12/07/063.99

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

 — A raunchy update on an old fairytale. by kiwiwolf07/02/064.58HOT

Snow White and the Seven Perverts

 — The true story of Snow White. by Baxter7205/19/064.30

Snow White Ch. 01

 — Snow White escapes the evil Queen. by *Snatch05/28/063.44

Snow White Ch. 02

 — The Prince appears to save the day. by *Snatch05/29/063.89

Snow White-Slave Puppy

 — Snow white gets kicked out of the dwarves house. by cece345706/03/143.02

Snzeelbinka and the Blue Note

 — A humourous tale of sex and magic. by vrosej1005/21/094.13

So, You Want to Write Erotica

 — A new author's musings. by holliday196012/19/16

Socks for Christmas?

 — Socks - the ultimate Christmas gift for excitement. by oggbashan11/30/034.48

Solanamatera Three

 — Two space farers discover a strange planet. by Ronald Thurman08/02/014.07

Some (Hot) Bad Writing

 — A cringeworthy orgasmisadventure. by enterthetiger08/25/164.38

Some Days, You Just Can't Win

 — He bets her she can't pick out his cock from a crowd. by mrjones50200308/07/074.09

Some Things Never Change

 — Woeful tale of oral self-sufficiency. by Edwarlife03/01/044.02

Something Stupid This Way Comes

 — Poor country bumpkin can't catch a break. by kurrginatorX11/11/173.91

Sometimes Rich Men Die

 — A black widow or just an unlucky lady by georgewildman01/25/034.10

Sonia Takes a Stroll

 — Sonia is the icon of Balaklava Terrace. by Starlight07/18/014.12

Sonia's Adventures Ch. 01

 — She loses her mobile in her cunt and the doctor treats her. by BrianCaster04/17/102.78

Sonia's Adventures Ch. 02

 — The police has looted Sonia's exotic stuffs. by BrianCaster04/19/102.33

Sonia's Adventures Ch. 03

 — Her selfless service ends up into a murder. by BrianCaster04/21/102.33

Sonia's Adventures Ch. 04

 — The police raided hotel "Five-Star" to fuck Sonia. by BrianCaster05/31/103.67

Sonia's Adventures Ch. 05

 — Sonia organized the “Donate Panties” charity program. by BrianCaster06/18/101.50

Sonia's Adventures Ch. 06

 — Malnourished prisoners got nutritious "cream." by BrianCaster06/24/103.00

Sonia's Adventures Ch. 07

 — At last Sonia, the whore found her soulmate. by BrianCaster07/05/103.00

Sophie's Diary

 — She decided to keep a record of her sexual adventures by HelenHall11/07/103.31

Sorority Shenanigans

 — Pledges collect men's undershorts to prove they bedded them. by Hornyman69WithU04/17/073.84

Sorry Charlie

 — Can things get any worse for Charlie? by leapyearguy09/14/064.54HOTEditor's Pick

Space Police Corps Ch. 01

 — Lt. Atwat and his merry band are sent on a mission. by JohnEvans07/06/054.65HOT

Space Police Corps Ch. 02

 — Lt Atwat and crew find a surprise in the Tauk system. by JohnEvans11/08/104.67HOT

Spaghetti and

 — A quiet dinner becomes something more. by MungoParkIII08/16/074.40

Spanked By My Boss Ch. 03

 — I keep making mistakes, and get punished again. by TessMackenzie03/14/154.44

Special Delivery

 — A bike courier is changed. by PaladinInBlack06/25/174.28

Special Order Jelly Donuts

 — Woman tricks her boss into eating cumfilled donuts. by sugarisnice08/05/084.26

Special Order Jelly Donuts Ch. 02

 — Kate opens a coffee shop. by sugarisnice08/13/084.45

Special Order Jelly Donuts Ch. 03

 — Kate serves cum-flavored ice cream to unsuspecting women by sugarisnice09/10/084.42

Splooge Countdown

 — Late night reality sex TV. by Reverend_Hornibastard05/14/134.38

Spoof: Anal

 — Angel & the Bri-Guy explore the Anal category. by Goldeniangel03/24/063.46

Spoof: Romance

 — The Bri-Guy tries a spot of romance with Angel. by Goldeniangel03/31/064.33

Spring Garden

 — All's well in Paradise, we hope. by Spencerfiction03/01/174.48

Squirrels in the Attic

 — Ruckus in the attic keeps husband and wife awake. by marleymusic200211/22/064.00


 — I have this problem... by Jenny_Jackson07/11/074.11

Stand By Your Hand

 — A song parody on manual loyalty. by pdgtng09/09/013.60

Stand Up and Cum

 — A standup comic gives a routine to a group of swingers. by JonRogue11/11/154.47

Steamed Milk

 — A curious man is invited by two futa into the showers. by DTales02/11/184.44

Steppin' into Storyland

 — Author is pulled into the world of his imagination. by Sean Renaud04/13/064.55HOT

Steve the Man of Virtue

 — A man who lives with his mother agrees to go on a date. by johnaitek08/03/112.45


 — So, in all my sexual undertakings you'd figure as careless... by therockstarlife04/30/113.77

Sticky Nicky & The Slippery Dick 01

 — Hot to trot cop uses sex to get her way. by gobula01/09/084.12

Still Crazy

 — An insane man's romance with his psychoanalyst. by GaryAlanByron03/15/103.27

Still Gettin It Off My Chest!

 — Politics, reparation and self-love. by dirtyjoe6907/08/064.67HOT

Story Closure by Comment

 — Extensive comment on "John Carter" by H2Owader. by z00time12/29/053.50

Story of My Life ... Ch. 1

 — The reality of growing up.... with a twist. by Harley_Quinn_199908/06/024.46

Story of My Life Ch. 2

 — The reality of growing up with a twist. by Harley_Quinn_199908/08/024.70HOT

Strange Happenings

 — A fun little quirky story about friends and sex. by Goldeniangel10/10/063.96

Streaking Is Bad, M'kay?

 — His unfortunate experience with public nudity. by just a thing08/27/043.50


 — Man buys vibe for his girl for the first time. by Ceaser07/05/033.25

Stretched to the Limit

 — Reed Richards does Growing Girl. by pocketrocket08/01/013.53

Strip Evolution

 — The true in the beginning. by sr71plt03/30/104.00

Stuffing the Mouse: The Ensemble

 — An ancient trade in a Country House. by Wills01/14/043.83

Stupid Question

 — Tango becomes Tango. by tango091903/11/142.93

Stupid Sexy Smartphone

 — His new smartphone wants sex, and world domination. by Axelotl08/02/124.61HOT

Submission too Literotica

 — Celebrating Posting the One Millionth Story to Literotica! by fanfare07/10/153.00

Suck, Eat...Oh What a Treat!

 — Man sets out to challenge womankind. by Mycke04/13/014.05

Sugar Daddy

 — Coed pleases two daddies. by Suzanne01/22/013.19

Super Blow Bet

 — Coeds know who blew it for the Raiders by Annebelle01/25/034.22

Super Cave Sex

 — Raw and uncut. by sex slave03/29/06


 — A dick from another planet comes to Earth. by Cordance07/22/174.13

Supergirl, Whining

 — Life ain't rosy for teen with superpowers. by CreamyLady11/25/003.81


 — He saves the day for sexy Nicolle. by cleos_double01/20/044.08

Superman's Lament

 — It ain't easy being the Man of Steel. by Skibum10/29/003.91

Supermarket Temptataion 2 Bog Off

 — Gay encounters. by alexcarr08/22/104.75


 — A new job works out well. by oneiria06/23/104.41

Survival of the Fittest Ch. 01

 — She gets some prehistoric lovin'. by CeliaSpringfield01/05/074.23

Survival of the Fittest Ch. 02

 — She finds pleasure and - love? by CeliaSpringfield02/23/074.39

SusanJillParker Turns Republican

 — Susan finally goes with a winning team, the Republican Party. by SusanJillParker11/15/143.53

Sushi Fishing

 — A fish tale with a happy ending. by Jenny_Jackson09/26/064.19

Sveni, the Viking Rock Star

 — Sveni has 3 groupies at once, and they're sisters! by SikFuk08/11/07

Sweet Melody…er…Christine

 — I miss fucking your beautiful daughter, Mrs Cousins. by Egmont Grigor11/05/054.25

Swift Branchbaum Gets Fucked

 — Caller gets to experience talk show host's awesome cock. by ILienBagby01/24/104.32

Swift Branchbaum Gets Fucked Ch. 02

 — She moved another step closer to Swift. by ILienBagby01/25/104.50

Swim Fathers Salute Kim Jong-un

 — DPRK introduces an unorthodoxy into competitive swimming. by HuckPilgrim11/16/154.16

Swimming Meet

 — Roscoe & Cantara's frolick with an imaginary observer. by Tom Mandy07/06/022.33

SWM, Dark Hair, Undead

 — At least cover yourself with your cape, vampire perv. by Soul Janitor09/25/034.53HOTEditor's Pick

Sympathy for the Master

 — S&M humor. by paladin555708/01/154.60HOT

T'was the Night Before Christmas

 — Christmas Eve as it should have gone. by kiwiwolf01/10/034.51HOTEditor's Pick

Tag, You're It

 — An Internet romance gone wrong. by darkstone5704/05/084.23

Tak'Lon - Psat'Doo Loses Something

 — Psat'Doo loses his Device on Earth. by PaladinInBlack09/27/164.41

Tak'Lon- Transformed Man

 — Man is transformed by an alien. by PaladinInBlack10/06/154.53HOT

Tak'Lon: In the Beginning

 — Tak'Lon goes back, way back. by PaladinInBlack02/07/174.42

Tak'lon: There Goes the Gloom

 — Pst'Doo attends a human wedding and fixes it. by PaladinInBlack12/26/174.05

Take My Advice

 — Young man seeks advise on losing his virginity. by Ashson02/17/134.13

Taking the Top Down

 — Misunderstandings may be hazardous to your love life. by Nigel Debonnaire04/23/07

Tale from an Awkward Kid

 — Sometimes dorm showers are better than others. by Chewiebon07/26/154.39

Tale of the Horny Gynecologist

 — Doctor goes over the edge & into a patient. by jazm4912/10/02

Tales from the Inside

 — Britni reveals life in prison in her diary. by Bad Mischa Bad09/14/054.39

Tales from the Show Floor 01

 — A day in the life of a freelance model. by Jessica_Liss10/14/173.94

Tales from the Show Floor 02

 — More days in the life. by Jessica_Liss10/15/173.93

Tales from the Show Floor 03

 — More days from the show floor. by Jessica_Liss10/20/174.62

Tales from the Show Floor 04

 — Beer me. by Jessica_Liss10/28/174.40

Tales from the Show Floor 05

 — Thar she blows... by Jessica_Liss11/07/174.17

Tales from the Tundra Ch. 1

 — On the life and times of Albert the Trapper. by RonRyder09/02/024.25

Tales of the Desperate Amateurs

 — My first porn shoot. by DesperateAmateurs06/10/103.72

Talk To the Pussy

 — Lovers of pussy are encouraged to get talking. by Yogakay05/26/164.45

Talking Balls

 — Three ladies who (liquid) lunch... by fantasticfic09/26/164.33

Talking Head Games; Satire Skit

 — Michael, Dan & Chrissie are having lunch in a 16th street cafe. by Everettcb09/17/142.00

Talking Shop

 — Four people meet at a cocktail party. by Cinner05/05/123.62

Talking to Jemima

 — I'm not very good with computers. Lee helps me, and Jemima. by oggbashan03/03/154.30


 — For some men, only real stewardesses will do. by whetterthan07/21/053.32


 — Demon Pi - Part 12. by ZackOShea06/21/124.62HOT

Tango's Testimonials

 — More Tangoliciousness!! by tango091907/19/114.44

Tango's Twilight Zone

 — More Tango Sexcapades. by tango091907/31/114.22

Taste of the Chef

 — Her unique talent has the chef sizzling. by TheDruid05/04/084.10Editor's Pick

Tattle Tale Pussy

 — A story snatched up, and told unwaveringly by her Vagina. by Dirty Slut12/19/044.52HOTEditor's Pick


 — Coeds play with a lie dectector, & tell all. by Suzanne01/25/013.68

Tax Deductible Sex

 — Valerie's friends take on the IRS - and win! by estragon01/19/113.87


 — Pumping up the business. by magmaman08/26/094.46

Tech Support

 — Ma calls tech support for a - hardware problem. by Edge2310/22/054.15

Technically Not a Story

 — Is a story without a conflict still a story? by Svalbarding10/04/164.59HOT


 — He's always happy to help a fellow enthusiast. by Saucyminx03/06/054.58HOT


 — Two computer programs get it on virtually. by e205/14/014.47

Teddy and Mr. Red

 — A dildo tells of his encounter with Teddy. by Cousin-Barb12/13/054.50HOT

Teddy Bear Love Test

 — How do you REALLY feel, Ladies? by Gentle_N_Wild08/06/144.30


 — Getting into a telemarketer's panties. by rjordan01/02/104.47Editor's Pick

Tell Me

 — Ayva tells Dick what she likes, & he fucks it up - again. by Xantu01/11/084.20

Tell Me About Your Dalliances

 — Older couple talking about their youth. by leBonhomme08/18/133.33

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