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Lesbian Test Ch. 04

 — It turns out that Kathy is no lesbian that's for sure. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/01/084.16

Lesbian Test Ch. 05

 — Freddie discovers that his dream woman is not so innocent. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/02/084.38

Lesbian Test Ch. 06

 — Kathy passes the lesbian test proving that she's not lesbian. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/06/08HOT

Lesbians Only!

 — Sloppy cunts are my business. Satisfaction is your goal. by arkwrights0612/04/164.22

Lesson #01

 — My girlfriend's mother started giving me lessons. by LynnGKS05/13/104.48

Lesson #02

 — My girlfriend finds out about me and her mother. by LynnGKS05/15/104.39

Let's Go Out to the Lobby

 — It turns out, nudists and movie theaters go together GREAT! by jackvick07/12/114.48

Let's Make a Video

 — A couple decides that making a sex video is too complicated. by KeikoAlvarez11/09/163.97

Let's Make Timmy Taller

 — Too much pussy in the Philippines shrunk Timmy. by Baba806/20/083.62


 — Mistress tells him how it is. by Abberlaine06/29/01

Letter to Class Reunion Committee

 — Retired graduate replies to class reunion invitation. by Erbanluv12/12/144.23

LezBromeo! LezBromeo!

 — A Guide to Identifying LezBros. by LesbianMuses03/21/154.25

Licking the Alphabet

 — How to get her off with your mouth in less than 600 years. by Frogsoup11/11/084.28

Licking The Ice Cream Man

 — Busty Hilda sucks the popsicle in the ice cream man's pants. by MeetTheHumpers05/19/124.03

Life after Ex

 — One man's life after a divorce. by Sextus_Propertius10/19/164.47

Life of a Slut Wife and Mum Ch. 00

 — Dictionary and Definitions. by dercius09/21/153.89

Life of a Slut Wife and Mum Ch. 00.5: Bonus 01

 — Sex moves every yummy mummy needs. by dercius11/07/154.10

Life of a Slut Wife and Mum Ch. 00.5: Bonus 02

 — Good Girls, Bad Girls and My Mum. by dercius04/06/164.15

Life of Prince Pepe Peyronie

 — A short biography of a penis. by Tigermuf09/21/074.12

Life was Good!

 — Jill enjoys & shares Mike's amazing organ. by Dinsmore11/06/054.50HOT

Life's Little Moments

 — A collection of events that she will never forget. by CherryCat11/28/084.36

Lights... Ghost... Action!

 — If parapsychology were always like this... by Averlin01/31/024.33

Like a Sex Machine

 — Those space aliens sure are kinky! by burningdog12/11/054.02

Like A Virgin

 — Big-boobed teacher Hilda helps a student shed his virginity. by MeetTheHumpers09/16/124.30

Lila 2: A Trilogy Nears Its End!

 — Sexual frustration nearly destroys a delightful human being. by Soul Janitor11/30/014.74HOT

Lila 3: The Freeing of the Pervs

 — There's just 3 parts to a trilogy, right? by Soul Janitor02/03/024.47

Lilly's Gold

 — A young, curious adult has an encounter with golden showers. by reverendnate11/30/173.17

Lingerie Homework

 — Jacqui and flatmate help perplexed male student. by morethananeyeful11/15/054.46

Liquid Lumber Daters

 — Reality TV Goes Big! by conanthe05/12/134.33

Lit-Ville's Halloween Trolls

 — A Halloween camp fire tale (Nothing More). by My Erotic Tail11/02/043.70

Literotica Police

 — A day in the life of a Loving Wives hater by ProfWriter10/05/084.52HOT

Literotica: The Penalties

 — You have joined Literotica. You must pay the penalty. by oggbashan12/17/114.02

Little Irishman

 — A horny lass has a brush with a leprechaun. by Ed061309/01/064.39

Little Miss Big Tits

 — Big boobed young woman considers how that affects her life. by Crystal_L_Veey10/22/063.55

Little Pink and The Wolf

 — Little Red Riding Hood's wilder half sister. by StoneAngel04/11/044.53HOT

Little Red

 — What REALLY happened when girl meets Wolf. by startrooper04/24/024.09

Little Red Riding Hood

 — The true story behind the myth. by er0tic4u01/27/013.57

Little Too Large

 — Why size matters . . . less. by Nakod Apa08/22/073.88

Live Nude Girls

 — Suppose Philip Marlow P.I. visited a lingerie model. by anonabob02/05/023.71

Lock, Croc and Two Smoking Barrels

 — A man encounters a half-crocodile woman in a Florida swamp. by DTales10/27/174.62HOT

Lola Lickett - Queen of Porn: Ch. 01

 — The adventures of a pornstar with an ego the size of L.A. by FreddieTheCamel02/17/154.06

Lola Lickett - Queen of Porn: Ch. 02

 — Meet the porn king, the fluff girl and the private dick by FreddieTheCamel03/02/154.04

Lola Lickett - Queen of Porn: Ch. 03

 — The plot thickens... as do the cocks. by FreddieTheCamel03/11/154.35

Lola Lickett - Queen of Porn: Ch. 04

 — The porn star throws a fit and the fluff girl gets a call... by FreddieTheCamel03/22/154.05

Lola Lickett - Queen of Porn: Ch. 05

 — Shirley the fluff girl faces the music. by FreddieTheCamel05/31/154.15

Long Division

 — Demon Pi Part 15 by ZackOShea06/24/145.00HOT

Long Dong Silver

 — Be careful where you stick it -- it might get stuck! by HungryGuy03/20/032.94

Long Pull: Hand-Picked Dark Roast

 — In this prequel, Connie, a futa, discovers the Futa Brew. by DTales11/01/174.38

Lord of the Ring Gag

 — A prancing pony parody. by adrianhunter03/31/023.95

Losing Melba

 — A stroll down memory lane. by leapyearguy04/26/074.55HOT

Losing My Virginity

 — Sometime it's so hard to be a virgin. by *Snatch09/07/013.43

Lost Camera

 — His life changed when he lost his camera. by thornapple12/18/084.63HOT

Lost! Ch. 01-02

 — The Condom and the Ultimate Orgasm. by tango091906/18/113.94

Lots about Me Ch. 11: Funny Stuff

 — Two funny stories. I hope funny anyway. by TessMackenzie03/19/154.41

Lottery Ticket

 — Young man goes on a quest for the unthinkable: a hot date. by kidmercury05/17/053.71

Lottery Ticket

 — It was someone's change of a lifetime, now it was worthless. by MungoParkIII12/27/074.13

Louse, M.D.

 — Dirty diagnostician practices his own form of sexual healing. by Carnevil903/21/104.25

Love Among the Runes

 — He's big and blonde and so are the maidens. by Iconoclast9911/12/074.47

Love Burns

 — Don is as hapless with women as he is hopeless. Until... by MaxwellSpanx05/12/174.42

Love Burns Pt. 02

 — Life is good for Don... naturally, this means trouble. by MaxwellSpanx05/16/174.69HOT

Love Burns Pt. 03

 — Don feels the burn. by MaxwellSpanx05/18/174.47

Love Burns Pt. 05

 — Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? by MaxwellSpanx02/20/184.50

Love Burns Pt. 06

 — Don finds it hard to move on. by MaxwellSpanx02/23/184.71

Love Potion #69

 — Cupid's chemistry experiment. by My Erotic Tale01/21/054.23

Love Scientists

 — Aliens pick up a desperate, sexy specimen for science. by Rallynoangels03/24/183.84

Love Stinks

 — The perfect aphrodisiac has just one problem. by JukeboxEMCSA08/28/114.38

Love's Last Laugh

 — This is the end, so it's one final fuck before it's over. by Decayed Angel01/01/073.71

LST3K Ep. 01: The Tale of Benjamin

 — Spoofing cheesy erotica, Literotica Sexual Theatre 3000! by Darkniciad08/13/064.69HOT

LST3K Ep. 02: Small Town Screw

 — Taking a verbal bullwhip to another awful piece of erotica. by Darkniciad09/06/064.76HOT

LST3K Ep. 03: Who's Stalking Who?

 — Yet another awful erotic tale gets its just desserts. by Darkniciad11/12/064.71HOT

LST3K Ep. 04: Erthe Day

 — Tearing into a terrible Nymph story. by Darkniciad04/04/074.78HOT

LST3K Ep. 05: The Naked Dumb

 — Baring awful writing to what it deserves for Nude Day. by Darkniciad07/09/074.66HOT

LST3K Ep. 06: Witch Season

 — Bringing a terrible witch hunter tale to justice. by Darkniciad10/01/074.78HOT

LST3K Ep. 07: Tree... Hugger?

 — Recycling literary refuse. by Darkniciad04/03/084.77HOT

LST3K Ep. 08: The Fandom Menace

 — Abuse the Farce! by Darkniciad05/01/084.67HOT

LST3K Ep. 09: Ho Ho Hos!

 — Re-gifting an awful mall Santa story. by Darkniciad11/11/084.38

LST3K Ep. 10: Sister Summer

 — Diving headlong into a sweaty summer stinker. by Darkniciad09/07/094.35

LST3K Ep. 11: Earth Duh

 — Composting an awful Earth Day stinker of a story. by Darkniciad04/13/104.67HOT

LST3K Ep. 12: U Beach!

 — Bashing a bad blackmail bi-maker beach story. by Darkniciad09/04/104.92HOT


 — Everyone knows the Devil lives in Killiecrankie. by Nachthexe05/02/123.69

Luck of the Irish

 — Lucy's wish comes true on her summer holiday in Ireland. by Skol09/04/094.41

Lucky Accident

 — Rick hits a deer and has some mind blowing sex. by mstrhole03/05/114.32

Lucky Bastard

 — Lady luck shines on hapless gambler. by MaxwellSpanx05/02/154.00

Lugnut Lewdly, An Origin Story

 — A schmuck from another dimension becomes a super hero! by PaladinInBlack07/08/174.58HOT

Lula May Gets Her Wood Cutter

 — Bud and Lula May finally get together. by cooterfishin07/11/094.31

Lunch with Satan

 — The Devil can't get any respect. by Nigel Debonnaire06/14/084.37Editor's Pick

Lura Falls in Love

 — It's a love story with humor and a surprise ending. by silberdrachen10/20/094.27

Lynn and Bobby Ch. 02

 — Bobby introduces the club whore to his wife. by LynnGKS01/01/104.51HOT

Lynn and Bobby Ch. 04

 — Bobby tries to get some rest; gets more than he planned. by LynnGKS01/20/104.54HOT

Lynn and Bobby Ch. 08

 — Princess tells how a stupid bitch loses her man. by LynnGKS02/20/104.24


 — Discovery and revenge assisted by summer. by hoo_hoo_boo08/28/104.34

Madame Seductress

 — A comedy about a narcissist's sexual escapade. by MsWriter2601/19/033.50

Magnetic Boobs

 — Boobs are often magnetic, but can they be magnetic? by sugarisnice08/09/083.00

Maid Paid to Slay

 — Wait - she hired a maid? by Pirate Tregare01/25/074.60HOTEditor's Pick

Maid to Order

 — Motel Housekeeper checks out a room's occupant. by ZZ_Todd10/09/063.26

Make Me Bad

 — You better watch out for those pink pills by SexyJennaInk07/09/033.16

Make Up Exam

 — Demon Pi Part 14. by ZackOShea02/26/144.88HOT

Makeup Sex

 — Love and Sex among the Cosmetics set. by plundering04/18/122.50

Makin' Pagans

 — Olympian Gods have a problem: no worshipers. by vargas11107/23/044.48

Making Love...Sucks

 — Woman wants the sex in her life to be a little wilder. by *Snatch09/29/014.30

Making Scents Ch. 02

 — The affects of the pheromones begin to show. by Boratus09/15/054.45

Making the Cut

 — Is it really a "stable"? by tango091906/04/113.78

Making the Rent Ch. 01

 — How's a nice girl supposed to pay the rent in this town? by HexPattern09/23/174.36

Making the Rent Ch. 02

 — Will she be paying the naughty way again? by HexPattern12/22/174.45

Making Wal Mart Whoopie Ch. 01

 — Incognito in Iowa, celebs try domestic sex. by Anachronism05/11/033.07

Mall Kiosk Attendant Learns a Lesson

 — She wanted my attention - she got it. by MasterGunzen11/02/134.00

Maltese Penis

 — A slick remake of a film classic... sort of. by Jenny _S08/17/034.16

Mandy’s New Balls

 — Mandy gets a gift and enjoys her day! by sexyR202/27/124.00

Maranara Hospital

 — Stay out of the tunnel under Marinara Hospital. by PaladinInBlack08/18/164.43

Maria Torres - Breaking the Rules

 — Who is this woman? by Jenny_Jackson05/18/074.46

Marie the Goth: High School Pt. 01

 — Marie's school days. Enjoy! by andrewdavis02/04/173.66

Marie's Awful Week

 — A humorous look at the realities of family life. by ClaudetteLauzon10/17/094.47

Mario's Big Black Cock

 — A white girl meets her black stud. by chocolatecookie312/31/123.62

Marriage Is Overrated!

 — Marriage, statistics, and life experiences. by sojoman01/25/123.98

Married with Children

 — The joys of sex with a toddler in the household. by PrincessErin07/02/084.15

Martian Oral Madness

 — Sci-fi, horror, and erotica spoof. by Dangus02/03/064.21

Marty's Last Day

 — A retiring postman gets an odd surprise with a fun ending! by captainhappy01/06/154.58HOT

Marvelous Male Meat-Market

 — 3 women look for thrills in underground male meat market. by bahamadya08/22/104.25

Matched Pairs Ch. 01-02

 — Suburbanites get frisky while on vacation. by AutumnWriter07/28/074.38

Matched Pairs Ch. 03-04

 — Suburbanites get frisky while on vacation. by AutumnWriter08/01/074.39

Matched Pairs Ch. 05

 — Middle-aged suburbanites get frisky while on vacation. by AutumnWriter08/04/074.64HOT

Matched Pairs Ch. 06-08

 — Middle-aged suburbanites get frisky on vacation (conclusion). by AutumnWriter08/07/074.46

Matthew's Choice - A Halloween Story

 — Is Matt at a Best Halloween Party Ever? Or caught in a Trap? by The_Technician10/06/174.46

Mature Women

 — Thoughts on the difference between older and younger women. by Wes9907/30/024.10

Mavis's Car Trip

 — 'Tis better to travel than to arrive. by Handley_Page03/28/103.93

Max the Strappie

 — The wild life of Max the Strappie. by hjilion11/29/023.76

May I Borrow Your Rope, Hodja?

 — My wife is in the kitchen stark naked. by Abdulbenthere12/23/104.08

Mayfair Lady

 — Pygmalion gets the SubJoe treatment. by NoJo01/22/034.57HOTEditor's Pick

Me & Mom

 — He gets more than he expected for his birthday. by DurtGurl05/23/033.28

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