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Gang Bang

 — Girl's first lesbian experience with a political edge. by Fantasy Kiss11/13/043.57

Garden of Eden

 — Lucifer teaches the world's first sex lesson. by BernadetteRochelle07/20/174.32

Gas Station Clerk

 — The time I gave my number to a stranger. by qrayze05/30/123.60


 — Who says exercise can't be fun? by NorthernLad197704/09/164.07

Gay 4 Str8

 — Gay guy goes for some glory hole action and finds romance. by HungryGuy06/10/043.74

General Gordon

 — Military man tries to impress beautiful hooker. by andy_charles01/11/093.61

Generating Emergency Power

 — Learning the inside secrets of Airport Police Officers. by akfiregirl10/28/044.53HOT

Generica - Cheating Wife

 — A sad tale of a ruined white wife. by virtualatheist01/19/153.92

George Goes Green For Earth Day

 — George falls in love and learns a life lesson in going green. by andtheend04/03/103.70

Get Busy

 — Private detective on trail of pearl necklace. by petemgurk10/31/074.39

Getting a Sex Toy by Mail

 — Guy tries to be discreet, buys a female sex toy by mail. by qarlcue08/22/15

Getting Ahead

 — A journalist reveals his latest scoop. by bawdybloke06/15/143.38

Getting Lucky

 — Love, sex, and honesty in Las Vegas. by DafneyDewitt03/10/014.11

Getting Nude with Chairman Mao

 — We follow the precepts of The Little Red Book. by oggbashan06/22/104.22

Getting Ready For The Office

 — Love in the work place?? by fairydust2207/26/104.07

Getting There

 — It's all in the mind, isn't it? by Dr S Crow08/28/013.05

Ghostly Persuasion

 — Happy haunting hastens to a caring career. by Nakod Apa12/02/073.00

Ginger Gangbangs the Gorillas

 — Some things are worth watching more than the World Cup. by sarahhh07/07/104.48

Girl Time

 — Demon Pi Part Eleven by ZackOShea11/30/114.55HOT


 — Blackmailing a carnival stripper, Randy gets a surprise. by randyeverhard06/21/013.89

Giving Back to Our People

 — A humanitarian couple gives back to their community. by imaginethis05/17/072.29

Giving Back to the Needy

 — A Silky Adventure. by OneSilky09/29/104.05

Glad 'e Ate 'er Ch. 01

 — An innocent young Christian in the time of Nero. by Aussiescribbler10/08/043.56

Glad 'e Ate 'er Ch. 02

 — Daniel finds being Christian is not so simple. by Aussiescribbler10/10/044.05


 — He is gay with the happiness of him in his mouth. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER01/18/07HOT

Go Cocks Go!

 — Sisters are coerced into pleasing frat rats. by Itchy Ivy01/21/013.28

Go On Boy, Good Old Santa

 — Santa's Grotto... wonderous, mysterious, and full of surprises. by Johnadi11/26/104.05

Gobble Gobble

 — College girls play confessional on Thanksgiving. by Deborah10/09/004.36

Golden Goddess

 — New girl at the factory makes an impression. by Humpdee8401/08/154.03

Gonad the Ballbarian

 — Erotic parody of the Sword & Sorcery genre. by millennium_bard11/09/044.43

Gonad the Barbarian

 — A legend cums of age by Ballzac02/08/044.38

Gone Fishing

 — Naive farm girl on the lake with a family friend. by Sapphirestrand11/30/174.08

Gone to the Dogs

 — An unconventional Earth Day Contest. by damppanties04/13/074.57HOT

Good & Evil vs. Anonymous

 — Angel & Bri-Guy unite with Tonya to face Anonymous. by Goldeniangel04/05/054.44

Good Chicken

 — While he eats her, she texts her friend. by GentleGeorge11/20/074.32

Good Cop, Bad Cop

 — Bad girl meets up with a very good cop. by akfiregirl04/03/054.33

Good for Tom

 — A Halloween threesome. by tothehilt10/06/103.32

Good Girl Revenge

 — Maeve gets back at her boyfriend, with Bluette's help. by Sabledrake03/11/024.63HOT

Good Morning

 — You wake up to a strange girl in your bed. by Ygori11/29/104.44

Good Ol' Mom

 — While Harriet is busy, Hilda fucks her daughter's boyfriend. by MeetTheHumpers10/13/124.08

Good Vibrations

 — Two women use remote control vibrators for a laugh. by Humpdee8401/19/154.08

Goodbye Sis, Hello Bro

 — Incest confession changes wedding plans. by Deborah12/09/003.52

Google Condom Announced

 — Revolutionary New Wearable: the Press Release. by yowser03/11/164.62HOT


 — Completely unrealistic stupid and naive girl used and abused. by Sir_Nathan11/16/024.33

Gosh! Ch. 02

 — My god... the girl is such a slut! by Sir_Nathan08/14/034.52HOT

Gosh! Ch. 03

 — All new & now even more politically incorrect! by Sir_Nathan04/05/054.41

Gosh, I've Missed My Dose of Badger

 — Back together Pete and Badger. by alexcarr07/22/104.20


 — It's safe inside a pentacle, surely? by DoctorSintax02/26/104.55HOT

Grace and Favors; or...

 — Ribald tales from Millstone Manor. by Vincent E08/25/014.00


 — A successful business woman realizes money isn't everything. by MaxwellSpanx10/18/163.91

Grading Women

 — Or should that be "degrading women"? by parts guy11/25/024.13

Grand Canyon Suite

 — A break from the fire. by willypaw12/06/024.42

Grandma's Big Oven and Me

 — Eighteen-year-girl has a big adventure. by elleann07/23/124.44

Grandma's Indian Necklace

 — An Old West tale that never could be told. by sr71plt08/06/064.45

Granting the Ultimate Reward

 — Tempting and teasing brings unforeseen consequences. by fazza9104/12/073.50

Green Cloud Diaries

 — Lori has a problem. But maybe she'll get laid by Jenny _S09/25/034.39

Gretchen Mueller

 — He learns a lesson in how to please a woman. by Ed061308/25/024.25


 — I always hated grocery stores... by Zrnko_Pisku12/12/124.18


 — Drink, Laugh, Fool Around. by BradWriting08/27/013.28

Groucho's Valentine

 — Frustrated plans on Valentine's Day. by hoo_hoo_boo02/02/134.11

Growing Pain

 — Dwayne must learn to live with the size of his cock. by SunrockSin02/10/083.94

Grumpy Old Man

 — Grumpy old man celebrates his new job. by Sewerdude00704/12/173.11

Guess Who's Cumming To Dinner

 — Busty Harriet's family is visited by Aunt Beth. by brian35801/18/084.35

Gullible Neighbour Introduction Ch. 01

 — Gullibility on overdrive. by MagnusBaneRagnor02/03/183.85

Gullible Neighbour Introduction Ch. 02

 — When pseudoscience actually works. by MagnusBaneRagnor02/09/184.38

Gulliver Completed

 — The Expurgated Parts of Gulliver's Travels. by oggbashan04/05/174.77HOT

Gulliver Redux

 — An untold Gulliver story and his encounters with a giantess. by jterowriter03/13/104.33

Half Snaky

 — Amateur circus revenge. by catchercradle05/15/114.13

Hallow Eve's, Hallow's Eve

 — Halloween tricks and treats. by My Erotic Tail10/04/044.62HOT

Halloween - 30,000 BC

 — Halloween had to start somewhere. by Jenny_Jackson10/05/094.07

Halloween Short Tales

 — Funny, scary, icky stories and jokes, all 50 words long. by sugarisnice10/02/083.23

Halloween Treats

 — A mad scientist has some Halloween fun. by Texienne10/16/094.38

Hammer Me, Baby!

 — Erotic adventures in home remodeling. by American_Knowbody01/20/094.48

Handicaps and Other Icebreakers

 — I'll tell you my handicap if you tell me yours. by American_Knowbody02/07/094.35Editor's Pick

Hank & His Harley

 — Another angle on 'a cyber affair'. by cleos_double06/02/024.09

Happy Birthday Blow Job

 — A wordk day turns into a VERY happy birthday for boss. by JerseygirlZ08/21/114.06

Happy Nude Day Ch. 07

 — The snow job, the blowjob, and the aftermath of the cum bath. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER06/27/084.31

Happy Nude Day Ch. 08

 — Jason reveals his secret. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER06/29/084.39

Happy Valentine's Day

 — How to make your wife happy. by Bakeboss02/08/103.59

Hard to Stop Myself

 — Wow, once the word got out. by magmaman09/01/084.45


 — The Keno brothers get excited about more than just furniture. by Prizmatic08/31/064.25

Hardwood Is Good To Find

 — Busty Harriet's basketball coach plays with her boobies. by MeetTheHumpers05/27/123.92

Harmless Office Fun

 — It was supposed to be a little harmless office flirting. by headcase3503/08/103.87

Harmless Office Fun Ch. 02

 — Jealousy drives two friends closer together. by headcase3503/12/103.96

Harmless Office Fun Ch. 03

 — Double standard of being sexually harassed by female boss. by headcase3507/13/113.95

Harriet and The Harlequin Horror

 — Busty Harriet and her boyfriend almost get romantic. by MeetTheHumpers10/13/123.14

Harry Boner's Sex Academy

 — Harry has an idea to get laid - a LOT. by Jenny_Jackson10/19/093.83

Harry Dick and the Blackbird Affair

 — Harry goes out on his own to help the CIA. by Jenny_Jackson02/18/084.05

Harry Dick and the Xmas Bank Caper

 — Harry is dead, but he'll screw up Christmas anyway. by Jenny_Jackson11/12/074.45

Harry Dick's Xmas Revenge

 — Harry fucked Xmas. But now he gets even. by Jenny_Jackson12/06/074.50HOT

Harry Dick: Halloween Caper

 — Harry's back on the case & this time he may even get laid. by Jenny_Jackson10/05/064.77HOT

Harry Dick: Xmas Dildo Caper

 — Harry's back on the case - this time, to save Xmas. by Jenny_Jackson11/12/064.57HOT

Harry's Unique Feature

 — Trip to library leads to profit and lust/love. by Seymour_Klitz08/12/014.25

Have Mercy

 — Player meets his match in sexy female CEO. by AlexisPeignoir01/31/184.41

Haven't You Ever Seen a Pussy?

 — In the lady's room of MOMA, I test my pepper spray. by EllenMelville02/16/174.45

he Penis and The Not-So-Secret Weapon

 — Discussion on the penis & the not-so-secret weapon. by Sealock03/27/073.92

He Said, She Said

 — Which version will you believe? by jonteD03/04/014.16

He Shoots...He Scores

 — Fantasies at center ice come true for two goalies. by FDLgoaliegirl09/28/054.72HOT

He Was Frozen in Place

 — ...and his tears blinded him. by quutoo01/13/072.00

Healthcare Reform (A Nurse Fantasy)

 — Inspired by a recent doctor visit (a fifth 67Goat story). by Exakta6603/18/104.41

Hearts and Flowers

 — Alien finds earth woman on Valentine's Day. by Lesly Sloan02/03/014.10Editor's Pick


 — What body to body contact can lead to. by zenuall09/14/163.46

Heaven or Hell

 — What's it like when we die? by Many Feathers04/13/084.20

Hell Night

 — Devils sabotage virgin beauty contest. by sarahhh04/10/084.36Contest Winner

Hell To Pay: A Diabolical Dilemma

 — The devil is in the details. by sarobah04/15/164.00

Hell: We Can Damn You Wholesale

 — It's hard work making you suffer. by Falcinator01/06/114.63HOT

Hen Party

 — While under the knife. by papadog04/13/043.87

Henry Humps Around

 — Well-hung Henry's cock meets a buxom cheerleader. by MeetTheHumpers04/25/123.80

Henry Mittleman's Thoughts on Writing

 — Big city reporter goes to a small town. by LanceBarwood02/27/093.50

Henry, the Magic Penis Ch. 1

 — His organ can work wonders. by bbkradwell05/08/014.65HOT

Her 'One Time' Fantasy

 — She needed to try another man, just once. by IraBumblefield10/16/154.19

Her Ladyship

 — The humdrum life of the aristocracy. by Priapus II06/22/034.07

Hey, It's a Gal Thing!

 — Girlfriend asks her boyfriend his favorite sexual act. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/28/073.74

Hey, It's a Guy Thing!

 — Boyfriend ask his girlfriend her favorite sexual things. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER01/19/073.85

Hickory, Dickory, Cock! Women Only!

 — The Mouse ran up the... by peppermintpatty200608/02/063.93

Hiding the Cum: Every Man's Problem

 — Beating off without leaving evidence. by LeoDavis08/16/034.21

High Noon at Sturgis

 — Billy Bob and Gary Cooper take on a rough gang. by Richard Norman06/21/064.11

Hilda and the Giant Wee Wee

 — Busty Hilda's new student happens to have a three-foot penis by MeetTheHumpers08/22/134.12

Hilda Humper's Delicious 2% Milk

 — Big-boobed Hilda finds that milking can be hard work. by MeetTheHumpers04/17/124.25

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