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Pool Side Service

 — Local service of the swimming pool. by willypaw11/27/023.93

Poon Points

 — Humorous discussion of Men vs. Women. by Spare_Change05/23/044.62HOT

POP! (Practicing Oral Penmanship)

 — You can say oh, so much with so few words. by johnnieblue4410/26/094.38

Porno Rider

 — When all else fails the devil cums through. by GratefulFred09/17/073.44

Pornoville Ch. 01

 — All he wanted was a simple wank. by KOStone04/06/084.30

Pornoville Ch. 02

 — Rick makes an alarming discovery. by KOStone04/23/084.30

Pornoville Ch. 03

 — Rick accepts his place in the universe. by KOStone04/24/084.39

Pornoville Ch. 04

 — Rick gets a steady diet of porn sex. by KOStone08/18/084.64HOT

Pornship Troopers

 — The Poon is out there. by margo_x_x08/03/023.99

Portrait of the Author

 — Self-mocking adventures in breaking the fourth wall. by al_Ussa12/14/104.71

Posole: Pork Butt Love

 — My Posole Recipe. Plus, an ode to Mrs. Lopez. by Arancini_Love05/05/164.08

Possum Hollow Tales: Jasper's Tale

 — Old Jasper & Bill run across something while hunting. by Groucho Barns08/27/024.32

Possum Hollow Tales: Noreen's Peeper

 — Someone's been looking. by Groucho Barns09/21/024.04

Possum Hollow Tales: Sadie Mae's

 — Someone's in the woods creeping around Sadie Mae's trailer. by Groucho Barns08/26/024.05

Post-Prandial Ooze

 — Disgruntled worker drowns woman in bodily fluid. by Bob Egg04/08/024.32

Prank War

 — A decade long prank war escalates. by PuckIt03/08/184.42


 — Two dumb dudes prank girl; decide to copy Girls Gone Wild by Paris Waterman08/21/124.00

Pregnant Puzzle

 — Dilemma for a superheroine's boyfriend. by vargas11107/05/043.96

President Clinton's Last Press Conference

 — Bill sets the record straight. by Reg04/13/014.12

Press Release

 — Science discovers the first effective aphrodisiac. by dr_mabeuse11/12/024.33


 — Just when you thought Halloween was an innocent holiday... by Laylah7709/30/013.58

Princess and the Chocolate Factory

 — Au pair dresses like movie princesses to seduce. by archibael10/10/164.74HOT

Princess Linda

 — A light hearted bit of fun by sweetlinda08/04/044.02

Princess Tatjana & Her Magic Carpet

 — An erotic farce. by beelzebubble02/16/063.25

Prisoner S. Claus

 — Oh no! The Jolly Old Elf is arrested! by lindiana11/29/082.96

Private Dick

 — Hard boiled PI tale in the Chandler style. by maxdname11/16/074.64HOT

Product Safety

 — Be careful when ordering through the mail. by dv8bhavyr02/17/174.18

Project Epica

 — Dr Laura P. reports to congress. by BigTimmy04/03/114.22

Projects, Inc

 — A satire of the white-collar worker. by Naebliss05/03/063.45

Proving My Sanity

 — To protect my family I must be sane. by oggbashan09/05/164.74HOTContest Winner

Psyching Out Cupid

 — Cupid's brother tryst to ruin Valentine's Day. by Unbridled_Passion01/20/074.28

Pumping Apparatus

 — An education in the finer points of firefighting. by akfiregirl10/07/044.24

Punishment and Other Crimes

 — Short Science Fiction Story & 4 horrendous pieces of humor. by Rev. Dave Springer08/19/024.20

Purchasing Power

 — A look into global financial factors as they relate to sex. by Decayed Angel08/22/064.00

Purple Daze, or...

 — Coloring outside the lines makes her hot. by Barnaby08/07/044.58HOT

Pussies and Boots

 — Getting a piece of pussy and tail in Fantasyland. by MrJack12/02/104.50HOT

Pussy Farting Genevieve

 — My ode to an unforgetable dame of burlesque. by wife2hotblk09/24/093.64

Pussy Farts

 — He makes sweet music with his woman's cunt. by dirtyjoe6912/29/064.06

Pussy House-1972

 — He witnesses punishment at sorority. by Mr_Neb10/09/004.02Editor's Pick

Pussy in Boots

 — Pussy helps Dick become Mayor in BDSM twist on fairy tale. by SlaveNano05/07/184.33

Pussy Talk

 — She falls asleep after sex and I have an odd conversation. by Decayed Angel12/17/064.38

Pussy, Inc.

 — A meeting of the pussies. by Dangela Carr03/24/033.94

Putting FUN Back into Funeral

 — Supernatural talent can help when seeking revenge. by GhulehZombieQueen10/22/164.49

Q-tips Healthy Palace

 — A boy & his sister have adventures. by ClamSodomizer08/19/033.79

Queen Fatatat's Curse

 — Not your usual fairytale. by MsWildcat03/01/174.31

Questions That I Don't Have Answers

 — SusanJillParker has lots of questions but no answers. by SusanJillParker10/10/14HOT


 — I've got something to show you, but I'm in a hurry. by Middleagepoet12/31/093.94

Quickie Mart

 — Randy finds a live one at the In-N-Out by randyeverhard06/20/013.71

R.I.P. John Spencer

 — I refuse to lower my knickers for you anymore, ...I'm leaving. by Percivus05/17/164.25

Racecars vs Pickup Trucks

 — You can't expect a pickup truck to win the Indy 500. by zeke8105/04/094.34

Rachel & Her Dead Gramp's Orgasm

 — Girl discovers her dead grandfather's orgasm. by Mycke04/05/013.14Editor's Pick

Rachel & Her Panties

 — Brilliant goddess lets ordinary man finger her. by Mycke07/16/013.77

Rachel's Win is Her Loss

 — By rejecting him, she did him the biggest favor possible by SweetPrettyAss08/01/143.99

Racquetball Bet

 — Accident leads to a game of strip racquetball. by Don Grampa05/13/034.29

Radical Honesty

 — The ramblings of a sexually frustrated virgin. by SurrealWords12/19/173.42

Raiders of the Temple

 — One adventure leads to another. by LitRiter10/30/034.32

Railroad Man

 — Casey Jones runs afoul of the law. by Ed061309/08/023.46

Rain Dance

 — Lost hiker finds a pleasant mirage. by archibael04/07/054.42

Rainy Day Erotic Noir

 — Hot and sexy Dashiell Hammett style. by SPEN STERLING11/16/074.33

Ramblings of a Mad Porno Surfer

 — A view of Internet Porno web sites. by NaughtyMike04/14/044.45

Random Thoughts

 — Journal of 21-year-old girl who just lost her virginity. by jlennongrrl06/19/024.06

Random Wanderers Ch. 01

 — This was not Drug Influenced Mom, I swear! by Gonekrazed03/04/033.27

Randy Land Ch. 01

 — A forced march into sexual discovery, moral decay, and kink. by Flowsnake11/29/134.13

Randy Land Ch. 02

 — A mint man assists Sue with her explorations. by Flowsnake11/30/134.63HOT

Randy Land Ch. 03

 — The twins get a warm welcome in the Gumdrop Mountain Range by Flowsnake12/05/134.35

Randy Land Ch. 04

 — The twins get caught in a most imposing licorice castle. by Flowsnake12/08/134.27

Randy Land Ch. 05

 — Mamma Nutt busts a cherry in the Peanut Brittle Farmhouse. by Flowsnake12/22/134.72HOT

Randy Land Ch. 06

 — Fueding twins find themselves in trouble! by Flowsnake01/23/144.64HOT

Randy Land Ch. 07

 — Game of Truth or Dare has consequences! by Flowsnake01/24/144.82HOT

Randy Land Ch. 08

 — The twins must go undercover to avoid peril! by Flowsnake02/04/144.69HOT

Randy Land Ch. 09

 — The darkest time of all falls upon the twins. by Flowsnake02/08/144.86HOT

Randy Land Ch. 10

 — The twins split up and follow their convictions. by Flowsnake02/09/144.33

Randy Land Ch. 11

 — The end of the trail. by Flowsnake02/10/144.82HOT

Randy Randy

 — Just another Pornomancer in a satirical romance. by Hypoxia01/23/144.16

Randy Rudi, or Easter Bunny...

 — The real story behind the Easter Bunny. by Hecate04/07/014.31

Ransom of Red Pussy

 — What if O. Henry wrote porn? by My I03/21/174.57HOT

Re: Your Brains

 — A memo about a new corporate initiative. by JukeboxEMCSA08/07/113.98

Read The Fucking Manual

 — He always wished women came with instructions. by archibael10/06/064.67HOTEditor's Pick

Real Life

 — Her show's on soon and he expects a blowjob. by Barnaby02/14/133.83

Real Life & The Movies

 — Why do actresses never drool on their pillows? by jjsharshaw04/11/044.35

Real Story of Mrs Claus & the Elves

 — Unedited, sexual explicit story of Mrs. Clause & the Elves. by SusanJillParker11/11/133.72

Reality TV

 — One of the contestants on The Bachelor is not what she seems. by thrillerauthor05/20/114.72HOT

Red Riding Hood

 — Wolf's plan comes unstuck. (features political allegory) by gauchecritic04/09/084.26

Red Rock Canyon Afternoon 02

 — Stranded campers backpacks reveal interesting things. by LuciousBi-Writes4U04/05/063.70

Red Rocket

 — Attacking the job with exuberance. by sbhammer06/05/153.57

Redheads in Trucks

 — Bubba's Guide to selecting & picking up women. by Big Ron04/20/013.78

Reflections: The Odd Couple

 — The Mirror & Agnes take on a very odd couple. by Ballzac02/05/054.69HOT

Reich Up The Ass Pt. 01

 — Hitler, a power top, will bring the world to its knees. by Doloris_Camprey09/02/163.14

Reincarnated as a Vibrator

 — His product and market analysis. by Erogenous Zone12/26/013.65


 — He's returned as something useful. by Brett31510/03/084.35


 — Rejections that should, but don't work. by LesbianMuses04/01/153.88


 — If you want the job, put out. by Ashson02/16/144.15

Reluctant Princess

 — Is she acting or living a Pantomime? by oggbashan11/29/174.30

Rescue Me

 — Damsel in distress learns duty, patience...and feminism. by Katiecat12/10/084.35


 — Everybody has it wrong. by magmaman05/03/074.31

Retiring From The Game

 — Jake meets his match. by FUNK-TiON08/04/024.00

Revenge Is Sweet

 — An ex-girlfriend and the maid get even with Dave. by fantasygirl3004/20/064.20

Revenge of the Coeds

 — Coeds reap revenge on brat rats by Deborah12/12/004.07

Revenge of the Deck

 — Harry gets revenge for the Christmas fiasco. by Jenny_Jackson01/22/084.10


 — A man's body revolts in a very odd, metaphysical sort of way. by Angela_Ivy_Bloom01/16/164.60HOT


 — 'Dick' has something to say. by Emmah07/22/014.35

Richard Longrod, This Is Your Life!

 — In a world of insanity, one man stands alone. Sort of. by bluefox0707/24/074.62HOTEditor's Pick

Rick and Darcy Have Some Fun

 — An afternoon in front of the TV goes horribly wrong. by rachlou12/25/084.09

Right Under His Eyes

 — She never really hid her cheating (Till death do us part ) by Hypoxia01/23/142.82

Rin Tin Tin

 — Doggy style. Am I asking for too much? by mf143811/15/172.85

Ripped a New One

 — Monday rapes me in the ass. by GobletHolly18204/05/124.17

Rite of Passage

 — A young man experiences sex with prostitutes. by tantricjim01/24/113.79

Rival Theroies

 — Demon Pi - Part 11 by ZackOShea06/20/124.67HOT

Road to Nowhere

 — A true-life tale of a road trip detour that went bust. by mynameisben06/28/123.39

Romantic Nonsense

 — Don makes passionate love to Juanita in front of a fire and... by Humpdee8403/16/174.25

Room 222

 — A case of mistaken identity at the school house. by Ignoble11/13/114.28

Room Service

 — A room with a view. by ElPila04/03/054.18

Room Service

 — A mare is a mare. by Mysti Fox04/14/053.42


 — Soldier learns he has competition back home. by Writewinger08/28/174.16

Rotic: The Literotica Elf

 — Rotic delivers gifts to Lit-ville. by My Erotic Tail11/12/044.67HOT

Round Two

 — The second time changes everything. by Heidi_HXC03/20/103.60

Rule Number Three

 — 3 basic rules to understand gender complexities. by tribalsurf04/29/064.26Editor's Pick

S'true, I Tell You!

 — A story of the loss of innocence in a young man. by Marsesus06/16/174.57HOT

S.P.U.N.K.T.R.E. Ch. 01

 — Number Three makes her report. by velvetpie03/22/054.23

S.P.U.N.K.T.R.E. Ch. 02

 — Number Nine makes his report. by velvetpie09/17/054.57HOT

S.P.U.N.K.T.R.E. Ch. 03

 — Number Five gives her report. by velvetpie09/18/054.40

Saddle, Cotton and Elastic

 — Gym Wardrobe Misadventures. by Peperomia08/30/164.17

Safe Sex Tuesday

 — A girl's misguided knowledge of sex gets her pregnant. by Bakeboss11/09/093.39

Salted Peanuts

 — Oh good grief! by TrulyTerrific09/25/054.10

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