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And The Winner Is...

 — She can't understand why she lost the writing contest. by rpsuch05/21/084.04

And to All a Good Fucking Night

 — Christmas Time Again. Oh Well. by Jenny_Jackson11/10/093.85

Andre and I

 — Tickling war leads to physical attraction. by SykoSara10/16/053.80

Aneraulax, a mythological Creature

 — Could there really be a male who does housework? by Bakeboss09/20/094.07

Angel on Fire Ch. 1

 — Merciful angel goes to hell & meets an old friend. by cactiphile02/11/014.04Editor's Pick

Angel on Fire Ch. 2

 — Vicky continues to pay her penance in hell. by cactiphile02/15/014.29

Angel on Fire Ch. 3

 — Hot wax and mangles with Vicky in Hell. by cactiphile02/21/014.27

Angel on Fire Ch. 4

 — The romantic conclusion to Vicky's hell. by cactiphile02/24/014.44

Angel Rescues Majestic Wang

 — Angel is back - with some new companions. by Goldeniangel01/30/084.33

Angel to the Rescue

 — Angel & others take down "The Bri-Guy". by Goldeniangel03/07/054.47

Angels of Mercy

 — Girls give a last night of pleasure to dying man. by cactiphile02/08/014.29Editor's Pick

Angie's An Adult Ch. 04

 — Angie has to hide her new adult lifestyle from her parents. by SEVERUSMAX09/24/084.30

Angry Neighbor

 — Neighbor woman is upset with his gardening practice. by wishful112/29/064.25

Ann and Dan

 — Can you say communication problems? by PTBzzzz04/22/113.75

Annie and Babs: A Zany Love Story

 — We are supposed to believe all their other lies. by endthedream07/24/073.67


 — A tale of sex, deception, and tragedy. by Fridge6310/20/064.25

Anonymous in Kal

 — The strange world of Lit. Crit. by LustyLee7706/12/053.62

Another Joyful Christmas

 — He prefers the Kodak moment across the street. by erstud05/22/043.39

Another King Arthur Tale

 — Sir Lancelot the Impaler. by sparkle812/01/133.59

Another Perfect Loving Wives Tale

 — In tribute to PacullaAnnia... by stevieraygovan02/02/093.49

Anxious Deputy and Smiling Sheriff

 — Ironic tale of murder and greed. by robertreams10/18/134.21

Aphrodite's Island Ch. 01

 — Two women, two men, an island resort, and a naughty goddess. by Skol05/17/094.17

Aphrodite's Island Ch. 02

 — Two women watch while two men battle irrepressible erections. by Skol05/21/094.20

Aphrodite; - Act-1, Scene-1

 — Aphrodite and Apollo converse. by boyo09/04/023.00

Apollo 69

 — Apollo 13 parody but with female astronauts. by sheepyboy03/03/164.46

Apollo Rocket Int'l Man Of Mystery

 — Apollo uses hoodoo to make his cock magic. by JonThomas_03/29/174.20

April Fool

 — I can take a joke as well as the next man, but... by Alwaysraining01/30/144.49

Are You my Master?

 — Humorous rendition of P.D. Eastman book. by simply_cyn08/11/044.33

Area Man Submits Bad Story

 — 'My work is unappreciated,' author claims. by Mr. Unsexy04/25/074.40

Arguing with Myself

 — When the Ego and the Mind conflict, what happens? by TexasFarmBoy12/22/133.96


 — I've found myself on a moral ambiguity kick... by Flowerfacefuck04/08/182.89


 — Student gets a sexy lesson from home ec teacher. by tunatinga3804/02/183.79

Ass Tax

 — When the government calls, a trashy BBW complies. by JorisKHuysmans11/06/074.06

Assault on a Nudist Camp

 — Young man's trip to a nudist camp. by dreampilot7906/23/053.58


 — Lilith helps the governor get real kinky. by Deborah10/09/004.39

Assignment: Earth Day 2004

 — Catch the coverage live on Sextasy-TV. by My Erotic Tail03/28/044.26

Assignment: Mother's Day 2004

 — SEXTASY-TV's humorous Mother's Day. by My Erotic Tail05/09/044.10

Assignment: Nude Day 2004

 — SEXTASY-TV's coverage of Nude Day 2004. by My Erotic Tail06/21/044.35

Au Pair

 — Author tries to write first Horelequin book - and fails. by Dr S Crow09/21/043.90

Aunt Charlotte

 — Aunt dominates nephew. by ladyhawk10002/17/073.99

Authentic Pussy Lovers – Men Only

 — Home for Dinner Honey? by peppermintpatty200607/25/064.40

Author's Fantasy

 — The kind of reader Homer wants to "know". by vargas11106/30/043.91

Author's Fantasy Aftermath

 — Sequel to "An Author's Fantasy". by vargas11107/02/044.86


 — My date with >>>>>> >>>>>>>>. by bradmanners06/14/093.00


 — Megan's friend tries sucking his own cock, by TessMackenzie01/11/154.30


 — How to avoid long term relationships. by Moondrift01/02/054.19


 — It's Cozy in here. by magmaman11/09/064.47

Baba Zhaba

 — Feed her toads or else! by DoctorSintax03/02/104.11

Baby! Baby! Come Back to Me!

 — Woman leaves man when he forgets Valentine's Day. by SusanJillParker01/20/154.17

Back on the Chain Gang

 — Ever get a song in your head & you just can't get rid of it? by Decayed Angel08/20/064.48

Back to Cock

 — Two lesbians find themselves in an unusual invasion. by Sean Renaud05/18/143.57

Bad Company

 — A poor young student goes to live with a wealthy family. by CAP81106/22/094.15

Bad Doorbell Timing

 — Bible salesmen see too much. by Nigel Debonnaire02/03/11

Bad Exit Strategy

 — Almost succumbing to fiancee's best friend. by b1053mutant06/23/123.87

Bad Santa

 — Santa enlists an elf to help test a toy for Naughty Girls. by stylecrime04/05/084.33

Bad Things Happen To Good People

 — Four friends compete in an Earth Day Contest. by CarBuffStuff03/31/093.59

Balance Of Payments

 — An enterprising example of economically exporting sexuality. by Nakod Apa03/27/064.00

Ballin' Amabo

 — The senator was candid, ate pussy, and loved to ball. by BlackDahlia6902/26/084.00

Balls vs Boobs Boxing

 — Balls & Boobs battle for use of the names Pancho & Lefty. by zeke8110/11/073.32

Barbecue, Lingerie, and Power Tools

 — Bride-to-be gets a surprise from groom. by Tawny Brown04/22/053.85

Barbie Aliens

 — Man gets abducted by sexy aliens. by jackalpup06/23/023.17

Barry Beare, Sagacious Guru

 — Training minds of women getting too little or too much sex. by Egmont Grigor03/22/094.43

Basic Nature Karma

 — A joke and a Loving Wives satire. by LordGeoffrey07/29/173.81

Bat Lawless: Private Dick

 — He's always getting to the bottom of the case - and the bottle. by secondsamuel05/01/173.60

Batman Saves the Day - Almost!

 — Bob plays Batman while role playing with his wife. by dirtyjoe6908/01/064.07

BD Johnson

 — Super secret spy adventure. by albertscwriter07/01/133.41

Beach Blanket Ricquie

 — A sexy send-up of movies like "Beach Blanket Bingo". by Aussiescribbler08/06/034.40

Beach Encounter

 — She shares his sunshade. by storyplayer06/05/053.70

Beach Protest

 — Can we stop them from closing the nudist beach? by oggbashan06/28/034.22

Bearing Adversity

 — Furry creature visits sleeping campers. by Hornyman69WithU01/31/093.60

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Ch. 01

 — Santa gets his picture taken -video! by ExperiencedStoryteller01/26/174.17

Bedroom Conversations

 — What had I done? I'd fucked Gladys Detweiler 24 years ago. by LynnGKS12/02/114.50HOT

Bedroom Conversations Ch. 02

 — She's blowing her boss to keep her job. by LynnGKS12/19/114.51HOT

Bedroom Conversations Ch. 03

 — The bitch is looking to get laid and with MY husband. by LynnGKS01/07/124.48

Bedroom Conversations Ch. 04

 — I don’t want her to date him. He wants to get in her pants. by LynnGKS03/01/134.44

Beginner's Meeting, A Play

 — A sex addicts meeting in a church basement. by Exakta6606/04/094.36

Belinda Ch. 02

 — Belinda and her friend Rachel attend a party. by Humpdee8401/17/174.75


 — Darren and Samantha from top to bottom. by Darkforeboding12/17/113.71

Bethany, the Epileptic Nympho

 — Bethany's budding sex life becomes dangerous. by sexysuperman07/30/103.79

Betsy Finds Her Muse

 — A tale of effective editing. by palisa09/17/074.30

Betty Boots Boinks Santa

 — A busty girl finds a man breaking into her house XMas night. by tomthumper12/28/144.32

Betty Boots' Big Bust

 — A ditsy security guard catches two burglars. by tomthumper03/01/094.49

Beverly Turns Pro

 — Financial needs makes Beverly turn professional. by theoutcast01/27/183.89

Bewitching Belle

 — Bedeviling vixen stirs up lust and love. by MrJack10/10/084.66HOT

Bianca Sends A Warning

 — It's not your average chain letter. by Desdmona05/03/024.40Editor's Pick

Big Bad and Red

 — Red meets up with the wolf once again. by *Snatch04/06/064.47

Big Bad and the Three

 — Three naughty little piggies taunt the Big Bad... by Sean Renaud09/02/094.32

Big Bang 2012

 — "What did you just do?" He asked. by magmaman04/02/104.22

Big Bang Theory - Comic-Con

 — Resistance is Futile. by CounterCulture110/14/094.28

Big Bif's Best Bunghole Banging

 — Young stud describes his latest conquest. by Penelope Street05/30/054.33

Big Boned Women vs. Skinny Women

 — Man has a preference for full figure women's body types. by PositiveThinker12/02/09HOT

Big Dick - a Fantasy

 — Girls, what happens when you wake up with a big dick? by KinkyMadamButterfly08/24/173.60

Big Dirk Allen and the Tiny Blonde

 — It takes more than an R rating to save the world. by kittybeaver01/03/184.53HOT

Big Dirk Allen and the Tiny Blonde II

 — Sometimes it gets hard to say the right words. by kittybeaver02/07/184.67HOT

Big Dirk Allen and the Tiny Blonde III

 — This one has aliens. by kittybeaver05/31/184.86HOT

Big Ole University

 — Football program has problems. by H20wader08/20/054.49

Biggest Muscle Studs

 — Studs compete for the world title. by BigTimmy02/21/143.93

Bike Delivery Guy

 — A bike delivery guy makes a wrong delivery. by ms_4tune10/13/114.05

Bike Delivery Guy - Summer Job

 — A summer job as a bicycle messenger has an interesting twist by ms_4tune10/24/133.92

Bike Ride

 — True pleasure can be so painful. by VeniVici02/22/104.20

Billionaire Trophy Wife

 — Reality TV show wedding contest doesn't quite go as planned. by Stultus08/08/094.39

Bisexual Hip-Hop Orgy

 — They'd give up their do-rags for one night of ghetto-bliss. by honeydipped11/13/023.88

Bite Me

 — A man's kinky method to "get off," outdoors. by Tbone6604/23/124.38

Black Boots Goes Downtown

 — Kinky lust in a large law firm. by Black_Boots09/10/103.50

Black Friday Survival and Demise

 — She and he kill time while stuck in Black Friday crowds. by Clit_n_Sass11/29/144.30

Black Sheep Ch. 01

 — A day in the life of Damien Chandler. by LaRascasse05/16/134.39

Black Sheep Ch. 02

 — School day blues. by LaRascasse05/17/134.58HOT

Black Sheep Ch. 03

 — Brushstroke horrors. by LaRascasse05/31/134.57HOT

Blackjack Cougar

 — The blackjack table leads to bedroom. by daveglenn07/31/123.26

Blam Blam

 — Dark comedy about the dark side of matchmaking. by endthedream01/16/093.00

Blessing or Curse?

 — The trouble with having a large penis. by Moxon411/19/01

Blind Date

 — Misadventures of a college freshman. by drsalt02/02/064.07

Blind Date

 — Mom sets up a blind date to daughter's chagrin. by JBEdwards05/24/184.13


 — Blocked writer gets advice. by HoratioH09/30/044.83HOT

Blonde & Beautiful with Big Breasts

 — What do blondes with big tits & tube tops have in common? by SusanJillParker10/02/144.25


 — none. by Adrian Leverkuhn03/10/17

Bloody Chin

 — Life's most memorable whoopsie. by Medieval-Man10/06/033.88

Bloody Genie

 — A genie grants a wish. by Ashson12/10/124.25

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