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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Sharing a Cab Ch. 02

 — The ride might be over, but the night isn't. by AnitaAhz07/31/034.50HOT

Sharing a Drink

 — The two of you play power games. by Baggins11/20/003.67

Sharing A Fantasy

 — A couple indulges in a domination fantasy. by TJax11/08/024.50HOT

Sharing a Room

 — Ron & Katherine share more than a hotel room. by CascadingWaterfall02/26/054.57HOT

Sharing Black Ch. 01

 — A story of sex, lies, and deception. by Shy B11/27/034.31

Sharing Black Ch. 02

 — Dinner goes awry. by Shy B11/28/034.29

Sharing Black Ch. 03

 — A happy ending. by Shy B11/30/034.25

Sharing Ch. 01

 — Best friend gives her permission and shares her husband. by Violit10/23/114.32

Sharing Ch. 03

 — Evie's journey continues and expands. by Violit12/26/114.49

Sharing Eve Ch. 04

 — Eve plays with the 'rules'. by Eurasa03/20/184.00

Sharing Her Treasure

 — Sharing the wife. by Momstheboss11/12/154.42

Sharing Is Caring Ch. 02

 — What happens after David leaves Helena's Place? by Violalee303/22/073.80

Sharing is Caring Pt. 02

 — Miles and Caitlyn get to know Sasha much better. by one2many02/18/174.78HOT

Sharing Melissa

 — Watching her have sex with another man. by TessMackenzie01/12/154.55HOT

Sharing Melissa's Mouth

 — He wants to watch her give another man a blowjob. by TessMackenzie01/11/154.56HOT

Sharing More Than Just The Rent

 — Early morning sex in the kitchen. by SweetInnocenceLies01/07/154.31

Sharing My Erotic Confession

 — Strangers meet for hot sex. by a butterfly02/23/063.96

Sharing My Erotic Confession Ch. 02

 — Couple has sex in front of mirrors. by a butterfly03/03/064.58HOT

Sharing My Girlfriend and Her Mom

 — My sexy neighbor and her mom vie for my attention. by TxAuthor06/02/164.79HOT

Sharing My Love Ch. 01

 — She reveals sexy secrets. by PlushLips01/10/124.14

Sharing Naomi

 — A threesome gets complicated. by TessMackenzie01/15/154.13

Sharing on a Plane

 — A teacher and a student share seats and more. by archilochus04/15/164.20

Sharing Sandy's Soak

 — He discovers girlfriend masturbating in the tub. by P. B. Walker01/02/024.35

Sharing Secret Ch. 2

 — Sally introduces her to her lesbian friends. by Shanbabe4u06/02/024.59HOT

Sharing Sofia... Again

 — An unexpected opportunity at Matt's fraternity reunion. by SofiaMateo08/10/174.27

Sharing the joy of Dirk

 — He is divine and soothes my soul. by alexcarr05/24/124.00


 — We swap partners! by mairi92303/06/113.91


 — My life as a sucker. by bassbelly02/01/094.10


 — Young woman impressed by hero by Ashson04/20/144.44

Sharleen's Sexual Adventures Ch. 02

 — Sharleen finds a lover during a girls' night out. by Scorpius194503/05/164.31


 — Two grad students meet, passion flames. by rha spike05/08/034.42


 — Marrieed man gets an office assistant. by silver_auz10/02/044.41


 — Past lovers reunite. by jomomma14103/10/094.10


 — A dirty blonde coed. by WishFull01/12/114.33


 — I fuck our friend Sharon. by orvette102/28/174.43

Sharon & Kenny

 — Sharon fucks her roommate's boyfriend. by SharonMWF02/28/144.41

Sharon & Kenny Pt. 02

 — More cheating with her roommate's boyfriend. by SharonMWF03/13/144.29

Sharon and George at the Office

 — Manager and employee behind closed doors. by janus698804/02/074.74HOT

Sharon and Ian

 — Sharon is in desperate need of a lover who can sate her. by InSearchOfThePerfectEncounter01/07/144.00

Sharon and Steve Ch. 01

 — Steve and Sharon help each other in Berlin. by YoursTruly98712/22/093.90

Sharon and Steve Ch. 02

 — Sharon and Steve get intimate in Berlin. by YoursTruly98701/12/103.86

Sharon Ch. 01

 — He lusts for the Goddess who just moved next door. by JerseyJohn09/25/114.62HOT

Sharon Ch. 02

 — Jake celebrates Sharon's birthday with her. by JerseyJohn09/26/114.76HOT

Sharon Ch. 03

 — Sharon needs her handyman's tool for another job. by JerseyJohn02/11/154.68HOT

Sharon in The Shower

 — Horny man dreams of sexy neighbor. by Erosness12/18/003.38

Sharon Models for Porn Shoot Ch. 03

 — Wife gets caught. by SharonMWF04/10/124.39

Sharon Takes Me from Behind

 — James's penfriend tries some role reversal. by FitJim05/18/164.28

Sharon Takes The Builder

 — On a train journey from Chicago to North Dakota. by aubreyjudge10/24/064.36

Sharon's Afternoon Encounter

 — Stranger encounter. by SharonMWF05/03/114.60HOT

Sharon's First Time Ch. 01

 — Her first time with the man who became her husband. by SharonMWF06/03/124.39

Sharon's First Time Ch. 02

 — More lovers for Sharon. by SharonMWF06/16/124.39

Sharon's First Time Ch. 03

 — Sharon moves into a new role as model. by SharonMWF07/16/124.47

Sharon's First Time Ch. 04

 — Sharon fantasizes about another man, but gives herself to a stranger. by SharonMWF07/21/124.46

Sharon's First Time Ch. 05

 — The stranger makes life more complicated. by SharonMWF07/28/124.30

Sharon's First Time Ch. 06

 — Mr. Bryant makes life complicated. by SharonMWF10/12/124.15

Sharon's Ranch

 — An extended weekend at a legal brothel in Nevada. by JonahanSweat02/25/173.79

Sharon's Story

 — Encounter with a stranger. by SharonMWF05/02/114.49

Sharon's Surprise Ch. 04

 — A weekend with her husband and her lover. by SharonMWF05/09/124.32

Sharon: The Best Hooker Ever

 — One night in Mumbai many years ago. by charas_kigoli08/10/093.62

Shattered Innocence: Call me Cari

 — Amanda's great granddaughter follows in her footsteps. by blueeyedsub08/19/054.63HOT

Shaun's Story

 — She waits for you. by SRGsToi03/12/034.36

Shaurya Conquers

 — ...Damini, a bold and brazen colleague. by KartistS01/01/154.68HOT


 — He wants a shot at shaving her. by DreamerKitty12/10/084.05

Shave Me Please

 — Couple prepares for vacation by shaving each other. by Trialbasis11/21/044.44

Shaved Clit Bath

 — A first-time full shave leads to a great tongue bath by mgoodman11/30/01

Shaved Couple Share A Toy

 — Couple shave each other and enjoy mutual toy. by Dragonologist06/05/124.19


 — The wonder of a shaven snatch is its own reward. by da_scribe11/19/083.94

Shaven: Mauricio's Point of View

 — She convinces him to do something wild. Was it too far? by Gorev_Reighl03/25/154.62


 — Short story about a loving couple. by Hooligan2107/31/094.37

Shaving Jane Ch. 01

 — First date with Summer, and Jane is watching. by Scott_Free05/09/174.28

Shaving Keri

 — Impulsive moment in the shower leads to smooth pubes for all. by Katherine English 204/14/014.43

Shawn & Nicole's Little Secret

 — Two friends grow closer than they ever expected. by myopic_on_wine02/01/054.30

Shawn and Kara Ch. 01

 — The first time for two lovers. by MysticStorm09/14/024.00

Shawn's Birthday Pet

 — What she got her husband for his birthday. by arashi01/03/074.33


 — A guy remembers a girl from college. by nosebone12/04/124.23

Shayna's World Ch. 02

 — Shayna gives in to her urges on a First Date. by BrettJ06/17/054.52HOT

Shayna's World Ch. 03

 — Brad and Shayna have a little separate fun. by BrettJ07/12/054.40

She & He: The Initation

 — She gets what she doesn't know she wants. by JustJoy02/15/153.76

She Always Gets What She Wants

 — Woman sees him, then has him... by Sash_UK09/11/024.34

She and I were Walking

 — A dream of love in Paris. by cumCream7in7x01/01/163.00

She Becomes More Than Just a Vet

 — Widower loses his horse, but gains a lover. by EroticGuide07/02/084.27

She Begins Naive, She Ends Euphoric

 — Naive18-year-old taught art of lovemaking by 19-year-old stud. by ArthurG7711/16/124.59HOT

She Came At Night

 — The mystery guest is no mystery, but rather an enigma. by cliterotia09/16/054.35

She Came Over for Coffee

 — It hadn't been planned... just happened... and was perfect. by Xesevoli07/25/114.33

She Can't Wait

 — Temp help with nothing to lose. by brunorivera12/12/043.82

She Changes Her Tune

 — A woman finds she loves cock. by standingstones03/02/154.26

She Cooks Too

 — Asia gets cooking with Brandi and Stefan - in sexy ways. by BrettJ02/21/123.97

She Couldn't

 — Reuniting with old lover to ease broken heart. by freshcup01/08/034.60

She Doesn't Even Know

 — A young woman finds herself in an adventure. by MarkJaymon03/22/133.92

She Done Him In

 — Eliza finally gets Henry's back up. by fairlady6407/27/043.50

She Done Him Wrong

 — Be careful around your girlfriend and best friend. by standingstones05/30/144.35

She Drove Him Crazy

 — Holly drove Dwight crazy and he returned the favour. by neutrona02/21/174.22

She Found Something Different

 — They'd been 'quiet' lovers and yet she need more. by me_akron03/15/054.60HOT

She Get the Contract !

 — She has toget the contract signed at all costs. by kishan09/07/024.30

She Gets a Little Wicked

 — She makes him clean up his mess. by zarathustra1308/02/084.53HOT

She Gets What She Wants

 — She finds satisfaction with the man she wants. by cockstarved06/11/093.77

She Gets What She Wants

 — Never stop a woman on a mission. by fungirl9206/27/124.39

She Gets What She Wants Ch. 02

 — She's not through. by fungirl9207/09/124.34

She Gets What She Wants Ch. 03

 — The teasing and torture continues. by fungirl9207/18/124.39

She Goes Both Ways Ch. 04

 — Fucking the north and the south and.... her brother. by martahari185807/30/134.19

She Goes Both Ways Ch. 05

 — Extreme sex with the Governor of Georgia. by martahari185808/06/134.47

She Goes Both Ways Ch. 08

 — Sex with the General, the Governor and a young man. by martahari185810/02/134.67

She Goes Both Ways Ch. 09

 — Rough and gentle sex as Amanda fucks for both sides. by martahari185810/08/134.86

She Goes Down

 — He & a busty girl put on a show at college dance. by jdjones01/19/013.58

She Goes for a Ride

 — Skipping work leads to a fun motorcycle ride with his ex. by drunkenmonkz06/02/134.34

She Had a Boyfriend

 — There was romance before social networking. by ofloveandlust09/13/104.45

She Had a Cameltoe

 — Older couple have fun shaving. by Paul4405/07/074.22

She Had Lips That Could Kill

 — Alison goes down. by Alison Chains09/21/044.46

She Had No Control

 — She meets lover on the beach and he commands her. by leftylibra6605/28/094.24

She Hates Me? Not! Pt. 01: Monica

 — Girl who hated me in high school has changed her mind. by ilikeithot630804/16/154.76HOT

She Hates Me? Not! Pt. 04: Marriage

 — David gets hitched to Monica, but there are complications. by ilikeithot630809/22/154.78HOT

She Hates Me? Not! Pt. 05: Reprisal

 — With the couple on their honeymoon, her past rears its head. by ilikeithot630803/15/164.74HOT

She Is My Heaven

 — I finally meet up with the woman of my dreams. by storytyme08/19/144.54HOT

She Is New To the City

 — Michael introduces a country girl to sophisticated living. by Curiousaboutlove08/19/144.76HOT

She Is Seduced

 — Beth is seduced by her boyfriend's best friend. by honeygirl20f04/20/044.22

She Just Couldn't Deny Herself

 — Katie's boyfriend leaves her alone at a party for just a bit. by Shift_Your_Paradigm07/03/154.14

She Kneeled, and Waited

 — She is left to fantasize while she waits for him. by MaxwellHawthorne10/20/154.46

She Knows

 — An erotica writer reacts to a message from her reader. by WmBlackstone09/28/104.67HOT

She Knows Ch. 01

 — Trading blowjobs for legal work hits a snag. by MitchCapslock07/05/104.30

She Knows Ch. 02

 — The email exchange heats up. by WmBlackstone10/01/104.75

She Knows Ch. 02

 — Explaining myself to his wife takes a turn. by MitchCapslock07/06/104.47

She Knows Ch. 03

 — A surprise visit from Jess leads to more pleasure. by MitchCapslock07/10/104.52HOT

She Knows Ch. 04

 — A present from Jess pushes our relationship to a new high. by MitchCapslock07/20/104.52HOT

She Knows Ch. 06

 — Visits with Jess and Tom lead us down new paths. by MitchCapslock04/11/114.47

She Knows Ch. 07

 — A football bet leads to a new meaning for 'Heads or Tails". by MitchCapslock01/17/124.55HOT

She Knows Ch. 08

 — Jess arranges a meeting with Henry; Tom calls me over. by MitchCapslock05/21/124.53HOT

She Lay Awake and Dreaming

 — A tale told from his point of view. Just the beginning.... by CarnalianAngel11/20/134.17

She Learns About Her Other Senses

 — She finds out more than sight counts. by 2old2kid10/11/013.89

She Learns to Love Thunder

 — His cock inside her, she fears thunder no more. by littlemissnaughtygal11/08/054.15

She Let Herself Go

 — She has two months to act out fantasies with her online love. by RedHairedandFriendly07/02/064.55HOT

She Let Herself Go a Second Time

 — Online lovers make some steam in the shower. by RedHairedandFriendly07/02/064.58HOT

She Lets Go

 — Wife transforms into sensual MILF. by DanielTiger79303/10/143.82

She Liked It

 — Daisy and Jaxon meet. by soubrette02/08/044.25

She Likes Movies

 — A day-dream turns into a fantastic fuck. by CapnAn22206/13/044.17

She Likes To Give Head

 — A neighbor taking care of a neighbor. by standingstones04/30/144.29

She Looks Like Sex in Boots

 — A client becomes more, much more. by Itsalljustforfun06/16/164.44

She Loved Her Fiance, But...

 — Liz is engaged to Adam, but his muscular roommate wants her. by cheekybrit08/07/094.08

She Loved To Suck Cock!!

 — She shows why the boys liked her in school. by mrbill4u12/21/044.11

She Loves Getting Into Trouble Ch.1

 — Jane gets caught speeding. by Tempting_devil03/29/144.09

She Loves It

 — Special present to lover leaves her very contended. by bee-ess01/16/034.43

She Loves to be Teased

 — Bad girl gets exactly what she deserves. by Stelmaw08/30/164.31

She Loves To Swallow

 — Married woman swallows her boss's cum. by bigcanuck04/11/094.25

She Maid Me Do It

 — Aleksandr gets more than he bargained for with his new maid. by RussianRomeo03/21/134.42

She Makes Up for Lost Time

 — A senior lady rediscovers her erotic self. by eroticwriter2806/25/163.85

She Melts My Brain

 — Coworkers with great sexual banter. by mogrull10/27/174.33

She Misses Her Perverts

 — Erotic tension during a professional massage session. by cowboy10910/16/113.10

She Needs a Montage!

 — Valentine's day, gay werewolves and the elusive female O. by Firebrain02/01/114.76HOTContest Winner

She Never Looked Better

 — She was his roomie's sister. by Jkace08/17/034.26

She Owed Me

 — Nasty couple evens the orgasm score. by cybin12/23/092.83

She Painted Up Her Face

 — A young woman's life destroyed. by Cromagnonman02/07/143.99

She Picks Him Up

 — And then takes him home. by BrnEyedBeauty01/18/034.64HOT

She Proposes

 — A torrid affair with an old aquaintance. by fountainhead07/15/083.33

She Rescued Him From Her Own Sister

 — Nate and Amelia in their new apartment. by Stelmaw08/21/164.58HOT

She Said Nothing

 — Woman at party wordlessly seduces him. by GasPedalJoe01/16/034.46

She Said, "I Don't Wear Underwear"

 — Lust for a co-worker taken to the next step. by Rowol01/04/114.21

She Said, He Said

 — Pen pals meet in the hotel bar. by Starlight1308/08/024.33

She Said, He Said

 — Too tired for sex and hoping a handjob will keep him satisfied. by DillonRyan09/02/154.06

She Said; He Said

 — An erotic encounter by Aus85809/11/114.50HOT

She Saw Me: First Encounter

 — Hot, surreptitious sex with a young coed. by always_curious11/07/084.11

She Seduces Her Young Assistant

 — She shows the new guy around. by gault_103/26/043.64

She Sent Me A Wink

 — He meets his dream girl. by HotPapa6904/04/134.29

She Still doesn't Have the Time

 — A continuation of my 'stressed mother' story. by Itsalljustforfun07/26/164.42

She Stood in a Shadowed Doorway

 — Lonely man meets a lady of the night. by ROBERTODAVO04/02/183.07

She Takes a Lover

 — A women satisfies her desires by taking a lover. by Lady_Guenivere03/07/093.95

She Takes All but Gives Nothing

 — Woman finds relief through massage. by mandywilluk200008/24/044.48

She Takes Control

 — She decides to give him a taste of his own teasing. by Untameable_Guy05/16/124.11

She Takes More Than Attendance

 — High school teacher scores ultimate prize. by rlabodame11/16/104.00

She Talks Dirty To Me

 — Chelsea has a naughty little mouth. by darkknight0102/13/154.12

She Teases

 — She uses her long commute to plan her surprise. by live2write04/17/014.60HOT

She Teases

 — Babysitter teases father. by Totzman12/14/174.20

She Ties Me Up

 — My girlfriend ties me to the bed and masturbates. by allan_fae_scotland09/22/094.03

She Toyed With Honey

 — Lisa tests the new guy's mettle. by MelisandeVoilet01/05/114.46

She Turned Me Down For Cheesecake

 — Something about her that causes him to stop drinking. by menerobot01/26/152.95

She Turns The Tables

 — Jeff is put in his place by and old friend. by dedic8ted2u204/13/124.20

She Visits

 — She visits him. by Erichagan06/29/173.94

She Wanted to Fuck Me

 — We watch videos and act scenes out together. by Livelycouple08/09/124.45

She Wants It Rough

 — I meet a woman online, who enjoys rough sex. by CarlBalboa06/26/164.32

She Wants the D Pt. 01

 — A lonely woman looks for the mythical man called D. by Straydog041902/09/163.44

She Wants To Give Me a Treat

 — In return for my love, she wants to pleasure me. by DaveyPump05/24/144.24

She Was a Good Girl

 — A secretary catches her boss red-handed. by MaxSebastian08/02/044.63HOT

She Was At My House, Again!

 — Fun in the afternoon with a French girl. by staghorn10/23/034.05

She Was Everything

 — He's domineering, she's soaking wet. by cb_8502/17/094.25

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