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Kiss of the Moon Ch. 03

 — Amy is turned; a woman is attacked. by whitesabretooth12/13/074.74HOT

Kiss of the Moon Ch. 04

 — Attack! by whitesabretooth01/01/084.80HOT

Kiss of the Moon Ch. 05

 — Amy is told what she's not. by whitesabretooth02/07/084.80HOT

Kiss of the Moon Ch. 06

 — Riddles within riddles. by whitesabretooth03/13/084.82HOT

Kiss of the Moon Ch. 07

 — Amy is introduced to the other Alphas. by whitesabretooth04/25/084.84HOT

Kiss of the Moon Ch. 08

 — Plans come together... by whitesabretooth05/12/084.83HOT

Kiss of the Moon Ch. 09

 — The calm before the storm? by whitesabretooth06/01/084.80HOT

Kiss of the Moon Ch. 10

 — The battle ensues. by whitesabretooth07/03/084.85HOT

Kiss of the Moon Ch. 11

 — The end or beginning. by whitesabretooth07/13/084.87HOT

Kiss of the Viper

 — A new species is born. by ronde06/03/024.56HOT

Kissed by Lightning

 — Her world is turned upside down. by SilverDawn11/03/114.62HOT

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 01

 — Meeting the alpha. by SilverDawn11/07/114.65HOT

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 02

 — A promise made. by SilverDawn11/09/114.71HOT

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 03

 — There is always a price. by SilverDawn11/11/114.69HOT

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 04

 — A moment in time. by SilverDawn11/17/114.70HOT

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 05

 — The ransom is paid. by SilverDawn11/18/114.74HOT

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 06

 — Home? by SilverDawn11/20/114.74HOT

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 07

 — Prisoner of Darkness. by SilverDawn12/25/114.66HOT

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 08

 — She's changed but will she survive it? by SilverDawn02/23/124.70HOT

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 09

 — He calls me Rose. by SilverDawn04/21/124.70HOT

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 10

 — She's back. by SilverDawn05/11/124.75HOT

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 11

 — The visitors arrive. Stefani's awake!? by SilverDawn05/25/124.72HOT

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 12

 — Accepting reality. Heartache unleashed. by SilverDawn06/11/124.78HOT

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 13 Pt. 1

 — One step forward, two steps back. by SilverDawn07/28/124.77HOT

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 13 Pt. 2

 — Complications... Someone Dies?!! by SilverDawn12/26/124.80HOT

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 13 Pt. 3

 — Stepping Forward. by SilverDawn05/18/134.74HOT

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 14

 — A shift goes wrong and this Alpha won't give up his claim. by SilverDawn07/28/144.79HOT

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 15

 — Under the stars a hybrid smiles. A vampire makes a choice. by SilverDawn10/12/144.87HOT

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 16

 — Losing Control. Stefani makes out with the Alpha. by SilverDawn03/22/154.71HOT

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 18

 — Reaching the mouth of Destiny. Is this the end? by SilverDawn04/26/154.39

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 19

 — Epilogue. by SilverDawn04/28/154.08

Kisses Ensued/Cum Released

 — Cosmically Complicated Connections Challenged. by TitsFlannagen09/01/164.00

Kissing the Ghost

 — Kellyn has an unexpected encounter with a ghost. by glynndah01/25/134.44


 — Lauren wakes up after a night with an incubus. by Anitole08/12/094.34

Kit: In The Beginning Ch. 01

 — Kit goes through the his first years on Earth. by Silent_Wolf24510/11/114.22


 — Never underestimate the powers of a fox. by satinkitty03/18/014.55HOT


 — The final night in the park. by thatismynoodle02/03/054.21

Kitsune Vows Ch. 01

 — He takes a vacation with a stimulating promise in the end. by BlackCowboy7604/27/134.43


 — A cat-girl serves her Master by Silicate04/18/124.22

Kitty and The Dragon

 — Kitty satisfies a dragon's need for young flesh. by maxxxwilde08/26/174.59HOT

Knight and Dragon Ch. 01

 — Ser Alec's start of adventures with a dragon. by destodes77705/13/164.42

Knight and Dragon Ch. 02

 — Ser Alec travels with Sehocha. by destodes77702/01/174.54HOT

Knight in Shining... Ch. 01

 — Senior Kassen has fallen head over heals. She doesn't know. by lovedreamer01/09/134.35

Knight in Shining... Ch. 02

 — Kasen has a long night ahead of him with the lovely redhead. by lovedreamer01/23/134.59HOT

Knight in Shining... Ch. 03

 — Kasen and Adriana take a large step in their relationship. by lovedreamer03/26/134.26

Knight of the Succubus Ch. 01

 — A knight meets a Succubus and their fates become one. by DarkWolfKnight705/14/104.44

Knight of the Succubus Ch. 01B

 — The bond is formed between the Knight and the Succubus. by DarkWolfKnight709/26/104.66HOT

Knot Ready

 — An unfortunate night between two friends. by SplathouseFiction06/17/164.09

Knotted Ch. 01: The Pack

 — While the Alpha's away, and the Omega's in heat... by PrettyKittyKaty03/04/164.59HOT

Knowing Your Strength

 — An angel touched him. by JimBob4408/18/144.47

Knowing Your Strength Pt. 02

 — An Angel loved him. by JimBob4410/04/144.59HOT


 — Here there be monsters. by Psychocandy03/27/164.61HOT


 — She launched back and forward her sword... by h3lls_sweety02/26/114.20

L'hotel Fourrure

 — You walk into a Fur Fantasy Hotel. by Worker1181105/03/064.72HOT

L'hotel Fourrure Ch. 02

 — You are trapped in a fur dungeon. by Worker1181105/23/064.48

La Belle Dame Sans Merci

 — The painting haunts her. by firstkiss05/12/104.47Editor's Pick

La Historia Romantica de la Mujer...

 — Planetologist-96 meets Earth Woman. by DemonD11/03/004.46


 — In the future, she's taken by a Minotaur. by Goldeniangel07/28/054.36


 — Megan must find the way out. by homealone_44708/22/134.56HOT

Labyrinth Breed

 — Selene succumbs to the Minotaur's breeding frenzy. by uh-oh01/17/144.37

Lady Dos

 — Boy encounters a strange being in his PC. by Kelley Spice10/15/003.38

Lady K and the Hunger

 — Vamp Lord brings his Lady a lusty virgin girl. by Gossamerwraith08/28/054.45

Lady of the Night

 — Can he overcome the call of the Vampiress? by TwistedPlayr05/20/044.55HOT

Lady's Tithes: Lars

 — Monstergirls take a human city and assimilate humans. by EstebanMamono11/02/164.34

Lakeside Liaison

 — An elemental becomes something more for her master. by Darknut05/14/124.57HOT


 — A Scottish castle, a beautiful woman & a mysterious vampire. by Sateema Lunasi03/19/014.12

Lamia: Arab Vampire Queen

 — Arab female vampire seduces a West African prince. by Samuelx01/21/172.20

Lamprey Lust

 — How the hell'd they get this big?! by PrevertOne11/05/104.25Editor's Pick

Lamprey Lust: Special BE Edition

 — A special breast expansion edition of Lamprey Lust. by PrevertOne08/23/134.27

Lands of Lothos

 — A band of Faeries fight to protect their land from Demons by PenanceS04/10/033.08

Lanell Manor Ch. 01

 — A young detective finds herself trapped in a hellish manor. by ShankGently05/13/114.12

Lara & Adonis

 — Lara stumbles across Adonis and his Kingdom of Weres. by Lovingwriter2210/09/114.35

Lara & Adonis Ch. 02

 — Lara begins to settle into her title and Adonis. by Lovingwriter2211/09/114.27


 — Chad falls hard for a superhuman stripper. by xxxecil08/16/024.32

Lass Of The Mountain

 — Surprise sweethearts little rendezvous are wild. by dirtywhiteboy5602/05/124.35

Last Chance Diner

 — Last stop for "food" in the middle of nowhere. by Aswrite0310/11/064.30

Last Daughter of Luna

 — Brothers Asher Night and Nic Fury's find Morgan. by morgabeth01/07/154.68HOT

Last Kiss

 — A vampire shares his last encounter as a mortal. by LurkerX09/02/013.91

Last Moments

 — Her last breath at the hands of a vampire. by LustyLovers05/11/013.69

Last One In

 — Two girls have summer fun with some unusual friends. by HookerBoots09/02/134.59HOT

Last Seed

 — Ares and Aphrodite meet each other for the first time. by sushi_taco09/03/144.74HOT

Late Night

 — It's all man and no tentacles the first round. by datruka07/10/083.73

Latex Coercion Pt. 01

 — Transformation: Jane's abduction. by curriousmatt111/04/144.41

Laundry Day

 — She's hot, using a washing machine to get off. by DireLilith03/23/07

Lawyer, Lawyer Pt. 02

 — In the lair of the left-wing terrorist pornographer monks. by MarshAlien10/27/074.64HOT

Layers Ch. 01

 — Male to Female, Werewolf [TG/TF] by Lycandope10/02/124.51HOT

Layers Ch. 08

 — Man transforms to female werewolf. by Lycandope09/13/134.85HOT

Layers Ch. 09

 — Man transforms to female werewolf. by Lycandope11/12/134.66HOT

Layers Ch. 10

 — Man transforms to female werewolf. by Lycandope11/19/134.82HOT

Layover on a Small Planet

 — Female interstellar cargo pilot orgies with aliens. by Chantal Marchon02/07/024.14

Le Vampire Ch. 01

 — Two unwitting vampires get together through personals. by sexycat09/15/034.30

Leader of the Pack Ch. 01

 — Due to be mated. Falls for someone else. Crap! by secretme11/16/074.69HOTContest Winner

Leader of the Pack Ch. 02

 — Things get more complex. by secretme11/17/074.73HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 03

 — Everyone's pissed off. by secretme11/19/074.61HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 04

 — Aislinn's vision. by secretme11/20/074.78HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 05

 — The mating ceremony & secrets revealed. by secretme11/21/074.71HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 06

 — The aftermath and plans for the future. by secretme11/22/074.71HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 07

 — Aislinn's explanation (or at least some of it). by secretme12/01/074.81HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 08

 — Aislinn meets the pack. by secretme12/02/074.77HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 09

 — More answers, more secrets, more plotting. by secretme12/08/074.77HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 10

 — Aislinn's grandmother. Oops! by secretme12/09/074.79HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 11

 — Rafe gets Aislinn. by secretme12/10/074.76HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 12

 — Ranaild and Elise. by secretme12/11/074.76HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 13

 — Vae Victis. by secretme12/12/074.77HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 14

 — Aislinn's change. by secretme12/13/074.76HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 15

 — Cullin finally gets the girl. by secretme12/14/074.80HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 16

 — Aislinn has more visions. by secretme12/16/074.77HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 17

 — Back at the den; a game of hide and seek. by secretme12/21/074.81HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 18

 — Dealing with the traitors, Jenna, and the feds. by secretme12/22/074.70HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 19

 — Jenna's plan and Aislinn learns to shift. by secretme12/23/074.82HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 20

 — The funeral, Brinah's ghost, and Aislinn goes into heat. by secretme12/24/074.79HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 21

 — They're onto Jenna. by secretme12/26/074.81HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 22

 — Too much happens for a simple sentence sum up. by secretme12/28/074.78HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 23

 — Couples night and the beginning of the mating ceremony. by secretme12/29/074.77HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 24

 — And the battle begins. by secretme12/31/074.84HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 25

 — Clean up, missing notes, missing Jenna, Aislinn's what? by secretme01/01/084.75HOT

Leader of the Pack Ch. 26

 — The wrap up, for now. by secretme01/02/084.83HOT

Leaders of the Pack Ch. 01

 — A false alarm, a real alarm, some old friends and some new. by secretme11/12/084.72HOT

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