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Leaders of the Pack Ch. 02

 — The setup, new faces, down and dirty. by secretme07/19/094.73HOT

Leaders of the Pack Ch. 03

 — Natalie's prison, Aislinn's visions, Cullen's meeting. by secretme07/29/094.77HOT

Leaders of the Pack Ch. 04

 — Sarah, Drake and Rissa? Aislinn off on her own again... by secretme08/15/094.75HOT

Leaders of the Pack Ch. 05

 — A druid dies. by secretme03/02/124.78HOT

Leaders of the Pack Ch. 06

 — More panic, Natalie Tor and the tapes. by secretme03/06/124.76HOT

Leaders of the Pack Ch. 07

 — Druids plan, Tor's little secret. by secretme03/13/124.78HOT


 — Human and elf sex - threesome rape. by RadioPost04/17/15

Learn to Hate Ch. 01

 — Anticipation can send one mad; the aftermath can kill. by Anonymous_Writer12/09/114.35

Learning The Ropes

 — How one vampire feeds. by Taewakan08/08/124.29

Leashed to a Wolf

 — Blonde slave girl gets luxury life, Beauty & the Beast style by FoxyBunny4LV08/14/16

Leave Me to Bleed

 — Military man volunteers to be a feast for two succubi. by Dar_Jisbo12/12/174.06

Leaving Hope

 — He's fallen for her, but can he leave her behind? by MrPezman05/21/134.52HOT

Legal Issues Ch. 01

 — Woman visits a farm to make a sell - finds herself changing by Lycandope01/28/144.30

Legal Issues Ch. 02

 — The changes slowly continue... by Lycandope01/31/144.35

Legal Issues Ch. 03

 — Changes continue while Lynn reconnects with Christopher. by Lycandope02/01/144.51HOT

Legal Issues Ch. 04

 — The woman's change nears completion. by Lycandope02/05/144.47

Legal Issues Ch. 05

 — Lynn finally faces her continued changes. by Lycandope02/10/144.50HOT

Legal Issues Ch. 06

 — Lynn returns to the farm to face Christopher. by Lycandope02/11/144.48

Legal Issues Ch. 07

 — The final chapter - Lynn accepts her fate. by Lycandope02/12/144.70HOT

Legend of Rasa Lukav

 — Man goes after a bloodthirsty beast, only to find his mate. by maxex545209/22/104.59HOT

Legend of the Blackfang Ch. 01

 — Lavender, salvia, and bluebells. by Sky_Wolf06/15/164.39

Legend of the Werewhooooore

 — A man finds himself cursed by the bite of a rabid whooooore! by Lycandope04/10/164.42Editor's Pick

Legendary Fisherman Ch. 01

 — A fisherman is snagged by his first catch. by jlynann03/11/154.13

Legendary Fisherman Ch. 02

 — He could bring mermaids to their knees. by jlynann03/12/154.53HOT

Legendary Fisherman Ch. 03

 — Even the ocean doesn't hold water against him. by jlynann10/01/154.45

Leprechaun's Revenge

 — Stealing a Leprechaun's gold can get you sticky sweet torture. by subwryter02/15/133.59

Let Me Drink You

 — Who better to suck a pussy than a sucker? by conrad_jet06/04/013.88

Lethe and Kematian

 — Welcome To The Shadows by FaeryaWhiterun11/30/153.17

Leviane King: A Romance Ch. 01

 — You could say...she was born to be his. by Reddestiny92109/29/134.63HOT

Lewd Dream

 — A dream of mine. Rebuilt into something weird and sexy. by mostlyintact12/22/113.90


 — Stephanie is attacked by an Incubus. by No Panty Girl11/21/053.77

Liana, Vampire Hunter Ch. 01

 — Half Succubus, Half Nephilim, All Vampire Hunter. by peaches0703/03/154.54HOT

Liar's Bench

 — Strange things happen in the hidden valleys of Appalachia. by centurea01/01/174.40

Library Loving

 — Helli anticipated another day of studying in the library. by MarzyDotes06/14/114.42

Lick The Vamp

 — Takeo tries to take down the sultry Countess Electra. by SPARTAN04707/19/174.63HOT

Lie Down in Darkness

 — Lovely young women seduced by handsome vampires. by VikingAngel10/30/114.43


 — What happens when Rashad is bitten by a wolf? by KhaoticMethod12/10/124.49

Life After Death Ch. 01

 — New vampire queen with German mixed in. by green109401/14/094.32

Life After Death Ch. 02

 — Damion and sunlight with German mixed in. by green109401/22/094.40

Life After Death Ch. 03

 — Defeating the Shade Demon King. by green109403/09/094.18

Life as a Rogue

 — A dangerous surprise! What will the wolf do? by HexGlow03/22/134.51HOT

Life as a Rogue Ch. 02

 — This just keeps getting worse!! by HexGlow04/05/134.63HOT

Life as a Rogue Ch. 03

 — You better run for your life if you can, little wolf. by HexGlow05/10/134.56HOT

Life as a Rogue Ch. 04

 — A choice and hasty decisions. by HexGlow08/01/134.58HOT

Life as a Rogue Ch. 05

 — Time’s up! by HexGlow08/09/134.62HOT

Life as a Rogue Ch. 06

 — Whose side are you on? by HexGlow11/04/134.68HOT

Life as a Rogue Ch. 07

 — Friend is like a good bra: supportive & always lifts you up. by HexGlow12/30/164.67HOT

Life as a Rogue Ch. 08

 — Not forgotten and certainly not forgiven!!! by HexGlow04/11/174.53HOT

Life as a Rogue Ch. 09

 — We are taking all necessary precautions. by HexGlow07/26/174.46

Life as a Rogue Ch. 10

 — The past beats inside him like a second heart. by HexGlow07/27/174.53HOT

Life Ch. 02

 — Rashad and Samantha, what happens next? by KhaoticMethod12/19/124.53HOT

Life Ch. 03

 — Rashad's first change and changes in Samantha's life. by KhaoticMethod01/10/134.61HOT

Life Ch. 04

 — Rashad finds a pack, what about Samantha? by KhaoticMethod01/13/134.61HOT

Life Ch. 05

 — Rashad realizes he can't be without his mate. by KhaoticMethod03/12/134.73HOT

Life Ch. 06

 — Samantha begins changing and Rashad learns bad news. by KhaoticMethod04/22/134.64HOT

Life Ch. 07

 — Rashad has the operation and theirs a pregnancy. by KhaoticMethod07/03/134.62HOT

Life is Wonderful

 — Angel must save a man's soul to earn her wings. by jack_straw06/10/064.59HOT

Life Mate Droid 2.0

 — Latest model satisfies every need. by Bakeboss05/19/103.63

Life of a Galactic Sex Slave Ch. 01

 — An Earth woman becomes a galactic sex slave. by FrostedBlade07/17/103.96

Life Under the Sea Ch. 01

 — She falls in love with a merman & gets lost at sea. by jlynann07/23/074.50HOT

Life Under the Sea Ch. 02

 — She shares a night with her merman and... by jlynann09/28/074.53HOT

Life Under the Sea Ch. 03

 — Her old life comes chasing after her. by jlynann11/23/074.53HOT

Life Under the Sea Ch. 04

 — Taking it slow. Just friends for now. by jlynann02/18/094.74HOT

Life Under the Sea Ch. 05

 — She embraces the sea with open arms... by jlynann05/06/114.67HOT

Life's Blood

 — A vampire-hunter becomes the thing he loathes most. by crow_girl2110/30/144.37

Lifes Nectar

 — A chance meeting turns into more for a vampire. by Doxx05/12/032.80

Light and Dark

 — A witch's life and love: the Beginning. by Ricrindi03/27/104.48

Light and Dark Ch. 02

 — A witch's life and love. by Ricrindi03/31/104.75HOT

Light and Dark Ch. 03

 — A witch's life and love. by Ricrindi04/06/104.75HOT

Light and Dark Ch. 04

 — Alexis and Nicklas take things a bit further and a trip. by Ricrindi04/25/104.81HOT

Like a Wolf

 — His nose leads him to find someone he really likes. by skyfury12/26/114.50HOT

Like Heaven

 — He falls in love with an angel. by americandemon03/28/03HOT

Like Much In (My) Life Ch. 01

 — A fantasy romp. by goldendragan01/29/094.61HOT

Like Much In (My) Life Ch. 02-03

 — Through the looking glass. by goldendragan02/07/094.76HOT

Like Much In (My) Life Ch. 04

 — Bedrooms and corsets. by goldendragan02/13/094.81HOT

Like Much In (My) Life Ch. 05-06

 — Marriages, princes and revelations! (oh, dear). by goldendragan03/16/094.81HOT

Like Much In (My) Life Ch. 07

 — Death and blood mixed into some pain. by goldendragan04/11/104.74HOT

Like Much In (My) Life Ch. 08

 — Some explanations, but probably more complications. by goldendragan05/30/104.82HOT

Lil Red Ridden

 — On her 18th Birthday, Red goes out and gets ridden. by RisqueMiMi03/19/164.19

Lilith Of Fire And Brimstone Ch. 01

 — A powerful demon answers Lee's final plea for help. by PlasticJane03/30/104.36

Lilith Of Fire And Brimstone Ch. 02

 — Lee is turned, reborn as the demon Lilith. by PlasticJane04/04/104.40

Lilith Of Fire And Brimstone Ch. 03

 — Lilith's depraved sexual appetite is fed for the first time. by PlasticJane04/11/104.47

Lilith Of Fire And Brimstone Ch. 04

 — Lilith's demonic body is changing. by PlasticJane04/14/104.38

Lilith Of Fire And Brimstone Ch. 05

 — Lilith eagerly accepts her master's massive reward. by PlasticJane04/18/104.44

Lilith Of Fire And Brimstone Ch. 06

 — The defilement of Sister Mary Clare. by PlasticJane04/19/104.41

Lilith Of Fire And Brimstone Ch. 07

 — Sister Mary Clare's first day as a Sex Demon. by PlasticJane04/21/104.39

Lilith Of Fire And Brimstone Ch. 08

 — Mother's visit surprises Lilith and Mary in bed. by PlasticJane04/28/104.38

Lilith Of Fire And Brimstone Ch. 09

 — Can Lilith resist her soul hunger during mother's visit? by PlasticJane05/04/104.61HOT

Lilith Of Fire And Brimstone Ch. 10

 — Sister Mary Clares church has a visit from the Bishop. by PlasticJane06/16/104.48

Lilith Of Fire and Brimstone Ch. 11

 — One battle of an eternal war as a demon is slain. by PlasticJane07/05/104.61HOT

Lilith Shorts: The Massage

 — Nessira has found a better way to feed forest nymphs. by maestro8405/19/184.44NEW

Lilith's Emporium: Awakened Ch. 01

 — Young man accidentally awakens Vampire asleep for 400 years. by maestro8404/18/184.71HOT

Lilith's Emporium: Awakened Ch. 02

 — Selena's happy reunion may not be good for Jason. by maestro8404/24/184.77HOT

Lilith's Emporium: Awakened Ch. 03

 — Things come to a head and choices are made. by maestro8404/27/184.75HOT

Lilith's Gift

 — Lonely pagan gets a Yule surprise. by Jenna_In_Dreamland11/21/034.33

Lilliana Ch. 01

 — A lonely were-woman. by Ladydead02/20/124.32

Lilliana Ch. 02

 — A surprise encounter. by Ladydead03/03/164.21

Lilliana Ch. 03

 — A new experience. by Ladydead03/04/164.46

Lilliana Ch. 04

 — A new beginning? by Ladydead03/05/164.32

Lillies Are The Flower Of Death Ch. 02

 — The first one is more like a prequel. by IntoTheMirror12/11/094.67

Lillith Ch. 00

 — Prologue: Lillith is something she doesn't quite understand yet. by AmandaFFMek06/07/094.12

Lillith Ch. 01

 — Lillith is not what she thinks she is. by AmandaFFMek06/08/094.35

Lilly's Life Gone Human Ch. 01

 — Lilly is thrown into our world as an 18 year old Wolf girl. by LoneWolfLoverGirl224411/22/133.76

Lilly's Life Gone Human Ch. 02

 — Lilly shows her real side and takes care of her friend. by LoneWolfLoverGirl224409/20/132.93

Lilly's Life Gone Human Ch. 03

 — Lilly goes to a party after being forbid to go. by LoneWolfLoverGirl224410/30/133.70

Lilly's Life Gone Human Ch. 04

 — Something bad happens, but her sister gets the love. by LoneWolfLoverGirl224411/06/134.22

Lilly's Life Gone Human Ch. 05

 — Lilly has some more fun while things go a little wrong. by LoneWolfLoverGirl224403/02/144.57

Lily in the Otherworld Pt. 01

 — Lily makes a dreadful mistake on her hen night... by zetarion01/13/184.11

Lily in the Otherworld Pt. 02

 — Lily endures her first ordeal on her journey. by zetarion01/17/184.15

Lily in the Otherworld Pt. 03

 — Lily's quest continues... by zetarion01/18/183.81

Lily in the Otherworld Pt. 04

 — Lily reaches the end of her difficult journey... by zetarion01/24/184.29

Liquid Fantasy

 — A nice bath goes a long way. by erotica_queen1201/21/043.97

Lira's Accounts Ch. 01

 — A desperate journalist takes a job to investigate alien sex. by blackjack34301/06/154.25

Lisa's Ghost

 — Hannah inherits more than a house. by HannahL01/20/024.03

Lisa's Second Chance Pt. 03

 — Lisa finds out how her first alien encounter feels. by Lisa_Sweety10/13/174.36

Lisa's Second Chance Pt. 04

 — Lisa helps her friend and ends up happy...but messy. by Lisa_Sweety10/14/174.48

Lisa's Second Chance Pt. 05

 — Lisa meets the Stormbugs and a population surge results. by Lisa_Sweety10/15/174.33

Lisa's Second Chance Pt. 06

 — Lisa helps out a newbie with a little secret. by Lisa_Sweety10/16/174.55HOT

Lisa's Second Chance Pt. 07

 — Lisa ends up in a pool of slime, taking it like a pro. by Lisa_Sweety10/18/174.54HOT

Lisa's Second Chance Pt. 08

 — Lisa has a busy two days. by Lisa_Sweety10/25/174.57HOT

Lisa's Second Chance Pt. 09

 — Lisa needs to keep her mouth shut and take it. by Lisa_Sweety11/21/174.71HOT

Lisa's Second Chance Pt. 10

 — Things change for Lisa. by Lisa_Sweety02/14/184.42

Lisa's Second Chance Pt. 11

 — Lisa has to endure another difficult day. by Lisa_Sweety02/15/184.67HOT

Lisa's Second Chance Pt. 12

 — Lisa and Martha need to put things right. by Lisa_Sweety02/16/184.75HOT

Lisa's Second Chance Pt. 13

 — Lisa makes a name for herself. by Lisa_Sweety05/10/184.68HOT

Little Crafter Ch. 01

 — The haunting of Eleanor Crafter. by Samhainchild06/12/123.90

Little Crafter Ch. 02

 — The haunting of Eleanor Crafter. by Samhainchild06/13/124.26

Little Crafter Ch. 03

 — The haunting of Eleanor Crafter. by Samhainchild06/22/124.64HOT

Little Crafter Ch. 04

 — The haunting of Eleanor Crafter. by Samhainchild06/26/124.32

Little Fuckers

 — Gremlins. The little fuckers can be a problem, but... by LesLumens09/29/174.78HOT

Little Goblins

 — Carrie attracks four little horny goblins. by Goldeniangel08/24/054.40

Little One

 — Celeste is enslaved and taken to a monster - her Master. by Madijo11/28/134.61HOT

Little Red Riding Hood

 — Little Red's summer vacation with Grandpa. by luv2flirtamswf3410/21/034.45

Little Red Riding Hood

 — Sexy re-write of the old children's tale. by gatorman02/05/044.57HOT

Little Red Riding Hood

 — Yet another erotic interpretation: Ruby and the Wolf. by WickedAngel7901/18/114.38

Little Red Riding Hood

 — The real story of Little Red Riding Hood and her wolf. by sexycelestrian05/03/124.06

Little Red Riding Hood with a Twist

 — An adult fairy tale. by HexingGirl07/18/07

Little Red Riding Whore

 — Trip to aunt's house yields pleasant surprises. by creepy_ghost02/25/014.01

Little Red...Gives Head

 — Little Red Riding Hood gets it from the Big Bad Wolf. by *Snatch10/23/014.29

Living Darkness Ch. 01

 — Natalia is attacked, ravished and then taken. by AmberSoliel10/05/094.20

Living Dolls: The Director's Cut

 — It continues. by MarshAlien09/26/074.83HOTContest Winner

Living Dreams

 — Ginger's costume is more than she expects. by dweaver99910/21/074.48

Living Heart Ch. 01

 — In a dance club, a vampire finds a woman. by cawastedyouth03/03/084.53HOT


 — Liza is visited by a mysterious Inec. by sir_marquis10/24/044.08

Locked in with a Succubus Ch. 01-02

 — Nice guy George is sent to meet the mysterious Nicole. by manyeyedhydra05/17/114.44

Locked in with a Succubus Ch. 03

 — Nicole sniffs out an embarrassing fact about George. by manyeyedhydra05/20/114.46

Locked in with a Succubus Ch. 04

 — Nicole gives George a little tour of her house of sin. by manyeyedhydra05/26/114.50HOT

Locked in with a Succubus Ch. 05

 — The key is turned. George is locked in. by manyeyedhydra05/29/114.50HOT

Locked in with a Succubus Ch. 06

 — Nicole softens George up with a sexy massage. by manyeyedhydra05/31/114.50HOT

Locked in with a Succubus Ch. 07

 — Nicole smothers George with her ass, pussy, and pheromones. by manyeyedhydra06/03/114.56HOT

Locked in with a Succubus Ch. 08

 — Enough foreplay - it's time Nicole's pussy was fed. by manyeyedhydra06/05/114.66HOT

Locked in with a Succubus Ch. 09

 — A succubus feeds . . . by manyeyedhydra06/07/114.68HOT

Locked in with a Succubus Ch. 10

 — Nicole's vagina gets a little too attached to George's penis. by manyeyedhydra06/09/114.60HOT

Locked in with a Succubus Ch. 11

 — Nicole sets George a challenge. Will he earn freedom? by manyeyedhydra06/11/114.66HOT

Locked in with a Succubus Ch. 12-13

 — "All good things must come to an end . . ." by manyeyedhydra06/12/114.71HOT

London Underground

 — The woman John meets on the train turns out to be very odd. by Middleagepoet12/03/093.85

Lonely Girl

 — Female vampire seeks out male companion. by Dar_Jisbo10/28/174.28

Lonely Halloween

 — It's just not the same without him. by greysequoia10/09/104.48

Lonely Hunter

 — Through centuries a vampire hunter walks alone or does he? by wife2hotblk08/03/094.02

Lonely in Autumn Ch. 00: Centaur - Prequel

 — A look back at Lilac's meeting with the centaur. by AutumnsBreath11/11/154.25

Lonely in Autumn Ch. 01

 — Female faun in heat. by AutumnsBreath08/25/144.14

Lonely in Autumn Ch. 02

 — Lilac finds a male faun. by AutumnsBreath07/05/154.44

Lore of the Angels Ch. 01

 — She was hired to seduce an Archangel. by Alecrire05/24/114.61HOT

Lore of the Angels Ch. 02

 — Walking back into the arms of her captor. by Alecrire05/27/114.65HOT

Lore of the Angels Ch. 03

 — Valkyrie becomes more than a prisoner to him. by Alecrire05/28/114.80HOT

Lore of the Angels Ch. 04

 — Going to war - Archangel showdown! by Alecrire05/30/114.79HOT

Lore of the Angels Ch. 05

 — Flying to the Snow Palace. by Alecrire05/31/114.82HOT

Lore of the Angels Ch. 06

 — Aria finally wakes up... by Alecrire06/04/114.83HOT

Lore of the Angels Ch. 07

 — Aria is captured; Zilarrezko flies to Europe. by Alecrire06/09/114.79HOT

Lore of the Angels Ch. 08

 — The Archangel meets Aria's siblings. by Alecrire06/10/114.84HOT

Lore of the Angels Ch. 09

 — Bringing Aria home. by Alecrire06/22/114.82HOT

Lore of the Angels Ch. 10

 — The Archangels and their personal agendas. by Alecrire06/24/114.79HOT

Lore of the Angels Ch. 11

 — Falling in love with a mortal is never easy. by Alecrire07/03/114.84HOT

Lore of the Angels Ch. 12

 — The Awakening. by Alecrire12/09/114.83HOT

Lore of the Angels Ch. 13

 — Awakening of the Water Archangel by Alecrire01/31/124.77HOT

Lore of the Angels Ch. 14

 — The final battle - moment of truth. by Alecrire12/08/144.80HOT

Loss and Remembrance

 — The best way to move on is to get off. by MJ1007/17/134.30


 — A kitties tale continues. by SrahFox06/25/134.75HOT

Lost & Found

 — He tried to set her free, but there is no release for her. by ShannonBlackwater05/17/174.58HOT

Lost and Found

 — Her inner beast is released by Him. by Naknstein10/06/054.52HOT

Lost and Found

 — Which is beastly, and which is manly? by honeyblondenymph01/10/124.08

Lost In Sin

 — No one is free from sin; some just do it better than others. by nawtyangel_1310/31/014.08

Louise Ch. 12

 — Getting ready for a wedding. by kalamazoo70708/25/124.87HOT

Loups Garuo

 — She's taken by something unnatural. by Kukulkans_slave11/27/073.23

Lovable, Beautiful Ch. 01

 — Amanda's life is about to change. Big time. by StephanieFreedom12/14/124.31

Lovable, Beautiful Ch. 02

 — Amanda is confused by how Kristin makes her feel. by StephanieFreedom12/22/124.64HOT

Lovable, Beautiful Ch. 03

 — Is she falling? by StephanieFreedom05/15/134.58HOT

Love & Lust

 — A vampire has an appetite for a young girl. by Puuuuurr11/04/043.81

Love Among the Headstones Ch. 3

 — He discovers Claryssa's secret. by Bacomicfan12/07/004.30

Love as a Form of Binding Ch. 01

 — A female demon escapes her servitude. by TaLtos607/19/114.61HOT

Love as a Form of Binding Ch. 02

 — She needed the crash course - in crashing. by TaLtos607/29/114.70HOT

Love as a Form of Binding Ch. 03

 — What do female demons eat? People? by TaLtos607/30/114.74HOT

Love as a Form of Binding Ch. 04

 — He had a demon girl in his bed, and STILL there's rules. by TaLtos607/31/114.81HOT

Love as a Form of Binding Ch. 05

 — He'll need more candles - and fire insurance. by TaLtos608/03/114.81HOT

Love as a Form of Binding Ch. 06

 — He's got a bed and a sofa. No, she wants the floor. by TaLtos608/04/114.82HOT

Love as a Form of Binding Ch. 07

 — You think YOUR mother-in-law is a demon? by TaLtos608/17/114.83HOT

Love as a Form of Binding Ch. 08

 — Toby learns to love his second consort. by TaLtos612/15/114.80HOT

Love as a Form of Binding Ch. 09

 — The 3rd sister's offer, and Zele finds a pet.. by TaLtos612/24/114.79HOT

Love as a Form of Binding Ch. 10

 — 5 demons, 2 demonlords, Zele, & no partridge in a pear tree. by TaLtos612/25/114.78HOT

Love as a Form of Binding Ch. 11

 — Some demons are omnisexual. Most can't even spell it. by TaLtos612/30/114.78HOT

Love as a Form of Binding Ch. 12

 — Lord Tobias' first conquest & the quiet mercy of Zele. by TaLtos601/03/124.82HOT

Love as a Form of Binding Ch. 13

 — Zele shares and learns a new way to fight. by TaLtos601/07/124.80HOT

Love as a Form of Binding Ch. 14

 — War on the horizon. Sharon meets demons, Tereth finds Hell. by TaLtos603/20/124.76HOT

Love as a Form of Binding Ch. 15

 — Sometimes a boy needs just a little help. by TaLtos604/01/124.80HOT

Love as a Form of Binding Ch. 16

 — Maezou saves a love. by TaLtos604/05/124.76HOT

Love as a Form of Binding Ch. 17

 — Finding food for the legions & the tribulations of Tereth. by TaLtos604/14/124.77HOT

Love as a Form of Binding Ch. 18

 — The Gentle Charm of Gortruk the Slayer. by TaLtos604/16/124.73HOT

Love as a Form of Binding Ch. 19

 — The Dance & the Laughter in the Dark. by TaLtos604/23/124.81HOT

Love as a Form of Binding Ch. 20

 — Even for demons, there can be awkward moments. by TaLtos607/22/134.81HOT

Love As The Darker Binding Ch. 01

 — A demonlord broods over what was taken from him. by TaLtos603/20/144.56HOT

Love As The Darker Binding Ch. 02

 — Carrie's surprise & Abi's rewarding hobby. by TaLtos603/22/144.71HOT

Love As The Darker Binding Ch. 03

 — The Pilots, part 1 - The demonlord makes his offer to Imogen by TaLtos603/24/144.85HOT

Love As The Darker Binding Ch. 04

 — The Pilots, part two. Underneath that fur, ... Oh man. by TaLtos603/25/144.84HOT

Love As The Darker Binding Ch. 05

 — Techs, part 1. Pob's fixation & Reed's worst day by TaLtos603/26/144.80HOT

Love As The Darker Binding Ch. 06

 — Techs Part Two - I've got just the parts you need. by TaLtos603/28/144.87HOT

Love As The Darker Binding Ch. 07

 — Demonic female laughter rang through the dark woods by TaLtos603/30/144.84HOT

Love As The Darker Binding Ch. 08

 — "We share or I'll kill you" & "Can I be in your club, huh?" by TaLtos604/02/144.84HOT

Love As The Darker Binding Ch. 09

 — "Sebastian" & "Do what he told you to do". by TaLtos604/08/144.86HOT

Love As The Darker Binding Ch. 10

 — Carrie finds a... uh ... boy ... um ... friend. by TaLtos604/11/144.89HOT

Love As The Darker Binding Ch. 11

 — Riders 1 Poor girls on the way to being the deadly widows by TaLtos604/14/144.76HOT

Love As The Darker Binding Ch. 12

 — The Riders and the Hunters. by TaLtos604/23/144.88HOT

Love At First Bite?

 — Sexy vampire seduces sweet virgin. by sachiaiko10/23/024.62HOTContest Winner

Love at Last Ch. 01-02

 — Little did she know he could read every thought. by Arabic_Beauty2209/17/134.38

Love at Last Ch. 03-05

 — She was becoming more comfortable with him... by Arabic_Beauty2209/28/134.58HOT

Love at Silver Coast a Beach

 — A heartbroken young man finds love with a strange creature. by DrSpidey03/27/154.19

Love Awakened

 — Two of Santa's elves find love this Christmas. by ZenJinni11/19/124.15

Love Between the Pole

 — She makes a deal. by HushRose06/28/124.32

Love Bites

 — Dina finds unexpected pleasure when car breaks down. by Ladyblueyez08/23/013.62

Love Bites

 — Clint will learn just how hard love can bite. by Miserys Angel12/09/034.18

Love Bites

 — and she thought that she would never find her mate. by Lioness_Queen03/18/104.40

Love Bites Ch. 01-06

 — The whole story so far. by Lioness_Queen10/25/104.49

Love Bites Ch. 02

 — is it love or just a happy coincidence? by Lioness_Queen03/21/104.41

Love Bites Ch. 03

 — Will she accept his love? by Lioness_Queen05/01/104.22

Love Bites Ch. 04

 — Time to meet the family oh goodie. by Lioness_Queen07/04/104.45

Love Bites Ch. 05

 — A fight and a truce. by Lioness_Queen07/05/104.43

Love Bites Ch. 06

 — Andreyah's past revealed. by Lioness_Queen09/23/104.45

Love Bites Ch. 07

 — The truth and nothing but. by Lioness_Queen03/11/114.47

Love Bites Ch. 08

 — Matings, Healing, and Surprises. by Lioness_Queen08/30/134.56HOT

Love Bites Ch. 09

 — Finally some answers. by Lioness_Queen08/31/134.58HOT

Love Bites Ch. 10

 — Shocker! by Lioness_Queen09/03/134.46

Love Conquers All Pt. 01

 — Superstitions and reality collide. by subdued_passion05/28/144.77HOT

Love Conquers All Succubi

 — You rescue a succubus from the Order's bigotry. by SPARTAN04704/16/174.11

Love from a Vampire

 — Miranda gets the bite of her life. by The Humps05/17/014.14

Love In Two Realms

 — Fae royalty helps bisexual Faes be together forever. by 3158NastyTeacher02/24/093.94

Love In Two Realms Ch. 02

 — Fae woman changes mortal husband to Fae. by 3158NastyTeacher03/01/094.44

Love Knows no Boundaries

 — An erotic fairy tale. by corinnagirl11/22/084.48

Love Lust and More

 — A relationship blossoms between a lady and a mystery Vampire. by desirevamp04/30/10

Love My Castle

 — Vamp teacher makes her heart flutter! by willieone03/03/114.28

Love of a Leader

 — Family of werewolves deal with love and loss. by chillchica1903/05/09

Love of an Angel Ch. 01

 — Has he found his saving grace? by moonlitmorning10/09/074.58HOT

Love or Duty Ch. 01-02

 — Will she get the ending she wants or needs? by ellabella248905/25/174.00

Love or Lust Ch. 01

 — Angels and demons with a secret mission. by SciFurz03/12/164.53HOT

Love or Lust Ch. 02

 — Friends meet friends and become friends. by SciFurz03/30/164.65HOT

Love or Lust Ch. 03

 — Friends meet someone who learns an important lesson. by SciFurz04/12/164.60HOT

Love or Lust Ch. 04

 — Assignments turn into dates. by SciFurz01/25/174.88HOT

Love Potion Number 9

 — Enchanted lovers reunite. by badlyfrozen02/05/114.39

Love Renewed

 — A Dragon King claims his Queen. by Draconia6908/12/054.04

Love Spell

 — Witch places spell on her heart's desire. by Rescue32505/30/034.43

Love That Never Dies

 — A scientist's discovery of life after death. by crypticravings08/09/034.20

Love To Die For

 — An erotic ghost story. by penncd02/20/034.49

Love with a Bite

 — Sometimes, love can have fangs. by Aisla12/19/034.36

Love With A Werewolf

 — As a wolf, Richard is a great lover. by Boxlicker10102/28/054.48

Love You to Death

 — A vampire and a witch get it on, by Kaneslady03/25/023.83

Love's Destruction Ch. 01

 — Lost hope. by watwordscantdescribe01/31/124.33

Love's Destruction Ch. 02

 —  A whole lotta trouble! by watwordscantdescribe02/03/124.23

Love's Return

 — Ghost's soul mate returns. by wildcat1971_200007/28/034.71HOT

Love's Triumph: Deep Affection

 — Genevieve finds love, but is it worth it? by Iread2relax10/14/164.70HOT

Love's Triumph: Silver Linings

 — The love story of a life time. by Iread2relax06/01/164.72HOT

Love, Be-Were! Ch. 01

 — For an Alpha Were-rabbit, duty cums before pleasure... by Mistress_of_Shadows06/05/134.74HOT

Love, Be-Were! Ch. 02

 — In a Were-rabbit colony, duty cannot be denied. by Mistress_of_Shadows07/01/134.82HOT

Love, Be-Were! Ch. 03

 — What happens between Were-rabbits stays between Were-rabbits by Mistress_of_Shadows10/28/134.83HOT

Loved By a Satyr

 — Natasha discovers what love is like in a flock. by sinagainChris1210/03/174.84HOT

Loved by the Devil: Beginnings

 — Single woman seduced by the Devil. by kbrown06/13/054.56HOT

Lovely Miss Fox and Coyote

 — Vixen in heat finds a mate where she least expects it. by LMFranklin2007/04/134.41

Lover's Kiss

 — Rebekah tries to return home. by JStevenson08/07/013.59

Lovers at Sea

 — She gets impregnated by a merman. by hated_destiny06/08/043.97

Lovers' Oath

 — Life took a 'parallel' turn she never knew existed. by FantasticFantasies05/12/104.53HOT

Lovers' Oath Ch. 02

 — Threats and Lazy Explorations. by FantasticFantasies05/26/104.69HOT

Lovers' Oath Ch. 03

 — To Be or Not To Be, That Is The Question. by FantasticFantasies06/17/104.67HOT

Lovers' Oath Ch. 04

 — The History, The Decision, and The Bloody Pearls. by FantasticFantasies07/10/104.70HOT

Lovers' Oath Ch. 05

 — Seductions, heartbreaks and a sacrifice. by FantasticFantasies09/30/104.72HOT

Lovers' Oath Ch. 06

 — A friend in need, a friend indeed. by FantasticFantasies12/19/104.82HOT

Lovers' Oath Ch. 07

 — Transformations and Traitors. by FantasticFantasies02/09/114.79HOT

Lovers' Oath Ch. 08

 — Dreams and Destiny. by FantasticFantasies06/04/114.81HOT

Lovers' Oath Ch. 09

 — It's Rayning Kisses and surprises. by FantasticFantasies11/27/114.73HOT

Loving Death Ch. 02

 — Vampire seduces newly betrothed innocent. by Julirose12/25/023.93

Loving Omega 2114

 — What can I say? I’m not proud of it, she was simply too... by SunrockSin01/01/093.55

Loving Silver Eyes Ch. 01

 — Love can never be simple. by marie_fantasy02/18/114.53HOT

Loving Silver Eyes Ch. 02

 — Love can never be simple. by marie_fantasy02/22/114.56HOT

Loving Silver Eyes Ch. 03

 — Love can never be simple. by marie_fantasy02/27/114.58HOT

Loving Silver Eyes Ch. 04

 — Love can never be simple. by marie_fantasy03/03/114.60HOT

Loving Silver Eyes Ch. 05

 — Love can never be simple. by marie_fantasy03/08/114.66HOT

Loving Silver Eyes Ch. 06

 — Love can never be simple. by marie_fantasy03/18/114.65HOT

Loving Silver Eyes Ch. 07

 — Love can never be simple. by marie_fantasy04/05/114.67HOT

Loving Silver Eyes Ch. 08

 — Love can never be simple. by marie_fantasy11/17/114.67HOT

Loving Silver Eyes Ch. 09

 — Love can never be simple. by marie_fantasy01/12/124.60HOT

Loving Silver Eyes Ch. 10

 — Love can never be simple. by marie_fantasy01/23/124.61HOT

Loving the Alpha Ch. 01

 — Kat must learn to love her new mate. The Alpha. But can she? by LadyJay9503/28/174.40

Loving the Alpha Ch. 02

 — Kat and Jake finally come to an agreement. by LadyJay9504/21/174.57HOT

Loving the Alpha Ch. 03

 — Kat finally says the words. by LadyJay9505/02/174.52HOT


 — A sexy MILF gets oiled and changed. by PrevertOne08/05/114.29

Lucian... Ch. 01

 — Lucian gets bored and goes up top. by lovewords03/02/144.21

Lucid Dreams for Lust

 — Call girl pleases multiple plant shafts. by sex slave02/17/063.94

Lucifer Versus You: Who Wins?

 — The Devil looks at Jews, Christians and Muslims. by Samuelx03/24/123.04

Lucifer's Angel

 — Lucifer's Angel comes to earth to claim a soul. by Samuelx10/30/112.67

Lucifer's Angel Falls in Love

 — Black Angel falls in love with white lady in Boston. by Samuelx10/21/113.59

Lucifer's Angel: Kicking Ass

 — Biracial street fighter becomes Lucifer's Angel. by Samuelx03/16/123.91

Lucifer's Angel: Lebanese Girl

 — Lebanese Christian woman dates Lucifer. by Samuelx06/17/121.60

Lucifer's Final Redemption

 — Lucifer battles angels and demons to save mankind. by Samuelx05/06/133.09

Lucifer's Little fun

 — Lord lucifer learns how to please his new wife. by flash2cute05/21/104.24

Lucifer: I Apologize To You

 — Lucifer apologizes to mankind for what he's done. by Samuelx05/19/123.35

Lucifer: I'm Sorry For Everything

 — A look inside the mind of a fallen angel. by Samuelx02/10/133.58

Luck of the Irish

 — A Leprechaun contemplates sex with a Fairy. by TicklingQuill03/18/094.35

Lucky Duck

 — A wild encounter, but is it the only going on? by ms.read01/24/084.05

Lucky Duck Au Deux

 — She's attacked by werewolves and saved by her best friend. by ms.read07/12/084.09

Lucren Ch. 00

 — Prologue: half demon Lucren has been sold as a slave. by Stravagante01/13/114.30

Lucren Ch. 01

 — Lucren meets his new master. by Stravagante01/19/114.33

Lucren Ch. 02

 — Lucren is fucked by Marcus. by Stravagante01/20/114.40

Lucy's Friend

 — The night Lucy's friend came to visit. by HornyHuman06/01/143.92

Luftwaffe Wolf Ch. 01

 — A German officer is not what he seems. by ladyofdark198110/13/104.38

Luftwaffe Wolf Ch. 02

 — Lissia catches Vulferam's eye, and vice versa. by ladyofdark198110/29/104.66HOT

Luftwaffe Wolf Ch. 03

 — Desires recognised and the major goes flying. by ladyofdark198111/11/104.68HOT

Luftwaffe Wolf Ch. 04

 — The cellar is ready. by ladyofdark198101/25/114.75HOT

Luftwaffe Wolf Ch. 05

 — Vulferam is an animal. by ladyofdark198106/22/114.81HOT

Luftwaffe Wolf Ch. 06

 — A forced departure. by ladyofdark198106/28/124.61HOT

Luna's Angel Ch. 01-06

 — Luna looks upon her people and is not pleased. by partwolf08/14/174.82HOT

Luna's Angel Ch. 07-12

 — Battle of Good and Evil. by partwolf08/22/174.73HOT

Luna's Angel Ch. 13-16

 — Revelations. by partwolf08/31/174.82HOT

Luna's Angel Ch. 17-21

 — Family Time. by partwolf09/20/174.82HOT

Luna's Angel Ch. 22-24

 — New Pack, and Unexpected Problems. by partwolf10/02/174.80HOT

Luna's Angel Ch. 25-Conclusion

 — Upon Further Review... by partwolf10/12/174.77HOT

Luna's Gift Ch. 01

 — Jake receives a gift. by whimsical_wishing08/19/114.58HOT

Luna's Gift Ch. 02

 — The gift. by whimsical_wishing09/03/114.70HOT

Luna's Gift Ch. 03

 — An understanding. by whimsical_wishing11/30/114.61HOT

Lunar Bachelorette

 — A woman about to be married gets tossed into the paranormal. by HopelesslyAddicted02/16/174.61HOT

Lunar Dance Ch. 01-02

 — Demir meets Jozlyn. by sensanin04/13/134.51HOT

Lunar Dance Ch. 03-04

 — Demir is serious but Jozlyn runs, meet Matt and Kayla. by sensanin04/14/134.63HOT

Lunar Dance Ch. 05

 — Matt and Kayla "talk" and Jozlyn meets Demir's other half. by sensanin06/06/124.62HOT

Lunar Dance Ch. 06

 — Meet Nyyrikki and meet Tabiti. by sensanin04/15/134.69HOT

Lunar Dance Ch. 07

 — Tabiti creates her army, Demir proposes to Jozlyn. by sensanin12/06/124.68HOT

Lunar Dance Ch. 08

 — Demir makes the choice to fight. by sensanin01/11/134.63HOT

Lunar Dance Ch. 09

 — Demir fights. by sensanin01/12/134.65HOT

Lunar Dance Ch. 10

 — Jozlyn, Nyyrikki, Matt and Kayla. by sensanin01/13/134.62HOT

Lunar Dance Ch. 11

 — Strategies and Secrets. by sensanin01/14/134.67HOT

Lunar Dance Ch. 12

 — All the women tie up loose ends. by sensanin01/15/134.65HOT

Lunar Dance Ch. 13

 — Let's get ready to rumble. by sensanin01/16/134.59HOT

Lunar Dance Ch. 14

 — The end of Jozlyn and Demir. by sensanin01/30/134.66HOT

Lupine Mountain Ch. 01

 — Darla's walk turns up some strange wolves. by wiccanluvr198805/18/074.40

Lupine Mountain Ch. 02

 — Darla's adventure continues with new friends. by wiccanluvr198806/15/074.44

Lupine Mountain Ch. 03

 — Darla gets some things explained to her. by wiccanluvr198802/03/104.53HOT

Lupine Mountain Ch. 04

 — Closer encounters. by wiccanluvr198802/04/104.55HOT

Lupine Mountain Ch. 05

 — Darla meets some new people! by wiccanluvr198806/05/104.42

Lupine Mountain Ch. 06

 — A fight with a twist by wiccanluvr198803/01/124.51HOT

Lure Bright and Dark

 — A wildlife photographer finds more than she bargained for. by AshleyHudson02/09/163.93


 — She seeks stallions to sate her lusts... by AmethystMare11/03/174.19

Lust and Bloodlust

 — He left her hot and heavy one too many times. by angelofdest12/30/134.43

Lust on Haunted Hill

 — Couple has a tryst in haunted house. by Bacomicfan01/06/024.52HOT

Lust on Haunted Hill Ch. 2

 — Tryst in haunted house has ghostly consequences. by Bacomicfan01/23/024.67HOT

Lust on the Beach

 — A cat-girl goes out to the beach, and meets a nice stranger. by Vioan10/07/114.51HOT

Lustful Summoning Ch. 01

 — Desperate man calls on a demon to settle his desire. by mjm20203611/25/014.40

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