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Friends and Foes Ch. 06

 — Trying to build some trust. by ingarlm03/29/094.72HOT

Friends and Foes Ch. 08

 — New information comes to light, but does it help? by ingarlm04/11/094.76HOT

Friends and Foes Ch. 09

 — A diversion. by ingarlm04/18/094.72HOT

Friends and Foes Ch. 10

 — Can they find the captives? by ingarlm04/19/094.74HOT

Friends and Foes Ch. 11

 — Family secrets revealed. by ingarlm04/25/094.77HOT

Friends and Foes Ch. 12

 — The rescue mission. by ingarlm04/30/094.84HOT

Friends Forever

 — Anon loves and loses a childhood friend. by SPARTAN04707/20/173.16


 — He came with the night wind, an arctic front descending... by Kaishaku01/12/114.22

From Another Place Ch. 01

 — A very different visitor arrives. by soroborn12/13/114.34

From Another Place Ch. 02

 — Is she achieving her objective? Or... by soroborn12/14/114.49

From Another Place Ch. 03

 — Sally comes to visit. by soroborn12/15/114.67HOT

From Another Place Ch. 04

 — Amy experiences a conflict. by soroborn12/16/114.66HOT

From Another Place Ch. 05

 — Amy makes a decision. by soroborn12/21/114.70HOT

From Another Place Ch. 06

 — Nearly at their destination... by soroborn12/22/114.75HOT

From Another Place Ch. 07

 — They reach their destination. by soroborn12/23/114.59HOT

From Another Place Ch. 08

 — A confrontation. by soroborn12/27/114.58HOT

From Misery To Slavery

 — Alexia needs to escape but is she rushing into things? by MissTippi08/23/124.30

From Sinners and Saints

 — A story of love, lust, and blood. by tasunke07/27/094.05

From Terra Ch. 06

 — Chryssa has a chance meeting with the Licken Lord. by Goldeniangel08/14/144.76HOT

From the Blood of the Wolf Ch. 05

 — Anna gives Mitch the gift she can only give once. by LL_Timber04/15/124.65HOT

From the Moon - Deleted Scenes Pt. 01

 — Alien cat race on Earth, playing games with the humans. by ArcanumVeritas08/09/184.17

From the Other Side

 — Gemini meets her life mates. by GemmriSoto12/06/154.66HOT

From Wimp To Pimp

 — He summons a devil and forever changes his life. by JackTheCrackAttack05/04/154.81HOT

Frosty The Horny Snowman

 — A woman comes home from work to find a mysterious snowman. by Mistersausage11/17/144.18

Frozen Fire

 — A starving vampire loses control of her prey. by Artemis0311/04/083.45

Frozen Hearts

 — Mark is taken to the frozen home of a literal Ice Queen... by Myrph09/05/184.53HOT

Fruit Fly in the Pie

 —  by tnortham336605/28/143.58

Fruit of the Dogwood Tree

 — Visiting a deserted island can be interesting! by pacifist91w12/19/154.48

Fuck Hell. Staring Tiffany Ch. 01

 — After Tiffany read the signs she starts to float. by Slambeasty07/13/111.92

Fuck, Fight, Fall

 — There are things we should not meet. by Lumus01/11/122.49


 — A woman enjoys foreplay with her android lover. by Scott_Harper08/08/084.06

Fucking Cyber

 — While cybering, he noticed something about his computer. by Decayed Angel11/12/063.55

Fucking Machine

 — A machine built for pleasure. by Otto2602/24/073.95


 — Thursday - Jo's party ends and the next day. by KemMyst10/22/114.72HOT

Fulfillment 02

 — Friday and Saturday - last day of the gathering. by KemMyst11/01/114.71HOT

Fulfillment 03

 — Saturday through Tuesday - after the gathering. by KemMyst11/12/114.76HOT

Fulfillment 04

 — Wed, Thurs, Fri - the Ross wolf, Erich and Madeline. by KemMyst11/25/114.69HOT

Fulfillment 05

 — Second Base and the Full Moon. by KemMyst12/27/114.70HOT

Fulfillment 06

 — Letting go and going away. by KemMyst01/31/124.67HOT

Fulfillment 07

 — The Talk and Joanna's Exploration. by KemMyst03/02/124.72HOT

Fulfillment 08

 — Progression of things. by KemMyst04/05/124.73HOT

Fulfillment 09

 — He was finally going to be rid of the bitch. by KemMyst04/15/124.74HOT

Fulfillment 10

 — What to do and All the way. by KemMyst05/06/124.74HOT

Fulfillment 11

 — Ross is dead, Trying to recover. by KemMyst05/17/124.67HOT

Fulfillment 12

 — Sampson's admission, a mating, Stephanie's story. by KemMyst06/08/124.67HOT

Fulfillment 13

 — Newlyweds and Stephanie sleeps over. by KemMyst08/01/124.74HOT

Fulfillment 14

 — Lingerie shopping, after dinner, another overnight. by KemMyst08/12/124.67HOT

Fulfillment 15

 — Punishment and discussion of possibilities. by KemMyst08/24/124.75HOT

Fulfillment 16

 — A first heat, get out and don't come back, pleasure. by KemMyst09/13/124.74HOT

Fulfillment 17

 — Aftermath, rules about gifts, other lessons. by KemMyst10/04/124.72HOT

Fulfillment 18

 — Stephanie goes further and a night out. by KemMyst10/22/124.77HOT

Fulfillment 19

 — Jo's heat, troubles at Ross, and Wyeth, the ending. by KemMyst11/03/124.84HOT

Full Interface

 — Data gives input to the Enterprise. by Henry D. Rinehart11/03/004.30

Full Moon

 — A vampire walks alone, or do they? by Lady Lilith02/02/044.32

Full Moon Ch. 02

 — A Vampire and a Werewolf meet. by Lady Lilith02/04/044.53HOT

Full Moon Fun

 — Werewolf couple Jennifer and Devin have fun at the full moon. by SpotWolf12/26/174.57HOT

Full Moon Heat

 — A werewolf's boyfriend takes care of her. by FingerFuckinFieri04/08/184.53HOT

Full Moon Lover

 — It started out as a strangled moan. by stolenbunny257202/10/06HOT

Full Moon Lover Ch. 02

 — Val and Max have a morning after. by stolenbunny257206/12/06

Full Moon Lover Ch. 03

 — Val runs into trouble. by stolenbunny257204/08/07

Full Moon Rising

 — Lonely werewolf spies his princess. by MorganHawke08/17/004.59HOTEditor's Pick

Full Moon Rising

 — When full moon rises, her lover is something else. by Goldeniangel03/13/064.45

Full Moon Rising

 — A naive maiden stumbles into the lair of a werewolf... by PrettyKittyKaty03/01/164.66HOT

Full Moon Temptation Ch. 01-04

 — Carrie needs to be alone, but will she stay alone? by kelkel7905/20/094.25

Full Moon Visitor

 — She knew not what he was, only that he pleased her. by Bakeboss08/28/104.23

Full Moons Wish

 — Fantasy: a mysterious device transforms a man's pet. by Deikin03/06/104.67HOT

Fun With the Undead One

 — An unexpected encounter with the dark prince. by luscioushoney6908/22/044.32

Fur And Fangs

 — A feline woman gets picked up by a mysterious stranger. by ArmyPandora10/09/084.27

Fur Fever Ch. 01

 — A virus infects a young woman forever transforming her. by blackjack808/06/164.38

Fur Fever Ch. 02

 — The virus is spreading. by blackjack809/12/164.68HOT

Fur Fever Ch. 03

 — The virus spreads and infects three unsuspecting cops by blackjack801/04/174.07

Fur Fever Ch. 04

 — Mike slowly becomes the next victim of the fever. by blackjack801/05/174.33

Fur Fever Ch. 05

 — Jacob fights the fever and makes a new friend. by blackjack805/17/174.24

Fur Fever Ch. 06

 — Jacob succumbs while Flynn awaits the results of his tests. by blackjack806/09/174.62HOT

Fur, Fun, & New Year's

 — A lonesome catgirl finds love on New Year's Eve. by Vaito09/02/044.56HOT


 — Let loose your inner animal. by Ashson09/07/134.21

Furry Hills Crescent Ch. 01

 — Nothing will ever be the same after 18th birthday. by MaxingMollz04/24/154.43

Furry Hills Crescent Ch. 02

 — Getting the truth or some of it. by MaxingMollz04/30/154.44

Furry Knight Ch. 01

 — Redo of old story from an old profile - "Knight in Shining.." by lovedreamer0203/08/164.48


 — A mutant falls for a sex worker. by AlinaX04/18/184.52HOT

Futacat: Tiffany Claw

 — Dala just can't get enough. by AlinaX04/22/184.39

Future Encounters Ch. 01

 — Sequel to "A Chance Encounter". by blackjack803/31/174.46

Future Encounters Ch. 02

 — When the dog's away, the cat will play. by blackjack806/10/174.71HOT

Future Encounters Ch. 03

 — Roses are red, foxes are clever... by blackjack810/08/174.50HOT


 — Gabriel and Alyssa hunt. by ~justin12/14/003.74

Gaea's Embrace

 — A young archeologist finds love in the embrace of the earth. by catdragon04/07/034.35

Gaia's Brightest Star

 — Mother Earth is seduced and comforted by her Brightest Star. by SiriusDivine09/01/16

Gaian Theory

 — Mother Earth has had enough; now it's her turn! by Athena_e1910/16/063.94

Gail and Darian Ch. 01

 — Strangers meet, this is their story. by LateNightReader12106/16/134.47

Gail and Darian Ch. 02

 — She can’t keep her mind off the mysterious sexy Werecat. by LateNightReader12108/15/134.53HOT

Galactic Spring Break

 — Sci-fi casual sex. Scarlett gets webbed, Minami does a hutt. by CrashedCoarseRaver01/06/174.51HOT

Game of Cat and Mouse

 — Heated romance between a cat and mouse by Charrio08/27/074.27

Game of Power Ch. 01

 — Alpha Female is mated to an arguable candidate. by ChelseaTay04/02/144.67HOT

Game of Power Ch. 02

 — Alpha Female is having a hard time accepting her new mate. by ChelseaTay05/08/144.69HOT

Game of Power Ch. 03

 — Alpha Female prepares to reluctantly leave home. by ChelseaTay04/24/154.66HOT

Game of Power Ch. 04

 — Alpha Female travels with her mate to his home. by ChelseaTay05/20/164.69HOT

Garden of Hellish Delights Ch. 01

 — Overly affectionate plant takes advantage of lost warlock. by bobsamade11/18/094.53HOT

Garden of Hellish Delights Ch. 02

 — John samples a flavour of the unending pleasure of nectar. by bobsamade11/26/094.60HOT

Garden of Hellish Delights Ch. 03

 — You should NEVER spurn an indecent proposal from a succubus. by bobsamade12/27/094.62HOT

Garden of Hellish Delights Ch. 04

 — Prison's nice, but a hot tub turns out to be nicer. by bobsamade12/30/094.55HOT

Garden of Hellish Delights Ch. 05

 — Being served AS breakfast is the best way to start the day. by bobsamade01/10/104.66HOT

Garden of Hellish Delights Ch. 06

 — John gets hard after an encounter with fairies. by bobsamade02/07/104.56HOT

Garden of Hellish Delights Ch. 07

 — The joys of becoming plant food-want to or not. by bobsamade04/15/104.65HOT

Garden of Hellish Delights Ch. 08

 — Soothing one's pains and learning of the evils of television. by bobsamade06/07/104.62HOT

Garden of Hellish Delights Ch. 09

 — John gets a bit tied up trying to find his way home. by bobsamade11/01/104.72HOT

Garden of Hellish Delights Ch. 10

 — Conclusion: Just why hasn't John fought back? by bobsamade03/14/114.68HOT

Garden Party

 — Lacey unwittingly becomes a full-time gardener. by naughtybabygirl01/10/094.24


 — Dominion vs defiance. Gargoyles challenge. by merryweather02/03/124.66HOT

Gargouille Ch. 02

 — Planned trip & broken betrothal. by merryweather04/22/114.51HOT

Gargouille Ch. 03

 — Scotland, Hogmonay and gargoyles elation. by merryweather06/13/114.70HOT

Gargouille Ch. 04

 — Bold defiance & gargoyles desire for dominance. by merryweather08/21/114.73HOT

Gargouille Ch. 05

 — Dominion vs defiance. Gargoyles challenge. by merryweather02/07/124.67HOT

Gargouille Ch. 06

 — An enemy resurfaces; their mate is in danger; Gargoyles' wrath. by merryweather07/05/124.60HOT

Gargouille Ch. 07

 — Their mate requires answers; Gargoyle's frustration. by merryweather02/16/134.65HOT

Gargouille Ch. 08

 — So much secrets & misunderstanding-Gargoyles frustration. by merryweather02/21/144.68HOT

Gargoyle Gang Bang

 — Maiden ravished by gargoyles in the woods. by wanting2bfreed10/14/184.27


 — Stone demon tries to awaken her lover. by Max2701/25/024.25

Gemma's Garage

 — A girl discovers the true power of nature. by ShelleyWingco05/12/144.53HOT

Gender Swapped Spots

 — A cheetah and a clouded leopard swap roles... by AmethystMare11/03/174.55HOT

Genesis of the Succubus Ch. 2

 — Virgin is seduced further into darkness. by virginartist08/16/014.03

Genesis of the Succubus Ch. 3

 — Rina willingly submits to her seduction. by virginartist09/05/014.38

Genesis of the Succubus Ch. 4

 — The Succubus is born. by virginartist09/24/014.53HOT

Genevieve's Arousing Encounters

 — Genevieve goes hiking in the swamp and strays off the trail. by dreamscaper9606/10/163.73

Genie In My Bottle Ch. 01

 — A girl meets a genie. by jessy1901/14/044.60HOT

Genie In My Bottle Ch. 02

 — Gene plans to get Marissa and Dylan together. by jessy1901/20/044.72HOT

Genie In My Bottle Ch. 03

 — Marissa realizes her true feelings. by jessy1902/08/044.60HOT

Genie In My Bottle Ch. 04

 — Everything is in its right place. by jessy1902/18/044.71HOT

Genie Out of the Lamp

 — Modern Genie uses housewife for his pleasure. by Bakeboss03/29/103.80

GenLink Ch. 01: A Giant Problem

 — A larger than life VR fantasy. by pikachupoker09/01/184.00

Gentle Giant

 — A pent-up half-Giant finds relief with a lady of the night. by vixxxx03/16/12HOT

Gentle Giant Ch. 02

 — The half-Giant becomes an employee of the whorehouse. by vixxxx03/20/12HOT

Getting to Know the New Neighbors

 — Ray and Donna are surprised by their new neighbors. by Drakon6605/21/174.39


 — She's seduced by a ghost. by Balaak03/09/054.56HOT


 — My love is stronger than death. by Lucy1970Harker10/12/114.09

Ghost Ch. 02

 — Part 2 of a 3-part ghost story. by Balaak08/27/064.53HOT

Ghost Ch. 03

 — Part 3 of the 3-part Ghost Story. by Balaak08/28/064.27

Ghost in the Graveyard

 — Young man comforts a sad young girl. by ericthebard11/13/044.38

Ghost In The Machine

 — New computer gives coed more than she imagined. by GoddessKaren04/21/024.35

Ghost Lover

 — Witch's murdered husband returns for last night. by Paul Yearwood04/05/024.07

Ghost Lover

 — He buys a home and inherits a ghost. by Pdogg013010/22/044.48

Ghost Lover

 — I love this old house! by bassbelly11/01/074.42

Ghost Lover

 — A seance may have let an insatiable ghost into a man's life. by ErotickWriter05/23/134.62HOT

Ghost of a Chance

 — When you die a virgin & come back as a ghost. by LesLumens10/03/074.56HOT

Ghost of a Chance

 — Fucking spirits won't leave her alone. by Hypoxia02/03/153.95

Ghost Romp

 — A college girl has a interesting halloween night.. by Spicyrose2110/21/113.57

Ghost Stories

 — A cat's meow. by capnmitch03/08/034.06

Ghost Story

 — Innocent is sudeced by the ghost of an 18 yr old boy. by charmingdimples03/31/094.01

Ghost Train

 — A young girl takes the ride of her life. by just 4 fun04/06/084.32

Ghostlover Ch. 00

 — The memories of a lady who loved both husband & ghosts. by Tarbut09/27/083.64

Ghostly Cuckold

 — A well hung spectre enters our lives, and my wife. by 09cutter01/19/164.30

Ghostly Encounter

 — Becky has an out of this world experience. by westtnfreak08/27/084.28

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 01

 — While husband's at work, she hears ghostly voice behind her. by yesmaster08/06/054.06

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 02

 — Her ghostly playmate returns for more fun. by yesmaster08/14/054.42

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 03

 — Edward brings a friend to play. by yesmaster03/07/094.07

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 04

 — Edward and Albert's attentions get more frantic. by yesmaster03/10/094.38

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 05

 — Her visitors play rougher than before, or is it just a dream. by yesmaster04/03/094.42

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 06

 — Edward sends Lisa an alive playmate. by yesmaster09/09/094.38

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 07

 — Lisa becomes a slave to a ghost and a mortal woman. by yesmaster09/10/094.43

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 08

 — Special delivery arrives and its not what Lisa expected. by yesmaster09/12/094.08

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 09

 — Lisa is used and abused while her blood runs freely. by yesmaster09/16/094.62HOT

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 10

 — Things start to get tense in the house. by yesmaster12/11/094.22

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 11

 — Lisa has a test and an oral exam. by yesmaster12/14/094.56HOT

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 12

 — Lisa has a gentle playmate. by yesmaster06/16/174.00

Ghostly Ghouls and Ghoulish Goblins

 — Dead too long, ghosts come out to play on Halloween. by SusanJillParker10/02/134.04

Ghostly Pleasures

 — Sexual pleasure from the other side. by VJWild09/19/184.54HOT

Ghostly Visitation Ch. 02

 — The ghosts are back for more. by Erolexicon11/01/064.45

Ghostly Visitation Ch. 03

 — The haunting continues by Erolexicon11/08/064.60HOT

GhostStory Ch. 1

 — One-night-stand awakens a poetic spirit. by HomerPindar11/13/014.33

GhostStory Ch. 2

 — A bawdy limerick is just the first thing that pops up. by HomerPindar11/16/014.32

GhostStory Ch. 3

 — Poetry continues to find its way into Diane's life. by HomerPindar12/22/014.44

Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun

 — What's Halloween without a little tentacle sex? by Alessia Brio03/18/123.95


 — Village women attempt to satisfy a giant's lust. by kurtrellians08/12/064.09

Giant Ch. 02

 — Village elders try to save a beauty from lustful giant. by kurtrellians10/08/064.33

Giant Ch. 03

 — Giant finds new village women in his search for orgasm by kurtrellians02/24/084.25

Giant Expectations

 — When you climb mountains, you shouldn't expect too much. by SPARTAN04706/11/174.38

Gift of the Ancient

 — Sexual vampire feeds off her orgasms. by Guitman6912/27/003.97

Gift of the Old

 — Lisa wants a new life, and that's what she will get. by sexgundam66604/16/134.32

Gift of the Old Ch. 02

 — Lisa returns and Madi experiences her new powers. by sexgundam66605/11/134.47

Gift of the Old Ch. 03

 — Angels and Demons aren't different. They just wanna fuck. by sexgundam66609/28/134.43

Gift of the Old Ch. 04: Final

 — Darkness rises and only one being could hope to defeat it. by sexgundam66609/12/144.72HOT

Gifting Night

 — Young woman finds vampires on Halloween. by deathlynx10/10/064.59HOT

Gifting Night Ch. 02

 — Kat finally approaches Daphne for more. by deathlynx10/31/064.64HOT

Gifting Night Ch. 03

 — Chris comes home with disturbing news. by deathlynx11/06/064.63HOT

Gifting Night Ch. 04

 — Kat enjoys some time alone, on the town. by deathlynx11/11/064.59HOT

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