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Xavier's Kiss

 — Carroya gets surprise of her life with vampiric soulmate. by Klynna03/23/023.95

Xenomorph Intercourse Test 12

 — Tests must be performed on these alien creatures. by tw_holt03/30/144.52HOT

Xenomorph, Darling

 — A Lascivious Star Creature lands in Communist China. by Nachthexe06/14/124.12


 — A young man explores an alien boy's anatomy. by KindOfASexyLady10/10/164.17


 — A mining crew touches down on an alien planet. by doctorpluto07/23/163.93


 — Earth is under attack and the fate of humanity is at stake. by homealone_44702/02/134.55HOT

XXXanth Novels: Dana 1

 — Dana asks the Magician a question. by Athena_e1904/23/014.29

XXXanth Novels: Dana 2

 — Dana makes a deal and pays for it. by Athena_e1905/01/014.31

XXXanth Novels: Dana 3

 — Dana & Arthur discover an underwater world. by Athena_e1905/31/014.34

XXXanth Novels: Dana 4

 — Arthur is used in an underwater breeding program. by Athena_e1907/02/014.51HOT

XXXanth Novels: Dana 5

 — Arthur and Dana encounter the wee folk. by Athena_e1907/23/014.54HOT

XXXanth Novels: Dana 6

 — Dana and Arthur finish their quest. by Athena_e1908/04/014.66HOT

XXXanth Novels: Dana 7

 — Arthur reunites with his family. by Athena_e1909/02/014.41

XXXanth Novels: Dana 8

 — Dana begins her years service. by Athena_e1910/25/014.35

XXXanth Novels: Dana 9

 — Arthur & Dana reunite after long time apart. by Athena_e1911/28/014.37

XXXecil's: The CockOut Bk. 01

 — "Once you fuck me, you own me!" by xxxecil04/24/154.52HOT

XXXecil's: The CockOut Bk. 02

 — Oil-slicked whores rutting on the cocks of every man... by xxxecil04/30/154.77HOT

XXXecil's: The CockOut Bk. 03

 — "We know that man's Lust created us." by xxxecil05/09/154.78HOT


 — Futuristic adventurer has erotic first contact. by WFEATHER04/23/044.14

Yanari: Awakening

 — Something unknown awakens deep within her. by WFEATHER07/25/044.39

Yancy Friday BBW Werewolf

 — Wow, that is a fancy cock-ring you have there! by JonThomas_10/14/184.57HOT


 — A change of events and species for Samuel. by samgreat33206/06/123.83

Yeti Love

 — Woman gets kidnapped. by standingstones10/08/104.01

Yiff Goes the Weasel

 — She has revenge sex with a GELF. by OldManWinter09/06/184.47

Yiff Goes the Weasel Ch. 02

 — Lesbian masturbation in a storage room. by OldManWinter09/08/184.20

Yiff Goes the Weasel Ch. 03

 — Cunnilingus on a private jet. by OldManWinter09/09/184.17

Yiff Goes the Weasel Ch. 04

 — Breakfast for dinner; tribadism for dessert. by OldManWinter09/11/183.67

Yin and Yang Ch. 01

 — The beginning. by Laila43202/17/154.00

Ying Li and the Wolves

 — College boys enjoy helpless Ying Li. by likebadfun03/13/083.87

You Are Loved Ch. 01

 — A vampire's love story. by Anivier01/13/074.46

You Are Loved Ch. 02

 — Alex finds out what's wrong. by Anivier06/27/084.55HOT

You Are Loved Ch. 03

 — When you start to fall in love with someone out to kill you. by Anivier02/01/094.62HOT

You Can't Deny Your Wolf

 — Julie struggles with her self identity. by JonThomas_02/06/174.24

You Can't Deny Your Wolf Ch. 02

 — Julie continues to come to terms with her inner Wolf. by JonThomas_02/21/174.38

You Can't Deny Your Wolf Ch. 03

 — Lacy Palmer embraces her wolf and her alpha bitch status. by JonThomas_03/02/174.55HOT

You Can't Deny Your Wolf Ch. 04

 — Alpha causes Julie's heart to skip a beat, her wolf swooned. by JonThomas_04/27/174.58HOT

You Can't Deny Your Wolf Ch. 05

 — Julie's life story is revealed, and she meets an Alpha. by JonThomas_04/28/174.43

You Can't Deny Your Wolf Ch. 06

 — Julie is Alpha for a day, befriends her wolf, bangs an Alpha. by JonThomas_05/07/174.59HOT

You Can't Deny Your Wolf Ch. 08

 — Julie accepts that she is both human and werewolf. by JonThomas_06/13/174.63HOT

You Do Not Mess with Powerhouses

 — An amazoness, hellhound and wurm capture you. by SPARTAN04705/03/173.70

You Sinner!

 — Mitchel breeds a succubus. by charmingdanger07/25/114.37

You Taste Like Flowers

 — Shes assulted walking alone, will she survive. by Cheshireheir03/24/164.23

You're A...What!?

 — Boy meets girl; girl gets pulled into a world of danger. by BlowwKisses08/22/134.31

You're A...What!? Ch. 02

 — "Holy shit, what the fuck are-" by BlowwKisses09/10/134.37

You're Not Alone

 — She feels a presense in the house. by Chicklet01/03/033.41

You're the One for Me Ch. 01

 — Twin shifters make plans to woo and claim their mates. by angelicsounds10/20/084.50HOT

You're the One for Me Ch. 02

 — Caden and Austin run into their mates, literally. by angelicsounds10/28/084.65HOT

You're the One for Me Ch. 03

 — The twins take it to the next level. by angelicsounds11/07/084.63HOT

You're the One for Me Ch. 04

 — The twins reach their breaking point. by angelicsounds11/23/084.77HOT

You're the One for Me Ch. 05

 — Caden makes his move and makes it count. by angelicsounds11/28/084.76HOT

You're the One for Me Ch. 06

 — Austin finally gets his. by angelicsounds12/27/084.73HOT

You're the One for Me Ch. 07

 — Elise and Caden have that talk. by angelicsounds01/07/094.75HOT

You're the One for Me Ch. 08

 — Caden stakes his claim while Bennett has some fun. by angelicsounds05/13/094.71HOT

You're the One for Me Ch. 09

 — Meet Darius: decisions are made, and the meeting commences. by angelicsounds12/01/094.77HOT

Young Fairy Seduces New Elf Lover

 — Fay gives her young fairy body to Puck. by jonnicat11/09/174.22

Young Love

 — Kyra and Malcolm's journey. by Iread2relax06/04/134.67HOT

Young Wolves Ch. 01

 — Guy bit by a beautiful girl goes through changes. by sirreadsalot1005/04/104.72HOT

Young Wolves Ch. 02

 — Cameron learns what he has become. by sirreadsalot1005/05/104.77HOT

Young Wolves Ch. 03

 — Will Cameron steal Beth and Trish from Tyler's pack? by sirreadsalot1005/09/104.75HOT

Young Wolves Ch. 04

 — Cameron and Tyler's first confrontation. by sirreadsalot1005/11/104.74HOT

Young Wolves Ch. 05

 — Sarah makes a mistake. Cameron on the defensive. by sirreadsalot1005/16/104.70HOT

Young Wolves Ch. 06

 — Cameron's destiny is revealed. by sirreadsalot1005/18/104.77HOT

Young Wolves Ch. 07

 — Cameron and Tyler plan to fight. Jenifer and Sarah chat. by sirreadsalot1005/26/104.73HOT

Young Wolves Ch. 08

 — Cameron prepares for final showdown with Tyler. by sirreadsalot1006/03/104.75HOT

Young Wolves Ch. 09

 — Everything goes terribly wrong. by sirreadsalot1006/18/104.78HOT

Young Wolves Ch. 10

 — The aftermath of Cameron's fight with the vampire. by sirreadsalot1007/04/104.76HOT

Young Wolves Ch. 11

 — The conclusion: Cameron and Tyler fight at last. by sirreadsalot1008/06/104.82HOT

Youthful Love Rekindled Ch. 01

 — A jinni for the new clan leader is his old flame. by ZenJinni06/04/124.41

Youthful Love Rekindled Ch. 02

 — Jinni hears what her heart has wanted. by ZenJinni06/15/124.38

Yshomatsu and the Succubus

 — Ancient warrior enters the dream in search of missing Monks by Yshomatsu07/28/114.45

Yshomatsu and the Succubus Ch. 02

 — The Monk awakens from a nightmare. by Yshomatsu09/25/114.57HOT

Yshomatsu and the Succubus Ch. 03

 — Can a powerful Monk resist a Succubus in the flesh? by Yshomatsu07/22/124.59HOT

Yule Cums But Once A Year

 — Laurie and friends discover the real meaning of Yule. by browndream7212/13/023.55

Yule Logs & Roasting Chestnuts

 — Elves brighten Yolanda's x-mas. by Purplelover12/27/014.10

Yvette Meets a Restless Woulff

 — A chance meeting brings two lovers together. by Brandii10/16/063.79

Zach and Jake. Night 01.

 — While out camping, Zach gets an unexpected surprise. by WolfBoyErik08/09/124.35


 — Mina's new roommate isn't all she appears. by wuthering_heights04/24/134.21

Zara and the Alpha

 — Alpha Cal meets Zara, animal lover, and true mate. by sexycelestrian03/05/124.24

Zara and the Alpha Ch. 02

 — Zara talks to Siden and learns a secret she forgot. by sexycelestrian04/15/124.34

Zekthos' Bride

 — Subterranean slug monster takes a mate. by tiawild09/13/134.20

Zeus & Tara Ch. 03

 — Hera joins in the fun, as part of reconciling with Zeus. by SEVERUSMAX08/11/074.20

Zhinv and Niulang. Pt. 04-08

 — A love story... with a twist! by Clare_Ca_209/30/094.25

Zia and Nathaniel Pt. 01

 — Powerful princess captured by rebels. by Stargirl8406/13/144.12


 — A young girl get an unexpected surprise. by Ladytiger19909/18/114.49

Zoe Ch. 02

 — A friendly bout. by Ladytiger19912/02/124.57HOT

Zoe Ch. 03

 — Things become a little icy. by Ladytiger19905/11/184.69HOT

Zoe Ch. 04

 — Zoe makes a major decision. by Ladytiger19905/19/184.76HOT

Zoe Ch. 05

 — Things get hot in the shower... by Ladytiger19907/12/184.70HOT

Zombie Apocalypse

 — Students are surprised when they see that zombies are real. by indianfire05/24/124.30

Zombie Apocalypse Ch. 02

 — How to survive when zombies roam the Earth. by indianfire05/28/124.46

Zombie Apocalypse Ch. 03

 — Finn and Logan get closer... by indianfire06/01/124.70HOT

Zombie Apocalypse Ch. 04

 — Adjustments and decisions... by indianfire03/08/134.52HOT

Zombie Soldiers

 — One civilian scientist finds herself in way over her head. by Tara_Neale10/22/123.95

Zombie Wars: My Vampire Hero

 — Ethiopian vampire and Native woman fight zombies. by Samuelx11/03/17

Zombies in Texas

 — Black couple fights zombies in Texas. by Samuelx02/04/172.73

Zombies, Afrikaners And Blacks

 — White woman and black lover fight zombies in South Africa. by Samuelx01/21/131.90

Zombies, Silos and Some Big Bangs Ch. 01

 — Five friends escape the zombie apocalypse in missile silos. by TwitchyScene07/09/10


 — A real-life take on mutant children. by Andrew_J_Talon04/28/064.01

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