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NonHuman Stories

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Petting the Kitty

 — A feline beauty's afternoon alone. by Sean Renaud01/03/094.03

Phantom Lover Ch. 1

 — Strange being lusts for human woman. by Phantom11/03/004.42

Phantom Touch

 — She is unexpectedly awakened by an unseen hand. by jillieb11/23/104.42

Phantom Touch Ch. 02

 — His mission goes horribly wrong. by jillieb11/29/104.45

Phantom Touch Ch. 03

 — He learns the truth when he returns to finish the assignment. by jillieb12/09/104.51HOT

Phasing Out

 — Being captured by a ghostly being haunts you. by SPARTAN04705/28/174.34


 — Protector Reming and Tama Seri Ar! by Daniellekitten02/26/104.69HOT


 — Rebirth by the power of the gods. by Acal01/25/144.32

Picnic in the Woods

 — Nuns, harlots, & ancient evil on a sunny afternoon. by The_Darkness08/07/054.45

Pink Walls

 — A guy receives a mail and is taken to hell for some sex. by Mark516008/23/183.62

Pipe Dreams Ch. 01

 — Her first meeting with the handsome Kane. by Cia8112/16/114.63HOT

Pipe Dreams Ch. 02

 — Meeting with Kane, getting closer. by Cia8101/02/124.72HOT

Pipe Dreams Ch. 03

 — A not so tranquil Thanksgiving. by Cia8101/10/124.69HOT

Pipe Dreams Ch. 04

 — Secrets revealed. by Cia8101/15/124.77HOT

Pipe Dreams Ch. 05

 — Learning more about each other. by Cia8101/26/124.67HOT

Pipe Dreams Ch. 06

 — Kane's investigation draws attention, dangerous attention. by Cia8102/12/124.74HOT

Pipe Dreams Ch. 07

 — Figuring out what should happen next. by Cia8103/04/124.71HOT

Pit of Pleasure

 — A hiking trip leads John to a pit of lewd creatures... by Myrph04/25/184.19

Pixels of Desire

 — A sweet specter of the storm visits. by champagne198209/16/03

Pixie Affair

 — Chris and Freya have hot kinky pixie sex. by SSX198802/05/164.68HOT

Pixie Tricks

 — Amber decides to dress up for her boys. by Sean Renaud07/14/134.25

Pixie Trixxx: Fluttershy

 — A pixie pleasures her human friend. by Sean Renaud05/13/144.23

Pixie Trixxx: My Favorite Human

 — Crystal Heart introduces her sister to a real live human! by Sean Renaud05/16/144.30

Plane of Lust

 — She is pleased by ethereal forms. by limitless_lover08/11/094.31

Plane of Lust Ch. 02

 — Olivia takes a shower. by limitless_lover12/22/094.58HOT

Planet Nine-Nine-Nine

 — An Allurian stripper falls fast, for her Zentarian client. by SiriusDivine05/25/16

Planted Demon

 — Sarah encounters an unusual type of plant. by Steplianna12/16/02

Plants Need Love, Too

 — Plant takes straight guy's anal virginity. by ironbar04/10/104.36

Playing For Keeps Ch. 05

 — "You will never leave me again." "Never." by TanithLow03/18/144.67HOT

Playing With Puppies

 — Vampires, Weres, and an assassin having a bad day. by MINKX10/12/084.52HOT

Plaything of the Goddess

 — Daniel has an encounter with a Goddess of the lake... by Myrph05/15/184.28

Pleasant Moo Farms Ch. 01-02

 — Alex gets a job at a farm wearing a mysterious cow costume. by bqnk09/29/163.93

Pleasant Moo Farms Ch. 03

 — Alex tries on the cow suit...or does it try him on? by bqnk10/02/164.35

Pleasant Moo Farms Ch. 04

 — The cow suit takes over. by bqnk10/04/164.38

Pleasant Moo Farms Ch. 05

 — Consumed by the cow suit, Alex's body's changes mount. by bqnk10/05/164.41

Pleasure after Death

 — Never letting an opportunity fly past. by aliar1802/27/144.03

Pleasure after Death Ch. 02

 — Consequences for stupid actions. by aliar1804/24/144.38

Pleasure After Death Ch. 03

 — Punishment comes and goes, what happens next? by aliar1804/26/144.40

Pleasure After Death Ch. 04

 — Tragedy strikes, what choice will he make? by aliar1804/27/144.17

Poetry For My Wolf

 — Poet meets werewolf. by devle11/23/034.44

Poison Ivy

 — It was midsummer. by sleepshagger01/30/144.04

Poison Sumac's Rapevine

 — A supervillainess attacks her enemies with a naughty plant. by PervOtaku04/19/164.09

Poking the Lion: Herman & Palmeda

 — A bird and a fish can fall in love... by cherryontop197308/31/093.93

Polar Love

 — A romantic polar bear journey. by dirtyjoe6907/06/063.28

Polly Lolly Sprifts a Braunchus

 — She doesn't know she's being watched. by a_bent_ampersand07/02/103.76

Pomme de Sange

 — The storm ignites fires of a different nature. by DelishuslySynful05/01/124.19

Poor Will

 — Newlyweds visit old house. by Eroticalover196806/12/143.95


 — An uncovered gate leads to incredible adventures. by homealone_44702/11/164.52HOT


 — Poseidon rescues a suicidal woman. by lannasage05/13/174.63HOT


 — Kate finds out just what possession is when Joshua visits. by Emma_Ray_Garrett06/05/064.55HOT

Possessed by a Dream Ch. 00

 — An incubus scours the night streets for willing prey. by NaivelyWandering01/10/114.29

Possession Ch. 01

 — Young couple find mysterious place that changes their lives. by IM4U200306/18/034.68HOT

Possession Ch. 02

 — Continued adventures of young couple Eric and Chrissy. by IM4U200306/19/034.74HOT


 — An alien visitor gets inside the first human it meets. by Sinisterinfant09/27/134.56HOT

Possibilities Ch. 02

 — Having an alien doppelganger is tougher than Carolyn thought by Sinisterinfant10/17/134.54HOT

Possibilities Ch. 02.5

 — Charles checks on his sister and finds her doppleganger. by Sinisterinfant12/13/134.63HOT

Possibilities Ch. 03

 — Carolyn and her copy ravage her brother Charles. by Sinisterinfant12/14/134.52HOT

Possibilities Ch. 04

 — Charles has his own surprise as his sister experiments. by Sinisterinfant01/27/144.60HOT

Possibilities Ch. 05

 — Aliens and incest. Carolyn and Charles get it together. by Sinisterinfant05/13/144.67HOT

Potted Plants

 — Trish is humiliated in front of Penny. by Sosela10/19/164.56HOT

Powers Awaken

 — A woman wakens her powers of Element. by Riesse03/17/064.36

Powers Unleashed

 — Second story in the Elements collection. by Riesse04/23/064.51HOT

Practical Joke, or Serious Mistake?

 — Lovely vampire gets a taste of her own medicine. by Baia09/09/014.20


 — A lamia plays with her food. by SplathouseFiction07/11/163.92

Prevailing Darkness

 — A change is coming. by Andis06/30/123.92


 — She's trapped between chaste & chased. by Shoshisexy05/28/044.20


 — Alluring vampiress services then creates a new Mistress. by Relly01/25/103.97


 — Dragon slayer becomes the prey, by Dugfunny02/01/104.19

Prey of the Incubus Ch. 01

 — A gypsy girl is marked by an incubus demon and claimed. by SacredHarlot07/25/074.46

Prey of the Incubus Ch. 02

 — His prey marries, but finds the demon in her wedding bed. by SacredHarlot08/01/074.55HOT

Prey of the Incubus Ch. 03

 — Janarra is reminded of what happens when she tells him no. by SacredHarlot09/09/074.58HOT

Prey of the Incubus Ch. 04

 — The demon claims another Consort. by SacredHarlot10/20/074.55HOT

Prey of the Incubus Ch. 05

 — Morlis forces Janarra to choose on her wedding day. by SacredHarlot07/09/084.47

Prey of the Incubus Ch. 06

 — Janarra is introduced to her new life. by SacredHarlot03/15/094.55HOT

Prey of the Incubus; Holy Conquest

 — The demon finds a manner of speaking. by SacredHarlot06/04/114.51HOT

Prideful Ch. 01

 — The past and future collide for an ancient race among us. by Tara_Neale09/03/144.47


 — Erotic fantasy of a winged horse. by Savannax10/03/063.18

Primal Challenge

 — Jeremy must mate with Amanda before the full moon. by bigredmama03/13/114.33

Primal Evolution

 — She awakes in a dark room, but she isn't alone. by LikeTheLotus08/04/164.60HOT

Primal Evolution Pt. 02

 — Beastly ways, has beauty stunned. by LikeTheLotus08/26/164.68HOT

Primal Evolution Pt. 03

 — A total eclipse of the heart and a snap of the head. by LikeTheLotus09/22/164.66HOT

Primal Evolution Pt. 04

 — There's a shewolf in the closet. by LikeTheLotus01/03/174.69HOT

Primal Evolution Pt. 05

 — He's getting warmer in their game of hide and seek. by LikeTheLotus11/14/174.80HOT

Primal Urges

 — Candace learns the error of playing in the woods. by FaeLina05/06/084.57HOT

Primal Urges Ch. 02

 — Candace gets to know the human Tomas. by FaeLina05/23/084.59HOT

Primal Urges Ch. 03

 — Tomas takes Candace home. by FaeLina05/28/084.56HOT

Primal Urges Ch. 04

 — Candace takes a bath, and much more. by FaeLina08/08/084.62HOT

Primal Urges Ch. 05

 — Tomas and Candace reach an understanding. by FaeLina08/09/084.61HOT

Primal Urges Ch. 06

 — Candace plays with her toys and the wolf. by FaeLina08/10/084.74HOT

Primal Urges Ch. 07

 — Candace is taken; Susan finds Tomas. by FaeLina08/16/084.44

Prismatic High Pt. 01

 — Darryl, teenage dragonhunter, goes to a new high school. by DragonCobolt11/16/174.76HOT


 — Tee must escape the dragon stables! ...eventually. by DragonCobolt02/09/174.63HOT

Project Tendril Ch. 01

 — The life of a botanist isn't always sunshine and roses... by eidetic03/13/174.64HOT

Project Tendril Ch. 02

 — The weird just gets weirder... by eidetic03/14/174.64HOT

Prologue: Taylor & Gary

 — Taylor's in trouble, can the past save her? by JLR648608/29/184.10


 — One Protector fights against the Order. by FallenTreasure01/09/154.68HOT

Protector Ch. 02

 — The War Begins. by FallenTreasure01/19/154.81HOT

Prowling the Night Ch. 01

 — A different kind of vampire. by CoraClarke03/10/064.26

Prowling the Night Ch. 02

 — The conclusion of the vampire cat. by CoraClarke03/24/064.11

Pudding's Futa Revenge

 — Meg gets punished for sleeping with her friend's husband. by WyrdoBond03/10/184.42

Pull of the Moon Ch. 01

 — Carla stumbles upon her mate. by MerlinMagic10/15/144.11

Punishment Pt. 01

 — Prologue and chapter one. by CarelessLove12/04/104.51HOT

Pure Moonlight

 — The beginning. by Shadowsung04/14/114.62HOT

Pure Moonlight Ch. 02

 — Zac and Ally meet properly. by Shadowsung04/20/114.66HOT

Pure Moonlight Ch. 03

 — What lies beyond the door. by Shadowsung05/03/114.65HOT

Pure Moonlight Ch. 04

 — Coffee? by Shadowsung07/05/114.66HOT

Pure Moonlight Ch. 05

 — Second time around. by Shadowsung08/05/114.68HOT

Pure Moonlight Ch. 06

 — The meeting. by Shadowsung10/16/114.75HOT

Pure Moonlight Ch. 07

 — Plans fall into place. by Shadowsung11/11/114.65HOT

Pure Moonlight Ch. 08

 — The dream. by Shadowsung11/19/114.69HOT

Pure Moonlight Ch. 09

 — Aftermath and coming clean. by Shadowsung11/26/114.66HOT

Pure Moonlight Ch. 10

 — Just like playing evil chess. by Shadowsung06/08/124.63HOT

Pure Moonlight Ch. 11

 — His hand revealed. by Shadowsung07/01/124.71HOT

Pure Moonlight Ch. 12

 — The abduction and the race. by Shadowsung09/14/124.77HOT

Pure Moonlight Ch. 13

 — Ring Around a Rosie. by Shadowsung06/07/134.69HOT

Pure Moonlight Ch. 14

 — ... We all fall down... by Shadowsung10/01/134.68HOT

Pure Moonlight Ch. 15

 —  by Shadowsung06/19/144.63HOT

Pure Moonlight Ch. 16

 — Chapter 16. by Shadowsung03/10/154.51HOT

Purgatory Ch. 02

 — Owned spirit incestually possesses mother for Master. by DoxyTrainer07/27/184.50HOT

Purgatory Ch. 03

 — Piggie gives her post-life account with her lord and Master. by DoxyTrainer09/21/183.88

Purgy's Birthday Blowout Ch. 01

 — An Anthro Shemale unwinds and unloads...a lot. by rikkusguardian04/11/124.12

Purple Demon

 — Demon visits a psychic. by ObsidianWolf05/15/184.21

Purrfect Weekend Ch. 01

 — An accident in the forest leads to an unexpected encounter. by joy_forever01/16/074.35

Pursuit of Happiness 01

 — Lyssa meets the Ross Alpha by KemMyst06/16/114.66HOT

Pursuit of Happiness 02

 — Beginning preparations for Joanna's party. by KemMyst06/17/114.65HOT

Pursuit of Happiness 03

 — Lyssa goes into heat again. by KemMyst06/18/114.64HOT

Pursuit of Happiness 04

 — Lyssa spars, Sabine Ross dies. by KemMyst06/21/114.63HOT

Pursuit of Happiness 05

 — Sabine's cremation, Lyssa's training. by KemMyst06/22/114.68HOT

Pursuit of Happiness 06

 — Ross pack problems, Joanna starts training. by KemMyst06/23/114.64HOT

Pursuit of Happiness 07

 — Kidnapping and pursuit. by KemMyst06/25/114.68HOT

Pursuit of Happiness 08

 — Captivity and searching. by KemMyst06/26/114.66HOT

Pursuit of Happiness 09

 — Things start to unravel. by KemMyst06/28/114.71HOT

Pursuit of Happiness 10

 — Recovery. by KemMyst07/14/114.66HOT

Pursuit of Happiness 11

 — Recovery and celebration. by KemMyst07/15/114.74HOT

Pushing Boundaries Ch. 01

 — Growing up is never easy. by ArtForm05/05/114.75HOT

Pushing Boundaries Ch. 02

 — Riley: friend or foe? by ArtForm05/09/114.67HOT

Pushing Boundaries Ch. 03

 — Unexpected revelations. by ArtForm05/15/114.69HOT

Pushing Boundaries Ch. 04

 — Trust is a very fragile thing. by ArtForm05/23/114.72HOT

Pushing Boundaries Ch. 05

 — Rescue mission gone wrong. by ArtForm05/30/114.69HOT

Pushing Boundaries Ch. 06

 — Tracking down Keona and Marine. by ArtForm06/27/114.68HOT

Pushing Boundaries Ch. 07

 — Keona is released - temporarily. by ArtForm07/16/114.78HOT

Pushing Boundaries Ch. 08

 — Breaking out of the blood bond. by ArtForm09/08/114.76HOT

Pushing Boundaries Ch. 09

 — The Escape! by ArtForm12/02/114.75HOT

Puzzle Pieces

 — She's forgotten a lot how much can Anaïs remember in the end. by Reddestiny92112/06/134.56HOT

Puzzle Pieces Ch. 02.5

 — Gabriel has to try and scare some info out of Frank. by Reddestiny92112/19/134.39

Puzzle Pieces Ch. 03

 — A bit of drama, a memory brought back, and a surprise. by Reddestiny92112/26/134.14

Pyrin's Story

 — A DDR side story about the Grim Reaper Herself. by nontoxic3611/05/124.15


 — A cursed man is assailed by a succubus. by fearamouse04/13/164.15

Quae Masculus

 — Trapdoors aren't always bad. by sexgundam66609/25/134.18

Quality Time

 — His girl gets drunk, licks a penis, then fucks the wolfman. by justin grimbol08/02/051.94

Queen of Hawks

 — A Queen plays host to a Harpy Matriarch. by ReGats11/09/174.52HOT

Queen of Pain

 — If you do not have a heart, you cannot be yoked to it. by Fusionnée10/21/074.69HOTContest Winner

Queen of Roses

 — A goddess gets acquainted with her new slave. by TransPunkPrincess10/05/164.71HOT

Queen of Wolves

 — Mixing leadership, friendship, and love within her pack. by Xarth07/20/184.64HOT

Queen Slime's Slave

 — Slime monster is brought a surprise by her minions. by SaiyanGoddess08/03/16

Queen to the Dragon King

 — Ciara gives of herself to save her village... by Jessika_Thorne12/26/144.63HOT

Queen to the Dragon King Pt. 02

 — The King protects his Queen. by Jessika_Thorne02/03/154.79HOT

Queen to the Dragon King Pt. 03

 — The King and his Queen enjoy each other again. by Jessika_Thorne06/23/154.78HOT

Quick Cash

 — Seeking cash, a desperate woman signs up for experimentation. by Temprance08/05/124.21

Quick Cash Ch. 02

 — Another session being used by tentacles. by Temprance08/09/124.32

Quiet Questions

 — Through simple questioning, she becomes his. by tamalied09/18/064.35

Quinlan & Ivory Ch. 01

 — Guardian angel comes to the rescue of a fallen angel. by KinkyKisses02/16/074.32

Rage of Passion Ch. 2

 — August confronts Pandora. by August Never08/05/014.00

Rage of Passion Ch. 4

 — The setup. by August Never08/08/014.00

Rage of Passion Ch. 6

 — August has a vision. by August Never10/13/014.67

Rainbow Reflections - Prologue

 — An ending for a beginning. by Mygypsy03/21/144.27

Rainbow Reflections Ch. 01

 — Where am I going? by Mygypsy03/22/144.55HOT

Raise the Dead

 — Alicia's spell goes wrong for her and her friend... by daddyduckett04/04/153.81

Raised by Wolves Ch. 00

 — A twist of fate throws a human girl to the wolves. by the_pleasure_in_me07/17/134.57HOT

Raised by Wolves Ch. 01

 — A twist of fate throws a human girl to the wolves. by the_pleasure_in_me07/31/134.61HOT

Raising an Army

 — A demon and a girl. CoC style. by throwawayoutofpractice08/10/134.38

Rakshasa Rutting

 — A forest demon's loins find violent release. by yowser07/10/154.51HOT


 — A gift reveals a forgotten identity. by KimIsAwesome05/24/164.35


 — Opposing viewpoints on tentacle sex. by WFEATHER07/09/063.26

Raped By Monsters Ch. 1

 — She awakens to find herself captive. by pcyzobitch06/23/013.54

Raped By Monsters Ch. 2

 — Tentacled being gives her exquisite pleasure. by pcyzobitch07/02/014.10

Raped By Monsters Ch. 3

 — Tentacles aren't all it wants inside. by pcyzobitch07/03/014.03

Raped By Monsters Ch. 4

 — She is given a strange exam. by pcyzobitch08/06/013.88

Raped By Monsters Ch. 5

 — She is left with 3 female creatures. by pcyzobitch10/28/014.12

Rapturous Love

 — Can their love last after Camilla transforms into a raptor? by SugarFox12/03/134.51HOT

Rare Breed

 — A family of Cats,Wolf and Vampires. by willieone02/18/114.34

Rare Breed Ch. 02

 — Continued story of a unique family. by willieone02/21/114.59HOT

Rare Breed Ch. 03

 — The final chapter. by willieone02/24/114.48

Rare Breed Revisited

 — Life with the kids. by willieone02/28/114.42

Rashida Ch. 01

 — A tale of anthropomorphic love. by cavannarose07/26/083.84

Ratter Ch. 01

 — Seere's called to help a girl lying near death. by _Aine_07/08/084.54HOT

Ratter Ch. 02

 — Meet Rane. by _Aine_07/12/084.54HOT

Ratter Ch. 03

 — Murder, bad guys & revelations. by _Aine_07/27/084.67HOT

Ratter Ch. 04

 — Of monsters and men. by _Aine_08/27/084.71HOT

Ratter Ch. 05

 — Troubles of blood and emails. by _Aine_09/10/084.74HOT

Ratter Ch. 06

 — The anchor or the whole ship. by _Aine_11/25/084.76HOT

Ravaged by an Xmas Spirit

 — Elderly woman appears from the dead to give a gum job. by PositiveThinker11/30/093.87

Raven of the City: A Christmas Tale

 — Raven, a supernatural sex creature. by sojournerwolf03/27/033.95

Raven Walks Ch. 01

 — A vampire searches for more than a conquest. by StarrLust6905/06/084.48

Raven Walks Ch. 02

 — A vampire tempts a virtuous woman in Vegas. by StarrLust6905/08/084.57HOT

Raven Walks Ch. 03

 — Vampire Raven Crowe meets his match. by StarrLust6905/09/084.61HOT

Raven Walks Ch. 04

 — Raven makes an annoying groupie sorry for her desire. by StarrLust6905/10/084.61HOT

Raven Walks Ch. 05

 — Raven steps in to save Sonja from a powerful equal by StarrLust6905/11/084.68HOT

Raven Walks Ch. 07

 — A wise vampire instructs Raven how to save Abi. by StarrLust6905/13/084.65HOT

Raven Walks Ch. 08

 — Raven sees some familiar, but different faces. by StarrLust6905/16/084.72HOT

Raven Walks Ch. 10

 — Abi learns how hedonistic vampires really are. by StarrLust6905/24/084.59HOT

Raven Walks Ch. 11

 — Sebastian discovers a gift while Abi discovers her sister. by StarrLust6905/27/084.60HOT

Raven Walks Ch. 12

 — Just as Raven and Abi grow closer, the Creature strikes. by StarrLust6905/12/094.63HOT

Raven Walks Ch. 13

 — Raven attempts one last ditch effort to save Abi. by StarrLust6905/13/094.54HOT

Raven Walks Ch. 14

 — Constantine seeks solace in NYC with an old friend. by StarrLust6905/14/094.64HOT

Raven Walks Ch. 15

 — Constantine and Abi face off with Raven, Ginger and Hunter. by StarrLust6910/25/094.73HOT

Raven Walks Ch. 16

 — The hunters, the human and the vampires make a plan. by StarrLust6910/26/094.75HOT

Raven Walks Ch. 17

 — Raven starts to understand Ginger. by StarrLust6910/28/094.74HOT

Raven Walks Ch. 18

 — Hunter and Abi reconnect, and it changes everything. by StarrLust6910/29/094.65HOT

Raven Walks Ch. 19

 — The vampires have a mixed reaction to Abi's human betrayal. by StarrLust6910/30/094.65HOT

Raven Walks Ch. 20

 — The Creature finally reveals his identity and his purpose. by StarrLust6910/31/094.58HOT

Raven Walks Ch. 21

 — Abi makes her choice, as Ginger makes hers. by StarrLust6911/02/094.69HOT

Raven Walks Ch. 22

 — Ginger sets her trap for Argos, using herself as bait. by StarrLust6911/03/094.80HOT

Raven's Reprise

 — Bred by the horses in pursuit of her lust... by AmethystMare10/27/174.29

Raven's Touch Ch. 1

 — Demon-possessed woman meets up with a vampire. by DiablaRaven03/22/024.31


 — A world of two suns. by Dreamweaver59409/26/184.44

Ravenswood Ch. 02

 — So this is Earth? by Dreamweaver59409/29/184.54HOT

Ravenswood Ch. 03

 — Stupid math class. by Dreamweaver59410/07/184.55HOT

Ravenswood Ch. 04

 — Morey's Bar. by Dreamweaver59410/11/184.61HOT

Ravenswood Ch. 05

 — Lurking Shadows. by Dreamweaver59410/12/184.62HOT

Ravenswood Ch. 06

 — Maura's Flight. by Dreamweaver59410/27/184.68HOT

Ravenswood Ch. 07

 — Moving Day. by Dreamweaver59410/28/184.57HOT

Ravenswood Ch. 08

 — A Fireside Chat. by Dreamweaver59410/31/184.67HOT

Ravenswood Ch. 09

 — Jason's Recovery. by Dreamweaver59411/01/184.70HOT

Ravenswood Ch. 10

 — Meeting Yaol. by Dreamweaver59411/07/184.71HOT

Ravenswood Ch. 11

 — The General Store. by Dreamweaver59411/13/184.55HOT

Ravenswood Ch. 12

 — The Gathering. by Dreamweaver59411/15/184.72HOTNEW


 — Alien race uses Earth to save itself from extinction. by alan5510/04/084.18

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