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Eternity in Bliss

 — Alley shortcut brings her a life-altering experience. by sage_moran06/09/054.29

Ethiopian Werewolf In Toronto

 — Ethiopian lesbian werewolf dates the Devil's daughter. by Samuelx09/08/132.89

Even Gods Fall

 — Two immortals celebrating their wedding anniversary. by sweetangelelise08/23/074.54HOT

Even Wolves Have Those Days

 — Some needed relaxation after a tough day. by wolf_of_the_waters05/04/154.07


 — In a park, she draws dark creatures attention. by hotchkiss11/03/044.36

Every Halloween

 — Leah looks forward to her Halloween visitor every year. by ShannonElise10/16/014.35

Everyone Dances

 — The Angel of Death doles out an erotic romp for Caroline. by Moondancer92506/27/104.54HOT

Everything Changes Ch. 01

 — Female things, first council meeting by KemMyst04/08/134.72HOT

Everything Changes Ch. 02

 — Madeline and Erich, training, a tattoo. by KemMyst04/14/134.74HOT

Everything Changes Ch. 03

 — A surprise for Stephanie, hormones, taking back the pack. by KemMyst04/22/134.76HOT

Everything Changes Ch. 04

 — Sparring, Jo's return, Thomas and Lorelei, a baby. by KemMyst04/29/134.78HOT

Everything Changes Ch. 05

 — After the birth, Stephanie's vengeance, Another pup born. by KemMyst05/10/134.80HOT

Everything Changes Ch. 06

 — Jo visits, X, Loosening up. by KemMyst05/13/134.75HOT

Exception to the Rules: Ogre

 — Erwin is about to teach this Ogre girl a little something. by NightBlade2110/30/144.18


 — A bored dragon woman gets cheered up at a goth club. by ElvenTempestarii62107/24/134.62HOT

Experimental Animal

 — He's the animal in their experiments - until he gets free. by LazyDreamy11/22/064.47

Experimentation with Flora

 — An experiment on alien plant life? Do it for science... by Myrph05/02/184.38

Explorer's Booty

 — In a search for gold, an explorer finds an alluring beast. by CrimsonClown10/10/144.07


 — Aliens seek seed from humankind. by AnonFineDay11/03/003.52

Extraordinary Ch. 01

 — When She Lie. by HushRose01/16/124.29

Extraordinary Ch. 02

 — The prophecy of Sabhail Treimhse. by HushRose01/17/124.48

Extraordinary Ch. 03

 — Flash backs, discoveries, and the introduction of Shai. by HushRose02/09/124.33

Extraterrestrial Love

 — Lonely young woman is picked up by aliens. by jessy1907/11/034.38

Extraterrestrial Romance

 — She's abducted - and more - by an alien. by jade_in_200512/17/05


 — A girl and a guy, different from the rest, begin to explore. by livesinfantasy11/04/094.22

Eyes Ch. 02

 — A girl and a guy, different from the rest, begin to explore. by livesinfantasy11/09/093.86

Eyes For You

 — Liam is whisked away to the home of two amazonian cyclopes. by Myrph08/07/184.58HOT

Eyes With Red Coals of Fire

 — Were you born on Halloween? by Softly10/10/013.70


 — A dark kinky piece about a beauty and a beast. by Julirose01/03/033.17

Face to Face with the Full Moon

 — Finding the scent to his dream during the full moon. by hvnlyinnocent03/27/094.42

Face to Face with the Full Moon Ch. 02

 — You find out what is going on with Angelina. by hvnlyinnocent04/03/094.43

Face to Face with the Full Moon Ch. 03

 — Lovers finally meet. by hvnlyinnocent04/15/094.53HOT

Factors of Change Ch. 01

 — A new pack, a new life, an interesting meet in the elevator. by MarieLyne07/20/144.78HOT

Factors of Change Ch. 02

 — A friend, a date, and a nice twist for a Bad Day. by MarieLyne07/24/144.79HOT

Factors of Change Ch. 03

 — A voicemail, a homemade lasagna, and the Alpha’s call. by MarieLyne08/05/144.83HOT

Factors of Change Ch. 04

 — A chase, a catch, and a cold skinny dip in the Lake. by MarieLyne08/15/144.81HOT

Factors of Change Ch. 05

 — A bad dream, a brain theory, and an epiphany. by MarieLyne09/27/144.83HOT

Factors of Change Ch. 06

 — A drive in morning traffic, a happy cat, and a plot twist. by MarieLyne10/22/144.82HOT

Factors of Change Ch. 07

 — An angry black wolf, a rainy morning, and secrets unveiled. by MarieLyne12/31/144.82HOT

Factors of Change Ch. 08

 — A strange dream, a painful truth, and a traitorous bastard. by MarieLyne08/05/164.80HOT


 — A vampire's lust. by capnmitch03/08/034.31

Fading Away

 — Her worst fear is real... by Secret_Red06/20/114.42

Fading Away Ch. 02

 — Some questions answered... by Secret_Red06/24/114.57HOT

Fae Fantasy

 — The merging of a centaur and a beautiful maiden. by Lady_Rogue06/13/074.05

Fae War Ch. 01

 — A queen must find her magic and unite a people. by CatBrown11/10/114.34

Fae War Ch. 02

 — A queen must find her magic and unite a people. by CatBrown11/11/114.49

Fae War Ch. 03

 — A queen must find her magic and unite a people. by CatBrown11/12/114.48

Fae War Ch. 04

 — A queen must find her magic and unite a people. by CatBrown11/13/114.43

Fae War Ch. 05

 — A queen must find her magic and unite a people. by CatBrown11/14/114.59HOT

Fae War Ch. 10

 — Erin finds the Queen within. by CatBrown01/13/124.82HOT

Fae War Ch. 11

 — The conclusion. by CatBrown01/15/124.71HOT

Fae Woods Ch. 01

 — A dream, and a mystery by sylentpoet02/11/124.50HOT

Fae Woods Ch. 02

 — A real world meeting and Seinna's true form is revealed. by sylentpoet02/11/124.58HOT

Fae Woods Ch. 03

 — The Fates intervene. by sylentpoet02/20/124.63HOT

Fae Woods Ch. 04

 — First look in a new world. by sylentpoet03/02/124.71HOT

Fae Woods Ch. 05

 — Something to make me purrr. by sylentpoet03/24/124.68HOT

Fae Woods Ch. 06

 — The truth hurts. by sylentpoet04/06/124.58HOT

Fae Woods Ch. 07

 — Eating Crow is a dish best served cold. by sylentpoet04/25/124.78HOT

Fae Woods Ch. 08

 — Passion, grief, and revenge. by sylentpoet09/09/134.73HOT

Faerie Love

 — College student finds love with the resident faerie. by Oldguy4512/27/104.42

Faerie Queen

 — It's Midsummer Night on the Appalachian Trail. by jack_straw08/27/064.69HOT

Faerie Tale

 — Pretty elf finds she's not alone in the woods. by JohnB7307/26/033.95


 — Faerie prince falls for a mortal woman. by sweetangelelise04/12/074.74HOT

Faerlyn and Zyaheml

 — A Tryst between a fae and a vampire. by Chaia03/26/084.00

Faery Lovin'

 — A pub owner finds one of her clients a little too wild. by Perky_Goth_Chick12/11/014.73HOT

Faery What the Fu...

 — Her little wood sprite told me not to tell. by MINKX08/14/074.27

Faery What the Fu... Ch. 02

 — How did he know I was something "Other" too? by MINKX08/19/074.61HOT

Fairy Fucker

 — A man with an extremely tiny dick finds the perfect girl. by Guy_Faux03/11/134.29

Fairy in a Bottle Ch. 01

 — Lena, the fairy, is played with by her new owner. by FreakShowWasHere12/19/164.00

Fairy in a Bottle Ch. 02

 — Lena is given a potion to grow large enough to be fucked. by FreakShowWasHere12/25/164.29

Fairy Summoning

 — He accidently gives a fairy control of his cock! by maestro8405/29/164.38

Fairy Summoning Pt. 02

 — Mark's fairy returns with unexpected results. by maestro8410/12/164.65HOT

Fairy Summoning Pt. 03

 — Rose fulfills some Ghostbuster fantasies for him. by maestro8410/14/164.66HOT

Fairy Summoning Pt. 04

 — Mark is exhausted so they try simple. by maestro8410/15/164.66HOT

Fairy Summoning Pt. 05

 — Another fantasy fulfilled with vampires. by maestro8410/16/164.61HOT

Fairy Summoning Pt. 06

 — Rose introduces him to an interesting creature. by maestro8410/21/164.67HOT

Fairy Summoning Pt. 07

 — Mark does something foolish and pays for it. by maestro8410/25/164.52HOT

Fairy Summoning Pt. 08

 — Mark is mad, but that soon changes. by maestro8411/05/164.61HOT

Fairy Summoning Pt. 09

 — Strange Alien themed fantasy. by maestro8411/11/164.48

Fairy Summoning Pt. 10

 — The Orgoblin escapes and finds a meal. by maestro8412/08/164.50HOT

Fairy Summoning Pt. 11

 — Mark has an Enchanting evening! by maestro8412/22/164.60HOT

Fairy Summoning Pt. 12

 — Mark and Rose have a conversation. by maestro8402/11/174.78HOT

Fairy Summoning Pt. 13

 — Mark learns what having a fairy girlfriend involves. by maestro8402/12/174.66HOT

Fairy Summoning Pt. 14

 — Rose meddles in Marks friends love life. by maestro8402/16/174.71HOT

Fairy Summoning Pt. 15

 — Mark and Rose's relationship moves in an odd direction. by maestro8403/27/174.76HOT

Fairy Summoning Pt. 16

 — Dating a Fairy is complicated... sometimes. by maestro8404/14/174.75HOT

Fairy Summoning Pt. 17

 — Another Fairy interferes in their relationship. by maestro8405/08/174.68HOT

Fairy Summoning Pt. 18

 — Rose introduces Jinx to Randy. by maestro8405/09/174.66HOT

Fairy Summoning Pt. 19

 — Jinx and Randy get a little more serious. by maestro8405/12/174.58HOT

Fairy Summoning Pt. 20

 — Jinx comes back and tries to make things up to Randy. by maestro8405/14/174.71HOT

Fairy Summoning Pt. 21

 — Jinx gets kinky Randy, Rose gets dangerous with Mark. by maestro8408/05/174.81HOT

Fairy Summoning Pt. 22

 — Fairy massage removes stress in an interesting way. by maestro8409/16/174.61HOT

Fairy Summoning Pt. 23

 — Jinx comes across a website controlled by a powerful being. by maestro8409/27/174.68HOT

Fairy Summoning Pt. 24

 — Randy meets a strange woman on his computer. by maestro8410/07/174.72HOT

Fairy Tale Fantasy: Beastly Legend

 — Beauty and the Beast with an adult twist. by RedHairedandFriendly01/24/064.61HOT


 — An erotic encounter in a mysterious circumstance. by MightyWurm06/24/103.00

Faith's Innocence

 — A forest sprite choses a sculpture to mold her body. by I_Shadow07/14/084.68HOT

Fall of the Silkeon

 — A Silky Fantasy Adventure. by OneSilky01/29/114.62HOT


 — Priest tells of his fall to a sexy demon witch. by Paul Grove12/27/014.24


 — Internet dream girl is more than she appears to be. by Esha12/22/024.41

Fallen Angel

 — in pre-war Paris, a man comes face to face with the divine by Akito0111/08/014.29

Fallen Angel

 — His fallen angel has a surprise in store for him. by Dracoscotsdragon12/12/134.06

Fallen Angel in Canada

 — Fallen angel Sela falls for Somali cop in Ottawa. by Samuelx01/12/173.07

Fallen Angel Meets Black Goddess

 — Fallen Angel falls for Black woman in Toronto. by Samuelx11/19/102.80

Fallen Angel: Loneliness Itself

 — Our world seen through the eyes of a Fallen Angel. by Samuelx04/27/133.36

Fallen Angel: Something Evil

 — Fallen angel trapped inside black man fights evil in Ontario. by Samuelx03/01/133.14

Fallen Angels

 — When Angels decide to take a turn for Mortal Lusts... by Dredekea02/19/024.47

Fallen Angels Among Us

 — A fallen angel roams metropolitan Toronto. by Samuelx03/26/132.94

Fallen Ch. 01

 — Living with a Vampire. by Nephylim12/31/114.64HOT

Fallen Ch. 02

 — Vampire Love by Nephylim01/05/124.61HOT

Fallen Ch. 03

 — Vampires cannot give love. by Nephylim01/07/124.65HOT

Fallen Ch. 04

 — Meet Bridge, an angel in disguise. by Nephylim01/14/124.68HOT

Fallen Ch. 05

 — Ara's wild ride. by Nephylim01/20/124.76HOT

Falling for Fae Ch. 01-02

 — Fairies, vampires, and demons. by Iread2relax12/30/154.56HOT

Falling for Fae Ch. 03-04

 — Fairies, vampires, and demons. by Iread2relax12/31/154.53HOT

Falling for Fae Ch. 05-06

 — Fairies, vampires, and demons. by Iread2relax01/01/164.70HOT

Falling for You Pt. 01

 — An angel nearly kills me. by Midnight_descent11/28/164.13

Falling Hard Ch. 00

 — Prologue: so it all comes to this? by naturallysweet04/13/094.21

Falling Hard Ch. 01

 — An angel longs to be human so she can have sex by naturallysweet02/11/094.38

Falling Hard Ch. 02

 — She lusts for the one who could destroy her. by naturallysweet02/13/094.57HOT

Falling Hard Ch. 03

 — The demon comes to her with an offer. by naturallysweet02/18/094.70HOT

Falling Hard Ch. 04

 — Her life is expendable and in danger. by naturallysweet02/22/094.59HOT

Falling Hard Ch. 05

 — She wakes up in hell, more or less. by naturallysweet03/01/094.62HOT

Falling Hard Ch. 06

 — Her reprogramming continues. by naturallysweet03/04/094.59HOT

Falling Hard Ch. 07

 — A meeting behind closed doors decides her fate. by naturallysweet03/07/094.60HOT

Falling Hard Ch. 08

 — Her mission is all too clear. by naturallysweet03/09/094.57HOT

Falling Hard Ch. 09

 — Earth at last! by naturallysweet03/13/094.54HOT

Falling Hard Ch. 10

 — And angel makes three. by naturallysweet03/23/094.71HOT

Falling Hard Ch. 11

 — She's alone with the demon. by naturallysweet03/26/094.79HOT

Falling Hard Ch. 12

 — Things go very wrong, very fast. by naturallysweet04/07/094.69HOT

Falling Hard Ch. 13

 — Backs against the wall. by naturallysweet04/16/094.64HOT

Falling Hard Ch. 14

 — Reunions. by naturallysweet05/04/094.76HOT

Falling Hard Ch. 15

 — Her first human sex. by naturallysweet07/04/094.66HOT

Falling Hard Ch. 16

 — Sensation and Revelation. by naturallysweet08/05/094.74HOT

Falling Hard Ch. 17

 — Orders are for disobeying. by naturallysweet08/11/094.79HOT

Falling Hard Ch. 18

 — The light at the end of the tunnel. by naturallysweet09/16/094.81HOT

Falling Hard Ch. 19

 — Changes. by naturallysweet10/14/094.84HOT

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 01

 — She's tossed into a vault with a starving vampire by Elianna03/23/084.56HOTContest Winner

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 02

 — Discussions in the dark. by Elianna03/31/084.72HOT

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 03

 — Of vampires and men. by Elianna03/31/084.74HOT

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 04

 — Anna awakes. by Elianna04/11/084.76HOT

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 05

 — A storm is brewing. by Elianna04/18/084.83HOT

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 06

 — A strange connection. by Elianna04/26/084.81HOT

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 07

 — Objects in motion. by Elianna05/17/084.78HOT

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 08

 — Sanctuary... by Elianna06/03/084.84HOT

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 09

 — Reunion? by Elianna06/09/084.88HOT

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 10

 — The board is set. by Elianna06/14/084.84HOT

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 11

 — The battle begins. by Elianna06/26/084.80HOT

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 12

 — Dark revenge. by Elianna07/02/084.80HOT

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 13

 — Strange dreams. by Elianna07/05/084.84HOTContest Winner

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 14

 — Strange power... by Elianna07/13/084.86HOT

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 15

 — Difficult decisions. by Elianna07/23/084.82HOT

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