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'Tis Destiny

 — A life...fulfilled. by fantasywriter01/15/063.63

...And The Big Bad Wolf

 — Luc and family face new troubles. by Jaisen07/09/144.79HOT

10 Days To Explore, And To Fuck

 — Vampire Slut and Daddy's first day on vacation. by owned106/30/133.22

100 Years in Purgatory

 — O.G. enjoys his time in purgatory. by JonThomas_02/21/174.17

100 Years in Purgatory Ch. 04

 — JT saves an Alpha from a witch. by JonThomas_08/08/174.60HOT


 — Hot redhead agent meets aliens in the desert. by Extreme Bohunk01/25/054.38

3 Hours

 — Married woman fondly remembers lusty tryst. by Vicki Sexton10/21/003.06

4x Bitten

 — Rejected, my prey seeks professional help. by Madam-Cecilia02/21/013.97

60 AD Ch. 01

 — Utta begins her defiance of Rome. by Vlinder_Fawn07/23/114.31

60 AD Ch. 02

 — Utter becomes the leader of the rebels. by Vlinder_Fawn07/27/114.51HOT

60 AD Ch. 03

 — Utta prepares to surrender to the Romans. by Vlinder_Fawn07/29/114.45

60 AD Ch. 04

 — Utta is finally captured and at the mercy of Rome. by Vlinder_Fawn07/31/114.56HOT

60 AD Ch. 05

 — Utta is prepared for deflowering. by Vlinder_Fawn08/01/114.39

60 AD Ch. 06

 — Utta the virgin warrior finally becomes a woman. by Vlinder_Fawn08/03/114.42

60 AD Ch. 07

 — Utta falls in battle. But "THEY" transform her. by Vlinder_Fawn08/05/114.54HOT

60 AD Ch. 08

 — Final Chapter: Utta's new life begins as a Vurvurdulaka. by Vlinder_Fawn08/07/114.49

A Good Nobbin

 — A strange gift from Viking folklore by LEATBT05/06/074.41

A "Friendly" Massage

 — A massage between friends gets intimate... by AmethystMare04/07/184.41

A Babe Amongst...Werewolves? Ch. 01

 — She is abducted & turned werewolf & must escape. by WildWolfGirl06/25/134.45

A Babe Amongst...Werewolves? Ch. 02

 — She is captured and turned by werewolves and must escape. by WildWolfGirl07/06/134.39

A Babe Amongst...Werewolves? Ch. 03

 — Elle finds out more about her situation by WildWolfGirl04/23/144.61HOT

A Bad Day in Dream World

 — Gwen goes to a dream world & gets taken by a monster. by JellyPie01/08/103.76

A Bestiary of Monster Girls

 — The classic work translated into English for the first time. by MatthewVett10/08/124.54HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 01

 — The prologue. by TaLtos608/12/124.66HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 02

 — Rachel and Azrael try to pick up the pieces. by TaLtos608/12/124.74HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 03

 — Azrael's friends track him. by TaLtos608/13/124.77HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 04

 — The eyes that stop Selena - every damned time. by TaLtos608/14/124.80HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 05

 — What had she done? by TaLtos608/15/124.79HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 06

 — To Nahl'een, Dahlgren is a mighty god. by TaLtos608/15/124.84HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 07

 — The young apprentice. by TaLtos608/17/124.84HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 08

 — The hidden sadness of Cha'Khah. by TaLtos608/18/124.85HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 09

 — The mysterious woman who waits at a table near the fireplace. by TaLtos608/19/124.88HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 10

 — Not really what Selena had in mind at all. by TaLtos608/20/124.85HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 11

 — If you set your mind to it, you can move a ... pebble. by TaLtos608/21/124.84HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 12

 — Monnie and her boys. by TaLtos608/22/124.80HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 13

 — "There are others who gather in places," the dragon said. by TaLtos608/23/124.83HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 14

 — "My name's Faith," she said with a nod. by TaLtos608/24/124.84HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 15

 — She blinked, "You want to romance me? Well hot damn!" by TaLtos608/25/124.83HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 16

 — The queen smiled, "Show me the might." by TaLtos608/27/124.88HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 17

 — The lovely gazelle who smiles to stop his young heart. by TaLtos608/28/124.84HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 18

 — "This is one thing that I know that I can help you with." by TaLtos608/29/124.84HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 19

 — Yuan likes Billy. The young outdoorsman and the uh, dragon. by TaLtos608/30/124.85HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 20

 — Lying on the back of the lovely witch who wants to kill him. by TaLtos609/01/124.86HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 21

 — That girl could piss him off like nobody that he'd ever met. by TaLtos609/02/124.85HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 22

 — "The love of a Rohn is a hungry thing," she sighed. by TaLtos609/05/124.85HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 23

 — Whispered plans in the dark. by TaLtos609/10/124.81HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 24

 — Shaevre gets her life back, Nahl'een gets P'tunia. by TaLtos609/11/124.83HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 25

 — Cha'Khah likes any excuse to get out of the cold wind. by TaLtos609/14/124.88HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 26

 — "Come down here and fight like poor people," Shaevre said. by TaLtos609/19/124.86HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 27

 — Selena comes into her own. by TaLtos609/21/124.86HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 28

 — Selena figures it out. Will she be accepted? by TaLtos609/22/124.85HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 29

 — He’d never seen a woman strut like that. Not in his life. by TaLtos609/23/124.85HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 30

 — Cha'Khah tries to make amends - if he'll even listen. by TaLtos609/27/124.86HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 31

 — Amazing gifts for Cha'Khah. by TaLtos609/28/124.88HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 32

 — Cha'Khah seethed in fury. "For Xunafae." was all she said. by TaLtos610/01/124.88HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 33

 — Vadren gets to use his parted flanks incantation. by TaLtos610/06/124.87HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 34

 — Yuan flies with dragons and chooses the one. by TaLtos610/10/124.83HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 35

 — Yuan's family - such as it is, pets and all. by TaLtos610/12/124.81HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 36

 — There's madness in the heart of a demon - if she loves you. by TaLtos610/16/124.86HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 37

 — "Gold is nothing," she said, "He will want females." by TaLtos610/22/124.81HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 38

 — She's not the lonely homemaker anymore. by TaLtos610/28/124.78HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 39

 — There was nothing for him to believe in until he met Rosa. by TaLtos611/01/124.87HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 40

 — Meeting someone from her past. by TaLtos611/04/124.83HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 41

 — The Ninth Prince and his unusual offer. by TaLtos611/05/124.82HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 42

 — Dakhete remembers & it's finally Yasmin's birthday. by TaLtos611/15/124.84HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 43

 — "Queen want war?" Sha-sha nodded, "First, you fight me." by TaLtos611/18/124.87HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 44

 — Sometimes a girl just wants to hide herself away. by TaLtos611/20/124.88HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 45

 — What needs to be done & What should never be. by TaLtos611/22/124.85HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 46

 — Every journey starts with a step - even for what they are. by TaLtos611/27/124.87HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 47

 — "We call this a mating moon." The demon nodded, seeing why. by TaLtos611/30/124.84HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 48

 — Love when nothing matters anymore. by TaLtos612/06/124.88HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 49

 — Looking at each other in the maelstrom of her ire. by TaLtos612/09/124.85HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 50

 — She felt like a moth near a candle with only one outcome. by TaLtos612/13/124.82HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 51

 — Some attractions can't be explained. by TaLtos601/27/134.89HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 52

 — You meet the nicest people when you're on the run. by TaLtos602/25/134.88HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 53

 — More fun with the roadmen. by TaLtos605/05/134.84HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 54

 — The beginning of the healing of Jerrthi's poor heart. by TaLtos605/14/134.91HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 55

 — The Sexy Son Syndrome explained by a mother to her son. by TaLtos605/15/134.90HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 56

 — She's a veteran killer and you're not. Think about it. by TaLtos605/21/134.88HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 57

 — "We're going to an unimportant blue rock called Earth." by TaLtos605/24/134.88HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 58

 — “I’m the legendary little sister, Katje,” she said evenly. by TaLtos607/12/134.85HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 59

 — Talon gets his wings and the idol flies once more. by TaLtos607/13/134.88HOT

A Black Vampire's Tale

 — A male vampire meets a cowboy and a teacher. by Samuelx05/09/063.74

A Black Werewolf in Texas

 — French wolf-woman meets a unique brother in Texas. by Samuelx12/10/163.73

A Blaze of Crimson

 — Valerie takes a camping trip. by Tripwire11/13/094.23

A Blaze of Crimson Ch. 02

 — Valerie meets Yuri again. by Tripwire11/16/094.29

A Blaze of Crimson Ch. 03

 — Valerie learns something. by Tripwire11/19/094.30

A Blaze of Crimson Ch. 04

 — Valerie and Tom take care of some business. by Tripwire12/17/094.35

A Blaze of Crimson Ch. 05

 — Is Valerie all alone? by Tripwire01/06/104.46

A Blaze of Crimson Ch. 06

 — Why is Yuri intrested in her. by Tripwire01/07/104.34

A Blood Moon All Hallows Eve

 — He takes revenge on a vampire and falls in love. by gldngolfer10/16/154.47

A Brand New Life with Karen

 — Sexy stranger seduces dissatisfied hubby. by Guerra01/10/013.99

A Break from the Field

 — Infection Era. A CIA agent is hypnotised into conversion. by CoronetConversion07/30/153.92

A Brief Stop in Purgatory Pt. 01

 — In transit to heaven, a monk is flattered and tempted. by themerovingian04/05/164.69HOT

A Brief Stop in Purgatory Pt. 02

 — Brother Silas loses himself amidst carnal delights. by themerovingian05/21/164.77HOT

A Cat Among Wolves Ch. 01

 — Sabeen finds herself in debt to Marcus. by kitten10107/21/074.62HOT

A Cat Among Wolves Ch. 02

 — Sabeen gets into trouble. by kitten10107/27/074.72HOT

A Cat Among Wolves Ch. 03

 — Things get tense between Sabeen and Marcus. by kitten10107/28/074.74HOT

A Cat Among Wolves Ch. 04

 — Sabeen makes a decision. by kitten10108/02/074.72HOT

A Cat Among Wolves Ch. 05

 — Sabeen and Marcus leave the pack behind. by kitten10108/03/074.75HOT

A Centaur's Love

 — Callum's story begins. by AMY_Monaco01/25/084.61HOT

A Centaur's Love 01

 — A maiden is on the run, only to find herself in more danger. by loststars02/26/174.53HOT

A Centaur's Love 02

 — Throntir takes Lena back to his camp. by loststars03/01/174.54HOT

A Centaur's Love 03

 — Lena awakens, and is met with an ultimatum. by loststars03/12/174.61HOT

A Centaur's Love Ch. 02

 — Callum's past is revealed to Lila. by AMY_Monaco02/01/084.71HOT

A Centaur's Love Ch. 03

 — The Ceremony ignites passion. by AMY_Monaco02/06/084.71HOT

A Centaur's Love Ch. 04

 — Regrets and Desires. by AMY_Monaco02/10/084.73HOT

A Centaur's Love Ch. 05

 — Acceptance by AMY_Monaco02/12/084.64HOT

A Centaur's Love Ch. 06

 — Humans are spotted. by AMY_Monaco02/15/084.68HOT

A Centaur's Love Ch. 07

 — The final chapter. by AMY_Monaco02/20/084.79HOT

A Chance Encounter

 — It's not always good to catch the eye of a stranger. by noctum_aeternum07/28/063.96

A Chance Encounter Ch. 01

 — Getting jumped in the woods isn't so bad, right? by blackjack807/25/164.38

A Chance Encounter Ch. 02

 — Rise and shine, the story picks up the morning after Eric's. by blackjack807/29/164.54HOT

A Chance Encounter Ch. 03

 — Eric gets to know his new body. by blackjack807/30/164.53HOT

A Chance Encounter Ch. 04

 — Cassie takes some time to herself. by blackjack808/03/164.56HOT

A Chance Encounter Ch. 05

 — Can Eric fight his instincts or will he go feral? by blackjack808/13/164.56HOT

A Chance Encounter Ch. 06

 — Things are coming to a climax *wink*. by blackjack808/20/164.53HOT

A Chance Encounter Ch. 07

 — Do our werewolves get a happy ending? by blackjack808/23/164.68HOT

A Change in the Air

 — A mistake of identity leads him into an alien affair. by entwined_tails01/17/154.45

A Christmas Wish

 — Sometimes computers can give you what you want. by rockgoddessuk01/03/033.13

A Civilized African Vampire

 — A civilized Black vampire faces the Zombie Apocalypse. by Samuelx11/09/17

A Classical Werewolf Ch. 01

 — Skeptical Lycan finds true love, or does he? by rosamundi05/15/114.45

A Classical Werewolf Ch. 02

 — Scientist proves less skeptical than werewolf. by rosamundi05/23/114.60HOT

A Classical Werewolf Ch. 03

 — Hal and Addy explore. by rosamundi07/25/114.58HOT

A Classical Werewolf Ch. 04

 — Life can't be all rainbows and BDSM. by rosamundi11/06/114.55HOT

A Cold Embrace

 — A myth becomes real and steals her away. by DelishuslySynful04/25/124.00

A Cold Night

 — An half-dragon saves a girl. by DirtyDee09/01/083.85

A Cure for Moonlight

 — A night owl has an exciting evening. by EdenVanEver05/26/124.43

A Cure for Moonlight Ch. 02

 — A view from the other side. by EdenVanEver05/28/124.34

A Cure for Moonlight Ch. 03

 — He's getting ready for her. by EdenVanEver06/01/124.48

A Cure for Moonlight Ch. 04

 — An unexpected first time. by EdenVanEver06/02/124.25

A Cure for Moonlight Ch. 05

 — Danger is around every turn. by EdenVanEver06/06/124.37

A Cure for Moonlight Ch. 06

 — An alliance is formed, against Stella. by EdenVanEver02/03/134.51HOT

A Cure for Moonlight Ch. 07

 — Discoveries and revelations by EdenVanEver01/30/144.48

A Daemon's Heart Ch. 01-02

 — Can a 400 year old daemon find love after so long? by KayVamp12/01/084.50HOT

A Daemon's Heart Ch. 03-04

 — Kael and Elyah feed their need. by KayVamp12/05/084.52HOT

A Daemon's Heart Ch. 05

 — Elyah's glow.. by KayVamp12/23/084.58HOT

A Daemon's Heart Ch. 06-07

 — Kael and Elyah grow closer with danger lurking. by KayVamp01/05/094.58HOT

A Daemon's Heart Ch. 08

 — Elyah Awakes. by KayVamp01/15/094.58HOT

A Daemon's Heart Ch. 09

 — The truth revealed. by KayVamp01/22/094.59HOT

A Daemon's Heart Ch. 10

 — Elyah's reaction. by KayVamp04/20/094.63HOT

A Daemon's Heart Ch. 11

 — Elyah's nightmares. by KayVamp06/10/094.61HOT

A Daemon's Heart Ch. 12

 — Izadora. by KayVamp08/29/094.64HOT

A Dance for Gina

 — Young blonde draws attention of Vampiress in club. by hotchkiss12/05/044.55HOT

A Dancer

 — A vampire finds her eternal love. by Jerseyshore10/08/133.54

A Dancers Kiss

 — A night out with the girls just got a whole lot more interesting. by NyxInTheNight07/28/094.40

A Dancers Kiss Ch. 02

 — Back to the club. by NyxInTheNight08/01/094.49

A Dancers Kiss Ch. 03

 — No more waiting. by NyxInTheNight08/19/094.55HOT

A Dangerous Game

 — A young man takes a dangerous chance with his lover. by Lycandope10/09/184.07

A Dark Love

 — Sadistic vampire enjoys night with his slave. by Gojenngo01/29/024.41

A Dark Night

 — Going down this street tonight just seemed a bit too...sinister. by DaAuthor02/16/104.07

A Dark Night Ch. 02

 — Continuation of the story. by DaAuthor02/21/104.31

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger

 — It was the end of another exhausting day at university. by Bellstoires08/23/124.35

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 02

 — Three days since Bell had been rescued by Ragon. by Bellstoires08/26/124.42

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 03

 — Ragon woke quickly the following night. by Bellstoires09/04/124.54HOT

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 04

 — Bell woke in a cold sweat several hours later. by Bellstoires09/07/124.57HOT

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 05

 — It wasn't until 4pm the next day... by Bellstoires09/14/124.63HOT

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 06

 — A time for answers. by Bellstoires09/17/124.56HOT

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 07

 — Hunting in style. by Bellstoires09/20/124.65HOT

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 08

 — An alley way confession. by Bellstoires10/07/124.68HOT

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 09

 — Date night. by Bellstoires10/17/124.71HOT

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 10

 — A last-minute guest. by Bellstoires10/28/124.69HOT

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 11

 — The Halloween Party. by Bellstoires11/12/124.70HOT

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 12

 — In the aftermath. by Bellstoires11/29/124.74HOT

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 13

 — Patrick's Fledgling Chapter 13. by Bellstoires12/22/124.73HOT

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 14

 — The Vision. by Bellstoires02/20/134.67HOT

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 15

 — Clyde's Decision. by Bellstoires03/21/134.69HOT

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 17

 — Chapter 17- A Stroll through the Morgue. by Bellstoires04/07/134.64HOT

A Darker Love

 — Alaina struggles with her feelings about a demon. by AMY_Monaco02/26/084.46

A Darker Love Ch. 02

 — Melissa's life changes. by AMY_Monaco03/06/084.55HOT

A Darker Love Ch. 03

 — More secrets revealed; Orfeo is no longer alone. by AMY_Monaco10/11/084.59HOT

A Date Gone Wrong

 — Being stood up never felt so good. by Xepter03/13/084.32

A Date with Delilah

 — Vampire nut wins a dream date. by Quince10/01/054.69HOT

A Day at the Beach

 — A man's encounter with a unique creature. by Derglefergle05/29/103.99

A Day in the Life of a Ghoul

 — Kenyan man becomes a Ghoul to fight Vampires. by Samuelx05/12/173.20

A Day in the Life of an Angel

 — Fallen Archangel becomes cop in Boston. by Samuelx01/20/093.67

A Deal With The Devil

 — Attorney sells her soul. by Gojenngo02/02/024.18

A Demon Lover

 — A demon's rage is taken over by an unknow desire for a human. by icey_hearted08/06/073.97

A Demon's Captive

 — Danan's personal hell. by HellsSpawn08/10/103.98

A Demon's Desire

 — Historical Victorian era erotica with demon and human. by anais_v07/16/134.52HOT

A Demon's Prize

 — A scout learns the pleasure of flesh. by twistedworld01/15/084.38

A Demon...Or Two Just For Me

 — Violet finds that her prince comes with more than a crown. by Reddestiny92108/07/134.76HOT

A Demon...Or Two Just For Me Ch. 02

 — Passion pie with a little bit of surprise filling. by Reddestiny92108/13/134.76HOT

A Demon...Or Two Just For Me Ch. 03

 — Violet learns where she really came from. by Reddestiny92108/20/134.71HOT

A Demon...Or Two Just For Me Ch. 03.5

 — What else happened with the family? by Reddestiny92109/03/134.65HOT

A Demon...Or Two Just For Me Ch. 04

 — The fairy tale is coming closer to an end. by Reddestiny92109/30/134.46

A Devil of a Deal

 — Betrayed husband gets help from Satan. by ChristopherMaxwell12/23/063.87

A Dickens Halloween

 — Marla's Ghost arouses Eleanor Scrooge back to life. by theowlandtherose10/30/034.55HOT

A Different Kind of Same

 — A werewolf/animal story with the Dd/Lg bdsm aspect. by Prettypleasekitten01/24/174.76HOT

A Different Kind of Same Ch. 02

 — A werewolf story with dd/lg premise. by Prettypleasekitten02/13/174.75HOT

A Different Knight's Gambit

 — A sequel to formalities. by mersennius_prime06/11/184.55HOT

A Divine Deal

 — Sarah strikes an unorthodox agreement with a god. by CarlottaJacobs12/08/134.30

A Dom's Revenge Ch. 03

 — Enslavement is now irreversible. by sirsemega04/10/083.91

A Domestic Call

 — A police officer takes a call as her blood begins to boil. by Lycandope12/24/184.21

A Dragon's Desire Ch. 01

 — A fox-eared man's visit to the dragon's cave takes a twist. by Aledleledlele06/07/164.16

A Dragon's Desire Ch. 02

 — A new-comer of the village seems familiar to the leader. by Aledleledlele06/10/164.44

A Dragon's Desire Ch. 03

 — The first snow day in the village brings the two closer. by Aledleledlele06/15/164.48

A Dragon's Desire Ch. 04

 — More snow brings the two closer. by Aledleledlele09/26/164.52HOT

A Dragon's Desire Ch. 05

 — The fun continues as the day wears on. by Aledleledlele11/15/164.62HOT

A Dragon's Desire Ch. 06

 — A day of digging creates exploration of some holes. by Aledleledlele01/14/174.53HOT

A Dragon's Gold Ch. 01: Scatha

 — Sometimes a dragon's wealth isn't merely gold. by crow_girl2111/04/144.36

A Dragon's Gold Ch. 02: Tharonos

 — Not all dragon's wealth is gold... by crow_girl2111/06/144.32

A Dragon's Gold Ch. 03: Loivissa

 — Not all dragon's wealth is gold... by crow_girl2111/07/144.46

A Dragon's Lust

 — A Dragon's unstoppable desire to ravish a young woman. by CaractacusIV10/26/144.26

A Dragon's Mount

 — A man helps a dragon to donate sperm. by entwined_tails09/07/164.53HOT

A Dream Come True

 — He dreams of a beautiful, otherworldly woman. by scorpio0015501/30/014.41

A Dream Come True Ch. 01

 — A leopard morph dreams of her mate. by FantasyKitten72302/28/134.34

A Dream Come True Ch. 02

 — Marie starts to doubt her sanity but finds the truth. by FantasyKitten72303/05/134.47

A Dream Come True Ch. 03

 — Their first date gets interrupted. by FantasyKitten72303/27/134.54HOT

A Dream Come True Ch. 04

 — Marie deals with her first heat. by FantasyKitten72309/27/184.42

A Dream of Pleasure

 — Cahallin wonders if the night with Jess was but a dream. by AriaSilverfyre10/17/014.07

A Dying Breed

 — Is she alone in the woods? by Crazyforyou2001/17/103.42

A Few Sips Ch. 01

 — A girl's unlikely encounter with a creature of the night. by sinagainChris1211/17/154.70HOT

A Few Sips Ch. 02

 — Domino finds herself just where she wants to be. by sinagainChris1211/18/154.78HOT

A Few Sips Ch. 03

 — Things take a turn for Domino. by sinagainChris1211/19/154.70HOT

A Few Sips Ch. 04

 — Reunited. by sinagainChris1211/20/154.76HOT

A Few Sips Ch. 05

 — Mr. Hughes gives them a plan. by sinagainChris1211/21/154.73HOT

A Few Sips Ch. 06

 — A night in the woods. by sinagainChris1211/24/154.79HOT

A Few Sips Ch. 07

 — Domino finds herself in a few knots. by sinagainChris1211/25/154.77HOT

A Few Sips Ch. 08

 — A song and an elf. by sinagainChris1211/26/154.82HOT

A Few Sips Ch. 09

 — It's not easy being pregnant with a vampire. by sinagainChris1211/28/154.80HOT

A Few Sips Ch. 10

 — A Celebration of Sorts. by sinagainChris1212/01/154.79HOT

A Few Sips Ch. 11

 — Angels and Wood Elves are complicated. by sinagainChris1212/02/154.78HOT

A Few Sips Ch. 12

 — A Birth. by sinagainChris1212/03/154.82HOT

A Few Sips Ch. 13

 — Domino didn't expect this. by sinagainChris1212/05/154.81HOT

A Few Sips Ch. 14

 — Domino's second life. by sinagainChris1212/09/154.75HOT

A Few Sips Ch. 15

 — Some News for Domino. by sinagainChris1212/17/154.81HOT

A Few Sips Ch. 16

 — Domino finds her missing lover. by sinagainChris1212/18/154.81HOT

A Few Sips Ch. 17

 — Alexandru's courtship begins. by sinagainChris1212/20/154.87HOT

A Few Sips Ch. 18: Finale

 — The bringing of a beginning for Alexandru and Domino. by sinagainChris1212/23/154.86HOT

A First for Vanessa the Vampire

 — A Female Vampire goes out to find her own Halloween fun. by whm_kelly10/02/144.44

A Flowered Meadow

 — Spring fairy finds passion carries deadly consequences. by poisonpen05/23/073.88

A Forever Kind of Love

 — An otherworldly solution to loneliness. by DelishuslySynful11/03/124.44

A Forever Love Ch. 01

 — Christian Davalos and Kinlye Smalley. by Daniellekitten03/30/104.60HOT

A Forever Love Ch. 02

 — Two men, one woman, will she love them both? by Daniellekitten04/08/104.65HOT

A Forever Love Ch. 03

 — Kinlye finds out what Christian truly is. by Daniellekitten04/11/104.62HOT

A Forever Love Ch. 04

 — Christian or Matthew? by Daniellekitten04/14/104.60HOT

A Forever Love Ch. 05

 — Matthew's explanation. by Daniellekitten04/17/104.65HOT

A Forever Love Ch. 06

 — Kinlye and Christian. by Daniellekitten05/07/104.67HOT

A Forever Love Ch. 07

 — A Vampire's first meal. by Daniellekitten05/22/104.63HOT

A Forever Love Ch. 08

 — The conclusion. by Daniellekitten05/25/104.63HOT

A Fox Hunt Ch. 01

 — The oracle brings home a fae. by succubass_the_panty_wizard12/01/184.46

A Freak Like Me

 — His Angel surprises him. by shez05/12/044.21

A Frightful Fingering

 — A girl and a ghost find love at first fright. by Whorephology05/06/184.37

A Full Moon Phase

 — Mates first meet in East Berlin. by maxicue11/27/114.38

A Full Moon Phase Ch. 02

 — Into the Forest by maxicue11/28/114.71HOT

A Full Moon Phase Ch. 03

 — The Colonel's Lair. by maxicue12/01/114.57HOT

A Full Moon Phase Ch. 04

 — Weres explained at Kat's. by maxicue12/05/114.62HOT

A Full Moon Phase Ch. 05

 — Confrontations and more explanations at Wolf's Hamlet. by maxicue12/08/114.74HOT

A Full Moon Phase Ch. 06

 — Meeting in a Black Forest Bunker. by maxicue12/13/114.71HOT

A Full Moon Phase Ch. 07

 — The Colonel arrives in the land of the weres. by maxicue12/16/114.63HOT

A Full Moon Phase Ch. 08

 — Trixie transforms and helps her friend. by maxicue12/21/114.69HOT

A Full Moon Phase Ch. 09

 — Characters converge in Wolf's hamlet. by maxicue12/24/114.72HOT

A Full Moon Phase Ch. 10

 — Gretchen mates at last in the Valley of Gods. by maxicue12/29/114.69HOT

A Full Moon Phase Ch. 11

 — 10 Years Later. by maxicue01/03/124.57HOT

A Fuzz Bump Story Ch. 01

 — Sarah has fun with a servant while the husband is away. by SarahCarta02/13/083.96

A Ghost of a Chance

 — Is it truly over when we die? Maybe. by MistressMerry10/02/074.22

A Ghost of a Chance

 — Long ago lovers get a second chance. by meathead9610/14/104.11

A Ghost's Brazen Muse

 — Meet Karen, sensual muse to ghost Nathan. by jessiehaynes09/02/144.09

A Ghost's Tale Ch. 01

 — Don't they say the manor is haunted? by TheSwashbuckler09/20/074.38

A Ghost's Tale Ch. 02

 — Returning to the Manor. by TheSwashbuckler09/27/074.45

A Ghost's Tale Ch. 03

 — To make ends meet, they get another roommate. by TheSwashbuckler10/26/074.26

A Ghost's Tale Ch. 04

 — Jealousy? A Party? And a secret revealed. by TheSwashbuckler10/30/074.30

A Ghostly Embrace

 — Karen learns her love of pain from an unlikely sourde. by DaveMashie04/06/123.47

A Ghostly Encounter

 — Claudia learns that sometimes legends are true. by sexygirl7604/05/084.31

A Ghostly Encounter

 — Ellie experiences sex with a ghost. by Collete01/16/154.16

A Ghostly Fantasy

 — Professor has otherworldly experience. by Thekurgin08/27/004.09

A Ghostly Return

 — A girl's dead boyfriend returns. by Soft_N_Sweet10/07/024.03

A Ghostly Tryst On Gillingham Lawns

 — Tale of cunnilingus, threesomes, passion, & more passion. by Spanner Browser07/23/013.51

A Gift from Hell

 — A young man becomes involved with an unusual woman... by DrSpidey04/01/154.44

A Gift from Hell Ch. 02: Satana Returns

 — Satana returns with HUGE news. by DrSpidey04/04/154.44

A Gift from Hell Ch. 03: Nearing the End

 — As Satana nears giving birth, Satan unleashes the Apocalypse. by DrSpidey01/15/164.49

A Girl from Cheemee Ch. 01

 — Trapped in a tharianthrope war. by redlead07/26/124.16

A Girl's Best Friend

 — Her horny pet unicorn makes her wild. by trixiej02/16/063.93

A God Of War's Hound

 — A little after battle sex with her master. by SaintlyMouse07/27/154.52HOT

A God Of War's Hound Ch. 02

 — The Hounds have some fun at Penelope's. by SaintlyMouse07/30/154.55HOT

A God Of War's Hound Ch. 03

 — The Hounds have a new mission. by SaintlyMouse03/11/184.53HOT

A God Of War's Hound Ch. 04

 — A guest Arrives. by SaintlyMouse03/19/184.73HOT

A Good Girl in Montauk

 — 750 words of a dog's aging and his importance to a family. by Bebop302/04/194.41

A Good Nobbin Ch. 02

 — The Nobbin rides again! Susie's sexy Mum gets it! by LEATBT05/23/094.44

A Good Photo Shoot, Almost Ruined

 — Photographer tells a wild tale. by SensitiveSuccubus04/21/013.29

A Haitian Vampire Queen

 — Haitian woman becomes vampire and fights slavery. by Samuelx10/10/113.44

A Haitian Werewolf's Diary

 — Haitian werewolf dates Somali girl in Montreal. by Samuelx11/07/122.63

A Half Demon's Diary...!

 — Max continues his life after making love with a ghost girl! by itachidark2702/13/124.45

A Halloween Desire

 — Have you ever wanted to be bitten by a vampire? by Wicked_Angel02/11/034.34

A Halloween Tale

 — Vampiress finds life and love. by Sweet_Tart03/23/014.16

A Halloween Tale

 — A grim cast of characters celebrate. by August Never10/13/013.98

A Halloween Treat

 — Mysterious woman seeking a treat arrives at his door. by Elly11/03/014.31

A Harem of Horny Heroines Ch. 01

 — Max wanted to die but found a reason to live. by MaximumPotential4vr03/16/164.43

A Haunting Night

 — Four friends spend a night at a haunted mansion. by maestro8405/05/174.54HOT

A Haunting Reminder

 — An aging warrior is visited by the phantom of a lost lover. by Kheftling10/26/114.11

A Hiking Mishap

 — Taken by a beast in the mountains... by AmethystMare11/05/173.67

A Hole in the Darkness Ch. 01

 — He has only one way to find his people. by EelunPhetmoore08/13/124.33

A Hole in the Darkness Ch. 02

 — The search for the "Kind" takes a dangerous turn. by EelunPhetmoore08/17/124.45

A Hole in the Darkness Ch. 03

 — He's found what he's searcing for, but at what price? by EelunPhetmoore12/10/124.48

A Hole in the Darkness Ch. 04

 — Will all of Sev's questions finally be answers? by EelunPhetmoore01/09/144.65HOT

A Hole in the Darkness Ch. 05

 — Will Sev have to die to find what he's looking for? by EelunPhetmoore05/22/154.71HOT

A Hole in the Pack

 — David thought he was joining a leather family... by MsMahler04/06/154.47

A Hope for Rauri Ch. 01

 — A time-walking hunter for the Bean Sith of the Awful Hand. by TaLtos601/12/144.75HOT

A Hope for Rauri Ch. 02

 — Every investigator has a sidekick. For Wesley, it's Shauna. by TaLtos601/12/144.77HOT

A Hope for Rauri Ch. 03

 — Her slide into grave. by TaLtos601/23/144.75HOT

A Hope for Rauri Ch. 04

 — She moaned, "I ... want ... to fuck ... with the beast." by TaLtos601/27/144.79HOT

A Horny Futanari and Her Cat

 — A young woman gets a new cat. In this world, cats are sexy. by RaistlinMajere01/16/194.63HOT

A Hot Christmas

 — Zoe goes into heat on Christmas. by lostangelkira01/28/134.40

A Hotel and Tentacles

 — A couple is taken in a strange hotel. by Mark516008/22/183.71

A Human Pet Offworld Ch. 01

 — Prologue: Daniel is manhandled by his alien captors. by EcstaticWren09/04/183.73

A Hunter Watches Ch. 04

 — Sheila returns to find her hunter. by Twisted_Mistress08/24/074.72HOT

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