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Mixed Blessings Ch. 07

 — Laslie heads out to find another artifact, and perhaps more. by deathlynx03/06/074.88

Mixed Blessings Ch. 08

 — Laslie leaves to meet Talianna, but what's the real reason? by deathlynx03/07/074.91HOT

Mixed Blessings Ch. 09

 — Laslie chooses between Talianna and Alicia. by deathlynx03/07/072.72

Mizukume: The Fox-Spirit

 — A kitsune, fox-spirit, falls in love with an exiled princess. by Nachthexe03/02/124.40

Modern Pantheon: Ares

 — She reflects on her latest guy while he has sex with her. by deathlynx05/27/123.88

Modern Pantheon: Athena

 — Athena seeks out a challenge at a gaming store. by deathlynx05/29/124.42

Modern Pantheon: Eris

 — When his girlfriend doesn't show, he finds someone else. by deathlynx06/06/124.17

Modern Pantheon: Hephaestus

 — She discovers that testing prototype VR gear can feel real. by deathlynx05/31/124.45

Modern Pantheon: Zeus

 — Zeus seduces her as a golden mist. by deathlynx05/26/124.12

Modern Speakeasy

 — A girl and her immortal lover decide to have a night out. by BiboErgoSum08/09/164.62HOT

Molly's Mate

 — Molly is kidnapped and caged. by MeadowRose06/03/094.32

Molly's New Horns

 — A succubus seduces a young woman... or the other way around. by Collete12/31/144.58HOT

Moments Ch. 01

 — Myah gives herself to an angel. Or is it a demon? by CornishBabe12/28/073.97

Mongoose Princess And Snake God

 — Ethiopian female superhero fights evil forces in Canada. by Samuelx10/25/112.56

Monkey Business

 — Job at a research institute goes awry. by zack_w12/10/023.30

Monolith Ch. 01

 — Introduction to the beast's erotic late night show. by Margin Walker08/10/034.63HOT

Monolith Ch. 02

 — The beast, the beauty, and an unusual love affair. by Margin Walker11/12/034.76HOT

Monolith Ch. 03

 — Power struggle develops; Monolith is unleashed. by Margin Walker04/06/044.58HOT

Monster Breed Ch. 01

 — Joey's path from being a normal guy to part sucubus. by Yami_joeys_dog04/23/124.09

Monster Breed Ch. 02

 — A bit more gets explained and we're heading for the porn. by Yami_joeys_dog04/28/124.42

Monster Fever

 — Five college kids have encounters on Halloween. by Armphid10/22/124.78HOT

Monster Lover

 — A new chapter in our lives. by lijep12/02/124.14

Monster Mash Pt. 01

 — Dolores Dracul gets more than she bargained for. by MrBasterd11/20/16

Monster Mash Pt. 02

 — Dolores has some fun with herself while waiting for Lou. by MrBasterd01/14/17

Monster Under Her Bed

 — A childhood nightmare returns with a vengeance. by Ursinus05/07/104.36

Monsterboy Quest Ch. 01

 — A knight-turned-nun encounters cute monsters on her quest. by taiyakisoba09/11/164.71HOT

Monsterboy Quest Ch. 02

 — Levinja encounters an elf maid - but is she all she seems? by taiyakisoba10/16/164.51HOT

Monsterboy Quest Ch. 03

 — Levinja doubles her fun with twin wolf-boys. by taiyakisoba01/08/174.66HOT

Monsters and Men

 — She finds not all monsters are what they appear to be. by wudelfin04/27/064.45

Monsters in the Mountains

 — Jordan inherits his family's land, but it comes with a secret. by bobalous10/16/154.84HOT

Monsters in the Mountains Ch. 02

 — Trouble on the mountain. by bobalous10/23/154.88HOTContest Winner

Monsters in the Mountains Ch. 03

 — Family and friendships in the mountains. by bobalous01/06/164.85HOT

Monsters in the Mountains Ch. 04

 — Meet the family. by bobalous05/27/164.91HOTContest Winner

Monsters Like You and Me

 — Somali superman meets Turkish woman in Montreal. by Samuelx01/30/133.38

Monsters, Inc

 — Alien takes woman at the gynecologist's office. by Zenythmon04/24/074.29

Mood Slime Ch. 01

 — Hot intern accidentally gets mood slime "in the mood". by maestro8408/27/154.30

Mood Slime Ch. 03

 — The slime claims its next victim. by maestro8401/07/164.32

Mood Slime Ch. 04

 — The slime finds a new form. by maestro8401/08/164.35

Mood Slime Ch. 09

 — As Doll has her fun the slime has some fun as well. by maestro8401/15/164.44

Mood Slime Ch. 10

 — The slime has more fun. by maestro8401/16/164.40

Mood Slime Ch. 14

 — Woman has a very interesting bath! by maestro8401/22/164.44

Mood Slime Ch. 20

 — The slime lets an ancient demon in to this world. by maestro8402/04/164.62HOT

Mood Slime Ch. 23

 — Amber's panties are spread to others. by maestro8402/09/164.55HOT

Mood Slime Ch. 27

 — College student plays with slime in his dorm room. by maestro8402/13/164.51HOT

Mood Slime Ch. 31

 — What happens when slime mixes with a plant? by maestro8402/18/164.55HOT

Mood Slime Ch. 32

 — Doll leaves a Nymph egg under someone's bed. by maestro8402/19/164.56HOT

Mood Slime Ch. 33

 — Ghost sex, body swapping, the fun continues. by maestro8402/20/164.62HOT

Mood Slime Ch. 35

 — Nymph continues to feed. by maestro8402/23/164.38

Mood Slime Ch. 37

 — Relaxation 101. by maestro8402/25/164.51HOT

Mood Slime Redemption Ch. 05

 — Lilith wants Doll to earn redemption. by maestro8403/03/164.74HOT

Mood Slime: Red Ch. 01

 — Doll's doppleganger finds her first victims. by maestro8406/29/164.52HOT

Mood Slime: Red Ch. 03

 — Red takes control of Lilith and causes more chaos! by maestro8412/04/164.27

Mood Slime: Red Ch. 06

 — Red has plans for the one who started it all. by maestro8406/10/174.68HOT

Mood Slime: Sex Shop Ch. 05

 — Doll begins to feel odd and strange things start happening. by maestro8403/20/164.42

Mood Slime: Sex Shop Ch. 10

 — Woman buys joke gift and gets more than she bargained for. by maestro8405/18/164.44

Mood Slime: Sex Shop Ch. 11

 — Guy finds a sex toy in his living room and things get messy. by maestro8405/19/164.31

Mood Slime: Sex Shop Ch. 12

 — Slime shows woman extreme pleasure.. too extreme. by maestro8405/20/164.53HOT

Mood Slime: Sex Shop Ch. 13

 — Someone has plans for Doll, and it isn't good. by maestro8405/25/164.36

Moon Children Ch. 01-02

 — We are the Moon's Children. Bast's Brood. The Feline vampyr. by PurpleThread12/14/104.32

Moon Dancer's Mate

 — She bites him and then claims him. by nightray09/06/024.36

Moon Phases

 — Jack is turned at a beach party. by Robin P01/11/074.31

Moon's Guise

 — A suprise comes on Halloween... by roftlheory08/15/134.47


 — She meets bewitching dancer on the night beach. by patricia5104/26/044.38

Moonlight Rendevous

 — An erotic and violent animalistic coupling. by RaelynRose05/21/103.90

Moonlight Sonata

 — A pianist serenades her lesbian vampire lover in moonlight. by xXSaphXx04/22/154.82HOT

Moonlit Meal

 — A nightstalker gets dessert. by BastetShadow10/09/044.59HOT

Moonlit Scars Ch. 01

 — Jaylah & Danios's past, his corrupted and hers scarred. by NightsConsort06/13/10

Moonlit Scars Ch. 01

 — All she wants is a good time, but gets a werewolf instead. by PandoraGreene06/06/114.24

Moonlit Visitor

 — Estranged woman finds passion when she least expects it. by RoseDarkfire01/02/124.30

Moonlit Visitor Ch. 02

 — Alice leaves the woods. by RoseDarkfire02/06/124.38

Moonlit Visitor Ch. 03

 — Alice's Need/Dante's Return. by RoseDarkfire02/09/124.45

Moonlit Visitor Ch. 04

 — Dante finds out the truth/Alice's issue/Dante's curse. by RoseDarkfire02/14/124.49

Moonlit Visitor Ch. 05

 — Dance With Me? by RoseDarkfire02/19/124.50HOT

Moonlit Visitor Ch. 06

 — Sam. by RoseDarkfire02/26/124.60HOT


 — She fantasizes about her nighttime rescuer. by twilight_song02/09/064.66HOT

Moonshadows Ch. 02

 — Next day, first date, and that which follows. by twilight_song04/09/074.68HOT

Moonshadows Ch. 03

 — A strange encounter, then their first night together. by twilight_song04/05/084.72HOT

Moonshadows Ch. 04

 — They take advantage of their new levels of intimacy. by twilight_song12/22/134.69HOT

Moonshadows Ch. 05

 — A drive, an unwelcome guest, and a revelation. by twilight_song01/02/144.71HOT

Moonshadows Ch. 06

 — Alone, she's vulnerable to nighttime predators. by twilight_song03/03/144.68HOT

Moonshadows Ch. 07

 — She survived the night, but there's a price. by twilight_song03/24/144.67HOT

Moonshadows Ch. 08

 — Meeting the family, damage, and healing. by twilight_song05/10/144.71HOT


 — Amy meets a shapeshifter in the woods. by ShelbyMorgen07/22/074.20

More Than a Hookup Pt. 01

 — Human woman hooks up with an alien for an overwhelming night. by LadyLibido02/06/184.60HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale

 — A camping trip with a twist in the tale. by Jaisen05/01/104.39

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 02

 — Luc and Meg's camping trip. by Jaisen05/14/104.53HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 03

 — Luc and Meg's camping trip continues. by Jaisen05/26/104.56HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 04

 — Luc and Meg brave foul weather. by Jaisen06/07/104.57HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 05

 — Meg and Luc meet up in the City. by Jaisen06/20/104.61HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 06

 — Luc and Meg deepen their relationship. by Jaisen08/04/104.64HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 07

 — Further adventures of Luc and Meg. by Jaisen08/12/104.65HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 08

 — Luc and Meg deal with work, weres and life. by Jaisen09/04/104.68HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 09

 — Luc and Meg go camping after a sticky ordeal. by Jaisen09/16/104.63HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 10

 — Luc and Meg's further adventures and a bit more camping. by Jaisen10/09/104.72HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 11

 — Luc and Meg and the aftermath of the bear attack. by Jaisen10/22/104.68HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 12

 — Luc and Meg deal with injuries and family issues. by Jaisen11/12/104.73HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 13

 — Luc and Meg deal with family matters. by Jaisen12/14/104.71HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 14

 — Luc finds a new employee and Ginny gets bitchy. by Jaisen01/27/114.76HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 15

 — Relationships get interesting. by Jaisen02/14/114.74HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 16

 — Shopping, a party and family fun for Luc and Meg. by Jaisen02/25/114.79HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 17

 — Life gets complicated for people. by Jaisen04/04/114.72HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 18

 — Angie and George go on a date. by Jaisen04/23/114.76HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 19

 — Unexpected encounters for all. by Jaisen05/10/114.79HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 20

 — Ginny and Patrick come home. by Jaisen06/05/114.76HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 21

 — Life in a shifter household and a few unexpected changes. by Jaisen06/20/114.79HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 22

 — Life gets back to normal? and Luc and Meg have a picnic. by Jaisen07/19/114.76HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 23

 — Situations resolved, a picnic and a mystery. by Jaisen07/29/114.79HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 24

 — Lewis meets his cousins. by Jaisen09/22/114.87HOT

More Than Just a Summer Hike

 — A regular hike turns into a unexpected sexual experience. by ava2308/27/134.21

More than Love Ch. 01

 — An odd kink for an inhuman wife. by DBRoland10/07/154.07

Morrigan's Curse

 — True love transcends death on Halloween. by madam_noe10/03/114.75HOT

Mortal Kombat - Smoke Ch. 02

 — Sara reveals her power and Smoke hints at his past. by Kindasortacrazy10/06/134.76HOT

Moth Ch. 016

 — Lust. by ellynei08/30/104.80HOT

Moth Ch. 027

 — Lips. by ellynei09/11/104.78HOT

Mother of the Deep

 — Don't go into the water. by PensRule10/10/063.97


 — David meets a cute, horny half-silk moth, half-woman. by MythMaker12/23/144.07

Mouth of the Mermaid

 — Some questions I've had about mermaids are finally answered. by Boxlicker10109/04/094.10

Moved by Her Will

 — Meeting a goddess in another world. by Mistressvictoria55203/02/173.55

Movie Night with Miss Fraisa

 — Naughty voluptuous woman teases a new friend (Furry) by rikkusguardian11/01/124.21

Moving On

 — Margaret and Lakota talk. by Iread2relax07/27/134.74HOT

Moving On

 — A ghost has trouble letting go. by SRound10/30/164.88HOT

Moving On: Alexia

 — Alexia is all grown up. by Iread2relax11/23/174.61HOT

Moving On: Alexia Ch. 02

 — Alexia is all grown up. by Iread2relax12/08/174.68HOT

Moving On: Alexia Ch. 03

 — The Jackson pack is introduced. by Iread2relax12/27/174.71HOT

Moving On: Alexia Ch. 04

 — Things happen when least expected. by Iread2relax01/05/184.73HOT

Moving On: Alexia Ch. 05

 — A joining; a visit home. by Iread2relax01/17/184.75HOT

Moving On: Alexia Ch. 06

 — Road trip; Meeting the family. by Iread2relax02/13/184.75HOT

Moving On: Bo and Tia

 — Lakota finds Margaret long-lost relatives; Tia and Bo. by Iread2relax03/21/154.77HOT

Mr. Maleus

 — She has a close encounter with her childhood boogeyman. by Nameless_Rose10/23/104.19

Mr. Mushroom Traps His Dinner

 — A very dirty fairy tale. by DoctorTripper03/20/083.67

Mr. Ted; The Anthropomorphic Horse

 — Ted retires after years as the stud on Bareback Farm. by JonThomas_02/20/184.44NEW

Ms. Grim's Tales: Halli & the Beast

 — Someone stumbles onto Beast's Castle before Beauty. by fuckmefairy09/26/114.37

Much Too Real

 — Melanie's magical experimentation goes terribly awry. by WFEATHER06/15/054.27

Mud Monster

 — A girl's first time with tentacles - things get dirty... by PrettyKittyKaty03/02/164.55HOT

Mulder's End

 — Scully encounters an E.T. by cactiphile04/07/013.58

My Alien Encounter

 — My night out of this world. by frog705/29/123.32

My Amazon Army Ch. 05

 — Mandy is captured and becomes a toy. by reynolddd08/10/124.47

My Angel Ch. 01

 — True origins as revealed to Alex. by Sexadict200008911/14/134.19

My Angel Ch. 02

 — Matt and Alex explore each other. by Sexadict200008901/23/143.64

My Angel Ch. 03

 — Alex an Matt continue to have fun. by Sexadict200008907/30/144.39

My Atlantean

 — Shauna gets rescued by a sexy, mythical being. by MonicaLynn05/01/144.67HOT

My Beauty & The Beast Ch. 01

 — My Version of Beauty and The Beast. by EgyptsGoddess10/25/134.57HOT

My Beauty & The Beast Ch. 02

 — Belle discovers how gentle Beast is. by EgyptsGoddess12/06/134.65HOT

My Beauty & The Beast Ch. 03

 — Beauty meets Rose. by EgyptsGoddess10/01/144.57HOT

My Beauty & The Beast Ch. 04

 — Beast's Dream. by EgyptsGoddess10/04/144.71HOT

My Beauty & The Beast Ch. 05

 — Belle returns to town. by EgyptsGoddess10/11/144.67HOT

My Brother's Ghost Pt. 01

 — Things get really weird in Front Royal for Amanda Bowman. by Kantarii05/17/164.13

My Brother's Ghost Pt. 02

 — Amanda and Scott venture into the mountains of Skyline Drive. by Kantarii05/21/163.93

My Brother's Ghost Pt. 03

 — Dark Hollow Falls. Amanda gets a taste of the supernatural by Kantarii05/24/164.00

My Brother's Ghost Pt. 04

 — Amanda's discovery sets things in motion with Scott. by Kantarii05/26/164.29

My Brother's Ghost Pt. 05

 — Amanda sees a ghost, her world is turned upside down. by Kantarii05/27/164.19

My Brother's Ghost Pt. 06

 — Amanda learns the truth from beyond the grave. by Kantarii05/31/16HOT

My Dark Guardian Angel Ch. 01

 — My dark, angel, and a vampire. by CharismaK03/17/114.54HOT

My Dark Hunger...

 — A non-human story. by FallenOne112/24/153.80

My Dark Knight To Remember

 — A black virgin catches the eye of a mysterious stranger. by luv2beme05/23/104.17

My Dark Prince Ch. 2

 — Dangerous love with her mysterious lover. by Vampyrical07/24/024.52HOT

My Darkest Hour

 — A suicidal man finds hope, and love in the darkness. by BlinkenLights9301/12/184.62HOT

My Darkness

 — Nameless, faceless lover drinks my life. by Tinymage09/16/094.36

My Date with Shadowcat313

 — A face-to-face meeting with an online friend goes so right. by MrPezman06/23/074.56HOT

My Date with Shadowcat313 Ch. 02

 — Can she control her thirst for his blood? by MrPezman06/09/134.70HOT

My Demon Lovers

 — Right, so two demons walk into a bar. by Perky_Goth_Chick04/04/044.57HOT

My Dream Demon Ch. 01

 — Analiese meets a demon that shows her wonderful things. by pixeestyx08/12/074.46

My Forever Love

 — A moment of fate brings love for one lonely vampire. by Acal01/22/114.53HOT

My Girlfriend is a Dog

 — Hot girlfriend is no dog lover. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER04/26/073.32

My Grace Ch. 00

 — Intro: Can Lena accept her mate? by foreveraflower07/27/134.35

My Incubus

 — Incubus visits and delivers. by marla_gillis06/02/123.86

My Lady

 — Witch who learns her "dream lover" is real. by WhspersInTheDark12/18/044.58HOT

My Late Son: A95 Ch. 02

 — All the characters are above 18 in this story. by Ashesh912/19/164.50

My Life with a Dragon Ch. 01

 — A girl meets a dragon, and they break the rules. by EZabbott042111/14/174.46

My Life with a Dragon Ch. 02

 — First dates sometimes don't go as planned. by EZabbott042111/15/174.64HOT

My Life with a Dragon Ch. 03

 — Michael and Sarah first night. by EZabbott042111/17/174.64HOT

My Life with a Dragon Ch. 04

 — Passions flow from night into the day. by EZabbott042111/18/174.56HOT

My Life with a Dragon Ch. 05

 — Before another day on the town. by EZabbott042111/28/174.58HOT

My Life with a Dragon Ch. 06

 — Sarah and Mike go out for another date. by EZabbott042112/02/174.52HOT

My Life with a Dragon Ch. 07

 — A girl, a succubus and a dragon under 1 roof. by EZabbott042112/14/174.56HOT

My Life with a Dragon Ch. 08

 — Lilith's sister pays a visit and causes some trouble. by EZabbott042112/30/174.43

My Life with a Dragon Ch. 09

 — The end of a bad dream and a new love found. by EZabbott042101/20/184.61HOT

My Life with a Dragon Ch. 10

 — A good day goes bad and things are going to change. by EZabbott042102/17/184.81HOTNEW

My Little Puppy

 — Alice seeks a man to help her tail wag. by Kikori01/06/094.64HOT

My Little Ventrue Ch. 01

 — Jack is pulled into the world of blood. by NovusAnimus03/30/164.66HOT

My Little Ventrue Ch. 02

 — Murder, fire, and conspiracy theories. by NovusAnimus04/01/164.76HOT

My Little Ventrue Ch. 03

 — To the ball, then to the club. by NovusAnimus04/05/164.85HOT

My Little Ventrue Ch. 04

 — Jack, the Prince, and a little blood too. by NovusAnimus04/12/164.79HOT

My Little Ventrue Ch. 05

 — A little dialogue, a little sex. by NovusAnimus05/19/164.81HOT

My Little Ventrue Ch. 06

 — Plots and hearts in the dark. by NovusAnimus06/14/164.86HOT

My Little Ventrue Ch. 07

 — Trouble in Elysium. by NovusAnimus07/05/164.84HOT

My Little Ventrue Ch. 08

 — Nightlife gets violent. by NovusAnimus07/27/164.81HOT

My Little Ventrue Ch. 09

 — And even more violent. by NovusAnimus08/08/164.90HOT

My Little Ventrue Ch. 10

 — Oh, what a tangled web we weave. by NovusAnimus08/11/164.90HOTContest Winner

My Little Ventrue Ch. 11

 — Aftermath. by NovusAnimus10/04/164.84HOT

My Little Ventrue Pt. 02 Ch. 01

 — Jack, unliving the good unlife. by NovusAnimus10/20/164.86HOT

My Little Ventrue Pt. 02 Ch. 02

 — Missing Kindred. by NovusAnimus11/08/164.86HOT

My Little Ventrue Pt. 02 Ch. 03

 — Who's Damien? by NovusAnimus01/18/174.76HOT

My Little Ventrue Pt. 02 Ch. 04

 — Blood and sex. Kindred motto. by NovusAnimus02/04/174.82HOT

My Little Ventrue Pt. 02 Ch. 05

 — Royal orgies vs. intimacy. by NovusAnimus02/16/174.82HOT

My Little Ventrue Pt. 02 Ch. 06

 — Complicated connections. by NovusAnimus03/02/174.84HOT

My Little Ventrue Pt. 02 Ch. 07

 — What are you wearing tonight? by NovusAnimus03/22/174.88HOT

My Little Ventrue Pt. 02 Ch. 08

 — Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen. by NovusAnimus04/08/174.85HOT

My Little Ventrue Pt. 02 Ch. 09

 — Some Kindred have a nice night, some not so much. by NovusAnimus04/21/174.81HOT

My Little Ventrue Pt. 02 Ch. 10

 — Judges at the door. Come then. by NovusAnimus05/08/174.90HOT

My Little Ventrue Pt. 02 Ch. 11

 — Claws, bullets, swords, and ashes. by NovusAnimus06/01/174.91HOT

My Little Ventrue Pt. 02 Ch. 12

 — The day after God left the building. by NovusAnimus07/13/174.93HOT

My Lovely Mechanized Pussy

 — A story about sex training and health care. by Traveller1912/19/124.20

My Lover, the Alien

 — Her other world lover is like no other. by Bakeboss12/29/093.58

My Loving Goddess Ch. 01

 — Goddess teaches Priest the true Way. by TantrikJon08/10/054.35

My Mate

 — Werewolf finds his mate. by n2anal7810/04/054.21

My Mate, My Love

 — A old vamp with a new mate. by babydollface04/11/093.89

My Monster Under the Bed Ch. 00

 — A beauty will always love a beast. by LateNightReader12107/04/134.21

My Monster Under the Bed Ch. 01

 — A beauty will always love a beast. by LateNightReader12107/09/133.93

My Monster Under the Bed Ch. 02

 — A beauty will always love a beast. by LateNightReader12107/20/134.44

My Mortal Beloved

 — A vampire falls in love. by LiquidPearl09/06/064.00

My Mysterious Internet Date

 — Geek meets mysterious lady who's not what she appears. by East_KaioShin08/14/013.90

My Mystery Mate Ch. 01-02

 — The escape and the discovery. by partwolf05/12/164.75HOT

My Mystery Mate Ch. 03-05

 — On the Run. by partwolf05/27/164.79HOT

My Mystery Mate Ch. 06-08

 — Nowhere to run to, Nowhere to hide. by partwolf06/01/164.78HOT

My Mystery Mate Ch. 09-10

 — Banking on Answers. by partwolf06/09/164.85HOT

My Mystery Mate Ch. 11

 — Mommy's Home. by partwolf06/15/164.79HOT

My Mystery Mate Ch. 12

 — The Bad Men. by partwolf06/20/164.78HOT

My Mystery Mate Ch. 13-14

 — In Case We Don't Return. by partwolf06/29/164.85HOT

My Mystery Mate Ch. 15-17

 — Revelation. by partwolf06/30/164.88HOT

My Mystery Mate Ch. 18-19

 — Reputation. by partwolf07/06/164.82HOT

My Mystery Mate Ch. 20

 — Many Happy Returns. by partwolf07/08/164.85HOT

My Mystery Mate Ch. 21-23

 — Aftershocks. by partwolf07/12/164.86HOT

My Mystery Mate Ch. 24-25

 — Reckoning. by partwolf07/21/164.83HOT

My Mystery Mate Ch. 26

 — Conclusion: Crime and Punishment. by partwolf07/28/164.86HOT

My Naga King

 — You'd be surprised what can happen when you help a stranger. by Reddestiny92107/21/134.44

My Naga King Ch. 02

 — After a tour Cassandra gives Zeos permission to court her. by Reddestiny92107/25/134.59HOT

My Naga King Ch. 03

 — We already knew he was a king but now we see how rich he is. by Reddestiny92107/29/134.66HOT

My Naga King Ch. 04

 — Drama, sex, and love oh my! by Reddestiny92108/03/134.65HOT

My Naga King Ch. 05

 — Time to connect a few dots. by Reddestiny92108/18/134.63HOT

My Naga King Ch. 06

 — Who are you really Cassandra? by Reddestiny92108/24/134.68HOT

My Naga King Ch. 07

 — Passion at it's hottest and drama at its best. by Reddestiny92108/31/134.39

My Naga King Ending

 — When evil gets over confident it loses in the end... by Reddestiny92109/07/133.97

My Name is Lou

 — A mysterious sinner on Christmas Eve. by CrimsonClown12/01/143.91

My Name is Troy

 — What would you do to save the one you love. by elfmman09/29/174.00

My Pet, My Prey

 — Something stalks in the night. by shephead10/26/084.22

My Precious Pet

 — A strange end to a nice day. by Rosecitychild1303/19/124.15

My Precious Pet Ch. 02

 — A rude awakening. by Rosecitychild1303/23/124.23

My Redneck Zombie Huntress

 — Redneck woman and Somali man fight zombies. by Samuelx01/26/172.67

My Scottish Holiday

 — Young woman has sex with a Scottish demon & 2 other things. by nargatoula01/13/173.89

My Sentinel

 — Winged creature helps her forget her past. by baby girl05/20/043.64

My Sentinel Ch. 02

 — She thanks him for all he has done. by baby girl09/01/053.95

My Sexy Phantom

 — Phantom visits her for the first time. by princess_airi07/04/064.45

My Sexy Phantom Ch. 02

 — Phantom pays another house call. by princess_airi02/08/074.52HOT

My Sexy Phantom Ch. 03

 — Sometimes having a phantom is annoying. by princess_airi05/16/074.49

My Soul to Take

 — Layla sees death; can she finally enjoy life? by VampGirl199103/17/124.77HOT

My Soul-Mate Ch. 01

 — A young man falls in love with a restless ghost. by BlinkenLights9307/07/174.54HOT

My Succubus Lover

 — My experience with a Succubus/Demon. by frank42206/11/173.92

My Trip

 — His dream form is a dragon-human. by manu_lgw09/27/022.23

My Vampire

 — She walks home when she meets the vampire of her dreams. by maxex545202/12/084.40

My Vampire Lover

 — He's been waiting, but so have I. by moonfae05/11/084.51HOT

My Vampyre Master

 — New meaning in life from the least expected. by BloodieKisses09/28/044.00

My Wings, For You

 — Michael the archangel visits his soulmate. by Alicorn04/07/134.52HOT

My Wings, For You Ch. 02

 — Michael spends his last day as an archange with his soulmate. by Alicorn06/25/134.39

My Wolfish Mate

 — Iris meets her beast. by Kittylover9101/12/164.13

My Wolves

 — I screamed when the wolf opened it's mouth. by Vampireknighti41507/04/124.02

My Wolves Ch. 02

 — Give me all you've got. by Vampireknighti41507/09/124.29

My Wolves Ch. 03

 —  by Vampireknighti41507/17/124.20

Mysteries of the Moon Ch. 02

 — Another one??? by Asymbii04/12/104.48

Mysterious Girl

 — A late night encounter changes his mind about horror stories. by bi_vampire10/16/054.10

Mystic Moonlight: The Awakening

 — 19 year old Kasey wasn't expected to find the one thing. by MzKitten2611/25/173.67

Mystical Earth: The Dryad

 — Lorna discovers the pleasures of nature with a Dryad. by Hannibal Ravencraft01/02/064.30

Mystical Meow

 — Love Grows. by Asymbii12/23/154.18

Myth Perceptions 01

 — Big Bad Wolf encounters Little Red Riding Hood. by the_bigbadw0lf12/25/054.56HOT

Mythion Pt. 01

 — Aura joins a research lab. by Naeri07/05/15

Myths & Legends Ch. 1

 — A box of '60s comics changes Yvonne's life. by Bacomicfan03/03/014.25

Myths & Legends Ch. 3

 — Yvonne ponders her future with the vampire. by Bacomicfan03/07/014.52HOT

Myths & Legends Ch.2

 — Yvonne faces the vampire Philippe. by Bacomicfan03/05/014.38


 — I look in the mirror and sigh. by StillWaiting501/15/143.92

Naked Woman in the Forest Ch. 7

 — Judy takes on the freaks of the forest camp. by blackdarth11/07/043.92

Natalia and Her Wolf

 — Natalia's Story. by LuvKaiLynn06/17/134.52HOT

Natalia and Her Wolf Ch. 02

 — Forgiving. by LuvKaiLynn06/26/134.36

Natalia and Her Wolf Ch. 03

 — I'm a WHAT? by LuvKaiLynn07/08/134.53HOT

Natalia and Her Wolf Ch. 04

 — Leaving. by LuvKaiLynn07/09/134.66HOT

Natalia and Her Wolf Ch. 05

 — Babies and Cali. by LuvKaiLynn07/21/134.66HOT

Natalia and Her Wolf Ch. 06

 — Reunited? by LuvKaiLynn08/13/134.61HOT

Natalia and Her Wolf Ch. 07

 — Natalia gets her wolf back by LuvKaiLynn03/09/144.63HOT

Natalia's Wolf

 — Nat had a bad day. by LuvKaiLynn11/14/124.34

Natalia's Wolf Ch. 02

 — She just can not catch a break. by LuvKaiLynn12/16/124.49

Natalia's Wolf Ch. 03

 — Plan cheer up Bratty Natty. by LuvKaiLynn02/15/134.45

Natalia's Wolf Ch. 04

 — The truth and running from it. by LuvKaiLynn02/26/134.58HOT


 — Alpha finds his mate. by toofeeky4u02/02/124.43

Natalie Ch. 02

 — Not as hard as I expected it to be. by toofeeky4u02/07/124.51HOT

Natalie Ch. 03

 — Villians, barbecues, and memories Oh my! by toofeeky4u02/14/124.59HOT

Natalie Ch. 04

 — More dreams. by toofeeky4u02/15/124.67HOT

Natalie Ch. 05

 — Starting to remember. by toofeeky4u09/02/124.59HOT

Natalie Ch. 06

 — Another failed attempt. by toofeeky4u09/11/124.61HOT

Natty Silver

 — A young nurse's night out turns dangerous and eye opening. by EverNoir10/26/124.38

Natty Silver Ch. 02

 — Natty learns more about Donovan. by EverNoir11/30/124.42

Nature Girl

 — Vine has its way with sleeping camper. by illusory_transitory07/15/074.24

Nature of Mankind

 — Nature needs pleasure too, and a couple have to learn. by LilJacks05/01/13

Naughtiness at the North Pole

 — Two bad elves discover the joys of sex in Santa's Workshop. by darktigerroar11/29/174.31

Naughty Moon Out Tonight

 — Lovers hear the moon's call & answer it with fervor. by LadyDarkFire06/10/014.41

Navajo Indian Werewolf Princess

 — Navajo female werewolf meets black man in Houston. by Samuelx01/13/173.80


 — Can vampire's womanly needs overcome her hunger? by ~¤MzJones¤~02/22/024.06


 — Reptilian alien requires a special homin to satisfy her need. by intriguess12/14/094.36

Negative Space

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_03/30/114.52HOT

Negative Space Ch. 02

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_04/04/114.57HOT

Negative Space Ch. 03

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_04/07/114.68HOT

Negative Space Ch. 04

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_04/08/114.69HOT

Negative Space Ch. 05

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_04/11/114.75HOT

Negative Space Ch. 06

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_04/14/114.73HOT

Negative Space Ch. 07

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_04/24/114.72HOT

Negative Space Ch. 08

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_06/09/114.73HOT

Negative Space Ch. 09

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_08/10/114.79HOT

Negative Space Ch. 10

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_09/02/114.74HOT

Negative Space Ch. 11

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_10/05/114.80HOT

Negative Space Ch. 12

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_12/29/114.85HOT

Negative Space Ch. 13

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_03/30/124.80HOT

Negative Space Ch. 14

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_05/15/124.77HOT

Negative Space Ch. 15

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_06/24/124.73HOT

Negative Space Ch. 16

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_03/25/134.78HOT

Nekos Aren't Always Subs

 — Blindfolded, she only knows him by his taste and his purrs. by GenderlessNeko03/09/174.33


 — Callan helps an amnesiac girl, putting him in danger later. by TheTask07/29/134.82HOT

Never a Ruby So Deep

 — A sultry night, a pair of lovers, & a kiss of immortality. by YourLittleAngelle05/01/084.58HOT

Never a Ruby So Deep Ch. 02

 — They find delicious surprises while clubbing. by YourLittleAngelle07/13/084.65HOT

Never Cry Werewolf Ch. 01

 — Mariana meets Bale - and Achilleo. by SmartyBluPants03/13/094.57HOT

Never Cry Werewolf Ch. 02

 — Resisting temptation is pretty damn hard. by SmartyBluPants03/22/094.50HOT

Never Know Where You Find Love Ch. 01

 — About a girl who find love, when she think she has nobody. by AlphaMorales11/05/133.68

Never Rest

 — Inherited house holds a ghost with plans for her. by katzen05/01/014.58HOT

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