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Dream Lover Ch. 03

 — Her possession of him continues. by polyphemus05/22/094.26

Dream Lover Ch. 04

 — Naamah takes control. by polyphemus07/09/094.65HOT

Dream of Me Pt. 02

 — Does Leila get to meet her dream guy? by VannaTheStrange11/15/174.26

Dream of Snow

 — Man and anthro Cat. by bobbyjohnford10/24/164.39

Dream of the Unlikely Princess Ch. 01

 — The mysterious beginning of a romance with a king. by TaLtos608/11/114.68HOT

Dream of the Unlikely Princess Ch. 02

 — After months and half a world away, she knows. by TaLtos608/12/114.70HOT

Dream of the Unlikely Princess Ch. 03

 — Oksana hears Yevgeny's story and why he calls her princess. by TaLtos608/16/114.67HOT

Dream of the Unlikely Princess Ch. 04

 — She wants to be what he is so much. by TaLtos608/25/114.66HOT

Dream of the Unlikely Princess Ch. 05

 — Oksana realizes her dream. by TaLtos609/29/114.65HOT

Dream Sequence Ch. 00

 — Prologue: Phenomenon or phantasm? by Marione03/10/094.40

Dream Sequence Ch. 01

 — Phenomenon or phantasm? by Marione03/11/094.46

Dream Sequence Ch. 02

 — Phenomenon or phantasm? by Marione04/23/094.67HOT

Dream Sequence Ch. 03

 — Phenomenon or phantasm? by Marione06/24/094.62HOT

Dream Sequence Ch. 04

 — Phenomenon or phantasm? by Marione08/14/094.73HOT

Dream Shadow

 — Unearthly entity takes me while I sleep. by jimmything05/30/073.93

Dream Walking

 — Ceit's dream lover becomes real. by sexylass7408/15/093.91

Dream Weaver Ch. 05

 — And the Story goes on... by Daniellekitten02/21/134.63HOT

Dream Weaver Ch. 06

 — Her needs. by Daniellekitten02/11/144.65HOT

Dream Weaver Ch. 07

 — Golden Bliss. by Daniellekitten12/01/154.72HOT

Dream Weaver Ch. 08

 — Cyn and her Sins. by Daniellekitten12/15/154.67HOT

Dream Woman

 — How do you choose between Destiny and Dreams? by gothic_enigma7406/05/034.24

Dream's a Reality Ch. 01

 — Jack's first run in with Hunter. by FireKeeper11/10/054.44

Dreamland Sprite

 — Imp makes maiden's dreams come true. by Carnal Syn04/25/024.31

Dreammaster Ch. 01

 — Gina's baffled by her dreamtime adventures. by rlincn04/18/034.50HOT

Dreammaster Ch. 02

 — She meets David in the server room. by rlincn04/18/034.00

Dreammaster Ch. 03

 — Her dreams continue. by rlincn04/19/034.62HOT

Dreamtime for Maggie

 — She meets a succubus and a vampire. by praetorian1307/29/074.47

Dreamtime Orgasm

 — A very interesting dream/reality interface. by ImprovSpirit05/09/122.14


 — A tormenting dream in a good way. by Blackie6706/08/023.88

Driving the Last Spike Ch. 01

 — Whereby hangs a tale. by Thistlethorn06/15/134.73HOT

Driving the Last Spike Ch. 02

 — I've been workig on the railroad. by Thistlethorn07/26/134.71HOT

Driving the Last Spike Ch. 03

 — Qiang finds a new friend. by Thistlethorn10/21/134.75HOT

Droit du Serpent

 — Christine has a close encounter with a serpentine alien. by MatthewVett02/18/174.34

Droplets of Lust and Blood

 — Vampiric threesome includes lust, blood, and undeath. by Aysen08/13/084.37


 — Woman must make the ultimate choice. by Bones Malone10/20/003.76

Drusilla Ch. 02

 — Angelus tells Drusilla of his past love. by Bones Malone12/26/034.41


 — Old Gods and a New God. A Harem of Races. by JadedFox03/03/184.59HOT

Dualism. Ch. 02: Astral

 — Our hero learns to wield his Astral Weapons. by JadedFox03/16/184.67HOT

Dualism. Ch. 03: Psy

 — Our hero masters his Psy Powers. by JadedFox04/18/184.71HOT

Dualism. Ch. 04: Spirit

 — Our hero fights with his Spirit. by JadedFox04/26/184.77HOT

Dualism. Ch. 05: War

 — Our hero goes to war. by JadedFox06/21/184.47

Dulens' World Ch. 01

 — Consider Dulen as a Cat Player. by GallopingStyx04/03/064.22

Duriel Ch. 01

 — I agreed to this. by gothic_chameleon10/06/104.18

Duriel Ch. 02

 —  I fly out to the beach... by gothic_chameleon10/23/104.29

EARS Ch. 01

 — (Earth Against Rampaging Sexomorphs) The Beginning. by frog704/11/133.26

EARS Ch. 02

 — (Earth Against Rampaging Sexomorphs) The End. by frog708/27/154.38

Earthly Possessions

 — Fallen angel finds love with a woman. by Samuelx06/25/043.75


 — A broken wing wasn't going to stop him from finding a mate by entwined_tails05/04/154.74HOT


 — The love between a Demon and Vampire. by RodeoSexClown02/24/064.09

Ecstasy in the Martian P’an-trasm

 — Astronauts arrive on Mars. by Miz Meagan12/06/044.03

Ed (Bones): Mission Impossible

 — Two 18-year-olds try to make it with a ghost. by caprine10/04/064.23

Eddie's Story: Tia's Initiation

 — Tia is welcomed by Eddie and his alien lovers. by cheetiot12/25/134.60


 — A werecat finding her way in the world. by Ladybee2308/20/114.46

Eden Ch. 02

 — Home is where the heart is. by Ladybee2308/24/114.58HOT

Eden Ch. 03

 — Escape and Evade. by Ladybee2308/09/124.56HOT

Educating the Concubine

 — A lady has her first time with hermaphrodite dinosaurs... by AmethystMare11/07/174.11

Edwina's Second Chance Ch. 01

 — Ashtoreth's foundling loses the love of her life. by TaLtos609/16/134.47

Edwina's Second Chance Ch. 02

 — How much can you buy with a Half-Penny? by TaLtos609/17/134.75HOT

Edwina's Second Chance Ch. 03

 — Why, what decent folks might get up to way out on a farm! by TaLtos609/18/134.79HOT

Edwina's Second Chance Ch.04

 — "This night is for you and I alone." by TaLtos609/19/134.66HOT

Egg Ch. 01

 — Alien lifeform attaches to a fat man who is bullied. by destodes77704/29/184.29

Egg Ch. 02

 — Alien Lifeform has detached from Jacob. by destodes77707/26/184.56HOT

Eight Legged Freaking

 — An internet romance brings a new surprise. by SplathouseFiction06/08/164.31

El Placer es un Alivio...

 — Goddess learns the nature of human pleasure. by SsargonX3112/14/004.19Editor's Pick

Elana's Gift

 — A girl offers herself to the Vampire King. by Ygraine07/03/034.48

Element of Distruction

 — Daniel confronts a demon from his past. by Riesse07/04/063.20

Elemental Bath

 — Two superheroes have some quick fun in the hot tub. by Salamando_Flames06/09/114.20

Elemental Shower

 — Pleasure in the shower is interupted. by randilin01/16/104.23


 — A strange elevator ride in a rundown building. by Zrnko_Pisku12/16/123.95

Elevator Ghosts

 — Abigail is taken by a ghost in an elevator in the dark. by hailiewrites09/15/184.51HOT

Elevator Ghosts Pt. 02

 — Abigail's ghost returns for some late night fun. by hailiewrites10/09/184.62HOT

Elf Pleasure

 — Kelly gets an unusual present. by damppanties11/16/034.41

Elf Pleasure Ch. 02

 — Kelly's New Year starts off unusually great. by damppanties02/02/044.53HOT

Elf Pleasure: Amy

 — Ice cream, weight, and orgasms. by damppanties11/27/064.46

Elijah and Lacey

 — Just when things were going well... by Wolfgurl7509/24/114.57HOT

Elijah and Lacey Ch. 02

 — Revelations. by Wolfgurl7510/09/114.68HOT

Elim and Lila

 — A new ghost and his yet earthly desires. by DissonantHoneySong02/15/124.46

Elizabeth and Charlotte Ch. 01

 — Elizabeth's lesbian seduction and heartbreak. by Wisshmassterr03/26/084.51HOT

Elizabeth's Decent

 — A succubus breaks the laws of Hell and must be punished. by Denarive_Rintner03/30/133.15

Ellie's First Encounter

 — Ellie meets her Incubus for the first time. by raepheron10/25/103.81

Elven Flower

 — Non-human love story. by wudelfin11/30/053.96

Embrace of the Sea

 — Two lovers find something new in a forbidden sea cave. by DualLegion07/15/174.42

Emerald Arcanum

 — Shy man meets a green-eyed beauty with mysterious powers. by CasusCoiti02/05/014.47Editor's Pick

Emerald Knights

 — Two young women on a journey of self-discovery and magic. by NikitaSimoneaux05/21/114.64HOT

Emerald Knights Ch. 02

 — Alexander and Selena meet again... by NikitaSimoneaux05/30/114.64HOT

Emerald Knights Ch. 03

 — The truth unfolds, sisters reunite. by NikitaSimoneaux08/23/164.75HOT

Emily's Fear

 — A surprise visit from a vampire. by KittenzK06/01/043.91

Emmi & Her Monster

 — A fictional short story about a girl and her minotaur. by EgyptsGoddess12/01/114.26

Encased Pt. 01

 — A Changeling's Story of Transformation. by lovejackal12/10/164.32

Encounter with a Witch

 — Encounter with a witch can suck you up. by Dash_Andrews6906/17/064.05

Endless Ecstasy

 — Vampire makes lonely gentleman hers. by dalespeer08/27/023.89

Endurance Predator

 — A meeting between two very different ecologies. by DragonCobolt08/10/174.69HOT


 — Retelling a myth about a goddess who lusts for a shepherd. by Athalia07/31/104.50HOT

Enough With Trek Already, Guys!

 — She's intriqued by Trek fans, but they go too far. by Pirate Tregare10/26/024.16

Enslaved Heart Ch. 1

 — A B&D story, now with vampire-y goodness. by D Fiant07/14/024.62HOT

Entangled Hearts

 — She became human, found love with him, but then the day ends. by SciFurz01/27/164.36

Enter My Mind

 — Man is seduced by lonely vampiress. by Dar_Jisbo06/17/134.29

Enter the Amazon

 — Will the Invasion cause an orgiastic end to civilization? by xxxecil04/11/064.60HOT

Enter the Amazon Book 2

 — You shall be a Slut for the Earth! by xxxecil05/24/064.57HOT

Enter the Amazon Book 3

 — Nymphomaniacal lessons in botany and boobs. by xxxecil07/12/064.58HOT

Enter the Cat

 — An Australian Werecat. by Mygypsy06/26/114.61HOT

Enter the Cat Ch. 02

 — Australian Werecats. by Mygypsy08/02/114.67HOT

Enter the Cat Ch. 03

 — An Australian Werecat. by Mygypsy08/09/114.77HOT

Enter the Cat Ch. 04

 — An Australian Werecat. by Mygypsy10/06/114.74HOT

Enter the Cat Ch. 05

 — An Australian werecat. by Mygypsy11/05/114.80HOT

Enter the Cat Ch. 06

 — An Australian Werecay. by Mygypsy11/29/114.76HOT

Enter the Cat Ch. 07

 — An Australian Werecat. by Mygypsy01/10/124.81HOT

Enter the Cat Ch. 08

 — An Australian Werecat. by Mygypsy04/21/124.75HOT

Enter the Cat Ch. 09

 — An Australian Werecat. by Mygypsy05/24/124.83HOT

Enyo-Aella: Warrior Priestess

 — A comic book character complains about her lot in life. by Cinner12/29/124.69HOT

Erin Lee and the Vampire

 — Sexy lady makes a deal with a blood-sucker. by whitetiger01/31/014.49Editor's Pick

Eros Pays a Visit

 — The ancient god meets a modern Psyche. by Bakeboss01/26/104.11

Eros the Revealer

 — Captured Cupid teaches a woman about sex and love. by dr_mabeuse02/04/074.46

Erotic Sentient Slime

 — Turning a toy slime into a sentient sex-toy using nanobots. by FreudToTheMax03/25/183.50

Errant Thoughts

 — Her random musing comes true in an unusual way. by Lycandope08/20/144.56HOT


 — A mortal and fairy fall in love. by Junudi06/27/084.47

Erskine Ch. 02

 — A mortal and fairy fall in love. by Junudi07/17/084.43

Erskine Ch. 03

 — What does happen when a fairy and human have sex ? by Junudi07/25/084.47

Erskine Ch. 04

 — More fairy and human sex, thicker plots, & more questions. by Junudi08/16/084.48

Erskine Ch. 05

 — Decisions must be made now. by Junudi09/17/084.58HOT

Erskine Ch. 06

 — An enemy, cats to keep in the bag, friendship formed. by Junudi11/16/084.52HOT

Erskine Ch. 07

 — Fears confronted, story unfolds, suprises to be had. by Junudi02/01/094.44

Erskine Ch. 08

 — More secrets, trip to fairy realm, fun on honeymoon. by Junudi03/28/094.54HOT

Erytheia's Last Days.

 — The Nymph kingdom celebrates an important event. by JimmyHartley01/09/104.23

Eshenesra and the Wolf

 — Eshenesra succumbs to a monsters desire. by sinfulwritings11/28/173.87

Esmerelda Ch. 01

 — A succubus' attempt to take her first victim - a vampire. by Eleclya05/03/074.41

Esmerelda Ch. 02

 — A continuation of the vampire and succubus. by Eleclya08/07/074.59HOT

Esmerelda Ch. 03

 — A continuation of the vampire and succubus. by Eleclya10/19/074.70HOT

Esmerelda Ch. 04

 — The conclusion of the vampire and succubus. by Eleclya02/04/084.71HOT

Establishing Order within a Household Ch. 01

 — A man and a woman. And an elf and a spider. by Human_Primacy10/16/184.32

Establishing Order within a Household Ch. 02

 — A little domestic friction, followed by food tampering. by Human_Primacy10/17/184.43NEW

Establishing Order within a Household Ch. 03

 — A bonding activity. Wait, not bonding. Bondage. by Human_Primacy10/18/184.58HOTNEW

Establishing Order within a Household Ch. 04

 — Now for more traditional spider-bondage. by Human_Primacy10/19/184.56HOTNEW

Establishing Order within a Household Ch. 05

 — Order is finally established. by Human_Primacy10/20/184.56HOTNEW

ET Hairdresser

 — An out of this world haircut! by mnvirgin06/05/114.26


 — Adiran & Sara become one. by Adore05/27/054.31


 — The Prophecy: In the beginning. by gaelicvampire07/31/104.64HOT


 — Back from the dead, somewhat changed. by Feotakahari07/16/114.56HOT

Eternal Ch. 02

 — Rohaynna's friend. by gaelicvampire10/06/104.56HOT

Eternal Ch. 02

 — How she became a demon. by Feotakahari12/31/114.38

Eternal Ch. 03

 — Tragedy strikes. by gaelicvampire10/29/104.59HOT

Eternal Ch. 03

 — An interlude with the villains. by Feotakahari01/01/124.44

Eternal Ch. 04

 — Learning some of the past. by gaelicvampire01/05/114.58HOT

Eternal Ch. 04

 — A contract born of love. by Feotakahari01/02/124.54HOT

Eternal Ch. 05

 — Loyalty proven. by gaelicvampire01/28/114.62HOT

Eternal Ch. 05

 — A villain reconsiders. by Feotakahari01/03/124.73HOT

Eternal Ch. 06

 — Love in Hell is harshly punished. by Feotakahari01/04/124.48

Eternal Ch. 07

 — A plan to free a demon. by Feotakahari01/05/124.33

Eternal Ch. 08

 — Getting to know each other again by Feotakahari01/06/124.59HOT

Eternal Ch. 09

 — The two stories intersect. by Feotakahari01/07/124.66HOT

Eternal Ch. 10

 — A demon dies. by Feotakahari01/08/124.70HOT

Eternal Ch. 11

 — The final confrontation. by Feotakahari01/09/124.63HOT

Eternal Ch. 12

 — Cleaning up the mess. by Feotakahari01/10/124.54HOT

Eternal love

 — a vampire man and human female love by story_chikita01/01/154.14

Eternal Renewal

 — Earth Goddess awakens by ChaosKitten04/08/034.50HOT

Eternal Wedded Bliss

 — Vampire believes in marriages that last beyond death. by DeadlyNyghtshayde07/02/023.87

Eternal: At Arm's Length

 — What cost is too great for true love? by Feotakahari08/12/123.81


 — Love between these two women is truly eternal. by eternalwytch06/07/054.58HOT

Eternally Yours

 — Vampires in passion-filled threesome. by Vystra Syn11/03/003.86

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