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Never To Part

 — Death is but an illusion. by YIX06/11/023.89

New Beginning

 — Rapist picks the wrong woman. by Animosity05/18/013.90

New Beginnings

 — The vampire and were kids are all grown up. by Iread2relax09/06/164.74HOT

New Beginnings Ch. 02

 — Christy faces a foe; Rosita acknowledges her mate. by Iread2relax09/15/164.79HOT

New Beginnings Ch. 03

 — Nials and Rosita join. Corliss approves. by Iread2relax09/20/164.71HOT

New Beginnings Ch. 04

 — The darkness grows stronger. Kalen finds his wife. by Iread2relax10/05/164.73HOT

New Beginnings Ch. 05

 — Pieces fall into place. by Iread2relax10/27/164.82HOT

New Beginnings Ch. 06

 — Nials and Rosita settle in; Lilim plots. by Iread2relax11/24/164.79HOT

New Beginnings Ch. 07

 — Finally free. by Iread2relax12/22/164.81HOT

New Beginnings Ch. 08

 — Every one gets their happily ever after. by Iread2relax01/03/174.83HOT

New Experiences

 — You should always be careful who you say yes to on Tinder. by XtinaSmith201701/12/184.70HOT

New Kingdom: American Court Ch. 01

 — Her vampire lover returns with news of her missing sister. by MicKay03/17/104.48

New Kingdom: American Court Ch. 02

 — Reunited. by MicKay03/23/104.61HOT

New Kingdom: American Court Ch. 03

 — Bad Dreams. by MicKay03/28/104.64HOT

New Kingdom: American Court Ch. 04

 — Enemies inside the camp; Alena is attacked. by MicKay04/05/104.72HOT

New Kingdom: American Court Ch. 05

 — Searching for the Truth. by MicKay04/11/104.71HOT

New Kingdom: American Court Ch. 06

 — Closing the past to open the future. by MicKay04/21/104.68HOT

New Kingdom: American Court Ch. 07

 — Gabriel and Alena. by MicKay04/28/104.76HOT

New Kingdom: American Court Ch. 08

 — Explanations and changes. by MicKay05/01/104.77HOT

New Kingdom: American Court Ch. 09

 — The Children. by MicKay05/11/104.70HOT

New Kingdom: American Court Ch. 10

 — Visitors. by MicKay05/17/104.68HOT

New Kingdom: American Court Ch. 11

 — Alena trembled in fear. by MicKay05/23/104.76HOT

New Kingdom: American Court Ch. 12

 — The Enemy. by MicKay06/20/104.80HOT

New Kingdom: American Court Ch. 13

 — Declaring War. by MicKay07/12/104.75HOT

New Kingdom: Australian Court Ch. 01

 — Guests and Stowaways. by MicKay06/01/114.77HOT

New Kingdom: Australian Court Ch. 02

 — Abigail is taken. by MicKay06/17/114.75HOT

New Kingdom: Australian Court Ch. 03

 — All Grown Up. by MicKay06/25/114.81HOTContest Winner

New Kingdom: Australian Court Ch. 04

 — The lost brother. by MicKay07/30/114.79HOT

New Kingdom: Australian Court Ch. 05

 — A life begins and ends. by MicKay09/01/114.80HOT

New Kingdom: Australian Court Ch. 06

 — The Prophecy Fulfilled. by MicKay09/08/114.84HOT

New Kingdom: European Court Ch. 01

 — Antony's Temptation. by MicKay07/21/104.75HOT

New Kingdom: European Court Ch. 02

 — Some vampires are monsters. by MicKay07/25/104.71HOT

New Kingdom: European Court Ch. 03

 — Getting the Girl. by MicKay07/29/104.73HOT

New Kingdom: European Court Ch. 04

 — Enemies are close to home. by MicKay08/06/104.83HOTContest Winner

New Kingdom: European Court Ch. 05

 — Who is this woman? by MicKay08/21/104.81HOT

New Kingdom: European Court Ch. 06

 — Journey to the Temples. by MicKay10/23/104.79HOT

New Kingdom: European Court Ch. 07

 — History remembered. by MicKay11/13/104.77HOTContest Winner

New Kingdom: European Court Ch. 08

 — Closing the Circle. by MicKay12/06/104.80HOT

New Kingdom: European Court Ch. 09

 — Planning the Attack. by MicKay01/29/114.82HOT

New Kingdom: European Court Ch. 10

 — Accepting Changes . by MicKay04/22/114.76HOT

New Kingdom: European Court Ch. 11

 — The Battle. by MicKay05/24/114.79HOT

New Kingdom: European Court Ch. 12

 — A New Life. by MicKay05/25/114.79HOT

New Kingdom: Return from Exile

 — Gabriel vows to regain his family's place in the world. by MicKay02/24/134.67HOT

New Life

 — Anya meets the pack. by Loverofwolves10/12/134.58HOT

New Life Ch. 02

 — Something about Luna by Loverofwolves10/20/134.56HOT

New Life Ch. 03

 — Something about Anya. by Loverofwolves10/28/134.66HOT

New Life Ch. 04-05

 — Luna gets upset. Anya and Daniel try to become friends. by Loverofwolves01/24/144.67HOT

New Life Ch. 06-07

 — Daniel and Anya by Loverofwolves03/25/144.79HOT

New Moon

 — 3 girls enter a forest themed Escape the Room and change. by Lycandope02/15/174.57HOT

New on the Naughty List

 — Lucy the Elf has her first fieldwork assignment. by Delilah_Night05/12/164.69HOT

New Order to Things

 — Battle well fought, now the reality of it all. by catman7112/26/114.29

New Orleans Night

 — A nightly walk turns a little deadly and erotic. by lucius_caradoc09/09/013.95


 — A pack introduction. by sethskitten11/23/074.36

Niah Ch. 02

 — A birthing; feelings revealed. by sethskitten12/10/074.33

Nicholas' Bargain

 — Ancient demon returns to earth, discovers his mortal mate. by redsoles07/20/114.62HOT

Nicholas' Bargain Ch. 02

 — In Victorian England: Demon and his mortal mate. by redsoles07/31/114.72HOT

Nicholas' Bargain Ch. 03

 — In Victorian England - demon and mortal mate. by redsoles08/29/114.75HOT

Nicholas' Bargain Ch. 04

 — In Victorian England - demon and mortal mate. by redsoles10/22/124.79HOT

Nicholas' Bargain Ch. 05

 — In Victorian England. Demon and his mortal mate. by redsoles02/04/134.87HOT

Nicholas' Bargain Ch. 06

 — In Victorian England. Demon and his mortal mate. by redsoles01/13/144.71HOT

Nicholas' Bargain Ch. 07

 — Ancient demon returns to earth, discovers his mortal mate. by redsoles02/04/144.86HOT

Nicholas's Hope Ch. 01

 — A hike through the woods leads to an interesting discovery. by NightGal01/04/114.51HOT

Nicholas's Hope Ch. 02

 — She awakens.... by NightGal02/20/114.35

Nicholas's Hope Ch. 03

 — A dream and a reaction. by NightGal06/24/114.55HOT

Nicoletta Ch. 02

 — Alessandro explains how and why she has come to be in his be. by jesstoyou07/10/094.64HOT

Nicoletta Ch. 03

 — Nicollete tries to stand up to Alessandro. by jesstoyou09/11/094.60HOT

Nicoletta Ch. 04

 — Nicolette escapes. by jesstoyou03/20/104.63HOT

Nicoletta Ch. 05

 — Nicolette learns the consecquences of her actions. by jesstoyou05/27/104.67HOT

Nicoletta Ch. 06

 — Nicolette and Donata Rossi. by jesstoyou06/20/104.69HOT

Nicoletta Ch. 07

 — It is time for dinner. by jesstoyou05/22/114.61HOT

Nicoletta Ch. 08

 — Devious minds. by jesstoyou09/01/114.76HOT

Nicoletta Ch. 09

 — Blood is not always thicker. by jesstoyou02/08/124.62HOT

Nicoletta Ch. 10

 — Azazel Vindicated? by jesstoyou12/26/144.71HOT

Nicoletta Ch. 11

 — Nicolette is on the run. by jesstoyou03/19/174.82HOT

Nigerian Vampire Files

 — Biracial stud meets beautiful Lebanese vampire. by Samuelx08/11/182.25

Night and Day

 — Two halves of the same whole. by Nicola_Italia103/02/064.66HOT

Night Breeze

 — A tropical paradise can raise your spirits. by Nogrod6304/26/084.68HOT

Night by Night Ch. 01

 — Morphine has an encounter with an Angelkin. by MorphineMoroii10/23/024.00

Night by Night Ch. 02

 — Morphine discovers just how sweet revenge can be. by MorphineMoroii11/01/024.60

Night Dreams

 — Girl conjures up more than she bargains for. by devle07/31/034.35

Night Dreams Ch. 02

 — She is forced to come back to him. by devle08/11/034.55HOT

Night Falls Ch. 01

 — Vampire tale of the ages, the story begins. by NightChylde08/24/034.20

Night Falls Ch. 02

 — The night continues. by NightChylde08/30/034.39

Night Falls Ch. 03

 — An introduction to the Lady of the Manor. by NightChylde09/05/034.17

Night Falls Ch. 04

 — The Lady shows her true face. by NightChylde10/01/034.00

Night Falls Ch. 05

 — The first hint of amour between Gareth and Esiah. by NightChylde10/07/034.64HOT

Night Hunt

 — A lonely vampire goes on a hunt and is not disappointed. by Nightcaps06/26/144.59HOT

Night Hunt Ch. 02

 — The morning after raises more questions by Nightcaps06/29/144.60HOT

Night Hunt Ch. 03

 — He is unable to resist her. by Nightcaps07/30/144.70HOT

Night Hunt Ch. 04

 — Tyrus seeks out an old friend. by Nightcaps08/05/144.62HOT

Night Hunt Ch. 05

 — Anya's side, and a chance to meet again. by Nightcaps08/13/144.76HOT

Night Hunt Ch. 06

 — Anya's in danger. by Nightcaps07/22/154.68HOT

Night Hunt Ch. 07

 — What happens now? by Nightcaps07/31/154.78HOT

Night Hunt Ch. 08

 — He claims her. by Nightcaps09/23/154.81HOT

Night Hunt Ch. 09

 — A surprise awaits Tyrus. by Nightcaps04/05/164.84HOT

Night Hunt Ch. 10

 — Anya and Tyrus get to know one another. by Nightcaps02/22/174.82HOT

Night Hunt Ch. 11

 — Tyrus continues to teach Anya. by Nightcaps05/09/174.80HOT

Night Hunt Ch. 12

 — Secrets revealed. by Nightcaps11/07/174.86HOT

Night Hunt Ch. 13

 — Anya finally confronts her feelings. by Nightcaps04/12/184.85HOT

Night Hunt Ch. 14

 — They learn what has been hiding out in the small town. by Nightcaps05/15/184.88HOT

Night Hunt Ch. 15

 — Things get complicated. by Nightcaps07/03/184.95HOT

Night in My Veins

 — Fevered encounter with a vampire outside a bar. by ripewickedplumm08/01/034.37

Night of the Fae

 — Isabel has an unforgettable night with a Scottish faery. by Jessielle01/12/163.87

Night of the Sasquatch

 — Grad student has fling with monster. by Primate_House01/10/184.44

Night Princess

 — Beautiful vampiress claims willing victim. by Gllight705/21/044.28

Night Walker's Woman

 — Ancient forces collide when a shape-shifter finds his woman. by Tara_Neale12/07/124.69HOT

Night Walker's Woman Ch. 02

 — The meeting. by Tara_Neale01/11/134.69HOT

Night Walker's Woman Ch. 03

 — The pieces come together. by Tara_Neale01/27/134.75HOT

Night Walker's Woman Ch. 04

 — Our story continues... by Tara_Neale01/22/154.76HOT

Night Walker's Woman Ch. 05

 — Danger closes in on them. by Tara_Neale03/06/154.75HOT

Night Walker's Woman Ch. 06

 — Danger stalks them... by Tara_Neale04/12/154.78HOT

Night Walker's Woman Ch. 07

 — Finding your place...and your skin. by Tara_Neale04/17/154.80HOT

Night with the Gods

 — A young woman gets more than she bargained for on Beltaine. by Prestige10/12/074.24

Night's Dagger Ch. 01

 — A street rat finds himself in the wrong kind of trouble. by Guybrarian10/10/114.44

Nights in Rodan Ch. 00

 — Prologue: a once powerful Druid kingdom falls to invaders. by feistyphoenix01/19/144.53HOT

Nights in Rodan Ch. 01

 — 19 years later, a true identity is revealed. by feistyphoenix01/25/144.53HOT

Nights in Rodan Ch. 02

 — A rescue and suppressed magic reveals itself. by feistyphoenix01/29/144.63HOT

Nights in Rodan Ch. 03

 — Growing feelings and powerful magic. by feistyphoenix02/09/144.68HOT

Nights in Rodan Ch. 04

 — An unexpected engagement and a secret revealed. by feistyphoenix02/14/144.62HOT

Nights in Rodan Ch. 05

 — A change of heart and a battle begins by feistyphoenix03/03/144.73HOT

Nights in Rodan Ch. 06

 — The battle begins. by feistyphoenix04/16/144.65HOT

Nightshade Ch. 01

 — A young woman meets a demigod and a beautiful elf. by ARavenInTheNight09/04/154.49

Nightshade Ch. 02

 — Ravenshadow recovers and Crystal comes to live with him. by ARavenInTheNight04/23/164.52HOT

Nightshade Ch. 03

 — Crystal explores, questions are answered and an Elf seduced. by ARavenInTheNight09/03/164.57HOT

Nightshade Ch. 04

 — Crystal has fun, but is war with the great Houses coming? by ARavenInTheNight02/07/174.58HOT

Nightshade Ch. 05

 — Crystal survives danger and Ravenshadow leaves for war. by ARavenInTheNight03/06/174.64HOT

Nightshade Ch. 06

 — The first battle of the War between the Great Houses. by ARavenInTheNight01/20/183.93

Nighttime Visitor

 — Incubus pays a visit to a frustrated woman. by Sliverlady11/29/034.36

Nikki's Present

 — Catgirl is bound and fucked rough. by Kwing06/11/113.92

Niku's Lesson

 — Jierda and Niku are helpless against the flowers assault. by Violet_Moon03/09/184.28


 — Siella meets Vadim. by Fire_Fairy05/10/094.17

Nine Roses for Ramona

 — A bad St. Valentine's? Read on... by SSobotkaJr01/22/044.60HOT

Nine-Tailed Wonder

 — Ninetails is not a Pokémon you can capture in a slave market. by SPARTAN04706/17/174.56HOT

Nix, The Guardian of Waters

 — Trying to save Earth the only way he knows. by forctic_ax04/28/184.58HOT

No Escape From My Mate

 — She doesn't want to accept her fate of being an alpha mate. by EboniR04/25/114.43

No Escape From My Mate Ch. 02

 — She does not want to integrate into the pack. by EboniR05/02/114.45

No Escape From My Mate Ch. 03

 — Eboni finally escapes. by EboniR09/01/114.53HOT

No More Human

 — Marcus thrived with a mass of space junk attached to his body. by SunrockSin07/13/084.16

Noblesse Oblige

 — A chained princess awaits her fate with a stiff upper lip. by Llacheu08/21/124.04

Nocturnal Emissions

 — Man desires unseen forces & submits for his reward. by Martins01/14/094.43

Nocturnal Goddesses

 — Theresa's fondest dream becomes reality. by dalespeer08/28/074.50

Nocturne in Claret

 — An apparition, a wild tryst, and a promise. by honeyblondenymph01/14/123.23

Noo Howl Chronicles: Induction

 — Noo Howl chooses her mate. by KewlBlueTiger05/31/064.25

Nora's Memories

 — Young woman is saved from prostitution by a vampiress. by maidens_lust10/30/014.13

Noria's Dream Come True Ch. 01

 — She meets the vampire of her dreams. by TahoeCat02/19/104.45

Noria's Dream Come True Ch. 02

 — Voctor and Noria experience the primal edge of their love. by TahoeCat03/05/104.47

Nostalgia Ch. 01

 — Claws latch onto a woman's shadow. by DreamerByTheDiamonds07/28/184.20

Nostalgia Ch. 02

 — Popularity. by DreamerByTheDiamonds07/29/184.56

Nostalgia Ch. 03

 — Unexpected warmth. by DreamerByTheDiamonds08/01/184.17

Nostalgia Ch. 04

 — Another piece's arrival. by DreamerByTheDiamonds08/02/184.33

Nostalgia Ch. 05

 — She wasn't supposed to see that. by DreamerByTheDiamonds08/04/184.10

Nostalgia Ch. 06

 — Appreciate what you have. by DreamerByTheDiamonds08/07/184.33

Nostalgia Ch. 07

 — Acting like teenagers. by DreamerByTheDiamonds08/10/184.50

Nostalgia Ch. 08

 — Taking their time. by DreamerByTheDiamonds08/18/184.60

Nostalgia Ch. 09

 — Spring is here. by DreamerByTheDiamonds08/24/184.80

Not Alone

 — A vampire find that blood isn't the only thing yummy. by Kojiki08/19/083.92

Not As It Seems Ch. 01

 — Akira discovers something heart breaking. by MzSeductress08/13/124.35

Not As It Seems Ch. 02

 — Strange feelings develop between Kaleb and Akira. by MzSeductress02/13/134.47

Not As Naive As You Think Ch. 01

 — What he is just might be the answer I've been looking for. by MissWolfy09/17/124.41

Not As Naive As You Think Ch. 02

 — Something inside me just wouldn't let me leave him. by MissWolfy09/25/124.59HOT

Not As Naive As You Think Ch. 03

 — Hidden secrets come to the surface. by MissWolfy06/26/134.51HOT

Not Divorced

 — When Anne married a furry, she knew there'd be bad days. by foozzzball04/24/124.28

Not Just Another Blood Bag

 — Heather’s day does not go smoothly. by LoveSupernaturally07/16/084.14

Not Just Another Blood Bag Ch. 02

 — A guilty conscious at a blood drive. by LoveSupernaturally07/22/084.12

Not Just Another Blood Bag Ch. 03

 — A Vampire's view. by LoveSupernaturally08/03/084.72HOT

Not So Alone Ch. 01

 — Being alone isn't so bad during a zombie apocalypse. by MissKittyDevine02/13/143.83

Not So Alone Ch. 02

 — Meeting the boys by MissKittyDevine02/20/144.22

Not So Alone Ch. 03

 — They learn a little about each other. by MissKittyDevine02/27/144.32

Not So Alone Ch. 04

 — The truth comes out. by MissKittyDevine03/12/143.94

Not So Alone Ch. 05

 — Nichole meets someone new. by MissKittyDevine03/25/144.02

Not Your Ordinary Angel

 — Angel and Vampire, bound together. by Jenna_In_Dreamland03/05/044.40

Not Your Usual Dungeon

 — Niona the Blood Elf finds herself in a sticky situation. by SuccubusDesires02/05/153.98

Nothing To Live For? Ch. 01

 — Lilly loses everything to find love again. by wlo200108/09/104.28

Nothing To Live For? Ch. 02

 — Lilly gets some answers. by wlo200108/12/104.46

Nothing To Live For? Ch. 03

 — Lilly Meets Chan's Beta. by wlo200108/23/104.52HOT

Nothing To Live For? Ch. 04

 — Lee talks to Priscilla. by wlo200109/21/104.35


 — Two professional killers have it out in a cornfield. by mercutioiixiv10/18/053.80

Now I'm Scared Pt. 01

 — I meet an extremely attractive but arrogant vampire. by Midnight_descent10/13/164.01

Now I'm Scared Pt. 02

 — Things don't go well with the arrogant vampire. by Midnight_descent10/18/164.46

Now I'm Scared Pt. 03

 — Well that's not good... by Midnight_descent10/21/164.43

Now I'm Scared Pt. 04

 — Arrebelle makes a hard choice. by Midnight_descent10/24/164.60HOT

Now I'm Scared Pt. 05

 — Arrebelle wakes up. by Midnight_descent10/28/164.48

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

 — Does she love you or want you as a sex toy? by SPARTAN04705/07/174.45

Now You See Me, Now You Don't Ch. 01

 — Zara is on her way to meet her online boyfriend of 1.5 years. by AmateurErotica09/11/173.31

Now You See Me, Now You Don't Ch. 02

 — Zara has yet to meet Manav. by AmateurErotica09/15/174.41


 — Nurse Amber knows how to fix what scientists cannot. by animeninjaNIPPON10/16/063.94

Nurse Demoness Ch. 01

 — Nurse that is a demon feeds in a hospital. by destodes77701/28/164.20

Nurse Demoness Ch. 02

 — A demoness recalls her birth into the world of mortals. by destodes77704/09/164.53HOT

Nurse Demoness Ch. 03

 — A succubus is sent to Earth to find Mina. by destodes77704/20/164.39

Nurse Demoness Ch. 04

 — Mina's life begins to change drastically. by destodes77706/29/164.69HOT

Nurse Demoness Ch. 05

 — Dealings within a church. by destodes77708/11/164.45


 — Young nurses become sex slaves to aliens. by AnonFineDay11/03/003.58

Nursing Girls

 — 18-year-old friends found unexpected temporary job. by homealone_44701/10/044.51HOT

Nymph in the Mirror

 — Mystery incubus-ish guest corrupts virgin "lady". by IceBluePhoenix07/26/083.90

Nymphs and Sprites

 — Two different species make a connection. by Torinona02/03/144.31

Obsession Ch. 01

 — Kyan finds his mate. by angelicsounds01/01/104.72HOT

Obsession Ch. 02

 — Kyan and Natalie get closer. by angelicsounds02/26/104.76HOT

Obsession Ch. 03

 — Kyan and Natalie finally have that talk... by angelicsounds05/24/104.75HOT

Obsession Ch. 04

 — Kyan seals the deal....and a surprise guest. by angelicsounds11/08/104.79HOT

Octo Pie

 — Welcome to St. Delacroix! Uh, watch out for giant octopi. by PrevertOne10/27/144.28

October 31 Ch. 01

 — Issai Black is struggling against his family herritage. by 45jordan7807/26/084.39

October 31 Ch. 02

 — Isaiah has made a decision and is acting upon it. by 45jordan7807/27/084.28

October 31 Ch. 03

 — Isaiah and his new friend are trying to stop a summoning. by 45jordan7807/31/084.33

Octopus Jones: Horny Hero for Hire

 — A tentacled hero comes to save the daaaaay! by Agent_Hotshot02/15/163.80

Octopus Jones: Pack You

 — The tentacled agent of PIE fights against werewolves! by Agent_Hotshot02/15/163.69

Octopus Jones: The Couch Monster

 — Our favorite tentacled hero fights a demonic couch monster! by Agent_Hotshot02/15/164.00


 — Soulmates meet. by luvkitten06/26/063.93

Odipuc & Yeshalani

 — The Aerotocat way is not always what it seems. by Suite21men01/25/113.92

Oedipus and the Sphinx

 — A new twist on an old Grecian legend. by Black Satin06/15/054.49

Of Black Men And Super Powers

 — Mixed-race man from Montreal becomes hero in Boston. by Samuelx02/07/122.25

Of Black Women And Angels

 — Angel rescues Black woman in 1840s Massachusetts. by Samuelx02/02/123.52

Of Dark Blood and Fucking

 — A girl is seduced by a slayer and vampire within 24 hours. by Gothic Kitten10/27/024.38

Of Dragons and Wolves

 — There she stood, her prey on the other side of the great chasm... by GoodWolf06/08/124.59HOT

Of Dragons and Wolves Ch. 02

 — Long awaited by those who loved part 1. by GoodWolf02/09/134.65HOT

Of Foxes & Dragons Ch. 01

 — A day in the forest goes awry. by Velius Ironhorn05/01/044.09

Of Foxes & Dragons Ch. 02

 — Silva gives into a dangerous temptation. by Velius Ironhorn05/12/044.39

Of Girls and Ghosts

 — A friend in need is a chains? by naughtybabygirl01/15/093.62

Of Gods and Women

 — Zeus seduces the young princess Europa. by Athena_e1903/17/013.80

Of Monsters and Men Ch. 01

 — What the difference between monsters and men. by Queen_Vicki02/01/163.52


 — Meet Skyler and Duncan. by PixieDiva04/04/154.59HOT

Office Bitch Ch. 01

 — A man tests a mysterious potion. by Lycandope12/25/154.43

Office Bitch Ch. 02

 — Anne struggles with her new changes and urges. by Lycandope07/22/164.52HOT

Oh Lilli

 — With enough money you can fulfill any dream. by Sean Renaud01/24/104.28

Oh My Angel

 — Mark and Grace share a special moment. by Violentbloodsuck04/02/083.40

Oh My Goddess!

 — Being a goddess can be cool, but not for those you rule. by Couture08/21/023.97

Oh So Sweet, The First Bite

 — Jacob discovers a girl whom he thought was a myth-Omnibus. by Dreamweaver59410/11/17HOT

Oh So Sweet, The First Bite Ch. 02

 — The final chapters. by Dreamweaver59410/21/17HOT

Okayado's Cowgirl Farm Pt. 01

 — Okayado's cowgirls, farmed in a first person tale I made up. by EstebanMamono10/11/174.56HOT

Old Church

 — Secrets held in an old church are released. by Jay62608/12/174.76HOT

Old Church Ch. 02

 — The saga of Justin continues. by Jay62612/30/174.71HOT

Old Church Ch. 03

 — The saga of Justin continues. by Jay62602/15/184.78HOT

Old Church Ch. 04

 — Justin gains more power and another girl to his coven. by Jay62609/20/184.69HOT

Old Gods

 — A young woman learns a painful lesson about greed. by Lycandope12/23/154.01

Old Man Willow

 — All paths through the Old Forest lead to Him. by naughtybabygirl01/12/094.16

Omega Pride Ch. 01

 — Omegas only mate with Omegas...right? by Canis_Crazy06/28/114.56HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 02

 — Run, run, run as fast as you can... by Canis_Crazy06/28/114.63HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 03

 — Welcome to the family. by Canis_Crazy07/03/114.73HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 04

 — While most would be proud to submit this way. by Canis_Crazy07/12/114.76HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 05

 — Not so sweet escape is it? by Canis_Crazy07/30/114.76HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 06

 — No healing is ever easy. by Canis_Crazy09/13/114.75HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 07

 — Training of all kinds. by Canis_Crazy03/09/124.75HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 08

 — Respect is something earned. by Canis_Crazy04/04/124.74HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 09

 — Visiting a Past Locked in Ice..... by Canis_Crazy07/29/124.76HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 10

 — A real truth reveal.... by Canis_Crazy08/18/124.79HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 11

 — Turning a new page... by Canis_Crazy08/19/164.79HOT

On Becoming a Mountain Woman Ch. 01

 — Quest for fulfillment takes her from city. by Valis12/26/033.85

On Her Mind Ch. 1

 — Victoria always had a secret. by WickedVampire04/20/024.21

On Her Mind Ch. 2

 — Victoria gets her last night with her vampire. by WickedVampire05/22/024.43

On Night in The Woods

 — She's taken by a strange creature. by kinky_in_helsinki04/01/074.12

On the Run Ch. 01

 — Callie discovers that things are not what they seem. by kitty_kait07/09/174.48

On the Run Ch. 02

 — New information and revelations. by kitty_kait07/14/174.39

Once Bitten

 — Vampire makes a new conquest. by Madam-Cecilia02/14/013.66

Once Bitten

 — Young woman is taken by a stranger - and doesn't mind. by sasafrass10/24/054.54HOT

Once Upon an Elf

 — A sexy fairytale adventure with an Elf. by Rarans03/08/162.51

Once Upon the Grave of a Sinful Nun

 — Sometimes the saddest song is also the most sensual. by Nachthexe05/17/124.05Editor's Pick

One Autumn Night

 — Lusty bisexual goth girl finds herself in a dark new world. by goregoregirl07/15/074.01

One Final Summer

 — She gets one last chance to love. by Subby7204/02/034.31

One Fine Mess Ch. 01

 — Tippi is in the closet...or maybe coffin is more like it. by Twisted_Little_Sister02/14/124.21

One Fine Mess Ch. 02

 — Tippi comes out of the coffin, and into a mess. by Twisted_Little_Sister02/14/124.66HOT

One Fine Mess Ch. 03

 — There's always something to fuck up a good mood. by Twisted_Little_Sister02/15/124.55HOT

One Fine Mess Ch. 04

 — Tippi gets new friends, and is trying to forget the old. by Twisted_Little_Sister02/16/124.73HOT

One Fine Mess Ch. 05

 — Tippi is forced to put her skills to the test. by Twisted_Little_Sister02/17/124.46

One Full Moon

 — The difference between werewolves and demons. by jpz007ahren10/25/124.27

One Full Moon Ch. 02

 — Demons don't care about the body, they want your soul. by jpz007ahren11/01/124.47

One Full Moon Ch. 03

 — A glimpse at One stone's ripples. by jpz007ahren11/13/124.53HOT

One Good Deed

 — A good deed leads to much, much more. by Sliverlady11/25/034.46

One Halloween

 — An alternative to what happened that night in Sleepy Hollow. by DanceWithMe09/29/014.23

One Heart's Journey

 — The secret Niki must keep even when she has lost all. by willieone05/18/114.31

One Night

 — An Incubus delights in an Innocent. by Eroticide12/24/034.38

One Night

 — A lucky woman gets her wish granted by a vampire. by Angelycvamp09/17/134.29

One Night to Forever

 — A long awaited night turns to forever. by Razvan36902/14/114.33

One Night with a Mindflayer

 — A night in a cave exposes John to eldritch pleasures... by Myrph04/10/184.19

One Shot Short Story Ch. 01

 — Strange Cookies. by payenbrant08/17/144.76HOT

One Shot Short Story: Maggie Mae!

 — We all have issues... by payenbrant05/23/174.55HOT

One Step Too Far

 — Girls get payback. by Galadreyil10/16/123.56

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