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 — Halfling sold to Vampires is for special purpose. by EDSpencer11/13/044.47

Bought Ch. 02

 — Areica learns her purpose among the Vampires. by EDSpencer06/09/054.59HOT

Bought Ch. 03

 — Master Rhoe breaks in his servant. by EDSpencer06/09/054.52HOT

Bought Ch. 04

 — Master Khelman consoles his princess. by EDSpencer06/10/054.56HOT

Bought Ch. 05

 — A Master offers Areica a little control. by EDSpencer07/06/054.66HOT

Bought Ch. 06

 — A partnership blooms with sexual energy. by EDSpencer08/12/054.64HOT

Bought Ch. 07

 — Areica learns the extent to her succubus powers. by EDSpencer11/06/054.68HOT


 — A demonic fantasy. by SquirtingGothGirl12/20/083.91

Bound By Pride

 — Electra is on the case. by whitesabretooth11/10/094.79HOT

Bound by Pride Ch. 02

 — Add a little bit of Mayhem and everyone has a problem. by whitesabretooth12/11/094.82HOT

Bound by Pride Ch. 03

 — Could things get worse? In a word, yep. by whitesabretooth02/28/104.84HOT

Bound by Pride Ch. 04

 — The hardest thing is waiting. by whitesabretooth03/12/104.84HOT

Bound by Pride Ch. 05

 — The raid and aftermath. by whitesabretooth04/10/104.84HOT

Bound by Pride Ch. 06

 — Returning home and love is in the air. by whitesabretooth04/27/104.79HOT

Bound by Pride Ch. 07

 — Playful night out... or not. by whitesabretooth05/26/104.83HOT

Bound by Pride Ch. 08

 — Mayhem and Electra get closer... Keira gets scratched... by whitesabretooth06/06/104.82HOT

Bound by Pride Ch. 09

 — Endings, beginnings and more. by whitesabretooth07/22/104.83HOT

Bound to be Used

 — Caught, tied up, and abused by three captors. by WyrdoBond12/12/174.30

Bound to My Mate Ch. 01

 — A chance encounter with her life mate. by DoctorWolf07/07/104.63HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 02

 — Elizabeth hears the word werewolf and blows it off. by DoctorWolf07/11/104.69HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 03

 — Elizabeth is kidnapped. by DoctorWolf07/15/104.65HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 04

 — Joel finally gets the girl. by DoctorWolf07/19/104.76HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 05

 — Elizabeth learns about the pack. by DoctorWolf07/23/104.75HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 06

 — Joel and Elizabeth spend some time together by DoctorWolf07/27/104.78HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 07

 — Elizabeth gets too comfortable with danger still lurking. by DoctorWolf08/02/104.78HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 08

 — Crime equals punishment. by DoctorWolf08/07/104.81HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 09

 — Danger in the den. by DoctorWolf08/18/104.81HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 10

 — Elizabeth goes through the changing ceremony by DoctorWolf08/25/104.81HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 11

 — A new wolf emerges. by DoctorWolf09/02/104.84HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 12

 — Life as a wolf. by DoctorWolf10/22/104.80HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 13

 — Bonding as the danger hits close to home. by DoctorWolf10/29/104.82HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 14

 — The witches plan is revealed to the wolves. by DoctorWolf11/10/104.82HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 15

 — More magic problems for the pack. by DoctorWolf11/19/104.83HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 16

 — Rogues are reclaimed. by DoctorWolf12/01/104.82HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 17

 — The source is revealed. by DoctorWolf12/16/104.87HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 18

 — Celebration interrupted. by DoctorWolf12/30/104.85HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 19

 — In the woods with rogues, again! by DoctorWolf01/07/114.85HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 20

 — An end to the past and new beginnings. by DoctorWolf01/20/114.89HOT

Bow Down

 — Brunelle tries to bring down witch Mallori. by SPARTAN04709/05/173.89

Brandy and the Toad Princes

 — Brandy is asked to make three toads into princes. by Fairytales_Storyteller07/22/12

Brave New World

 — Jackie encounters a new life form. by NytGamez08/26/04

Breakdown Ch. 01

 — She meets a couple of vampires. by bec279110/28/044.66HOT

Breakdown Ch. 02

 — An adventure of a life time. by bec279111/04/044.60HOT

Breakdown Ch. 03

 — We continue our adventure. by bec279111/07/044.69HOT

Breakdown Ch. 04

 — How it all began. by bec279111/13/044.58HOT

Breakdown Ch. 05

 — Road Trip. by bec279106/07/054.65HOT

Breaking Benny: Dark Elf's Slave

 — Dark Elf Farm's latest slave Benny, is cheeky and defiant... by EstebanMamono06/13/184.55HOT

Breaking In Ch. 01

 — A nun catches the eye of a demon king. by MapleMeSyrup11/07/164.13

Breaking the Rule

 — Don't go out after dark. by madmage07/11/144.36

Breast Milking Machine

 — Succubi can kill men. This one wanted a boob job for free. by SPARTAN04712/15/174.37


 — A werewolf marks and breeds his new mate. by Snowmaiden10/23/084.27

Bred by the Tentacle!

 — A horny alien impregnates the ship's commander. by Mister_Shy05/26/174.36

Bree's Seduction

 — A handsome vampire takes a beautiful virgin. by SEX_VAMPYRE08/31/013.83

Breeder Ch. 01

 — Fertility exercise on planet of green-skinned Ladies. by ZacNeuman02/01/034.39

Breeding for the Pack Ch. 01

 — A werewolf's fetish for impregnating women is met. by VelvetCream08/19/144.19

Breeding in the Club

 — A swinging couple take it one step further... by AmethystMare11/18/174.43

Brewing a Bloodline Ch. 14

 — Witchcraft and Vampires sometimes should not mix. by totallyatease03/13/164.67HOT


 — A young girl finds herself alone. by Silver_ink12/21/124.12

Brother Wolves Ch. 01

 — A loss In Scotland. by Iread2relax08/11/154.43

Brother Wolves Ch. 02

 — Meeting the family. by Iread2relax08/13/154.67HOT

Brother Wolves Ch. 03

 — Newly mated couples go home. by Iread2relax08/28/154.67HOT

Brother Wolves Ch. 04

 — The mates meet the dragon brothers in Thailand. by Iread2relax09/15/154.73HOT

Brother Wolves Ch. 05

 — All is not well in Thailand. by Iread2relax09/28/154.73HOT

Brother Wolves Ch. 06

 — Enemy vanquished. by Iread2relax10/03/154.82HOT

Brother Wolves Ch. 07

 — They arrive in Scotland. by Iread2relax10/13/154.73HOT

Brother Wolves Ch. 08

 — The dragons visit their brothers. by Iread2relax10/29/154.66HOT

Brother Wolves Ch. 09

 — Zena is back. by Iread2relax11/10/154.74HOT

Brother Wolves Ch. 10

 — Finding peace at last. by Iread2relax11/20/154.83HOT

BtB: The Club

 — A guy meets two beautiful...and strange...women. by Edge2310/06/054.57HOT

Bug Ch. 01

 — A new queen is added to the colony. by angharad2906/08/093.72

Bultungin Meets Skin Walker

 — African Were-Hyena meets feisty Native policewoman. by Samuelx07/14/182.90

Bunny Comes Home

 — A short scene about a lover returning home. Furry. by Caecilius01/13/184.14

Bunnygirl Ch. 01

 — Harley is kidnapped and taken to a freak show. by cellophanesmile07/31/074.43

Bunnygirl Ch. 02

 — Harley and Calhoun. by cellophanesmile08/31/074.42

Bunnygirl Ch. 03

 — A costume. by cellophanesmile11/06/074.55HOT

Bunnygirl Ch. 04

 — The show. by cellophanesmile11/15/074.58HOT

Bunnygirl Ch. 05

 — Harley gets pets; Calhoun gets jealous. by cellophanesmile01/06/084.53HOT

Bunnygirl Ch. 06

 — A reunion. by cellophanesmile02/07/084.71HOT

Bunnygirl Ch. 07

 — The conclusion. by cellophanesmile08/11/084.76HOT

Burning Embers Ch. 01

 — Ember and her friends summon a demon. by greyaspen07/19/174.52HOT

Burning Embers Ch. 02

 — Ember experiences another friend's fantasy. by greyaspen07/22/174.60HOT

Burning Embers Ch. 03

 — The demon keeps a promise before the new fantasy. by greyaspen07/28/174.53HOT

Burning Embers Ch. 04

 — Ember faces her own fantasy. by greyaspen08/01/174.68HOT

Burning Embers Ch. 05

 — Ember wakes up in the back of a cop car. by greyaspen08/04/174.60HOT

Burning Embers Ch. 06

 — Ember goes to a party and experiences the game wheel. by greyaspen08/12/174.41

Burning Embers Ch. 07

 — Ember meets new friends. by greyaspen08/21/174.58HOT

Burning Embers Ch. 08

 — Ember is abducted. By aliens. by greyaspen08/26/174.37

Burning Embers Ch. 09

 — Thio takes Ember to a club. by greyaspen09/07/174.63HOT

Burning Embers Ch. 10

 — Ember shares another's punishment. by greyaspen10/10/174.75HOT

Burning Embers Ch. 11

 — Ember's story comes to a close. by greyaspen03/01/184.62HOT

Burning Passion

 — Two enemies become lovers. by ShadowOfDeath18407/14/033.86

Burning Sky

 — Human-hating vampire Sky takes her would-be hero prisoner. by LL_Timber05/30/134.25

Buster's Story

 — The adventures of Brian Davy, werewolf, lover and soldier. by Jaisen10/23/114.65HOT

Buster's Story Ch. 02

 — Brian goes off to war. by Jaisen11/14/114.80HOT

Buster's Story Ch. 03

 — Life after WWI for Brian and family. by Jaisen02/04/124.78HOT

Buster's Story Ch. 04

 — Brian and family deal with WWII, non-shifters and a doctor. by Jaisen04/27/124.83HOT

Buster's Story Ch. 05

 — Brian and family survive WWII. by Jaisen06/29/124.88HOT

Buster's Story Ch. 06

 — Joy, sorrow, celebrations in the lives of the shifters. by Jaisen07/12/124.86HOT

Buster's Story Ch. 07

 — Sex, wolves and a new identity for Dr. Abrams. by Jaisen09/16/124.82HOT

Buster's Story Ch. 08

 — Emotional rollercoasters for the Davy family. by Jaisen09/19/124.87HOT

Buster's Story Ch. 09 - Finale

 — Buster's life finally comes to an end. by Jaisen11/01/124.89HOTContest Winner

But That They Are Wolves

 — Pray by night... be prey by night. by nemo_quill02/22/024.57HOTEditor's Pick

Butterfly's Sacrifice

 — A night of clubbing takes an unexpected turn. by Penelope Street10/23/064.41

Buy You a Drink?

 — Cal gets more than he bargained for. by Dead Poet11/03/024.34

Buyers Beware

 — A slave buyer with exotic tastes gets just what she wanted. by XtinaSmith201701/24/184.74HOT

By Dawn's Early Light

 — A lone doctor tries to 'infect' vampires to save humanity. by Steve M11/30/024.17Editor's Pick

By Invitation Only

 — He discovers there is some truth in a certain myth. by Lord Greystoke10/24/034.56HOT

By The Light Of The Silvery Moon

 — Childfood friends become lovers. by TheLittleWolf07/12/054.48

By the Pale Moonlight Ch. 01

 — Tara meets someone unforgettable. by Cheshireheir04/12/144.52HOT

By the Pale Moonlight Ch. 02

 — Tara meets with Dr. Miller. What's going on? by Cheshireheir04/18/144.62HOT

By the Pale Moonlight Ch. 03

 — Tara meets those she's been warned about. by Cheshireheir04/02/164.61HOT

By the Pale Moonlight Ch. 04

 — Tara meets those she's been warned about. by Cheshireheir04/10/164.70HOT

By the Pale Moonlight Ch. 05

 — James investigates Tara's disappearance. by Cheshireheir04/20/164.62HOT

C.A.T.: Initiation Ch. 01

 — Young man gives up his humanity to join crimefighting group. by CudgelFace08/09/164.67HOT

C.A.T.: Initiation Ch. 02

 — Michael wakes up after being tranqued by security. by CudgelFace08/11/164.71HOT

C.A.T.: Initiation Ch. 03

 — The lusty catwoman Nina is assigned to be Michael's tutor. by CudgelFace08/12/164.71HOT

C.A.T.: Initiation Ch. 04

 — Michael finds himself developing feelings for his mentor. by CudgelFace08/15/164.73HOT

C.A.T.: Initiation Ch. 05

 — Michael is taken to see Sergeant Chase. by CudgelFace11/27/164.75HOT

Cadifor and Makeda - On the Hunt

 — Sleezy motel, plenty of women, but not the one he wants. by secretme01/09/084.65HOT

Cael's Star

 — Vampire finds & claims his mate. by sachiaiko07/25/034.78HOT


 — When two werewolf lovers can't resist... by Connor0801/01/094.28

Caged Ch. 01

 — Captured kitty! by Daniellekitten08/26/094.49

Caged Ch. 01

 — The beginning journey to freedom. by PersimmonPixie08/21/164.55HOT

Caged Ch. 02

 — First day in the camp. by Daniellekitten12/03/094.46

Caged Ch. 02

 — The journey to freedom begins with conversation. by PersimmonPixie08/31/164.40

Caged Ch. 03

 — Doctor in the house! by Daniellekitten02/24/114.57HOT

Caged Ch. 03

 — The journey to freedom leads to civility. by PersimmonPixie09/16/164.35

Caged Ch. 04

 — Freedom is close at hand. by PersimmonPixie03/26/174.56HOT

Caged Ch. 05

 — Freedom brings intimacy. by PersimmonPixie04/05/174.42

Caged Ch. 06

 — Intimacy leads to... by PersimmonPixie04/24/174.67HOT


 — Caitlin has a visitor, but she doesn't expect this... by IAmControl03/06/164.36

Cale & Scarlet (Vampire)

 — Cale hooks up with Scarlet, his best friend's vampire girl. by xcorexbby09/19/084.11

Calendar Girl Ch. 01

 — A young woman becomes the target of a strange curse by Lycandope03/01/164.23

Call of Duty

 — Slaying the beast takes on a new meaning. by Velius Ironhorn08/28/054.27

Call Of The Wild

 — Did these lovers really meet by chance? by Whispering_Wolf5705/16/043.48

Call of the Wild Ch. 01

 — His wolf calls out to her and reaches her soul. by hotmama7205/11/114.50HOT

Call of the Wild Wolves Ch. 01

 — After the attack, I become somthing more. by TheLonelyFlower12/08/104.00

Callie's Island

 — Young woman gets lost on an island full of mythical beasts. by MayAmore06/24/164.45

Callie's Shadow Ch. 01

 — Introduction to ASP. by Daniellekitten11/13/154.60HOT

Callie's Shadow Ch. 02

 — Where Shadow became Shadow. by Daniellekitten11/15/154.67HOT

Callie's Shadow Ch. 03

 — Gettin' it on... by Daniellekitten11/18/154.73HOT

Callie's Shadow Ch. 04

 — Who wins? by Daniellekitten11/19/154.79HOT

Callie's Shadow Ch. 05

 — What is her decision? by Daniellekitten11/20/154.83HOT

Callie's Shadow Ch. 06

 — Marcus to the rescue. by Daniellekitten11/21/154.79HOT

Callie's Shadow Ch. 07

 — Meeting Kendra. by Daniellekitten11/22/154.84HOT

Callie's Shadow Ch. 08

 — Dorian. by Daniellekitten11/24/154.79HOT

Callie's Shadow Ch. 09

 — Angel's vision and Callie's wants. by Daniellekitten11/29/154.80HOT

Callie's Shadow Ch. 10

 — The end! by Daniellekitten12/03/154.67HOT

Callie's Shadow Ch. 11

 — She loves me not; She loves me. by Daniellekitten12/08/154.77HOT

Callie's Shadow Ch. 12

 — The fight for Marcus. by Daniellekitten12/11/154.83HOT

Callie's Shadow Ch. 13

 — Dorian's bar. by Daniellekitten12/15/154.82HOT

Callie's Shadow Ch. 14

 — The fight continues. by Daniellekitten12/16/154.82HOT

Callie's Shadow Ch. 15

 — The REAL End! by Daniellekitten12/17/154.74HOT

Calling Down the Moon

 — A stranded traveller meets a stranger with a secret life. by LadyArielle08/13/094.49

Came The Druid

 — Never sleep at a holy site. by Nakod Apa03/03/064.10

Camilla Ch. 105

 — Camilla is gang-banged by ghosts before her college students. by MawrGorshin08/24/124.15

Camilla Ch. 106

 — Spirits continue gang-banging Camilla at the aquarium. by MawrGorshin08/25/124.40

Camilla Ch. 107

 — Ghosts are still gang-banging her, and everyone's watching. by MawrGorshin08/29/124.22


 — A camping trip leads to a mating. by Ravenara11/16/084.44

Camping Can Lead to Sex

 — She goes camping and is found by....? by LMFranklin1809/21/114.46

Camping Ch. 02

 — Returning home and a lost mate. by Ravenara11/25/084.53HOT

Camping Ch. 03

 — Reunited. by Ravenara01/15/094.63HOT

Camping Night

 — Does she dare? by WednesdayAddams08/25/083.93

Can't Fight Time Ch. 01

 — Yup, Nina and Grim are back! by sensanin06/14/144.54HOT

Can't Fight Time Ch. 02

 — Nina and Grim are back! by sensanin06/18/144.64HOT

Can't Fight Time Ch. 03

 — Nina and Grim are back! by sensanin06/20/144.70HOT

Can't Fight Time Ch. 04

 — Nina and Grim are back! by sensanin06/22/144.72HOT

Can't Fight Time Ch. 05

 — Nina and Grim are back! by sensanin06/23/144.72HOT

Can't Fight Time Ch. 06

 — Nina and Grim are back! by sensanin06/24/144.73HOT

Can't Fight Time Ch. 07

 — Nina and Grim are back! by sensanin06/25/144.75HOT

Can't Fight Time Ch. 08

 — Nina and Grim are back! by sensanin06/26/144.75HOT

Can't Fight Time Ch. 09

 — Nina and Grim are back! by sensanin06/27/144.82HOT

Can't Fight Time Ch. 10

 — Nina and Grim are back! by sensanin07/04/144.70HOT

Can't Fight Time Ch. 11

 — Nina and Grim are back! by sensanin07/09/144.77HOT

Can't Fight Time Ch. 12

 — Nina and Grim are back! My favorite chapter. by sensanin07/14/144.74HOT

Can't Fight Time Ch. 13

 — Grim steps up, Nina and Uri plan. by sensanin07/18/144.72HOT

Can't Fight Time Ch. 14

 — Nina and Grim are back! by sensanin07/22/144.71HOT

Can't Fight Time Ch. 15

 — Nina and Grim are back! by sensanin07/27/144.73HOT

Can't Fight Time Ch. 16

 — Nina and Grim are back! by sensanin04/05/164.77HOT

Candace's Unexpected Journey

 — Candace's surprise journey to freedom with her guardian angel. by erossmantic07/30/154.51HOT

Candy's Halloween Treat

 — Candy meets vampire at Halloween party. by VixenLaFlamme10/17/034.19

Canis: Simon and Victori

 — Simon seeks to avoid death, by inhabiting a wereling. by DoxyTrainer12/06/174.54HOT

Cannibal City

 — Vampires Love and unexpected surprises. by CharlieJQuinne2110/18/114.60HOT

Cantar's Chaos Ch. 01

 — Cantar meets the man of her dreams. by Iread2relax07/30/134.69HOT

Cantar's Chaos Ch. 02

 — Cantar is taken. by Iread2relax08/04/134.74HOT

Cantar's Chaos Ch. 03

 — Life, love, happiness. by Iread2relax08/09/134.85HOT


 — An interplanetary scavenger finds something unexpected by ThingForger04/06/144.36


 — Young lust provides vampire with her meal. by ulboquet01/02/034.14

Captured Ch. 01

 — Raccoon goes to a party and isn't allowed to leave. by Soka11/21/103.29


 — Mark Oberlin's wolf was beginning to grow restless. by ElenaJade04/30/124.48

Caribbean Rising

 — A troubled were finds new hope in the most unexpected place. by BajanBelle07/08/114.56HOT

Caribbean Rising Ch. 02

 — Jiordan makes a connection. by BajanBelle07/18/114.67HOT

Caribbean Werewolf Romance

 — A pair of Caribbean werewolves prowl in Toronto. by Samuelx11/21/122.83

Carnal Adventure Ch. 01

 — A white lion meets a little kitty who will make his night. by thatbluecat06/22/114.28

Carnal Adventure Ch. 02

 — Tarragon meets a dangerous beast in an alleyway. by thatbluecat06/23/114.50HOT

Carol, Jack, Tats and Rex the Shape

 — Everyone who crossed me gets mauled to death by a dog! by Abdulbenthere03/30/104.00

Carousel Horses

 — Ingrid rides the carousel. by Nogrod6311/12/034.50HOT

Carrots Ch. 01

 — A bunny-girl working night shift at a 24 hour gym has fun. by SuckMyPencil10/26/164.39

Carrots Ch. 02

 — Liz has a slow but eventful night at the gym. by SuckMyPencil11/12/164.54HOT

Carrots Ch. 03

 — Liz discovers Jim's big secret. by SuckMyPencil12/04/164.52HOT

Carrots Ch. 04

 — Liz and Jim finally get it on. by SuckMyPencil01/12/174.68HOT

Carrots Ch. 05

 — Liz and Jim get it on some more. by SuckMyPencil01/28/174.70HOT

Carrots Ch. 06

 — Jim gets a massage from Liz's friend. by SuckMyPencil04/26/174.67HOT

Carrots Ch. 07

 — Liz, Sam, & Jim have some fun. by SuckMyPencil05/10/174.70HOT

Carrots Ch. 08

 — Liz, Sam, and Jim have an epic climax. by SuckMyPencil05/19/174.77HOT

Carrots Ch. 09

 — Jim meets the rest of the girls. The orgy begins. by SuckMyPencil08/12/174.69HOT

Carrots Ch. 10

 — Jim gives Sam more pleasure than she can handle. by SuckMyPencil09/18/174.67HOT

Carrots Ch. 11

 — Conclusion to the epic orgy. by SuckMyPencil10/20/174.59HOT

Carrots Ch. 12

 — After the orgy, Liz and Jim have some pillow talk. And sex. by SuckMyPencil12/09/174.64HOT

Carrots Ch. 13

 — Liz and Jim fight and reconcile. by SuckMyPencil12/28/174.53HOT

Cassy Ch. 01

 — Love between two female weres. by GerrySphantom08/02/084.46

Cassy Ch. 02

 — Her brother's turn at love (straight). by GerrySphantom09/04/084.43

Cassy Ch. 03

 — Their brother now finds love in an old friend. by GerrySphantom12/07/084.31

Cassy Ch. 04

 — Final chapter: Mikhail's end. by GerrySphantom08/21/094.62HOT

Cat Karrell

 — He breaks a female feline. by purringgurl08/18/043.91

Cat Scratch Fever Pt. 01

 — Jadyn gets scratched by a shifter & needs a sexual release. by ErosinaScarlett06/06/184.59HOT

Cat Scratch Fever Pt. 02

 — Rafael sees to Jadyn's sexual needs. by ErosinaScarlett06/21/184.77HOT

Cat Scratch Fever Pt. 03

 — Jadyn gives in to her sexual needs for Daunte. by ErosinaScarlett07/10/184.63HOT

Cat Scratch Fever Pt. 04

 — Jadyn gives into her desires for Daunte & has an idea. by ErosinaScarlett07/19/184.66HOT

Cat Scratch Fever Pt. 05

 — Rafael reveals to Jadyn who he really is... by ErosinaScarlett08/15/184.58HOT

Cat Scratch Fever Pt. 06

 — Rafael plans to make Jadyn come... several times. by ErosinaScarlett09/14/184.70HOT

Cat Scratch Fever Pt. 07

 — Daunte kidnaps Rafael & makes dirty love to Jadyn. by ErosinaScarlett10/09/184.59HOT

Cat's Eye Ch. 01

 — Jasmyne meets Michael. by WhiteMyst04/05/044.48

Cat's Night Out

 — Halloween night brings a trick and treat the next day. by Kikori10/30/084.61HOT

Catching the Thief Ch. 01

 — Max unwittingly draws Gabriel's attention. by kitten10104/16/064.72HOT

Catching the Thief Ch. 02

 — Gabriel collects on Max's debt. by kitten10105/09/064.74HOT

Catching the Thief Ch. 03

 — Gabriel takes Max home. by kitten10107/21/074.73HOT

Catching the Thief Ch. 04

 — Will Gabriel gets what he wants? by kitten10107/27/074.75HOT

Catgirl on the Prowl

 — A chance encounter in the park. by knowheregal10/30/073.58

Catherine Ch. 01

 — A succubus hunts her newest victim. by DarlingCunt05/30/154.21

Catherine's Inheritance Ch. 01

 — Catherine realizes her destiny. by darkchalice02/17/184.43

Catherine's Inheritance Ch. 02

 — Catherine's changes continue. by darkchalice02/18/184.52HOT

Catherine's Inheritance Ch. 03

 — Catherine transformed. by darkchalice02/19/184.57HOT

Catherine's New Love

 — Lady vampire looks for something new. by wildcat1971_200009/06/034.54HOT

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