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Gifting Night Ch. 05

 — Immortality may not be all fun and games. by deathlynx11/17/064.35

Gifting Night Ch. 06

 — Chris suffers, but can he find some redemption? by deathlynx11/23/064.26

Gifting Night Ch. 07

 — Kat confronts Bridget in her lair in the story's conclusion. by deathlynx11/30/064.62HOT

Girl in the Red Cloak

 — Her first experience with werewolves. by PervisLondon01/25/144.29

Give Me A Treat

 — A plus size girl gives herself to a man with a dark secret. by nrjhnsn10/25/114.75HOT

Give Me All You've Got

 — It's a normal day at work for Julia...until He walks in. by RightSideOfWrong08/22/103.94

Give Us Tentacle Sex

 — Ladies demand tentacles sex, so they get it. by Clemstra11/02/042.36

Gloria's Gobblin' Goblin

 — She loves the way the goblin eats her and he loves it too. by Boxlicker10110/16/114.34


 — A man's wish is fulfilled in an unlikely place. by Wolfblackthorne07/30/133.81

Gnoll When to Walk Away

 — Gnolls often find creative uses for their prisoners. by mersennius_prime06/07/184.38

Goblin Maid, Young Master Ch. 01

 — An unusual maid deals with a disruptive new arrival. by North20009/12/174.67HOT

Goblin Maid, Young Master Ch. 02

 — Ree learns more about human-style mating. by North20011/04/174.62HOT

Goblin Maid, Young Master Ch. 03

 — Ree's situation grows dire. by North20012/14/174.81HOT

Goblin Slave Girl

 — A goblin look for a girl. by omahaboy8810/29/094.09

God and the Devil

 — What it's really like up there. by devle09/18/034.27

God Of The Vampire Race

 — The creator of all vampires speaks at last. by Samuelx04/08/123.74

God of the Vampires

 — Haitian man becomes God of All Vampires. by Samuelx01/08/112.64

Golden Keeper Ch. 01

 — A dark awakening. by Marione11/10/084.45

Golden Keeper Ch. 02

 — Tortured memories. by Marione11/17/084.58HOT

Golden Keeper Ch. 03

 — Getting a feel of things. by Marione11/18/084.55HOT

Golden Keeper Ch. 04

 — Developments. by Marione12/08/084.59HOT

Golden Keeper Ch. 05

 — Accidental lust. by Marione12/11/084.67HOT

Golden Keeper Ch. 06

 — Some answers. More questions. by Marione12/17/084.69HOT

Golden Keeper Ch. 07

 — Phone calls and dial tones. by Marione01/08/094.69HOT

Golden Keeper Ch. 08

 — Arrivals and arousals. by Marione01/30/094.70HOT

Golden Keeper Ch. 09

 — The cliffs. by Marione03/15/094.69HOT

Golden Keeper Ch. 10

 — Visitors and disappearances. by Marione05/14/094.73HOT

Golden Keeper Ch. 11

 — When Light means Darkness. by Marione08/09/094.65HOT

Golden Keeper Ch. 12

 — Epilogue: The voice of an angel. by Marione09/03/094.72HOT

Goldie the Superhero

 — Goldie confronts new strange creatures and adventures. by erossmantic05/14/144.53HOT

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

 — An erotic re-telling of the classic fairytale. by starbelliedboy06/26/104.37

Gone Camping Ch. 01

 — Four hot women, a wrecked truck of toxic waste and it begins. by daddyduckett08/29/103.95

Gone Camping Ch. 02

 — The other two fall victim to the woods. by daddyduckett09/01/104.01

Gone Camping Ch. 03

 — The E.M.A. arrives to the scene. by daddyduckett09/19/104.15

Good Little Monster

 — A bitchy girlfriend gets what she wants. by Zemistone02/09/084.13

Government Testing

 — The government is testing its new "torture" device. by Goldeniangel07/26/054.12

Grand Hunt

 — Halloween party and so much more! by JoeDreamer10/30/074.78HOT

Grandaunt Sarah's Grimoire Ch. 01

 — Lizzie summons an unusual faerie lover. by Faustienne12/30/154.39

Grandaunt Sarah's Grimoire Ch. 02

 — Lizzie is introduced to anal sex and double penetration. by Faustienne01/14/164.49

Grapevine Manor

 — Benjamin finds his true love in a haunted mansion. by PrincessErin11/29/124.50HOT


 — A strange, horny creature walks the night. by Hawaiinshirt08/27/013.69

Gray Lake Wolves Pt. 01

 — Clara turns 18 and meets her future mate. by LittleRed1211/15/144.59HOT

Gray Lake Wolves Pt. 02

 — Clara learns about the new pack & celebrates. by LittleRed1211/18/144.66HOT

Gray Lake Wolves Pt. 03

 — The mating ceremony & the new pack. by LittleRed1211/19/144.64HOT

Gray Lake Wolves Pt. 04

 — The morning after mating and breakfast with the pack. by LittleRed1211/20/144.66HOT

Gray Lake Wolves Pt. 05

 — Feeling emotional & an unexpected friend. by LittleRed1212/20/144.74HOT

Gray Lake Wolves Pt. 06

 — A trip to town and a surprise for Gray. by LittleRed1201/18/154.71HOT

Gray Lake Wolves Pt. 07

 — Life & Death. by LittleRed1202/27/154.68HOT

Gray Lake Wolves Pt. 08

 — The end is near. by LittleRed1208/01/154.67HOT

Gray Lake Wolves Pt. 09

 — The End. by LittleRed1208/05/154.63HOT

Great Divide

 — Woman reporter investigates a Halloween night murder. by meganmurphy09/27/013.90

Greek Nymph For Black Demigod

 — Half-mortal African hero meets Greek Nymph in Toronto. by Samuelx09/28/143.75

Green Eyed Dragon

 — New love with a twist of excitement. by Flutterby68106/30/174.15

Green Eyed Stranger

 — Who is this mystery man that knows her so well? by ~¤MzJones¤~10/26/024.55HOT

Green Fingers

 — Two females experience gardening in a whole new way! by Drewdrops12/17/104.38

Green Ladies From Outer Space

 — George gives a lift to stranded spacegirl. by Ronald Thurman11/20/004.45Editor's Pick

Green Pleasures

 — Not only Humans enjoy the heat. by beverly_luv07/15/034.14

Green Pleasures Ch. 02

 — The green man seeks new toys. by beverly_luv08/15/034.25

Grey Sky Ch. 01

 — Lily wakes up confused and kidnapped. by Sonic_the_fox05/23/114.21

Grey Sky Ch. 02

 — Lily meets the pups. by Sonic_the_fox08/15/114.56HOT


 — Being blind didn't stop her from grabbing love by the tail by entwined_tails05/04/154.60HOT

Groomed as an Orphan: Dark Priestess

 — When I was a child, I got lost in the woods of monstergirls. by EstebanMamono07/28/184.54HOT

Growing Needs Ch. 01

 — A shemale centaur's body starts growing in lots of ways. by sexgundam66601/27/184.67HOT

Growing Needs Ch. 02

 — The growing centaur loses her virginity to a close friend. by sexgundam66601/28/184.76HOT

Growing Needs Ch. 04

 — Experiencing Some More Love. by sexgundam66602/19/184.69HOT

Growing Needs Ch. 05

 — Experiencing Some Normalcy. by sexgundam66603/16/184.60HOT


 — Two maidens are captured by a gryphon. by shaftmastersdarkeyes05/16/043.63

Gryphon against the Grain

 — A huntress is tamed and transformed by gryphon brothers... by AmethystMare11/02/174.50HOT

Guarded Hearts

 — Ghost is found. by whitesabretooth08/19/104.80HOT

Guarded Hearts Ch. 02

 — Ghost... Thias... Haley... and more. by whitesabretooth09/20/104.82HOT

Guarded Hearts Ch. 03

 — The aftermath and Ghost awakes. by whitesabretooth10/17/104.83HOT

Guarded Hearts Ch. 04

 — Ghost claims Katie. by whitesabretooth11/13/104.82HOT

Guarded Hearts Ch. 05

 — Maria tells her story... by whitesabretooth12/14/104.82HOT

Guarded Hearts Ch. 06

 — Sadly... somebody dies... by whitesabretooth01/06/114.84HOT

Guardian Devil

 — We all have Guardian Angels... What if the reverse is true? by fgmntfmgnshn10/16/154.76HOT

Guardian Wolf Ch. 01

 — He is her mate. She just doesn't know it yet. by DespairEternity09/18/10HOT

Guardian Wolf Ch. 02

 — The Rites of Ascension. by DespairEternity09/23/10HOT

Guardian Wolf Ch. 03

 — Their first night together. by DespairEternity10/04/10HOT

Guardian Wolf Ch. 04

 — The conclusion of Amber's story. by DespairEternity11/18/10HOT

Guardian Wolf Ch. 05

 — James and Rachel enjoy a night out. by DespairEternity01/19/11HOT

Guardian Wolf Ch. 06

 — A concert, confrontation, and discovery. by DespairEternity06/26/11HOT

Guardian Wolf Ch. 07

 — Chinese, a Hospital, and Finding True Friends. by DespairEternity07/30/11HOTContest Winner

Guardian Wolf Ch. 08

 — Tattoos and Piercings. by DespairEternity03/02/12HOT

Guardian's Pet Ch. 01

 — She summons a powerful demon. by HellcatKitten03/23/054.39

Guardian's Pet Ch. 02

 — Hell's Guardian claims a new pet. by HellcatKitten07/18/054.25

Gunny's Mate

 — Short story from characters in Stolen Birthright. by partwolf08/15/174.75HOT

Gypsy Designs Ch. 01

 — Gypsy leaves her stalker behind, and starts a new life. by I_Shadow11/10/084.68HOT

Gypsy Designs Ch. 02

 — Cadyn learns Gypsy's story as they get to know each other. by I_Shadow11/12/084.73HOT

Gypsy Designs Ch. 03

 — A night out helps Gypsy relax, enjoy Cadyn's seduction. by I_Shadow11/13/084.70HOT

Gypsy Designs Ch. 04

 — Gypsy learns the truth about Cadyn and his friends. by I_Shadow11/14/084.75HOT

Gypsy Designs Ch. 05

 — Gypsy has to face what's happened to Megan. by I_Shadow11/15/084.71HOT

Gypsy Designs Ch. 06

 — Nightmares and unexpected evil visits Gypsy. by I_Shadow11/16/084.71HOT

Gypsy Designs Ch. 07

 — Gypsy is visited by her grandfather, Barton. by I_Shadow11/21/084.80HOT

Gypsy Designs Ch. 08

 — Lucien arrives and answers many questions. by I_Shadow11/23/084.74HOT

Gypsy Designs Ch. 09

 — Gypsy realizes she still has so much to learn. by I_Shadow12/15/084.75HOT

Gypsy Designs Ch. 10

 — Gypsy faces Barton and Damone, the results are electrical. by I_Shadow02/11/094.72HOT

Gypsy Designs Ch. 11

 — Gypsy finds herself dealing with her own feelings. by I_Shadow03/19/094.64HOT

Gypsy Designs Ch. 12

 — A night out turns into seperate private parties. by I_Shadow03/23/094.76HOT

Gypsy Designs Ch. 13

 — Gypsy makes head way with her issues with the help of Claire. by I_Shadow03/27/094.76HOT

Gypsy Designs Ch. 14

 — Damone begins his subtle attack on Gypsy. by I_Shadow04/17/094.79HOT

Gypsy Designs Ch. 15

 — Chaos comes to a head, while some lose theirs. by I_Shadow06/13/094.77HOT

Gypsy Wolf Ch. 01

 — Being bitten by a rogue wolf changes Elizabeth's life. by chromex08/14/144.71HOT

Gypsy Wolf Ch. 02

 — Elizabeth joins the pack after scratching an itch. by chromex08/21/144.70HOT

Gypsy Wolf Ch. 03

 — The pack runs and a mythic figure makes an appearance. by chromex09/11/144.78HOT

Gypsy Wolf Ch. 04

 — Sisters rejoined and the truth behind their separation. by chromex12/18/144.80HOT

Gypsy Wolf Ch. 05

 — Back to work, Elizabeth doesn't have the day she expected. by chromex02/23/154.74HOT

H. Erectus

 — Meeting between two species of early man. by al_Ussa12/16/103.95

Hades Ch. 01

 — Searching for Persephone. by BeastLover1803/23/114.51HOT

Hades Ch. 02

 — Should Hades leave to Alaska? by BeastLover1803/27/114.51HOT

Hades Ch. 03

 — Was it a dream? by BeastLover1804/06/114.64HOT

Hades Ch. 04

 — Finally...Alaska. by BeastLover1804/12/114.52HOT

Hades Ch. 05

 — Deciding what to do. by BeastLover1804/25/114.58HOT

Hades Ch. 06

 — The Date. by BeastLover1807/03/114.67HOT

Hades Ch. 07

 — Hypnos delivers a message. by BeastLover1809/03/114.74HOT

Hades Ch. 08

 — Unwanted guests... by BeastLover1804/01/124.49

Hades Ch. 09

 — Unwanted Fate... by BeastLover1802/28/134.52HOT

Hafiza Elmi is Possessed

 — African Vampire Queen fights against Demon King. by Samuelx03/01/18

Hafiza Elmi's Resurrection

 — African Vampire Queen is resurrected by her lover. by Samuelx02/27/18

Hafiza Elmi's Vampire File

 — The journey of an African Vampire Queen. by Samuelx02/27/18

Hail, Mary

 — She wasn't always a Virgin, after all. by lyntess06/20/083.45

Hairy Men

 — Photographer longs to be taken by wild, hairy brute. by Sabledrake05/29/044.73HOT

Haitian Gods Ch. 02

 — The life and times of a Haitian god in North America. by Samuelx01/02/113.70

Haitian Vampire King: Uprising!

 — Rise of a Haitian Vampire King in Canada. by Samuelx04/09/131.90

Haitian Vampire's Somali Bride

 — Haitian vampire seduces Somali woman in London. by Samuelx02/15/142.50

Haitian Werewolf Goddess

 — A young Haitian woman discovers her secret powers. by Samuelx12/16/153.59

Haitian Wolf Queen: Uprising!

 — Life and times of a Haitian werewolf queen in America. by Samuelx04/10/132.93

Haitian Zombie in Ontario

 — Life and times of an undead black gentleman. by Samuelx01/29/121.62


 — A "half-breed" vampire is born and sets out to kill vampires. by VampirePenguinX09/24/073.75

Halfbreed Ch. 01

 — A stranger, with a simple enough request by PixieDiva04/12/154.43

Halfbreed Ch. 02

 — Unexpected visit, and a date. by PixieDiva04/23/154.67HOT

Halfbreed Ch. 03

 — Lorena. by PixieDiva05/04/154.75HOT

Hallowed Eve

 — A ghost story of lost love and second chances. by sleeplessgurl10/09/124.64HOT

Halloween Alley

 — Drunken fun in an alley with a bloodsucker. by emap10/29/064.03

Halloween at the Standing Stones

 — She summons lover for Halloween rite. by Standingtree10/15/014.06

Halloween Bill

 — A romantic poem of story proportions. by champagne198210/17/03

Halloween Cums But Once A Year

 — Darkness, brimstone, the night the devils walk... by RevilIusion10/17/012.40

Halloween Fright Night

 — A Halloween party turns hellish for him. by Willing2Do10/06/013.50

Halloween Masquerade

 — Sex with a stranger ends with a terrifying surprise. by TE99910/06/124.42

Halloween Offering

 — A wolf finds her mate. by Standingtree10/26/014.39

Halloween Phantom Lover

 — Phantom wants to give Jerry a treat. by nephewjerry10/16/014.00

Halloween Scarecrow

 — Another Hunt of the Benadanti. by Thistlethorn10/22/144.48

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

 — Something unusual. by barbarian queen 210/17/074.51HOT

Halloween Spirit

 — She spends the night in a haunted house. by adambishop03/02/094.49

Halloween Tryst

 — Two unique souls find love together on October 31st. by BrettJ10/23/134.37

Halloween Weekend

 — She finds him changed. by lickthekitten04/30/114.41

Halloween Weekend Ch. 02

 — Frustration. by lickthekitten05/08/114.56HOT

Halloween Weekend: Sunday

 — "Tell me please." Lynn asked. by lickthekitten05/20/114.53HOT


 — What made this Halloween so special to me? by mokkelke10/02/104.54HOT

Halloween... or Samhain?

 — Love can reach from beyond the grave. by hotturkey10/17/103.77

Halloween: A Night To Remember

 — Witch Lucinda is on earth for one memorable night. by CHEWEY10/02/013.41

Hallows Eve in Casanova's Bed

 — An infamous lover's bed awakens every Halloween. by ThePassionateGoddess10/20/064.61HOT

Handsome Stranger

 — A young women meets a mysterious stranger in an alley. by painflmmries103/03/124.06

Handsome Stranger Ch. 02

 — The story continues with Ashlyn and Marius... by painflmmries103/08/124.07

Handsome Stranger Ch. 03

 — Ashlyn finds out what is going on with that alley. by painflmmries103/16/124.25

Handsome Stranger Ch. 04

 — Ashlyn has a fun night with her best friend. by painflmmries103/30/124.52HOT

Handsome Stranger Ch. 05

 — Ashlyn finds out what her best friend is up to by painflmmries106/22/124.44

Happy Anniversary, My Darling

 — A romantic and erotic bedtime story with a ghostly twist. by Teri_C12/08/024.54HOT

Happy Holidays, Damn It!

 — Girls punish classmate for saying "Merry Christmas". by pinata01/09/124.00

Harbinger Ch. 01

 — A Skyrim story. by Nottsgrrl06/08/124.43

Harbinger Ch. 02

 — Lyara is inducted into the Companions. by Nottsgrrl06/09/124.54HOT

Harbinger Ch. 03

 — Lyara is injured, and the Companions face losses. by Nottsgrrl06/09/124.50HOT

Harbinger Ch. 04

 — Lyara's potential is realised among the Companions. by Nottsgrrl06/11/124.57HOT

Harbinger Ch. 05

 — Truth behind Lyara's ancestory is revealed. by Nottsgrrl06/12/124.60HOT

Harbinger Ch. 06

 — Lyara and Farkas drift further apart. by Nottsgrrl06/12/124.62HOT

Harbinger Ch. 07

 — Lyara speaks to the goddess Mara. by Nottsgrrl06/14/124.64HOT

Harbinger Ch. 08

 — Lyara and Farkas celebrate their nuptuals. by Nottsgrrl06/15/124.71HOT

Harbinger Ch. 09

 — Lyara gets closer to why the dragons have returned. by Nottsgrrl06/16/124.71HOT

Harbinger Ch. 10

 — Vilkas tries to cause a rift between the newly weds. by Nottsgrrl06/19/124.71HOT

Harbinger Ch. 11

 — Lyara buys a new home. by Nottsgrrl06/20/124.65HOT

Harbinger Ch. 12

 — Lyara learns more about being Dragonborn. by Nottsgrrl06/21/124.58HOT

Harbinger Ch. 13

 — Lyara opened her mouth to hail a greeting to the champions... by Nottsgrrl06/22/124.74HOT

Harbinger Ch. 14

 — Lyara captures a dragon. by Nottsgrrl06/23/124.70HOT

Harbinger Ch. 15

 — The battle to kill a god. by Nottsgrrl06/24/124.76HOT

Harbinger Ch. 16

 — The final chapter. by Nottsgrrl06/25/124.83HOT

Hard as an Ouija Board

 — Four girls manage to contact a horny spirit. by lustypenny04/09/184.19

Hardened Criminal

 — Titty fucks can change the heart of a pirate. by SPARTAN04705/25/174.36

Harems can be a Pain

 — Akira is captured and used by a group of jinkos. by SPARTAN04705/03/174.53HOT

Harnessing Fire Ch. 01

 — A Demon Lord purchases a fire-touched human. by heatedreverie05/07/114.49

Harnessing Fire Ch. 02

 — Tania is prepared by Master's orders. by heatedreverie05/12/114.51HOT

Harnessing Fire Ch. 03

 — A morning with Master. by heatedreverie05/18/114.43

Harnessing Fire Ch. 04

 — Galea loses Tania. by heatedreverie06/05/134.36

Harriet and The Wolf

 — Seth loses Harriet, but then she walks into his trap. by denizkizi03/01/084.56HOT

Harriet and The Wolf Ch. 02

 — Harriet tries Seth's patience and gets turned. by denizkizi03/07/084.60HOT

Harvest Moon Ch. 13

 — The fight is not over. by Nottsgrrl05/17/124.74HOT

Harvester of Sorrow

 — Vampire has to seduce and transform evil spirit. by Dar_Jisbo06/03/13

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