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Succubus Ranch Ch. 04

 — A widow finds comfort at the ranch. by mjm20203604/06/074.65HOT

Succubus Ranch Ch. 05

 — A couple re-discover their love for latex at Succubus Ranch. by mjm20203608/30/074.20

Succubus Ranch Ch. 06

 — A woe-begotten father settles for plan B after meeting son. by mjm20203610/16/084.43

Succubus Ranch Ch. 07a

 — An all-girl band's lead singer visits the Ranch. by mjm20203612/08/084.49

Succubus Ranch Ch. 07b

 — The band does a concert, and so much more. by mjm20203604/17/094.66HOT

Succubus Ranch Ch. 08

 — A journalist gets more than he expected at the brothel. by mjm20203608/08/094.37

Succubus Ranch Ch. 09

 — Business exec gets a different type of bonus. by mjm20203611/02/094.72HOT

Succubus Ranch Ch. 10

 — Greg's so-called friends get their comeuppance. by mjm20203609/06/104.52HOT

Succubus Ranch Ch. 11

 — Demon Hunter helps the demons at the Ranch. by mjm20203609/07/104.77HOT

Succubus Reborn Ch. 01

 — Steven unwittingly summons a succubus. by nosliwec08/14/144.57HOT

Succubus Reborn Ch. 02

 — Iliana seduces and converts Mary. by nosliwec08/20/144.64HOT

Succubus Reborn Ch. 03

 — Iliana takes care of Lauren. by nosliwec08/22/144.60HOT

Succubus Reborn Ch. 04

 — Two cheerleaders succumb to Iliana. by nosliwec08/26/144.62HOT

Succubus Reborn Ch. 05

 — Iliana claims two more women. by nosliwec09/01/144.76HOT

Succubus Rising Ch. 00

 — The explanations behind the world of Succubus Rising by RedMonkeyButt07/07/134.56HOT

Succubus Rising Ch. 01

 — He awakens her deepest powers. by Charies8803/19/134.10

Succubus Rising Ch. 01

 — Jezza is auctioned and starts learning the rules. by RedMonkeyButt11/02/134.08

Succubus Rising Ch. 03

 — Jezza's training begins. by RedMonkeyButt04/18/144.56HOT

Succubus Unleashed The Hunter

 — Four riders attempt an escape. by Yshomatsu10/12/144.83HOT


 — She thought he was just her friend's fiancé... by Cherubcrush06/12/023.61

Sudden Rain

 — Caught in the rain, an unexpected visitor, just a dream? by 61336306/23/134.30

Suffering Is So Much Better

 — Secrets in the night... by synthetic.touch04/20/023.50

Summer Lovin'

 — Risky sex in the sunshine... by AmethystMare12/31/175.00

Summer Loving

 — She meet him as a human. by cam3111/24/144.16

Summer Spirit

 — Memories, reconnecting, and setting the spirit free. by LunaEroticaMystica09/09/104.51HOT

Summer's Warmth: A Winter Reunion

 — Leon hasn't forgotten his first. by MayorReynolds12/27/134.74HOT

Summers Eve

 — Vamp and mate join as one by Nocturnal_Nymph07/04/034.24

Summoning a Succubus

 — College student gets in over her head and is punished. by sinfulwritings01/26/184.01

Summoning The God

 — She gets more than she bargained for. by zephrbabe03/03/024.41

Summoning the Incubus

 — A virginal maiden makes a deal with a demon. by Betty_Rage07/15/154.72HOT

Summoning the Incubus Ch. 02

 — A young witch finds her power - but at what cost? by Betty_Rage06/17/164.81HOT

Summoning the Rain Spirit

 — A village in Africa offers the Rain Spirit a woman. by nipplesandlace04/18/074.54HOT

Summoning the Succubi Pt. 01

 — Nathan is a Horny mage to be, and hopes to summon a succubus. by EroticKappa11/12/153.99

Summoning the Succubi Pt. 02

 — Nathan's back again and he's finally got his first succubi. by EroticKappa11/14/154.30

Summoning the Succubi Pt. 03

 — Nathan is quite the celebrity now and he's met a friend. by EroticKappa11/15/154.34

Summoning the Succubi Pt. 04

 — Nathan is getting intimate with Neko for the first time. by EroticKappa11/17/154.30

Summoning the Succubi Pt. 05

 — Nathan has finally gotten his 48 hour long goal of Serafina. by EroticKappa11/18/154.42

Summoning the Succubi Pt. 06

 — Nathan meets General Oddwong, a pimp, and Herathia returns. by EroticKappa11/19/154.53HOT

Summoning the Succubi Pt. 09

 — Nathan learns of the Demon Lords, and Shinji meets Noire. by EroticKappa11/22/154.46

Summoning the Succubi Pt. 10

 — Oddwong strikes, and Shinji impregnates Noire. by EroticKappa11/24/154.41

Summoning the Succubi Pt. 11

 — Nathan is chosen by Satan for the arena! by EroticKappa11/27/154.45

Summoning the Wolf Ch. 01

 — The wolf princess and the human soldier. by ArtForm09/05/154.64HOT

Summons for the Demon

 — Immortal ecstasy and eternal enslavement. by Coxswain05/06/09HOT

Sun and Moon Ch. 01

 — The beginning of a tale. by SilentShadows02/05/154.45

Sun and Moon Ch. 02

 — Powers, the past, and a budding romance. by SilentShadows04/15/154.52HOT

Sun Shone

 — A team tries to kill vampires holed up in a factory. by elllcryes01/25/103.80

Sun, Sea and Succubus

 — A succubus conquered. by Deikin08/28/104.71HOT

Sun, Wine & Penance

 — Couple is punished for offenses against the gods. by succubus08/02/014.49


 — Macho sunbather gets his comeuppance. by C08/28/01

Sunderland Magic Ch. 01

 — Young witch makes magical and emotional discoveries. by classymissm03/04/084.43

Sunderland Magic Ch. 02

 — Will Braden return? by classymissm03/04/084.57HOT

Sunderland Magic Ch. 03

 — What happens when air and fire mix? by classymissm03/06/084.62HOT

Sunderland Magic Ch. 04

 — Most things have consequences. by classymissm03/10/084.67HOT

Sunderland Magic Ch. 06

 — Henchmen spoil everything. by classymissm06/02/084.71HOT


 — Sometimes magic is closer than you think... by Britwitch06/17/064.38


 — A little Twilight for Adults by usemeup1310/28/094.06

Sunshine and Darkness Ch. 01

 — How will her sunshine and his darkness collide? by curiouswifey06/12/074.29

Sunshine and Darkness Ch. 02

 — Passions fulfilled. by curiouswifey07/30/074.51HOT

Super-unnatural Ch. 01

 — She is attacked while she's at the beach. by LukeCoolhand12/14/114.20

Superhuman: This Is Why I'm Hot!

 — Black male superhero fights human bigotry in the future. by Samuelx01/26/092.95

Supernatural Ch. 11

 — Desire crosses the space-time boundary. by TonyDowse09/27/064.58HOT

Supernatural Ch. 13

 — Not all the small folk were actually so small. by TonyDowse09/29/064.50HOT

Supernatural Stories Ch. 01

 — Tales of supernatural and mythical creatures. by crow_girl2111/11/144.16

Supernatural Stories Ch. 02

 — Tales of supernatural and mythical creatures. by crow_girl2111/12/144.29

Superslut Ch. 1

 — Ordinary woman becomes a sex-powered superhero. by 10258201/20/014.19


 — A pregnant woman is in for a shock. by theilluminaughty02/22/143.92


 — A pick up at a bar turns into more than he bargained for. by jasrinrose12/13/064.33


 — Patience is a Virtue. by RonClarkeson02/04/074.46

Suspended in Dusk

 — She surrenders to him. by katanablaze07/28/033.56

Swamp Heat

 — Scorned woman has rebound sex with Gator-Man. by mysticfantasy07/21/173.89

Swampland Succubus

 — A Pentacostal preacher gives in to his lust. by RevNight04/22/053.82

Sweet Demon

 — Tricked into hot wet oral treat from supernatural being. by WetBlackLace10/22/093.96

Sweet Exploration

 — A young man and a humanoid creature take time to explore. by KindOfASexyLady09/20/164.26

Sweet Submissive Ch. 03

 — Two Alpha hybrids unknowingly mate an Omega by silverangel62106/29/144.74HOT

Sweet Submissive Ch. 04

 — Two Alpha hybrids unknowingly mate an Omega. by silverangel62108/05/144.60HOT

Sweetheart Succubus Ch. 01

 — One man's day goes from bad to worse. by FingerFuckinFieri01/26/184.58HOT

Sweetheart Succubus Ch. 02

 — Andrew attempts to reconnect with Melissa. by FingerFuckinFieri02/02/184.73HOT

Sweetheart Succubus Ch. 03

 — Andrew and Melissa's first date. by FingerFuckinFieri02/10/184.78HOT


 — A troll finds love. by Giantmarshmallow02/23/084.32

Swinger's Haven

 — Swingers in the club swap partners... by AmethystMare11/19/175.00

Syban and Dahlia Ch. 01

 — When things don't go quite as planned. by RowanSpirit04/24/104.51HOT

Syban and Dahlia Ch. 02

 — A close encounter for her to think about. by RowanSpirit06/17/104.41

Sylph Esteem

 — Good deeds can sometimes pay sweet dividends. by LesLumens06/19/144.75HOT


 — A succubus unexpectedly encounters a unique ally. by ufpe06/07/074.02

Tablet Master Ch. 01

 — A new Master. by Skellos04/29/164.65HOT

Tablet Master Ch. 02

 — A taste of freedom. by Skellos05/25/164.44

Tablet Master Ch. 03

 — Wording matters. by Skellos06/08/163.87

Taboo, For Two Please

 — Werewolf challenges werewolf. by sicilianpenner07/04/073.63

Tainted Ch. 01

 — Mark's future unfolds in a way he never would of expected. by TheSatyromaniac02/16/154.61HOT

Take Me Away

 — Lost Terran finds receptive alien rescuer. by Dar_Jisbo09/13/174.19

Take Me Away Ch. 01

 — In her loneliness Cecilia calls out for help. by DarkEiraStar08/09/084.45

Take My Breath Away

 — A young man meets a beautiful stranger. by jessy1908/06/034.40

Taken by the Beast

 — Lonely woman gives in to her animalististic urges. by onyxx04/15/024.39

Taken By the Sea Serpent

 — Andromeda finds a new life among tentacle plants. by AlinaX02/07/144.43

Taken by Vampires

 — Couple is taken over by a strange Dominant couple. by rainyseason74709/04/05HOT

Taken Ch. 03

 — Alicia confronts Gabriel. by JAMMANN12/19/104.65HOT

Taken Ch. 04

 — Gabriel claims Alicia. by JAMMANN03/26/114.73HOT

Taken for a Ride

 — Vecchi goes to clean the dragon stables. by DragonCobolt01/31/174.66HOT

Taken to Elsewhere

 — Blake is forced to leave his old life behind. by Wolfblackthorne09/26/163.56

Taking Anna

 — She discovers that he's not human. by stolenbunny257201/31/06

Taking My Darling Maria Ch. 01.5

 — The predator's side of the story. by Tarasueme_1903/10/164.69HOT

Taking the Plunge

 — Halloween is the perfect time to take a plunge. Or is it? by Athena_e1910/05/064.20

Tale of a Wolf

 — Men did not understand werewolves. by maggie200204/10/034.29

Tale Of Kevin Ch. 1

 — A stranger is not what she appears to be. by East_KaioShin11/09/014.12

Tale Of Kevin: Conclusion

 — Claudia returns for Kevin. by East_KaioShin11/13/013.98

Tale of Marishka

 — A Vampire chooses her prey. by CandyKisses197311/12/104.25

Tale of the Incubi

 — How the Incubus was born. by IncarnateIncubus07/20/114.27

Tale of the Lady Dragon

 — Chinese female mutant meets African-American nerd. by Samuelx01/19/173.78

Tales from Smasher's Bar and Grille Ch. 2

 — Cal picks up 4-breasted alien. by Sperman Alexie11/04/004.53HOT

Tales from the Amazon

 — A description of the sexual parasites of the Great River. by DavidJameson12/10/133.91

Tales from the Grave: Wicked Beauty

 — A beauty turns into a Beast. by Queen_Vicki12/23/153.79

Tales of Dark Souls - Laurentius

 — In the great swamp, the pyromancer meets an amphibian girl by Akito0109/10/134.42

Tales of Hukam Ch. 01

 — The beginning. by Akail03/08/143.69

Tales of Hukam Ch. 02

 — Tentacles, immortality, and the pond. by Akail01/20/154.26

Talia Chooses Her Mate Ch. 01

 — A sexy Vampire makes him her lover. by DaddyzLittleSlut09/04/034.33

Talking to the Moon

 — I try to explain my loneliness. by Nonhumancontrol12/12/114.31


 — An alien slave is very confused by humans. by Mab09/26/014.21

Talmin Ch. 2

 — Everyone learns something by Mab10/26/014.61HOT

Talon Ch. 01

 — Tina finds a wolf who he turns her. by Dark_Angel106/03/064.53HOT

Talon Ch. 02

 — Tina is turned and Trevor has some fun of his own. by Dark_Angel108/20/064.56HOT

Talon Ch. 03

 — Tina wakes up. by Dark_Angel110/05/064.64HOT

Talon Ch. 04

 — Tina is surprised when she meets Talon's brother. by Dark_Angel108/15/084.59HOT

Talon Ch. 05

 — Tina talks to Rick and her protective walls. by Dark_Angel108/30/084.60HOT

Talon Ch. 06

 — Final chapter; the rogue is killed, but Tina is injured. by Dark_Angel111/05/084.56HOT

Taming an Immortal Ch. 01

 — Return of the Vampire Lord. by ArtForm04/28/154.63HOT

Taming an Immortal Ch. 02

 — Into the Vampire's Lair. by ArtForm04/29/154.68HOT

Taming an Immortal Ch. 03

 — Lady Rose, the Human Liaison. by ArtForm05/02/154.78HOT

Taming an Immortal Ch. 04

 — Rescue of the Human Children. by ArtForm05/05/154.74HOT

Taming an Immortal Ch. 05

 — Beatrice. by ArtForm05/12/154.78HOT

Taming an Immortal Ch. 06

 — Marcela and the village of harmony. by ArtForm05/15/154.81HOT

Taming an Immortal Ch. 07

 — Courting a Cousin - Zahara. by ArtForm06/06/154.84HOT

Taming an Immortal Ch. 08

 — Journey to the Southern Lands. by ArtForm06/07/154.83HOT

Taming an Immortal Ch. 09

 — Battle for the city of Seurri. by ArtForm06/16/154.80HOT

Taming an Immortal Ch. 10

 — The end of war, but onto another different battle? by ArtForm06/23/154.75HOT

Taming an Immortal Ch. 11

 — The fate of the halfling child. by ArtForm07/02/154.82HOT

Taming an Immortal Ch. 12

 — Wedding in the Western Lands. by ArtForm07/11/154.75HOT

Taming an Immortal Ch. 13

 — Imprinting the halfling child. by ArtForm07/21/154.80HOT

Taming an Immortal Ch. 14

 — Racing against time. by ArtForm08/06/154.86HOT

Taming the Beast Ch. 01

 — She was a proud noble wolf - but she was caught. by vixxenFoxdragon06/15/104.21

Taming the Cat Ch. 01

 — Alexis tangles with Rider. by kitten10107/27/064.75HOT

Taming the Cat Ch. 02

 — Rider pursues Alexia. by kitten10107/29/064.78HOT

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