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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Wanted: One Good Man Ch. 04

 — Jake and Laura mutually satisfied. by Fantasealor01/18/044.60HOT

Wanted: One Good Man Ch. 05

 — Jake gets what's coming to him. by Fantasealor01/25/044.32

Wanted: Personal Trainer

 — Woman places advertisement for personal trainer. by Drippin Wet03/10/073.74

Wanted: Young Man with Red Hair

 — In the 1880s, a he receives a mysterious invitation. by CAP81112/30/084.69HOT


 — Sliding down his body, kissing toward her prize... by Mist07/03/01


 — A woman daydreams about her lover. by tweetybird10/03/014.14


 — A hot cock tease meets her match and is conquered. by peacekeeper2510/13/084.54HOT

Wanting and Needing

 — Two very different words, two very different meanings. by patrick253612/08/093.86

Wanting Her

 — She comes over to have fun. by bantom12/06/074.11

Wanting Him, Wanting Her

 — Matthew slaves away for bitch boss to finally get his reward. by Princess_Star10/18/113.81

Wanting It For Days

 — He follows her to bar where she makes first move. by Viviene Valo05/06/054.12

Wanting More Ch. 01

 — Married couple try role play for a little spice. by sweetthing086404/13/074.70HOT

Wanting You

 — Exploring desired caused by erotic e-mails. by carters_fury05/16/064.33

Wanting You

 — Giving herself to you completely. by tealblaze0106/23/074.50

Wanting, Needing

 — When wants and needs must be fulfilled. by DevilishGrnEyes06/22/073.80


 — She wants to do so many things to you. by Paper_Venus07/07/044.42

Wanton in Wales Ch. 03

 — In days of olde, when sex was bold... by wirepuller07/19/083.92

War Porn

 — A boy, a girl, and a Bomb. Happy ending, though. by pakled02/21/124.52HOT


 — Her constant teasing comes to the fore. by Ukin06/11/024.20

Warm Afternoon

 — Car ride in the hot sun leads to other things. by Lavared08/07/054.08

Warm and Wet Ch. 3

 — They continue to enjoy shower. by db_0112/06/004.17

Warm Apple Pie

 — A vending machine, a warm apple pie and thou. by SunrockSin09/14/084.00

Warm Apple Pie Ch. 02

 — Another apple pie and another ???? by SunrockSin09/23/083.56

Warm Beach Goes Inside

 — Stars from the beach appear under the covers inside. by rob9920202/03/044.27

Warm Cabin

 — She passionately rewards him for saving her life. by FantasyXY12/25/014.32

Warm Days

 — The heat can have a funny effect on you. by rmaitland08/31/054.09

Warm Snowfall

 — Husbands take note: treat your wives well, lest... by Archidictus07/30/113.85

Warm Summer Night

 — An unexpected partner shows up. by goose1020208/22/114.46

Warm Teen Love On A....

 — Teen couple fogs up the windows of her car. by blewbalz6601/07/023.92

Warm Up

 — A friend in need is a friend indeed. by XXtraPrince08/16/054.20


 — Aspiring actress learns new way to play an old game. by Penelope Street12/18/044.69HOT

Warming Up

 — She was freezing when he got that midnight call. by Otzchiim02/28/014.33

Warning Order

 — A soldier searches for intimacy on the eve of battle. by Wilfu110/05/134.63HOT

Warning Product Recall

 — What happens when a broken heart takes over. by LolaScott08/30/034.14

Warren and Tracy

 — Pleasurable acts in the night, morning and early evening. by RedHairedandFriendly04/21/104.32

Warren's Women 01

 — A good friend's erotic adventures. by Paris Waterman04/04/124.26

Warren's Women 02

 — No more married women - Ellen Jacobi, a nurse in need. by Paris Waterman04/08/124.04

Warren's Women 03

 — Abby, a Stripper. by Paris Waterman04/21/124.00

Wartime Memories

 — Subtitled 'How I met your Grandad'. by Otazel05/12/124.48

Was He Guilty? Ch. 01

 — A murder mystery; Jeff meets Darcy and Shauna. by DG Hear07/27/114.43

Was it a dream?

 — She relieves tensions after a bad week but was it real? by Optimystique08/15/074.47

Was it All a Dream?

 — Was it a hot sexual encounter? by Ladywolf197607/28/074.50

Was it All a Dream?

 — They do something they've never done before. by dick_chick_10101/23/114.44

Was It Real

 — She awakens and questions if it were really a dream. by VixenLaFlamme02/21/033.86

Was It You?

 — Quick, close your eyes & think about him... by Flyer_7810/23/023.65

Was That on the Lunch Menu?

 — Online lovers finally meet for lunch. by Quiet Smiles08/18/014.65HOT

Wash Day Cums Again & Again

 — Discovered undies lead to neighborly fun. by Rod Masters01/29/034.25

Wash My Back?

 — Nothing like good ol hot wet shower sex. by themarquise11/15/064.14

Washed Away

 — I take a risk with a river. He plucked me to safety and? by oggbashan07/05/064.49


 — An encounter while doing the laundry. by Firesprite05/14/024.11

Washing in the Locker Room Shower

 — Two lovers getting dirty in the shower. by lilsweetnana09/29/064.17

Washing My Car

 — Heat and a little rain create an intense encounter. by intriguess03/22/013.50

Wasted Bras and Wasted Thongs

 — Throbbing in the Christmas hot tub. by buck_maelstrom01/08/054.57HOT

Wasting Away Wednesday

 — Tyler finally gets with his hot coworker. by Teh_Zapper09/01/074.15


 — Couple enjoys the day. by Beauty_Unaffected03/17/024.45

Watch Jenny Blow

 — Can Jenny resist Mike and stay loyal to her boyfriend? by MrEverything12/30/063.36

Watch Me, Neighbor

 — She has fun in the water. by shanster6904/09/023.90

Watch Over Me

 — He helps her feel the storm. by SweetLissa01/22/084.06

Watch Your Mouth

 — A receptionist must demonstrate her dedication to her boss. by mouthyminxxx12/31/134.37


 — He gives you an intense orgasm without intercourse. by Biker15k02/05/013.39


 — She loves watching while she sucks you. by Native Alien05/14/034.29


 — She loves to watch her man make love to her. by melt01/21/054.31


 — She watches as he makes love to her. by melt99905/10/064.29


 — He asks her to touch herself so he can watch. by lakesailer_mi11/09/094.35


 — An erotic encounter...The first of many. by MrsTAB09/27/103.82

Watching Ch. 02

 — Sexual revenge is the best kind... by MrsTAB10/05/103.47

Watching For The Ferryboat

 — A Japanese student is seduced by her Teacher. by JakeLeBrux02/13/124.48

Watching Her

 — The last in my stories about Katie. by Azuldrgon02/03/093.90

Watching Him Work

 — Lovers stay home and enjoy a rainy day. by ub354809/28/084.50HOT

Watching Kate

 — Spy follows cheating wife. by Jo-Jo09/05/044.34

Watching Leeza

 — Leeza lets him watch her before she rewards him. by Pokerman12/22/014.33

Watching Michelle

 — She came to me in a dream. by justanoldfart10/18/084.50

Watching Over Ch. 03

 — Pat schools Billy in cunnilingus. by VincentC06/30/144.17

Watching Sarah

 — Elegant rhythmic gymnastics routine leads to lust. by Akito0101/25/024.36

Watching the Game

 — Two friends give in to lust while watching basketball. by Hierophantasm02/23/124.27

Watching TV

 — This ain't 'Mr. Roger's Neighborhood'. by Ekserb06/30/023.87

Watching You

 — After a long flight, you gave him a surprise. by Englishman6902/10/04

Watching You, Watching Me

 — Your intimate encounter. by Rock_la07/28/074.00

Watching... Waiting

 — A hook-up in Cardiff leads to the best sex of their lives. by dnchapman01/04/154.33

Water Cooler Legend

 — The boss wants to know if the stories are true. by Sean Renaud06/10/144.14

Water Glory

 — Summer fun by the lake. by glory_first11/01/05

Water Hike

 — A sexy outdoor adventure. by karsarah08/22/013.87

Water Park Surprise

 — What fun can be had at a water park? Ohhhhhhh. by m_storyman_x12/01/114.66HOT

Water Play On A Summer Day

 — Surprise visit makes for a cool summer day. by beatcha2it04/01/024.10

Water Works

 — He can't resist her sleeping body as she floats. by krick06/29/013.75


 — Long hike. Hot day. He finds her skinny dipping. by emma57905/26/104.44

Waterfall Adventure

 — Couple cool off under a refreshing waterfall. by Rocket101010/06/024.65HOT

Waterfall Erotica

 — Couple relishes their chemistry underneath a waterfall. by LustQueen10/26/014.00

Waterfall Playground

 — A couple play in a mountain waterfall and pool. by Whirling Dervish09/12/02


 — Sex under a waterfall. by SweetLissa01/14/084.00


 — Photography trip turns into an erotic adventure. by randy_writer08/12/124.62HOT

Waterford Manor

 — Irish Lady, her maid and the woodsman. by judken01/08/123.93

Waterfront Delight

 — An encounter by the water. by Fionavar12/15/083.50

Wavering on Threshold

 — A lonely geekette found what she needed most in the new city. by TomboyWitch05/20/103.92


 — Summer holiday fun by the sea. by love24x11/11/093.74


 — She rediscovers self esteem and sexuality on vacation. by swordstone08/27/094.42

Wax On, Whacks Off

 — A loving couple reignites their lust in Paris. by Jay Richards08/21/134.40


 — Couple goes in to get her waxed and end up with more. by pat97008/05/144.19

Way To Get A Woman Off

 — It's the man's turn. by Dana Gallagher06/28/034.21

Way Too Easy

 — She drops to her knees and coaxes you to come. by Jenna Grey10/07/044.62HOT

Ways To Get A Guy Off...

 — ...his computer. by Dana Gallagher06/21/034.03

We All Need A Little Restraint

 — Gentle bondage and pleasuring the lady. by Patsplaything09/24/114.25

We Always Seem To Be Spooning

 — Narrative from a woman about a closely-held fantasy. by azraeyl04/17/074.61HOT

We Are So Fired

 — Lust takes over in the office supply room. by zhai04/19/114.03

We Built A Sex Room

 — Boyfriend and girlfriend build a sex room. by Desert_Sands04/14/104.25

We Can't Do This

 — Coworkers finally give in to their desire for each other. by skinnychic12/28/113.78

We Crossed a Line

 — I'm sure my teacher hated me. I was so wrong. by alexander20038606/28/144.26

We Decide to go to the Movies

 — The lights dim and we're holding hands and kissing. by babygirl7112/08/094.31

We Deflower Each Other

 — You savor the ultimate passion. by Robert4210/23/054.22

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