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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

Assumptions (3.64)The path where bad assumption leads. Loving Wives 01/30/16
Billionaire and the Sisters: 43 Part Series
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 01 (4.69)Happy fallout from meeting at a party.  Hot Group Sex 10/20/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 02 (4.64)Discovery and unexpected aftermath.  Hot Group Sex 10/21/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 03 (4.69)Groveling Leads to Sister's Involvement.  Hot Group Sex 10/22/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 04 (4.74)Redemption and Girlfriend's Sister Sex.  Hot Group Sex 10/25/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 05 (4.68)Friends discover our boyfriend is rich.  Hot Group Sex 10/28/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 06 (4.68)Ostentatious Dinner and Some Sexy Ideas.  Hot Group Sex 10/30/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 07 (4.67)Extravagant Gifts and St. Croix Trip.  Hot Group Sex 11/01/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 08 (4.60)A Test Case and a New Friend.  Hot Group Sex 11/03/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 09 (4.74)Playing on St. Croix Then Moving In Together.  Hot Group Sex 11/05/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 10 (4.66)30th Floor Barbecue and Sex Party. Synopsis to date.  Hot Group Sex 11/09/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 11 (4.67)After the Sex Party and a Kidnap Attempt.  Hot Group Sex 11/12/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 12 (4.71)Kidnap Explained. Trio Expands. Self-Defense.  Hot Group Sex 11/15/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 13 (4.67)New Office Dress Code and a New Sister.  Hot Group Sex 11/17/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 14 (4.71)A Sister Dates and a Small Group Plays.  Hot Group Sex 11/18/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 15 (4.72)Best Friends Become Lovers.  Hot Group Sex 11/21/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 16 (4.69)Four on One.  Hot Group Sex 11/22/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 17 (4.58)Four Sisters Go On The Prowl.  Hot Group Sex 11/23/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 18 (4.61)Mark, a Danish Lover, The Experience.  Hot Group Sex 11/26/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 19 (4.66)Mark Gives The Experience. Others Try New Skills.  Hot Group Sex 11/28/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 20 (4.55)Arriving Home to Find Group Sex Underway.  Hot Group Sex 11/29/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 21 (4.64)A Swing Party Guest Likes The Group.  Hot Group Sex 12/03/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 22 (4.61)Discovering KC's Talent. A High Stakes Vacation.  Hot Group Sex 12/04/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 23 (4.70)KC's Art. Shopping with Big Money.  Hot Group Sex 12/06/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 24 (4.69)Vacation in Mexico. The Experience Again.  Hot Group Sex 12/07/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 25 (4.71)Meeting the Danish Mistress. Martial Arts Practice.  Hot Group Sex 12/13/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 26 (4.69)Mexico, Sex Toys, and Boating.  Hot Group Sex 12/14/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 27 (4.68)Sailing Sex and Seductions.  Hot Group Sex 12/16/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 28 (4.62)More Love Rings. A Completed Seduction.  Hot Group Sex 12/18/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 29 (4.64)Morning After, Urban Survival, Matchmaking.  Hot Group Sex 12/20/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 30 (4.68)Synopsis to Date. Loving a Bodyguard. Security Drills.  Hot Group Sex 12/22/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 31 (4.53)Mile High Club. Prepping for Vegas Trip.  Hot Group Sex 12/24/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 32 (4.58)Breaking Out in Vegas.  Hot Group Sex 12/30/16
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 33 (4.49)Girl Power in The Boardroom and Bedroom. Group Sex 01/03/17
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 34 (4.41)A Pipe Bomb and Pam's Shock in Vegas. Group Sex 01/04/17
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 35 (4.58)A Hoax. Pam and Elsa Strip in Vegas.  Hot Group Sex 01/05/17
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 36 (4.57)Hoax Aftermath. A New Pam in Vegas  Hot Group Sex 01/08/17
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 37 (4.54)Office Sex. Security Training. Sexy Massage.  Hot Group Sex 01/10/17
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 38 (4.57)Two More Incidents. Pam Gears Up. A Drone.  Hot Group Sex 01/11/17
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 39 (4.56)Stalker Strikes Again. Pam Has The Experience.  Hot Group Sex 01/14/17
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 40 (4.49)Synopsis to Date. Mark & KC in Europe. Revelations at Work  New Group Sex 01/16/17
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 41 (4.58)Loving Pam. Doing Greg and Kim.  New  Hot Group Sex 01/18/17
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 42 (4.57)A New House? An Acid Attack.  New  Hot Group Sex 01/19/17
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 43 (4.52)Attack Aftermath. Party Prep.  New  Hot Group Sex 01/21/17
Condominium: 12 Part Series
Condominium Ch. 01 (4.59)Residents in an urban condo find free-thinking neighbors.  Hot Group Sex 05/04/16
Condominium Ch. 02 (4.77)Some new neighbors join the circle of intimate friends.  Hot Group Sex 05/05/16
Condominium Ch. 03 (4.68)Getting others in the condo to join in.  Hot Group Sex 05/07/16
Condominium Ch. 04 (4.75)Two groups merge. The Experience reaches more women.  Hot Group Sex 05/07/16
Condominium Ch. 05 (4.75)More neighbors join in the group parties. Pregnant sex too.  Hot Group Sex 05/10/16
Condominium Ch. 06 (4.63)Doing my consulting client. Wife picks up two.  Hot Group Sex 05/11/16
Condominium Ch. 07 (4.75)Wronged wife starts to swing. Marcie's sister.  Hot Group Sex 05/14/16
Condominium Ch. 08 (4.77)Second bar pickup and his wife join in at sex party.  Hot Group Sex 05/18/16
Condominium Ch. 09 (4.75)She wants to do everything with everybody.  Hot Group Sex 05/19/16
Condominium Ch. 10 (4.74)Rules result in new members in sex party club.  Hot Group Sex 05/20/16
Condominium Ch. 11 (4.52)New members come in various ways. A love interest.  Hot Group Sex 05/21/16
Condominium Ch. 12 (4.69)My hot neighbor shows up to play. Sex party. 100%.  Hot Group Sex 05/25/16
Father-Son Date Mother-Daughter: 2 Part Series
Father-Son Date Mother-Daughter Pt. 01 (4.76)Surprising cross relationships develop.  Hot Group Sex 02/05/16
Father-Son Date Mother-Daughter Pt. 02 (4.80)Surprising cross relationships develop.  Hot Group Sex 02/08/16
Paradigm Shift: 9 Part Series
Paradigm Shift Ch. 01 (4.43)Man's fiancée revs up someone else. Group Sex 05/03/16
Paradigm Shift Ch. 02 (4.58)Was KC cheating or something else?  Hot Group Sex 05/05/16
Paradigm Shift Ch. 03 (4.75)Sex with colleague. GF tells me sex stories about her past.  Hot Group Sex 05/10/16
Paradigm Shift Ch. 04 (4.55)SIL nails Matt. KC is bisexual with sister. Seeking input.  Hot Group Sex 05/12/16
Paradigm Shift Ch. 05 (4.68)Sex with neighbors and SIL, but worries continue.  Hot Group Sex 05/13/16
Paradigm Shift Ch. 06 (4.78)Up the ante. Watch GF give BJ. Loved by girl at work.  Hot Group Sex 05/18/16
Paradigm Shift Ch. 07 (4.74)More advice. Preparing for the big party and the decision.  Hot Group Sex 05/19/16
Paradigm Shift Ch. 08 (4.69)The sex party starts where the decision about KC will occur.  Hot Group Sex 05/20/16
Paradigm Shift Ch. 09 (4.74)Wild at sex party. Completed shift. Happy decision announced.  Hot Group Sex 05/21/16
Princess: 6 Part Series
Princess Ch. 01 (4.74)Royal princess disappears, takes up new life, finds love.  Hot Romance 06/24/15
Princess Ch. 03 (4.76)The Princess makes new friends, gets discovered, on TV.  Hot Group Sex 06/26/15
Princess Ch. 04 (4.78)Group play, being in public, future sister-in-law.  Hot Group Sex 06/27/15
Princess Ch. 05 (4.76)Loving Emma, meeting royal in-laws, new house, wedding.  Hot Group Sex 06/29/15
Princess Ch. 06 (4.73)Mile High Club, SIL, honeymoon orgy, kidnapped, super-hero, sex.  Hot Group Sex 06/30/15
Princess Ch. 07 (4.78)Swinging, success on TV, chase scene, pregnant, happy ending.  Hot Group Sex 07/10/15
Sensations Escort Services: 8 Part Series
Sensations Escort Services Ch. 01 (4.49)Three co-eds start a new life-changing business. Group Sex 08/16/14
Sensations Escort Services Ch. 02 (4.57)Three college girls start a new life-changing business  Hot Group Sex 08/19/14
Sensations Escort Services Ch. 03 (4.60)Three college girls start a new life-changing business.  Hot Group Sex 08/21/14
Sensations Escort Services Ch. 04 (4.64)Three college girls start a new life-changing business.  Hot Group Sex 08/24/14
Sensations Escort Services Ch. 05 (4.78)Amber and Kat get romanced, swapped, fall in love.  Hot Group Sex 08/26/14
Sensations Escort Services Ch. 06 (4.71)Amber tells Mike about her clients and enjoys his parents.  Hot Group Sex 08/28/14
Sensations Escort Services Ch. 07 (4.71)Amber meets Margo; 3-some sex; F-F time.  Hot Group Sex 08/30/14
Sensations Escort Services Ch. 08 (4.66)Mile High Club times two; love triumphs; conclusion.  Hot Group Sex 09/02/14
Sheila's Adventures in Adult Videos: 5 Part Series
Sheila's Adventures in Adult Videos (4.70)How Sheila got started.  Hot Group Sex 10/07/14
Sheila's Adventures in Adult Videos Ch. 02 (4.65)Sheila stars at an orgy photo shoot. Em's romance with Wes.  Hot Group Sex 10/11/14
Sheila's Adventures in Adult Videos Ch. 03 (4.76)Sheila stars in an orgy video. Em's romance with Wes.  Hot Group Sex 10/14/14
Sheila's Adventures in Adult Videos Ch. 04 (4.76)Sheila stars in more porn movies.  Hot Group Sex 10/18/14
Sheila's Adventures in Adult Videos Ch. 05 (4.82)Sheila stars in barracks orgy. Party of all parties.  Hot Group Sex 10/22/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers: 34 Part Series
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers (4.66)Discovering they're sisters; a shock that turns out well.  Hot Group Sex 05/28/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 02 (4.70)Threesome flourishes and Ally wants to join too  Hot Group Sex 05/29/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 03 (4.65)Ally joins the circle; attending a Tantric sex workshop.  Hot Group Sex 05/31/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 04 (4.68)Sex plus flirting with new friends and the girls' parents  Hot Group Sex 06/03/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 05 (4.71)Sexy new friends join Steve and the sisters' circle.  Hot Group Sex 06/04/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 06 (4.74)How the girls' parents started swinging; family fun.  Hot Group Sex 06/07/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 07 (4.70)Date nights. Surprise delivery irks Ally.  Hot Group Sex 06/09/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 08 (4.76)Swingers' party, Fun with Aidan and girls' parents, A-spots.  Hot Group Sex 06/13/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 09 (4.75)Business travel leads to new sex partners.  Hot Group Sex 06/18/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 10 (4.79)Making love to sisters. Jane flashes on a trip.  Hot Group Sex 06/19/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 11 (4.78)Exhibitionism, Jane meets sisters, lots of enjoyment.  Hot Group Sex 06/24/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 12 (4.78)Jane's gangbang and remorse; she involves Pam in 3some.  Hot Group Sex 06/26/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 13 (4.60)Loving Pam. Joel joins in and Fran succumbs.  Hot Group Sex 06/28/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 14 (4.75)Sex games with Pam. Engagement. Joel starts a drama  Hot Group Sex 06/30/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 15 (4.76)Violation stopped. Jane adjusts. René enters as a fantasy.  Hot Group Sex 07/02/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 16 (4.77)Playing with sexy René, Marge's offer, and new sex slaves  Hot Group Sex 07/03/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 17 (4.77)Marge's sex life. Jane takes Denver. Brenda & Mika join.  Hot Group Sex 07/05/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 18 (4.77)Porn video making/sharing, the reorg, making love to Marge  Hot Group Sex 07/07/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 19 (4.70)Brother & sister-in-law change their lives with sex with us.  Hot Group Sex 07/09/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 20 (4.77)René plans to move in with sisters; surprise by swingers.  Hot Group Sex 07/11/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 21 (4.74)How swingers discovered; wedding plans; another party  Hot Group Sex 07/14/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 22 (4.74)Two swing parties, Ivy wants into group, Sheila's in LA.  Hot Group Sex 07/16/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 23 (4.79)Sheila becomes a porn star. Ivy's visit. Jane comes east.  Hot Group Sex 07/19/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 24 (4.69)Showing Sheila's porn at swing party; sexy additions  Hot Group Sex 07/21/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 25 (4.79)The girls play a mild dom-sub game with Steve.  Hot Group Sex 07/24/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 26 (4.82)Office sex; SIL and niece sex; Steve's parents disapprove.  Hot Incest/Taboo 07/27/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 27 (4.77)How to invite two straight friends to a wedding orgy  Hot Group Sex 07/30/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 28 (4.79)The Seduction of Loren.  Hot Group Sex 07/31/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 29 (4.74)Loren joins the circle plus goes to first sex party.  Hot Group Sex 08/02/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 30 (4.78)Thanksgiving sex party, guests, snowstorm, Ned joins circle  Hot Group Sex 08/05/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 31 (4.76)Snow sex, Jane moves in, wedding plans, mile high club.  Hot Group Sex 08/08/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 32 (4.78)Pre-wedding sex games & massages, plus the ceremony  Hot Group Sex 08/10/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 33 (4.74)Wedding week orgy.  Hot Group Sex 08/12/14
Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 34 (4.79)A new home for the group and a happy ending.  Hot Group Sex 08/14/14
The Circle: 52 Part Series
The Circle Ch. 01 (4.65)Why limit yourself to just one girlfriend?  Hot Group Sex 11/22/15
The Circle Ch. 02 (4.60)First date with the ice princesses - start of the thaw.  Hot Group Sex 11/24/15
The Circle Ch. 03 (4.69)Escalation to second base and keeping Alice satisfied  Hot Group Sex 11/25/15
The Circle Ch. 04 (4.81)Initial group encounter a start on something bigger.  Hot Group Sex 11/26/15
The Circle Ch. 05 (4.82)Oral and group sex with the ice princesses.  Hot Group Sex 11/27/15
The Circle Ch. 06 (4.77)Love realized. Secrets and the approach revealed. Alice.  Hot Group Sex 11/28/15
The Circle Ch. 07 (4.78)Unexpected interruption, a little incest, health check.  Hot Group Sex 11/30/15
The Circle Ch. 08 (4.72)Circle grows. Incest times two.  Hot Group Sex 12/01/15
The Circle Ch. 09 (4.74)A place for The Circle to live and more sex.  Hot Group Sex 12/02/15
The Circle Ch. 10 (4.78)Living in the house. Parents join The Circle.  Hot Group Sex 12/03/15
The Circle Ch. 11 (4.77)Converting & indoctrinating Kyle into The Circle.  Hot Group Sex 12/05/15
The Circle Ch. 12 (4.74)Heroes, sex, and fallout.  Hot Group Sex 12/06/15
The Circle Ch. 13 (4.76)Apologies, wishes, and babies.  Hot Group Sex 12/07/15
The Circle Ch. 14 (4.76)Graduation party, paternity, and more (part 1).  Hot Group Sex 12/09/15
The Circle Ch. 15 (4.80)Graduation party gets sexy - new friends are 'made'.  Hot Group Sex 12/10/15
The Circle Ch. 16 (4.78)Party aftermath. Expansion of Circle. The Experience expands.  Hot Group Sex 12/11/15
The Circle Ch. 17 (4.76)Tracy's job. Marlene comes to stay and play.  Hot Group Sex 12/12/15
The Circle Ch. 18 (4.79)Marlene's secret profession. Public sex.  Hot Group Sex 12/15/15
The Circle Ch. 19 (4.72)Realized fantasy and making porn.  Hot Group Sex 12/16/15
The Circle Ch. 20 (4.71)Selling the video, and Tina.  Hot Group Sex 12/18/15
The Circle Ch. 21 (4.76)Love and healing without sex ... almost.  Hot Group Sex 12/19/15
The Circle Ch. 22 (4.72)A mom joins The Circle's lifestyle.  Hot Group Sex 12/20/15
The Circle Ch. 23 (4.69)Am I a slut? Lynn stars in a video.  Hot Group Sex 12/21/15
The Circle Ch. 24 (4.59)A special incentive program for the work crew.  Hot Group Sex 12/22/15
The Circle Ch. 25 (4.69)More incentives to motivate the work crew.  Hot Group Sex 12/27/15
The Circle Ch. 26 (4.61)Invitation to join; helping another 'circle'.  Hot Group Sex 12/28/15
The Circle Ch. 27 (4.73)Helping another group leads to swinging.  Hot Group Sex 12/29/15
The Circle Ch. 28 (4.64)Sex fest at The Circle's home.  Hot Group Sex 12/30/15
The Circle Ch. 29 (4.77)A pregnant pause and a supermodel who loves sex.  Hot Group Sex 12/31/15
The Circle Ch. 30 (4.67)Supermodel joins The Circle; brings assistant.  Hot Group Sex 01/02/16
The Circle Ch. 31 (4.73)Renee's assistant. Beach date. Slow seduction.  Hot Group Sex 01/03/16
The Circle Ch. 32 (4.69)Renee's photo shoot. Help for Ellen.  Hot Group Sex 01/05/16
The Circle Ch. 33 (4.77)Renee does Playboy. Ellen does more.  Hot Group Sex 01/06/16
The Circle Ch. 34 (4.74)Return of the runaway lover: Steph.  Hot Group Sex 01/08/16
The Circle Ch. 35 (4.62)Tammy the nanny.  Hot Group Sex 01/10/16
The Circle Ch. 36 (4.72)Sex in a limo. Tammy observes sexy behavior.  Hot Group Sex 01/11/16
The Circle Ch. 37 (4.74)Tammy the voyeur. More photos by Matt.  Hot Group Sex 01/13/16
The Circle Ch. 38 (4.71)Chapter 38.  Hot Group Sex 01/14/16
The Circle Ch. 39 (4.65)Tracy in a plane crash.  Hot Group Sex 01/15/16
The Circle Ch. 40 (4.75)Crash aftermath. Jim's interview and philosophy.  Hot Group Sex 01/16/16
The Circle Ch. 41 (4.78)Jess & Matt make love. Tammy's breakthrough.  Hot Group Sex 01/18/16
The Circle Ch. 42 (4.80)Reality TV show starts. Circle at play.  Hot Group Sex 01/19/16
The Circle Ch. 43 (4.71)A hot female fan wants to join the group.  Hot Group Sex 01/20/16
The Circle Ch. 44 (4.78)Stacy's visits turn sexy.  Hot Group Sex 01/22/16
The Circle Ch. 45 (4.68)The ED commercial. Fall TV season.  Hot Group Sex 01/23/16
The Circle Ch. 46 (4.61)Mugging: Martial arts pays off.  Hot Group Sex 01/24/16
The Circle Ch. 47 (4.67)Investigative reporting.  Hot Group Sex 01/27/16
The Circle Ch. 48 (4.77)Aftermath of the news special. Photo session with Matt.  Hot Group Sex 01/28/16
The Circle Ch. 49 (4.71)Sex after photoshoot. Surprise letter deals a shock to Brad.  Hot Group Sex 01/29/16
The Circle Ch. 50 (4.78)Nancy gets a family and gets loved.  Hot Group Sex 01/30/16
The Circle Ch. 51 (4.73)Nancy comes, teen questions, Willow leaves.  Hot Group Sex 01/31/16
The Circle Ch. 52 (4.79)At the end of the following year.  Hot Group Sex 02/02/16
Triad: 8 Part Series
Triad Ch. 01 (4.65)The set up for a long-term adult threesome.  Hot Group Sex 02/23/16
Triad Ch. 02 (4.82)An FFM triad is born out of love.  Hot Group Sex 02/24/16
Triad Ch. 03 (4.79)Solidifying our FFM threesome.  Hot Group Sex 02/25/16
Triad Ch. 04 (4.58)Hurdles, sex games, and an affair.  Hot Group Sex 02/27/16
Triad Ch. 05 (4.54)Apology, forgiveness, renegotiation, a new normal.  Hot Group Sex 03/01/16
Triad Ch. 06 (4.66)Becoming a 'toy boy' for four women.  Hot Group Sex 03/02/16
Triad Ch. 07 (4.66)Success, fuck buddies, and swinging.  Hot Group Sex 03/08/16
Triad Ch. 08 (4.76)Reverse personality changes. Save the FFM. End?  Hot Group Sex 03/09/16
Turnaround Marriage: 7 Part Series
Turnaround Marriage Ch. 01 (x.xx)Sheri tells how sex with her brother-in-law changed things. Loving Wives 10/28/14
Turnaround Marriage Ch. 02 (x.xx)Tantric sex workshop, sweet incest. Loving Wives 10/31/14
Turnaround Marriage Ch. 03 (x.xx)An incestuous surprise for Ace; more incest and swinging. Loving Wives 11/06/14
Turnaround Marriage Ch. 04 (x.xx)Wedding plus orgy, and then swinging with friends. Loving Wives 11/08/14
Turnaround Marriage Ch. 05 (x.xx)Sex with daughter's boyfriends then a great fraternity party. Loving Wives 11/11/14
Turnaround Marriage Ch. 06 (x.xx)Doug & Sheri tease Laura, and then her husband. Loving Wives 11/15/14
Turnaround Marriage Ch. 07 (4.73)Seducing Laura's husband. Another frat party. End for now.  Hot Loving Wives 11/18/14
Two Open Marriages (4.26)Two couples forge an unusual relationship. Loving Wives 11/18/14
Weekly Sessions (4.30)Helping a couple move into a new lifestyle. Loving Wives 04/29/15
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