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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

April's Story: 40 Part Series
April's Story Ch. 01 (4.06)A college freshman loses her virginity. Loving Wives 07/19/08
April's Story Ch. 02 (4.34)April meets two new friends. Loving Wives 07/20/08
April's Story Ch. 03 (4.39)April and Ponce get to know each other. Loving Wives 07/23/08
April's Story Ch. 04 (4.33)Jamal has a proposition for April. Loving Wives 07/24/08
April's Story Ch. 05 (4.36)April & Ponce start to explore their kinky fantasies. Loving Wives 07/26/08
April's Story Ch. 06 (4.38)April & Ponce tell Danny about their kinky game. Loving Wives 07/28/08
April's Story Ch. 07 (4.34)April & Ponce play while Danny's out with Mandy. Loving Wives 07/31/08
April's Story Ch. 08 (4.28)Everyone gets ready to go to the Tomb. Loving Wives 08/01/08
April's Story Ch. 09 (4.33)The night at the Tomb. Loving Wives 08/02/08
April's Story Ch. 10 (4.37)April fucks the cable guy. Loving Wives 08/07/08
April's Story Ch. 11 (4.39)The boys tell April that Big Julius is a virgin. Loving Wives 08/08/08
April's Story Ch. 12 (4.33)April & Ponce meet a very exotic middle-aged woman. Loving Wives 08/10/08
April's Story Ch. 13 (4.33)April has her date with Adam. Loving Wives 08/14/08
April's Story Ch. 14 (4.33)April goes out with Jake and Tony. Loving Wives 08/15/08
April's Story Ch. 15 (4.34)Jamal fucks April during a football party. Loving Wives 08/16/08
April's Story Ch. 16 (4.35)April gets tragic news. Loving Wives 08/22/08
April's Story Ch. 17 (4.33)Danny, Ponce and April get jobs at an unusual restaurant. Loving Wives 08/23/08
April's Story Ch. 18 (4.29)April & Danny are invited to dinner at Helen's house. Loving Wives 08/24/08
April's Story Ch. 19 (4.42)Dinner at Helen's. BDSM 08/25/08
April's Story Ch. 20 (4.35)April, Ponce and Danny start work at the Goldenrod. Loving Wives 08/28/08
April's Story Ch. 21 (4.32)Big Reggie Diamond comes into the Goldenrod. Loving Wives 08/29/08
April's Story Ch. 22 (4.43)April and Traci put on a sex show for Ponce and Danny. BDSM 08/30/08
April's Story Ch. 23 (4.32)Helen has a party before April's debut at the Black Knight. Loving Wives 09/02/08
April's Story Ch. 24 (4.44)April makes her debut on the stage at the Black Knight. BDSM 09/03/08
April's Story Ch. 25 (4.34)April's first evening at the Black Knight continues. Loving Wives 09/04/08
April's Story Ch. 26 (4.41)Once April is done dancing everyone goes back to Helen's. BDSM 09/06/08
April's Story Ch. 27 (4.28)A Sunday football party turns into an orgy. Loving Wives 09/10/08
April's Story Ch. 28 (4.11)The police wake April. Loving Wives 09/12/08
April's Story Ch. 29 (4.31)A shy student offers to help April with her calculus. Loving Wives 09/12/08
April's Story Ch. 30 (4.34)April and Mark explore their relationship. Loving Wives 09/14/08
April's Story Ch. 31 (4.31)April and Mark prepare for dinner at Helen's. Loving Wives 09/15/08
April's Story Ch. 32 (4.20)Mark goes through his initiation. BDSM 09/16/08
April's Story Ch. 33 (4.30)After they're married April decides to cuckold Mark Loving Wives 09/18/08
April's Story Ch. 34 (4.31)April has her first affair as a hot wife. Loving Wives 09/20/08
April's Story Ch. 35 (4.31)April learns that affairs can be filled with complications. Loving Wives 09/19/08
April's Story Ch. 36 (4.32)April gets ready for her first trip to Baxter's. Loving Wives 09/21/08
April's Story Ch. 37 (4.35)April's first evening at Baxter's. Loving Wives 09/23/08
April's Story Ch. 38 (4.32)After her evening at Baxter's, April toys with her husband. BDSM 09/24/08
April's Story Ch. 39 (4.40)April has another date with Mitch. BDSM 09/26/08
April's Story Ch. 40 (3.97)April returns to Baxter's and meets new friends. Loving Wives 09/27/08
Awakenings: 31 Part Series
Awakenings Ch. 01 (4.18)The Beginning Loving Wives 04/10/14
Awakenings Ch. 02 (4.23)Tricia, Jodie and Jennifer Rawlins. Loving Wives 04/17/14
Awakenings Ch. 03 (4.06)A fateful Saturday. Loving Wives 04/24/14
Awakenings Ch. 04 (3.74)On the road. Loving Wives 05/01/14
Awakenings Ch. 05 (4.10)Discussion, dissonance and then delight. Loving Wives 05/07/14
Awakenings Ch. 06 (4.22)San Francisco. Loving Wives 05/16/14
Awakenings Ch. 07 (4.29)The weekend continues. Loving Wives 05/22/14
Awakenings Ch. 08 (4.42)Chantel and Simone. Loving Wives 05/29/14
Awakenings Ch. 09 (4.25)Amy and Mel become Michael's mentors. Loving Wives 06/05/14
Awakenings Ch. 10 (4.27)An email from Ruth. Loving Wives 06/13/14
Awakenings Ch. 11 (4.29)A plan for Ruth and David and a conversation with Jeanne. Loving Wives 06/20/14
Awakenings Ch. 12 (4.17)Jeanne calls and tells them about the trip to Bradys. Loving Wives 06/27/14
Awakenings Ch. 13 (x.xx)An email from Ruth about her trip to Brady's with David Loving Wives 07/29/14
Awakenings Ch. 14 (x.xx)Jeanne is concerned about Tricia and Paul. Loving Wives 08/01/14
Awakenings Ch. 15 (x.xx)Jeanne calls to tell Michael, Mel and Amy about her date. Loving Wives 10/30/14
Awakenings Ch. 16 (x.xx)Jeanne tells Michael, Mel and Amy more about her date. Loving Wives 11/04/14
Awakenings Ch. 17 (x.xx)Ruth and David's second trip to Brady's. Loving Wives 11/06/14
Awakenings Ch. 18 (x.xx)Jeanne's new friend. Loving Wives 11/08/14
Awakenings Ch. 19 (x.xx)A little kinky sex, Tricia and Paul and Jeanne's next date. Loving Wives 11/19/14
Awakenings Ch. 20 (x.xx)Cuckold boot camp continues. Loving Wives 11/23/14
Awakenings Ch. 21 (x.xx)The night at the Goldenrod Supper Club. Loving Wives 11/25/14
Awakenings Ch. 22 (x.xx)Trouble with Trent, a tearful goodbye and new friends. Loving Wives 12/01/14
Awakenings Ch. 23 (x.xx)Christmas in San Antonio. Loving Wives 12/03/14
Awakenings Ch. 24 (x.xx)New Year's Eve in San Antonio. Loving Wives 12/18/14
Awakenings Ch. 25 (x.xx)A tempestuous conclusion to New Years Eve. Loving Wives 12/22/14
Awakenings Ch. 26 (4.57)Jeanne and Michael both find new friends.  Hot Loving Wives 05/26/15
Awakenings Ch. 27 (4.43)Michael tells Jeanne about Maureen. Loving Wives 05/28/15
Awakenings Ch. 28 (4.42)Ruth meets Matt and Jeanne's wild evening. Loving Wives 06/06/15
Awakenings Ch. 29 (4.31)Michael and Maureen read an email from Ruth. Loving Wives 11/13/15
Awakenings Ch. 30 (4.39)The Polynesian Lounge. Loving Wives 11/16/15
Awakenings Ch. 31 (4.25)Ginger and Scotty describe their relationship. Loving Wives 07/17/16
Brenda and Bobby: 12 Part Series
Brenda and Bobby (4.29)An adventurous wife learns she is free to have affairs. Loving Wives 08/02/07
Brenda and Bobby Ch. 02 (4.27)Married couple discuss her freedom to play around. Loving Wives 08/03/07
Brenda and Bobby Ch. 03 (4.34)She learns about her husbands fantasies. Loving Wives 08/08/07
Brenda and Bobby Ch. 04 (4.33)She and her husband revise the rules of their marriage. Loving Wives 08/09/07
Brenda and Bobby Ch. 05 (4.15)She feminizes her husband then plans to cuckold him. Loving Wives 08/13/07
Brenda and Bobby Ch. 06 (4.32)A dominant wife toys with her submissive husband. Loving Wives 08/16/07
Brenda and Bobby Ch. 07 (4.31)A husband helps his wife prepare for a night out. Loving Wives 08/20/07
Brenda and Bobby Ch. 08 (4.27)His wife taunts him as he drives her to a nightclub. Loving Wives 08/21/07
Brenda and Bobby Ch. 09 (4.22)Wife tells her husband she's bringing a man home. Loving Wives 08/23/07
Brenda and Bobby Ch. 10 (4.26)A wife brazenly brings another man home. Loving Wives 08/27/07
Brenda and Bobby Ch. 11 (4.29)She lets another man fuck her while husband watches. Loving Wives 09/01/07
Brenda and Bobby Ch. 12 (4.17)Husband has cleanup chores after his wife's lover leaves. Loving Wives 09/03/07
Concubine (3.94)His young wife's boss is a handsome middle aged bachelor. Loving Wives 04/16/10
Courtesan: 47 Part Series
Courtesan Ch. 01 (4.24)He suspects she's having an affair. Why is she hiding it? Loving Wives 04/30/11
Courtesan Ch. 02 (4.27)Timmy learns the truth. Loving Wives 05/03/11
Courtesan Ch. 03 (4.13)Timmy talks with Kelly. Loving Wives 05/05/11
Courtesan Ch. 04 (4.05)Timmy gets angry and leaves. Loving Wives 05/09/11
Courtesan Ch. 05 (4.38)Kelly continues telling Timmy about her job. Loving Wives 05/19/11
Courtesan Ch. 06 (4.34)Timmy meets Tonya. Loving Wives 05/22/11
Courtesan Ch. 07 (4.40)Tonya and Kelly play with Timmy. Loving Wives 05/25/11
Courtesan Ch. 08 (4.40)Kelly tells Timmy more about her life at the firm. Loving Wives 05/28/11
Courtesan Ch. 09 (4.27)Kelly tells Timmy about the Super Bowl party. Loving Wives 05/31/11
Courtesan Ch. 10 (4.38)A delightfully kinky dinner at The Goldenrod. Loving Wives 06/03/11
Courtesan Ch. 11 (4.40)A delightful dinner ends with an ugly incident in the bar. Loving Wives 06/06/11
Courtesan Ch. 12 (4.55)Timmy learns how to dance.  Hot Loving Wives 06/08/11
Courtesan Ch. 13 (4.38)Kirby, Elvira, and Ellen. Loving Wives 06/11/11
Courtesan Ch. 14 (4.36)Kelly and Timmy play their sex game. Loving Wives 06/18/11
Courtesan Ch. 15 (4.44)Chris comes to dinner. Loving Wives 06/20/11
Courtesan Ch. 16 (4.43)After dinner it's time to play. Loving Wives 06/23/11
Courtesan Ch. 17 (4.32)Elvira's story, the black Lincoln returns and trouble. Loving Wives 06/25/11
Courtesan Ch. 18 (4.41)Friends come to the rescue. Loving Wives 06/29/11
Courtesan Ch. 19 (4.39)Timmy gets to know Kelly's friends at the firm. Loving Wives 07/01/11
Courtesan Ch. 20 (4.42)Mandy tells her story. Loving Wives 07/03/11
Courtesan Ch. 21 (4.38)Kelly, Mandy and Timmy prepare for the dinner party. Loving Wives 07/06/11
Courtesan Ch. 22 (4.41)Tonya and Keisha arrive. Loving Wives 07/09/11
Courtesan Ch. 23 (4.41)Chris, Antoine and Gary arrive and the dinner party begins. Loving Wives 07/15/11
Courtesan Ch. 24 (4.41)During dinner, the party heats up. Loving Wives 07/19/11
Courtesan Ch. 25 (4.38)After the kitchen is clean Mandy and Timmy get to play. Loving Wives 07/22/11
Courtesan Ch. 26 (4.42)After Antoine, Gary and Chris leave the party continues. Loving Wives 07/26/11
Courtesan Ch. 27 (4.41)Kelly, Tonya, Keisha and Mandy meet Elvira and Kirby. Loving Wives 07/31/11
Courtesan Ch. 28 (4.36)House hunting with Barry the well equipped Realtor. Loving Wives 08/01/11
Courtesan Ch. 29 (4.35)Kirby tells Timmy that Tonya invited him to dinner. Loving Wives 08/04/11
Courtesan Ch. 30 (4.36)Kelly tells Timmy about the party at Eagle Lake. Loving Wives 08/07/11
Courtesan Ch. 31 (4.37)Kirby is losing his store and Ellen is losing her newspaper. Loving Wives 08/09/11
Courtesan Ch. 32 (4.35)Timmy writes a story about Kelly's date at the Calvert Hotel. Loving Wives 08/12/11
Courtesan Ch. 33 (4.35)Kelly and Timmy talk with Mandy and her dad. Loving Wives 08/15/11
Courtesan Ch. 34 (4.38)Mandy's mother arrives and Antoine surprises everyone. Loving Wives 08/18/11
Courtesan Ch. 35 (4.39)The black Lincoln returns again. Loving Wives 08/21/11
Courtesan Ch. 36 (4.38)Timmy gets a present. Loving Wives 08/24/11
Courtesan Ch. 37 (4.37)Good friends have dinner at the Goldenrod Supper Club. Loving Wives 08/28/11
Courtesan Ch. 38 (4.36)Timmy, Kirby and Elvira wait for the women to return. Loving Wives 08/31/11
Courtesan Ch. 39 (4.40)Evergreen. Loving Wives 09/03/11
Courtesan Ch. 40 (4.41)The afternoon party by the pool. Loving Wives 09/07/11
Courtesan Ch. 41 (4.35)Cocktails and dinner. Loving Wives 09/09/11
Courtesan Ch. 42 (4.36)A show in the playhouse and a late night snack. Loving Wives 09/12/11
Courtesan Ch. 43 (4.31)Donald Kline. Loving Wives 09/17/11
Courtesan Ch. 44 (4.36)Midnight revelations and an early morning mystery. Loving Wives 09/21/11
Courtesan Ch. 45 (4.37)Sheila and Denise, our flight attendants on the trip home. Loving Wives 09/24/11
Courtesan Ch. 46 (4.37)Timmy waits at home while Kelly entertains at the Calvert. Loving Wives 09/27/11
Courtesan Ch. 47 (4.19)A perfect house with wonderful neighbors. Loving Wives 09/30/11
Cowboy Steak and Beans (4.18)Sarah meets a handsome cowboy. BDSM 01/23/10
Jackie and Artie: 15 Part Series
Jackie and Artie Ch. 01 (3.95)The Beginning - Discovery and Recognition. Loving Wives 08/07/13
Jackie and Artie Ch. 02 (3.93)The Beginning - Connie. Loving Wives 08/13/13
Jackie and Artie Ch. 03 (4.28)The Beginning - Nattie and The Goldenrod. Loving Wives 08/17/13
Jackie and Artie Ch. 04 (4.26)The Beginning - Connie and Nattie. Loving Wives 08/18/13
Jackie and Artie Ch. 05 (4.15)The Beginning - Jackie comes home. Loving Wives 08/25/13
Jackie and Artie Ch. 06 (4.05)The Beginning - Alas poor cuckold. Loving Wives 08/28/13
Jackie and Artie Ch. 07 (4.19)The Beginning - Playing and Experimenting. Loving Wives 08/29/13
Jackie and Artie Ch. 08 (4.26)The Beginning - Milton Craig. Loving Wives 09/07/13
Jackie and Artie Ch. 09 (4.19)The Beginning - Artie prepares Connie for a date. Loving Wives 09/09/13
Jackie and Artie Ch. 10 (4.22)The Beginning - Connie and Phil. Loving Wives 09/16/13
Jackie and Artie Ch. 11 (4.09)The Beginning - Jackie reveals a secret to Artie. Loving Wives 09/21/13
Jackie and Artie Ch. 12 (4.24)The Beginning - Jackie and Artie play kinky games. Loving Wives 09/22/13
Jackie and Artie Ch. 13 (4.25)The Beginning - They plan for Jackie's date with Ron. Loving Wives 09/28/13
Jackie and Artie Ch. 14 (4.19)The Beginning - Artie helps Jackie dress for her date. Loving Wives 09/29/13
Jackie and Artie Ch. 15 (4.25)The Beginning - Artie watches Jackie party with Ron. Loving Wives 09/29/13
Louis Makes a Decision: 8 Part Series
Louis Makes a Decision Ch. 01 (4.16)Louis's wife brazenly dates another man. BDSM 02/11/09
Louis Makes a Decision Ch. 02 (4.11)Louis's wife returns from her date. BDSM 02/14/09
Louis Makes a Decision Ch. 03 (4.24)Louis begins his week of service as his wife's slave. BDSM 02/16/09
Louis Makes a Decision Ch. 04 (4.16)Sarah makes Louis kneel at her feet while she talks to Dave. BDSM 02/21/09
Louis Makes a Decision Ch. 05 (4.16)Louis helps Sarah get ready for her date with Dave. BDSM 02/25/09
Louis Makes a Decision Ch. 06 (4.34)Louis meets his wife's boyfriend. BDSM 02/26/09
Louis Makes a Decision Ch. 07 (4.12)Louis is faced with a decision. BDSM 02/27/09
Louis Makes a Decision Ch. 08 (3.49)Sarah calls Louis. BDSM 02/28/09
Patience Is a Virtue (3.20)A short story. Loving Wives 04/03/13
Roxanne and Willie: 30 Part Series
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 01 (4.42)Shy graduate student is hired to tutor a beautiful woman. BDSM 04/10/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 02 (4.39)They discuss the events of the previous night. Loving Wives 04/11/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 03 (4.36)Roxanne flirts with another man while Willie watches. Loving Wives 04/18/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 04 (4.42)Roxanne & Willie explore their kinky fantasies. BDSM 04/19/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 05 (4.39)Roxanne and Willie make tender love. Loving Wives 04/24/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 06 (4.43)Willie and Sammy have to defend Roxanne. BDSM 04/27/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 07 (4.41)Roxanne meets a very handsome man while she's at work. BDSM 05/01/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 08 (4.35)Roxanne loses her job. Loving Wives 05/02/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 09 (4.41)Roxanne meets an old friend at Sammy's. BDSM 06/05/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 10 (4.38)Roxanne spanks Willie while her lover watches. BDSM 06/06/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 11 (4.29)Willie watches another man make love to Roxanne. Loving Wives 06/07/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 12 (4.35)Roxanne and Willie meet Sandra and Julie. Loving Wives 06/14/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 13 (4.39)Roxanne & Willie have two wedding ceremonies. BDSM 06/15/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 14 (4.40)Roxanne goes to her interview. BDSM 06/16/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 15 (4.33)Roxanne tells Willie about her interview at Bob's Auto Ranch. Loving Wives 06/17/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 16 (4.35)Roxanne & Willie get ready to meet Pete at Baxters. BDSM 06/24/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 17 (4.36)Roxanne and Willie meet the entire group at Baxters. Loving Wives 06/25/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 18 (4.27)Willie & the guys watch while their wives play. Loving Wives 06/26/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 19 (4.37)When they get home Roxanne toys with Willie. BDSM 06/27/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 20 (4.31)Roxanne and Willie get to know the Baxter's group. Loving Wives 06/28/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 21 (4.34)Everyone gets ready for date night. Loving Wives 06/30/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 22 (4.26)Date night begins. Loving Wives 07/04/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 23 (4.35)When the champagne comes out the party gets wild. BDSM 07/06/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 24 (4.31)After the party Roxanne and Willie stay over night. Loving Wives 07/07/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 25 (4.01)Pete comes over and makes Willie's life difficult. BDSM 07/10/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 26 (4.24)Disaster strikes when Willie visits Roxanne at work. Loving Wives 07/11/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 27 (4.04)The boys go to the University to get Willie. Loving Wives 07/12/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 28 (4.18)Good friends celebrate. Loving Wives 07/13/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 29 (4.30)Everyone goes to Sammy's for dinner. Loving Wives 07/14/08
Roxanne and Willie Ch. 30 (4.40)Willie tells his story to everyone. Loving Wives 07/15/08
Sandra and Stevie: 74 Part Series
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 01 (4.19)Small, insecure man meets a beautiful woman at a party. Loving Wives 09/08/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 02 (4.38)Shy young man is seduced by a beautiful woman. Loving Wives 09/09/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 03 (4.39)He explores his submissive desires with her. Loving Wives 09/13/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 04 (4.36)Two new lovers discuss their relationship over dinner. Loving Wives 09/15/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 05 (4.33)Sandra and Stevie experiment with sexual domination. Loving Wives 09/16/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 06 (4.09)Stevie discovers Sandra's terrible secret. Loving Wives 09/17/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 07 (4.14)Stevie encounters Sandra at a dinner party. Loving Wives 09/18/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 08 (4.23)Stevie imagines Sandra in the arms of her lover. Loving Wives 09/20/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 09 (4.28)Stevie gets an email from Sandra. Loving Wives 09/27/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 10 (4.33)In the midst of a lonely celebration, Stevie gets a visitor. Loving Wives 09/28/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 11 (4.35)Stevie tells Julie about his fantasies. Loving Wives 09/29/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 12 (4.22)Stevie calls Sandra. Loving Wives 09/30/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 13 (4.31)Stevie tells Sandra his plan. Loving Wives 10/05/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 14 (4.39)Sandra acts out a fantasy with Stevie. Loving Wives 10/07/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 15 (4.35)Sandra proposes to Stevie and hears some news. Loving Wives 10/08/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 16 (4.26)After a wonderful day, Sandra informs Stevie she has a date. Loving Wives 10/12/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 17 (4.36)Stevie comes home and finds Sandra with another man Loving Wives 10/14/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 18 (4.36)Stevie drives Sandra to a hotel to meet a lover Loving Wives 10/16/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 19 (4.34)Sandra humiliates Stevie in front of their realtor. Loving Wives 10/19/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 20 (4.36)Sandra decides to share Stevie with Julie. Loving Wives 10/23/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 21 (4.35)Sandra, Julie, & Stevie have a kinky little ceremony. Loving Wives 10/24/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 22 (4.33)Sandra and Julie party with two real estate agents. Loving Wives 10/26/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 23 (4.29)Sandra and Julie feminize Stevie. Loving Wives 10/30/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 24 (4.25)Sandra and Julie take Stevie to an unusual night club. Loving Wives 11/02/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 25 (4.36)The girls return from their parties with a little surprise. Loving Wives 11/03/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 26 (4.34)Sandra is late for a meeting because of a date with Bob. Loving Wives 11/07/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 27 (4.41)After buying the house the realtor fucks Julie on the table. Loving Wives 11/08/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 28 (4.27)The girls party with other guys while Stevie goes to Dallas. Loving Wives 11/12/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 29 (4.28)Julie and Stevie go college shopping. Loving Wives 11/14/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 30 (4.40)Stevie and the girls go to Baxter's and meet new friends Loving Wives 11/17/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 31 (4.36)Julie returns from a date & plays kinky games with Stevie. Loving Wives 11/24/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 32 (4.36)Sandra returns home after spending the night with Roger. Loving Wives 12/01/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 33 (4.36)Barry fucks Julie before they walk through the new house. Loving Wives 12/05/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 34 (4.31)The women throw a very kinky party. Loving Wives 12/10/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 35 (4.35)Sandra spanks Stevie in front of a dominant lover. Loving Wives 12/13/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 36 (4.33)The final preparations are made for a very kinky sex party. Loving Wives 12/14/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 37 (4.39)Friends arrive early for some kinky preparty fun. Loving Wives 12/19/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 38 (4.18)The party begins with a humiliating ceremony for the cucks. Loving Wives 12/21/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 39 (4.37)The party begins; it's actually an organized orgy. Loving Wives 12/22/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 40 (4.31)After the men leave, wives give the boys a nice reward. Loving Wives 12/23/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 41 (4.32)Julie tells Stevie her secret. Loving Wives 12/26/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 42 (4.26)Stevie's night with Julie makes Sandra jealous. Loving Wives 12/27/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 43 (4.08)Sandra makes Stevie cater a dinner hosted by her lover Loving Wives 12/28/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 44 (4.11)Sandra makes Stevie clean Roger's apartment while they fuck. Loving Wives 12/29/07
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 45 (4.34)Sandra and Stevie talk about her jealousy. Loving Wives 01/05/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 46 (4.28)Julie calls Sandra to tell her some exciting news. Loving Wives 01/10/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 47 (4.33)Sandra meets a retired football player at Baxter's. Loving Wives 01/12/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 48 (4.40)Sandra has an ugly confrontation with her mother. Loving Wives 01/13/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 49 (3.90)Sandra comes home with devastating news for Stevie. Loving Wives 01/17/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 50 (4.02)Stevie's friends help him get through a crisis. Loving Wives 01/18/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 51 (4.23)Julie has a beautiful wedding. Loving Wives 01/19/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 52 (4.42)Stevie comes home to a wonderful surprise. Loving Wives 01/20/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 53 (4.31)Stevie has a proposal for Julie and Ricky. Loving Wives 01/21/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 54 (4.36)Sandra borrows Julie's new riding crop. Loving Wives 01/26/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 55 (4.41)Ricky obediently watches Julie while she entertains a lover. Loving Wives 01/27/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 56 (4.37)Sandra parties with the boys while Julie parties with Dallas. Loving Wives 01/28/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 57 (4.27)Sandra and Stevie play with Julie's riding crop. Loving Wives 01/29/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 58 (4.19)The guys get the girls ready for a trip to Baxter's. Loving Wives 02/01/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 59 (4.33)A good friend shows up at Baxter's. Loving Wives 02/02/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 60 (4.34)A backyard barbeque turns into a very wild party. Loving Wives 02/05/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 61 (4.33)Stevie comes up with a plan. Loving Wives 02/08/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 62 (4.35)Stevie calls Sandra & asks her to come home right away. Loving Wives 02/09/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 63 (4.24)The plans are laid for a cuckold wedding. Loving Wives 02/15/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 64 (4.36)Julie and Jason start Sandra's stag party. Loving Wives 02/16/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 65 (4.32)Sandra's stag party, Part 1. Loving Wives 02/17/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 66 (4.37)Sandra's stag party, Part 2. Loving Wives 02/18/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 67 (4.36)After the stag party, Big Dick Jason stays over night. Loving Wives 02/20/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 68 (4.35)Sandra & Julie notice the house next door is for sale. Loving Wives 02/27/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 69 (4.36)Sandra and her parents meet at the groom's dinner. Loving Wives 02/27/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 70 (4.27)On the morning of the wedding, everyone comes over for brunch. Loving Wives 03/01/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 71 (4.32)The wedding. Loving Wives 03/02/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 72 (4.27)The wedding reception, part 1. Loving Wives 03/06/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 73 (4.32)The wedding reception, part 2. Loving Wives 03/07/08
Sandra and Stevie Ch. 74 (4.19)Sandra and Stevie retire to the bridal suite for the night Loving Wives 03/08/08
The Party: 11 Part Series
The Party Ch. 01 (3.63)At a party, Robbie finds his wife in the arms of another man. Loving Wives 11/02/08
The Party Ch. 02 (4.28)Robbie agrees to become Janet's cuckold slave. BDSM 11/05/08
The Party Ch. 03 (4.32)Janet establishes some new rules. BDSM 11/07/08
The Party Ch. 04 (4.27)Janet and Robbie begin life as Mistress and slave. BDSM 11/10/08
The Party Ch. 05 (4.35)Robbie kneels at Janet's feet while she talks to Jerome. BDSM 11/12/08
The Party Ch. 06 (4.18)Robbie meets Janet's boyfriend. BDSM 11/14/08
The Party Ch. 07 (4.22)Janet humiliates Robbie in front of her boyfriend. BDSM 11/16/08
The Party Ch. 08 (4.17)After whipping Robbie, Janet worries about being too rough. BDSM 11/18/08
The Party Ch. 09 (4.38)Robbie watches while Jerome fucks Janet. BDSM 11/22/08
The Party Ch. 10 (4.28)Robbie serves dinner to his wife and her boyfriend. BDSM 11/23/08
The Party Ch. 11 (3.85)After Jerome leaves, Robbie and Janet talk about the future. BDSM 11/24/08
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