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Erotic Horror Stories

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Dangerous Game: Simple Surgery

 — An exploration of pleasure through surgical pain. by AbsyntheLo04/13/073.88

Dangerous Longings Ch. 03

 — The training of two vampress' and the claiming of another. by Master_Vassago04/26/034.51HOT

Dangerous Longings Ch. 04

 — Brief glimpse of what the future may hold. by Master_Vassago06/23/034.37

Dangerous Longings Ch. 05

 — The hunt & groundwork are in place. by Master_Vassago01/03/044.36

Dangerous Longings Ch. 06

 — The truth is revealed. by Master_Vassago01/04/044.38

Dangerous Longings Ch. 07

 — The final installment of this tale. by Master_Vassago01/05/044.57HOT

Danielle's Shadow Master

 — The vampire who owns Danielle delights in punishing her. by Rubyb05/22/054.16

Danse Macabre

 — She had faced Death before. by TokenVirginChick04/22/093.40

Danseur du Nocturne

 — She dances for him in his dreams. by Xeyda01/08/044.14

Dante's Inferno: Lust Ch. 01

 — A bit of a twist to the epic poem we all know and love. by Pink_Tigress06/19/104.08

Dante's Inferno: Lust Ch. 02

 — Dante slays the Queen of the Nile herself. by Pink_Tigress06/20/114.45

Dark Avenger

 — A voyage into the past for Kyrhan, Dan and Kira. by dan5708/23/083.64

Dark Companion

 — Vampire erotica. by CylisDerrens02/05/074.21

Dark Desires

 — Deadly fantasies come true. by depraved701/09/043.43

Dark Desires

 — Awakening. by Wolfsister10/13/084.42

Dark Desires

 — A Vampire and her slave have a little fun. by Sheki09/29/113.77

Dark Desires Ch. 01

 — August sat behind his desk. by August Never07/14/054.60HOT

Dark Desires Ch. 02

 — Cynthia awakens. by August Never08/18/054.43

Dark Dreams

 — A man slowly absorbed into his dreams. by ladynightseduction04/07/044.43

Dark Dreams: Vampiric Lust

 — She finds herself the desire of the undead. by Insanegoat05/10/113.65

Dark Hill

 — Dark Hill where the shadows lie heavy upon the land. by Ballzac11/16/094.14

Dark Pleasure Ch. 01

 — Pleasure, blood, pain, and a snake-headed cock. by DarkDuchess08/19/043.95

Dark Side of Man

 — Inside the mind of a sexy criminal. by Samuelx12/06/063.92

Dark Winged Slut

 — She fell in love with the darkness for the first time. by DarkWingedSlut09/20/094.31

Darkest of the Glowing Treasures

 — A woman finds a mysterious item that changes her life. by JackOfHearts22210/18/144.38


 — Descriptive, not for the faint of heart. by mistressdarke05/26/064.03

Darkness Fallen

 — A demon attacks a bus full of cheerleaders. Yup. by Spassmacher500001/16/104.44

Darkness Fallen Ch. 02

 — One by one, they fall. by Spassmacher500002/17/104.47


 — Picnics in the country. by CherryCat03/31/084.21

Date Rape

 — Sexual predator gets more than he bargained for. by Sonia_de_Beaumanoir11/13/033.64

Daughter of Darkness

 — Demon assumes body of female and wreaks havoc on villiage. by lustfuldesires02/07/113.66

Daughter of Undark Ch. 1

 — Kelli learns her true identity. by Ravlicious10/02/064.38

David's Passion Ch. 01

 — David's rebirth as a vampire. by mr_richard04/05/074.89

Dead Already

 — Jack knows he's already dead but he has to try. . . by Sean Renaud08/10/093.86

Dead Girl

 — A ghost gets her revenge. by Lady Malachite10/27/053.88

Dead Things Need Love Too

 — No one in Deadwood is safe from the fucking undead. by Darkestkiss10/14/124.00

Deadly Artefacts

 — Fifty word stories about death. by oggbashan10/04/064.44


 — A young woman promised to demons seeks refuge in a church. by Kindasortacrazy02/07/124.18

Dearly Departed

 — Even death can't prevent true love, if she wills it. by rogtom_6906/19/024.47

Death and the Maiden

 — Virgin is taken on Halloween night. by Brandie6910/01/124.09

Death Becomes Them

 — The adventures of Damian and Annalise. by Foxee Browne03/08/074.21

Death by Orgasm

 — She receives spell and gets instant orgasms. by Bakeboss01/26/093.61

Death Gestured Toward a Grave...

 — Young woman's life is changed forever by a gang of vampires by mvicious04/10/113.88

Death of the Party

 — Goth in trouble can only be saved by the One. by Lucifer_Carroll10/09/044.48

Death Travels Ch. 01

 — Three demons travel along the highway. by Angel1287810/12/064.07

Death Walks Among Us

 — You can't cheat death...ever! by Georgepat11/04/054.32

Deathless Whispers on the Wind

 — Hell is closer than one thinks when lust leads one astray. by thicktimber10/14/094.25

Deatth By Email

 — The perils of pursuing a deadly fetish online. by HungryGuy06/11/044.24


 — A soldier becomes a vampire. by bc_alucard06/19/074.53HOT

Decent into Darkness

 — Holly begins her journey into undeath. by cheerful_deviant10/03/054.50HOT


 — Sometimes things are not what they appear to be. by oneiria06/07/144.00

Deep Inside

 — What would you do for the right money? by Ms Black05/04/053.16

Deep Space Sirens

 — BDSM Sci-Fi Horror. by JamesLucien01/23/154.28

Deep Within

 — Predators come in all forms... by Dark_Kadra10/18/123.96


 — Policewoman battles serial killer. Again. And Again. And... by patricia5110/12/074.72HOT


 — She knew she would meet him and he would be delicious. by Jenny_Jackson07/13/063.45

Delivery Special Soap

 — Man suffering from nightmares is given a special massage. by manyeyedhydra12/05/084.61HOT

Demon Flesh

 — Man turns lover into a demoness with a dark tantric rite. by EHawkins10/02/064.26

Demon Hunters

 — A dark spirit seeks revenge. by oneiria08/16/104.00

Demon Lover

 — She has night attacks. by devle06/11/033.95

Demon Surrogates

 — A family gets a visit in the night. by silent_one__01/04/134.10

Demon Toy Ch. 01

 — Daphne's initiation. by Lady Malachite02/06/093.95

Demon Victim Ch. 01

 — George gets what he wishes for, unfortunately. by Goldeniangel07/14/054.27

Demon Victim Ch. 02

 — The Demon takes George's niece home. by Goldeniangel07/19/054.19

Demon Victim Ch. 03

 — George finds strangers on the street & sinks deeper. by Goldeniangel07/20/054.24

Demon Victim Ch. 04

 — The conclusion of George. by Goldeniangel07/21/054.33

Demon Whorehouse Transformation

 — A demon's bimbo faces off against a gargoyle's bitch. by darkheathyr10/10/104.25


 — Claire falls prey to the mist and an unusual savior appears. by Kindasortacrazy08/11/124.72HOT

Demonic Partnership Ch. 05

 — Simon starts to take control. by warnos05/05/144.48

Demonic Partnership Ch. 10

 — Simon experiences the Soveign court a year on. by warnos09/10/144.52HOT

Demonic Partnership Ch. 11

 — It's a Trap. by warnos10/14/144.39

Demonology: The Churchyard

 — Mark searches for answers, but finds minister's daughter. by Alex75610/01/054.44

Demonology: The Cowboy

 — Urban country bar provides hunting grounds. by Alex75605/12/034.29

Demons and Angels Pt. 01

 — A woman meets a man...or does she... by Tara_Neale12/07/144.43

Demons and Angels Pt. 02

 — The darkness descends. by Tara_Neale12/14/144.55HOT

Demons and Witches

 — A pair of teenagers awake to the world of the supernatural. by Joe_T04/22/123.80

Dengue Fever

 — Grim reaper greets the new whoremonger. by Baba811/23/093.36


 — What has her? by WritersUnblock10/03/123.56

Descending Ch. 01

 — Hell is awakened. by missmetalhead02/14/104.48

Descending Ch. 02

 — Slavery in Sanctuary and buried memories surfacing. by missmetalhead02/24/104.36


 — A story of shock, horror, erotic elements, and vampires. by PurelyBloodLust04/28/073.78


 — She wanted him...she really, really wanted him. by lesyeuxnoirs03/27/13HOT


 — Dark side of drug addiction & sexuality for a nurse. by jjsharshaw05/13/054.59HOT


 — How far would she go for cash? by Bakeboss02/04/103.89

Despite The Fragile Hurt So Cursed

 — Revenge takes a wrong turn. by apathykiss10/09/033.49

Dessert First

 — A family motto becomes a deadly M.O. by machiavelliwriter009/25/114.10

Dessert First: What Lies Beneath

 — Awakened hunger, self realization. by machiavelliwriter002/02/124.30

Destiny Exposed

 — A photographer meets a hooker only to discover later... by P4U01/10/074.18

Detective Murphy

 — Jerk gets his from a lovely corpse. by Transfix06/10/043.58

Detective Murphy Meets The Devil

 — What you get if you're a bad boy. by Transfix06/13/043.83

Detective Murphy: The Lesson

 — Murphy learns from Mistress Vodka. by Transfix06/29/043.30

Detective Murphy: The Prick

 — He's a real prick now. by Transfix06/18/044.14

Detective's Tale

 — What really happened to Gilly? by Julie2002/16/123.72


 — Slots and sluts don't always mix at the casino. by avasogently02/17/113.00

Devil May Come

 — An old house, three coeds, and one nighttime visitor. by lgreenwood06/17/074.57HOT

Devil Takes Tessa

 — Who wouldn't fall for supernatural love? by l8bloom10/08/074.50HOT

Devil's Eve

 — An evil stranger visits Lucy on the eve of her wedding. by Donkeepuncher10/25/103.95

Devil's Eve: The Confession

 — Lucy's torment continues. by Donkeepuncher10/29/104.40

Devilish Little Sister

 — Little Sister is changing...into a sex demon from hell! by TOOL_BOY11/13/094.24

Diary of a Blood Huntress Ch. 01

 — Sex Addict draws the attention of a mysterious being. by removed051109c02/17/094.06

Diener: A Novella

 — Igor gets a stiff for a stiff. by oneiria01/06/155.00

Dinner Dates

 — Love under the stars on Halloween. by millennium_bard10/16/043.89

Dinner Guest

 — You may have to eat what you serve. by patricia5104/30/044.45

Dinner's on Me

 — A pretty girl walks into a bar... by TE99910/07/064.22

Dirty and Damp Ch. 01

 — Young girl gets lost in the woods. by ShyMasochist04/07/114.11

Do You Want Some Too?

 — Vampire voyuerism pays off. by ravencorinncarluk05/21/104.55HOT

Doctor Dee is Dead

 — I find a spell from Doctor Dee's collection by oggbashan10/11/123.95


 — Evil in Edwardian South London. by geronimo_appleby06/21/104.00

Dolphina's Ascent

 — She's either an ancient demon or a psychopathic sex fiend. by gobula01/02/083.62

Domestic Bliss

 — Sex that is out of this world. by oneiria06/23/104.22

Don't Anyone Tell Sybille

 — Male psychic cross dresses, meets transsexual and a succubus. by Eroticalover196806/03/144.07

Don't Fear The Reaper

 — Death chooses a woman to use, defile but she surprises him. by SSX198802/11/154.78HOT

Don't Fuck the Flowers

 — In H-Space, the flowers fuck you back. by manyeyedhydra03/28/114.62HOT

Don't Say No

 — Mike believes Julie is a tease and teaches her a lesson. by BiJesus179409/21/122.75


 — Love gets you down. by oggbashan04/15/033.72

Doorway to Hell Ch. 01

 — Clare wants to get Aaron alone in a haunted house. by dream_world07/21/134.06

Doorway to Hell Ch. 02

 — Clare is introduced to her new home. by dream_world08/05/134.10


 — Lesbian horror in the Midwest. by Thruxomatic05/17/104.17


 — A demon finds his one true mate. by Rangerbrook07/14/074.41


 — His dark past catches up with him. by Varian P10/04/074.64HOTContest Winner

Downfall of Heroines Ch. 01

 — Undead enjoy a pair of women by shereena1234511/13/124.47

Downfall of Heroines Ch. 02

 — Demons get their hands on our main characters. by shereena1234512/07/124.57HOT

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