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Christie's Summer Job Ch. 02

 — Christie's summer gets even more crazy. by unlucky26602/13/064.11

Christina Looks for a College Ch. 01

 — A girl finds self-pleasure while on a college visit. by 208/11/023.91

Christine's Advice

 — Couple rekindles passion with advice from a friend. by AnnHoytRedlass03/25/104.22

Christmas at the Shopping Mall

 — A highly erotic couple fantasy. by Percivus05/03/164.28

Christmas Eve

 — I didn't know her name or why she was there. by Longstretch02/23/093.26

Christmas with Saila

 — Best friend's mom gives a present I'll never forget. by the_nice_guy01/08/114.14

Christopher and Valerie Pt. 01

 — First date she gets more than she expected. by HotLips197210/25/164.19


 — Reflections on earlier times. by JH-110/27/064.57HOT

Chronicles of Chris Ch. 01

 — The First Steps of the Sexual Journey of a Young Man. by CABONE03/07/104.71HOT

Chronicles of Chris Ch. 02

 — Chris's journey continues when he and Joni get together. by CABONE07/26/104.69HOT

Chronicles of Crusty Sailor Ch. 01

 — Crusty loses it. by CrustySailor08/02/063.97

Chrystal's First

 — A young girl gets fed up of being left out of a party. by TonnokLokdon02/06/113.80

Chubby Young Lover

 — Fucking a sexy plump high schooler. by nobigwillie03/06/134.43

Church Lady: Sunday School Surprise

 — Teen Boy gets an extra lesson after Sunday School. by 1sickbastard11/27/144.37

Church Tales Ch. 1

 — Virgin couple loses it in church. by Jimilinden10/15/004.36


 — Jiri gets to know a gawky girl. by sadlittlelostboy03/07/033.94

Cindy Lou

 — A story about a young man's first experience with sex by jsmangis12/19/164.21

Cindy Lou Seduces the New Stockboy

 — She gives him the best introduction to sex. by Boxlicker10108/20/054.44

Cindy's First Time

 — Mother arranges for daughter to lose her virginity. by XXXerxes3708/16/034.03

Cindy, Back Seat Slut

 — Virgin gives it a way. by arlene54808/29/043.89

Cinnamon Rolled

 — "Are you a virgin, Lillian?" I asked. by Middleagepoet12/11/093.45

City 0f Champions

 — Brockton man remembers his first time. by Samuelx02/14/073.61


 — Tessa decides it's time to start having sex. by deliciouslytanned05/09/133.90

Claiming Isa Ch. 01

 — The start of the journey for Kush and Isa. by kush2503/04/174.11

Claiming Ruby

 — Ruby loses virginity to mysterious man on Halloween night. by Yogakay10/09/154.54HOT


 — My teacher takes my virginity. by AGreyFoxxx02/22/104.39


 — Claire's first time is remembered. by GuessImJamie07/09/194.05

Claire's First Time Penetration

 — Student visits principal and gets her first cock. by ostinatobravado06/29/084.41

Claire's First Time Penetration Ch. 02

 — Principal and student once again but with a new twist. by ostinatobravado11/19/084.20

Claire's First Time Penetration Ch. 03

 — Student is taken by large cock as principal watches. by ostinatobravado12/10/084.39

Claire's First Time Penetration Ch. 04

 — Claire gets two cocks for the first time. by ostinatobravado12/11/084.53HOT

Claire's Little Adventures Ch. 01

 — Claire's has her first time. by AlricSanosake11/14/073.47

Claire's Virginity

 — Dreams come true with Claire's secret sock/foot fetish. by FreshPrez7603/19/063.34


 — Memories of a night on the beach. by munch housing11/17/024.61HOT

Clara the Babysitter Ch. 02

 — Clara history of sucking cock. by jamiestory12/14/164.24

Clarisse Ch. 01

 — A servant takes advantage of the French revolution. by Tallguy6407/09/093.76

Clarisse Ch. 02

 — Clarisse is taught a lesson. by Tallguy6407/16/094.40

Clarisse Ch. 03

 — The lessons get intimate! by Tallguy6407/27/093.60

Clarisse Ch. 04

 — A taste of steel. by Tallguy6409/28/093.43

Classmates in a Caboose

 — College classmates on an erotic field trip on a hot day. by aubreyjudge05/01/084.21

Classroom Virgin

 — She had no other choice. by imsally09/28/084.03

Claudia's Lessons

 — Story of an 18-year-old girl's first lessons in sex. by xpc316e11/29/134.14

Clay: A Follow up from Chelsea 3

 — Angela introduces Clay to a friend. by Submissioness08/05/094.50HOT

Cleopatra Rises Again

 — The transformation of a traditional Egyptian girl. by Fredsowner02/01/184.47

Cliff and the Boss's Wife

 — A virgin male is offered a new job with benefits. by Aussie_Teacher10/19/05HOT


 — The Earth moves as Barry enjoys his first slice of Heaven. by sirhugs04/11/064.10


 — Virginal student seduces her music professor. by Eudaimonia198103/05/034.36

Climax to a Confession

 — Church visitor finds truth in a nursing home. by carboncopy08/19/144.42

Climb on Klymonn Ch. 02

 — Mr. Marcus is forced to pretend he's Janie's brother. by HarveyMarcus02/27/054.55HOT

Climbing a Fence

 — Climbing a fence turns into a girl's first time. by serephina26507/11/114.16

Clipping Her Wings

 — A first date unexpectedly becomes her first time. by TrueNorth196905/17/074.40

Closing Night

 — Student loses her virginity to the new teacher. by isabel1105/01/054.09

Closing Time

 — Rebecca's first cock is from an unconscious bloke. by ukpornfan02/27/053.81

Closing Time at the Restaurant

 — You didn't realize I was still here, and watching. by photopro9909/07/094.25

Clover Loses Her Virginity

 — I lose my virginity rather late! by clovermoffatt08/12/164.10

Clover Plays with Her Cousin

 — The story of our little dominance game. by clovermoffatt08/15/164.17

Clover Watches Take Miss Akin's Ass

 — Miss Akin has little choice as Clover joins in. by clovermoffatt08/18/163.73

Clover's Cocksucking Lessons

 — The virgin Lizzie learns to suck cock. by clovermoffatt08/12/164.34

Clover's Virginity Service

 — Clover teaches Joey and Anna how to fuck. by clovermoffatt08/13/164.25

Club 18-22

 — Two girls looking for holiday adventure. by abroadsword10/14/133.16

Club Med First Threesome

 — First sensual bisexual experience in a tropical paradise. by wisdom6304/18/193.65

Club Shume

 — She watches her man get his first cock. by vettebabe09/14/023.72

Clyde the Ride

 — Clyde's very busy first day of sex. by S3lwyncd0g05/29/144.55HOT

Coach's Pet

 — Her first time is with her coach. by SlightlyDivine11/09/084.10

Coached in College

 — My girlfriend's well-experienced roommate coached her a bit. by WayneGibbous08/19/104.14

Coast to Coast

 — Fantasy of meeting her internet man for the fisrt time. by dollydagger86010/13/043.97

Cock Tease

 — I finally get blown by the school cock tease. by smittyspecial1806/09/083.39

Cocking a Virgin

 — 18 year old virgin is pleasured. by kenya_tree12/10/124.08

Cocking a Virgin Ch. 03

 — Taking the sad virgin's pussy. by kenya_tree12/14/124.36

Coconut & Whiskey

 — Thea asks her friend's dad for a ride home. by scarlettresses05/06/174.53HOT

Coffee & Bicycles

 — Barista loses virginity passionately to a bicycle mechanic. by catfacts12/28/144.40

Coffee Date with Kuwait

 — A seemingly innocent dates goes dirty. by PearlRed05/16/163.40

Cold Outside

 — He finally seizes an opportunity with his virgin crush. by mastermcavie12/08/154.12

Colleen and Nathan's First Time

 — Best friends become lovers. by SlamDuncan03/28/134.64HOT

College "Boy" Loses His Cherry

 — How Sue plucked Steve's cherry. by davidinwc12/03/093.50

College Break Road Trip

 — Shy guy and two girls road trip while on break from college. by smithE10105/07/104.60HOT

College Campus - Virginal

 — A virgin at a strict religious college, new experiences. by anythinghewants08/27/16

College Chancellor and Male Virgin

 — University visit leads to virgin guy's one-night-stand. by stoneypoint10/28/063.79

College Coed's First Time

 — She finally seduces her virgin friend. by NoName110/26/034.12

College Days Ch. 01

 — Rohit is an undergrad, so is Priya. by guysimple167407/13/124.02

College Education

 — It started with a tradition. by Benoni09/24/024.36

College Experiences Ch. 01

 — College virgin meets older man over the internet. by patience9003/12/094.31

College Fantasy

 — My personal fantasy about a first time gay experience. by Harry_Balsach03/17/154.05

College Fun: Alexis

 — Some fun in Decatur, and a surprise confession! by Arraiga09/27/123.85

College Girl Olivia

 — Hotel virginity. by SoCaliDude06/18/193.94

College is a Time to Explore Ch. 01

 — An ad gets him into a submissive situation. by ddogg4406/01/174.42

College Romance

 — First serious girlfriend is afraid of going too far. by Airagone07/17/02

College Roommate Ch. 04

 — Female date arrives early, catches Harry getting assfucked. by married_but_curious01/16/184.66HOT

College Tit-Fuck

 — Two students explore the mysteries of love and boob-sex. by Carnevil909/07/093.94

College Trip

 — Longtime friends break the barriers on a snow trip. by AmitheSwitch04/04/194.34

College Try

 — Romantic first time - for both? by Sandman831408/01/144.32

College Tutor

 — I got a job as a tutor my first year of college. by passionatepdx0002/09/194.49

Come Here, Honey

 — A group of friends offer a first lesson in oral. by Abitclose08/30/154.11

Come to Bed

 — Experienced girl gets virgin guy. by quetzacoatlus2304/11/053.78

Comfortable Yet?

 — Nervous asian freshman meets a store owner. by protectme03/09/133.98

Comic Con

 — To boldly go where no man had gone before. by Ashson10/27/134.18

Coming of Age

 — A special night spent with my friend's sister educates me. by comingofage04/10/104.29

Coming of Age Pt. 01

 — First time sexual experience. by Kendude05/31/193.91

Coming of Age Pt. 02 - Mother

 — Fun with Darlene's Mom! by Kendude06/01/194.26

Commiting Sins

 — Christian guy decides to commit the best sin ever. by KinkyKar1810/18/073.97

Community Cougar

 — Her first cougar experience. by Ausi10111/14/184.47

Company Policy

 — They find their Valentine's, snowed in at the office. by Red_Jakal01/29/144.78HOT

Compete For A Virgin

 — She wants to lose her virginity. Perfectly. by taurents02/25/034.19

Computer Based Seduction

 — Wife helps her husband seduce an 18-year-old virgin. by The_Trouvere09/06/084.17

Confessing My First Time

 — Wife shares her first time with hubby. by livvy_uk05/04/094.30


 — Cindy and I overcome an obstacle to our make-out session. by Juwain03/10/173.74

Confession Ch. 01

 — Man's sexual addiction starts with a sensual massage. by JGWanderer03/24/154.11

Confession Ch. 02

 — His addiction grows stronger when he meets his 1st escort. by JGWanderer03/31/153.85

Confession Of A Teenage Pussy Eater

 — The nerds get the cheerleaders. by Stormbringer10/28/044.74HOT

Confessions of a Cum Slut Pt. 01

 — My thoughts about first orgasms, and how I had mine. by CandiNyse11/30/164.62HOT

Confessions of a Male Slut

 — Jared begins his tales of conquest. by Sunnie04/16/044.33

Confessions of a Nurse Ch. 01

 — 18-year-old nurse enjoys her first sexual experience. by Pussyrider07/14/074.40

Confessions of a Porn Star Ch. 02

 — Part Two: From prom star to porn star, Liz loves sex. by SusanJillParker04/25/154.41

Confessions of an Addict Ch. 02

 — Her first time and the start of an addiction. by LucidlyConfused04/30/154.36

Confessions: Diana's Ross

 — Diana's detailed confession to Priest about her first time. by sterlingpriest08/11/114.27


 — Naive Tommy interviews. by aknorthern04/25/073.90

Connie's Request

 — A skirmish in the Sexual Revolution. by man_as_dog04/08/134.52HOT


 — Wretched virginity is taken by dad's best friend. by bitsieblue08/29/044.61HOT

Conrad's First Girl

 — Elsie's first sexual encounter by Varian P07/26/044.34

Considering Chemistry

 — Is revising for exams the best thing to be doing right now? by Spinneret10/25/104.44

Consolation Prize

 — Consoling a friend leads to first-time experience. by oldrgent07/21/024.19

Constance's 2nd

 — The next day's events continue the learning experience. by Global Carol02/17/054.71HOT

Constance's First Blowjob

 — 18-year-old makes a surprising oral discovery. by Global Carol01/13/054.61HOT

Constantinople Seige

 — Walled city invaded. Women taken by barbarians. by tsar712/17/172.70

Consuela & Jed

 — Older Filipina shows young man the way. by austin_morris02/05/104.60HOT

Consummating My Love

 — We take our teenage love to the deepest level. by SandraMustard10/08/154.39

Continuing Education

 — A college senior completes her college experience. by were1112710/03/144.38


 — Young woman finds out who she is. by 882801/31/093.87

Convenience Shopping

 — She is seduced by an older man. by Babylove12/06/023.74

Convenience Store Encounter

 — Joe's luck is about to change while shopping. by StoneyHill08/21/103.92

Conversations with Manny Ch. 06

 — Avril surprises Manny, then tells him a story. by Pontuis Kack12/24/034.61HOT

Cookie was My First

 — New lessons in the ways of sex with an older woman. by Toolmo07/25/084.14

Cool Summer Shower

 — An unexpected female sexual encounter in the showers. by My_Turn09/07/124.25

Coppernicous Pt. 04

 — Lynn has troubles with a boyfriend and Toomas gets shot. by SonofCallicious11/23/154.81HOT

Copping a Feel

 — Copping a feel leads to more. by Ryuzaki_10109/20/103.79

Corky and Billie Ch. 01

 — Blind student meets student nurse with a plan. by corcyra10/04/064.40

Corky and Billie Ch. 06

 — A night of passion is finally theirs. by corcyra03/21/074.58HOT

Corpulent Carl

 — Bullied, overweight, teen overcomes. by Callicious07/19/144.77HOT

Corrupting Jordan

 — Controlling woman seduces virginal 18-year-old.. by AngelAmy06/27/024.05

Cory's Senior Year

 — A new job builds Cory's confidence. by DudesDudes09/07/094.33

Costumes, Drinks, and My Foreskin

 — Close friend takes his virginity at a party. by TakeEight06/16/073.94

Cottage 69 Ch. 01

 — Janette and Richard's first meetings. by Wayne_Richardson07/17/184.42

Cottage 69 Ch. 03

 — The boys & Dr. Finlay discover Gloria charms. by Wayne_Richardson09/09/184.00

Cougar and her Five Virginal Cubs Ch. 04

 — Kathleen meets her five virginal and horny men. by SusanJillParker07/04/124.32

Could It Happen Like This

 — A man's idea as to what may happen. by JustMel05/05/112.38

Couldn't Wait

 — From Text to Reality...The rising tension. by comet6702/02/163.58


 — Two young lovers watch the clock in bed. by JayDavid12/21/134.25

Country Life

 — New teacher gets to ride the town bike. by Cromagnonman04/21/074.42

Country Lovers

 — Neighbouring friends become lovers. by lurkingdirk02/10/074.60HOT

Couple Teaches College Male

 — First time straight male with a couple. by Nuderancher1812/29/184.02

Courtin' Ain't Easy

 — Patience should always be this rewarding. by D-Cutter03/03/034.12

Courtney's 1st Taste of Pussy

 — Sex toy party goes south. by Professor hard lover06/29/044.42

Covet Thy Neighbor's Son Ch. 03

 — Janice has created a monster, but is she complaining? by Jaymal06/28/134.65HOT

Cowboy Needed

 — If you saw an opportunity, would you go for it? by aznrd10/02/104.37

Cramming French

 — She had an effective teaching style. by NoJo05/26/022.72

Crazy Adventures of Shannon Hannigan

 — Her first time leads to a curse! by ladyroxanne2109/28/134.20

Crazy Tall and Pigtails

 — My crush on Anna is complete with my birthday party. by BlewWater6902/13/104.52HOT

Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 02

 — David begins to learn what the pigtails are for. by BlewWater6903/22/104.68HOT

Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 03

 — David loses his virginity to Anna. by BlewWater6905/08/104.73HOT

Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 04

 — Infatuation turns to love with Anna. by BlewWater6901/03/114.63HOT

Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 05

 — David's love for Anna becomes confused with others. by BlewWater6901/13/114.75HOT

Creating a Redheaded Monster Ch. 02

 — Mona gets the help she needs and the loves of her life. by WokeUpOneDay03/08/174.71HOT

Creative Writing

 — I lose my virginity with my writing teacher. by mattmatthews02/03/164.78HOT

Creative Writing Ch. 01

 — My romance with my high school English teacher. by komrad115610/21/154.75HOT

Cricket's Calamari Catharsis

 — Young woman's journey toward enlightenment gets hot. by 2502kelly04/09/084.14

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