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First Time Stories

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"A New Role"

 — My boyfriend lets the guys use my mouth. by surfgirl42006/19/154.24

"Best Friends" a Sad Story

 — True Stories regarding a good friend. by eroticjuggalo12/05/132.49

"Friends" Ch. 01: Rings

 — A college age man has an unexpected experience. by SylentWriter05/12/163.98

"Friends" Ch. 02: Truth or Dare

 — Reed and Kris play with a friend. by SylentWriter06/01/164.18

"Oh, Jack..."

 — Two long-time friends finally give in to their desire. by CaptainPrice62602/11/104.21

"Prim & Proper Goes Bad"

 — Elegant and classy, she privately wanted something else. by johnnycumlater08/06/154.31

'Accidental' Sleepover

 — His sleeping arrangements got messed up. . . or did they? by theo_minor03/01/114.33

'Steamy' - My First Time Ch. 01

 — My first story, the night of my first time... by AbidingLust04/05/134.21

'Tales from the Orient' Ch. 05

 — The final Rashoman description of the events of Jo's party. by RashomanSingapore05/05/184.28

'Tales from the Orient' Ch. 06

 — Dee and her flight back to UK. by RashomanSingapore06/01/184.22

'Twas a Dark and Stormy Night...

 — Ruth is desperate to learn. by scary_mary02/07/143.79

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

 — Gene opens up his present on Christmas Eve. by SlickTony11/22/074.59HOT

101 Reasons Not to Become a OBGYN

 — An interesting twist on a not-so-interesting subject! by blackstallion2106/25/093.93

101 Reasons Not to Become a OBGYN Ch. 02

 — More interesting TWISTS on a not so interesting topic! by blackstallion2104/14/103.88


 — Two young 18-year-olds discover the battle of the sexes. by greystardust01/11/102.95

18 and On My Way to the Truck Stop

 — A girl gives a trucker something he wasn't expecting. by wellokay9907/07/184.52HOT

18 Today - Her Virginity MUST Go!

 — 50 guests witness Jenny's birthday defloration. by MrsJ01/01/164.03

18-Year-Old Marc Learns About Real Sex

 — Our son's first fuck. by Dimetrius10/29/133.85

18-Year-Old Virgin's First BJ

 — Virgin man's first oral experiences with a woman. by Theeeeee101/14/114.16

18-Year-Old Virgin's First Fuck

 — 18-year-old virgin fucks hot redhead in the backseat. by Theeeeee101/21/114.19

1925 Modern Gloria

 — The mixed smells of liquor, cigarettes, perfume and sweat! by GloriaWill02/16/124.39


 — I love to jerk off. My introduction to masturbatory pleasure. by cerection07/07/093.95


 — Pat’s nipples were the most erotic I have ever had. by cerection08/04/094.09

1973 Was My First Time

 — It was his first but not his last. by SDcowboy03/06/033.98

1979: Beth, I Hear You Calling

 — A somewhat truthful tale of my first time. by mojavejoe42004/04/194.73HOT

1982 San Diego Adventure

 — First visit to swing club thrills a newbie couple. by John4968606/10/064.26


 — A summer of love. by NickMariah03/10/133.95

1BR Apt.

 — She could be just the thing. by Member38911/30/124.80HOT

2927 Vadodara Express Ch. 01

 — Virgin young man runs into a willing woman. by prahaar200602/17/064.16

3 Girls I Want To Fuck

 — Girlfriend is out of town and all I can do is look at girls. by 630washington05/21/152.56

30 Days or Bust: Day 13

 — Mark deflowers Nakita. by l8bloom07/24/094.25

32 Year Old Virgin Ch. 01

 — Wife wants husband to take friend's virginity. by zeke8106/03/093.94

32 Years Ago Pt. 01

 — Losing my virginity, 32 years ago this week. by 32yrsago05/14/144.31

3rd Party Fun

 — 1 shot, 2, shot, 3 shot, 4, getting dirty on the dance floor. by livluvlust34702/20/164.29

3rd Party Fun Pt. 02

 — Post quickie and ready for more fun with their new friend. by livluvlust34703/01/194.00

4 Inches Pt. 01

 — SPEx Counsellor introduces young man to her family. by StriderJohn08/18/154.24

4 Inches Pt. 02

 — Ian loses his virginity and meets a young Indian woman. by StriderJohn09/09/154.50HOT

4 Seasons of a Life Ch. 01

 — The series begins with Spring. by bb121203/07/054.57HOT

4 Seasons of a Life Ch. 02

 — 19 years on Wendy returns with daughter. by bb121204/27/054.49

4 Seasons of a Life Ch. 03

 — David lives nurse fantasy & catches up with Wendy. by bb121208/25/054.56HOT

4 Seasons of a Life Ch. 04

 — Wendy returns - to stay. by bb121211/27/054.65HOT

40 Year Memories

 — Uptight virgin is educated by older woman. by Euan09/11/054.33

4:20 P.M.

 — Alice pays back the money she stole. by alice201107/03/183.56

4th Step Pt. 01: Virginity

 — My moral inventory as a recovering sex addict. by DressedAtoZ07/03/143.25

5 Years Ago

 — The wait is rewarded. by zoolicious02/23/193.87

57 Chevy Moves Ch. 01

 — Moves in the car lead to.... by sdsioux05/20/103.99

69 On a Sailboat

 — Isla and Alex's sail together ends up even more pleasurable. by anacorina07/26/184.33

70's College Flashback Pt. 01-03

 — Carnal knowledge in college, 1976. by BabyBoomer50s12/05/183.81

90% True Ch. 08

 — Heather gets a second chance at her first time. by rhev03/01/134.73HOT

A 'B' or not a 'B'

 — Young guy struggles with a life-changing decision. by tarkatony11/21/114.77HOT

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 19-21

 — Lynn makes Larry an offer she hopes he won't refuse. by Wm_Sexspear10/22/024.77HOT

A Bad Case of Nerves

 — She was 38 and mother had told her men were pigs. by kicky100010/10/064.34

A Bad Influence Ch. 01

 — Shy Alistair is seduced by Katie. by EmeliaBell08/08/064.44

A BBW Cures Her Depression

 — She'd given up hope but went for a walk and not her Doctor. by Xesevoli05/03/114.25

A Beautiful Butt

 — Amanda watches the lawn mowing man. by scary_mary09/25/123.75

A Beautiful Fuck

 — He has raunchy sex to lose his virginity. by hangingwithcooper01/16/064.11

A Beautiful Relationship Ch. 02

 — Ashlyn and I become closer. by Secretlit77703/11/134.38

A Bedtime Story

 — Strictly cyber? Not anymore! by Knot_By_Numbers12/14/023.65

A Big Man Finds Love

 — Tomboy falls in love with Big Guy. by Samuelx08/05/063.73

A Big Meeting Ch. 01

 — Inexperienced girl meets a big cocked guy. by mybaby11/21/154.57HOT

A Big Meeting Ch. 02

 — The girls meet the boys. by mybaby11/24/154.24

A Big Meeting Ch. 03

 — More sexual adventures for Jackie. by mybaby11/28/154.57HOT

A Big Woman's Love Story

 — BBW meets first love in college. by Samuelx02/02/093.20

A Birthday First

 — A birthday girl gets the perfect gift from her best friend. by negativelyme06/06/184.32

A Birthday Present from Rick

 — My first (but not the last) time with a family friend. by ChuckinNJ05/15/193.23

A Bisexual Haitian Tale

 — Haitian brother discovers sex and love in America. by Samuelx03/13/063.67

A Blizzard & the Night of Firsts

 — A storm forces a virgin to find warmth with 3 women. by the_last_high02/06/054.76HOT

A Blossoming

 — Two virgins discover sex. by ainu02/25/074.38

A Booty Call

 — A girl experiences the lead up to her first time. by girlwithanass11/24/173.62

A Boy in a Bar

 — A Birthday Boy finds company. by Tio_Narratore12/16/084.39

A Boy's Story

 — An immature young man gets a well rounded education. by riverboy12/16/144.61HOT

A Breathtaking Night

 — Emmalee has a crush on Hank. by LadyShianne04/20/044.15

A Brief Exchange

 — Best friends give their virginity. by NobodyWorthKnowing02/23/123.20

A Broken Heart Gets Mended

 — A girl is broken hearted, another comes to the rescue. by bravebombadier08/12/184.62HOT

A Bump in the Dark

 — A chance encounter, and a dark embrace. by edfinch12/12/114.18

A Bus Journey

 — Me and my partner used a night bus journey to enjoy sex. by Creepysir07/24/133.32

A Carnal Family Vacation

 — A 18-year-old boy lives out his fantasy... sort of... by cambam04/02/133.27

A Change of Paradigm

 — A dating site romantic interlude - and a virgin, to boot. by Jaisen01/05/104.62HOT

A Changing of the Guard

 — Definition isn't always what we think it means! by R1nonmt06/04/163.47

A Cheerleader's Cherry

 — A cheerleader has her first time. by JesterHaT07/03/074.17

A Cheerleader's Release

 — Hannah takes the star basketball player home after a victory. by KarmasToy11/26/174.31

A Cheerleader's Release Ch. 02

 — In her room, Hannah has her first oral experience. by KarmasToy11/29/174.55HOT

A Cherry Broken

 — Young man experiences his memorable first time. by Lucien_Al06/01/024.30

A Cherry in Las Vegas

 — He got lucky in a casino. by GotBacon11/08/143.98

A Cherry Is Given

 — A young virgin is ready to give her flower. by Tarzan121007/06/113.87

A Christmas Abduction Ch. 02

 — Rosa and Liza treat me to a true full subs breakfast. by Slebolp12/05/183.15

A Christmas Wish Come True

 — Eager woman loses her virginity to her neighbor. by Alice_Nestleton01/31/054.08

A Close Shave

 — A first time event in the life of Abbey by whome195212/29/113.77

A Cold and Rainy Night

 — She wants to warm her heart. by Antonio_y_Cleopatra09/03/164.67HOT

A Collection of First Times

 — An account of some of my wildest sexual firsts... by TotalKnockout11/19/174.29

A College Education Pt. 01

 — The story of one young man's rapid sexual awakening. by captain_kinky10/14/154.36

A College Education Pt. 02

 — Huge adventures continue on a sexy Saturday. by captain_kinky10/17/154.15

A College Education Pt. 03

 — Josh discovers more of Lexi's secret kinks and skills. by captain_kinky10/20/154.44

A College Freshman and Ariana

 — Losing our virginity over a weekend of hot passionate sex. by rd_bombay01/22/094.11

A College Gang Bang on South Beach

 — An unexpected party turns college gang bang dream fuck fest. by WildFox66602/22/173.37

A Couple's First Time

 — 18-year-old loses virginity to his girlfriend. by XX_vampirekindred_XX11/14/062.62

A Crash Course In Losing Virginity

 — A wreck puts them in a motel together. by andros1409/18/033.98

A Curious Roommate

 — Virgin experiments with her roommate's boyfriend. by tobloved02/26/064.08

A Curious Roommate Ch. 03

 — Camille satisfies her curiosity. by tobloved08/04/064.39

A Damn Piss Bomb!

 — A stinking prank ends up in unexpected sex between friends. by ElderDirt11/24/164.33

A Dare Worth Taking

 — Game of truth or dare leads coed to her first time. by theowlandtherose09/10/024.37

A Dare Worth Taking Ch. 2

 — A coed's second game of Truth or Dare brings another first. by theowlandtherose09/23/024.48

A Dark & Stormy Night

 — A power failure leads to some sparks. by Pokerman05/25/044.47

A Date with Destiny

 — Mark and the girls continue their courtship. by Mjolnir07/20/064.38

A Date with My Wife

 — First time sharing my wife. by 1mbibry10/08/164.32

A Day at the Beach

 — Swim in the ocean and the train ride home. by Phallicwhale06/22/074.23

A Day at the Beach

 — Firsts on a day outing. by HarryOrwell04/09/11

A Day for Firsts

 — Will waits for his Mistress to arrive. by kinkroulette10/26/163.95

A Day of First

 — A day of firsts for Abigail, a spanking, a blowjob and more. by DarknessThought01/13/184.57HOT

A Day Of Many Firsts

 — He gets his cherry popped by a girl's sister. by rfd_one03/01/072.72

A Death Wish Fulfilled

 — A memory of our first time. by Dr_hyde09/02/094.03

A Different Kind of Family Pt. 01

 — A young orphan and his new farmgirl "sister". by bluedragonauthor07/11/074.61HOT

A Different Kind Of Tutor

 — Learning has never been so fun by sunandsteel10/13/133.91

A Different Light

 — First time lesbian encounter, but is it cheating? by SluttyBrownies05/29/193.86

A Different Start

 — If you can't have regular sex, try anal. by BriarReiAmor02/03/183.03

A Different Type of Business Trip Pt. 01

 — A business trip, a new hire, and a different routine. by freznel05/25/19

A Different Type of Dancing

 — A couple has some fun after a night of dancing. by ASmallBoxOfChocolateBunnies06/09/184.26

A Different Way to Learn

 — A girl becomes a woman. by OCtantalism05/18/113.25

A Dirty Moment from My Role Play

 — So, this is a dirty moment from a role play with my friend. by moo7311/26/142.86

A Discovered Trick

 — A gymnast finds a new favorite position. by JO_KING02/16/103.23

A Double Storm

 — Sensitive young man finds himself in a stormy initiation. by Rex Siter03/25/124.51HOT

A Dove's Goodbye

 — Lovers say one final goodbye. by DarkLordSyn06/02/043.65

A Dream Cum True

 — Basketball leads to a girl's first time. by eroticorgasm08/14/024.21

A Dream One Night

 — An easy seduction into pleasure. by pocket rocket09/02/033.48

A Dreamer

 — First night with dream girl. by coreman220006/22/072.41

A Drive in the Woods

 — Two teens begin a long journey. by LitRiter07/29/034.33

A Fantastic Night

 — Her first sexual experience is long awaited. by supertex05/11/033.82

A Fantasy Made Real

 — Amanda and her band teacher have after school lessons. by Bandgeek131302/23/153.72

A Fateful Meeting

 — A shy girl gains experience at a spa. by MeiMei110/28/104.34

A Favour for a Friend

 — Long-time friend needs help with a problem. by ck389112/03/134.46

A Female Sailing Instructor

 — Sailing instructor takes his virginity. by yknow06/02/023.54

A Fetish Changed My Life Pt. 04

 — Virgin introduced to Bill. by Ingrid11B10/30/174.18

A Fetish Changed My Life Pt. 05

 — Unexpected Visitors. by Ingrid11B10/31/174.48

A Fetish Changed My Life Pt. 06

 — Recurring Treatment for Accident. by Ingrid11B11/01/174.34

A Fetish Changed My Life Pt. 07

 — The Asian Virgins. by Ingrid11B11/02/174.04

A Fetish Changed My Life Pt. 09

 — Final chapter. by Ingrid11B11/04/174.38

A Fine Black Man

 — Black police officer remembers her first time. by Samuelx05/21/063.06

A First Fantasy

 — Author fantasizes about a first-time experience. by Moonraker_Bond00706/02/053.95

A First For Everything

 — There is always something good even in bad situations. by 7reads05/04/153.55

A First For Melissa

 — It finally pays off to be persistant. by Jizaz_Jester05/01/084.28

A First For Miya

 — Asian girl loses her viriginity to porn star. by hednacloud01/18/064.07

A First For The Ages

 — His girlfriend gives him her innocence. by nochance6901/17/104.13

A First Meeting

 — Internet friends finally meet. by E Z Gee10/11/033.63

A First Time for Everyone

 — Two early-20s virgins begin exploring on their wedding night. by dark_entries09/21/144.47

A First Time for Everything

 — A chance encounter at the airport with a friends daughter by BTH240608/31/024.15

A First Time for Everything

 — An innocent boy gets his first sexual experience. by crazygirl1806/12/153.56

A First Time for Everything Ch. 01

 — Kate experiences her first attraction to a man. by curious_cait02/25/143.61

A First Time for Everything Ch. 02

 — Kate is touched for the first time. by curious_cait02/28/144.15

A First Time for Everything Ch. 03

 — Kate receives oral for the first time. by curious_cait03/18/144.25

A First Time for Everything Ch. 04

 — Kate gives oral for the first time. by curious_cait07/16/144.43

A First Time Model

 — Delivery boy has a new address. by DreamWeaver09/22/033.89

A First Timer's Tale

 — The awkward "corruption" of a man by a woman. by PuckIt07/13/174.34

A First With Gloria

 — Gloria brings him into the real world. by joolz1705/28/094.17

A First, My Friend's Sister Ch. 01

 — He returns home from college to an unexpected surprise. by johnwhoknew06/28/124.58HOT

A First, My Friend's Sister Ch. 02

 — The special evening arrives, but can he keep his promise? by johnwhoknew07/04/124.73HOT

A First, My Friend's Sister Ch. 03

 — They share each other for the first time. by johnwhoknew07/12/124.77HOT

A Fling in Florence

 — Girl in Italy loses her virginity to a mysterious Italian. by amazingrace6904/16/124.21

A Fond Farewell

 — Young man's first time with a beautiful colleague. by free1radical07/15/164.35

A Foot in the Dark

 — Remembering her crush on an older man. by blacklovr11/15/073.79

A French Connection

 — He went to escape but found himself snared. by Norfolk Boy09/20/044.68HOT

A Freshman Gains Experience

 — Virgin girl learns she loves sex. by ainu12/24/054.41

A Friend For Life

 — Doing the right thing brings sex filled benefits. by luvthedesserts01/23/134.76HOT

A Friend In Need

 — How Far Would You Go To Help Your Friend? by Remy_James05/16/084.42

A Friend in Need

 — Staci needs help with a failed first time. by Anonymous7708/30/133.94

A Friend in Need

 — Two straight BFFs helping each other with oral favors. by Optimus981203/25/174.34

A Friend in Need - A Special Night

 — I take her virginity. by KKross09/12/123.99

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

 — He helps his friend to loose her cherry. by hotpunjabiin06/02/052.48

A Fucking Reunion

 — Old friends take it to the next level. by Ryan4208/04/104.06

A Fullmoon Night

 — A deep love story. by sami2201/28/092.25

A Game of Cards

 — I undress a stunning beauty and it leads to intense passion. by Zamlock10/13/123.89

A Gentle Awakening

 — 18-year-old guy's first time is with an older woman. by julia so sweet11/03/073.85

A Gentle Awakening Ch. 02

 — They consummate the relationship. by julia so sweet11/07/074.17

A Gift for Her Teacher

 — He teaches her more than literature. by Katiecat12/02/084.46

A Gift of Myself

 — Twins get a graduation present like no other. by write4joy02/12/194.63HOT

A Gipsy at the Door

 — He finds having his palm read goes further than that. by EdDivers07/27/164.74HOT

Anticipation Ch. 04

 — Little Things. Like bare feet and getting a peek. by 5thRing07/12/173.89

Anticipation Ch. 05

 — Yin and Yang. Watch her eyes, her hands do other things. by 5thRing07/13/174.36

Anticipation Ch. 06

 — Words. Sometimes saying just the right things will do it. by 5thRing07/14/174.08

Anticipation Ch. 07

 — Dark Blessing pt. 1. A nice surprise at the mall. by 5thRing07/18/173.94

Anticipation Ch. 08

 — Dark Blessing pt. 2. A pleasant surprise back home. by 5thRing07/19/174.46

Anticipation Ch. 09

 — Stories. Entertain her while she plays. by 5thRing07/21/174.25

Anticipation Ch. 10

 — A Brief Tale. Her scent. Her taste. Her story. by 5thRing07/22/174.63HOT

Anticipation Ch. 11

 — Heartbeat. When her body creates music. by 5thRing07/24/174.45

Anticipation Ch. 12

 — Surprises. When she encounters the unexpected. by 5thRing07/25/174.27

Anticipation Ch. 13

 — Satisfaction. The moment waited for. by 5thRing07/28/174.55HOT

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