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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

Ashley's New Job (3.65)Wife and husband discover new things. Loving Wives 03/24/04
Blindsided (4.41)Wife learns a lesson the hard way. Loving Wives 02/28/09
Business Trip Transformation (3.45)Husband and wife see marriage crumbling around them. Loving Wives 03/06/09
Change of Direction (4.34)Two people discover their love for each other. Lesbian Sex 04/21/06
Cupid Almost Misses (4.42)Cupid has a bad day. Erotic Couplings 02/04/03
Damned If You Do (4.14)Next door neighbor's wife ensnares couple. Loving Wives 10/28/07
Dark Passions (4.01)Wife take kids trick or treating and gets a treat. Loving Wives 10/21/02
Discoveries (3.76)How I drove my wife to cheat. Loving Wives 06/16/02
Fall From Grace (3.75)She gets caught up in what she thinks her husband wants. NonConsent/Reluctance 08/09/02
Fishing Days (3.93)Husband is kidnapped at the lake. Loving Wives 06/17/04
Flight to Tomar Three Ch. 01 (4.81)Routine space exploration flight becomes something more.  Hot  Contest Winner Sci-Fi & Fantasy 02/05/08
Honeymoon Is Over (3.96)Newly married husband discovers his wife cheating Romance 08/10/04
I Give My Wife Away (3.83)A different tale of wife sharing. Loving Wives 08/12/02
I was a Rock Star's Secret (4.63)He finds the love of his life, only to lose her.  Hot Romance 03/03/07
Jessica Goes Wild (3.92)He thinks his wife is a slut. Loving Wives 09/06/02
Jim and Diane (4.70)Single man finds love.  Hot Erotic Couplings 03/24/06
Jim and Sharon: 4 Part Series
Jim and Sharon Ch. 01 (4.33)Husband discovers cheating has a payback. Novels and Novellas 03/28/05
Jim and Sharon Ch. 02 (4.44)Wife works on 'fixing' where things went wrong. Novels and Novellas 04/05/05
Jim and Sharon Ch. 03 (4.46)Abrupt change in marriage; life goes on for both. Loving Wives 07/09/05
Jim and Sharon Ch. 04 (4.28)Two become four and things are settled. Loving Wives 08/08/05
John & Sue: 5 Part Series
John & Sue Ch. 1 (4.30)Faithful husband finds out about wife's other life. Interracial Love 07/18/02
John & Sue Ch. 2 (4.22)John's boss fills him in on what he knows. Interracial Love 07/20/02
John & Sue Ch. 3 (4.27)Wife explains how she got started in new life. Interracial Love 07/22/02
John & Sue Ch. 4 (4.29)Sue tells John the rest of the story. Interracial Love 08/04/02
John & Sue Ch. 5 (4.13)John reads his wife's letter and makes a decision. Interracial Love 08/06/02
John and Sue Ch. 6 (3.95)Hell knocks on the door and the nightmare deepens. Interracial Love 08/08/02
Julie's New Job: 8 Part Series
Julie's New Job (3.83)Wife gets new job, & hubby gets big surprise. Loving Wives 04/22/02
Julie's New Job (Her Version) (4.30)Wife starts new job, & husband has big surprise. Loving Wives 04/25/02
Julie's New Job Ch. 3 (4.32)Husband hears the rest of wife's story. Loving Wives 05/12/02
Julie's New Job Ch. 4 (4.28)Husband has a plan to escape. Loving Wives 05/15/02
Julie's New Job Ch. 5 (4.33)Julie tells of the great escape & aftermath. Loving Wives 05/18/02
Julie's New Job Ch. 6 (4.25)Joan tells her point of view. Loving Wives 05/24/02
Julie's New Job Ch. 7 (4.36)Jon takes charge. Loving Wives 06/15/02
Julie's New Job Ch. 8 (4.22)Freedom & love conquer all. Loving Wives 06/19/02
Lessons in Honesty Squared (4.18)Cheaters get found out. Loving Wives 05/04/12
Lessons Learned (4.46)She needed a favor from her gay friend. Erotic Couplings 06/13/03
Lightning and Chainsaws (4.65)Man is forced to do what he has to do.  Hot Loving Wives 03/03/09
Lost Souls & Dreamers Beach (4.15)A place where dreams come true. Erotic Couplings 07/08/02
Mansion in the Wood (4.76)Widower drifts through life until things change dramatically.  Hot Romance 05/28/08
Megan & Bill (3.75)He discovers that his wife has a whole 'nother life. Loving Wives 11/26/03
My Daughter Eases My Pain: 5 Part Series
My Daughter Eases My Pain (4.58)He lost his wife and has problems dating.  Hot Incest/Taboo 09/09/02
My Daughter Eases My Pain Ch. 2 (4.72)Father discovers new love.  Hot Incest/Taboo 09/11/02
My Daughter Eases My Pain Ch. 3 (4.64)Father gains girlfriend and new experiences.  Hot Incest/Taboo 09/12/02
My Daughter Eases My Pain Ch. 4 (4.68)Father falls in love with Teresa.  Hot Incest/Taboo 09/14/02
My Daughter Eases My Pain Ch. 5 (4.63)Father and girlfriend make plans.  Hot Incest/Taboo 09/16/02
My Second Life (4.71)Widower discovers another life after wife is taken from him.  Hot Erotic Couplings 07/06/04
My Wife's Sister (4.08)Man finds his wife's sister draws them apart. Loving Wives 07/03/08
Nobody Rides For Free Ch. 01 (4.42)A man, his wife, and life's changes.  Contest Winner Loving Wives 04/20/06
Partners In Crime (3.76)Office girls accused of theft. Lesbian Sex 06/17/02
Patricks Marriage Changes: 9 Part Series
Patricks Marriage Changes Ch. 01 (4.32)A marriage takes a detour. Loving Wives 01/21/04
Patricks Marriage Changes Ch. 02 (4.13)Patrick goes on vacation. Loving Wives 01/27/04
Patricks Marriage Changes Ch. 03 (4.09)Sharon starts to reveal the truth. Loving Wives 01/28/04
Patricks Marriage Changes Ch. 04 (4.25)Ann continues her story. Loving Wives 02/03/04
Patricks Marriage Changes Ch. 05 (4.30)Ann 'catches' Patrick. Loving Wives 02/19/04
Patricks Marriage Changes Ch. 06 (4.14)Patrick & Ann have been misinformed. Loving Wives 02/20/04
Patricks Marriage Changes Ch. 07 (4.38)Ann discovers hidden lesbian desires. Loving Wives 02/23/04
Patricks Marriage Changes Ch. 08 (4.39)Patrick's initiation and training begins. Loving Wives 02/26/04
Patricks Marriage Changes Ch. 09 (4.14)Escape is made, & life changes yet more. Loving Wives 02/27/04
Real Time (4.41)Man discovers his wife's affair. Loving Wives 06/26/07
Sarah and Ben: 5 Part Series
Sarah and Ben Ch. 01 (4.06)Husband discovers wife's new job isn't what he thought. Novels and Novellas 10/05/02
Sarah and Ben Ch. 02 (4.43)Sarah tells how things are going bad to worse. Novels and Novellas 10/06/02
Sarah and Ben Ch. 03 (4.38)June's story. Novels and Novellas 12/27/02
Sarah and Ben Ch. 04 (4.25)Bob tells his story about Sarah Novels and Novellas 01/03/03
Sarah and Ben Ch. 05 (3.21)Ben tells more of his story. Novels and Novellas 01/04/03
Separating Factors (3.93)Wife drops a bombshell on her husband. Non-Erotic 01/11/07
Shelly & James: 8 Part Series
Shelly & James Ch. 01 (4.55)Husband and wife try out something new.  Hot Loving Wives 11/27/03
Shelly & James Ch. 02 (4.47)Wife & husband explore more. Loving Wives 11/29/03
Shelly & James Ch. 03 (4.42)The adventure continues. Loving Wives 12/02/03
Shelly & James Ch. 04 (4.44)James has Shelly explore some more Loving Wives 12/06/03
Shelly & James Ch. 05 (4.44)The adventure gets more intense. Loving Wives 12/10/03
Shelly & James Ch. 06 (4.23)James wonders if Shelly still loves him. Loving Wives 12/11/03
Shelly & James Ch. 07 (4.28)Shelly presses her limits farther than ever. Loving Wives 12/26/03
Shelly & James Ch. 08 (4.07)James takes control and things settle down. Loving Wives 12/28/03
Spontaneous Combustion (4.10)Cheating has it's price. Loving Wives 06/18/09
Sudden Shock (4.54)Husband discovers his wife is a stranger to him.  Hot Loving Wives 03/26/06
Surprise Honey: 20 Part Series
Surprise Honey (4.54)He loses his wife and begins a search.  Hot Incest/Taboo 06/17/03
Surprise Honey Ch. 02 (4.60)He discovers that he has hired his daughter.  Hot Incest/Taboo 06/21/03
Surprise Honey Ch. 03 (4.67)Hijinks continue on the yacht.  Hot Incest/Taboo 07/13/03
Surprise Honey Ch. 04 (4.67)Julie sees that her father needs someone else.  Hot Incest/Taboo 07/19/03
Surprise Honey Ch. 05 (4.68)The Alaska trip continues.  Hot Incest/Taboo 08/09/03
Surprise Honey Ch. 06 (4.40)Incest with a twist developing. Incest/Taboo 08/13/03
Surprise Honey Ch. 07 (4.68)Glacier Bay nears.  Hot Incest/Taboo 09/02/03
Surprise Honey Ch. 08 (4.74)Ranger Station at Glacier Bay.  Hot Incest/Taboo 09/05/03
Surprise Honey Ch. 09 (4.71)An interesting day after.  Hot Incest/Taboo 09/10/03
Surprise Honey Ch. 10 (4.71)The new Bill learns something more about himself.  Hot Incest/Taboo 09/15/03
Surprise Honey The Sequel Ch. 01 (4.65)Following the yacht cruise to Alaska.  Hot Incest/Taboo 10/27/04
Surprise Honey The Sequel Ch. 02 (4.71)Plans are made on the trip.  Hot Incest/Taboo 10/28/04
Surprise Honey The Sequel Ch. 03 (4.71)A large family is brewing up a new life together.  Hot Incest/Taboo 11/01/04
Surprise Honey The Sequel Ch. 04 (4.66)Finding a place to live becomes interesting.  Hot Incest/Taboo 11/04/04
Surprise Honey The Sequel Ch. 05 (4.65)Property found, deal made, party time in Juneau.  Hot Incest/Taboo 12/04/04
Surprise Honey The Sequel Ch. 06 (4.65)Bill puts his foot down.  Hot Incest/Taboo 12/21/04
Surprise Honey The Sequel Ch. 07 (4.65)The wedding day arrives & an orgy develops.  Hot Incest/Taboo 12/22/04
Surprise Honey The Sequel Ch. 08 (4.76)Bill enjoys a fivesome.  Hot Incest/Taboo 01/20/05
Surprise Honey The Sequel Ch. 09 (4.71)Surprise birthday parties are fun.  Hot Incest/Taboo 02/13/05
Surprise Honey The Sequel Ch. 10 (4.76)End of the story comes, & life is good.  Hot Incest/Taboo 02/19/05
The Accident: 8 Part Series
The Accident Ch. 01 (4.42)Husband discovers wife's secret after wreck. Novels and Novellas 03/28/05
The Accident Ch. 02 (4.40)Husband talks about his life since the accident. Novels and Novellas 04/01/05
The Accident Ch. 03 (4.39)Susan's version of what happened. Novels and Novellas 04/03/05
The Accident Ch. 04 (4.46)John and Sue talk. Novels and Novellas 04/04/05
The Accident Ch. 05 (4.48)Things start heading towards revenge. Novels and Novellas 04/05/05
The Accident Ch. 06 (4.46)John leaves to find himself. Loving Wives 06/15/05
The Accident Ch. 07 (4.47)John finds what he needs and makes a choice. Loving Wives 06/16/05
The Accident Ch. 08 (4.08)John comes home, Sue fears the worst. Loving Wives 06/23/05
The Assignment: 5 Part Series
The Assignment Ch. 1 (3.80)Husband's school assignment shakes up the marriage. Loving Wives 06/16/02
The Assignment Ch. 2 (3.93)Husband tells the rest of the story. Loving Wives 06/20/02
The Assignment Ch. 3 (4.11)Wife tells her side of the story. Loving Wives 09/02/02
The Assignment Ch. 4 (4.03)Kate tells more. Loving Wives 09/04/02
The Assignment Ch. 5 (2.62)Kate brings us up to date. Loving Wives 09/06/02
The Contract: 6 Part Series
The Contract Ch. 01 (4.47)Dying wife is in a search. Loving Wives 03/23/06
The Contract Ch. 02 (4.61)Wife's plan goes into action.  Hot Loving Wives 03/24/06
The Contract Ch. 03 (4.63)Becky continues her story.  Hot Loving Wives 03/25/06
The Contract Ch. 04 (4.63)John tells his thoughts.  Hot Loving Wives 03/26/06
The Contract Ch. 05 (4.59)John is on his own.  Hot Loving Wives 03/27/06
The Contract Ch. 06 (4.58)The end of everything.  Hot Loving Wives 03/28/06
The Invite (4.25)Man discovers a new life. Erotic Horror 10/24/04
The Self Sufficient Hermit (4.83)A single man discovers love the hard way.  Hot Non-Erotic 04/14/11
Triple Trouble (4.23)Husband discovers wife and sisters have an agenda. Loving Wives 11/30/07
Valentines Day Troubles (4.38)He has a real bad day. Romance 01/20/04
Was She Ever My Wife? (4.35)Husband finds out about wife's other life. Loving Wives 12/23/05
What Goes Around (4.38)Wife discovers the consequences of her actions hurt. Loving Wives 01/06/07
Where Trouble Lurks (4.51)Man finds out that absolutes in his life aren't  Hot Loving Wives 09/14/07
Wild Literoticans (4.14)A short news broadcast. Humor & Satire 10/22/02
Forever Love (4.53)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 09/30/02
Let It Go (3.88) Non-Erotic Poetry 09/05/03
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