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A Letter from a Friend Ch. 04

 — More sexy explanations of a change of lifestyle. by exiledmaster10/13/053.69

A Letter From Angel to Her Stranger

 — aN erotic letter. by AngelinTx12/23/134.00

A Letter from Dear John

 — Karma is a bitch. by PTBzzzz06/29/124.40

A Letter From Jules

 — Fan writes about their day at the movies. by Luvv2look06/28/034.34

A Letter From My Heart

 — Kelly expresses deep feelings to best friend. by simply_cyn07/19/044.06

A Letter from Old India

 — A Dutch noblewoman writes home from colonial India. by battleaxe_babe12/24/114.43

A Letter from Old India Ch. 02

 — She writes husband of her adventure in colonial India. by battleaxe_babe02/26/124.34

A Letter from Old India Ch. 03

 — Margriet comes to a decision in the lusty tropical breeze. by battleaxe_babe01/01/134.03

A Letter Home Ch. 01

 — A soldier's letter home to his wife. by JAGDFLEIGER02/21/074.20

A Letter Home Ch. 02

 — A soldier's letter to his wife. by JAGDFLEIGER02/23/074.17

A Letter of Farewell

 — Sometimes, someone needs to let you know some things. by Purr_Alaina03/01/094.43

A Letter to "V"

 — Master introduces Himself to a new sub. by bbkradwell09/25/054.46

A Letter to a "Friend"

 — A purging. by StixAndStonez08/08/063.75

A Letter to Alyssa

 — I explain to Alyssa why her boyfriend cheated with me. by Soma9901/07/184.09

A Letter to an Absent Heart

 — She misses you. by champagne198207/09/03HOT

A Letter to an Angel

 — Love letter to a beautiful angel. by Walk8610/21/174.57

A Letter to an Ex

 — I want her one more time, knowing what I know now. by A_Member12/11/114.18

A Letter to Dani Ch. 01

 — Do you remember the lake in Minorca? by laplappapillon11/12/095.00

A Letter to Elizabeth

 — She writes to her best sex buddy on a weekend happening. by RjThoughts07/01/134.44

A Letter to Jin

 — Moving in with my father in law causes problems. by MeredithEighty808/07/154.10

A Letter to John

 — A reminder of their first night together. by just_a_shy_girl2002/10/054.38

A Letter to Jules...

 — What they did after the fun at the theatre. by Luvv2look07/09/034.07

A Letter to Linda

 — A lover's enticement for the evening to come. by FFGusher10/02/064.14

A Letter to Mama

 — Man writes how much he loves his mother. by Walk8609/20/183.83

A Letter to Mary

 — Two lovers meet to indulge their fantasies. by anon194009/02/114.22

A Letter to Master

 — A slave confesses her naughtiness. by Sean Renaud03/27/053.09

A Letter to Missy

 — A thank you letter to please her. by friscoflyer11/21/054.50

A Letter to My Best Friend

 — A heartfelt letter with only the fondest memories. by Walk8610/16/174.62

A Letter to My Husband

 — What she did while Husband was away. by Mystery Squaw01/18/083.71

A Letter to my Lover

 — A fantasy with a surprise twist. by LisaMarieLang11/27/034.38

A Letter To My Lover

 — I hope it makes you wet, I hope it makes you remember... by JanuisClausis02/10/084.32

A Letter to My Lover

 — A married woman writes letter to lover. by YourEroticGoddess10/31/103.70

A Letter To My Lover 01

 — She writes to him the morning after. by daddysdirrtygirl06/17/083.88

A Letter to My Prince

 — I write to you of my misbehavior. by Likestoplayalways02/18/163.46

A Letter to My Readers

 — Author tells fans about their impact on her sex life. by Yogakay06/26/184.75HOT

A Letter to My Sexy Fucker

 — Her email buddy is out of town. by foofoo41610/02/054.33

A Letter to My Wife

 — A man describes a sexual encounter to his wife. by Joey Midnight10/10/104.03

A Letter to My Wife: Business Trip

 — The business trip is business as usual. by The_Darkness07/30/054.05

A Letter To Oma

 — Most fondest memories of grandma. by Walk8606/13/183.33

A Letter to Rishi Ch. 01

 — An enjoyable stay at Neena's. by vizmaster11/01/133.90

A Letter to Santa

 — Just a one more of her fantasies. by copper5012/19/064.17

A Letter to the Impossible

 — Letter from a woman to man she can never have. by SoniaInNY08/27/054.21

A Letter To The One I Long For

 — She finally tells that one person how she feels. by Kikilvs2610/27/064.62

A Letter to You

 — A Letter to my Dominant, my Love. by sweetlittlesub12/31/072.60

A Letter Unsent

 — He changed her forever. by mystic_rose06/14/054.00

A Love Letter

 — He sends a letter to Julie. by silverace107/13/043.89

A Love Letter for You

 — A fantasy... by feelmydesire10/28/133.70

A Love Letter for You 03

 — Something to keep you warm when we are apart... by feelmydesire11/01/134.44

A Lover's Lament

 — She misses you. by sweetnpetite10/31/033.93

A Lover's Pronouncement

 — She's sentimental about their intimacy. by sweetnpetite11/18/034.54HOT

A Meeting

 — You imagine your first meeting with your Internet Lover. by chylo11/14/063.71

A Moth Named Maxwell

 — A plea for understanding. by fire child09/17/084.17

A Mother's Curiosity Ch. 01

 — Mom reads from daughter's computer and finds her sexuality. by SpankerSam07/31/064.20

A New Home Ch. 03

 — Anna's long lost love letter to her brother is kinky. by vic_elor08/23/064.27

A Night to Remember Ch. 04

 — Letters from her Lover, recounting their evening. by LillianGrace09/20/054.36

A Night with Doctor Tiffany

 — An apology to her boyfriend. by PnkOcelot03/23/103.90

A Nymph's Journal - First Orgasm

 — On my birthday, I found out what an orgasm is meant to be. by vichelena01/16/184.14

A Nymph's Journal - Me and My Body

 — Short writings in which my body is the main subject. by vichelena01/17/183.86

A Nymph's Journal - Page 01

 — Stories from a nymphomaniac, from her 14-year journal. by vichelena01/11/183.91

A Peek into my Thoughts

 — A college girl (me) fantasizes about a boy in her class. by kuraihime09/28/174.39

A Peek Into Our Bedroom

 — Revealing letter about a couple's intimate encounter. by ImpureThoughts04/09/054.34

A Power Of Suggestion

 — Tickle Master Vince climbs back in my head. by timy08/06/134.00

A Regular Conversation With My Love

 — A cyber sex conversation with my lover. by brkmrevrgn05/21/094.38

A Restless Night Without You Ch. 01

 — Letters from a woman & the marine she fell in love with. by MistressDarkness09/15/074.50

A Restless Night Without You Ch. 02

 — Letters between a woman and the marine she loves. by MistressDarkness09/29/074.00

A Romantic Letter

 — A beautiful blond recounts memories of her studly ex. by GucciBarbie08/16/094.33

A Scientist Turned Porn Star

 — Transcript of actual interview with porno actor Scott Styles. by AudreyHepburn07/28/084.48

A Second Little Chatlog

 — Our favorite couple is back, and imasweetieXX has a surprise. by Maddirose10/12/144.80

A Secret Admirer

 — Jack recieves several letters anonymously. by Many Feathers06/15/064.56HOT

A Seduction Pt. 01

 — A Domme's playful search for a sub. by SeekerofJoy02/04/123.87

A Sexual Fantasy

 — She tells you what she'd like to do to you. by KeKaneAnoi12/02/054.31

A Simple Reward

 — You made me come, hopefully I make you. by viktorKreed12/12/123.33

A Slave's Letter

 — A letter from a slave to her future Master. by Joseki Ko02/19/043.78

A Slut is Born

 — Finally, she finds something she can relate to. by Blue_shoes198009/23/064.43

A Special Valentine's Present

 — What special gift does this husband have planned this year? by wife2hotblk01/21/094.26

A Story For Your Pleasure

 — I give my wife what she desires. by 123mistery10/27/134.08

A Tale of Control

 — a Dom controlling his sub. by Paganeyes01/09/104.71

A Threesome Request

 — She writes to her boyfriend about a 3-way tryst. by EroticaSeanStyle10/16/034.52HOT

A Toast! To The Bloody Shards...

 — Of her broken heart... by Jenna_In_Dreamland12/06/044.18

A Touch of Conversation

 — Two strangers have a little internet chat. by PenanceS08/14/032.75

A Touching Chat For You

 — Shy female friend is guided through a teasing touch via chat. by qarlcue07/26/10

A Trail of Tattoos

 — Sex by text. Tattoos and bbq's. by Ninjafish07/28/174.27

A Valentine's Love Letter

 — She spices up her Soldier's V-day. by InsatiableMe01/22/043.82

A Very Good Morning...

 — How many strokes would you take? by HotsMyMuse10/06/054.51HOT

A Woman Before Her Mirror

 — She sees a card and writes its story. by MeanElf03/18/045.00

About the Other Night

 — Starting over with an old flame. by kinky shy girl05/23/044.21

Adam Has Cybersex and Gets Fucked

 — An incestuous cyber story. by adamcraves111/24/053.76


 — He fulfils his addictive, lustful fantasy. by devilswhisper05/08/094.40

Advance Romance

 — An eMail encounter. by shrinktexas01/21/093.00


 — Sincerity is key; fake it well & succeed! by R. Richard03/06/044.56HOT

Affairs Assistant Ch. 03

 — Boss has his employee sext his business partner. by missgirlonwire04/18/184.08

After Glow

 — Letter to lover expressing her feelings about their day. by serendipity_lost02/26/074.80HOT

Afternoon Delight

 — A vignette I wrote for someone who seems to have moved on. by abstrusegoose509/30/184.50


 — She reflects on lost love. by ~hellbaby~02/24/054.00

Aimee and Will: Tendings

 — Meeting each other's needs. by leto42311/06/094.78

Alex Ch. 03

 — Danny learns the truth about his sister. by silversun8402/07/134.32

All I Want

 — A short story written to my boyfriend while I'm away at uni. by achinglytrue04/21/153.74

All You Have To Do Is Say "Yes"

 — An instructive email from a sub to her Master. by mlady_france05/18/064.38

Ally's Letter to Jack

 — A begging letter to the man who owns my mind and body. by Anal_Ally11/08/144.40

Ally's Letter to Jack Pt. 02

 — A second letter to the man who owns my mind and body. by Anal_Ally11/11/144.64HOT

Ally's Letter to Jack Pt. 03

 — A third letter to the man who owns my mind and body. by Anal_Ally11/28/144.80HOT

Ally's Letter to Jack Pt. 04

 — A fourth letter to the man who owns my mind and body. by Anal_Ally11/30/144.59HOT

Ally's Letter to Jack Pt. 05

 — A fifth letter to the man who owns my mind and body. by Anal_Ally12/01/144.80HOT

Ally's Letter to Jack Pt. 06

 — A sixth letter to the man who owns my mind and body. by Anal_Ally12/03/144.64HOT

Ally's Letter to Jack Pt. 07

 — A seventh letter to the man who owns my mind and body. by Anal_Ally12/05/144.54HOT


 — Letter. by VoluptuousCara01/03/154.37

An Apology

 — I'm sorry, I had to jerk off. You're to blame. by TANSTAAFL5806/05/184.27

An Assignment for Sir

 — toy writes letter to Sir detailing her favourite fantasy. by CornishBabe08/25/074.50HOT

An E-Mail to My Wife

 — He sends a fantasy to brighten her day. by stevewv200307/05/044.21

An Email Conversatiion

 — Email conversation. by AngelinTx12/23/133.00

An Erotic Exchange

 — An exchange of explicitly erotic emails leads to a tryst. by Boxlicker10107/13/084.00

An IM Between Friends

 — Casual conversation, laughter, and smiles lead to confession. by RedHairedandFriendly04/02/124.67HOT

An Insightful Re-Write

 — Sometimes a little criticism seems personal. by ofloveandlust08/22/154.09

An Interview with Dan Anderson

 — Transcript of actual interview with a 'Skinemax' actor. by AudreyHepburn11/30/074.20

An Online Romance

 — A hot erotic romance, online. by davekoko200509/21/124.67

An Open Letter

 — A wistful letter to my Dom. by dominatemeplease10/31/164.09

An Open Letter to Anja Josephsen

 — A declaration of my appreciation for this beautiful lady by MasturbationSuperstar10/23/144.00

An Open Letter to Carrie Jean Yazel

 — Ms. May 1991 Playboy Playmate. by MasturbationSuperstar01/30/152.75

An Open Letter to My Goddess

 — Should I send this to her for real? by minicockboy10/31/103.73

An Open Letter to My Lover

 — A spanko tries to explain what she wants. by CarolynFaulkner02/22/054.50HOT

An Open Letter to My Readers

 — Looking to know what YOU - the readers - like & dislike. by BrettJ01/19/07

An Open Letter to Steve

 — David acknowledges and accepts his troubling feelings. by DKerr804711/22/173.89

An Open Letter: Falling For You

 — Letters written for my girl. by thatbluecat07/21/124.38

An Unfinished Letter

 — The letter was lost but she was not forgotten. by db_0105/31/064.00

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