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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Cee Cee Ch. 3

 —  Dad & son's girlfriend become 'good' friends. by Obaki07/02/024.62HOT

Cee Cee Ch. 5

 — Cee Cee & dad go to the movies. by Obaki07/08/024.57HOT

Cee Cee Ch. 6

 — Cee Cee gets what she wants for her birthday. by Obaki07/11/024.66HOT

Cee Cee Obeys

 — She couldn't focus...THAT got resolved. Mostly. by FrontedGildedHelding02/25/153.21

Celebrating Forty

 — A tough day at the office ends with a bang by Clive Cromwell01/10/034.46

Celebrating Four Months Together

 — I surprise my lover on their four month anniversary. by GrowlsLikeATiger05/17/073.25

Celebrating Her Promotion Pt. 05

 — Charley goes wild at a Scandinavian sex spa. by mandywilluk200008/25/074.37


 — The Big Win. by sallykim61107/25/104.20

Celebration Ch. 01

 — You give him a gift he can use. by Justmyimagination01/01/154.38

Celebration Ch. 04

 — Alone together, in a storm of passion. by Justmyimagination02/18/154.58HOT

Celebration Lunch

 — Increasing confidence. by Imaginative109/25/083.59

Celebration to Remember

 — Coworkers get frisky on the company's tab. by Philcollins8705/06/094.23

Celebrations of Yuletide

 — A visit for the faithful. by DemoonKatjie11/27/083.78

Celeste Ch. 01

 — Newly-single Noah meets Celeste. by SpringOfAsteria06/16/154.70HOT


 — An unexpected weekend away and a storm. by Kiwilass01/13/174.70HOT

Celia's Adventures

 — One woman's sexual adventures. by petertowers05/12/024.05

Celibacy Be Damned

 — Excitable lady gets surprise from the man in her life. by Enchanted_Sorrow12/20/064.47

Celine - English Version

 — A beautiful woman that I've met by accident. by Scorpio5806/03/153.29

Cell Phone Adventures Story 1

 — One man's loss is another's gain. by Chantal Marchon03/21/024.32

Cellar Sex

 — Secretive phone sex - is it considered cheating? by DreamerKitty03/02/083.41

Celtic Games

 — Dan helps Renee overcome the heat. by Marnie Lapierre12/23/004.00


 — Sometimes we don't mind government. by magmaman11/12/134.02

Census Taker

 — She comes to his door for answers. by Ed061309/13/024.44

Center of Attention Ch. 01

 — Late night meeting with a woman of mystery. by Erotic Reverie11/02/044.26

Center Of My Intention

 — They hook up after a long wait. by rob9920207/14/044.25


 — Some memories are forever. by Ann Douglas09/18/174.69HOT

Central Park With Sophie

 — A business trip with a sexy younger colleague. by Falling4U12/24/124.55HOT


 — Young girl enjoys porno mags & plans to submit some pictures. by Posy_Churchgate02/02/174.16


 — Backstage shenanigans, too hot to handle? by LucineAchar07/11/104.67

Cerulean Numbers

 — First time one-nighter has the possibility to be more. by NurseChrysanthymum07/15/124.27


 — Changes needed to be made. by scruffynerfherder03/04/104.33

Ch. 01: Looking Over the Edge

 — Will a charged online affair open the door to a real meeting? by m_cosun06/05/114.30

Ch. 01: Plight of the Voyeur

 — Seeing is believing. by lucidkaos05/20/083.50

Ch. 01: Twosome

 — Lovers reunited after a long time. by Loves_music_loves_to_dance08/02/143.58

Ch. 02: Lascivious

 — When they want what they want. by lucidkaos06/16/082.00

Ch. 03: Going Down

 — Couple on vacation gets a little kinky. by Wilson Spalding02/06/054.60HOT

Ch. 03: The Go-Between

 — When it's either one or the other. by lucidkaos07/30/085.00

Ch. 06 Bill's Confession

 — A boy's search for his sexual identity. by Bushman07/03/034.30

Ch. 13 The Pursuit of Happiness

 — Husband-hunting in the 1970's. by Bushman08/28/054.33

Chad's First Sexy Massage

 — Chad visits London and gets his first nude massage by amberbailey11/28/114.02

Chad's Met His Match

 — After the gymnast, Chad has to grow up a little. by Voboy07/31/164.77HOT

Chain of Fantasies

 — An old book has a profound affect on some people. by Mystical Michael12/17/014.47


 — Jeff takes Emma, and she binds him with Chains of submission. by Jakebnto09/14/104.00


 — She learns to let go of the reins of control. by chimerra12/16/004.38

Chair Massage & More

 — Erotica comes alive in her room. by Still_me11/19/044.64HOT


 — Oops! (Or not.) by barbarian queen 204/17/054.27

Challenge Accepted

 — Kinky fun on a birthday night out. by Daringtotry11/02/164.44

Challenge Her

 — Volunteer nurse turns a car accident into a damn good thing! by MrIllusion08/17/144.72HOT

Challenging a Co-worker

 — One office desk, a ringing phone, and a challenge. by Ciannait04/07/083.97

Chameleon: Doug

 — She suckers the coach, but the tables get turned. by hawkseye1200211/05/093.85

Chameleon: Walt

 — The geezer gets her goat. by hawkseye1200211/06/094.39

Chameleons Ch. 01

 — Lavender gets sexy thanks to a stranger & a colorful club. by bodiceripperz04/08/154.48

Chameleons Ch. 02

 — Lavender's sexy adventures at Prism continue: Yellow Room. by bodiceripperz06/02/154.60HOT

Chameleons Ch. 03

 — Lavender's sexy adventures at Prism continue: Blue Room. by bodiceripperz08/13/153.80

Champagne and Strawberries

 — Two lovers indulge in kinky fuckery. by naughtycupcake10/27/123.27

Champagne Nights

 — Alone on New Year's Eve, she remembers her lover. by mlyn01/07/013.23

Champagne on Ice

 — She's excited that the chemistry is still there. by KarenOz05/18/143.71

Champagne Room

 — He has sex with a hot stripper. by Margin Walker07/29/034.34

Champagne Secrets

 — Lovers have an adventure they'll never forget. by jmskitty02/13/013.83

Champs de Lycome Ch. 01

 — First part of a series of letters meant for an ex. by BrazenFellow09/23/094.67


 — A difficult relationship turns interesting. by Many Feathers05/16/094.37


 — Two strangers meet by chance. by sweetlime06/07/094.19


 — Before you take a chance, get all the facts. by Ashson09/15/134.45

Chance Encounter

 — Couple plays an exciting game, with a twist. by mlyn01/07/013.90

Chance Encounter

 — One chance meeting sends couple on erotic adventure. by Banditinoz08/27/014.67

Chance Encounter

 — Woman stumbles upon man she met on Cuseeme. by dv8tor03/14/024.36

Chance Encounter

 — Office geek runs into secretary, & sparks fly. by Lost Boy03/14/024.52HOT

Chance Encounter

 — You have an encounter with a sexy stranger. by caralott10/07/034.14

Chance Encounter

 — Sex with a stranger. by sandoula07/31/044.46

Chance Encounter

 — Encounter at party leads to wild night. by shaneequa03/20/044.56HOT

Chance Encounter

 — Traveling salesman makes a pick-up at a porn store. by History Nut03/30/064.13

Chance Encounter

 — A chance meeting at a mall. by hey_itsthatguy09/20/093.92

Chance Encounter

 — Road trip turned into the excitement of her life. by lildevlangel09/08/044.39

Chance Encounter

 — Woman meets up with man she wanted to meet by bb_peaks11/01/083.72

Chance Encounter

 — She needs a ride and man is happy to provide it. by Pleeseteeseme08/21/114.57HOT

Chance Encounter

 — Jessica has a one night stand at a college party. by Mormont07/23/134.09

Chance Encounter

 — Sex With A Stranger. by mslifyanasty12/11/134.17

Chance Encounter - Day 01

 — A chance encounter while on a trip for interview. by fraankhardy12/28/134.37

Chance Encounter - Day 02

 — A chance encounter while on a trip for interview. by fraankhardy01/09/144.52HOT

Chance Encounter Ch. 01

 — A brisk fall evening in Pittsburgh. by Angel Love02/06/034.52HOT

Chance Encounter Ch. 03

 — Accident at the park leads to a wonderful sexual romp. by Lost Boy01/01/074.60HOT

Chance Encounter Helps to Find Lost

 — Married strangers find lust away from home. by bandj102103/14/094.62HOT

Chance Encounter of the Sexual Kind

 — Two strangers meet on a rainy night. by ImaFantasy06/02/054.23

Chance Encounters

 — Perfect date ends perfectly wickedly. by GentleMaster07/04/003.53

Chance Encounters

 — They meet in a club, then two years later, meet again. by Graced05/16/044.53HOT

Chance Encounters

 — Amazing what striking up a random conversation can lead to. by boobguy4204/04/124.59HOT

Chance Encounters

 — Wild things happen after an older man meets a younger woman. by sds19504/01/164.68HOT

Chance Encounters

 — Two strangers keep meeting accidentally until they give in. by lacharpillon08/30/164.16

Chance Encounters Ch. 01

 — Professor encounters a shy student with a naughty addiction. by Cute3Kitty07/27/154.18

Chance Encounters Ch. 02

 — Revelation of a secret leads to a proposition for Kitty. by Cute3Kitty01/11/163.71

Chance Encouter

 — Old friends meet and new ones are made. by Celestite12/14/064.48

Chance Meeting

 — A hot steamy meeting for two. by Redrosesx04/04/034.23

Chance Meeting

 — Two strangers meet in a far-off city. by Jed_GA05/14/024.71HOT

Chance Meeting

 — You enjoy subtle power exchanges. by kwas1modem05/14/054.41

Chance Meeting

 — She meets a Net acquaintance in a cafe. by DawnJ08/21/074.56HOT

Chance Meeting

 — Quick story about a chance meeting on a bus. by Steve161307/05/124.00

Chance Meeting

 — A young athlete risks the wrong locker room and is rewarded. by lordroxbury09/03/144.17

Chance Meeting Ch. 2

 — Two strangers continue to learn about each other. by Jed_GA05/18/024.76HOT

Chance Meeting Works Out Well

 — Loving wife takes a big chance. by romantichica07/09/124.21

Chance Office Encounter

 — A chance encounter at the office presents an opportunity. by GrantEros07/29/084.46


 — A brief encounter at a bar. by belle_e_button10/08/023.86

Change in Roles

 — She thought it was a secret. by WyKkEdAnGeL07/06/044.00

Change Is As Good As A Rest

 — Trying on clothes can be so satisfying. by trixiej09/16/054.56HOT

Change of Heart

 — Change of mind leads to mix of ideas. by startrooper04/10/024.67

Change of Plan Ch. 3

 — Matt & Kathy continue exploring their relationship. by Frederick Carol05/31/014.65HOT

Change of Plans

 — Sexy outing goes awry. by PowerExchange04/29/054.04

Change of Position

 — A wife takes control for the night. by BlowPopJ03/14/143.69

Changed Outlook

 — A store owner gets lucky several times. by bunny337404/25/084.32

Changes in the Neighborhood Pt. 01

 — Changes in the neighborhood lead to fun sexual adventures. by RobAnthony5308/02/174.56HOT

Changes in the Neighborhood Pt. 02

 — I meet the new girl and connect with my favorite BBW, Laura. by RobAnthony5308/14/174.54HOT

Changes in the Neighborhood Pt. 03

 — A surprise awaits me in the neighborhood. by RobAnthony5308/18/174.51HOT

Changes in the Neighborhood Pt. 04

 — Julie and I enjoy a sex-filled camping trip. by RobAnthony5308/23/174.66HOT

Changes in the Neighborhood Pt. 05

 — Denise and I finally fuck after spending day at the beach. by RobAnthony5308/30/174.68HOT

Changes in the Neighborhood Pt. 06

 — Denise comes over for a foot massage and gets so much more. by RobAnthony5309/05/174.63HOT

Changes in the Neighborhood Pt. 07

 — Rob plays with Denise and Julie at the same time. by RobAnthony5309/12/174.53HOT

Changes in the Neighborhood Pt. 08

 — Denise, Julie and I cum to an explosive ending by the pool. by RobAnthony5309/19/174.51HOT

Changing Channels

 — Two much channel swapping can be good for you. by Ravenswing10/28/014.28

Changing Colors One Saturday Night

 — She introduces old friend to her lifestyle. by SiteScanOH03/10/014.62

Changing Colours

 — He gets incentive to switch companies. by neutrona07/03/094.41

Changing Places

 — A husband and a wife switch bodies. by rhinotoons04/13/044.62HOT

Changing Room Ch. 01

 — You wake for morning glory. by BradsBabygirl06/24/084.27

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