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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Changing Room Ch. 02

 — Finding a secret room for some naughty play. by BradsBabygirl06/26/084.07

Changing Room Ch. 03

 — Down and dirty in the dressing room. by BradsBabygirl06/27/084.55HOT

Changing Room Ch. 04

 — Such naughty behaviour - tsk tsk! by BradsBabygirl06/28/084.11

Changing Room Comfort

 — Sad, jilted Bianca finds comfort. by catchercradle01/31/084.19

Changing Room Sex

 — You try his cock on rather than the clothes! by seducethemind6901/19/113.58

Changing Rooms Pt. 01

 — Fun times with Chris. by AngelsDirtyStories02/27/183.67

Changing the Oil

 — Maureen makes a mistake in the garage. by DaftBrit01/23/094.49

Changling Ch. 01

 — They meet in a rainstorm. by Luerim01/05/094.25

Chantilly Lace Pt. 02: The Office

 — What will happen at work on Monday after the scandalous gala. by ThelovelyCaroline11/19/174.47

Chantilly Lace Pt. 04: The Club

 — Brandon takes her in the club. by ThelovelyCaroline01/31/184.24


 — The chaperon was neglecting her duties. by Ashson05/03/144.27

Chapter 01

 — A piece of erotica written as the first chapter to a novel. by chickenona10/04/08

Chapter 01

 — An intense attraction turns sensual fast. by Flamilicousone02/24/134.05

Chapter 01, the Prequel

 — It would only be once...right? by ThursdayNightSecrets10/31/173.32

Chapter 01: This Time Tomorrow

 — Two people meet at a bar, share a few drinks and then some. by Tenenbaum12/04/134.25

Chapter 02

 — A continuation of a couple's sensual wild ride. by Flamilicousone03/19/133.50

Chapter 02: Through The Eyes of a Girl

 — Kate and Matt spend another exciting evening together. by Tenenbaum12/13/134.40

Chapter 03: Dear John

 — Steve finally comes home. by Slirpuff04/19/104.62HOT

Chapter 04: L&J - Finding Liz Again

 — I find Liz again after a five year absence. by shakenmartini5505/04/084.37

Chapter 05: L&J - Meeting Joyce

 — Liz's friend Joyce is also doing massages. by shakenmartini5505/08/084.53HOT

Chapter 06: Joyce Gets a Massage

 — The tables are turned on a hot, sexy masseuse. by shakenmartini5508/27/104.19

Chapter 1

 — Boyfriend surprises showering girlfriend. by tainted05/16/034.05

Chapter 1- The Exam

 — Patient wants more then just an exam. by batjac3105/03/014.26

Chapter 39

 — Caged desires. by flutterbykiss6404/01/054.56

Chapter 3: Unseen Feelings

 — Continuation of Fevered Dreams with you. by Dani_RavensLoft09/11/034.56HOT

Chapter 4: Reoccuring Thoughts

 — Online words can be felt so realistically. by Dani_RavensLoft12/21/034.15

Chapter 51

 — You meet after work. by flutterbykiss6410/17/053.62

Chapter 52

 — You want to kiss her butterfly. by flutterbykiss6410/18/054.86

Chapter One

 — Her voice. by YorEyzOnly03/28/054.35


 — Our second date was just a hard fuck session. by johnnieblue4409/02/104.44


 — Art session draws passions. by CaptainDrummond05/21/164.19

Charitable Spirit

 — Cheri is the kind of girl that gives... and gives... by watchingyou206/04/114.46

Charity Comes on the Road

 — Two strangers meet in St. Louis. by SplendidSpunk11/01/084.33

Charity Golf Outing

 — He gives & gets more than money at a charity golf event. by StarGazer5801/29/074.49

Charlene Does Maui

 — Charlene and lover go to Maui. by Newkinkstories05/04/164.30

Charlene's First Hand Job

 — How to clean up the mess. by StorySpinner01/08/034.38

Charlene's Tale

 — Charlene tells her side about traveling with Rob. by RobAnthony5301/26/184.67HOT

Charlene's Tale Ch. 02

 — Charlene tells her side of the story. by RobAnthony5302/05/184.73HOT

Charles and the Real Woman

 — A recluse finally gets social. by DistilledTension12/01/154.53HOT

Charles In Charge.

 — He gets a surprise from a most unlikely woman. by be0wulf11/05/034.65HOT

Charley Stays...

 — A house guest says thank you in his own way. by XXNoraJeanXX12/21/084.47

Charlie & Co. Ch. 01

 — Dad's partner has a hot young wife; Dad has a huge cock. by jallen94402/02/074.52HOT

Charlie & Co. Ch. 02

 — Jimmy gets a new client. by jallen94402/13/074.57HOT

Charlie & Karen Ch. 01

 — Charlie's first time. by chazdaz04/15/124.47

Charlie & Miley Ch. 01

 — The soap opera continues. by frozenhero104/19/134.78HOT

Charlie & Miley Ch. 03

 — Lots of cum play. Brian finds Stacy. Chaos ensues. by frozenhero109/26/134.81HOT

Charlie & Miley Ch. 04

 — Will Charlie, Miley, and Haley have a threesome? by frozenhero109/26/144.82HOT

Charlie & Miley Ch. 06

 — An epilogue and final chapter for the beauty & the geek. by frozenhero102/07/154.83HOT

Charlie and Angel Ch. 01

 — He meets you for dinner. by Charlies_Angel03/05/035.00

Charlie Ch. 02

 — Charlie comes back for more. by BrownGoatMan05/28/144.50HOT

Charlie's Bar - The Phlebotomist

 — She was his last client of the day. by victorecho02/08/094.58HOT

Charlie's Law

 — A musician is seduced by a high-society lady bent on revenge. by HenryGatewood02/06/134.57HOT

Charlie's Slut

 — An afternoon with Charlie leads to an unexpected surprise. by LizzyBethLit05/21/17


 — Coed finally gets into professor's pants. by gushogan06/04/023.84


 — Sex with a stranger. by dh34135202/24/084.15


 — A little research leads to an intense afternoon. by ofloveandlust08/25/154.43

Charlotte & The Pirate Ch. 10

 — The return to St. Dominique. by mcfbridge12/22/044.80HOT

Charlotte Amalie

 — A tropical weekend. by Alpheratz03/19/064.56HOT

Charlotte and Anton

 — What was she doing, leering over her dead sister's husband? by ABigCat01/15/164.23

Charlotte Gets Half Her Man

 — Tim treats Lotte like dirt because he's not over Jana. by CBDannieD04/09/094.00

Charlotte Thinks Out Loud

 — Charlotte recounts about why she is so orally fixated. by charlottesbed01/28/124.44

Charlottes Ville

 — He had a past, she saw no future. by markelly12/17/084.63HOT

Charlottesville High School Ch. 01

 — How we bagged our blonde bombshell of a math teacher. by MaryAnderson03/02/164.61HOT

Charlottesville High School Ch. 02

 — A stressed sociology teacher finds comfort with two students. by MaryAnderson03/17/164.69HOT

Charlottesville High School Ch. 03

 — Stuff happens when sexually liberated teachers get together. by MaryAnderson03/29/164.75HOT

Charlottesville High School Ch. 05

 — Marisa helps Tao, her art teacher, embrace her passion. by MaryAnderson05/03/164.72HOT

Charlottesville High School Ch. 06

 — A student taps into the Assistant Principal's libertine past. by MaryAnderson05/25/164.74HOT

Charly's Choice

 — Charly picks Tony & has her way with him. by A.W. Root09/10/054.55HOT

Charmaine's Infidelity

 — A woman's struggle to remain loyal. by X-Factor11/24/014.53HOT

Charmed to Death

 — Improving on the natural. by Jasmynn_Brown10/11/123.97

Charming Sienna

 — First date goes very well. by NymphoftheNorth06/18/144.03

Chase Cooder - Bush Pilot! Ch. 01

 — Disaster averted! by jomar06/13/074.52HOT

Chase Cooder - Bush Pilot! Ch. 02

 — Welcome home, flyboy. by jomar06/18/074.56HOT

Chase Cooder - Bush Pilot! Ch. 03

 — Magnifique mystere! by jomar06/21/074.53HOT

Chase Cooder - Bush Pilot! Ch. 04

 — Shootout! Special Features-deleted scene. by jomar06/24/074.51HOT

Chase Cooder - Bush Pilot! Ch. 05

 — Blackmailed! by jomar06/27/074.44

Chase Cooder - Bush Pilot! Ch. 07

 — Finally! by jomar07/02/074.65HOT

Chase Goes to College - Cougar Caro

 — College Student has Tryst with Cougar Next Door. by jean_p_berri02/19/184.39

Chasing A Dream-Angie's Desires

 — A dream that seems so real but is it. by Southerncharm4806/29/114.00

Chasing a Waterfall

 — A guy, two mysterious women and a past yet to be discovered. by spellofasiren02/15/113.48

Chasing a Waterfall Ch. 02

 — An exit for Vincent and an entrance for Michael. by spellofasiren02/20/114.50

Chasing After Katja

 — A gorgeous woman, with a secret. A man pursues her. by geesteve1104/22/154.06

Chasing Amy

 — A married man stalks a sexy married woman through the mall. by morninwould01/18/134.59HOT

Chasing Cars Ch. 01

 — Two coworkers do more than work together. by KSonoma04/19/144.26

Chasing Cars Ch. 02

 — A ride home becomes even more. by KSonoma05/13/144.33

Chasing Fate: Exige

 — XXX meets xxx. Episode 1. by Kev H05/09/084.60HOT

Chasing Moonbeams

 — A girl's journey in life. by Softly04/07/034.29

Chasing Tail – René’s Prudish Video

 — Amateur porn helps René Summers come out of her shell. by BunnyHart03/07/103.73

Chasing the Dragon

 — An unexpected, ultimate orgasm fuels the single-minded quest by Jazz_E_too12/12/164.00

Chasing the Dream

 — A sex dream about a friend leads to another possibility. by danielrogerashley06/13/123.47

Chasing the Dream Ch. 02

 — A sweet seduction. by danielrogerashley06/14/123.90

Chasing the Dream Ch. 03

 — Catching the Dream. by danielrogerashley06/15/123.67

Chasing The Moon

 — Couple rekindle their love under the stars. by Dusty Farkworth04/11/024.59HOT

Chasing Waterfalls Ch. 01

 — Kim goes to Maui, and meets a very interesting man. by SensuousLadyDi05/20/094.46

Chasing Waterfalls Ch. 01

 — Kim goes to Maui on vacation and meets a new man. by SensuousLady07/02/124.24

Chasing Waterfalls Ch. 02

 — Further adventures of Kim and Steve in Maui. by SensuousLady07/03/124.57HOT

Chasing Waterfalls Ch. 03

 — Kim and Steve explore Maui, and their growing relationship. by SensuousLady07/07/124.47

Chastened, FL

 — A series involving people in fictitious FL town. Lots of sex. by Grouchojim09/12/174.29

Chastened, FL Ch. 02

 — Jim follows Nora in tight yoga pants to rear of theatre. by Grouchojim09/17/174.29


 — 18-year-olds overcome chastity training. by still_goin05/06/054.69HOT

Chat Dreams Into Reality

 — Hot chats & fantasy dreams become reality. by druuna11/04/044.33

Chat Friend

 — How chat turned into reality. by hotpunjabiin07/15/053.56

Chat Friends Meet

 — The fantasy becomes reality. by Enchanttress09/04/014.40

Chat Leads to Hotel Meeting

 — Two chat friends meet for a week of hot sex. by larrydownunder03/22/123.84

Chat Party

 — Chat party for hubby is weight loss incentive for wife. by BillyBobJoeEd10/04/03

Chat Room Convo

 — Chat room sexting. by rochelle_emma03/28/154.58HOT

Chat Room Lovers

 — They meet online, then in real life. by Aphrodite623101/08/054.31

Chat Room Mates Finally Meet

 — Online chatters finally meet. by smittyspecial1806/09/083.57

Chat Room Meet

 — He meets his chat room cyber queen. by alan_james04/12/023.59

Chat Room Meet

 — Has a twist. by alexcarr03/22/102.73

Chatroom Fun

 — Mike discovers he's chatting to someone nearby. by Nomean_feet03/02/044.45

Chats in the Stairwell

 — Eight years later, two teachers find a spark. by Voboy05/20/164.65HOT

Chatting with Carol Ch. 02

 — Carol and I meet again! by FamFunandSun02/28/184.65HOT

Chatting with Tom

 — Teasing a neighbor online gets Bree horny. by PantyhoseFan02/20/084.38


 — He hooks up with the one that got away. by Knightwriter06/22/013.64

Chaya aka Devyani

 — How a girl with drive and determination made it quietly. by andhravadoo09/03/174.47

Cheap Hotel

 — Pretending to be strangers, two get dirty in a hotel. by angrymanatee112/06/104.34

Cheap Motel

 — Man and woman meet in cheap motel for raw sex, nothing more. by pollyplummer01/16/183.93

Cheap Wine and a Gal I Met Online

 — A hot night of romance starts in the park, ends in my bed. by Nemasis01/05/184.42


 — Cheerleader makes ambiguous promises. by Ashson06/20/144.53HOT

Cheat Day

 — Gary left Danielle in shock in more ways than one. by LittleLymph10/27/164.02


 — Man is taken by his female boss. by cby204/16/054.38

Cheated Me of Love I was Giving

 — Coming home early told the story and started a new one. by Scorpio4411/16/074.57HOT


 — A French twist. by readcarefully04/09/153.92

Cheater! Cheater!

 — From swinging to cheating...not a quantum leap, folks. by jaismith10/29/123.72


 — A hot extra marital affair with an employee. by sexxxation705/20/083.80


 — A husband finds the woman of his dreams. by njsummers02/02/144.06


 — Winner of race gets the competitors' wives. by Geminine10/17/173.79


 — More than just neighbors. by jonstjohn07/01/073.91


 — She lets her boyfriend's best friend take her after a fight. by dustt1008/23/044.09


 — One thing leads to another. by temp17108/01/083.67


 — My wife seduces me to cheat on her. This time she is with me. by Gordon1711/04/123.30

Cheating (Well...Kinda)

 — Two married people enjoying mutual masturbation. by fsquirrel2903/19/074.57HOT

Cheating 101

 — Cheating is an option and an art. by jluis6909/17/153.71

Cheating at the Bachelor Party

 — He has a real good time at his friend's bachelor party. by Yossarian6707/15/144.37

Cheating Bastard

 — Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. by wantsomefun195102/28/114.44

Cheating Boss

 — Forced to pose as boyfriend of his boss's beautiful mistress. by GeorgeTasker05/11/134.62HOT

Cheating G/F Saved by Sister

 — My girlfriend cheated, but sister made it right. by JRob01/05/164.11

Cheating Girlfriend Comes Home

 — Part 2 of my cheating GF. by goldcloak09/04/173.35

Cheating Heart

 — Woman finds new romance & lust in boyfriend's old army buddy. by the_sex_kitten02/02/124.49

Cheating Husband?

 — I started cheating because I thought he was cheating! by edmead09/01/103.52

Cheating Is Not Easy

 — Wife sneaks away for meeting with new lover. by hacongi12/21/013.60

Cheating Is Wrong

 — She offers sexual favors for a cheat-sheet. by bush56709/19/032.97

Cheating on Jessica with Jessica

 — He cheats on his girlfriend, and gets caught. by LaRocha03/27/033.96

Cheating Pt. 01

 — Why do I do it, what makes me cheat so often? by blondechristine201201/04/184.17

Cheating Pt. 02

 — What makes me do it? by blondechristine201201/06/183.88

Cheating Pt. 03

 — Why, why, why do we cheat? It's more than the sex! by blondechristine201201/14/184.13

Cheating Pt. 04

 — Why oh why do I do it? by blondechristine201201/17/183.81

Cheating Pt. 05

 — Why do I do it? by blondechristine201202/02/183.92

Cheating Wife [E-74] Pt. 01

 — "Are you trying to pick me up?" Barbara asked coyly. by charlessmythe10/04/164.21

Cheating Wife's Revenge

 — A cuckolded husband sets out for revenge. by tpaman113211/02/123.48

Cheating Wife's Revenge Ch. 02

 — A look at the sexual history of Cin, the Cheating Wife. by tpaman113211/09/122.26

Cheating Wife: Back Alley Bitch

 — He never figured out that I was in charge. by gi_janet01/22/143.84

Cheating Wife: My Fucking Routine

 — I find enjoyment in routine. by gi_janet07/07/133.96

Cheating Wife: The Game

 — The 'husband picks up wife' game doesn't go as planned. by gi_janet06/30/134.06

Cheating with Christine

 — Fantasy with my wife's best friend. by Silver401/23/163.59

Cheating with her Sorority Sister

 — Guy cheats with his big mouthed girlfriend's sorority sister. by johndoe11201/14/183.99

Cheating with Linda

 — College guy cheers up his girl's best friend. by Dinsmore05/14/054.05

Cheating with My Ex

 — Months after we've broken up you're back in my bed. by ValhallaValkyrie06/06/154.31

Cheating with Redheaded Lawyer

 — One encounter and he risks his marraige and life. by edmead12/03/084.20

Cheating Wives Always Get Caught - FTDS

 — The best laid plans, and all that crap. by FinishTheDamnStory01/31/154.18

Cheating Works Both Ways

 — Betrayed boyfriend seeks justified revenge. by danielrogerashley07/11/104.08

Check and Mate

 — She goes to his place expecting a game of chess. by KR07/10/054.60HOT

Check Please!

 — A woman whispers a bisexual fantasy to her date over drinks. by StrawberrySmutcakes03/06/134.11

Check-Out Line

 — A chance encounter in a supermarket leads to a steamy night by TheOxRocks02/25/164.63HOT

Checking In

 — Night in a hotel is an adventure for lone woman. by 4Saken10/16/014.30


 — A game of chess turns into something very different. by Nostrovelle09/19/124.32

Checkmate Ch. 02

 — Bev and Ken get together and goes even better than planned. by 2be2sexy4u01/23/134.17

Checkout Girl

 — Lust in the checkout lanes. by hippygirl10/06/124.02

Checkout Lane Hookup Ch. 01

 — A chance encounter takes a unexpected turn. by tk555503/02/144.52HOT

Checkout Lane Hookup Ch. 04

 — Carolyn decides to take what she wants. by tk555503/10/144.72HOT

Checkout Lane Hookup Ch. 05

 — Carolyn tries exhibitionism, car sex and a good bye BJ. by tk555503/12/144.83HOT

Checkout Lane Hookup Ch. 06

 — Spare the rod, spoil the roommate. by tk555504/02/144.74HOT

Checkout Lane Hookup Ch. 07

 — Carolyn's defiance gets her a spanking, and she likes it. by tk555505/17/144.74HOT

Checkout Line

 — Store clerk gets bag stuffed. by Thruthekeyholes01/07/153.42


 — A quick coupling between classmates and old friends. by buckokuma03/15/104.05

Cheer Up Sweet, Beautiful Girl

 — Spring 2015. by delightfuloddity2105/08/163.08

Cheering My Sister's Friend Up

 — Met my sister's soon-to-be-divorced friend. by taladros111/08/094.00

Cheering Up

 — A professor gets surprised in more ways than one. by Maverick325405/11/094.25

Cheerleader and Friends

 — Cheerleader depends on friends to protect her. by Ashson10/05/144.37

CheerLeader BabySitter

 — Cheerleader was his sister's babysitter. by Ashson09/20/164.24

Cheerleader Championship

 — Man on business gets a delightful young surprise. by The Duke06/07/014.42

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 05

 — Rick gets another lesson from Nancy. by tk555509/29/124.60HOT

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 09

 — Rick finds a cheerleader that likes to take charge. by tk555510/15/124.63HOT

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 10

 — What happens when you mix a geek and a naked cheerleader? by tk555510/20/124.64HOT

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 11

 — Nancy rewards Rick for his hard work. by tk555510/28/124.63HOT

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 12

 — Lynn's friend tease Rick. by tk555511/22/124.55HOT

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 13

 — Nancy plays a game with Rick and Trinity by tk555511/25/124.59HOT

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 14

 — Nancy and Rick at the after party. by tk555512/16/124.51HOT

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 15

 — If you give a MILF a makeover does she have sex with you? by tk555512/21/124.59HOT

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 17

 — Fucking and sucking with Rick, Trinity and Nancy. by tk555501/12/134.65HOT

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 18

 — Rick has his revenge on Lynn and she likes it. by tk555503/08/134.57HOT

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 21

 — Rick and a virgin that is willing but reluctant. by tk555506/04/134.62HOT

Cheerleader Coach Ch. 01

 — Cheerleader tryouts can be a lot of fun. by WriteTighter11/25/023.90

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