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Romance Stories

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I Vacation with Liz

 — A romantic trip to Hawaii. by Boxlicker10110/09/034.28

I Wanna Learn a Love Story

 — A story about two lovers. by MendonFishers09/27/104.62HOT

I Want

 — Let's start the day off right... with coffee and oral. by eroticaauthor123405/31/144.29

I Want More

 — The fantasy about a better reality. by Ladyvrb06/23/044.23

I Want To Be Around

 — He wants her to be emotionally hurt. by woodmanone06/21/104.71HOT

I Want To Be In Love

 — What does it take for Melanie to fall in love? by HLD02/18/094.86HOT

I Want To Do Bad Things To You

 — Really, I do. by pumpkin_05/24/124.27

I was a Rock Star's Secret

 — He finds the love of his life, only to lose her. by curious2c03/03/074.61HOT

I Will Take You There - Someday

 — A nature fantasy for a woman he loves. by MikeFranklin04/13/074.22

I Wish

 — The study of a lost lover's desires. by Tygrehart10/22/024.68HOT

I Wish

 — Wishes fulfilled for a middle class couple. by SweetOblivion04/07/094.33

I Wish, I Wasn't

 — Making love or having sex, it's starting to sound the same. by sexywrites2211/21/113.57

I Won The Lottery Ch. 01

 — A fantasy come true. by Momstheboss01/05/144.54HOT

I Won't Hurry You

 — A young, amateur hooker tries to entice a soldier. by Cat504/08/084.89HOTEditor's Pick

I'll Be Seeing You

 — A young woman meets someone very special. by MoGalsMan09/08/044.61HOT

I'll Be Seeing You

 — A love affair the night before D-Day. by Belle_in_south08/04/154.71HOT

I'll Dance at Your Wedding

 — Sometimes there are second chances in life! by Stultus02/19/124.65HOT

I'll Make a Man Out of You

 — He had them practically begging for it. by Egmont Grigor07/19/084.59HOT

I'll Never Know

 — Why is it that forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest? by legionxxx08/20/083.47

I'll Never Leave Your Side

 — Lane needed a break and found someone while taking it. by Eternal_Midnight01/27/084.42

I'll Take the Number 3

 — Nursing student reunites with her former lover in an unlikely location. by CharmaineRougeib12/03/102.83

I'll Treat You Right

 — A story from his view. (More of a read for girls) by Whitewolf90410/27/153.33

I'm a Beast Ch. 04

 — For every action there is an equal an opposite reaction. by ForeverFaithful12/29/084.89

I'm a Trucker

 — Life of a trucker. by B_Bailey01/14/174.56HOT

I'm Already There

 — He makes Valentine's Day special. by KarennaC01/22/084.45

I'm an Old Fashioned Secretary Ch. 01

 — Woman visits her ex only to become his secretary with sexual. by histmajor12/13/144.19

I'm Glad I Snuck In

 — I snuck in for some fun and I am glad I did. by MastersSluttyToy11/29/143.80

I'm Here, Sugar

 — Writer discovers the wonders of Alaska. by annieabernathy04/09/143.41

I'm Not Amy

 — Navy pilot finds true love. by GatorRick09/01/154.80HOT

I'm Not Like That

 — Caring for someone can sometimes be different to sex. by Wild1one09/04/113.92

I'm Not Lisa Ch. 01-03

 — I fell for a cowboy, but I never thought I'd rope him. by coaster202/13/114.75HOT

I'm Not Lisa Ch. 04-06

 — I fell for a cowboy, but I never thought I'd rope him. by coaster202/14/114.77HOT

I'm Not Lisa Ch. 07-09

 — I fell for a cowboy, but I never thought I'd rope him. by coaster202/15/114.80HOT

I'm Not Lisa Ch. 10-11

 — I fell for a cowboy, but I never thought I'd rope him. by coaster202/17/114.81HOT

I'm Not Who I Used to Be

 — It's never too late to make amends. by MoogPlayer07/10/15HOT

I'm Not Who I Used to Be Ch. 02

 — It gets worse before it gets better. by MoogPlayer10/24/15HOT

I'm Not Who I Used to Be Ch. 03

 — The End of the Story. by MoogPlayer05/10/16HOT

I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying

 — Man's misconception leads to crying time. by woodmanone09/20/094.47

I'm the Boss

 — Just a little morning time fantasy of mine. by msdiamond1301/18/184.21

I'm Waiting Here

 — She is kissed by her own imagination. by ticklechambers05/19/133.80

I'm Watching You

 — Lover rewards her after long week. by Peanut10/20/004.69HOT

I'm Your Pleasure Kitten...MEOW

 — Burning desires & craving for your lover's touch. by ViXxXNKisses04/28/074.67HOT

I'm Yours

 — You seduce your husband. by Huligin1305/13/084.11


 — Coworkers take up a the stairwell. by TheLexEffects11/23/144.03

Ian and Fran's First Date

 — Cyber affair leads to true love. by midnitehawk01/26/054.52HOT

Ice Cream

 — She loves chocolate! by Jason X10/20/003.78

Ice Cubes

 — Ice cubes heat up your beachfront vacation by supersoakerMA08/12/074.40

Ice Hockey 101 Ch. 01

 — She meets hockey star who teaches her about the sport. by MugsyB11/23/094.79HOT

Ice Hockey 101 Ch. 02

 — Rebecca learns more about the sport and the athlete. by MugsyB11/24/094.84HOT

Ice Storm

 — Two older women discover they have a shared need. by RAnthonyC08/15/164.18


 — Valerie tells Sally how she first met Mike, over ice. by dweaver99911/15/074.75HOT

Icicles From Heaven

 — Heavenly pleasure. by flutterbykiss6408/13/033.89

Idaho Wild Child

 — Wolves in the Sheep? by magmaman01/18/094.69HOT

Idunn's Apples

 — Morag and her father's lands are turned over to Vikings. by nicecthulhu07/29/154.77HOT

If I Could

 — She really wants you. by Malachi07/08/014.60HOT

If I Could Be Anywhere Now.

 — A fantasy of romantic seduction. by moonwriter08/31/024.30

If I Met My Angel

 — He discovers his sexual equal in bed. by Sauceblade10/19/114.50HOT

If I Said to You

 — You're part of an office fantasy. by Anna_Lez11/18/073.77

If I Were So Lucky

 — It's all about me this time. by MissZ12/12/044.57HOT

If It's All Done in Love

 — Two familes find love. by Moondrift04/14/094.43

If Only Ch. 01

 — Her past catches up with her...and begins a new path. by Dragon_13_reboot12/29/074.51HOT

If Only Ch. 02

 — Things heat up between Kara and Cadogan. by Dragon_13_reboot01/05/084.69HOT

If Only Ch. 04

 — Is there some force keeping Kara from leaving? by Dragon_13_reboot06/18/084.67HOT

If Only Ch. 05

 — A little more of Kara's past is revealed. by Dragon_13_reboot05/26/094.65HOT

If Only Ch. 07

 — Kara gets ready for her date with Cadogan. by Dragon_13_reboot06/29/094.72HOT

If Only Ch. 08

 — The date is finally here...and plot twist! by Dragon_13_reboot06/19/174.56

If Only Jason Got To See The Ending

 — A beloved serial killer helps a thick beauty enjoy Halloween. by QueenOfTheNile10/09/114.50HOT

If Only You Were Here

 — Lonely Mrs. Oral Fantasy. by SugarNSex04/22/094.25

If That's Your Excuse

 — Teacher and his student fight what's meant to be. by simplyluvable1604/07/094.12

If That's Your Excuse Ch. 02

 — They finally have a chance to talk. by simplyluvable1604/11/094.56HOT

If That's Your Excuse Ch. 03

 — A teacher-student fight what's meant to be. by simplyluvable1605/22/094.49

If That's Your Excuse Ch. 04

 — Just when they thought it couldn't get more difficult. by simplyluvable1606/02/094.43

If That's Your Excuse Ch. 05

 — Teacher and student meet in public. by simplyluvable1606/11/094.33

If That's Your Excuse Ch. 06

 — Waking up in a strange place. by simplyluvable1607/02/094.64HOT

If That's Your Excuse Ch. 07

 — What goes on during the night. by simplyluvable1611/10/094.68HOT

If That's Your Excuse Ch. 08

 — the beginings of a first date. by simplyluvable1603/23/104.69HOT

If the Rock Is Wet, It's Raining

 — A tale of life and death. by magmaman09/29/054.74HOT

If They Made Me a King

 — A brave engineer restores the rightful Queen to her island. by Stultus07/23/104.64HOT

If You Only Knew

 — True love is the best love. by MoogPlayer03/23/09HOT

If You Were Here

 — How she would make love to you. by Thorpress07/31/024.66HOT

If You Were Here

 — Two anonymous lovers imagine a night together. by cardamomgirl09/08/164.08

If Your're 18 & Love...a Father

 — Young hottie falls for man of the cloth. by Mycke05/19/014.15

Ignorance is Bliss Ch. 01

 — Some things to decide. by WonnderWoman06/26/114.29

II. The Bitchin Banana

 — The crush develops. by Iduna10/30/053.00

Imaginary Valentine

 — Is it still making love if they aren't truly there? by Safe_Bet01/22/093.90


 — Paul had writer's block. by acartia04/29/034.33

Imagine - The Strawberry Fields

 — Chat room encounter develops into much more. by Bigwolly10/20/004.29

Imagining You

 — A story about a woman's desire. by Ginger_grl04/19/034.24


 — Just a dream he had. by whiptcream4u04/20/034.67

Imogen's Gift

 — A singer and her gift of hope. by Cromagnonman05/14/134.85HOT

Impersonating Brianne

 — Call girl goes on business trip with unique client. by HLD04/07/064.86HOT

Impersonating Brianne Ch. 02

 — Marissa and Alan's journey continues. by HLD05/02/064.87HOT

Impersonating Brianne Ch. 03

 — Marissa makes her decision. by HLD05/10/064.88HOTContest Winner

Impregnating Sarah

 — Role-playing becomes reality. by looking4fb10/21/034.44

Impression In The Sand

 — Sleepy, unanswered questions. by Northern Light11/12/024.00

Impressions Ch. 01

 — Gin and Aren meet in the studio. by coloryourworld12/08/054.46

Impressions Ch. 02

 — Aren surprises Gin. by coloryourworld12/17/054.67HOT

Impressions Ch. 03

 — A little surprise. by coloryourworld01/16/064.68HOT

Impressions Ch. 04

 — Sand and water. by coloryourworld01/29/064.61HOT

Impressions Ch. 05

 — A little fun. by coloryourworld03/09/064.75HOT

Impressions Ch. 06

 — Aren's news. by coloryourworld10/11/074.29

Impressive Miss Jones

 — Satin Jones comes into her own. by EgmontGrigor201112/14/114.64HOT

Impromptu Attraction

 — Disastrous office party leads to something unexpected. by sunny5523502/06/104.65HOT

Impromptu Attraction Ch. 02

 — A certain someone returns. by sunny5523503/07/104.66HOT

Impromptu Attraction Ch. 03

 — Two problems need solutions. by sunny5523504/03/104.64HOT

Impromptu Attraction Ch. 04

 — A wedding, and a new beginning. by sunny5523506/05/104.76HOT


 — Leaflet leads to a nude beach - and love. by Alex De Kok07/06/064.52HOTContest Winner

In a Foreign Land

 — English Rose gets an interesting education in America. by deepemerald09/22/064.51HOT

In a Mood

 — I'm always horny, but this time it's different. by nautynursing08/29/053.40

In a New Light

 — Two friends come together to find what they knew deep down. by countrychic201408/27/114.19

In a New Light Ch. 02

 — Is what happened a mistake or the start of something great? by countrychic201409/11/114.60HOT

In a Room Full of People

 — With such a high IQ you can sure be dumb sometimes. by markelly06/09/164.84HOT

In All Ways

 — Taking her as His. by americancumslut05/05/14

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