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Romance Stories

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Unexpected Guest Ch. 10

 — Aftermath. by Ada Stuart03/19/094.75HOT

Unexpected Guest Ch. 11

 — A second chance. by Ada Stuart07/01/094.78HOT

Unexpected Love

 — College student and prof. fall in love with a hot ending. by countrygirl_2612/06/12

Unexpected Love Ch. 01

 — Tara meets a new friend. by uluvERD200006/07/093.53

Unexpected Love Ch. 1

 — School outcast saves popular girl & finds love. by lilroundman07/29/023.88

Unexpected Romance

 — Joy changes Simon's life in ways he never imagined. by Smuttyandfun01/21/194.81HOT

Unexpected Situation 04

 — part 4, and my personal favorite so far! by babyfaced9312/18/134.38

Unexpected Visit

 — She finds satisfying sex on the beach. by EroticFlower02/26/034.17

Unfinished Melody

 — A night of music. Where will it lead two strangers? by GB_Marvel02/06/094.79HOTContest Winner


 — Man falls for a gorgeous stripper. by Don Shows10/21/004.55HOT


 — A firey night of passion. by flutterbykiss6409/06/023.41


 — Sometimes it's nice to walk into the unexpected. by Silentbob08/24/044.46


 — Some people never forget. by alextasy11/20/174.82HOT

Unholy Inferno

 — A little lake yummy lovin'. by Alainn11/07/074.25

Unicorn Dreams Ch. 02

 — A sweet ole fashioned romance. by Tara_Neale09/09/144.35

Unintended Consequences - Melissa C

 — What happened on the cruise. by Scorpio44a04/19/114.54HOT

Unintended Consequences - Melissa Ch. 02

 — A student and a teacher become an item. by Scorpio44a03/26/114.77HOT

Unintended Consequences - Melissa Ch. 03

 — It started with a strange assignment in college. by Scorpio44a04/01/114.72HOT

Unintended Consequences - Melissa Ch. 04

 — Adding meditation and a cruise. by Scorpio44a04/13/114.70HOT

Unintended Consequences, Melissa

 — Giving students an assignment changed everything for me. by Scorpio4409/19/084.82HOT

Union in Partition

 — Married friends fall in love. by TitilateMe04/12/074.28

University Drama Ch. 01

 — The beginning of university. by Illusion99104/29/174.12


 — You have reached Oblivion. by fadedgiant02/03/154.64HOT

Unknown Love: Prologue

 — Can love occur where you least expect to find it? by Romantic_at_heart06/23/054.00

Unknown Need

 — A college student finds herself needing the professor. by LilRed69Wolf01/23/122.43

Unleashing the Tiger Ch. 01

 — It always seems innocent in the beginning, doesn't it? by zdnHEAT06/04/054.42

Unleashing the Tiger Ch. 02

 — Or maybe it's not as innocent as we thought. by zdnHEAT06/06/054.59HOT

Unleashing the Tiger Ch. 03

 — The night begins. by zdnHEAT06/07/054.56HOT

Unleashing the Tiger Ch. 04

 — Who holds who in the palm of their hand? by zdnHEAT06/09/054.57HOT

Unlike So Many Carousels

 — Parisian man helps liberate his repressed AF/AM mistress. by avasogently10/15/103.96Editor's Pick

Unlikely Chance Ch. 02

 — Mark's adventure continues with Ammie. by MeteorMaximus04/19/124.38

Unlikely Lovers

 — Love knows no bounds or age. by Prying_eyes08/15/11HOT

Unlikely Romance

 — Internet friends meet for the first time. by alonzo1412/03/054.17


 — A bad week, turns complicated, and ends with Unpredictable. by KibaBlackfire12/06/174.04


 — An unexpected plunge into the acrimony of matrimony. by trigudis01/24/183.97

Unraveling Ch. 01

 — Did Holly's husband try to kill her? by Myalyn08/29/054.42

Unraveling Ch. 02

 — Holly's dreams haunt her, what really happened? by Myalyn09/13/054.33

Unrequited Love

 — She recalls the time with her love. by HeavensKiss09/28/024.40

Unrequited Love

 — Cyber-friends finally get to meet. by nokoi12/12/044.38

Unrequited Love?

 — Love lost? Or just misplaced for while. by rkm1006/04/074.48

Unspecial Night

 — She didn't know the night was going to be anything different. by Goldeniangel03/22/064.43

Until #$&%@ Do Us Part Literally Ch. 01

 — Love at first sight, Susan meets a dream man dressed in blue by SusanJillParker11/27/144.16

Until #$&%@ Do Us Part Literally Ch. 02

 — A Boston undercover cop threatens his wife for leaving him. by SusanJillParker11/28/144.30

Until I Find You Again Ch. 01

 — A Passion to Reunite after 15 years apart. by aligirly11/26/124.00

Until Next Time

 — Good friends risk rekindling attractions. by Moontower77711/15/112.78

Until That Night...

 — An account of friends who answer the question, "What If?" by will663805/12/084.10

Until Tomorrow

 — He waits until she's ready. by Donovan215605/04/034.05


 — Is sex a creative force? Someone finds out. by Maldoror01/04/064.62

Untold Secret

 — One woman's different, but sexy secret. by ZenLuv08/03/104.39


 — A Puerto Rican recounts his affair with an Indian girl. by SEVERUSMAX09/09/044.22

Untouchable Ch. 02

 — Gustavo brings Devi to America to marry her. by SEVERUSMAX03/21/064.32


 — A slaver finds himself bound to a woman by more than chains. by silverfall_faire08/17/104.09


 — A simple encounter between a man and a woman. by DJWinters01/24/174.07

Up a Notch

 — Kisses led to the aggressive touching we both craved. by AmeliaHarris12/24/084.63HOT

Up in the Air

 — The mile high club was never like this. by Adrian Leverkuhn04/12/08HOT

Up in the Air Again

 — Eight miles high, the song remains the same... by Adrian Leverkuhn04/21/08HOT

Up In The Air – One Last Time

 — Flying through the Memory Warehouse. by Adrian Leverkuhn03/20/15HOT

Up on the Roof

 — A romantic dinner for two. by silverace109/29/054.41

UPS Always Cums Twice

 — A lonely lady gets a special delivery. by luvstoplay6908/27/034.09

Urban Renewal

 — A young woman starts over after a breakup. by randibyrnes04/13/144.67HOT

Urges: Nomi and Amethyst

 — Two friends become close on a trip. by Sublissimal01/14/194.12

Ursula’s Return to Granity

 — Reasons for coming home were to marry and settle down. by Egmont Grigor03/28/094.51HOT


 — Couple finds cyber love. by TXDAWG02/08/04


 — I am lost in You. by KMRoberts08/08/044.47


 — Love in a secluded place. by Bozotexino09/30/093.67


 — Fuck buddies can't stay away, but a surprise awaits. by sharkandpen02/23/044.27

Used at School

 — Used at school by master. by lippy100331124504/17/163.38

Used at School Ch. 02

 — Second story. by lippy100331124504/21/164.42

Used Ch. 02

 — Esme and Barry try something new, bruises included. by sharkandpen10/19/084.56HOT

Used Ch. 03

 — Romantic weekend getaways, poorly coordinated. by sharkandpen05/02/104.33

Used Ch. 04

 — Lovers weekend unexpectedly disturbed. by sharkandpen10/14/104.73HOT

Used Ch. 05

 — history repeats itself and Esme gets dirty. by sharkandpen10/18/104.41

Using Beth Ch. 02

 — Continuation of my story "Using Beth". by mattwatt4308/29/104.68HOT

Using Beth Ch. 02 #4

 — Beth continues to be a slave to Deedee, the sexy nurse. by mattwatt4309/06/104.61HOT

Using Beth Ch. 02 #5

 — Beth and Deedee settle into a life together. by mattwatt4309/10/104.67HOT

Using Beth Ch. 02 #6

 — Beth and Deedee branch out. by mattwatt4309/15/104.80HOT

Utopian Desires Ch. 01-06

 — Two people find love on their terms. by ladi_shadow10/29/043.43

Utopian Desires Ch. 07-09

 — Romance enters, & passion takes over. by ladi_shadow12/18/043.71

Utopian Desires Ch. 10-13

 — Nothing else in the world matters. by ladi_shadow12/19/043.67

Utopian Desires Ch. 14-15

 — Fight or flight? by ladi_shadow12/27/042.25

V is for Valentino

 — Kim falls for Rudolph Valentino. by Chiara2301/25/114.29


 — A weekend away at the beach. by hiskitty10/06/034.40

Vacation Ch. 1

 — Couple stays in haunted Mexican resort hotel. by Ghostwalker696910/22/003.83

Vacation Ch. 2

 — Couple encounters a ghost. by Ghostwalker696910/22/004.25

Vacation Heat

 — Stranded by the tide, she finds him. by Lily10/20/004.21

Vacation With Mary

 — He holidays with jilted friend. by catdog1203/07/033.92


 — Win a race and end up with the memories of a lifetime. by TxRad02/15/134.56HOT


 — An abused woman finds love with a former Texas Ranger. by JakeRivers01/17/064.65HOT

Valentine Cell Phone Fun

 — Husband finds a new way to use a cell phone. by hansbwl01/26/064.18

Valentine Choice

 — What Valentine's Card should I buy? by oggbashan02/03/154.54HOT

Valentine Date

 — Serena agrees to a blind date on Valentine's Day. by Kaena01/28/084.19

Valentine Dreaming

 — Shopkeeper, customer, romantic night, heady delights. by maggie200201/27/044.53HOT

Valentine's Amore

 — An erotic Valentine's story. by Isabella77701/20/103.81

Valentine's Day

 — He spoils her rotten. by Sean Matthews10/22/004.57HOT

Valentine's Day

 — He must find a gift for his sweetheart. by PDumbledore01/20/044.04

Valentine's Day Ch. 2

 — He spoils her even more. by Sean Matthews10/22/004.52HOT

Valentine's Day Curse

 — Mike take a chance despite the Curse. by JoeDreamer01/28/154.81HOTContest Winner

Valentine's Day Date

 — The last twenty-four hours changed my life. by DG Hear01/27/094.59HOT

Valentine's Day Eve

 — You can't believe everything you see. by Slirpuff02/13/114.77HOT

Valentine's Day Fantasy Fulfillment

 — Making his Valentine's Day. by Sarah_Jean01/27/164.40

Valentine's Day for Janet

 — Martin surprises her with a rose, dinner & more. by ero05/20/014.44

Valentine's Day is a Chore

 — They both dreaded Valentine's Day expectations. by ExperiencedStoryteller01/24/193.92

Valentine's Day Memories

 — A man recalls his romantic connections to Feb. 14th. by jake6001/22/114.43

Valentine's Day Plans

 — Her hopes for a sexy Valentines. by IL02/15/034.27

Valentine's Day Proposal

 — He proposes to the woman of his dreams. by CanadianHottie08/11/084.10

Valentine's Day Renewal

 — Sara lets her past steer her present and possibly her future. by ebonynympho01/30/154.76HOT

Valentine's Day Scrooge

 — Young woman is given a lesson in romance from a Cupid. by veronica_james01/20/114.23

Valentine's Day Storm

 — A worker is stuck with his tough female boss on Valentine's Day. by darkoverlord601/22/194.74HOT

Valentine's Day Sucks!

 — Love lost and reclaimed the week of Valentine's Day. by Landrious101/28/074.71HOT

Valentine's Fantasy

 — Couple enjoys lust on the couch. by Grant10/22/004.29

Valentine's Games

 — Valentine's Day gets sexy...! by AmethystMare10/31/173.57

Valentine's Kiss

 — Man finds lover while married. by junglejim4301/26/042.55

Valentine's Tears

 — She wrapped her huge, bright-green puffer coat... by elfin_odalisque01/29/164.66HOT

Valentine's Victory

 — Just what it says. by Pandora3310302/22/103.90

Valentines Day Troubles

 — He has a real bad day. by curious2c01/21/044.34

Valentines for Cinderella

 — Ray finds ways to win his reluctant ballerina. by NotWise01/27/174.89HOTContest Winner

Valentines in the Dregs

 — A nihilistic tale of love not so easy. by Lucifer_Carroll02/05/054.54HOTContest Winner

Valentines Remembrance

 — 30 years later, he returns to his childhood sweetheart. by windwriter02/26/074.63HOT

Valerie and the Bachelor

 — Beautiful Girl finds her Prince Charming. by carvohi07/06/104.20

Valerie and the Bachelor Ch. 02

 — An odd and confusing tale of love. by carvohi07/08/104.27

Valerie and the Bachelor Ch. 03

 — A naive young woman is being seduced. by carvohi07/14/104.26

Valerie and the Bachelor Ch. 04

 — Young woman and man become more closely entwined. by carvohi07/20/104.35

Valerie and the Bachelor Ch. 05

 — Confused domineering man and starstruck woman. by carvohi07/22/104.50HOT

Valerie and the Bachelor Ch. 06

 — Naive loving girl, prince charming with baggage. by carvohi07/31/104.16

Valerie and the Bachelor Ch. 07

 — A girl's true love pierces all but the innermost shell. by carvohi08/04/104.56HOT

Valerie and the Bachelor Ch. 08

 — Valerie and Marcus finally make it. by carvohi08/05/104.43

Valerie Comes Out of Her Shell Ch. 1

 — Man falls for shy coworker. by MercZ10/08/004.62HOT

Valerie Comes Out of Her Shell Ch. 2

 — He and Valerie spend quality time together. by MercZ10/08/004.58HOT

Valerie Comes Out of Her Shell Ch. 3

 — Their date comes to an end. by MercZ10/08/004.67HOT

Vane & Alex

 — Friends can become lovers. by Yvette101/19/054.71HOT

Vane and Alex: Alex's Surprise

 — Alex is a man full of surprises... by Yvette112/15/083.96

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