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Romance Stories

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Writer's Block

 — When words won't come. by ZZ_Todd10/10/063.41

Writer's Block

 — Inspiration comes in many different ways. by Ashley_Maddison05/02/114.41

Writer's Block

 — One writer's need for inspiration is fulfilled. by SimonO10/05/164.60HOT

Writer's Fear

 — Sebastian meets the real thing. by theGatsby12/11/024.45

Writers' Union

 — Novice writer gets unexpected help. by gentlemom05/03/084.29

Writing a Story

 — Explaining how difficult it is to write an Erotic Story. by RichardKing12/22/133.86

Writing on Napkins

 — One night at a club. by steveleenow09/10/053.58

Wrong Copier, Right Time

 — Emily finds a sex story on the copier. by BritneyHarris12/20/154.27

Wrong Number

 — Wrong number leads woman on a sensual adventure. by markyoni03/29/014.69HOT


 — 6th story in a collection called 'New Lives'. by RAnthonyC09/20/164.12


 — Romance on a yoga vacation. by cowboy10911/29/113.33


 — Desire, creativity, and the essence of Rebekah. by Redhipple07/31/043.71

Yellow Roses on Valentine's Day

 — A loving husband never forgets to buy his wife yellow roses. by SuperHeroRalph01/24/11HOT

Yellow Silk

 — Very short story of desire. by Leona_James07/28/153.86


 — A couple vacation in Yellowstone National Park. by Philip_H_03/22/193.28


 — Finally giving in. by d4rk4ngel12/24/094.43

Yes, Commander

 — Rumors at boot camp. by Candypops06/17/173.91

Yes, Daddy

 — It was only one night, but it was one to remember. by teddy639608/11/194.60HOT

Yes, Dear Ch. 01

 — Love in a collision of worlds. by qhml112/07/124.74HOT

Yes, Dear Ch. 02

 — All things change. by qhml112/22/124.80HOT

Yes, Dear Ch. 03

 — Dreams sometimes come true. by qhml103/28/134.82HOT

Yes, He's My Fucking Boyfriend!

 — Sex and politics on campus in the fall of 1968. by trigudis07/01/164.07

Yes, My Lord

 — A Regency Romance (Vignettes #1) by shylaww12/05/164.55HOT


 — When fate keeps a couple apart to long, things happen. by TxRad07/31/124.56HOT


 — A young Filipina lady's sexual awakening. by ppinoy01/19/164.46


 — A brief description of private time with you. by Xesevoli06/13/034.38

You & I: An Evening Well Spent

 — You go out for dinner, dancing, & more. by sdwpthwlkr09/26/014.52HOT

You and I

 — You and I get steamy in our tent while out camping. by lovely_lissa06/08/093.80

You and Me

 — You were in your chair at your computer... by towelgirl09/14/114.09

You and Me Against the World

 — My boss and I fight the system. by Cromagnonman04/08/144.79HOT

You Are For Candlelight, Darling

 — It's a mild Valentine's night... by skinneydip02/14/103.75

You Are My Dream

 — Man meets his dream love. by wyld1stallion05/16/033.18

You Belong to Me Ch. 01

 — Unexpected loving creates an undying obsession. by MagnoliaMadness07/09/094.13

You Bet Your Wife

 — High stakes poker game ands in a weekend affair. by HungryGuy01/18/074.03

You Can't Get There From Here

 — Can a brokenhearted widower learn to live again? by darkoverlord603/03/194.82HOT

You Can't Hide Beautiful

 — A tale of two friends. by masked_author07/03/084.64HOT

You Don't Choose Love

 — It takes a nightmare and a friend's help to find out. by demure10103/22/124.66HOT

You Don't Choose Love Ch. 02

 — Hal and Karen look back, 25 years on. by demure10109/15/124.66HOT

You Don't Choose Love Ch. 03

 — Epilogue - Hal's final tribute to Karen. by demure10112/10/124.88HOTContest Winner

You Don't Mess with Them

 — I'm confronted by bad guys. by Cromagnonman08/23/134.73HOT

You Gave Me a Mountain Ch. 02

 — Josh and Sherry meet again. by DG Hear03/05/084.74HOT

You Gave Me a Mountain Ch. 03

 — How does it all end (final chapter). by DG Hear03/06/084.83HOT

You Have Become an Obsession

 — An affair with an old friend. by TXVTXR00211/29/132.47

You like Bad Girls?

 — Man meets a sexy young woman in a tavern. by jackie_em06/27/184.50HOT

You Make Me Feel Beautiful

 — A painfully beautiful romance. by a_silent_love03/24/094.33

You Never Even Wrote Ch. 01

 — He's back! But will he see her for what she is now? by sucker4romance03/29/124.19

You Never Even Wrote Ch. 02

 — A surprise for James, and some fun after the restaurant. by sucker4romance04/04/124.54HOT

You Never Even Wrote Ch. 03

 — Chloe ignores her gut feeling, and pays dearly for it. by sucker4romance04/09/124.57HOT

You Never Even Wrote Ch. 04

 — Alex makes his move, will James be too late? by sucker4romance04/26/124.56HOT

You Never Even Wrote Ch. 05

 — Breaking the news to mom, Mike is gone, and who's Jenny? by sucker4romance05/10/124.49

You Never Even Wrote Ch. 06

 — Chloe goes shopping, and sparks fly with Kristie and Andrew. by sucker4romance06/20/124.47

You Never Even Wrote Ch. 07

 — The best way to apoligise, and getting closer. by sucker4romance01/08/134.62HOT

You Never Even Wrote Ch. 08

 — End. by sucker4romance03/27/134.40

You Never Know

 —  A tale of unexpected love. by MoogPlayer10/23/084.82HOT

You Never Know Ch. 01

 — Two friends begin to see they can be much more. by govthooker7807/05/114.08

You Never Know Ch. 02

 — Two friends begin to see they can be much more. by govthooker7807/11/114.32

You Never Know Ch. 03

 — Did S. go through with the wedding? by govthooker7807/21/114.19

You Never Know Ch. 04

 — S.'s marriage was doomed from the start. by govthooker7807/27/114.28

You Never Know Ch. 05

 — Good news and bad for the couple. by govthooker7808/04/114.36

You Never Know Ch. 06

 — She finally tells her mother she's pregnant. by govthooker7808/12/114.35

You Never Know Ch. 07

 — A surprise on the roof and the happy aftermath. by govthooker7808/18/114.28

You Never Know Who Reads Your Stories Pt. 01

 — A writer starts corresponding with a reader of his stories. by demon16001/24/184.83HOT

You Never Know Who Reads Your Stories Pt. 02

 — Matt and Emily's relationship grows and they become closer. by demon16001/30/184.79HOT

You Never Know Who Reads Your Stories Pt. 03

 — Will Matt and Emily's relationship last? by demon16001/31/184.87HOT

You See...

 — A young man tries to explain what he wants. by fifty504/11/064.16

You Shouldn't Kiss Me Ch. 01

 — Life changes and new beginnings. by honeywldcat06/19/104.53HOT

You Take My Breath Away

 — Your desperation to be together no matter the cost. by flutterbykiss6410/17/053.91

You Think Making Love is Easy?

 — A Cupid's tale. by Marshtickledkitty02/02/084.78HOT

You Who Know...

 — ...What Love Is. by oggbashan01/19/174.41

You're It

 — Soulmates, sex and death. by americandemon12/28/02HOT

You're Just Right for Me

 — A millennial teaches a gen-xer what's most important in love. by trigudis10/18/164.61HOT

You're Mine

 — How a Korean teenager proved her point. by ElderDirt06/20/194.52HOT

You're Not Finished Yet Ch. 01

 — A very different kind of love story. by MoogPlayer06/08/11HOT

You're Not Finished Yet Ch. 02

 — "I'm so sorry about this, Mark," Jennifer painfully wept. by MoogPlayer07/15/11HOT

You're Not Finished Yet Ch. 03

 — The end of a very sweet tale. by MoogPlayer08/26/11HOT

You're One of Us Now

 — Her appearance in town brought back memories. by Cromagnonman09/14/134.67HOT

You're Worth Dying For Ch. 01

 — Maggie yearns for a replacement lover. by Egmont Grigor12/13/064.72HOT

You're Worth Dying For Ch. 02

 — Maggie takes a huge financial risk and marries. by Egmont Grigor12/14/064.71HOT

You're Worth Dying For Ch. 03

 — A bid for the publishing company splits Ryan and Maggie. by Egmont Grigor12/14/064.76HOT

You're Worth Dying For Ch. 04

 — Maggie is a hostage; would-be rescuer Ryan is shot. by Egmont Grigor12/15/064.80HOT

You're Worth Dying For Ch. 05

 — Indiana Dick reveals his character; all ends well. by Egmont Grigor12/16/064.31

You've Got to Be Kidding Me

 — Love conquers all. by MoogPlayer09/18/08HOT

Young Anita Falls for Hudson

 — Transient young slut? Maybe. by EgmontGrigor201907/05/194.36

Young Barons

 — In the thriving beef industry of Southern Texas... by lustfuldesires03/10/114.33

Young Beauty

 — Youthful beauty attracts married man. by Bittoo03/12/073.68

Young Couples Rally

 — A day that didn't turn out to be as expected. by Halin2406/29/174.43

Young Genius Rhonda Royce

 — Rhonda thinks outside the square so things work for her. by Egmont040911/27/094.66HOT

Young Love

 — 18-year-olds hide romance behind parent's back. by lilmissmora2312/15/06HOT

Young Love

 — Simple story about getting THAT girl. by clownprince200808/17/074.64HOT

Young Love

 — Two young college students find romance and more. by refan123403/26/103.53

Young Love the Best Way Possible

 — One great day between two young lovers. by Shammzilla07/21/113.93

Young Master Returns

 — Back from the Front, he finds she has all grown up. by Herne_Hunter04/18/163.99

Your Beach Massage

 — A nighttime massage on the beach takes a sensual turn. by hungnhappydude06/04/154.17

Your Full Body Massage

 — She uses her naked body to erotically massage yours. by Crystal_L_Veey10/31/064.22

Your Hand In Mine Ch. 01

 — Cassie's story begins. by WriterMonkey11/30/114.36

Your Hand In Mine Ch. 02

 — Darcy and Cassie get closer. by WriterMonkey12/06/114.62HOT

Your Love Made Me Blind

 — You were now staying at Jayden's Apartment. by SpRiTzSpLaSh01/12/113.33

Your Own Special Brand of Magic

 — The story of a young married couple. by steamer513911/01/064.31

Your Prom

 — You get your perfect prom and a night to remember. by Ice_Tease06/19/064.33

Your Turn

 — Woman masturbates her mate while he's working. by starkhadre06/08/014.30

Your Turn

 — Mutual pleasuring in a chair. by phoenix007/12/034.04

Your turn, My turn

 — Short, sweet and sultry. A certified satisfying game. M/F. by CharlotteBlythe07/14/164.08

Your Voice Chases Away The Sanity

 — Kalaya is a badass but can she ever have a vanilla life? by LovelyDarkling04/12/193.88

Youthful Pleasures Ch. 02

 — She gets what she wants, any way she can. by Honey12312/10/044.30

Yuletide Possession

 — Santa has one last gift for her. by Brandii11/15/064.39

Yum Ch. 01

 — Lust follows love in Vegas. by Mariepeter02/06/154.00

Yum Ch. 02

 — Lust follows love in Vegas and beyond. by Mariepeter02/07/154.60

Yuppie and Bitchface

 — Miracle at the Ritz. by LaRascasse06/14/174.72HOT

Zane: My First Love

 — Virgin finds the love of her life. by Traci Spencer07/01/023.78

Zeek's Surprise

 — Old romance rekindled. by EroticKeys03/03/153.72


 — We meet after a fight in Sturgis. by jjcolejr05/02/144.67HOT


 — I tell my closest friend Zell about the hairy troglodyte. by Hatracks08/28/184.30

Zero at Midnight

 — Trust him. by steveleenow10/23/023.71

Zinfandel With Pizza

 — Bored beauty meets a surprised pizza deliver man. by Texan06/03/013.88

Zoey's Story

 — Two friends find each other. by SunshineHoney8405/14/033.77

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