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Kiss Of A Rose

 — Can desire do no more than evoke the strongest memories? by sojournerwolf06/03/013.95

Kiss of the Sun

 — A woman chases a dream and finds her heart. by ILmonamour08/21/124.78HOT

Kiss the Bride

 — He finds old flame is marrying his best friend. by Paul Grove12/27/01

Kissing and Telling

 — B is a few years older than I am... by Fyreforged04/30/101.33

Kissing Cassandra Ch. 00

 — Korey's high school sweetheart returns in need. by fartfalcon06/25/104.00

Kissing in the Dark

 — Brandy and I have fun without the lights. by LFHAWW07/13/094.04

Kissing Kady Ch. 01

 — Damon's father gives him an ultimatum. by EveHasFallen11/22/074.50HOT

Kitchen Antics

 — Wolf learns a different meaning to cooking. by ladywolf05/22/024.60HOT

Kitchen Playground

 — Fun in the kitchen. by rborries04/23/084.23

Kitty: A Girl Named Cat Ch. 01

 — In my pursuit of him, things did not happen as planned... by xiola-blue10/12/124.12

Kitty: A Girl Named Cat Ch. 02

 — A friendly distraction.... by xiola-blue10/13/124.42

Kitty: A Girl Named Cat Ch. 03

 — He has serious baggage, but who doesn't.... by xiola-blue10/14/124.43

Kitty: A Girl Named Cat Ch. 04

 — A trip to the porn store proves useful. by xiola-blue10/15/124.62HOT

Kitty: A Girl Named Cat Ch. 05

 — Is it wrong to want to help my best friend out? by xiola-blue10/16/124.46

Kitty: A Girl Named Cat Ch. 06

 — Finally he is mine.... by xiola-blue10/18/124.59HOT

Kitty: A Girl Named Cat Ch. 07

 — Kitty has two costumes for Halloween... by xiola-blue10/22/124.79HOT

Kiwi Candles

 — What more could a girl ask for? by sexywrites2209/09/113.50


 — Can a sandwich lead to bliss? by Xesevoli06/27/044.64HOT

Knight in Shining Armour

 — He saved her in her darkest hour. by sexysmurfette10/24/013.40

Knight in Tarnished Armour Ch. 01

 — Modern day knight saves woman from rape. by Nathon_8806/12/054.63HOT

Knight in Tarnished Armour Ch. 02

 — The Knight escorts the Lady to Dinner. by Nathon_8806/26/054.66HOT

Knight Owl and Black Hawk

 — Heroes share an intimate moment. by Lord Ranger08/20/044.40

Knight Squadron - Interlude

 — Jade finds Jag in her bed... by venomlegions03/15/194.42

Knight Squadron - Journey

 — Jade & Jag discover each other on Hapsburg... by venomlegions03/14/194.56HOT

Knight Squadron: From the Ashes

 — Jade Jordon is ton between two men. by venomlegions03/22/194.69HOT

Knightly Encounter

 — She falls for a night atop a black horse. by mistyc10/25/013.97

Knock at the Door

 — The time is right, finally. by red.toering11/24/094.08

Knock Knock

 — You look so hot tonight! by sarah_wonders11/13/114.18

Knock On My Door

 — A handicapped man and a single mother need each other. by furryfan03/01/114.36

Knock Three Times on the Window

 — Meet Aidan and Astrid. by FragilityFemme04/21/013.90

Known & Unknown Lover

 — Friends become lovers in a case of mistaken identity. by intriguess03/22/013.94

Krissy's New Man

 — A BBW remembers her first meeting with her lover. by ShoddyBehavior12/25/074.17

Kristiana Pt. 01: Discovery

 — A new career with a blonde Nordic Beauty? by coaster209/18/174.70HOT

Kristiana Pt. 02: Paradise Lost

 — Paradise Lost. by coaster209/19/174.68HOT

Kristiana Pt. 03: A Risk Taken

 — A special Christmas gift and a push from his father. by coaster209/20/174.77HOT

Kristin & Paul

 — Past lovers reunite, with very dirty circumstances! by Rfranco09/26/114.15

Kyle's Porch Ch. 01

 — A girl from out of the desert. by L_G_DARROW09/06/074.59HOT

Kyle's Porch Ch. 02

 — Birds, and a naked girl? by L_G_DARROW09/07/074.67HOT

Kyle's Porch Ch. 03

 — A love leaves, and comes back broken. by L_G_DARROW09/08/074.64HOT

Kyle's Porch Ch. 04

 — Two beauties apply this time. by L_G_DARROW09/09/074.62HOT

Kyle's Porch Ch. 05

 — Two naked girls, leave a memory. by L_G_DARROW09/11/074.76HOT

Kyle's Porch Ch. 06

 — No birds this time. by L_G_DARROW09/12/074.71HOT

Kyle's Porch Ch. 07

 — Is this the one? by L_G_DARROW09/13/074.64HOT

Kyle's Porch Ch. 08

 — A family is borne. by L_G_DARROW09/14/074.79HOT


 — Frustrated by secretive Ally, Jack lets her make it up to him. by sharkandpen11/02/064.42

L'Affaire C. 02

 — I wish that I had Adam's girl. by sharkandpen11/05/064.26

L'Affaire C. 03

 — Matt takes Nicki home; Ally finds Jack asleep. by sharkandpen11/10/064.31

L'Affaire C. 05

 — His best friend's girl is too tempting to resist. by sharkandpen11/20/064.46

L'Affaire C. 06

 — Sloppy seconds strike back. by sharkandpen11/24/064.22

L'Affaire C. 11

 — Ally and Jack try something new. by sharkandpen11/03/104.59HOT

L'Hotel De Ville

 — She discovers painful disappointment of love. by Sweet_P01/21/033.78

L.S. Apartment

 — Two lovers share an evening of romance and love. by Enygma5504/12/094.12

L.S. Apartment Ch. 03

 — The end of the tale. by Enygma5504/23/094.15

L8 Night with Lionel and Sondra

 — She welcomes him home. by l8bloom07/20/074.07

La Hacienta

 — He has a fantasy of you. by Jet_Black_New_Year11/29/044.45

La Reunion v2.0

 — Encounter at high school reunion helps the healing process. by Dazman08/20/014.24

La vérité d'une femme

 — An 18th century tale of sapphic, incestuous love. by mejau7109/11/014.49

Lab Rat

 — What every guy wants--and a few women. by brianshead01/25/073.94


 — Pigheaded meets distracted. Sparks fly. by TxRad01/14/124.55HOT

Lacey's Cabin

 — She had her life mapped out, and then... by markelly06/30/094.77HOT


 — Will her life be a nightmare? Or can he turn it into a dream? by Dancingwizard02/20/134.29

Lacie Ch. 02

 — A new home. by Dancingwizard02/25/134.70HOT

Lacie Ch. 03

 — A new life begins. by Dancingwizard02/26/134.56HOT

Lacie Ch. 04

 — Preparations. by Dancingwizard02/27/134.56HOT

Lacie Ch. 05

 — The meeting. by Dancingwizard03/03/134.60HOT

Lacie Ch. 06

 — Lacie's First Morning. by Dancingwizard03/06/134.54HOT

Lacie Ch. 07

 — Lacie explores. by Dancingwizard03/07/134.51HOT

Lacie Ch. 08

 — Lacie's First Month. by Dancingwizard03/08/134.71HOT

Lacie Ch. 09

 — What Could Have Happened. by Dancingwizard03/09/134.70HOT

Lacie Ch. 10

 — Lacie's choice. by Dancingwizard03/10/134.74HOT

Lacie Ch. 11

 — Lacie's Day Off. by Dancingwizard03/11/134.77HOT

Lacie Ch. 12

 — Lacie's Preparations. by Dancingwizard03/12/134.76HOT

Lacie Ch. 13

 — The Party. by Dancingwizard03/13/134.72HOT

Lacie Ch. 14

 — Lacie kidnapped. by Dancingwizard03/23/134.48

Lacie Ch. 15

 — Lacie's prison. by Dancingwizard03/24/134.38

Lacie Ch. 16

 — Lacie's Dreams. by Dancingwizard03/25/134.57HOT

Lacie Ch. 17

 — Lacie's Recovery (Back at the Mansion) by Dancingwizard03/26/134.66HOT

Lacie Ch. 18

 — Lacie's Place. by Dancingwizard03/27/134.56HOT

Lacks Charm But Wins the Girl

 — Hunting guide expecting a male client is landed with Lee. by Egmont Grigor04/26/084.66HOT

Lacy Lapdance

 — A little reward for hitting my goal. by Wickedinside06/28/154.39


 — Finding love with the lady of the manor. by Wolfsmana06/26/084.32

Lady and the Scamp Ch. 01

 — English lady meets a scamp. by Chiara2302/13/134.75HOT

Lady and the Scamp Ch. 02

 — Calli is taken to new heights. by Chiara2303/06/134.72HOT

Lady and the Scamp Ch. 03

 — Calli's fires unleashed. by Chiara2311/18/134.76HOT

Lady Hideaway Ch. 01

 — Job leads Conner to lonely Tessa. by Blulady08/27/044.79HOT

Lady Hideaway Ch. 02

 — Conner tries to get closer to Tessa. by Blulady08/29/044.79HOT

Lady Hideaway Ch. 03

 — Conner learns about Tessa's past. by Blulady09/05/044.81HOT

Lady Hideaway Ch. 04

 — Conner wants to make things clear. by Blulady09/16/044.81HOT

Lady Hideaway Ch. 05

 — Misty asks Conner for a favor. by Blulady09/21/044.79HOT

Lady Hideaway Ch. 06

 — Conner helps Tessa face her insecurities. by Blulady09/27/044.80HOT

Lady Hideaway Ch. 07

 — Conner and Tessa get closer. by Blulady10/07/044.81HOT

Lady Hideaway Ch. 08

 — Conner & Tessa share more time together. by Blulady11/22/044.84HOT

Lady in Black

 — Musician learns the Blues from sultry Gothic goddess. by H piltdown10/15/024.36

Lady in Black

 — He met a pretty lady in black on the airplane. by dadnukum08/21/064.06

Lady in Red

 — Friends find that they are good for each other. by extra_3710/13/054.64HOT

Lady in Waiting

 — Old flame turns wife's world upside down. by D. Gilmore10/20/004.13

Lady in Waiting

 — Anticipation leads to oral seduction... by Scheherazade08/13/013.85

Lady Jane

 — Can James unlock the mystery of Lady Jane? by JohnBous07/03/084.66HOT

Lady Libertine Ch. 01: The Appeal

 — Wife seeks help from immortals to rekindle her husband's passion. by Envisage11/13/144.60HOT

Lady Libertine Ch. 02: The Ghostwriter

 — Writing a secret sex script to help a friend. by Envisage11/17/144.56

Lady Libertine Ch. 03: Forbidden Fruit

 — Jeanette's own writing arouses her. by Envisage11/19/144.40

Lady Libertine Ch. 04: Like a Virgin

 — Jeanette experiences something new with Todd. by Envisage11/22/144.25

Lady Libertine Ch. 05: More than a Wet Dream

 — Todd offers Jeanette a new education. by Envisage11/26/145.00

Lady Libertine Ch. 06: Wish, Dream, Do

 — Santa sends Jeanette an invitation. by Envisage12/04/145.00

Lady Libertine Ch. 07: Inherent Whores

 — Jeanette finally accepts her true nature. by Envisage12/14/144.20

Lady of the Loch

 — Chance encounter of the eve of battle leads to romance. by KittyWithClaws05/04/084.46

Lady of the Storm

 — A romantic mystery. by maninconn08/05/083.83

Lady on a Train

 — They need each other. by jjcolejr04/21/144.61HOT

Lady Painting at the Beach

 — Old days converge on present-day for this age-gap couple. by EgmontGrigor201112/24/114.58HOT

Lady Peasant Ch. 01

 — Young noble lady dresses as peasant for an afternoon. by Goldeniangel03/01/054.44

Lady Peasant Ch. 02

 — Al and Gwendolyn get a little closer. by Goldeniangel03/04/054.50HOT

Lady Peasant Ch. 03

 — Al saves Gwendolyn from certain harm. by Goldeniangel03/05/054.58HOT

Lady Peasant Ch. 04

 — Gwedolyn allows Al to get more daring. by Goldeniangel03/06/054.65HOT

Lady Peasant Ch. 05

 — They continue what they started and end with something new. by Goldeniangel03/06/054.71HOT

Lady Peasant Ch. 06

 — Gwendolyn spies on her maid. by Goldeniangel03/07/054.55HOT

Lady Peasant Ch. 07

 — They spend romantic & fulfilling evening together. by Goldeniangel03/09/054.71HOT

Lady Peasant Ch. 08

 — Gwendolyn gives herself to Al - before goodbye. by Goldeniangel03/10/054.66HOT

Lady Peasant Ch. 09

 — She leaves Al and home far behind along with her heart. by Goldeniangel03/10/054.62HOT

Lady Peasant Ch. 10

 — The conclusion to the story of Lady Gwendolyn. by Goldeniangel03/12/054.81HOT

Lai Ch. 01: Barb

 — Elegant beauty seduces wealthy bachelor on first date. by rcwait03/07/144.00

Lai Ch. 02: Barb

 — Beauty seduces wealthy bachelor after dancing. by rcwait03/10/144.24

Lai Ch. 03: Barb

 — Beauty seduces wealthy bachelor on sailboat. by rcwait03/15/143.81

Lai Ch. 04: Barb

 — Beauty seduces wealthy bachelor during and after show. by rcwait03/19/143.89

Lai Ch. 05: Barb

 — Beauty seduces wealthy bachelor at private retreat. by rcwait03/22/144.11

Lai Ch. 06: Barb

 — Beauty seduces wealthy bachelor in final hours of weekend by rcwait03/27/144.46

Laid-Over in Cincinnati

 — A snow storm puts a couple together for an amazing 24 hours. by JupiterMars08/30/184.60HOT

Laird of the Loch

 — Her view of a chance encounter on the eve of battle. by KittyWithClaws05/04/084.65HOT

Lake Como Ch. 01-02

 — Mi and Zeph's angry sex reveals something deeper. by SexlessInSeoul01/14/173.50

Lake Como Ch. 03-04

 — Mi and Zeph ride a train trough the Alps. by SexlessInSeoul01/15/174.20

Lake Como Ch. 05

 — The most romantic way to push someone into a lake is. by SexlessInSeoul01/16/174.40

Lake Como Ch. 06

 — Mi and Zeph strip their wet clothes and head to their chalet. by SexlessInSeoul01/18/174.15

Lake House Love

 — Mac never got to tell V how he felt about her. Until now. by Mac9807/05/094.26

Lake Superior Love

 — Resort owner finds love with a guest. by Pandora3310304/14/103.69

Lana's Secret

 — Lana hopes her husband never finds out. by Brightdawn06/05/053.73


 — Sometimes words aren't needed. by malc0ntent05/30/184.35

Lanie's Pretty Pussy

 — Lanie and I stay the night in the cabin. by Lick_n_suck12/29/113.80

Lap Dancer

 — An escort driver rescues a young woman getting away from a bad situation. by acup02/12/194.61HOT

Lara Defucco's Examination Ch. 04

 — No rest in the Hospital. by SplendidSpunk05/27/103.97

Larry's New Neighbor

 — A 19 year old's lessons in life. by bbare05/31/174.66HOT

Last Chance

 — JB has one last chance. will he take it? by BigCoreySKR07/15/124.28

Last Chance

 — On Zach's last day, Heidi has him working late. by usernameisalreadyinuse02/11/144.39

Last Chance at Forever Love Ch. 02

 — Sophia's jealous boyfriend finds out about Jim. by SenuousandSeductivelySexy11/30/184.42

Last Chance at Forever Love Ch. 03

 — Jimmy invites Sophia to live with him and she accepts. by SenuousandSeductivelySexy12/01/184.53HOT

Last Chance for Redemption

 — Lonely guy finds love. by TyroneJ10/20/004.18

Last Christmas

 — Life imitates art. by 62_goo12/28/144.35

Last Dance

 — A send off to remember. by eclecticlynx01/11/074.19

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