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It's Just a Business Transaction Ch. 11

 — Greg tries to defy Sonja. by Mythrana04/14/054.72HOT

It's Just a Business Transaction Ch. 12

 — Aida runs off and is kidnapped. by Mythrana04/20/054.78HOT

It's Just a Business Transaction Ch. 13

 — All things must come to an end, good or bad. by Mythrana05/03/054.68HOT

It's Just Life

 — A man is patient to the point of losing his dream girl. by woodmanone08/21/094.30

It's More Than Sex

 — A seemingly unmatched couple come together with a thud. by Egmont Grigor07/20/084.54HOT

It's Never To Late

 — Couple finds true happiness by kbaer10/06/024.67HOT

It's Never Too Late

 — It's never too late for true love, is it? by deadeye_7610/18/104.51HOT

It's No Big Deal

 — Actually, to some it is. by magmaman06/28/124.68HOT

It's Not the Size That Counts

 — Sarah has a problem, but it isn't what you think. by ElyssaCousland06/10/164.54HOT

It's Not the Size That Counts Ch. 02-03

 — Chapters 2 and 3 of 12. by ElyssaCousland06/15/164.52HOT

It's Not the Size That Counts Ch. 04

 — Sarah has a problem, but it isn't what you think. by ElyssaCousland06/19/164.63HOT

It's Not the Size That Counts Ch. 05

 — Sarah has a problem... Chapter 5 of 12. by ElyssaCousland06/23/164.65HOT

It's Not the Size That Counts Ch. 06

 — Sarah has a problem...Chapter 6 of 12. by ElyssaCousland06/25/164.64HOT

It's Not the Size That Counts Ch. 07

 — Sarah has a problem...Chapter 7 of 12. by ElyssaCousland06/28/164.67HOT

It's Not the Size That Counts Ch. 08

 — Sarah has a problem...Chapter 8 of 12. by ElyssaCousland06/30/164.74HOT

It's Not the Size That Counts Ch. 09

 — Sarah has a problem...Chapter 9 of 12. by ElyssaCousland07/04/164.79HOT

It's Not the Size That Counts Ch. 10

 — Sarah has a problem... Chapter 10 of 12. by ElyssaCousland07/06/164.81HOT

It's Not the Size That Counts Ch. 11

 — Sarah has a problem... Chapter 11 and Epilogue. by ElyssaCousland07/08/164.79HOT

It's over

 — Be careful when you end a relationship. by Canoe01/28/033.99

It's Over

 — They decide that their attraction must be denied. by relandlove06/21/114.19

It's Time

 — Bittersweet romance between two partisans in Italy in WW2. by northlander04/09/134.85HOT

It's Time to Let Go Now, Daddy

 — I awoke to the familiar sounds of a hospital. by MendonFishers05/25/114.64HOT

It's You and Me in Here

 — Their last hour. by rescatooor06/16/174.12

It’s Only Rock and Roll

 — ...but I like it. by Dinsmore06/23/074.85HOT


 — You prepare for a heavenly night out. by passionmaster08/24/014.54HOT


 — Cultures collide as she finds herself surrounded by lust. by WrittenKitten10/21/054.54HOT

Ivan Horton's Choice Ch. 01

 — Two students separately face crisis and temptation. by AutumnWriter06/06/064.45

Ivan Horton's Choice Ch. 02

 — Conclusion of Ivan Horton's Choice. by AutumnWriter06/07/064.79HOT

Ivrei and Mayja

 — Their love in kinship changes in meaning. by The_Defective_Pawn07/11/164.38

Ivy's Aphrodisiac

 — Ivy's baked goods lure in Russian businessman. by Tigerseye930201/08/084.52HOT

Ivy's Aphrodisiac

 — Ivy and Nikolai. by SecretEssence12/21/084.25

Ivy's Aphrodisiac Ch. 02

 — Ivy and Nikolai do a little body sampling. by Tigerseye930201/09/084.66HOT

Ivy's Aphrodisiac Ch. 03

 — Ivy and Nikolai come to an understanding. by Tigerseye930201/12/084.48

J Ch. 01

 — Our flirting takes the first step. by justcallmesweets06/30/173.93

J.J. and His Sin (Cyn)

 — Meet the girl, Love the girl, Protect the girl. by woodmanone12/13/094.62HOT


 — Her time with someone still very dear to her. by NouveauLuneAttentes12/13/043.62


 — Young aboriginal woman changes Jack's views on her race. by mangrove jack12/21/054.68HOT


 — You fantasize about a man. by Adarkeidei03/21/102.83

Jack & Ronnie's Conference Trip Pt. 01

 — Jack loses control at work, then at the airport. by joeyjax12/23/184.32

Jack & Ronnie's Conference Trip Pt. 02

 — Ronnie gets some answers, Jack finds more troubles. by joeyjax01/11/194.72HOT

Jack & Ronnie's Conference Trip Pt. 03

 — The stalker has a name. And Ronnie shares her story. by joeyjax02/14/194.77HOT

Jack & Ronnie's Conference Trip Pt. 04

 — Jack & Ronnie attend a Couple's Only Dinner & Game Night. by joeyjax02/23/194.84HOT

Jack & Ronnie's Conference Trip Pt. 05

 — The last day of the conference. Is this really the end? by joeyjax06/07/194.77HOT

Jack And Dianne

 — He loses it all to female predator then finds happiness. by SW_MO_Hermit05/01/124.65HOT

Jack and Dianne

 — Two American kids growing up in America's heartland. by B_Bailey04/01/184.10

Jack and Grace 01

 — Do we have a future ? by mavericklkh01/17/174.11

Jack and Megan

 — Two old friends reunite at a funeral. by DwellerDark10/27/154.61HOT

Jack and the Rollercoaster

 — The ups and downs of Jack's lovelife. by Kezza6712/10/084.45

Jack and the Rollercoaster Ch. 02

 — The ups and downs of Jack's love life. by Kezza6712/11/084.53HOT

Jack and the Rollercoaster Ch. 03

 — The ups and downs of Jack's lovelife. by Kezza6712/13/084.61HOT

Jack and the Rollercoaster Ch. 04

 — The ups and downs of Jack's lovelife. by Kezza6712/14/084.64HOT

Jack and the Rollercoaster Ch. 05

 — The ups and downs of Jack's lovelife. by Kezza6712/15/084.71HOT

Jack and the Rollercoaster Ch. 06

 — The ups and downs of Jack's lovelife. by Kezza6712/16/084.74HOT

Jack and the Rollercoaster Ch. 07

 — The ups and downs of Jack's lovelife. by Kezza6712/17/084.73HOT

Jack and the Rollercoaster Ch. 08

 — The ups and downs of Jack's lovelife. by Kezza6712/18/084.70HOT

Jack and the Rollercoaster Ch. 09

 — The ups and downs of Jack's lovelife. by Kezza6712/19/084.77HOT

Jack Redman

 — The ladies like Jack, but it's Renata who nails him. by egmontgrigor201011/23/104.49

Jack's Ladies

 — It was early fall, best time of the year. by egmontgrigor201010/10/104.49

Jackie Finds Comfort with John

 — Seeking the right guy, it doesn't matter about age. by alexcarr06/28/143.97

Jackie Oh

 — Back in the saddle again. by Lola4904/21/10

Jackson Hole

 — Rancher's daughter. by twelvegaugegirl198912/10/104.52HOT

Jacque and the Tiara

 — He returns from the colonies for the love of his life. by alextasy01/27/164.29

Jade Ch. 1

 — Jade and Silk enjoy a shower. by Canibewu09/04/004.30

Jade Ch. 2

 — Jade feeds Silk strawberries. by Canibewu09/04/003.80

Jade Ch. 3

 — Jade takes Silk in every way. by Canibewu09/04/004.56HOT

Jade's 'To Go' Request

 — A teen waitress succumbs to a customer's charm. by Lucky Mann03/15/144.24

Jai and Valini

 — A couple reminisce about their first year of marriage. by Cinner11/13/124.11

Jaime and Chris Ch. 02

 — Giving in to old desires. by afternightpersonality03/28/134.29


 — His family was trouble. by SierraSprite04/01/154.40

Jake and Brittany Ch. 01

 — A boy finds a BBW at the grocery store. by evilbread66601/28/164.45

Jake and Riley: The Beginning Ch. 01

 — Two college students come together. by rileylikeswaffles02/07/123.88

Jake The P.I.

 — Follow Jake's life through three marriages. by DG Hear05/11/064.66HOT

Jamaican Rendezvous

 — A woman on a tropical vacation meets a tall dark stranger. by K_Finnegan02/24/134.46

Jamaican Valentine

 — They meet for a wild time. by john47708/20/054.50


 — A short story of lost love and tragedy in the Windy City. by GC6611/19/124.11

James and Alexandra

 — Reconciliation after a lie split them apart. by vmkc10/01/154.50HOT

James and Des

 — Long distance lovers meet at last. by OrpheusLyre08/13/054.53HOT

James and Des Ch. 02

 — The next morning. by OrpheusLyre08/20/054.29

Jamie and Tina's Beginning

 — Can love really bloom and last for Jamie and Tina? by TimWLy12/08/104.05

Jamie and Tina's Beginning Ch. 02

 — Secrets revealed. by TimWLy12/14/104.38

Jamie and Tina's Beginning Ch. 03

 — Jamie and Tina let their guards down. by TimWLy12/29/104.44

Jamie and Tina's Beginning Ch. 04

 — The final day of the conference, how does it end? by TimWLy12/30/104.32

Jamie and Tina's Journey

 — How do Jamie and Tina Lee handle arriving back home? by TimWLy01/30/114.30

Jamie and Tina's Journey 02

 — Tina's surprise arrival; How will they behave? by TimWLy01/31/114.46

Jamie and Tina's Journey 03

 — Jamie and Tina's first day as lovers. by TimWLy02/01/114.56

Jamie and Tina's Journey 04

 — Expressing dreams; more love making. by TimWLy02/02/114.60HOT

Jamie and Tina's Journey 05

 — Tina's final day; more love making, and a proposal? by TimWLy02/03/113.80

Jamie's Story Ch. 04

 — A change in direction for Jamie. by Michael14208/11/164.20

Jan Resurrected

 — Love comes knocking for lonely young widow. by doll66610/24/084.27


 — I met her by accident. by GToast07/21/084.60HOT

Jane and the Long Day

 — A tired wife gets romanced. by badbuy12/05/134.28

Jane's Experiences

 — Aiden accepts that Jane doesn't want to have sex. by AnonymousStories07/23/113.80


 — Lonely bachelorette gets the man of her dreams. by OrgasmingLover06/15/05

Janet's Broken Promise

 — She gave up everything for lust - and love. by GWBosh04/10/074.76HOT


 — A workplace encounter after so many years. by SlickC10/04/054.40

Janine and Me

 — Getting together. by alexcarr08/20/103.75

January 19th

 — He takes me to places I've never been. by mlraven05/11/194.10

Japanese Girl Wins My Heart

 — Innocent co-worker takes over my life. by swollenbell12/13/164.41

Jasmine's Desires Awakened

 — She has never met anyone like him. by Sugarpop036910/05/134.41

Jasmine's Desires Awakened Ch. 02

 — Once is never enough. by Sugarpop036910/14/134.39

Jasmine's Flower

 — Jasmine finds herself a new direction. by demon45002/09/163.69


 — Love postponed, passion unlimited. by wajawhiii12/01/174.34

Jason and Julia Ch. 2

 — His last night with her. by gault_108/04/024.58HOT

Jason's Confession

 — A confession of love. by Shy_girl2409/19/044.07

Jason's Hooker

 — A salesman finds love. by Rabbitrunner9102/22/054.77HOT


 — Which is the true love? by AdenaTatsuya07/11/093.33

Jay's Day

 — Erotic story in the second person. by erinluvsjay0407/02/044.47

Jazz Man

 — Rich 1930s heiress seeks to end jazz movement. by DeeperDarkly3205/01/174.00

Jazzmyne Ch. 03

 — She believes she found her true love. by Gazzebo03/28/154.64HOT

Jealous Friend

 — Girl is fucked by her friend when he gets jealous at a party. by Firefly200002/04/184.35


 — A story of lust and romance. by maldonsailor09/02/123.17

Jed Finally Drops Anchor

 — The woman he wants is his brother's wife. by Egmont Grigor04/28/084.51HOT

Jeff & Sue Special Valentine's Day

 — Jeff and Sue meet again after 2 decades. by Matttster01/31/184.48

Jeffrey's Divorce and Recovery

 — Cheating wife, Divorce and finding a new love. by SW_MO_Hermit07/31/114.80HOT

Jehovah Witness

 — A guy wanting something gets more then he bargained for. by scarlet_in_heat02/22/114.49

Jelly Bean and Her Bail Bondsman Ch. 01

 — A bail bondsman falls in love with his personal secretary. by beagle969004/11/114.68HOT

Jelly Bean and Her Bail Bondsman Ch. 02

 — Romance continues after Danny meets Anita's father. by beagle969012/01/114.86HOT

Jelly Bean and Her Bail Bondsman Ch. 03

 — Their romance continues and when they attend the wedding. by beagle969003/16/124.80HOT

Jelly Bean and Her Bail Bondsman Ch. 04

 — Their trip to Florida adventure. by beagle969008/02/134.72HOT

Jen's Big Secret

 — A cam girl decides to venture into a new business. by MrYowman10/01/154.05

Jen's Night

 — A couples first romantic night together. by bigheadtom10/02/083.95


 — A love story by jjcole4301/13/144.57HOT

Jenna and Hank

 — Their love is mightily challenged. Will it survive? by Matt Moreau04/08/114.27

Jenna Gets Comforted by Co-Worker

 — Jon gets to know co-worker in and out. by sexy_J08/04/073.40


 — Professor and student meet again. by Grey Eagle 28602/24/064.63HOT

Jennella Ch. 02

 — He tries to steal Jennella again. by Grey Eagle 28606/06/064.57HOT

Jennella Ch. 03

 — Jenand Mike go to Iraq. by Grey Eagle 28606/29/064.69HOT

Jenni's Visit

 — Internet romance begins with real-time meeting. by EroticaSeanStyle07/26/044.38

Jennie and the Handyman

 — Jennie flashes the handyman and he takes over from there. by mattwatt4308/02/104.68HOT

Jennies DVD

 — Derek helps with a DVD and gets a bonus. by Big Derrick05/11/054.23

Jenny Lee Ch. 01

 — Young love blossoms. by drzsd03/18/094.57HOT

Jenny Raven

 — Landowner's daughter falls for a common highwayman. by HawkerDeHavilland12/14/123.53

Jenola and Anita Ch. 01

 — Waiting for Jenola to be paroled, I find a BBW fill in lover. by completeexperience05/05/134.33

Jenola and Anita Ch. 02

 — Anita and I get fucked up and fuck for the first time. by completeexperience05/19/134.42

Jenola the Black Bi BBW

 — I fall hard for a large chocolate beauty who's in prison. by completeexperience04/09/134.18

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