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Romance Stories

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Vane and Alex: Alex's Surprise Ch. 02

 — Vane lets go & experiences something new. by Yvette112/22/084.91HOT

Vane and Alex: Fantasies

 — Vane gives up control to Alex. by Yvette110/19/054.41

Vanessa Oh! Vanessa...

 — The thrill of fantasy becoming for real. by alexcarr03/05/123.62

Vatican City Ch. 01

 — Is it a sin to love an Angel? by RedDrake198301/09/144.17

Veiled Secrets

 — She was looking for a family. He needed to grow up. by RedHairedandFriendly07/18/064.81HOT

Velvet Escape

 — He waits for his true love. by 1master6510/22/003.73

Velvet Journal Ch. 1

 — Excerpt from the Velvet Journal 1982. by the1master6508/21/014.18

Velvet Journal Ch. 2

 — The continuing account of a his first sexual experiences. by the1master6510/26/014.33

Velvet's The Frog Prince

 — A Velvet fairy tale. by velvetpie04/15/043.90

Venetian Sunrise

 — It started with a couple of Mr Turner's paintings. by SamScribble05/19/174.70HOT

Veni, Vidi, Vici

 — A romance story with a twist of Science Fiction. by mattwatt4310/11/13


 — Submission to the sensual exotic world. by Bluegray08/24/014.03

Venice 1754

 — An encounter between to mysterious lovers. by DominiqueRosa08/02/104.40

Venture in Vegas

 — A couple take the long journey to Vegas. by frankies9001/08/044.17

Vertigo Eyes Ch. 1

 — A long term friendship changes direction. by Salteena03/05/014.48

Vertigo Eyes Ch. 2

 — Greg and Kate become lovers. by Salteena03/06/014.36

Vertigo Eyes Ch. 3

 — Kate's parents are told & a journey is arranged. by Salteena03/07/014.58HOT

Vertigo Eyes Ch. 4

 — Kate & Greg explore each other's sexual past. by Salteena03/08/014.42

Vertigo Eyes Ch. 6

 — Kate & Greg play with a digital camera. by Salteena03/09/014.36

Vertigo Eyes Ch. 7

 — Kate and Greg vacation at Fraser Island. by Salteena03/10/014.49

Vertigo Eyes Ch. 8

 — The couple reach their first crisis. by Salteena03/11/014.51HOT

Vertigo Eyes Ch. 9

 — Greg goes to Malaysia. by Salteena03/12/014.62HOT

Vertigo Eyes Part 5

 — Kate terrorises the hotel restaurant staff. by Salteena03/08/014.53HOT

Very Fragile! Handle with care!

 — Some hearts may really break. by MaitreNuit09/20/12HOT

Very Friendly Advice Ch. 01

 — A grandfather helps younger relatives. by madengineer302/10/094.57HOT

Very Friendly Advice Ch. 02

 — Young relatives help grandfather. by madengineer302/11/094.47

Very Momentous

 — Hotel pool meeting gives a guy a huge lift in life. by Egmont Grigor10/19/084.65HOT

Vessa Ch. 03

 — A very pregnant couple have sex on their adventures. by L86L8608/16/154.53HOT


 — A story about family and lost loves... by LukasGrey11/06/174.85HOT

Vibrator Jack

 — Gifting a vibrator goes horribly wrong for Jack and Jacqi. by Egmont040906/21/094.56HOT

Vic Stone Takes the Hard Road

 — Vic feels unloved, but slowly it comes together. by Egmont040910/10/094.46

Vichy Shower

 — There is nothing more sensual than a Swiss (vichy) shower. by KR07/18/053.95

Vickie Holzgraff

 — War can lead to romantic bliss. by Whiskey23208/15/014.09


 — A romp at Victoria Secrets. by ashadebetter02/05/144.27

Victoria and Geoff

 — The Breckenridge women choose their own men. by markelly01/11/104.70HOT

Victoria In The Morning

 — She finds a way to scratch that itch. by jefferson701/11/044.56HOT

Victoria the Cookie Girl

 — Cookie salesgirl gets more than she bargained for. by River Otter09/06/064.64HOT

Victory and a Little Death

 — A courtesan is fucked by her knight in shining armor. by ClaireSin03/14/184.17

View From The Top

 — Eddie's fiancée was unhappy when he saved Nara. by JakeRivers01/31/074.73HOT

View Not Quite by Accident

 — ...or was it a trap? by magmaman08/22/084.48


 — Collection of very short romantic clips - not a stroker! by licapeba05/14/154.50HOT

Vineyard Adventures

 — 18-year-old girl surprises older man on holiday. by peterpecker08/09/074.38


 — What happened when the Norsemen discovered America. by smilodonwriter07/11/044.62HOT

Violent World of Vicky Brown

 — Vicky Brown joins Odessa Security Consultants. by Softly06/05/014.51HOT

Violet Ch. 01

 — Their first time... by whatsosticky05/09/114.09

Violet Ch. 02

 — They have more fun by whatsosticky05/10/114.28

Violet Ch. 03

 — A night of fun... by whatsosticky05/11/114.25

Violet Ch. 04

 — She's very pregnant. by whatsosticky05/12/114.06

Violet in Bloom

 — Married older man makes his younger bookkeeper his mistress. by JenniferGreen01/20/093.87

Virgin Bride Ch. 02

 — She learns more about the wedding night. by barnabus08/28/034.49

Virgin Bride Pt. 01

 — Virgin begins life after the wedding. by barnabus08/23/034.47

Virgin Princess

 — Virgin princess lives a fairy tale. by sweet9tee09/12/02

Virgin Sacrifice Ch. 01

 — Can James love save Charlie before she's sacrificed? by Oupa9905/09/134.46

Virgin Sacrifice Ch. 02

 — Charlie meets James' parents. by Oupa9905/29/134.73HOT

Virgin Sacrifice Ch. 03

 — The Wedding and Rites of Union. by Oupa9906/10/134.56HOT

Virginal Tits Ch. 02

 — Busty brunette and teacher enjoy her sex ed. by Tdisk05/19/134.59HOT

Virtual No More Ch. 01

 — An on-line romance becomes real. by rubydlite09/25/134.29


 — Jen's erotic email springs to life. by MattM12/31/013.50


 — An enduring love. by strickland8306/24/074.29

Visit Home

 — It's been almost six months since my last visit home. by Ginger_minx10/15/154.08


 — She's nervous but wanting... by Ikyoto04/03/024.60HOT

Visiting A Friend

 — Marg surprises her friend with a special gift. by BeautifulPrincess04/24/024.32

Visiting An Old Friend Ch. 02

 — Playing with fire leads to more when visiting a friend. by cinnamon197704/06/074.21

Visiting Kitty

 — Daddy visits his trained Kitty for dinner and erotic fun. by hislittlelady03/07/144.17

Visiting Lyndsey

 — Christian flies to Vegas to visit an old friend. by Demi_Maverick11/09/073.86

Visiting Paris with My Girlfriend

 — Visiting with my girlfriend from Russia in Paris. by nevinc07/17/184.29

Vista Dome

 — Another Tale from the Memory Warehouse. by Adrian Leverkuhn11/19/14HOTContest Winner

Viva La Revolution!

 — Reporter finds great sex during the Mexican revolution. by ainu05/06/064.58HOT

Vive La Corse

 — Baking turns a bad day good. by LettersFromTatyana07/12/114.72HOT

Vixen's Cabin

 — She and her lover, alone in the woods. by Vixen10/15/004.25

Vixen's Savannah

 — She surprises her traveling beau. by Vixen10/15/004.51HOT

Voices in the Dark

 — Best friends realize where friendship can lead. by TigerKitten06/11/013.03

Voluntary Servitude

 — Slave girl gets lucky! by bassbelly03/18/084.52HOT

Volunteer Work

 — A travel romance. by DarlingNikki01/05/034.63HOT

Volunteer Work: Lessons

 — She teaches Kurt the beauty of oral sex. by DarlingNikki03/10/034.56HOT

VooDoo Child

 — A couple making love on a rainy morning. by electrik09/08/043.39

Vow To My Princess

 — To make her as happy as possible. by Kikori01/22/093.88


 — The war changed everything, but not their love. by GirlintheMoon02/04/194.64HOT


 — If you take a vow, is there ever a good time to break it? by Iread2relax01/04/173.79


 — Sex on demand was the bet. by cageytee07/17/054.38


 — Did we meet just a little too late. by Daveindenver07/24/173.14


 — Sometimes, nice guys do win. by susurrus10/12/184.79HOT

Waiting for her Racer Man

 — Belle waits for her man. by Edge2310/31/054.12

Waiting For His Return

 — The thoughts of a Shawnee couple while he is away. by Tony15502/01/054.67HOT

Waiting For Magic

 — The invitation said, 'expect nothing, be ready for anything.' by sirensong4707/14/024.45

Waiting for Melinda

 — In the rain, in a cemetary, waiting for the love he lost. by Rumple Foreskin10/12/034.34

Waiting For Rachel

 — Plans to go see a movie get derailed. by Pokerman07/22/014.39

Waiting in the Rain

 — Sometimes your eyes deceive you! by Stultus10/29/094.37

Waiting in the Snow

 — How will I get home? by oggbashan02/06/194.50HOT

Waiting Touch

 — What happens when husband stops touching his wife. by voluptuousgoth10/29/044.02

Waiting Up

 — The house was quiet when Jack Quinn came in. by LunaSolara11/28/124.53HOT

Wake Up

 — I wanted a quiet morning. But my hubby didn't think so... by Mandymomma08/08/114.17

Wake Up Call

 — You get a pleasant surprise. by ivy223009/27/024.03

Wake Up Call

 — Wife wakes up husband in a new way. by hardwillingone06/05/064.35

Wake Up Call

 — Breakfast can wait. by warmhoney108/28/064.33

Wake Up Call

 — He gives you a tender wake up. by MidKnight_Horizon03/19/054.65HOT

Wake Up Ch. 02

 — My wake up continues at the hands of the hubby. by Mandymomma05/14/133.87

Wake Up, My Love

 — She awakens next to you. by nfatale7508/28/023.91

Wake-up Call

 — A delightful way in which to start the day. by 320cdp09/22/104.42

Waking Dream

 — A Lovers interlude in the middle of the night. by SophieHewitt07/24/134.35

Waking Dreams

 — In my dreams, our love still burns ... by bleuangele10/12/084.38

Waking From a Dream

 — Zara has a nightmare, and Michael calms her down. by PassingBells09/05/064.53HOT

Waking From a Nightmare

 — My physical recovery leads to emotional recovery. by Cromagnonman11/11/134.54HOT

Waking Nightmares Ch. 01

 — Does any good deed go unpunished? by Agera_R08/19/164.66HOT

Waking Nightmares Ch. 02

 — Does any good deed go unpunished? by Agera_R10/05/164.76HOT

Waking Up

 — Dreaming? by moozer12/05/054.09

Waking up on Christmas Morning

 — Christmas Romance. by Rogueslady11/20/133.37

Waking Up Wet

 — Woke up and needed my boyfriend. by col69611/07/173.97

Waking Up with Bed Head

 — My girlfriend really knows how to wake someone up. by oreolover1302/18/184.11

Waking You

 — He doesn't want to wake her...but he needs to take her. by Otterpancake111606/16/114.30

Walk in a Mumbai Park

 — Stormy weather and steamy scenes. by charas_kigoli08/12/054.28

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