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Just the Beginning

 — What started as a dinner date in the city became much more. by hiskitty10/29/083.92

Just the Thought of You Ch. 01

 — Waking up into the morning after. by Brunne03/10/144.77HOT

Just the Thought of You Ch. 02

 — Sacrifice anything, come what might. by Brunne03/16/144.82HOT

Just the Thought of You Ch. 03

 — So deep. (The Conclusion) by Brunne04/08/144.90HOT

Just to be Together

 — Lovemaking in its purest form. by Jennifer C10/12/044.44

Just To Eat You My Dear

 — She only intended to meet him for oral sex. by electrik09/08/044.05

Just to Make it Last Longer

 — The last night between very pair of very close friends. by Elior010702/01/174.25

Just Trying To Help Pt. 02

 — Molly tells her story. How does it all end? by DG Hear12/05/074.74HOT

Just Walk Away

 — Wanting the good life and the right woman. What happened? by DG Hear07/06/124.50HOT

Just What I Needed Ch. 01

 — Grace and Todd meet. by daring_sussurations05/04/064.34

Just What I Needed Ch. 02

 — Grace and Todd meet yet again. by daring_sussurations05/10/064.62HOT

Just What I Needed Ch. 03

 — Grace gets advice from some friends. by daring_sussurations08/29/064.39

Just What I Needed Ch. 04

 — Things between Grace and Todd begin to heat up. by daring_sussurations10/11/064.71HOT

Just You & Me

 — Married couple goes on loving holiday. by Svenskaflicka09/04/024.06

Kara's Horny Weekend Pt. 02

 — Kara is with a guy and trouble places them on pause. by cheykayanite12/11/154.00

Kara's Horny Weekend Pt. 03

 — Action kicks in in Kara's weekend. by cheykayanite12/12/154.44

Kara's Horny Weekend Pt. 04

 — Finally the moment. by cheykayanite12/14/154.21

Kara's Lawyer

 — She bumps into the hunk of her dreams. by Thalia10/20/004.32

Karaoke Night

 — Suspicious minds, jealous guy, and a man after midnight. by SteveGx04/29/154.27

Karaoke Night Ch. 02

 — Yesterday, Memories and Holding Back the Years by SteveGx05/06/154.32


 — Ignorance is never a good reason not to love. by B_Bailey03/01/174.62HOT


 — Ambiance at Fifty. by ThickAsThieves12/04/184.53HOT

Karen & Alexa Ch. 03

 — Karen is forced to the nuclear option... by BiscuitHammer12/13/184.80HOT

Karen Pt. 02

 — Story Continued. by ThickAsThieves12/11/184.61HOT

Karen Pt. 03

 — Continuation of story. by ThickAsThieves12/19/184.59HOT

Karen Pt. 04

 — Story Continued. by ThickAsThieves12/28/184.74HOT

Karen Pt. 05 - Conclusion

 — Conclusion of Story. by ThickAsThieves12/30/184.81HOT

Karen's Tale Ch. 01

 — It all starts at a toy store... by CarolinaPeach07/15/134.38

Karen's Tale Ch. 02

 — Men who poke women in the butt with kites... by CarolinaPeach07/19/134.61HOT

Karen's Tale Ch. 03

 — Was that a dream? by CarolinaPeach07/23/134.67HOT

Karen's Tale Ch. 04

 — The gold digger and Justin. by CarolinaPeach07/27/134.70HOT

Karen's Tale Ch. 05

 — An apology and a confession. by CarolinaPeach07/31/134.74HOT


 — ...will bite you in the ass. by PTBzzzz07/07/124.46

Karma Ch. 01

 — Can Regan redeem her bad karma and find love? by Wine_Maker11/12/064.40

Karma Ch. 02

 — Can Regan redeem her bad karma and find love? by Wine_Maker11/13/064.66HOT

Karma Ch. 03

 — Can Regan redeem her bad karma and find love? by Wine_Maker11/20/064.81HOT

Karma Ch. 04

 — Can Regan redeem her bad karma and find love? by Wine_Maker11/23/064.82HOT

Karma Ch. 05

 — Can Regan redeem her bad karma and find love? by Wine_Maker12/01/064.86HOT

Karma's Valentine

 — A stripper love affair. by Sultry_Sieren01/31/093.92

Kat & Gus Ch. 01

 — A happy reunion at the neighborhood bar? by ehc21704/10/094.09

Kat & Mick

 — He helps true love when her marriage sours. by Red_Writer06/29/024.59HOT

Kat Grows Up

 — She finds her lover is her neighbor. by Pop-O12/08/044.39


 — After proposing, a man and his love have amazing sex. by TheAmazingFlash03/23/163.83


 — Co-workers get together after attending symphony. by Aibe Rackshaw01/14/064.33

Kate & Jim

 — A difficult woman falls in love with a no nonsense man. by beagle969007/03/114.73HOT

Kate & Jim Ch. 02

 — Their romance continues. by beagle969010/12/114.82HOT

Kate & Jim Ch. 03

 — Kate's poem of love. by beagle969005/23/124.78HOT

Kate & Jim Ch. 04

 — They continue their romance while traveling to Florida. by beagle969009/09/134.75HOT

Kate & Jim Ch. 05

 — Kate's adventures on the old farm. by beagle969002/01/154.72HOT

Kate Comes Home

 — Gift brings unforgettable night. by Cactus Jack02/11/034.74HOT

Kate Gets Her Man

 — She arrests him but he gets away. by RichardGerald07/11/154.60HOT

Kate Gets Her Man Ch. 02

 — Who is hunting who, and where does the truth come in. by RichardGerald07/12/154.75HOT

Kate Gets Her Man Ch. 03

 — Who caught who. by RichardGerald07/13/154.79HOT

Kate Pt. 01

 — A nice long love story. by MoogPlayer12/13/12HOT

Kate Pt. 02

 — The end of the story... by MoogPlayer12/31/12HOT

Kate the Kid

 — Kate and Rafe, two bounty hunters made for each other. by madam_noe09/24/074.60HOT

Kate the Kid Ch. 02

 — Rafe and Kate meet; trouble follows them closely behind. by madam_noe09/28/074.67HOT

Kate the Kid Ch. 03

 — Kate squares off with Rafe, and decides he's the Devil's Own. by madam_noe10/04/074.78HOT

Kate the Kid Ch. 04

 — As danger closes in, they fight their demons & desire. by madam_noe10/18/074.77HOT

Kate the Kid Ch. 05

 — A New Tack: will it keep Jerome & Kate's heart safe? by madam_noe10/28/074.82HOT

Kate the Kid Ch. 06

 — Old Friends, New Enemies-Kate and Rafe part...forever? by madam_noe02/17/084.81HOT

Kate the Kid Ch. 07

 — Just what does Finn want? And who will rescue the rescuer? by madam_noe05/05/084.80HOT

Kate the Kid Ch. 08

 — Kate recovers herself; revenge is at hand. by madam_noe07/22/084.78HOT

Kate the Kid Ch. 09

 — The confrontation; Rafe's rescue, but danger still lurks. by madam_noe07/23/084.77HOT

Kate the Kid Ch. 10-11

 — Tracking Izzy; Kate & Rafe Reunite. by madam_noe10/01/084.82HOT

Kate the Kid Ch. 12

 — In close quarters, Kate and Rafe come to a head. by madam_noe02/19/104.83HOT

Kate the Kid Ch. 13

 — Izzy's rescue, plans for the future, and a new threat. by madam_noe02/21/104.78HOT

Kate the Kid Ch. 14

 — Kate and Rafe marry, but it's only the beginning. by madam_noe02/25/104.79HOT

Kate the Kid Ch. 15

 — The end of an adventure and the birth of an empire. by madam_noe03/10/114.85HOT

Kate's Folly

 — A college girl gets drunk with a handsome stranger. by KatieAnnBB02/03/134.14


 — After a long day at the office, he just needs to relax. by ivvin05/23/064.14

Katherine and Steven's Get away

 — One hilarious episode between glorious sex. by Satin and Lace10/12/054.22

Kathy's Adventure

 — Cold teacher, hot cop find each other. by maggie200204/10/064.54HOT

Katia & Kirk Together Again

 — Best friends & lovers together after 5 years. by babydollface08/08/034.20

Katie My Love

 — How he found Katie & became her first lover & soulmate. by Trapper ak Bobby10/23/074.39

Katie's Crush Ch. 01

 — Katie goes to college, ditching the old her. by WeAreAllDreamers06/16/114.08

Katie's First Time

 — Secret wishes become real life. by honeydew08/12/013.01

Katie's Love Ch. 01

 — The Spark. by Tnewbie03/08/104.80HOT

Katie's Love Ch. 04

 — Awakening. by Tnewbie03/26/104.62HOT

Katie's Love Ch. 06

 — The Pain. by Tnewbie04/07/104.56HOT

Katie's Love Ch. 07

 — Healing. by Tnewbie04/13/104.26

Katla's Enslavement Ch. 01

 — A young scandanavian woman is sold into a Mayan world. by CyerraMyste09/27/064.39

Katla's Enslavement Ch. 02

 — Katla's enslavement doesn't seem very oppresive. by CyerraMyste10/11/064.40

Katrina Ch. 01-02

 — A young woman begins life and makes mistakes. by DG Hear09/26/134.44

Katrina Ch. 03-04

 — Moving back home and starting over. by DG Hear09/27/134.70HOT

Katrina Ch. 05-06

 — Receiving bad news, What else can happen? by DG Hear09/27/134.71HOT

Katrina Ch. 07

 — Final chapter, getting married and other things. by DG Hear09/28/134.72HOT

Katya's Caviar

 — A regular guy loses his way with an exotic immigrant. by regguy10/14/093.65

Kay & David

 — Sparks fly between vivacious Kay & reclusive David. by Mako-Chan07/25/034.54HOT

Kaylissa's Conquest Ch. 01

 — College grad student pines over a professor. by OcelotTreats12/24/163.94

Keep Me Up

 — An akward guy finally gets a date. by Ameas06/08/054.23

Keep On Trucking

 — Truck driver rescues woman from roadside when car dies. by maggie200209/21/044.49

Keeper Ch. 01

 — Two neighbors meet and the story begins. by Ardella08/27/124.67HOT

Keeper Ch. 02

 — Blue decides to move home. John plays by the book. by Ardella08/27/124.79HOT

Keeper Ch. 03

 — More than just a midnight kiss. by Ardella09/07/124.78HOT

Keeper Ch. 04

 — The morning of January 1. by Ardella10/02/124.81HOT

Keeper Ch. 05

 — John and Blue spend the afternoon together. by Ardella11/18/124.74HOT

Keeper Ch. 06

 — Dinner, Dancing, and a poker game. by Ardella12/30/124.78HOT

Keeper Ch. 07

 — Eiffel Tower of pancakes. by Ardella02/07/134.81HOT

Keeper Ch. 08

 — John gives Blue something to wait for. by Ardella03/01/134.86HOT

Keeper of Secrets

 — Librarian crushes on a returned serviceman. by ausfet06/25/174.62HOT

Keeper of Unlocked Desires Day 1

 — A diary of desires and fantasies fulfilled. by CherishXTC10/22/014.32

Keeper Of Unlocked Desires Day 2

 — She can't help but stare at your gorgeous face. by CherishXTC10/23/015.00

Keeper Of Unlocked Desires Day 3

 — You've been on her mind all day. by CherishXTC10/24/013.89

Keeper Of Unlocked Desires Day 4

 — You travel to Lake Tahoe. by CherishXTC10/25/014.80

Keeper Of Unlocked Desires Day 5

 — To her only true love... by CherishXTC10/26/014.56

Keeping Her Promise

 — Promises made in the dark, did she really mean it? by Ben Nichols12/30/034.36

Keeping Ice On The Wound

 — Injured hockey player meets woman in a bar. by MugsyB12/10/094.79HOT

Keeping It HOT

 — A quiet Friday night gets out of hand. by tthecat199909/29/094.20

Keeping it in the Family Ch. 04

 — Mother introduces an outsider. by Sven the Elder11/16/024.57HOT

Keeping My Promise

 — The missing two years of I Made a Promise. by GatorRick01/26/164.79HOT

Keeping Passions Alive

 — After death is love possible - YES IT IS!!! by MagicDragon205/09/193.28

Keeping the Flame

 — A couple trying to make it last. by 100willie04/10/112.69

Kellie and Brad

 — True love. On the rocks. by drteetho03/20/124.67HOT

Kellie and Brad Ch. 02

 — Can true love survive some rocky times? by drteetho05/19/124.78HOT

Kellie and Brad Ch. 03

 — True love. On the rocks. Confirmed. by drteetho06/19/124.68HOT

Kellie and Brad Ch. 04

 — True love aims for shot rock. by drteetho07/24/124.60HOT

Kellie and Brad Ch. 05

 — Sometimes, true love is about getting your rocks off. by drteetho08/22/124.66HOT

Kellie and Brad Ch. 06

 — True love, on the rocks, adds one to the team. by drteetho12/05/124.62HOT

Kellie and Brad Ch. 07

 — True love rocks and rolls with the changes. by drteetho01/30/134.72HOT

Kellie and Brad Ch. 08

 — True love for some, rocky times for others. by drteetho08/27/134.65HOT

Kellie and Brad Ch. 09

 — True love rocked by a shot from the past! by drteetho11/20/134.76HOT

Kellie and Brad Ch. 10

 — Many forms of true love shine, but dangerous rocks loom. by drteetho01/16/144.45

Kellie and Brad Ch. 11

 — True love rocks with a story of Olympic proportions! by drteetho06/06/144.73HOT


 — It was more than one night stand. by kelly_kelly02/01/103.98

Kelly and the Cop

 — Kelly, a rejected wife, meets Jorge and her life changes. by mattwatt4311/08/104.66HOT

Ken's Wartime Valentine

 — Ken's version of wartime liaisons. by Bray12304/17/184.30

Kendra's Knees Buckle

 — They liked each other but stood off a little awkwardly. by egmontgrigor201003/03/114.69HOT


 — Once you have been beaten down enough, up is that is left. by sagacious2109/18/114.56HOT

Kenny Ch. 02

 — You only get what you earn. by sagacious2109/22/114.66HOT

Kenny Ch. 03

 — Settling in. by sagacious2109/23/114.62HOT

Kenny Ch. 04-05

 — Trouble raises its head. by sagacious2109/26/114.67HOT

Kenny Ch. 06-07

 — Just desserts. by sagacious2109/27/114.73HOT

Kenny Ch. 08-09

 — A little more to love. by sagacious2109/29/114.73HOT

Kenny Ch. 10-11

 — Hi mom. by sagacious2109/30/114.74HOT

Kenny Ch. 12-13

 — Wrapping it all up. by sagacious2110/01/114.74HOT


 — Playing a role... by SilverSparrow11/07/124.16

Kerbala Clay

 — Pilgrim falls for a single mother in Iraq's southern marshes. by al_Ussa04/13/104.25

Kerrie's New Life

 — The awakening of a woman's spirit. by bigboy114502/16/113.60

Kevin and Cara: Tease Me

 — Kevin gets a surprise from his new wife... by ShyVixen3306/01/114.63HOT

Key to My Heart

 — You seduce her in bar. by Lily10/20/004.18


 — A fun party. by mdgsparks01/22/163.95

Khoe; A Tale of Sadness & Joy Ch. 01

 — What one woman can't have, another doesn't dare to hope for. by TaLtos608/23/134.68HOT

Khoe; A Tale of Sadness & Joy Ch. 02

 — What one woman can't have, another doesn't dare to hope for. by TaLtos608/24/134.79HOT

Khoe; A Tale of Sadness & Joy Ch. 03

 — What one woman can't have, another doesn't dare to hope for. by TaLtos608/25/134.74HOT

Khoe; A Tale of Sadness & Joy Ch. 04

 — What one woman can't have, another doesn't dare to hope for. by TaLtos608/26/134.76HOT

Khoe; A Tale of Sadness & Joy Ch. 05

 — What one woman can't have, another doesn't dare to hope for. by TaLtos608/28/134.87HOT

Kidnapping You

 — A story of a gentle kidnapping. by Blood_Stained_Rose07/29/094.47

Killer Mike

 — Old soldier falls for young general. by Grey Eagle 28601/12/064.70HOT

Killing Me Softly

 — A marriage at breaking point - can they save it? by rachlou03/17/074.70HOT

Kim's Valentine's Day Surprise

 — Kim's visit to a sex club ends better than hoped for. by legerdemer02/06/154.60HOT

Kim, Lynn, and Me Ch. 04

 — A day of shopping, a night of excitement. by john-the-author02/24/084.82HOT


 — At last, they meet... by Henry de BB11/15/014.29


 — Forgive me for saying this, but you're a cold fish, aren't you? by markelly06/15/124.74HOT

Kimberly Ch. 02

 — You know I love you, don't you? by markelly06/16/124.76HOT


 — Even rock chicks need a little love. by deevo01/02/064.60HOT

Kind Stranger

 — Jonna finds herself in trouble when stranger stops to help. by lil pixie02/12/023.88

King's Bay

 — Everything can change over a California summer. by PennLady08/31/124.66HOT

Kings & Queens

 — Amelia needs a King. by Softly04/02/024.41

Kings & Queens & Guillotines Ch. 01

 — Illicit romantic tryst between castle servants in the 1950s. by FogBard06/13/104.09

Kinky Punishment: She Deserves It!

 — Her cautionary tail, uh, tale, has a moral without scruples. by BITE_my_ASS11/19/012.59

Kip's Surprise

 — Stef enjoys first date with Kip. by Stef Carson10/20/003.27

Kirsty and John, The Next Friday

 — A week later they get together again. by DocHudson12/28/184.70HOT

Kirsty's Weekend Adventure

 — Kirsty and John meet at Rebecca and Bill's cabin. by DocHudson11/28/184.45

Kismet or Happenstance? Ch. 01

 — Online acquaintances inadvertently meet. Sparks fly. by August_Bouvier03/02/084.67HOT

Kismet or Happenstance? Ch. 02

 — A promising first date ends with a promise. by August_Bouvier03/14/084.77HOT

Kismet or Happenstance? Ch. 03

 — She decides to let go for one night. by August_Bouvier04/07/084.84HOT

Kismet or Happenstance? Ch. 04

 — A summer fling shouldn't feel this way. by August_Bouvier05/16/084.79HOT

Kismet or Happenstance? Ch. 05

 — Doors open to change; long day turns into a long night. by August_Bouvier06/15/084.87HOT

Kismet or Happenstance? Ch. 06

 — The past comes to light. by August_Bouvier06/30/084.81HOT

Kismet or Happenstance? Ch. 07

 — Damage control. by August_Bouvier07/12/084.82HOT

Kismet or Happenstance? Ch. 08

 — The tentative first steps. by August_Bouvier07/23/084.85HOT

Kismet or Happenstance? Ch. 09

 — Making amends. Making love. by August_Bouvier08/08/084.86HOT

Kismet or Happenstance? Ch. 10

 — Epilogue: Building a life together. by August_Bouvier09/30/084.86HOTContest Winner

Kiss in the Rain

 — Her cowboy is finally home. by chasingyouolds06/18/053.83

Kiss Me

 — It had been several months since they... by SinsiousSiren11/28/073.47

Kiss Me as if There's No Tomorrow

 — It all started from a chance meeting in Flushing Meadows. by trigudis02/15/174.85HOT

Kiss Me Cate Pt. 01

 — It must be fate. by Member38911/25/164.87HOT

Kiss Me Cate Pt. 02

 — It must be fate. by Member38911/26/164.86HOT

Kiss Me Cate Pt. 03

 — It must be fate. by Member38911/27/164.88HOT

Kiss Me Cate Pt. 04

 — It must be fate. by Member38911/28/164.86HOT

Kiss Me Cate Pt. 05

 — It must be fate. by Member38911/29/164.90HOTContest Winner

Kiss Me Cate Pt. 06

 — The Emerald Isle. by Member38912/01/164.87HOT

Kiss Me Cate Pt. 07

 — A night out in old Dublin town. by Member38912/12/164.85HOT

Kiss Me Cate Pt. 08

 — I've been planning this since July. by Member38901/25/174.89HOT

Kiss Me Cate Pt. 09

 — Dream a little dream of me. by Member38904/12/174.88HOT

Kiss Me Cate Pt. 10

 — In Dublin's fair city, where the girls are so pretty... by Member38908/11/184.81HOT

Kiss Me Cate Pt. 11

 — Wedding fever usually starts with cold feet. by Member38909/14/184.86HOT

Kiss Me Cate Pt. 12

 — Life doesn't wait for you to stop and ask directions. by Member38904/21/194.80HOT

Kiss Me Good Morning

 — A sweet short morning between a couple in love. by RedHairedandFriendly12/30/124.30

Kiss Me Goodbye

 — Painful breakup nearly keeps him from true love. by Kirk48200206/22/054.65HOT

Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant

 — Ed and Debra's kneecapping adventure - oh and some sex. by Egmont Grigor12/09/084.62HOT

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