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The Office Ch. 01

 — 2 athletic men, 1 nubile secretary, a night in the office. by Karenistic08/05/084.00

The Panty Perils of Me 00

 — The further adventures of Ms. Harley by HarleyFatboy112/28/123.89

The Panty Perils of Me 01

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy102/20/133.79

The Panty Perils of Me 02

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy102/21/134.00

The Panty Perils of Me 03

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy105/09/134.20

The Panty Perils of Me 04

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy105/10/134.04

The Panty Perils of Me 05

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy105/11/133.89

The Panty Perils of Me 06

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy105/12/134.03

The Panty Perils of Me 07

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy105/12/133.85

The Panty Perils of Me 08

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy105/13/134.03

The Panty Perils of Me 09

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy106/11/134.15

The Panty Perils of Me 10

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy106/12/134.01

The Panty Perils of Me 11

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy106/13/133.88

The Panty Perils of Me 12

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy106/14/133.60

The Panty Perils of Me 13

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy106/15/133.85

The Panty Perils of Me 14

 — The further adventures of Ms. Harley. by HarleyFatboy107/11/134.12

The Panty Perils of Me 15

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy107/12/134.09

The Panty Perils of Me 16

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy107/13/133.81

The Panty Perils of Me 17

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy109/19/133.91

The Panty Perils of Me 18

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy109/20/134.03

The Panty Perils of Me 19

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy109/21/134.07

The Panty Perils of Me 20

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy109/22/133.97

The Panty Perils of Me 21

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy109/23/133.88

The Panty Perils of Me 22

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy112/04/133.81

The Panty Perils of Me 23

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy112/18/133.87

The Panty Perils of Me 24

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy112/19/133.94

The Panty Perils of Me 25

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy102/27/144.03

The Panty Perils of Me 26

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy102/28/143.91

The Panty Perils of Me 27

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy104/23/144.12

The Panty Perils of Me 28

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy104/24/144.15

The Panty Perils of Me 29

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy104/25/144.12

The Panty Thief

 — My young neighbor has a panty fetish. by HarleyFatboy107/20/114.32

The Perfect Proposal

 — How my husband taught me the meaning of love and marriage. by wife2hotblk02/04/093.05

The Photo Shoot: An Unexpected Turn of Events

 — Husband becomes nude model for an outdoor shoot. by A-Heart-On05/09/133.54

The Pink Bra

 — Zach is obsessed with Erin's large breasts. by PrincessErin10/10/083.56

The Quest Ch. 01

 — A desperate quest to save the Mollo. by Joseki Ko05/29/042.27

The Red Miniskirt

 — Skirt leads mature couple to sexual adventure. by lancelot4903/30/034.03

The Sales Clerk Seductions Ch. 01

 — My wife's younger, male co-worker joins us for a threesome. by TheBobster05/09/134.10

The Secret Sharers

 — Two girlfriends share a long buried secret. by steffen02/11/054.22

The Third Apprentice

 — She is 26 and insatiable. by wet_special10/11/124.36

The Trophy

 — Fantasy horror of an underground dwelling female creature. by weenie205/03/073.34

The Tuesday Art Class

 — A change of model - a change of preference. by Kevsta01/23/093.31

The Two Companions Illustrated Ch. 01

 — Registered companion becomes a sex counselor. by rondori06/18/083.65

The Two Companions Illustrated Ch. 02

 — The illustrated story of a Registered companion. by rondori07/03/083.60

The Two Companions Illustrated Ch. 03

 — Illustrated story of the adventures of a registered companion. by rondori07/03/083.65

The Two Companions Illustrated Ch. 04

 — Jorge settles old affairs, honors traditions, & pulls the hat trick. by rondori11/25/094.49

The Two Companions Illustrated Ch. 05

 — In which our hero, Jorge, settles some old affairs... by rondori12/30/094.19

The Two Companions Pt. 04

 — Another Companion turns sex therapist. by rondori08/05/084.19

The Two Companions Pt. 05

 — (In which Relationship Counseling takes on a whole new meaning. by rondori04/08/094.20

The Woman with Dangerous Blue Eyes

 — Strangers meet on the boardwalk and he is captivated. by dirtyjoe6908/01/063.35

This Little Piggy Illustrated

 — Revenge served late is still served hot. by Couture08/05/084.13

Through the Porthole

 — What does Harry see in the fog? Is it a naked woman? by Middleagepoet10/28/093.70

Tink's Torment: The Transformation

 — Bitchy girlfriend put in proper role. by INDYpendent20710/30/084.26

To Iraq with Love...

 — Wife sends sexy video, pics, & letter to husband in Iraq. by LuciousBi-Writes4U01/27/064.17

Todd Jogs My Memory (Illustrated)

 — I show myself to strangers in a bar. by barefootcowgirl09/29/174.27

Tossing Salad

 — She began preparations for the State Dinner and perhaps more. by Kaishaku08/31/113.68

Tower Crane

 — Nice day for good cum 12 stories up. by Stephen7Redo08/24/064.18

Tower Crane Ch. 02 (Redux)

 — Crane operator gets an encore performance in his truck. by Stephen7Redo09/09/094.36

Tower Crane Ch. 03

 — Couple views sunset up high, gets caught doing the nasty. by Stephen7Redo09/09/094.34

Toy's BDSM Adventure

 — Toy discovers hidden desires. by PhilCanyon01/22/094.23

Traffic Violations

 — A woman's speeding leads to an unusual punishment. by HarleyFatboy108/03/113.94

Training Kitty

 — Office politics results in lesbian domination by Couture10/17/064.36

Tranny Encounters - Spit-roasted

 — David gets spit-roasted by two transsexual escorts. by hfernandez198308/14/154.56HOT

Trapped and Alone Ch. 01

 — Undercover cop gets in over her head. by Rebeccasm08/26/164.14

Trapped and Alone Ch. 02

 — Undercover cop gets in over her head. by Rebeccasm09/23/164.25

Trapped and Alone Ch. 03

 — Undercover cop gets in over her head. by Rebeccasm09/24/164.47

Trapped and Alone Ch. 04

 — Undercover cop gets in over her head. by Rebeccasm12/30/164.45

Trapped and Alone Ch. 05

 — Undercover cop gets in over her head. by Rebeccasm01/11/174.41

Trixi Dresses Up

 — Trixi meets an old friend at a costume party. by CoupeDaTart08/03/114.29


 — High flying tales of naked bliss. by Jasmynn_Brown07/11/134.42

Tyler & Nora: Relieving Stress

 — Tyler helps Nora relieve some work work. by hfernandez198305/02/164.49

Ultimate Request

 — Disabled man seeks help with attractive wife. by Hopebeach04/28/104.46

Unicorn Dreams Ch. 01

 — Somethings are too good to be true or are they? by Tara_Neale08/15/143.83

Untold End to Hunchback Notre Dame

 — Think you know the Hunchback of Notre Dame? Think again! by ArteestX10/27/104.45

Urges of an Expectant Mother

 — From chocolate to sex, she can't quench the desires. by Bakeboss07/07/103.83

Val's Very Daring Halter Dress

 — Daring homemade dress makes for an interesting day. by applevalyan09/09/063.81

Vicki's Desires

 — Vicki's internet affair leads to a real life fantasy. by Joancdnj12/05/074.07

Warming Up

 — Neighbors warm up together. by KarennaC02/04/093.53

Washing Up

 — Who knew that doing dishes could be such fun? by Tara_Neale12/05/124.20

Wendy Celebrates The School Pantomime

 — Attractive wife relaxes with older friends. by Hopebeach05/25/124.46

When The Eagle Flies

 — Legend says if a virgin graduates, the eagle will fly. by Black Tulip07/31/043.99


 — When hubby's away, the wife will play - with the maid. by lovinlife082802/18/094.39

White Women

 — He gets to the bottom of some folk tales. by Black Tulip10/08/054.11Contest Winner

Who's Your Daddy

 — My auntie thinks she knows. by Jasmynn_Brown12/05/124.02

Wide Receiver

 — Cheerleader punks out quarterback boyfriend to black team. by scatwoman06/30/112.80

Wife's Sister Sister Wife

 — Redefining the relationship between sisters and husband. by PaladinInBlack09/17/154.47

Will Power Ch. 03

 — A simple bite to eat ends worse than the bite of a whip... by Zero_Infinite08/14/154.20

Wolf Lust

 — Sex and Death (and more sex) by the light of a full moon. by Corpse_rider10/23/154.11

Working Late, Again

 — More late night fun. This time I had a plan, I thought. by BarbKann07/07/104.46

Xinxin's Vengeance

 — A young woman marked for death gets revenge. by Sean Renaud03/07/103.34

Yin's Yang

 — My Yang meets Yin. by My Erotic Tail07/27/043.53

You. Owe. Me. Ch. 04

 — Laura, Chris, and a not-so-legal plant. by rj22821212/30/044.28

Yours Truly

 — A woman fantasizes about her penpal, a man in prison. by Cinner12/06/123.47

Zhi and On

 — Not all stories have happy endings. by Cinner12/28/122.87

Zingara - Being Finn

 — Running with the Wolf Clan. by xelliebabex10/06/144.37

’66 Fury

 — A classic way to meet women. by Joseki Ko07/27/043.42

’66 Fury Ch. 02

 — Girl gives good trunk. by Joseki Ko07/31/043.15

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