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Lesbian Sex Stories

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New Horizons Ch. 10

 — Beth visits Samantha to calm her down. by fantac6412/16/054.68HOT

New Horizons Ch. 11

 — Wild adventure at the Windward. by fantac6402/02/064.57HOT

New Horizons Ch. 12

 — Samantha bends the rules for a new candidate. by fantac6402/08/064.60HOT

New Horizons Ch. 13

 — Samantha's life takes a turn and an old friend surprises her. by fantac6403/09/064.60HOT

New Horizons Ch. 14

 — Samantha and Camille get to know each other intimately by fantac6403/10/064.68HOT

New Horizons Ch. 15

 — Samantha meets a sexual dynamo. by fantac6403/24/064.68HOT

New Horizons Ch. 16

 — Samantha attends Danni's orientation, and hers! by fantac6405/02/064.59HOT

New Horizons Ch. 17

 — Samantha makes a big mistake & it costs her dearly. by fantac6406/09/064.43

New in Town

 — Renee and Michelle teach Laurie a lesson she'll never forget. by FreshPeach11/10/024.21

New Jersey

 — I wonder, does she trust what her body tells her? by RowanWildrose01/04/154.58HOT

New Kind of Love

 — Neighbors find a new kind of love when hubby won't help. by marybethf08/29/064.29

New Life

 — You're in loves' war. by luzi8405/28/083.80

New Life

 — Lesbian romance. by man_sanas46905/10/124.74HOT

New Love

 — Two women find each other. by brit_tami06/02/054.27

New Love

 — A shining angel in the Darkness of Nature. by Insanity_of_Bane07/13/054.25

New Material

 — Four young women evaluate a new fabric. by evildigz02/16/124.32

New Member for Lesbian BDSM Club

 — Unexpected free lifetime membership offer. by slavegirlemily12/01/094.13

New Neighbor

 — Kelly gets new neighbor & lover all in one. by smhgirl200212/28/034.43

New Neighbor at the Ocean

 — Single female moves in next door. by Vixie123104/28/024.54HOT

New Neighbors' Pool Party

 — Married woman gets initiated by three women. by veganprincess05/29/054.24

New Neighbors' Pool Party Ch. 02

 — Stacy returns for her second pool party. by veganprincess06/02/054.22

New Neighbour

 — Paige meets Lauren and her world. by loveyou1808/17/164.62HOT

New Neighbour Pt. 02

 — Paige meets Lauren and her world. by loveyou1808/20/164.70HOT

New Neighbour Pt. 03

 — Paige meets Lauren and her world. by loveyou1809/15/164.70HOT

New Neighbour Pt. 04

 — Paige meets Lauren and her world. by loveyou1802/02/174.58HOT

New on the Beach

 — A bi girl's first day on the job. by DireLilith03/23/07

New Page For New Beginning?

 — A writer finding inspiration. by kallajayne05/24/084.34

New Play Thing

 — Woman and her long nails take over her body. by LuvLongNails12/30/074.59HOT

New Play Thing Ch. 02

 — Nancy continues to take over Denise's body. by LuvLongNails01/12/084.54HOT

New Play Thing Ch. 03

 — Nancy and a friend have fun with Denise, her new plaything. by LuvLongNails12/31/094.53HOT

New Sensation

 — The new girl at the Cinnamon Ranch has amazing technique. by JukeboxEMCSA11/05/114.15

New Sensations

 — Girlfriends discover each other in fitting room. by LUVNTHOTS10/02/003.63

New Student Orientation

 — RA gives orientation talk to freshmen girls (humor). by manyquestions12/09/084.15

New Summer Outfit

 — Ginny is nervous about her New Summer Outfit. by bradley_stoke05/29/063.58

New Ways

 — Seduction through Scrabble. by AlexW2208/09/123.72

New Year's Cruise

 — Cruise with a new friend leads to unexpected romance. by CaroleS3202/22/014.46

New Year's Eve

 — Sue & Jennifer attend women-only bash. by Crew Cut08/17/004.17

New Year's Eve

 — A Surprise Event by little_donna07/31/104.39

New Year's Eve Party

 — Alyson gets her birthday present. by Houstonrn01/11/043.95

New Year's Kiss

 — Two long time friends find first time lust. by zoomzie02/20/024.27

New Year's Kiss Ch. 2

 — Longtime friends continue to explore intimacy. by zoomzie03/03/024.39

New Year's Resolution

 — Beth forces Tina to declare her New Year's resolution. by Selena_Kitt12/04/084.58HOT

New Year's Wish

 — She's wanted it for years - even if she didn't know it. by hardcorechick197101/18/054.36

New Year's With Kate

 — Things get wild on new year's. by ashemeashemely05/18/044.19

New Years

 — Alice discovers her hidden desires. by WetBiChick10/14/004.34

Next Door Neighbour

 — Surprised by young Bethany. by penmckay9003/23/143.86

Nia and Her Study Project

 — Nia's curiosity takes form and leads to adventures. by 2Write2Live07/08/173.93

Nia, Jean and Naomi

 — Nia finds a meaningful niche and new close friend. by 2Write2Live06/25/174.32

Niala of the Flame

 — A naughty initiate, a stern Priestess. by darthkytten12/11/054.26

Nice Hot Shower

 — We took a hot shower. by CaitiGrr05/30/153.75

Nice New Neighbor

 — A 30-year-old Jamaican widow meets her new older neighbor. by MrImagination07/13/08

Nice Pink Tongue

 — Boss has a little fun with her secretary. by electrik05/08/053.87

Nice Woman

 — Cheerleader Stephanie, and her gym teacher. by vapist04/14/163.04

Nicki Joins in a Threesome

 — Melissa & June show Nicki joys of woman love. by Boxlicker10106/28/044.29

Nicki's Journey Ch. 02

 — Nicki meets Jacki for her first girl on girl experience. by Nickolette08/09/174.11

Nickie & Meghan

 — Roommate fun. by daddysgirl198811/24/153.50

Nickie & Netania Ch. 01

 — How we met. by daddysgirl198807/31/104.47

Nickie & Netania Ch. 02

 — The scene from the locker room replayed through my mind. by daddysgirl198808/01/104.25


 — Nikki runs away from home to the arms of a stranger. by rbenne01/09/104.21


 — She was his next door neighbor. by 0_UnSuRe_006/24/054.51HOT

Nicole Explores

 — Nicole's saucy scrub-up. by ThoughtsOfNikkie08/13/104.65HOT


 — She introduces her boyfriend's aunt to female eroticism. by WiccanScribe02/06/064.42

Night Before Wedding

 — Bride & maid-of-honour get close one last time. by Shanbabe4u02/04/024.22

Night Bus

 — Two girls have an encounter on the bus. by litpervgrrl06/04/044.31

Night Cap

 — Two women meet after a long day. by Newbie8511/09/084.28

Night Classes

 — Middle-aged wife befriends a sexy coed. by Rose Brooks08/11/013.90

Night Classes

 — Older student is attracted to a younger student. by dudetodude04/05/094.15

Night Diving

 — Jinx learns about diving from a sexy instructor. by Colleen Thomas10/23/054.76HOT

Night of Swing

 — Mature reader seduces a babe to lesbian foursome. by pussylove6902/19/064.31

Night of the She-Romps

 — A 19th-century woman is invited to an exclusive club. by LingerieRobot07/11/114.40

Night of the Succubus

 — Female spirit meets her human female match. by peachesmelba11/17/104.49

Night On The Town

 — Claire gets a shown how to have a night out with the girls. by purplepuss10/08/064.08

Night Out

 — Bunny and her girlfriends make the best of it. by bradley_stoke06/01/013.32

Night Out

 — She gets a birthday gift she didn't even ask for. by AlwaysBeTrue02/17/064.37

Night Out With Stacey

 — She went out clubbing with a friend. by ca_kimber04/22/084.29

Night Scene Ch. 1

 — Lovely ebony lady is drawn to blonde woman. by ebonydiva05/23/013.84

Night Shift Ch. 1

 — Female DJ gets calls from sexy lady admirer. by Chopper10/14/004.23

Night Shift Ch. 2

 — DJ meets her secret admirer. by Chopper10/14/004.47

Night Shift Ch. 3

 — Kelli & Terri try something new by Chopper10/14/004.54HOT

Night Shift Pt. 03

 — With late working staff around, two girls amuse themselves. by Peethagoras02/05/114.52HOT

Nightly Infidelity

 — A meeting with her married lover. by goth-girl06/05/064.38


 — Two nurses discover a common desire. by Shanbabe4u12/02/014.04


 — Female officer finds another use for her nightstick. by cybaby7812/17/033.84

Nikki and Jess

 — Late night in the dorm room, coeds help each other. by addieQ02/17/074.71HOT

Nikki Ch. 01

 — Nikki is coming today. by KansasTrouble03/12/104.29

Nikki Ch. 02

 — I was waiting on Nikki to make her decision. by KansasTrouble03/13/104.17

Nikki Pt. 01: Seattle

 — Nikki meets Rachael. by PennyCruz7008/14/154.19

Nikki, Niki & Nicky

 — Three friends enjoy fingers, tongues and toys.. by EroticaSeanStyle09/02/034.46

Nilofar Pt. 01

 — A failed attempt of shop lifting takes an unexpected turn. by Deceptivedomain05/12/184.70HOT

Nina and Casey Continue

 — The story of Nina and Casey continues. by scrummie08/01/054.65HOT

Nina's Night Out

 — A little too much JD and Nina discovers a hidden talent. by Nina2107/27/114.31

Nina's Story Ch. 01

 — Virgin actress learns new tricks by nz_marie11/16/084.32

Nina's Story Ch. 02

 — Nina begins her journey to becoming a slut. by nz_marie11/22/084.32

Nine Months, One Week, Six Days and Roughly 18 Hours

 — Will a crazy idea lead to love or disaster? by 18408110/27/174.87HOT

Nipple Mad

 — Rachael craves attention to her nipples by NippleMad08/19/05

Nipple Mad Ch. 02

 — Rachael and Katie get primitive. by NippleMad08/25/05HOT

Nipple to Nipple Play

 — Rachael finds sexual satisfaction through nipple play. by NippleMad09/13/05HOT

No Accounting for Love

 — A part-time bookkeeper becomes more. by marybethf12/28/064.35

No Boys Allowed

 — Lesbian interests spark at sexy sleepover. by Gilmuriel06/16/044.61HOT

No Glow

 — Nice girls don't sweat - they glow. by litpervgrrl05/28/054.38

No Holds Barred

 — College girls find fun in their school's wrestling room. by trigudis06/27/174.30

No Holds Barred in Belfast

 — Trish tries to balance the books. by LimeyLady09/17/164.55HOT

No Holds Barred in Boston

 — Trish vanishes without a trace. by LimeyLady10/24/164.46

No Holds Barred in London

 — Trish gets more room service than she ordered. by LimeyLady08/21/164.40

No Holds Barred in Munich

 — Part Four of series - Trish and Victoria fight again. by LimeyLady12/15/164.62HOT

No Longer A Boring Day

 — Bi girls fall in love and make out. by sexlesbian11/12/122.89

No Longer a Dyke

 — A former tough chick becomes a sexy Fem. by BrettJ01/10/114.24

No Longer BFFs

 — Boyfriend won't marry her unless she tries lesbian sex. by linda123409/12/164.42

No Longer Shy

 — Shy girl trades places with 'party-girl' twin. by Boo110407/25/024.58HOT

No Longer Sure Ch. 01

 — A cruise changes two lives forever. by Lavidian05/17/134.44

No Longer Sure Ch. 02

 — Penpals meet with unexpected results. by Lavidian05/18/134.54HOT

No Means No

 — Naked caning in cold weather. by Frogsdirtyslave12/28/063.28

No Privacy!

 — His take on the perennial girls-sharing-a-room story. by aquilegia10/18/054.34

No Strings Attached

 — Stud has fling of a lifetime on CA business trip. by PussyLickinPro11/17/064.65HOT

No Trespassing

 — Tammy and Sandy learn to overcome their fears. by MungoParkIII01/01/083.71

No Trouble "Tribbing"

 — She tries tribbing with her girlfriend. by CoyoteGirl6907/09/074.19

No-Tell Motel

 — When Jaslyn makes a bold step forward, everything changes. by BrettJ06/29/154.43

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