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Romance Stories

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Where Angels Fear to Tread Ch. 02

 — David and Rayne. by Daniellekitten02/11/084.52HOT

Where Is She?

 — A fool and his money are flirtatiously parted. by SweetOblivion08/17/093.38

Where the Heart Is

 — Dante walked up towards the large country mansion. by mariarendes01/13/104.17

Where There's Smoke Ch. 01

 — Tim bowls Kathy over & begins a new adventure. by A.W. Root10/11/054.74HOT

Where There's Smoke Ch. 02

 — Kathy says goodnight; Diane says good morning. by A.W. Root10/12/054.77HOT

Where There's Smoke Ch. 03

 — Life begins for a new triple: Him & Her & Her. by A.W. Root10/13/054.76HOT

Where There's Smoke Ch. 04

 — Tim gets two fashion shows at once. by A.W. Root10/14/054.82HOT

Where Would It Go? Ch. 01

 — You had a bad day. Let her make it better. by fallen_angel_m01/26/064.33

Where's Jimmy?

 — The past won't stay in the past for a small-time mobster. by wantsomefun195103/12/153.87

Where's The Rest Of Me?

 — A dream unrealized. by wherestherestofme07/26/142.46

While I Was Sleeping

 — Exhausted wife lays down for a nap, or so she thinks... by Amalthea10/28/014.07

While She Lay Sleeping

 — A nice way to wake up. by flutterbykiss6408/13/033.64


 — A tale of desire, two people swept up in a whirlwind of lust by drewfact01/01/144.58HOT

Whisper Ch. 1

 — Unsatisfied woman meets a troubled man. by Libidinosus07/14/013.59

Whisper Of The Wind

 — Marine rescues five mental patients. by Softly12/04/024.49

Whispered Passion

 — Autumn, lifelong lovers, and the most wonderful afterglow... by intensyw06/25/104.11

Whispering Wind

 — Young girl is captured by Kiowa warriors. by ronde02/05/014.74HOTEditor's Pick

Whispers and Brush Strokes Ch. 01

 — Erotic story of a one night stand. by KinghtWhisper11/17/084.43

Whispers and Brush Strokes Ch. 06

 — I began to learn more. by KinghtWhisper12/24/084.60

Whispers of Redemption Pt. 01

 — From possible perdition to possible redemption. by BeyondBlueLights02/10/104.85HOT

Whispers of Redemption Pt. 02

 — The beginning of a strong rapport and the birth of secrets. by BeyondBlueLights03/02/104.80HOT

Whispers of Redemption Pt. 03

 — Sometimes what you want the most is beyond reach. by BeyondBlueLights08/19/104.80HOT

Whistling Through the Wheatfield Ch. 1

 — A flirtatious lady finds sweet pleasure in the field. by MyEros33308/08/023.43

Whistling Through the Wheatfield Ch. 2

 — The wind blows cool across lovers in heat. by MyEros33308/09/024.33

Whistling Through the Wheatfield Ch. 3

 — Mr. Right takes flirtatious lady for a real ride in a field. by MyEros33308/10/023.75

White Dress

 — A hot meeting on a rainy day writen by a couple in love. by kjehangir05/18/113.85

White Knight in a Cadillac

 — Small town girl is saved from life of boredom. by Steelhand10/22/02HOT

White Paint

 — A mutual but unspoken passion breaks loose. by Axiliaz02/03/094.71

White Silk Pyjamas

 — Inside her flat Kate flopped onto the sofa. by writer_P11/09/122.88

Whiter Than Snowflakes

 — Chance meeting on Florida night leads to more. by rigged4dive01/18/024.27

Who Cares What I Wear?

 — Emily thinks about Ben on New Year's Eve. by PennLady01/12/114.61HOT

Who Is Setting The Table?

 — A sort of sequel to 'Summer Concert Night'. by Erraticus10/10/014.33

Who Is She?

 — He's in love with her, but who is she? by Ed061303/02/014.11

Who is the Father?

 — Doctor find sperm for impotent couple. by Softly10/10/003.84

Who Killed Cupid?

 — Cupid was dead, who did the deed. by Daniellekitten10/12/084.64HOT

Who Knows What The Future Holds

 — Divorced man finds true love in a snow storm. by sirsemega04/08/084.55HOT

Who Needs Her?

 — As friends' relationship changes, tempers clash. by SofieCo07/15/094.29

Who Sent The Card?

 — Monica gets an anonymous Valentine. by jeanne_d_artois01/23/044.16

Who Thought Patios Would Be So Fun?

 — When Ella goes to a party, she doesn't expect this. by UncoolCass12/22/133.13

Who Would Think...

 — Waking up with your lover in your arms. by Paniolo Boy01/30/074.53HOT


 — Decade of internal agony is finally rewarded. by WFEATHER10/13/054.63HOT

Whole Lotta Rosie

 — He succumbs to delights of young mum with huge tits. by Mag5811/18/074.48

Wholesome Carrie and the Crawdad

 — A second date with Wholesome Carrie. by LenNeal09/07/134.09

Whoosh, Bang! Ch. 01

 — Erotic romance, college girl, older man. by leBonhomme07/04/124.43

Whoosh, Bang! Ch. 02

 — Erotic romance, college girl, older man. by leBonhomme07/05/124.63HOT

Whoosh, Bang! Ch. 03

 — Erotic romance, college girl, older man. by leBonhomme07/06/124.70HOT


 — A hooker steps out on Valentine's Day. by Nellskitchen02/12/084.32

Whose Fantasy

 — We don't want to lose that lovely erection, do we? by barrington04/06/104.42


 — Why online & real life might not work as expected. by Brookell01/30/044.38

Why Do I Love You?

 — A romantic story with a twist at the end. by britbaby1901/27/072.83

Why Does Weight Matter?

 — You can always love no matter what you look like. by Lady_Wonders_How09/03/013.40

Why Don't You Do Right?

 — Halloween office party takes a lustful turn for the worst. by QueenOfTheNile10/19/124.15

Why Don't You Realize? Ch. 01

 — He wants her: why can't she see?? by Saphaque12/18/123.74

Why I Cheated

 — An abused professor has a tryst with a co-worker. by blackdove5511/24/133.67

Why Is This Happening Now (Her Story)

 — Will they connect, or will she sleep alone? by weegeordie03/29/084.00

Why Me?

 — A young man's unusual path through life. by sagacious2110/21/114.51HOT

Why Was She Here?

 — His night and morning with a woman he lusts after. by david45002/02/123.64

Why, There's a Wench

 — Naughty Shakespeare. by LitteraryWench05/09/124.73HOT

Wicked Game Ch. 13

 — Task Number Eleven. by velvetpie06/11/044.72HOT

Wicked Game Ch. 19

 — Beverly and James. by velvetpie06/17/044.83HOT

Wickedly Wilde

 — Daughter of a serial killer falls in love with the victim by silverangel62105/01/144.09

Wii Fit Completely Ch. 01

 — She spices up the night with drunken, naked yoga by tthecat199906/09/094.21

Wild and Free

 — Woman pleasures her lover in an unexpected way. by SweetestDistraction11/02/074.56HOT

Wild Night

 — Girlfriend comes home from work to find a romantic surprise. by GreatTim10/06/094.45

Wild Ride Ch. 03

 — David's freedom; Kelly & Janique's intimacy. by Kapricorn7110/05/063.40

Wild Sunflowers

 — Dan picks up an alley cat & discovers a wild pussy. by Ron Marsh10/26/054.76HOT

Wild Sunflowers Ch. 02

 — Dan and Chuck resume their exploration of each other. by Ron Marsh11/03/054.70HOT


 — He made her feel desire for the first time. by VixenLaFlamme01/18/054.05

Wildflowers in the Meadow

 — Two lovers camp in a mysterious forest. by AutumnWriter06/18/064.70HOT


 — Searching for wildlife, found love. by Britease06/25/134.53HOT

Will & Lynn Celebrate the Birthday

 — Another first time. by willandlynn07/24/123.95

Will and Lynn Share the New Year

 — Yet another first time. by willandlynn01/25/133.67

Will I Learn To Love? Ch. 01

 — A hard start, can things get easier? by bigmonkeypie03/06/084.43

Will I Learn To Love? Ch. 02

 — A hard start, can things get easier? by bigmonkeypie03/07/084.41

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