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First Time Stories

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First Time For Everything

 — Some firsts I've experienced. by dirtyjoe6907/17/063.52

First Time For Everything

 — A subby is born. by Subby7203/30/034.24

First Time For Everything

 — It's her first time away from home. by PDumbledore03/16/044.51HOT

First Time For Everything

 — Longtime lesbian gives the other side a try. by Ryan28308/11/044.46

First Time for Everything

 — My first gloryhole. by qazwaz05/06/164.17

First Time for Everything

 — His first time includes vaginal, oral and anal sex. by walterio11/28/174.44

First Time for Everything Ch. 01

 — The story begins. by Cool_Beans_Aus04/18/113.73

First Time for Rick

 — Disappointed with initial sex, Rick looked for a real woman by egmontgrigor201003/12/114.05

First Time For Us Both

 — Losing our virginity together. by PaulEllie09/18/174.42

First Time Fumble

 — The tale of a navie couple on their wedding night. by Bakeboss12/12/092.83

First Time in Newquay

 — Two students head down to Newquay for an end of exams party. by stawri09/16/124.10

First Time in Thailand

 — Chronicles of a first timer's massage experience. by Tyler22203/18/173.59

First Time Is a Surprise

 — She gets surprised by her first time. by OLDER AND BETTER04/05/063.61

First Time Is Best Time

 — Sue has the best of all. by BVRocks10/13/153.53

First Time is the Best

 — She gives him a special memory. by Pardog09/08/144.34

First Time Love

 — Two teens make love with each other for the first time. by twofeet399306/30/104.30

First Time Lover

 — On the job training takes on a whole new meaning. by nitengale01/13/014.11

First Time Meeting

 — Meeting in a club develops to something more. by eroticriter08/03/023.57

First Time MMF

 — First time having an MMF threesome. by stryker_one03/10/174.12

First Time Nudist

 — A visit to a nude beach leads to further body acceptance. by WuLiMaster07/04/083.50

First Time Oral

 — Story of my first oral experience. by Aussiemerk12/09/164.48

First Time Oral

 — Learning oral. by PaulEllie09/15/174.21

First Time Outdoors

 — Unusual sexual outdoor experience. by starbeam09/29/023.25

First Time Paradise

 — He noticed Ricky wasn't interested in the girls. by alexcarr01/27/123.74

First Time Romantic

 — He gives his virginity to the woman he loves. by plaidscott04/26/094.25

First Time Rough Sex

 — Shy housewife has rough sex. by Ricohxxx04/14/154.01

First Time Squirting

 — A short story about the first time I squirted. by Ricohxxx04/11/154.10

First Time Story

 — His first time was with an openly sexual black girl. by raymondo5608/25/053.89

First Time Stud

 — Study hard, then get a pussy reward. by R. Richard12/07/043.90

First Time Swingers

 — We learn how to swing... by smartyparty03/05/173.39

First Time Swinging

 — Our very first visit to a swingers club. by Ricohxxx04/07/153.89

First Time Tales

 — Tales told after a family party. by Sparky1001/30/093.65

First Time Threesome

 — Holly meets a girl from a dating site... by CatherineS12/06/154.03

First Time Threesome

 — Meeting a couple in a caravan. by dragonwelshuk08/08/154.38

First Time was at an Army party

 — My first time with a woman in the Army. by guyloveshotstories02/22/124.48

First Time was Awesome

 — Their first time for sex was excellent. by zipper694u02/10/094.12

First Time Was With Debbie

 — Summer sex with girlfriend for the 1st time. by SuperBill09/07/093.93

First Time We Meet

 — You know how to make him hot. by mutly23m11/24/022.98

First Time Wife Topless

 — Tales of our experience during a recent vacation. by satisfiedHubby12/10/153.86

First Time with a Man

 — A great first experience with a man. by patrick5305/24/174.28

First Time With Daniel

 — Danielle finally loses her virginity to Daniel. by Destiny696909/09/023.77

First Time with Erin

 — Val finds his best friend's sister alone by the pool. by AE_Maccailin07/20/134.37

First Time With Hannah

 — After meeting her parents, a couple has sex in the dark. by twiddershins10/22/133.59

First Time with Jean

 — Virgin students masturbate each other then enjoy first sex. by JamesHunter09/29/084.40

First time with Jon Ch. 01

 — Jenna loses her virginity to an older man. by jennahale01/17/13

First Time with Maria

 — She helps him get over his Ex. by lovesickfool10/04/083.81

First Time with Michelle

 — A second chance for a first love. by eisbehr08/31/073.60

First Time with My Junior Roomie

 — Jen was my Junior year roomie and cute as a button. by pghpa03/27/17HOT

First Time, Pool Side

 — A girl has her first time with crush beside a pool. by SejsicA09/23/164.16

First Time, Second Time

 — They lose their virginity for the second time. by catchercradle11/27/083.97

First Time... Sort Of...

 — Second date with my girl and a huge sigh of relief... by Semperfire10/30/143.92

First Time...Even For Barbara

 — There's a first time for everything, especially for winning. by andtheend10/05/103.44

First Time...First Time

 — He is first so hers is perfect. by Cat505/25/034.70HOT

First Time: A Night to Remember

 — His first time is definitely memorable. by HrnyMN2008/22/044.25

First Time: Getting...

 — This girl's first time is a little different. by jessferry03/26/04

First Timer

 — She just met him.. but she really wants him. by VioletNights11/13/112.85

First Timers

 — Ryann and Charley lose their virginity on a movie night. by morganchick199007/09/083.81

First Timers Sara and Billy

 — High school crush comes to fruition in college pool. by Mistrisa09/19/103.69

First Times: Jenine

 — He remembers Jenine. by P_E_C08/08/054.11

First Visit to an Adult Bookstore

 — Young man finally visits an Adult Bookstore. by ndeavour01/11/184.19

First, First Times

 — Recall and recreating several FIRSTS & secrets in a group. by LitEroCat07/09/163.93

First-Time Cocksucker Outs Himself

 — After giving his first blowjob, he tells the wrong person. by MagnaCumLiterate05/14/154.39

First-Time Sex with Another Man

 — After 40 years, I finally have sex with another man. by cvgreg04/08/184.15

First... Uhh... Second Time

 — His first really good sex. by speednutz07/19/033.47


 — College girl has her first time. by 66stingray03/13/114.13

Firsts All Round

 — A sexual challenge leads to new kinky experiences. by HJVento07/11/134.60HOT

Firsts: Chelsea's story

 — The loft apartment was not half as hot as their first time. by slipperyblisses08/13/143.88

Fist of Furry Ch. 01

 — He watches a hirsute woman suck cock. by belab04/06/043.98

Fit! Ch. 02

 — A female gymnast exercises her pelvic muscles. by george_slippery09/14/064.62HOT


 — Young woman flashes a teacher and gets taught. by Ashson09/09/144.44

Flesh for Fantasy

 — Two girls driven by lust, some alcohol, and rock 'n' roll. by MoonlightCat09/12/143.71

Fleur Ch. 01

 — Beautiful and sensual Fleur charms everyone she meets. by BrettJ07/15/134.33

Flipping the Script

 — Husband's birthday present turns out to be way out there! by Courtneyd199411/15/164.13

Florida Vacation

 — Trip to childhood resort turns her into a woman. by Fantasy Kiss09/12/044.46


 — His first time is with his close friend. by clarkcrow05/28/114.76HOT

Flower Arranging

 — A young couple continue learning about love-making. by Paul4403/07/054.48

Fluffer in Training Ch. 01

 — A naive young girl takes an interesting new job. by rmdexter11/11/164.57HOT

Fluffer in Training Ch. 02

 — Buxom Rachel's thoughts turn to her favorite teacher. by rmdexter02/18/174.67HOT

Fluffer in Training Ch. 03

 — Curvy Rachel undergoes the porn studio's medical exam. by rmdexter03/03/174.75HOT

Fluffer in Training Ch. 04

 — Eager Rachel undertakes her first duties as a fluffer. by rmdexter03/12/174.76HOT

Fluffer in Training Ch. 05

 — Naive Rachel encounters the new king of porn. by rmdexter03/18/174.78HOT

Fluffer in Training Ch. 06

 — Porn star and sexy MILF make use of fluffer Rachel's talents. by rmdexter03/24/174.85HOT

Fly Fishing - A Two Act Play

 — Jerry goes fishing on a warm fall afternoon. by NPH78609/18/134.02

Fond Farewell

 — His landlady gives him something to remember. by Frederick Carol09/04/104.59HOT

Food Fight And First Sex

 — A food fight leads to Izzy and Jamie making out. by sexharvester03/31/113.51

Food of Desire

 — Girl has night of passion with an older family friend. by sexy_sandrey12/07/094.34

Fooling Around With His Daughter

 — Amazing encounter with landlord's daughter. by MightyZor12/18/023.51

For Claudia Ch. 01

 — Claudia and Jennifer. by joelafayette09/25/124.69HOT

For Claudia Ch. 02

 — Claudia and Bob; Claudia and Lance. by joelafayette09/28/124.45

For Lacey

 — A short story I wrote for a friend. by MatthewVett06/24/094.39

For Lane Ch. 02

 — One moment forever with missed intimacy. by averyjames06/24/173.56

For the First Time

 — A young man in good hands. by RufusLeMont04/04/114.24

For the Love of Shawna

 — Can Joshua find his love again? by DOMann195908/20/164.62HOT

For the Very First Time Ch. 01

 — Amber and Quinn make an unusual deal. by PrincessErin06/04/083.92

For the Very First Time Ch. 02

 — Amber and Quinn make an unusual deal. by PrincessErin06/05/084.17

For the Very First Time Ch. 03

 — Amber and Quinn make an unusual deal. by PrincessErin06/06/084.22

For the Very First Time Ch. 04

 — Amber and Quinn make an unusual deal. by PrincessErin06/07/084.57HOT

For You...with You

 — I sit in the airport all by myself. by kypris08/29/084.10

For Your Eyes Only

 — Husband watches video of ex-wife and her lover. by easyballs01/24/153.62


 — Maria Maranzano stood on her balcony. by h3lls_sweety03/10/113.26

Forbidden Fruit

 — Sweet innocent virgin gives in to her dark cravings by Demira06/22/123.77

Forbidden Fruit

 — Friends separated by culture and tradition become more... by cybersky10/16/153.93

Forbidden Fruit Ch. 02

 — Friends separated by culture and tradition become more... by cybersky11/16/154.33

Forbidden No More

 — Secretary acts on her crush on boss's 18-year-old son. by FlightyFaerie02/21/074.47

Forced Enjoyment

 — Carrie has her life changed by Katy. by Lesbian10111/19/142.18

Fore Play and More

 — Tennis player gets a night of action on a golf green. by beachb0y01/31/034.48

Foreplay Ch. 01

 — My first experience. by Redm_the_great4208/23/163.92

Foreplay Ch. 02

 — Finally, what you've waited for for long enough, the sequel! by Redm_the_great4212/12/163.94

Forever in Love

 — My first time with my first love. by MidNoc08/04/033.90

Forget to Remember Ch. 02

 — Her virginity taken by her father's blacksmith. by apathykiss11/13/064.12

Found – A Treasure from the...

 — Out of the clear blue, when he wasn't looking... by Sailor103/12/064.62HOT

Four in a Terrace

 — Friends accidentally discover the pleasures of group sex. by ReefBeach02/19/134.13

Four for the Handyman Ch. 03

 — He turns the tables on the girls. by spikysex07/16/084.68HOT

Four Hills High School Ch. 01

 — High School. Like you remember it, only more sex. by Megaeros05/01/134.48

Four Plus One 01: Monkey Bars

 — From monkey bars to twosomes, threesomes, foursomes... by ReefBeach04/11/144.56HOT

Francine's First Time

 — Coed discovers the joys of sex. by mochaleeshus07/08/052.91

Frat House Visit Ch. 01

 — Potential college student visits her brother's frat house. by jester474701/29/094.10

Frat House Visit Ch. 02

 — A potential college student visits her brother's frat house. by jester474701/30/094.20

Frat House Visit Ch. 03

 — A potential coed visits her brother's frat house. by jester474701/31/094.16

Frat House Visit Ch. 04

 — A potential coed visits her brother's frat house. by jester474702/01/094.10

Freakin' with the Enemy Ch. 05

 — Pageants, mothers, and small-town revenge. by Stardog Champion08/19/104.21

Fred & Mary

 — Fred deflowers Maria with Mary's help; Becky & Hils visit. by OVERLAND12/04/074.46

Free Fall

 — A lady is nervious about her first sky diving jump. by ZacNeuman11/25/024.14

Free Love Ch. 01

 — A 1970s sexual adventure. by lebeam06/16/073.96

Free Ride

 — She accepts a ride on a hot summer day. by Uma110803/07/044.20

Free Spirits

 — Lionel and Elise lose their virginities. by Scorpius194506/22/164.33

Freedom From a Small Town Ch. 01

 — Small town guy starts a journey. by woodcarverII07/09/044.68HOT

French Kissing for Girls - & Boys

 — Back to nude beach, with guys. by Alex De Kok06/26/044.65HOT

French Lesson

 — A prostitute helps Graham lose his virginity. by J G Parkes02/20/064.32


 — A college student's first day is a learning experience. by Domwoolf12/06/094.41

Freshman Girl Loses Her Virginity

 — Newly-turned 18 college girl finally has sex in college. by thirstygirlll05/25/163.34

Freshman Orientation

 — Gina gets what she wants from a sexy senior. by YvonneMars12/14/073.51

Freshman Virgin

 — Gary's first time. by MistressMerry09/12/074.55HOT

Freshman Year at Band Camp

 — A young band geek gets a sexual education. by thirstygirlll01/28/16

Freshman Year Ch. 1

 — She discovers there's more to life than boys. by BiEmma2707/07/024.07

Friday Night

 — Sara turns 18 with a bang. by Mr James06/29/044.30

Friday Night with Heather and Kat

 — Scott and the girls at the party. by studrelease07/05/174.48

Friend with Benefits

 — An acquaintance becoming a good friend. by diehardfan08/02/103.97

Friend Zone

 — He's your friend, not an eunuch. by Ashson04/22/154.41

Friend Zone Ch. 02

 — A costume is sexier than expected. by Ashson11/01/154.34

Friend's Hot Mom

 — He loses his virginity to his friend's hot mother. by nobigwillie12/06/124.14

Friendly Massage

 — Two 18-year-olds' first time. by marklz102108/19/07


 — Just a few friends after the Rapture happens. by HappyReading21211/13/15

Friends 2 Lovers

 — Two best friends take each other's virginity. by dstebbins05/15/07

Friends Can Do Anything

 — Andrew and Gloria finally silence the craving. by mirecmk02/07/033.25

Friends Ch. 01

 — Best friends experiencing there first sex with each other. by FantasyMan02102/10/144.27

Friends Ch. 02

 — The adventures of Marcus and Jane continue by FantasyMan02103/31/144.18

Friends Finally Connect

 — Oblivious boy falls for his best friend. by OultawHoseAndStockings08/28/174.52HOT

Friends Get Physical

 — Two friends explore their sexuality together. by jessabelkitty07/16/134.20

Friends Go Swimming

 — Two friends go swimming, then get under the covers. by Anonymous7708/04/133.82

Friends No More

 — 18-year-old girl works hard to get her crush. by rachelanne06/27/05

Friends with Benefits

 — Neighbours turned good friends. by infinity32110/11/163.86

Friends with Benifits

 — Her first time is with her friend. by SilverCatEyes10/21/073.68

From a Faithful Wife to a Cuck's Sub

 — A couple's initiation in cuck and domination. by Alibodgeeddy12/24/164.25

From College Student to Submissive

 — A black co-ed answers an ad and discovers spice. by ColleteSarkozy01/23/084.04

From Crazy 8s to Strip poker

 — A regular card game gets interesting. by kanatawolf04/15/144.13

From Dating To Threesomes

 — We took another step. by mrnmrsj12/17/144.12

From Essays to Ecstasy

 — A student's move into the lives of a teacher and her husband. by branda07/29/104.04

From Farm Girl to Au Pair Ch. 01

 — Megan's marriage to Brandon leads to her sexual awakening. by The Big Bopper06/18/084.17

From Girl To Womanhood

 — Girl loses her virginity to two men. by rachelhere07/28/023.96

From Virgin to Stud, My Evolution

 — Tom is seduced by older woman, continues his education. by NerdySex04/13/184.26

Fromage Paysan

 — Deep in the Isle of France.... by Scotsman6906/17/084.33

Frost on the Pumpkin

 — Young lovers battle a demented mother and sister. by Old_Blue10/16/094.66HOT

Frustrated Guy

 — Girl hasn't responded to a boyfriend. by Maddog1404/26/124.04

Fuck Well and Prosper

 — She learns that sex can provide more than orgasms. by ainu01/09/064.34

Fucked and Filmed

 — Anal sex and blow job. by ShadowT07/19/144.12

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