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Mom's Friend Margie

 — He comforts one of his moehter's friends. by mustanger7up03/02/034.39

Mom's Friend Needs Some Comfort

 — Mrs. Thompsen is alone, but not for long. by Burnsie2202/13/033.90

Mom's Friend was My First Love

 — Mom's unusual friend is his first lover. by backwoodsman195204/28/054.43

Mom's Friend was My First Love Ch. 02

 — Mom's unusual friend is his first lover. by backwoodsman195205/03/054.49

Mom's Friend was My First Love Ch. 03

 — His mother's unusual friend was his first lover. by backwoodsman195205/05/054.55HOT

Mom's Friend was My First Love Ch. 04

 — He learns how Shirley's past changed her. by backwoodsman195205/15/054.55HOT

Mom's Friend was My First Love Ch. 05

 — Shirley's daughter comes home. by backwoodsman195205/17/054.53HOT

Mom's Friend was My First Love Ch. 06

 — He & Shirley share a private, revealing morning. by backwoodsman195205/20/054.58HOT

Mom's Friend was My First Love Ch. 07

 — Final: he & Shirley have a long sex-filled day. by backwoodsman195205/23/054.67HOT

Mom's Friend, Nice Lady

 — Interlude with my mother's friend. by Rapide11/15/113.69

Mom's Friends

 — Lonely guy finds treasure in older women. by Boakester10/20/064.22

Mom's Little League

 — Divorced mom meets the coach. by HarryOrwell05/16/114.32

Mom's Neighbor

 — Two brothers had a dream. by LucOuarm11/10/024.38

Mom's Night In The Van

 — His mom gets nailed by one of his good friends. by MarkEast07/28/054.41

Mom's Night Out

 — An Indian Bengali mom is taken by her son's closest friend. by bigshotinthebush12/28/084.24

Mom’s Friend

 — The fun of loving Mom's dear friend. by andy_r_1445611/23/044.59HOT

Momma Bear

 — A tail of relationship woes. by man_as_dog12/27/144.16

Momma Rose

 — One night of fun with an older woman. by ti2xgr06/20/114.30

Mommie and Her Lance Ch. 02

 — Not much happens. Lance pisses off school psychologist. by DDDDave02/19/144.29

Mommy Dearest

 — Son dates Libby...and her mother. by Sneaker01/17/014.15

Moms at the Beach Ch. 01

 — Newly single Moms make tempting targets for enamored sons. by MaryAnderson01/08/154.69HOT

Monet Inspires Novelist

 — A forty-something novelist befriends Monet aged nineteen. by egmontgrigor201005/20/104.51HOT

Money in the Bank

 — Young college student fucks a hot older woman. by milfryder07/24/114.16

Money Well Spent

 — A young woman finds her true calling. by vegasokie0301/13/164.69HOT


 — Student finds out how sexy older women can be. by L.A. Wicker05/02/024.58HOT

Monica - Seconds

 — Monica comes again, and again. by Sven the Elder08/12/094.20

Monica Ch. 1

 — He has an affair his girlfriend's daughter. by billyt9836603/05/024.38

Monica Ch. 3

 — They enjoy sex in the living room. by billyt9836603/14/024.48

Monica Ch. 4

 — Monica learns the satisfaction of a toy. by billyt9836603/16/024.42

Monica Ch. 5

 — Monica shares her love with her boyfriend & Bill. by billyt9836603/23/024.42

Monica Ch. 6

 — Bill and Monica's girlfriend. by billyt9836603/29/024.51HOT

Monica Ch. 7

 — Monica, Julia, & Bill make three. by billyt9836604/14/024.44

Monica the MILF

 — Running to the store to pick up some MILF. by Chimney Sweep08/02/074.54HOT

Monica's 40th Birthday

 — A frustrated Monica lets loose on her big day. by clark_kent05/08/034.34

Monica's Aunt Gets Some

 — Monica blackmails Mike into sex with her fat, old aunt. by Boxlicker10107/06/054.51HOT

Monique Submits to Gary's Domination

 — Gary & Monique experiment with light S&M. by JamesLacy05/14/024.54HOT

Montana Swelter

 — He was a grown man, co-worker, and finally, lover. by AnAmericanDarling02/01/084.05

Moonlight in Vermont

 — Variation on a theme by skinnypom. by gemlesgross02/17/154.32

Moonlit Tenderness

 — A husband and wife reconnect. by justBrandy07/29/144.66HOT

More Annals of the Friday Flower

 — Six middle-aged women add a young man to the mix. by pandsal11/10/084.46

More Legacy of Number 7 Pt. 02

 — Number 7 finds love and is reunited with his daughter by c1992w03/11/15

More Legacy of Number 7 Pt. 03

 — Number 7 finds love and is reunited with his daughter by c1992w03/12/15

More Legacy of Number 7 Pt. 04

 — Number 7 finds love and is reunited with his daughter by c1992w03/13/15

More Legacy of Number 7 Pt. 05

 — Number 7 Finds love and is reunited with his daughter by c1992w03/14/15

More Legacy of Number 7 Pt. 06

 — Number 7 finds love and is reunited with his daughter by c1992w03/15/15

More Legacy of Number 7 Pt. 07

 — Number 7 finds love and is reunited with his daughter. by c1992w03/17/15

More Legacy of Number 7 Pt. 08

 — Number 7 finds love and is reunited with his daughter. by c1992w03/18/15

More Legacy of Number 7 Pt. 09

 — Number 7 finds love and is reunited with his daughter. by c1992w03/19/15

More Legacy of Number 7 Pt. 10

 — Number 7 finds love and is reunited with his daughter. by c1992w03/20/15

More Than a Tease

 — She remembers her night with an older man. by Texas Tease05/12/054.22

More than Just a Friend

 — Chance meeting leads to an affair. by Lookin4ewe10/15/054.44

More Than Meets the Eye

 — What's really happening here? by rodeocountry10/21/154.39

More Than Simply Dinner

 — Internet friends meet & face numerous problems. by Tony15503/21/074.74HOT

More Than Simply Dinner Ch. 02

 — Internet friends continue their relationship. by Tony15501/14/084.54HOT

More than This

 — Two people with checkered pasts find trust and love. by komrad115604/09/164.62HOT

Morning Carwash Delights

 — He lends helping hand to car-washing bikini-clad MILF. by Hollow_Eyes05/26/074.52HOT

Morning Coffee Ch. 01

 — Young guy meets a gorgeous woman at a coffee shop. by espeteroh03/25/074.47

Morning Coffee Ch. 02

 — Husband catches wife cheating. by espeteroh04/03/074.02

Morning Delight

 — Hmm, consenting sex between 2 adults by Suzi6402/10/033.56

Morton Magic

 — Colleagues relax after giving a presentation. by Alex De Kok09/10/094.55HOT

Mother Follows Daughter

 — A mother steals her daughter's lover. by Impecunity08/16/134.48

Mother Helps Daughter

 — Sally comes to rescue poor James. by Felixcabin11/16/044.12

Mother in Law Jan

 — First time with my mother in law. by billyboy909/03/124.05

Mother In Law Nurses Back To Health

 — Young husband needs a helping hand. by burritoman8904/19/044.43

Mother is Debauched Ch. 01

 — Mother joins a sex club to protect her son. by Singularly6601/16/074.48

Mother is Debauched Ch. 02

 — Mother offers more than Sex Club experience. by Singularly6601/24/074.51HOT

Mother is Debauched Ch. 03

 — Grandma visits the two debauched mothers. by Singularly6603/05/074.52HOT

Mother is Debauched Ch. 05

 — Grandma completes her descent into debauchery. by Singularly6603/31/084.43

Mother Knows Best Ch. 01

 — His girl's mother teaches him to dance. by flim6206/26/074.53HOT

Mother Knows Best Ch. 02

 — Fucking in the chapel while discussing a threesome. by flim6207/30/084.38

Mother Knows Best Ch. 03

 — At last--mother and daughter share a treat. by flim6210/15/084.54HOT

Mother of My Best Friend

 — Older woman gets close to son's best friend. by J_Barnes04/22/064.42

Mother of the Bride

 — Bride's sexy mom seduces the groomsman. by christo01/17/014.62HOTContest WinnerEditor's Pick

Mother of the Dairy Maid

 — Milf mother needs attention from daughter's lover. by slippery011/20/124.31

Mother's Day Fantasy

 — A fantasy on mother's day. by Nox66105/12/153.92

Mother's Friend Ch. 01

 — College guy catches older woman at play. by jt12308/22/034.54HOT

Mother's Milk

 — 18-year-old paper boy learns the joy of "fresh milk" by Madam-Cecilia10/31/014.38

Mother's Tale

 — Professional woman falls in love with young teacher. by THEONEREALGUY08/18/013.44


 — His first time with wife's sexy mother. by Clansmansco11/28/054.14

Mother-in-Law Ch. 02

 — Mother In Law cums on holiday with us. by Clansmansco12/04/054.37

Mother-in-law Fantasy Ch. 01

 — Sometimes fantasies do cum true. by hornyman1204/05/054.50HOT

Mother-in-law Fantasy Ch. 02

 — The fantasy continues. by hornyman1204/17/054.58HOT

Mother-in-law Fantasy Ch. 03

 — Sexual surprises abound for all involved. by hornyman1204/26/054.61HOT

Mother-in-law Fantasy Ch. 04

 — Several secrets are revealed. by hornyman1205/02/054.53HOT

Mother-In-Law Gets Freaky

 — It started out as a joke with the wife... by ISO_older_women01/06/024.10

Mother-In-Law Gets Hers

 — Wife's mother ends up fucking her daughter's husband. by easyballs01/31/154.30

Mother-in-law Has Passion

 — Visiting brother results in getting his mother-in-law by BoneyMoreOny08/01/07

Mother-In-Law Makes Christmas Special

 — Son-in-law gets some very sexy gifts. by juge102/26/014.11

Mother-In-Law Reema

 — Story from India about scandalous liaison. by yogiman9012/25/024.29

Mother-In-Law Sex

 — The day I got to give my mother-in-law a facial. by kelvin-hall09/14/014.08

Mother-in-Law Stays for a Week

 — Mother in law and Son-in-law Affair continues. by oglerupnorthxx04/17/123.96

Mother-in-Law's First Time

 — His first time with his wife's mom. by Clansmansco08/25/054.17

Mother-In-Law's Resistance Fades

 — Mother-in-law gives in to son-in-law's craving. by oglerupnorthxx02/20/124.28

Mother-In-Law's Road Trip

 — Hot in-law provides the fun. by wenchhunt07/19/034.51HOT

Mother-in-law's Special Massage

 — Her massage is just the beginning. by TwistedPlayr03/07/054.45

Mother-in-Law's Visit

 — Maybe she should visit more often. by jacklove08/01/024.37

Mother-in-laws Lingerie Story

 — He spends evening with mother-in-law. by soltow01/04/013.92

Mother-In-Laws Secret Video Found Ch. 02

 — Mother-In-Law's Secret Video Found. by dr13bone05/23/114.32

Motorhome Sex

 — Meeting an older woman while camping. by sparktj04/25/134.39

Mountain Pasture Tales Ch. 01

 — Old lass turns boy into man & gets a ram. by Libertine09/06/024.62HOT

Mountain Pasture Tales Ch. 03

 — Old lass arranges pleasure for the women. by Libertine09/21/024.64HOT

Movie Theater Voyeur

 — 53 year old puts his girl on display at the movies. by beckiam8609/11/083.88


 — Younger woman likes older men. by orvette102/29/164.02

Moving Back Home

 — Reconnecting with my neighbour. by tallone12310/07/154.45

Moving Day

 — Kaylie gets unexpectedly lucky on moving day. by MissTaken11/22/024.43

Moving Day Ch. 02

 — Jordan christens Kaylie's new home with hot sex by MissTaken01/19/034.45

Moving House, Highly Unlikely

 — Owner changes mind following evaluation by estate agents. by compo_rations07/31/084.47

Moving In

 — Moving was tiring, the lady next door was not. by writingfool01/04/034.25

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