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Mrs. Helen Melon

 — Friend's Mom teaches him about safe sex. by Felixcabin10/27/024.23

Mrs. Honey Demands a Good Cleaning

 — College boy again services mature lady janitor after work. by limpiador04/26/184.03NEW

Mrs. Horny's Private Tuition

 — A teacher helps the star pupil with private tuition. by Mag5812/02/034.49

Mrs. Hughes

 — Laura Hughes, a mature tennis coach, loves a young man. by Oldlover6911/26/114.43

Mrs. J Ch. 01

 — Jason invites Mrs. J to the prom. by lgreenwood11/24/084.71HOT

Mrs. J Ch. 02

 — Steve brings Jason home. by lgreenwood11/25/084.15

Mrs. Janson

 — He learns with an older woman. by mustanger7up05/16/064.40

Mrs. Jennifer C Ch. 01

 — Long awaited liaison with an older coworker’s sexy ex-wife. by hellwoodblues08/10/084.33

Mrs. Johanson

 — A young man finally gets to fuck his neighbor's sexy wife. by fntcwriter06/26/05HOT

Mrs. Johanson Ch. 02

 — Jack & Emily enjoy their evening together. by fntcwriter07/02/05HOT

Mrs. Johnson's Confession

 — Mrs. Johnson feels guilty about giving Jason lessons. by A_Satori04/16/094.55HOT

Mrs. Jones

 — Andrew finally fullfills his teenage fantasy. by Many Feathers05/27/074.56HOT

Mrs. Jones Helps Tommy Help Her

 — Shy young man helps Mrs. J get ready for guests. by softspokenstephen12/14/144.48

Mrs. Jones Serves Dessert

 — Boss's wife entertains a shy new employee. by softspokenstephen12/02/134.47

Mrs. Kaufman's Sister Visits

 — Her lovely sister visits, and we are eager to include her. by Magna1207/31/174.30

Mrs. Kelly

 — She introduces him to women who may stray. by mangrove jack04/02/054.61HOT

Mrs. Lachlan

 — She's the neighborhood MILF and one guy just might get lucky. by VertigoJ03/09/044.53HOT

Mrs. Lin and Her New Neighbor

 — Asian Milf meets 18-year-old neighbor. by Dunross201105/12/124.06

Mrs. Lin and Her New Neighbor Ch. 02

 — Continuing adventures of Asian milf and her young neighbor. by Dunross201105/19/124.22

Mrs. Lin and Her New Neighbor Ch. 03

 — MIss Lin finally gets her 18 year old neighbor alone. by Dunross201108/21/124.43

Mrs. Loving

 — The neighbor's wife helps a boy out. by mustanger7up03/02/034.46

Mrs. Loving Ch. 02

 — He gets with neighbor's wife. by mustanger7up04/12/034.49

Mrs. Marlow: Sexy by the Sea

 — Hot, wealthy GILF puts the fun in fundraisers. by milfleglover08/25/154.48

Mrs. Mathison, Brandy, and a Movie

 — All talk & no action is just fine if you're 82. by atkins08/12/054.32

Mrs. Mayweather

 — A college professor is caught with one of her students. by XXOrpheus111/13/143.87

Mrs. McCall

 — A lonely housewife satisfies her son's friends by ilovematurewomen04/01/034.49

Mrs. Melendez Ch. 01

 — Allen has always had a thing for his friend's mother. by Naked105/12/134.10

Mrs. Miller

 — She was the old lady down the street. by magmaman05/30/124.29

Mrs. Miller Ch. 1

 — John's friend leaves Mom alone for the summer. by bonzob3408/07/024.49

Mrs. Miller Ch. 3

 — Blackmail or something more devious? by bonzob3410/06/024.33

Mrs. Moffit

 — Time alone with the hottest teacher in school. by Tx Tall Tales11/01/084.69HOT

Mrs. Murphy Ch. 1

 — Neighbor teaches her naughty boy next door a lesson. by lanzam07/27/024.07

Mrs. Murphy Ch. 2

 — Sexy next door neighbor continues Bryan's education. by lanzam07/30/024.37

Mrs. Murphy Ch. 3

 — Maureen takes Bryan on a "shopping" trip. by lanzam08/10/024.27

Mrs. Murphy's Sin

 — Turning 40 was the pits until bartender makes her day. by maggie200211/01/024.51HOT

Mrs. Nicholson

 — Teacher catches two teenagers having sex in school. by Svenskaflicka10/13/024.31

Mrs. Norton

 — Young hunk has a crush on his divorcee neighbor. by LordPenetrator07/14/014.34

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 02

 — Sexy GILF makes victim's mom bend to her pissy will. by milfleglover11/27/134.55HOT

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 05

 — The sexy wet tide turns on piss-loving GILF. by milfleglover04/11/144.48

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 07

 — A cougar and her pissy kitten. by milfleglover07/25/144.42

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 08

 — Susan takes a new piss victim in a quiet bar. by milfleglover10/15/144.36

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 10

 — No green card not an issue for sexy GILF piss mistress. by milfleglover12/27/143.66

Mrs. O'Reilly's Laundry Day

 — Machine-masturbating GILF caught in act by assistant. by milfleglover05/15/134.07

Mrs. Potter Confesses Her Sins

 — She has sexual fantasies in Church, then confesses. by fantasyboy12/05/094.43

Mrs. Powers

 — Matt seduces a sexy older woman. by pantyperv04/17/024.49

Mrs. Powers Ch.02

 — Wife can't get enough of son's friend by pantyperv01/18/034.36

Mrs. Rawson, The Vicar's Wife Ch. 01

 — She is caught in a compromising situation by a choir boy. by amorone08/04/113.95

Mrs. Rawson, The Vicar's Wife Ch. 02

 — The young man negotiates. by amorone08/12/114.45

Mrs. Rawson, The Vicar's Wife Ch. 03

 — A U.S. tourist, enjoys our youth and fulfils her fantasies. by amorone02/12/124.44

Mrs. Reid Ch. 1

 — Young guy falls for sexy older neighbor. by christo11/24/004.51HOT

Mrs. Reid Ch. 2

 — Young man becomes enamored with sexy older neighbor. by christo12/12/004.61HOT

Mrs. Reid Ch. 3

 — Mrs. Reid goes skinny-dipping with Andy. by christo01/24/014.54HOT

Mrs. Reid Ch. 4

 — Does Mr. Reid know about the affair? by christo04/19/014.57HOT

Mrs. Reid Ch. 5

 — Mr. & Mrs. Reid give Andy a going-away present. by christo10/03/014.74HOT

Mrs. Reid Ch. 6

 — Andy hears a noise in the Reid's house...who could it be? by christo11/06/014.76HOT

Mrs. Robertson

 — Every young man's fantasy - the older woman. by pleasureandfun09/13/074.28

Mrs. Robinson

 — Mrs. Robinson meets her daughter's ex-boyfriend. by Mag5810/07/044.50HOT

Mrs. Robinson

 — Young woman gets to know future mother-in-law. by Slickman01/07/034.61HOT

Mrs. Robinson Ch. 01

 — Future mother-in-law has sex with Jack. by Vic501/08/084.34

Mrs. Robinson Ch. 02

 — Jack, Sue, and Mrs. Roginson are together in bed. by Vic501/09/084.36

Mrs. Rogers, My Neighbour

 — Nick comes home to visit from university. by sweetstud2105/22/024.49

Mrs. Scott

 — A youthful fantasy is realized years later. by StrongMaster702/04/054.67HOT

Mrs. Sherbitz Ch. 01

 — White lady is in love with younger black neighbor. by SpankerSam01/22/074.44

Mrs. Sherbitz Ch. 02

 — They take flirting to a deeper level. by SpankerSam01/23/074.58HOT

Mrs. Sherbitz Ch. 03

 — Mrs. Sherbitz begins to let go. by SpankerSam01/24/074.67HOT

Mrs. Sherbitz Ch. 04

 — Younger man claiming the older woman he loves. by SpankerSam10/18/164.41

Mrs. Silverstein and the Golf Pro

 — Widow & hot golf pro savor unexpected meeting. by maggie200204/25/024.37

Mrs. Smith Ch. 01

 — A student dreams about meeting a full-figure mature lady. by gemlesgross06/15/113.89

Mrs. Smith Ch. 02

 — A student meets the large lady he has been dreaming about. by gemlesgross06/21/114.28

Mrs. Smith Ch. 03

 — My desire for Mrs. Smith gets in the way of our relationship. by gemlesgross06/28/114.24

Mrs. Smith Ch. 04

 — A young man confesses his lust to the woman he craves. by gemlesgross07/06/114.28

Mrs. Smith Ch. 05

 — An afternoon of foreplay on the couch. by gemlesgross07/16/114.44

Mrs. Smith Ch. 06

 — Mrs. Smith and I are looking for a quiet place. by gemlesgross08/14/114.45

Mrs. Smith Ch. 07

 — The first time with the wonderful Mrs. Smith. by gemlesgross08/23/114.48

Mrs. Smith Ch. 08

 — Mrs Smith defines the rules of our relationship. by gemlesgross09/24/114.58HOT

Mrs. Smith Ch. 09

 — Mrs. Smith and I rehearse our lovemaking. by gemlesgross11/19/114.61HOT

Mrs. Smith Ch. 10

 — Mitch dates a skinny girl. by gemlesgross02/08/124.54HOT

Mrs. Smith Ch. 11

 — Back to Mrs. Smith. by gemlesgross03/16/124.48

Mrs. Sonnet

 — A young guy gets a dream come true. by L.A. Wicker01/12/064.63HOT

Mrs. Steel

 — A young man is introduced to Mrs. Steel. by Many Feathers07/30/054.79HOTContest Winner

Mrs. Steel - The Return

 — It's been twenty years: Nicky returns home. by Many Feathers08/01/054.70HOTContest Winner

Mrs. Sutton is Blackmailed: 1st Photo

 — When the victim becomes willing. by beware02/23/104.48

Mrs. Sutton is Blackmailed: 2nd Photo

 — When passion is tempered with conscience. by beware04/13/104.55HOT

Mrs. Sutton is Blackmailed: Final Photo

 — When love lost becomes redemption gained. by beware06/21/104.63HOT

Mrs. Swanson

 — My encounter with her. by PerilEyes08/17/104.29

Mrs. Tenholder Loses It

 — My 72-year-old neighbor finally loses it at the movies. by atkins06/27/094.56HOT

Mrs. Tyler Teaches Ch. 01

 — Guy learns from his best friend's mom. by JoeDreamer01/29/074.73HOT

Mrs. Tyler Teaches Ch. 02

 — He learns more from his best friend's mom. by JoeDreamer02/05/074.77HOT

Mrs. Watson

 — Old Asian tells Tom to look for mature sex. by mangrove jack08/04/044.62HOT

Mrs. Watts is a Cheating Bitch

 — You can take whatever you want if you are hot enough. by acdd12311/01/163.91

Mrs. Wentworth and a Useful Lesson

 — Mrs. W. ends the day teaching Stephen. by softspokenstephen12/06/134.55HOT

Mrs. Wentworth and Stephen

 — In Part 8, the morning starts a whole new day. by softspokenstephen02/04/144.63HOT

Mrs. Wentworth At The Opera

 — Mrs. W treats Stephen to an elegant night at the opera. by softspokenstephen10/15/134.46

Mrs. Wentworth Enjoys Act Three

 — Stephen and Mrs. W return to the opera. by softspokenstephen01/10/144.60HOT

Mrs. Wentworth Enjoys the Nightcap

 — Stephen and Mrs. W. have a nightcap after the third act. by softspokenstephen01/18/144.52HOT

Mrs. Wentworth Gets Comfortable

 — Stephen and Mrs. Wentworth get closer. by softspokenstephen05/02/144.62HOT

Mrs. Wentworth is Naughty

 — In part ten Mrs. Wentworth is caught losing control. by softspokenstephen04/04/154.72HOT

Mrs. Weston's Newspapers

 — Older woman is attracted to her newspaper delivery boy. by starova12/31/154.38

Mrs. Young Ch. 01

 — My best friend's mom takes care of my morning wood. by LovingThis10011/30/124.20

Mrs. Young Ch. 02

 — My best friend tries to convince me to have a threesome. by LovingThis10012/22/124.37

Mrs. Young Ch. 03

 — My best friends mom surprises me in her bedroom. by LovingThis10007/06/134.51HOT

Mrs. Young Ch. 04

 — My best friends mom lets me have fun under her skirt. by LovingThis10006/09/144.42

Ms. Boone & Mr. Stone

 — Math teacher and her prodigy find romance. by NYBoss04/12/134.70HOT

Ms. Brown

 — Well-endowed student has affair with teacher. by xbox1524104/04/034.47

Ms. E in 4C

 — A mature lady leads her younger neighbor into temptation. by 4ofSwords07/03/084.49

Ms. Figgis

 — New teacher awakens the stern principal. by jacklove08/09/023.98

Ms. Figgis Pt. 2

 — Randy's strange night continues. by jacklove09/06/024.41

Ms. Figgis Pt. 3

 — Randy learns more about the mystery woman by jacklove02/20/034.35

Ms. Figgis Pt. 4

 — Randy goes back to the club and gets a surprise. by jacklove05/18/044.49

Ms. Figgis Pt. 5

 — Ms. Figgis' plan is revealed. by jacklove05/30/044.46

Ms. Figgis Pt. 6

 — Randy must pleasure the town's women. by jacklove06/09/054.36

Ms. Jackson

 — Yardwork pays off for a horny younger man. by Jay62611/28/044.39

Ms. Jackson Ch. 01

 — Boy is torn between his longtime girlfriend and her sexy mom. by jeffincognito09/29/164.78HOT

Ms. Jackson Ch. 03

 — Hailey finds out the truth during a family vacation. by jeffincognito02/12/174.79HOT

Ms. Jiggles Ch. 01

 — A big booty milf seduces young men. by Cappadonna01/30/104.41

Ms. Jiggles Ch. 03

 — Her big butt causes an uproar at school. by Cappadonna04/11/104.53HOT

Ms. Jiggles Ch. 04

 — Ms. Johnson goes to a Halloween party. by Cappadonna05/18/104.39

Ms. Jiggles Ch. 05

 — Things get hot in Darius' dorm room. by Cappadonna11/26/164.49

Ms. Jiggles Ch. 06

 — Ms. Jiggles gets worked out at the gym. by Cappadonna02/02/174.55HOT

Ms. Laura Ch. 02

 — A little more than a walk in the park. by M777A210/05/134.18

Ms. Laura Ch. 03

 — The woman of his darkest dreams meets an old crush. by M777A210/07/134.32

Ms. Laura Ch. 04

 — A dish best served hot. by M777A210/08/134.31

Ms. Laura Ch. 05

 — Our bonds get tighter. by M777A210/17/134.25

Ms. Laura Ch. 06

 — Everything is not as it seems. by M777A210/28/134.38

Ms. Laura Ch. 07

 — I finally lose my my inhabitions. by M777A207/30/144.32

Ms. Lord Ch. 01

 — His busty English teacher shows him her best. by lifesabeach8410/24/083.97

Ms. Marca Ch. 27

 — Best girlfriend's dad, Oh God! You're not kidding. by Ms. Marca01/31/024.31

Ms. Marca Ch. 30

 — She helps Colin's friend. by Ms. Marca02/04/024.16

Ms. Marca Ch. 44

 — Just an old man who looked harmless. by Ms. Marca04/16/024.42

Ms. Marca Ch. 47

 — She does New Orleans, & an old guy. by Ms. Marca04/20/024.38

Ms. Marca Ch. 55

 — They send old guy to fix something that is broken. by Ms. Marca10/16/024.57HOT

Ms. Marca Ch. 59

 — Visit nice old Uncle Bob. by Ms. Marca03/01/034.50HOT

Ms. Mecca & Her Hot Ass

 — Student realizes fantasy to fuck hot teacher. by Sstugatz11/24/054.12

Ms. Nancy Ch. 02

 — The MILF watches him stroke it. by txnmike11/28/124.16

Ms. Nancy Ch. 03

 — She takes matters into her own hands. by txnmike12/04/124.30

Ms. Nancy Ch. 04

 — We take a huge risk. by txnmike01/23/144.38

Ms. Puckett's School: Dianne

 — Send me your boy, I'll send you back a man. by Collectable10/04/094.61HOT

Ms. Puckett's: Becky

 — Send me your boy, I’ll send you back a man. by Collectable09/05/094.29

Ms. Puckett's: Emily

 — Send me your boy, I'll send you back a man. by Collectable09/04/094.41

Ms. Walker's Class Ch. 01

 — She helps him with a BIG problem. by ilikeithot630810/29/144.69HOT

Ms. Walker's Class Ch. 02

 — As summer jobs go, MILF satisfaction pays very well. by ilikeithot630811/12/144.78HOT

Ms. Walker's Class Ch. 03

 — Michael's education continues. He's working on a doctorate. by ilikeithot630811/26/144.78HOT

Ms. Walker's Class Ch. 04

 — Michael gets his fill, and comes to a decision. by ilikeithot630801/07/154.76HOT

Ms. Walker's Class Ch. 05

 — Michael and Miranda come to a new arrangement. by ilikeithot630810/10/154.75HOT

Ms. Walker's Class Ch. 06

 — Michael and his harem, plus one with other ideas. by ilikeithot630803/02/164.82HOT

Ms. Walker's Class Ch. 07

 — Michael and Hiromi enlist the help of a doctor. by ilikeithot630809/03/164.82HOT

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