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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Heena Starts University

 — Heena discovers a housemate's secret. by Zorro6908/25/054.15


 — Adding spice into the bedroom can go a long way. by ErynKnight05/26/174.00

Helen of Joys

 — The face that launched a thousand lips. by Maggie Red Rose08/21/064.39

Helen's Horny Hosiery Boy Ch. 02

 — Helen seeks help from two girlfriends. by slitlicker6908/15/104.50HOT


 — Helena was bad and Sophia had to punish her. by HarukosSlaveKitten05/12/12

Helga in the Mechanical Dollhouse

 — From the POV of Helga, warning: slight non-con. by Flyck11/06/174.32

Hell at Work Ch. 2

 — Horny secretary meets Anna. by Dakota Ryan01/10/014.52HOT

Hello, Goodbye

 — A going away party opens a her mind to sapphic joy. by squadleader07/03/084.39

Help Desk Ch. 3

 — Geneen explains how she & Paula met. by Theoden01/18/014.12

Help Desk Ch. 4

 — Paula & Geneen continue their shower. by Theoden01/19/013.65

Help from a Friend

 — New wife turns to friend for help with a problem. by mark_867530909/07/124.24

Help Me Out Here

 — Horny Latina housewife is seduced by the sales lady. by JonB196901/28/174.34

Help Me Rhonda

 — A victim of brainwashing goes to her friend for help. by JukeboxEMCSA05/28/114.41

Helper - Just Tell Her

 — Sometimes you just need a little help. by glitchedout08/23/114.35

Helpful Librarian

 — Women discover the fun of a helping hand (&tongue). by Naughtywon07/14/024.31

Helpful Wife

 — You help a lady in need. by jekl_n_hyde05/05/063.72

Helping Out

 — Employee is willing to take on more than just work. by smhgirl200208/11/054.24

Helping Out a Friend

 — Male friend enlists my help with a gal pal for a "first." by tulsaliza07/24/124.16

Hen Night

 — It was a night to remember. by rachlou06/17/084.34


 — Two women experience Sapphic lust together. by princezdaizy04/27/024.04


 — Erotic lesbian encounter. by glassycastle12/24/123.92


 — Dom lesbian encounter. by JessicaTrustworthy05/12/144.11


 — Stereotypical drunken night gone wrong... or right? by ThickerThanASnicker08/31/153.99


 — A girl falling for something new. by IMsomebodyBTW10/07/164.43


 — Her... a night out ends with a sexy stranger. by SugarWhip04/07/174.30

Her "Ailment"

 — A friend has a cure for her "ailment". by pikticket05/16/084.34

Her Awakening

 — 25 year old wife has lesbian affair. by Tharrell07/14/163.50

Her Beginning

 — A young woman succumbs to her friend's mother. by kylieplimpton02/16/114.18

Her Best Friend For Christmas

 — Heather receives a special gift from her best friend Holly. by lovecraft6811/28/144.80HOT

Her Best Friend's Daughter

 — Karen helps her friend's daughter explore the softer sex. by lovecraft6802/28/144.77HOT

Her Body Tingles

 — Her first experience at Lesbian love. by Jaaamannn08/26/033.44

Her Boss, Her Lover; Her Sex Slave

 — Chelle & Lila take relationship to new level. by leanne2k08/02/013.95

Her Cold War

 — Is she a lesbian? Does she want to be? by krr195708/30/134.70HOT

Her Craving Pt. 01

 — Releasing your girl best friend from craving of sex. by 786A01/26/163.54

Her Craving Pt. 02

 — Releasing your girl best friend from craving of sex. by 786A01/31/163.51

Her Crazy Friend Ch. 01

 — Brooke gets permission for a lesbian encounter. by realman_usa03/12/123.87

Her Daughter's Friend

 — Daughter's coworker pleasures mom. by mmumbles12/01/014.08

Her Daughter's Friend Ch. 02

 — Bobbie makes older woman her slut. by mmumbles05/17/034.14

Her Daughter's Friend Ch. 03

 — Mom gets her ass tatooed. by mmumbles05/26/034.11

Her Daughters' Sex Toy Ch. 01

 — Sexy, curvy lesbian MILF gets her "ANAL" on! by patty_parker6012/23/123.98

Her Fantasy Ch. 01

 — Aria dreams of her greatest fantasies. by Rivethead_Jack08/12/064.28

Her First 'True' Love

 — First time dating a woman. by TobyTyke12/24/154.33

Her First Female

 — Wife is seduced by beautiful woman while he's away. by the_bragis04/13/023.85

Her First Happy Ending

 — Innocent girl finds herself at a 'happy ending' massage spa. by pinklilies05/23/144.25

Her First Lesbian Experience

 — Desiree fulfills a life long fantasy. by WetAndCreamy12/19/164.00

Her First Lesbian Experience Ch. 01

 — Two girls and a photographer add up to lots of fun! by EmmisDos08/16/084.51HOT

Her First Lesbian Experience Ch. 02

 — Three girls and a photographer add up to more fun. by EmmisDos08/23/084.70HOT

Her First Taste... Ch. 02

 — He takes her, then wife cleans her of his cum. by vastiesmith09/01/054.28

Her First Taste... Ch. 03

 — He watches wife licking his cum out of Mandy's pussy. by vastiesmith09/04/054.27

Her First Time

 — Katie is brought closer to her best friend by freejack02/16/034.44

Her First Time

 — Her body ached for her touch as I watched her. by kasey_connor11/24/104.20

Her First Time

 — A curious female receives a night to remember. by wvbutterfly01/16/124.12

Her First Time

 — A young woman finds love with a new friend & an old friend. by Molly_Hart04/26/134.49

Her First Time Ch. 02

 — The continuation. by wvbutterfly02/28/124.29

Her First Time in My City

 — Two women meet through a friend, and hook up on the spot. by IvyMC06/07/163.97

Her First Time with a Girl

 — It's a party, and she's curious. by Sexxxy_Sarah07/25/084.11

Her Hand Is So Strong an Insistent

 — Female gets a hand job from her lesbian lover. by AnnieJMarshall11/04/144.45

Her Hot, Slutty Playtoy

 — Pushing her to play rough, fucking me hard with her mouth... by SunnyJohansen01/24/184.14

Her Indian Lesbian Mother in Law

 — A pregnant Indian bride discovers her lesbian desires. by Wellwisher10011/30/084.35

Her Kiss

 — Two teenage friends explore lesbian love. by xxxlucyxxx09/04/054.38

Her Letter To The Editor

 — Her experience with well-endowed professor. by lustylaurie01/24/044.47

Her Little Pussy Cat

 — An unexpected visitor warms up her night. by blondewisher04/21/074.40

Her Lover

 — She and her lover an early morning romp. by Cherry_Rose03/10/124.49

Her Majesty Queen Eleanor

 — The Queen & the King's Mistress choose each other. by 1946EW10/14/04

Her Massage

 — Her lover gives her a most sensual massage. by RubyJ11/23/034.40

Her Muse

 — Author tries to the grief of a break-up by writing. by ungenderless01/03/074.00

Her Naked Truth

 — Her oldest friend has a secret she wants to share. by xelliebabex06/20/144.40

Her Name was Dani

 — One woman's first lesbian experience she never expected. by doublelifewife01/13/164.59HOT

Her New Professor Pt. 06

 — Riley's girlfriend. by Wetpatch6912/15/164.11

Her Night of Surprises

 — Surprise night of selfless love lesbian version. by Horus_rules09/11/064.16

Her Own Personal Mary

 — Two girlfriends discover and enjoy lesbian cosplay. by Pamtimaedias200106/26/154.54HOT

Her Party

 — Her weekend bash is a real bang. by ginna05/03/014.00

Her Personal Shopping Assistant

 — While shopping, Blythe enjoys some hands on assistance. by Lia Monde06/25/09HOT

Her Pet

 — Disobedience has its consequences. by StuckinPurgatory03/01/113.83

Her Pleasure

 — Two subs serve their Mistress. by snick590808/31/093.95

Her Present; Her Pet

 — Girl kidnapped, forced to be a Sub and love her mistress. by Mega1505/23/113.94

Her Present; Her Pet Ch. 03

 — Raina's POV. by Mega1507/19/114.25

her Reward

 — A story of domination. by cavannarose07/25/083.66

Her Secrets

 — Married woman secretely fantasizes about women. by happytobeblue1806/02/11

Her Seduction

 — His wife is a little hesitant. by AStorey102/17/124.31

Her Story

 — First time meet of onlline Mistress and submissive. by Paigeslilrascal03/20/074.27

Her Surprise

 — Two girls enjoy a new toy. by badegg_0710/09/033.84

Her, and My, First Time

 — Straight friends cross a curiosity line. by Stygian Blaze09/30/054.47

Her, Him and Me

 — My first bi experience as my husband watches. by blondechristine201204/14/154.56HOT

Here Comes the Bride

 — Geneva shares a moment with the bride before the wedding. by JukeboxEMCSA02/06/124.20

Hero's Bloom

 — Food for thought between two friends. by GymTeacherYouDeserve06/23/164.03


 — The girls play. by FrenchDoll11/30/053.77

Hers Forever, Lacy and Amanda Ch. 01

 — The Box was in the Closet. by ruuddog11/22/104.55HOT

Hers To Keep

 — It turns out her straight friend is not so straight afterall by Naughtily_Written01/19/144.47

Hey There, Little Red Riding Hood

 — Pretty hitchhiker is picked up by an older woman. by Dumpington10/30/054.43

Hey You

 — A little lesbian loving when she gets home. by justanothereroticafan04/16/144.41

Hidden Beauty

 — Kaden and Jess find love beyond what the eye can see. by Alex the Cat03/18/134.87HOT

Hidden Desires

 — Girlfriends finally act on their hidden desires. by lovethosepanties01/15/184.52HOT

Hidden Desires Ch. 02

 — Penny & Sue still have plenty to learn! by lovethosepanties01/25/184.55HOT

Hidden Desires Pt. 01

 — Two women, love and a secret revealed. by Dru_Druthers01/26/134.81HOT

Hidden Desires Pt. 02

 — The story continues -- Jade & Terry's love deepens. by Dru_Druthers02/02/134.85HOT

Hidden Desires Pt. 03

 — Jade & Terry's desires are fulfilled. by Dru_Druthers02/09/134.85HOT

Hidden Feelings

 — The last thing I needed was to face my sexuality. by Senoritadelanieve10/11/114.39

Hidden Feelings Ch. 02

 — Rebecca and Allie face an unprecedented problem. by Senoritadelanieve10/15/114.62HOT

Hidden Talents

 — Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. by Ann Douglas01/09/184.75HOT

Hidden Treasure

 — Jillian confesses to spying. by evanrulzz10/10/023.91

Hiding from Herself

 — She finds herself through another woman's eyes. by eclecticdreamer08/19/054.78HOT

High and Low Ch. 02

 — Lady love. by bisexualsmoker10/28/083.57

High Fever

 — Eryn's stay in the hospital is about to get interesting. by ErynKnight05/26/174.05

High Heels, Red Lipstick

 — Career woman explores submissive pleasures with a domme. by HeyAll03/20/154.71HOT

High Intensity Workout

 — There's more than one way to work out in a gym. by ThighhighMellie12/05/174.72HOT

High on a Bluff

 — Two women on a vacation meet a third. by marybethf08/27/064.31

High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 16

 — Kay & Francine Get to Know each other very well. by R_U_Romantic08/29/104.77HOT

High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 24

 — Kay and Ginger do a sexy webcam show for Allen. by R_U_Romantic11/21/124.71HOT

High School Boyfriend

 — She forgot something in her ex's apartment. by daisy_blue08/01/174.10

High School Sweethearts

 — 18-year-old girlfriends come of age. by eclecticdreamer08/30/054.54HOT

High Voltage Mittens

 — Sam and Nina dial up the current! by FeatherWatt06/25/164.88HOTContest Winner


 — Sorority initiation leads to something else. by Colleen Thomas06/23/054.67HOT

Higher Learning

 — Not all the things you learn in college come from books. by Ann Douglas10/09/174.63HOT

Highway Patrol

 — License and registration please... by Ann Douglas08/28/174.41

Hijab Girl Dates Butch Lesbian

 — Somali gal dates butch lesbian in Ottawa. by Samuelx04/30/142.29

Hijabi Lesbian Seductress

 — Biracial woman seduces tall Muslim gal in Ottawa. by Samuelx06/22/153.07

Hijabi Women Eat Pussy Too!

 — Black woman seduces Saudi princess in Ottawa. by Samuelx08/15/122.94

Hike it Up

 — Two women hot for each other fuck with an audience. by lickingwet07/19/074.37

Hilda Meets Sam

 — Hilda goes for a professional bra fitting. by scentto01/17/024.51HOT

Hillary Finds Her G

 — Three girlfriends seek that special spot. by Amber10/13/004.52HOT

Hirsute Katy

 — An affair to remember with a furry lady. by belab06/19/023.34

His Boss's Slut Ch. 06

 — Jen gets a break from Renita's backdoor shenanigans. by Nastilatinabitch10/02/064.16

His Daughter's Friend Ch. 05

 — The Bill and Alice (and Sister Rose) story continues. by CourtStJester03/25/044.23

Hitch Bitch

 — A woman becomes obsessed with her dark & vulgar side. by Littlemissblair03/27/014.67HOT

Hitchhiking Slut Ch. 1

 — Female bartender picks up a beautiful hitchhiker. by Sizzler01/15/024.62HOT

Hitchhiking Slut Ch. 2

 — The girls take it to a motel. by Sizzler01/16/024.58HOT

Hjjer Arrives in India

 — Foreigner in India discovers big boobs village lesbians. by Mnhb11/24/154.15

Hockey Girls Together

 — Betty shows Barbara how it's done. by OVERLAND11/15/064.18

Holding Back and Letting Go!

 — Two women luxuriate in each other's dirty excretions. by VeryDirtyDenise12/23/104.47

Holding Hands

 — Girls have got a date to the mall. by MacBookWriter11/10/103.66

Holding Out For a Hero

 — A Gamer girl needs rescuing. by TrueMort02/28/184.68HOT

Holding Out For a Hero Ch. 02

 — When Sasha Met Kat. by TrueMort04/20/184.79HOTNEW


 — Sometimes a rip in your jeans isn't the worst thing. by virginkinks04/06/094.50HOT

Holiday Fireworks Ch. 01-02

 — Redhead succumbs to new desires. by sonyales06/25/044.48

Holiday Fireworks Ch. 03

 — What has she gotten herself into? by sonyales07/03/044.47

Holiday Fireworks Ch. 04

 — Dance of submissive lesbian eroticism. by sonyales07/04/044.58HOT

Holiday Fireworks Ch. 05

 — The end of her initiation into submission. by sonyales07/05/044.49

Holiday Giving

 — Visit to the gym results in sexual gift giving. by DiegoLove12/26/084.16

Holiday Hooker Ch. 02

 — After the proposition - getting ready for a dinner by StephanieR05/08/174.74HOT

Holiday Love

 — Real life experience of my most recent holiday. by Gee_star04/08/104.55HOT

Holiday Passion Ch.01

 — Sky meets a new companion while on holiday by honeysuckling04/25/164.29

Holiday Romance

 — A young woman meets a new friend. by redfacedandnaked05/15/094.43

Holiday Romance

 — Milf gets close to brothers' girlfriend. by Crazeems09/09/084.38

Holiday Romance

 — A hen weekend turns into some lesbian fun for the bride too. by sexycilla04/14/164.24

Holiday Romance Ch. 02

 — Lucy and Bex have more fun. by redfacedandnaked06/28/094.54HOT

Holiday Weekend Surprise

 — 2 women get more than they expected from the weekend. by LiveCat04/11/104.71HOT

Holiday with My Best Friend

 — Holidays, alcohol, and a friend calls for a hell of a night. by lezjayne1407/24/143.84

Holly and Ivy Ch. 01

 — Two lovely women discover each other and themselves. by tangentjoker08/19/144.20

Holly Ch. 04

 — Holly receives an unexpected visit from Debbie. by diamondph01/17/183.90

Holly Day

 — It was her father's idea to name her. by Many Feathers04/17/084.36

Holly Joins The Team

 — College girls discovers the joys of loving women. by jessijessi3403/07/024.43

Holly Joins the Team Ch. 2

 — Holly discovers 'cyber sex'. by jessijessi3403/11/024.61HOT

Holly, Mom and Daughter

 — Holly was the catalyst for them. by qualitywheat12/10/164.28


 — A chance encounter and two hearts finding their way home. by Han_cg11/02/174.88HOT

Home 01: New Holiday Home

 — Two broken hearts find each other. by Belle_in_south12/06/034.70HOT

Home 02: Home Again

 — Tara and Rae's relationship deepens. by Belle_in_south03/17/064.77HOT

Home 04: Away From Home

 — Rae struggles with the distance from Tara. by Belle_in_south05/29/084.61HOT

Home 05: Feels Like Home

 — Rae and Tara work toward a future. by Belle_in_south11/27/084.69HOT

Home 06: Scenes From A Broken Home

 — Tara and Rae endure their broken relationship. by Belle_in_south06/11/094.81HOT

Home Alone

 — Suzie pays a visit to gal pal Cheryl. by notme12304/14/013.90

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