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Incest/Taboo Stories

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The Ladies of Indian Lake

 — A lake community dedicated to sexual gratification. by midnightfalcon01/01/084.55HOT

The Lady Doctor

 — He masturbates while lady doctor checks-further on Mom & Sis. by varun01/03/073.26

The Lady Doctor Ch. 02

 — Grope of his mom & sis continues. by varun01/22/073.69

The Lady Giselle Debut Ch. 01

 — She's prepared for society debut by her father. by Kalista06/28/034.01

The Lady Giselle Debut Ch. 02

 — Giselle greets her escort properly. by Kalista07/15/034.42

The Ladyboy & Her Dad

 — She encounters manly father during home visit. by Golbard06/18/044.27

The Lagoon

 — "Mom, wanna go skinny-dipping?" by Ernest Hemingsex11/26/164.48

The Lake

 — Siblings return to a family vacation spot to reflect by SleazyGonzalez04/19/134.26

The Lake Ch. 02

 — A continuation in a trip between father and son. by AGHOSTWRITER04/06/164.02

The Lake Ch. 03

 — A father and son bond sexually at a trip to their favorite lake. by AGHOSTWRITER11/25/163.98

The Lake House

 — A trip down memory lane. by Ignoble11/01/114.38

The Lake House

 — Geoff makes up with his sister and her friend. by Jake6806/10/134.52HOT

The Lake House Adventure

 — Brother and sister-In-Law learn a lot about each other. by BJ10/06/02

The Lake House Ch. 01

 — Big brother comes home to see his sister has changed. by BluMoonChild04/06/083.94

The Lake House Ch. 01

 — A mom and her son live on a lake house. by Kp121503/12/144.22

The Lake House Ch. 02

 — He comes home to see his little sister has changed. by BluMoonChild04/07/083.72

The Lake House Ch. 02

 — Kathy and Garrett have a night of passion. by Kp121503/13/144.57HOT

The Lake House Lessons 12

 — The story ends, for now... by JayDavid06/17/124.76HOT

The Lakeland Family

 — Family boating trip turns interesting. by PenTtup06/14/094.72HOT

The Langstons

 — Love and lust in the family. by goodgirlgone10/30/083.94

The Langstons: Aimee's Story

 — The story continues. by goodgirlgone02/01/093.61

The Laptop Surprise of My Mom Ch. 02

 — A second video turns on the son, much to his surprise. by TheRiseFromAshes10/31/144.19

The Laptop Surprise of My Mom Ch. 04

 — A slutty mom unknowingly falls into a trap arranged by son. by TheRiseFromAshes12/12/144.22

The Laptop Surprise of My Mom Ch. 05

 — The mother tricks her son to confirm her suspicions. by TheRiseFromAshes12/31/144.42

The Laptop Surprise of My Mom Ch. 06

 — The son's point of view of how his mom found out. by TheRiseFromAshes01/29/154.22

The Larkins Ch. 02

 — Kat proves more willing than Heather or Donald thought. by ChristopherMaxwell05/07/124.21

The Last Chapter

 — MILF should have been more discreet. by zrob04/09/084.38

The Last Chapter Revisited

 — MILF picks up the pieces. by zrob01/29/094.19

The Last Day of Summer

 — Horny sister teases her brother and never regrets the result by UncreativeUsername09/07/154.35

The Last Father-Daughter Vacation

 — Single dad takes daughter on their last vacation together. by ErikaR204/29/164.37

The Last Fishing Trip of the Year

 — This storm brought him more than snow. by Scorpio4411/03/074.63HOT

The Last Innocent Summer

 — She wanted to know more about her dad. Much more. by conz03/09/024.61HOT

The Last Innocent Summer Ch. 2

 — Once adventure begins, what is there to stop for? by conz03/17/024.59HOT

The Last Jar-Jill and Sabriina

 — Sabrina and Jill Find Lesbian Love. by billddrummer12/03/134.36

The Last Resort

 — Victor's family takes him to a special "nudist resort'. by BrettJ07/12/154.45

The Last Shot

 — Grandpa gets help. by bassbelly11/17/084.23

The Last Taboo

 — Kathy plays card games with her brother & his friends. by foolishlittleone10/13/074.71HOT

The Last Time I Saw Jeff

 — Thing get hot after Jeff's massage. by LeslieBlue12/12/043.97

The Late Start

 — Sometimes being late has its advantages. by Anothersideofme11/10/074.21

The Laundry Room Ch. 02

 — Caught in mom's panties. by vinceh2308/18/144.25

The Lawn Needs Mowed

 — Brother and sister settle who will mow the lawn this week. by 36FF_Tiki08/23/154.52HOT

The Leading Swim

 — Being alone with Dad in the pool sparks a revelation. by Kellie_K11/12/124.40

The Learning

 — A hidden secret alters the lives of brother and sister. by MDF25109/26/054.63HOT

The Learning Ch. 02

 — Rob's learning increases and his eyes are opened more. by MDF25111/13/054.58HOT

The Learning Ch. 03

 — Rob's adventure continues. by MDF25111/24/054.57HOT

The Learning Ch. 04

 — Rob and Amy have the party of their life. by MDF25101/29/064.52HOT

The Leather Mother

 — A son has infatuation with his mother's leather clothing. by cuckoldme9002/05/164.45

The Lecherous Daughter Ch. 01

 — Kensie needs a little help seducing her family. by EmberEveil11/08/164.28

The Legacy Pt. 01

 — Allie begins the Legacy with her father. by alextasy03/01/164.30

The Legacy Pt. 02

 — Allie continues the Legacy with her husband and daughter. by alextasy03/02/164.47

The Legal Problem: Carla or Sara?

 — The plan's Finale: Jason helps Robert with his sister. by cocput04/04/124.39

The Legal Problem: Jason Joins

 — Robert marries Carla, brings Jason into fold as part of plan. by cocput03/28/124.41

The Legal Problem: The Beginning

 — Carla and Robby learn about their secret lovers. by cocput02/07/124.01

The Legend of Dark Cupid

 — Mother caught in the middle between two love starved twins. by Jimyfoxx05/05/174.26

The Lesbian Virus

 — Two sisters hide out in the attic while an epidemic unfolds. by Fuzzypen01/05/164.40

The Lesson

 — A father brings his son to manhood. by JustAnAuthor149701/20/184.27

The Lessons Ch. 15

 — Mr. Peters' daughters arrive. by Charles Petersunn12/13/054.66HOT

The Lessons Ch. 16

 — Ron gets a lesson from his mother by Charles Petersunn02/05/064.65HOT

The Lessons Ch. 20

 — Anne seeks her father's advice. by Charles Petersunn02/09/064.59HOT

The Lessons Next Door: The Niece

 — He agrees to take her niece's virginity. by Quixote05/30/024.55HOT

The Letter Ch. 02

 — Sue receives shocking response from Kevin. by Erlikkhan04/15/024.43

The Letter Jacket

 — A brother's varsity letter stirs up sister's feelings. by clearwinston11/21/144.82HOT

The Letter Jacket Ch. 02: Summer Rental

 — Lily and Austin take advantage of sometime away. by clearwinston12/06/144.83HOT

The Levine Women Ch. 02

 — Cousin Beth & Aunt Helen; Sam joins in the fun. by JoeDreamer10/31/054.66HOT

The Lie

 — She will do anything to marry a powerful man. by sawandsword09/23/134.24

The Life Back Home

 — Violet finds something different back home, but loves it. by aFriendlyGhost08/30/153.93

The Life of a Hoosier Farm Girl Ch. 06

 — Nancy recollects from when she was very much a farmgirl. by JBEdwards06/05/174.32

The Life of an Erotic Writer Ch. 1

 — Incest encounter goes wrong. by Life10111/19/003.21

The Life of Joe Watkins

 — Joe and his step-daughter can't help themselves. by GlassDoll12/20/084.14

The Life of Riley Ch. 01

 — Divorced man looks for love. by droopy dog03/31/054.55HOT

The Life of Riley Ch. 02

 — Riley becomes a step dad. by droopy dog04/02/054.45

The Lily Tattoo

 — A father expresses his love for his daughter. by tommanors08/14/144.35

The Lily Tattoo, Her Perspective

 — A daughter expresses her sexual love for her father. by blondechristine201208/20/144.59HOT

The Limo Ride

 — The limo ride changed everything for her. by honeydew07/19/013.58

The Lingerie Party

 — Sisters learn the wonders of lesbian love. by Noghri03/23/084.58HOT

The List Ch. 01

 — Siblings discover each others' lists. by nguyenvanphuoc12/09/074.62HOT

The List Ch. 02

 — David and Lisa face each other the next day. by nguyenvanphuoc07/31/084.67HOT

The List Ch. 03

 — Things get hotter between siblings. by nguyenvanphuoc08/08/084.65HOT

The List Ch. 04

 — David's birthday present is more that he ever imagined. by nguyenvanphuoc08/13/084.71HOT

The List Ch. 05

 — The morning after brings more pleasure and some answers. by nguyenvanphuoc09/08/084.70HOT

The List Ch. 08

 — Time for some hot tub fun with Mindy's mom. by handsomeyetnice06/12/084.44

The Literotica Interview

 — With Alex, Nathan, Ethan and Raymond. by DSLiot01/08/173.21

The Little Green Dress

 — A little incest - a little orgy- all because of - infidelity. by Septaugeezer05/18/144.11

The Little Voice

 — Olivia gives her borther Danny a wake up call. by Lillian2Yung08/29/06HOT

The Live-in Ch. 01

 — Ana finds employment as a maid for an incestuous family by vanpeebles01/24/144.57HOT

The Live-in Ch. 02

 — Ana joins in the fun. by vanpeebles01/25/144.66HOT

The Live-in Ch. 03

 — Ana meets the cousins. by vanpeebles01/26/144.73HOT

The Lodge Ch. 01

 — Guy spends weekend with sister and her hippie friends. by Felix_faust09/15/173.35

The Lodger Pt. 01 - Susan

 — Taking in a lodger changes a family beyond all recognition. by Blob2105/07/144.30

The Lodger Pt. 02 - Jack

 — Taking in a lodger changes a family beyond all recognition. by Blob2105/14/144.42

The Lodges

 — Veronica Lodge & father bond at summer cottage. by jaybee05/09/02

The Logan Street Mom's Club: Lisa

 — Mom's willing to do anything to keep sons at home. by StoryTellingMom03/07/184.25

The Logic of Lust Ch. 01

 — I can't touch my daughter, so I'll take the next best thing. by timescourier03/13/114.11

The Logic of Lust Ch. 02

 — Dad chats with her friends; an accident leads to a taste. by timescourier05/28/114.04

The Lone Diner

 — A mysterious woman, an old flame, and some accidental incest. by JBEdwards04/24/184.66HOT

The Loneliness Fades Ch. 01

 — Rebecca boring/lonely life could use some spice. by InnocentRespite08/08/094.42

The Loneliness Fades Ch. 02

 — Rebecca and Autumn's saga continues. by InnocentRespite09/17/094.44

The Long Absence: Allen's Story

 — A marine returns home to find his mother changed. by tw_holt03/12/144.60HOT

The Long Absence: Angie's Story

 — She hasn't seen her son since he was 12 - six years ago. by tw_holt08/20/144.47

The Long Absence: Ted’s Story

 — A debauchery filled singles cruise, a slutty sex goddess. by tw_holt03/29/154.58HOT

The Long dusty Trail West

 — The hard start of the rest of our lives. by eagle16603/26/174.48

The Long Dusty Trail West Ch. 02

 — Hardships on the trail. by eagle16609/19/174.55HOT

The Long Game

 — A holiday break leaves Peter in a awkward position. by hyperguy02/24/114.06

The Long Goodbye

 — A son helps in realizing his mother's last wish. by The_Lady_Within01/28/154.29

The Long Hunt Ch. 01

 — A young man encounters generational erotic intrigue. by PlatypusJones03/17/144.59HOT

The Long Hunt Ch. 02

 — Will Messer steps deeper into his family's erotic mystery by PlatypusJones03/25/144.51HOT

The Long Hunt Ch. 03

 — Aunt Clair takes two, and Will becomes a criminal. by PlatypusJones03/28/144.37

The Long Ride HOme

 — Sydney gives her dad a pleasant surprise. by NightmarePrincess06/25/034.49

The Long Ride Home

 — Younger sister picks up brother at airport. by mzzqt04/03/104.31

The Long Trip Ch. 01

 — Mom and son have fun in the back seat. by Philyabutt10/17/064.41

The Long Trip Ch. 02

 — Mom and son are still in the back seat. by Philyabutt11/04/064.43

The Long Trip Ch. 03

 — Dad sleeps, mum and son take advantage. by Philyabutt11/17/064.60HOT

The Long Trip Ch. 04

 — They arrive to a surprise. by Philyabutt12/13/064.60HOT

The Long Vacation

 — This mother and son just loved their long vacation. by Starlight10/04/024.55HOT

The Long Way Home

 — Jenny returns home after running away years before. by Colleen Thomas11/07/034.47

The Long Way Home

 — Uncle/niece are trapped in a snow storm and things get hot. by uncleab03/07/184.22

The Long Weekend - Day 01

 — Indian cousins continue their lust for each other. by DevilsAngel36911/11/054.41

The Long Weekend - Day 02

 — Indians cousins continue the sex-filled weekend. by DevilsAngel36911/12/054.60HOT

The Long Weekend - Day 03

 — Sexual marathon comes to an end for Indian cousins. by DevilsAngel36911/13/054.48

The Long Weekend Ch. 01-05

 — College guy, his friends, and mom. by beachsf104/02/104.39

The Long Weekend Ch. 06

 — The drive up and arriving. by beachsf104/05/104.47

The Long Weekend Ch. 07-09

 — Mother, Son and Friends by beachsf104/11/104.42

The Long Weekend Ch. 10

 — Saturday morning with mom and friends. by beachsf104/15/104.46

The Long Weekend Ch. 12

 — More of the weekend. by beachsf107/06/104.40

The Long Weekend Ch. 13

 — Choosing what to wear to the club. by beachsf107/10/104.33

The Long Weekend Ch. 14

 — Early times at the Club. by beachsf107/15/104.55HOT

The Long Weekend Ch. 15

 — Home from the Club. by beachsf107/20/104.38

The Long Weekend Ch. 17

 — Tea Break. by beachsf107/28/104.38

The Long Weekend Ch. 20

 — Ladies Day ends; a stop for coffee. by beachsf108/06/104.52HOT

The Long Weekend Ch. 21

 — Back from the Club - Annie + Danny. by beachsf108/10/104.47

The Long Weekend Ch. 24

 — Late Sunday Afternoon Annie+Brice+Kathy. by beachsf108/24/104.49

The Long Weekend Ch. 26

 — Sunday Night -Jr., Annie, Danny, Kathy. by beachsf108/31/104.38

The Long Weekend Ch. 28

 — Late Sunday. by beachsf109/09/104.53HOT

The Long Weekend Ch. 30a

 — Annie and Jr. by beachsf109/17/104.33

The Long Weekend Ch. 30c

 — Sunday Night Annie + Jr. by beachsf109/25/104.17

The Long Weekend Ch. 32

 — Monday with Annie+Jr.+Danny. by beachsf110/01/104.49

The Long Weekend Ch. 35

 — Monday Morning Annie+Jr.+Jake+Danyy by beachsf110/10/104.65HOT

The Long Weekend Ch. 38

 — Annie + friends. by beachsf111/19/104.13

The Long Weekend: Thursday Pt. 01

 — Brother is asked to find out if his sister is cheating. by notworthmentioning6911/26/084.51HOT

The Long Weekend: Thursday Pt. 02

 — Dirk takes Tricia home. by notworthmentioning6912/05/084.66HOT

The Look...of Love Son?

 — No Mum... pure lust. by bedwards4304/17/154.50HOT

The Looking Glass Ch. 01

 — Mirror reflections of incest get mom and son interested. by bob0356710/31/114.53HOT

The Looking Glass Ch. 02

 — Mother tries to deal with thoughts of incest. by bob0356711/30/114.61HOT

The Looking Glass Ch. 03

 — The boys take their mothers in front of the looking glass. by bob0356704/15/124.60HOT

The Looking Glass Ch. 04

 — The secret to the Looking Glass is revealed. by bob0356704/29/124.58HOT

The Looks

 — Family that looks together fucks together. by sirhugs11/15/164.46

The Lorelei Affair

 — A Crow P.I. story. by sojournerwolf03/27/033.90

The Lost Weekend

 — Siblings cross that line while parents are away. by epiphany6511/05/054.56HOT

The Lottery Winner

 — A few bucks & she was gone. by Just Plain Bob04/19/044.20

The Lottery Winner

 — Jim wins big with his mother-in-law. by Silkleglover07/05/084.38

The Loudest Step

 — Jess learns important lessons before leaving for college. by AlexisEllison09/23/174.37

The Love Comes Out

 — Mother finally shows him love. by twiddledee02/13/124.15

The Love Family

 — Family makes a porn video. by hornytoad2306/18/034.44

The Love I Never Knew I Needed

 — Broken man comes to Aunts house, finds cousin and... by secretthomas04/06/164.22

The Love I Never Knew I Needed Ch. 02

 — Can the impossible be made possible? by secretthomas04/10/164.47

The Love I Never Knew I Needed Ch. 03

 — Walls are broken, sins forgiven, a long night culminates. by secretthomas04/15/164.53HOT

The Love Left Behind

 — Sick father and husband hopes to unite mother and son. by Ahabscribe06/11/114.73HOT

The Love of a Brother

 — An incestual relationship between twins. by Neco Apreal12/01/024.13

The Love of a Step Mother

 — Ex-soldier discovers a special love. by mustanger7up01/18/114.41

The Love of his Cousins Ch. 01

 — He lusts for his younger cousins and gets the elder one. by arjun198904/06/083.24

The Love of My Life

 — Siblings began to have feelings for each other. by Ariakan02/28/024.18

The Love of Two Sisters

 — Easing loneliness brings Calleigh and Bree together. by BrettJ01/23/114.36

The Lovely Daughters Ch. 01

 — A father takes his daughter to the hospital. by blackbbwlover09/30/093.43

The Lovely Daughters Ch. 02

 — The doctor visit turns to be something different for Diamond. by blackbbwlover09/30/093.86

The Lovely Daughters Ch. 03

 — Warren helps himself to his daughters at the pool. by blackbbwlover10/04/093.82

The Lovely Daughters Ch. 04

 — See for yourself. by blackbbwlover10/07/094.03

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